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File: 1622232926374.gif (1.47 MB, 499x281, 4d6483c71da7663024ac6454749c0d…)

No. 145787

Since the previous threads with this premise were locked, I am making a new one merging the two concepts.

Post characters from movies, series, books, games, animation and etc that you think would either be farmers or cows. Maybe even both!
Bonus points if you specify which threads they would post in and what is their posting style.

No. 145798

File: 1622235077951.jpg (49.31 KB, 736x467, b418726d8a3da320b5f7186896ab7e…)

/Pol/tard baiter NLOG
Probably the whole Vought industries would have a thread full of conspiracionists and it would turn out to be true, but the focus would probably be on Homelander and Deep. She would constantly post in the Vought thread as well.

No. 145800

Ive never watched gossip girl but the name of the show makes me think most of the characters would use lolcow and/or PULL.

No. 145806

File: 1622238680641.png (22.42 KB, 804x426, Jill's_upgraded_room.png)

Jill canonically uses imageboards

No. 145809

File: 1622239292991.gif (1.9 MB, 500x365, _W38923ad6rfg5.gif)

I think Tomoyo would when she gets older. Doesn't much care for drama boards but she loves fashion, sewing, plants, cooking threads. She's the anon who gives nice and helpful replies in advice threads even if you're retarded. Blogs about crushing on a straight girl often.

No. 145811

File: 1622239709436.jpg (46.24 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

Equal parts based and unhinged. Doxxfag, master cowtipper, no fucks given.

No. 145815

File: 1622240038453.jpg (35.98 KB, 413x600, Julianne.Stingray.600.2354123.…)

I would always laugh at the posts on the imageboard she goes to (forgot the name, I think I last played it in 2016) because it would remind me of lolcow so much. I wonder if one of the devs was a farmer.
I distinctly remember this interaction

"I went to Kira Miki's concert with my boyfriend, it was super fun"
">with my boyfriend
Normies get out of my board REEEEEE"

Not verbatim, but you get the gist kek

No. 145823

oooh I agree with this one

No. 145824

File: 1622243223952.jpg (37.79 KB, 721x718, lAdo92j.jpg)

I feel like Azula would both post on lolcow and have a thread dedicated to her. Just because she's so ruthless AND socially inept. She would make a thread about Ty Lee, Mai and Katara to psych them out but also have a dedicated anti-fanbase with all the people she's pissed off.

No. 145828

File: 1622245741706.jpg (50.39 KB, 480x481, 75859cd5c08a88b45f2c2e688de875…)

All of them

>Would make every vent about her and say how miserable she is
>Would be banned a lot for blogposting
>Would constantly vent or ask advice about Adam, would get defensive when people would tell her to dump him, people would reasonably call her a fucking idiot with her on and off relationship with him
>Typical middle class libfem girl
>Would post about Marnie and Jessa in the personal cows all the time, would infight if people didn't agree with her that she is the biggest victms and the other are cows, just like lonelita/roomie anon

>Would humblebrag all the fucking time, probably would become a pasta
>Would vent about her mom and relationships a lot
>Would minimod all the time
>Would post a lot on /g/
>Would post about Hannah in the personal cow thread
>Hannah and Marnie would finally clock each other and cause a shitstorm
>They finally get their own threadfor being huge drama queens, but it would probably die down quickly and some anons would be into Adam

>Mostly chill, uses /g/, /ot/ and /m/ a lot
>Eventually would use the gossip board to give insider intel on Hannah and Marnie, venting about how much she actually hates them
>Would sometimes humblebrag about living in Japan and being able to read moon runes

>Would learn about this site through Hannah, probably snooping her laptop one day
>Would troll
>Get bored after her 6th ban
>Leave and say the internet is meaningless and pointless and you gotta live real life
>Would secretly comeback from time to time, like every 6 months. Would either post a vent or post in the drugs/pot thread

No. 145833

I can hear her laugh through my phone screen.

No. 145862

File: 1622255532591.jpg (92.89 KB, 850x1016, queen bitch.jpg)

meru meru
she'd be absolutely scathing and get banned at least twice a day for infighting

No. 145865

File: 1622256984703.jpeg (115.85 KB, 725x1024, 39762315-C182-43DB-9F3F-CA793E…)

I love her. She and Komori bully each other on LC without knowing.

No. 145870

File: 1622262616965.jpg (39.49 KB, 355x500, 75688446899.jpg)

She would post about all of her irl personal cows and vent about how horribly Regina treats her on /ot/.

No. 145873

File: 1622265817490.jpg (23.22 KB, 350x491, eizouken!.jpg)

posts in the crypto discussion and personal finances threads

No. 145877

farmers would get banned for infighting about kuvira

No. 145881

I already said it in the previous thread, but Momose and maybe Matsui from Fujoshi Rumi. There's straight up an arc where Momose tries too hard to seem like a normie and is jealous that Asai and Matsui's BL doujins sell well and that they get along with famous doujinshika, so she posts links to their blog on imageboards until they get harassed enough to close their blogs. Then it backfires because many shitposters decide to buy their doujinshi en masse in the next Comiket. Reminds me of fandom drama you see on tumblr and twitter.

No. 145928

File: 1622307596519.jpg (48.07 KB, 600x400, dde30aced97ae72e8aeb325ad7a01a…)

I feel like her too

No. 145936

it would be so funny if they unknowingly vent about Regina online together but irl are still at each other's throats.

No. 145941

File: 1622312855360.jpeg (84.11 KB, 1920x1080, mgid_arc_content_mtv.jpeg)

Would mostly post on /m/ but occasionally come to /g/ to ask clueless things about boys. Would get terfpilled eventually but be too cynical to come out about it IRL.

I feel like she already lives here

No. 145943

Daria would have her own thread if she ever gets internet famous, she's messy.

No. 145944

What would she be Internet famous for? I feel like she might have a leftcow adjacent podcast

No. 145958

File: 1622317014803.jpg (27.75 KB, 574x645, a4if8hdcn0b21.jpg)

Diane eventually would be based and pinkpilled, but she would have to hide the fact from her braindead libfem friends. I think she would drop blinds on her famous friends when they did something awful and everyone would lose their shit when they turned out to be real

No. 145959

>I feel like she might have a leftcow adjacent podcast
I can see her putting all her rants on a podcast and youtube channel. She might even be a tumblerina.

No. 145973

File: 1622319151510.png (120.06 KB, 352x262, vlcsnap-2019-09-29-14h39m00s98…)


I don't think she would be a cow because I can't see her having a huge internet presence but I think she would definitely be a TERFy farmer. Jane, on the other hand would be an artcow.

No. 145985

File: 1622323513309.png (250.11 KB, 640x349, bo-jack-640x349.png)

Based about some things yes but Diane would 100% Nigelpost and spout some NAMALT shit sometimes. Kelsey, our resident lesbian movie director, however is pinkpilled and maybe her posts reach Diane eventually.

No. 145987

Daria gives leftcow vibes for sure. She's like those anons who be like
>I'm not a terf but….

No. 145989

File: 1622323806510.jpg (20.55 KB, 400x400, F4abS8ti_400x400.jpg)

She would almost exclusively post on the /cow/ boards and would make a vendetta thread about Tsunoda.

No. 145991

File: 1622324153568.jpg (166.15 KB, 1024x1280, crop.php.jpg)

Misa Amane, the pick-me queen herself. De/g/enerate, hybristophilia fag. Loads of vendetta posting, constantly banned for alogging, a bit of a resident lolcow. Everyone is tired of telling her to stop worshiping sociopath men every week. She stopped posting suddenly and hasn't come back. Presumed murdered.

No. 145992

She has such strong farmer aura.

No. 145993

Ah, you are right. Kelsey would 100% be pinkpilled and gc. Diane would still have shit to work on, but I think she could get swayed to the pink side. Though yeah, she would never stop posting about her buffalo Nigel, triggering all the hardcore man hate and lesbian anons.

No. 145997

File: 1622324508991.jpg (73.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Tsunoda posts in her own thread lmao

No. 145998

File: 1622324548743.jpg (38.42 KB, 640x640, fdc0def9f96f32ce85f4899b4c4dfd…)

kinda looks like shoe to me…

I'm sorry anons, please forgive me

No. 146000

What's this from?

No. 146002

girl from nowhere I think

No. 146004

File: 1622324993996.gif (Spoiler Image,2.92 MB, 540x300, nanno.gif)

Yes, Girl from Nowhere. It's on Netflix.

No. 146005

File: 1622325067137.jpg (43.57 KB, 780x439, tHNWmGMzjCgL8JWDXm8AVjsW8CV.jp…)


No. 146010

Based fujo posters

No. 146014

File: 1622326049746.jpg (2.01 MB, 2000x2000, pkg.jpg)

made a small collage to avoid flooding this thread

No. 146015

Good collage anon! Who's the 4th one? She looks powerful. Flood away, we in /m/ lol

No. 146017

god i would love to shitpost with tome

No. 146018

she's from a webtoon called melvina's therapy, read it a while back

No. 146020

I haven't seen mob psycho but my friend recently said that girl reminds her of me

No. 146313

File: 1622467769820.gif (580.29 KB, 480x480, d4kyspq-7b63a866-723e-4be8-801…)

Both Mai and Mio!

No. 146314

File: 1622467885649.jpg (207.32 KB, 1280x720, Asobi Asobase - 05 - Large 22.…)

Asobi Asobase girls make the funniest shitposts

No. 146422

File: 1622507167791.jpeg (63.91 KB, 450x560, 236D5D3D-812F-4AE8-9E1E-BB7911…)

they would be especially vicious farmers, and one of them is a nlog and aggressively whiteknights for a certain someone

No. 146435

KEK these ones made me smile. seconding hard

No. 146436

File: 1622511196771.jpg (79.3 KB, 500x375, kankers.jpg)

they all love to post the eds in the unconventionally attractive men thread. marie gets made fun of when she posts double d there because everyone says he's too hot or she just posts him in the conventionally attractive men thread to make lee and may jealous

No. 146441

File: 1622513401748.jpg (276.62 KB, 1920x1920, courtney and miranda.jpg)

No. 146449

File: 1622515593597.jpeg (4.36 KB, 251x201, anon are you ok.jpeg)

anon are you implying this is the pinnacle of attractive men

No. 146450

File: 1622515862671.jpg (21.17 KB, 480x360, edd rejects your unrealistic b…)

he's a 90s kid, he's smart, sensitive, wears a hat like a proper turn of the century gent and might be asian/canadian. what more could you want?

No. 146455

He's also a skelly soyboy.

No. 146459

candace is not based enough, vanessa on the other hand i can see it.

No. 146481

File: 1622544506165.png (692.82 KB, 800x618, dodie.png)


miranda absolutely (together with her other friend, mipsy or whatever her name was), but i feel like courtney would not understand anything, she's a bit too air headed and kind to be here lmao

dodie on the other hand… a messy bitch

No. 146643

File: 1622667136396.jpg (76.74 KB, 540x960, 153c8b3edd0cdd5c26e1fcb6036f59…)

Kinda surprised she hasn't been posted yet.
She would also use crystal.cafe and make a thousand >tfw no bf threads

No. 146651

I love tomoko and I wont let the trannies have her

No. 146656

Yeah as a cow. Genuine femcel autist, probably larps tradthottery on robot boards. Anons hate her.

No. 146660

I bet that gothic girl (forgot her name, the transfer student) would browse too

No. 146663

File: 1622686241674.jpeg (336.79 KB, 1070x750, AB5DEC4A-FE22-4C08-BB78-A236D1…)

>Don’t Trust the B- - in Apt 23
Chloe gives those embellished stories BPDfag finnanon vibes
Robin is the roommatefag with vendetta bordering on homoeroticism

No. 146667

File: 1622686913098.jpeg (475.06 KB, 719x1009, C316E9EE-37BE-4FD2-9A47-D615CF…)

Her for sure

No. 146668

Hard agree about double d, my childhood crush

No. 146895

File: 1622814358467.gif (623 KB, 500x281, akashi.gif)

No. 146897

File: 1622814949172.jpg (31.35 KB, 250x250, upo.jpg)

what are the chances

No. 146907

File: 1622819041490.png (1.07 MB, 1002x675, 10-02-20 Heathers (1989).png)

Heather Duke and Veronica of course.

No. 146908

I posted her in the previous thread! She would definitely be one of those persistent spergs that ends up becoming an in-board cow.

No. 146915

File: 1622822747486.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3264x3262, 76758A59-5D0B-49DC-B640-758293…)

Farmers CN edition

No. 146940

cute, someone should make the nick version

No. 146948

File: 1622843961107.jpg (148.6 KB, 1280x718, victorius.jpg)

Jade West and Trina Vega from Victorious

No. 146954

File: 1622846536979.png (2.53 MB, 2000x1363, 20210604_194117.png)

Nta, but i did my best.

No. 146971


No. 147009

File: 1622908758566.jpeg (72.33 KB, 630x840, DD2DA913-255D-4F38-BFF0-4CC6DE…)

Stop being such a newfag Tina!

No. 147011

What shows are the bottom left and middle from?

No. 147012

Bottom left is rugrats all grown up not sure on mid

No. 147013

File: 1622910685940.jpeg (704.13 KB, 750x997, D090B6CE-394B-43FB-9FB3-E4CBE0…)

No. 147014

File: 1622911059789.jpeg (62.85 KB, 743x740, B8109AB0-8B5D-43CF-B2F3-A39D31…)

Del from Wayne. God I too want a beat up sub bf.

No. 147015

File: 1622911771257.jpg (34.1 KB, 646x431, grimripper_revolutionary_girl_…)

no one has posted my girl nanami.
love this thread.

No. 147017

Mid is my life as a teenage robot

No. 147018

I feel like Shiori aka Utena's psycho BPD-chan would love to post here as well. She would sperg about Juri, write self-hating vents and ask for advice how to give best oral to Ruka of course.
Oh, and Anthy would troll us all.

No. 147019

File: 1622913381564.jpg (103.17 KB, 445x637, Jenny_VS_Crust_Cousins.JPG.jpg)

Middle bottom pic are the Crust Twins from My Life as a Teenage Robot

No. 147020

File: 1622913650842.jpg (61.25 KB, 637x447, Rei_angry.jpg)

Anime version Rei totally would.

No. 147023

manga one would too and they would constantly infight (pickme vs radfem)

No. 147025

File: 1622916028075.jpg (52.66 KB, 474x474, Hanamura_DAN.jpg)

caught kanji posting in the sewing thread, stayed to white-knight cows and constantly evades bans

No. 147029

File: 1622917363908.jpg (47.47 KB, 680x390, 1582206900326.jpg)


No. 147030

Ur gonna make larping scrotes think they look like this kek

No. 147031

>Anime Rei would absolutely be the one writing long, based, sophisticated but borderline spergy spicy radfem manifestos when she loses her shit over pickmes and libfems.
>Michiru would browse Lolcow to stalk Usagi's thread and dish milk on her and her group while posting "imagine dating a man, cockbreath" in the threads only to be entertained when jannies ban her.
>She would read threads out loud to Haruka who doesn't really understand or care about online drama but would shudder in disgust when she shows her horror trannies.
>Minako is a phoneposter who doesn't know how to sage and never posts caps.

No. 147032

>>Anime Rei would absolutely be the one writing long, based, sophisticated but borderline spergy spicy radfem manifestos when she loses her shit over pickmes and libfems.
How? She was made to be boy-crazy in the anime and even obsessing over Mamoru in the Classic. Manga Rei was a legit man hater tho.

No. 147034

Fuck my bad, meant to say manga Rei

No. 147035

Ah I'm relieved, I was worried I somehow remembered the anime totally wrong

No. 147047

Oh my God yes
>Tina constantly posts in the Unconventionally attractive males thread
>Teenage Louise shitposts, intentionally gives bad advice, and baits. All for the lulz.

No. 147048

Imagine Tina posting lenghty fanfic about her zombie fetish in /g/. She would fit right in.

No. 147062

File: 1622936870044.jpeg (16.63 KB, 500x277, april.jpeg)

she'd constantly complain about ann in /ot, only ever post in the personal lolcows thread and be a pretentious asshole in /m

No. 147159

She makes LARP posts that get gold stars
Tina is unironically a dr@rfag

No. 147160

File: 1623001006948.png (55.57 KB, 320x354, 1594675255792.png)

Maybe she's a reformed 4chan girl, she found the light

No. 147164

>scrotes see themselves as cute anime boys
I thought only fakebois did that?

No. 147169

nah, some scrotes too, just look at the Sykkuno thread in /snow as an example

No. 147334

File: 1623087524090.png (20.56 KB, 200x244, 0B0959F4-7F29-4336-96B1-73B750…)

If we’re talking about characters from Spongebob going on lolcow, Pearl seems more likely than Mrs. Puff tbh

No. 147370

Nta but I feel like Mrs. Puff would just vent about her awful student, job and complain about her boyfriend spending like crazy

No. 147388

File: 1623103964235.jpg (36.15 KB, 640x360, 1e04384ac2d7289cbd9bc74a092aa4…)

scarlet from space dandy would most definitely shit-talk her exes here

No. 147445

File: 1623153818880.jpg (14.92 KB, 360x450, Victoria_Chase.jpg)

Victoria Chase from Life is Strange.

>nitpicker extraordinaire

>secret weeb who posts frequently to anime and manga threads
>gives very good advice about skincare, make up and fashion in /g/
>posts about personal cows in her life, mostly Max
>frequent bans for in-fighting and derailing

No. 147448

File: 1623154696012.jpeg (41.43 KB, 500x400, season4-ep10-inside_orig.jpeg)


No. 147461

I posted the nick collage, i chose Ms.Puff because i thought she was more cynical than Pearl, and that she would post about Spongebob and his antics in the personal cow thread or something.

No. 147478

File: 1623176207724.png (318.22 KB, 500x500, download.png)

Chloe too
>step dick step dick step dick
>seething about men
>powerlevels about being a stoner
>music threads
>practically lives in vent

No. 147483

File: 1623177294895.jpeg (338.74 KB, 598x687, 5EE9241C-7A11-49B7-9B35-978B8F…)

Her and her mom but mostly her because she doesn’t know how to behave and constantly acting like a dumb lolcow in the show. Georgia would be kind of proud posted by anons who like also azealia banks. Would probably be one of those /ot/ racebaiters who always derail in the unpopular opinions thread and possibly a PULL refugee. Would probably namefag as well and get banned for hours

No. 147485

Idk who she is but goddamn her hair needs moisture

No. 147488

File: 1623180216939.png (382.76 KB, 3250x3537, 740328432075034756346.png)

>can we please stop talking about scrotes?
>spergs about highly abstract intellectual interests even when no one responds (always ends with "amirite!?" tho)
>enjoys weird indie bands like most anons
>tries to keep /lg/ from derailing
>fashion and makeup threads
>lots of venting about friends being too dumb, anons ask why she even hangs out with them, responds "idk really"
>details plans for morally dubious social experiments and world domination "but not like I would ever really do that"
>bit of a how do you do fellow kids? vibe

No. 147490

>i Am aCtuaLLY ENTJ!!!
I enjoy some of her ackshually informative posts fueled by autism

No. 147504

>constantly derails threads about spirituality and religion
>her constant infighting with anons and ban evading lead her to be affectionately named by anons as "skeptic-chan"
>even admin gives her a star for saying "Sorry I don't support your mental illness"

No. 147510

I was thinking Chloe would too! Steph Gingrich probably lurks as well and posts to some of the nerdier boards and the lesbian thread. Rachel Amber would've lived to be a cow with her own thread. Probably an annoying YouTube vlogger who was always shit stirring and causing drama for attention kek.

No. 147512

I can see it so clearly. She would respond to advice threads with limited compassion but long words counts. And of course, she's been around since /cgl/, because she's a sweet lolita devotee who's also immortal.

No. 147618

>Marceline often posts in the music threads and gives good recs. But whines about her dad in the Vent thread a lot.
>Lumpy Space Princess would sperg about her parents and friends often to the point where she becomes infamous and some of her posts become copypastas.

No. 147621

File: 1623263435208.jpg (29.31 KB, 480x480, 1e88cdbae4a70ae1a3e388ef44ff59…)

ban evader, weeb doxxer and ita killer
/w/'s strongest warrior

No. 147629

Max's incel orbiter would lurk too and get banned at least once for revealing himself while asking for advice on how to get Max to bone him, as well as fishing for good boi points

No. 147634

File: 1623274788937.jpeg (30.3 KB, 200x247, C3D4B8E0-7249-4E5F-B4A6-A67865…)

one of the mom anons who started with cows in /pt/ and eventually became a /g/ and /ot/ only anon

No. 147665

File: 1623300795810.jpeg (41.15 KB, 225x350, 1072C377-7848-4B2C-9453-ACC6DA…)

consistent man hate poster.

No. 147678

Lumpy would be a local cow for sure, I would love to see it

No. 147825

File: 1623388454524.jpg (99.63 KB, 493x1021, Brooke-Scott-life-is-strange-4…)

Brooke thinks everyone in her town is a fucking cow and she's right

No. 147826

too bad she forgets she's one too. huge NLOG pick me vibes. she's like a Shuwu of LiS

No. 147832

love this and agree

No. 147833

File: 1623392561597.jpg (37.24 KB, 350x490, shinka-nibutani-43642.jpg)

No. 147836

How is she NLOG? From what I remember she was the only person who acted like a normal person. Sure she's a little smug and was rude to Max, which was deserved because Max is a self-righteous indecisive ho. From her perspective, Max is emotionally unavailable and only keeps Warren on the hook for convenience. Her biggest flaw is falling for a simp. She even owns up and apologizes for it.

No. 147837

File: 1623397266481.jpg (233.27 KB, 1448x1024, CIPEaPhnhgejf6aFym-nuh1dj9dW6Q…)

Mami from Rent A Girlfriend would not only be a milky cow, she would be in here talking shit about everyone like the fake bitch she is.

No. 147843

Nta but it's more like in the first two episodes she's unnecessarily rude to and makes jabs at Max's intelligence purely out of jealousy, because of her own crush on Warren, which is pretty immature since she acts that way even if Max does deny his invite to the movies. I don't dislike her character but it was good to see her improve later on.
I agree that she'd definitely be browsing lolcow for sure

No. 147852

Kek true. He'd run back to 4chan and cry about misandry being normalised.

NTA that called her a NLOG but yeah, this. At least she kinda realises she's a NLOG but in my game I yeet Chloe into the tornado so I wonder if she ever improves herself in that timeline.

No. 147858

File: 1623410890224.jpeg (12.47 KB, 316x354, images (7).jpeg)

Ayame Sarutobi.

Very milk. Nlog, stalker, pervert.

No. 147862

99% of the characters in this show/manga are cows tbh.

No. 147900

She feels intellectually superior to a bunch of snobby lib arts clout chasers oh no. She likes robots and bad movies and gets understandably jealous about a boy, must be NLOG /s

No. 147905

File: 1623448026280.jpg (148.8 KB, 1000x1500, Dee_Reynolds.jpg)

Somebody in the old thread said Dee from It's Always Sunny and I couldn't agree more. I can't decide if she would be a cow or a farmer. Probably both lol. Same with Artemis.

Dennis, Maureen Ponderosa, and Gail the Snail would have their own threads as well.

No. 147908

File: 1623450433443.gif (789.23 KB, 177x300, 09591af15070b0182f6ed22680f0e5…)

Can you imagine Dennis finding his own thread? The ensuing sperg would be legendary.

No. 147919

The whole gang are cows posting about each other and their own threads. God the nightmare… Dennis def posted his dick at some point.

No. 147931

File: 1623467040480.jpg (73.34 KB, 1280x720, xvsfy55dtd001.jpg)

I've seen people call Onision a less charismatic / attractive version of Dennis, so I could definitely see hime having a thread. They both have that hardcore narcissism and hyper sexuality.

No. 147954

You literally defended a NLOG behavior… "omg im so much better than those dumb sluts cause im into real shit like SCIENCE and VIDEO GAMES and not stupid girly shit. Am I right Warren? uwu"
The fuck is she even doing in that school instead of being with other based sciencebros?
Also imagine defending THIS:
>If Max decides to talk to Brooke, Max will ask her whether she saw the freak snowfall the day before, to which Brooke replies that she was riveted by it. Hoping to find out more about the snowfall, Max asks Brooke if she can explain how it happened to a "science noob" like herself. Brooke replies that "even meteorologists can't explain that snow" and says that she bets that Warren can.
So intelligent she got hypnotized by an incel cock kek

No. 147958

LSP would be everyone's narc queen who gives terrible relation advice, paragraphs about her shit ex's, constant thirst posts, and random updates on her trashy life that leaves /ot/ and /g/ in a civil war with half the anons treating her as a lovable pet cow and the other hating her for being an autistic attentionwhore worthy of a thread. Admin, ends up biting the bullet and banning her anyway. I can see anons calling out Marceline's posts about her dad and the subject of her dad hate being a vent thread pic:
>vent thread: daddy why did you eat my fries? edition
PB would have anons unironically ask her if she's autistic, stealth moid, or has aspergers, leading to her flipping her shit about being "too intelligent" for lolcow but still posting on the daily. Ends up getting her posts marked with a pink fedora.
Their infighting and ban evading would be legendary. Would their autistic infighting, self-posting, and samefagging top spergchan's?

No. 148032

>girl liking science and video games are NLOG
>assuming she thinks art is "girly shit" and slutty
>she doesn't belong in the ~art~ school with her NLOG ~science~
Projection much? How do you not see the hypocrisy. Have you considered that she just hates a lot of the artfags because they literally ARE retarded backstabby bullying divas who are even more pretentious than her. Including Max, only she's a moralfaggy mary sue. That's why in the alternate timeline, Max is in with Victoria's group and acting all queen bee.
>Oh no, she simps for a beta male, how can she possibly have intellect.
How non-NLOG of you to say. B-but, she's ruuude, feminist women would never be rude. Max only keeps Warren around for plot devices, he gets in dangerous situations because of her. It's human of Brooke to resent Max for that. Brooke at least has flaws and overcame them aka a character arc.

No. 148034

What exactly am I projecting? She just seemed like a typical "one of the boys" pick me. I thought part of not being an NLOG is not shitting on other girls for having interests other than you, which she did. Good for Brooke for dropping her shitty behavior, but the same could be also said about Victoria (a much, much worse case obviously). I still think pre-character development Brooke would bitch about other girls while whining how nobody is as smart as her. You are right that her retarded obsession with Warren is age appropriate, but to me it doesn't absolve her from fitting into the mold.The whole love "triangle" situation is so classic. Beta douchebag (did he tell Brooke he will settle on going to the cinema together if Max declines? wtf) obsesses over another girl why ignoring his female version kek. She seemed super male-identified, i.e in how she watched the awful Katie video and had zero empathy for her ("everyone watched it anyway"). It would be even more obvious she's a neckbeard orbiter if the line about her making fun of Kate for not being an atheist was kept in the final product.
Now that I think if, she would probably post more on reddit and 4chan, especially since farmers would bully her about her crush on Warren.

No. 148039

Nobody cares. Get back to the topic. Save for being irrelevant:

No. 148113

File: 1623610074686.jpg (91.24 KB, 960x720, MV5BZTA3NzA1ZTYtZDA2NS00NTBlLW…)

both of them

No. 148122

File: 1623616766265.png (1.16 MB, 1280x824, ABD0035A-95CE-4D69-B8DC-693946…)

she’d be a cow who also browses lolcow

No. 148226

File: 1623708415425.jpg (12.27 KB, 480x360, downlo ad.jpg)


No. 149176

File: 1624192612149.gif (929.7 KB, 245x200, 4d514518860919a898051110248ac2…)

Ultimate celebricow.
Would find the celebricow thread through obsessively googling her name.
Would have a meltdown because someone called her c-list instead of the countless call outs for cow behavior instead

Maybe Liz would start using it after Jenna crying about it to her lol

No. 149180

Jenna would start her own thread and leak her own sextape on /pt/
Liz would obsessively check Jenna's thread but never post in it because that would be crossing the line

No. 149192

She somehow gives me shaynar vibes

No. 149201

Milly would accidentally dox herself in her very first post, lol

No. 149284

File: 1624271848722.png (1.44 MB, 700x394, SXEdoRd.png)

surprised I haven't seen her ITT considering one of her first appearances is her shit talking her future friends on some anonymous forum online. she'd make a good cow herself as well since she's a ridiculous little attention whore.

No. 149285

File: 1624272497716.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, ll14.png)

I've been thinking about her kek Despite being by favorite member I still found her insufferable because of the gimmicks they keep pushing on the girls

No. 149368

File: 1624327005381.png (132.03 KB, 333x250, Cintur?n_de_campeonato_de_Toph…)

thought so, but then I remembered she's blind

No. 149369

File: 1624327389466.jpg (297.39 KB, 2048x1534, ebc13b854e3b5d5becfc2904b88267…)

she's a regular jim carrey poster on the unconventional attractions thread

No. 149371

blind people can still use the computer anon

No. 149377

ofc faye would have good questionable taste kek

No. 149393

She totally would. Azula would also make a great cow

No. 149462

File: 1624403224652.jpeg (40.57 KB, 639x476, 6F505A98-CADA-4AF0-93D1-54B68B…)

Especially in the early years, she would totally be there bitching and bragging on /ot/

No. 150055

File: 1624745441591.gif (994.65 KB, 500x280, ce75bf64543f4c0a4ee801d1d35521…)

Kek I can also see Liz Lemon posting a lot on /ot/, especially about food, venting or the dumbass thread to post dumbass shit about her life. Also giving good recs on /m/ for movies and books - and getting royally buttmad when someone calls her taste shit. More than once she would be called an nlog for thinking she's weird for liking cheese and not dressing up for work.

She would also get banned more than once for posting stuff in the celebricow thread even though they are true because she didn't give any receipts so she wouldn't out herself.

No. 150056

File: 1624746440874.jpg (67.69 KB, 556x918, Image2.jpg)

She'd probably post dumb libfem takes and be all over the baby/biological clock threads too, and we know she's an a-logger from how she wanted to fight the moms she was talking to online on the last episode.

No. 150059

File: 1624748405909.jpeg (38.54 KB, 360x450, 0AAD6990-A62B-4E13-87F5-4BAE15…)

Chanel no 5
>would complain about the way Chanel and the other Chanel’s treats her on the vent thread
>would have chanel as her personal cow
> is a cow herself for spit roasting twins, goes on the deep web to conspire about killing chanel, rubs one out to Dora the explorer.

No. 150060

Azula would be something like Gimpgirl where farmers admit she's batshit insane but her confidence makes everyone love her. Everyone loves to tinfoil about how she must be a lesbian

No. 150062

File: 1624749366727.gif (922.51 KB, 500x269, 98f502757dea45034b40ddd7bede4b…)

No. 150065

This take is perfect.

No. 150090

File: 1624770211181.jpg (31.44 KB, 700x364, EXhK4OdWsAcmEgy.jpg)

No. 150127

based and accurate

No. 150339

No. 150387

File: 1624933407055.jpg (13.32 KB, 400x400, ki-jung.jpg)

Mercilessly shit talking her dumb employers, all rich trash everywhere, and basically everyone else too.

No. 150428

>gives unethical protips
>big shoplifting advocate

No. 150564

File: 1625050035344.jpg (65.81 KB, 1280x720, 3498-crazy-ex-girlfriend-who-n…)

The girl group from Crazy Ex-girlfriend. All four would be browsing lolcow, all for different reasons and without knowing that the other three are on here as well.

Rebecca would probably become a famous anon having regular bpd breakdowns in the vent thread.

No. 150740

I feel like she’s too much of a tomboy but I can see her shitposting for the lulz. Kinda what anon said about Louise from Bob’s Burgers earlier.

No. 150744

No. 150766

I was so pissed off that she was the only one in the family who got killed. she was easily the best character kek

No. 150768

File: 1625195928721.jpg (10.54 KB, 279x279, go6TPsKU_400x400.jpg)

Asami joins for /g/ and ends up going full pinkpill after like, a week

No. 150776

File: 1625207321757.png (136.46 KB, 447x484, me and my bitch.png)

Just imagine how much shit she would talk and then completely melt down if someone called her out on it.

No. 150819

File: 1625238744561.jpg (217.58 KB, 567x1388, queen.jpg)

Her brother should have died but alas. Rocking that dress from the flood relief donation pile. Always on her phone. Could shit talk anyone.

No. 150821

File: 1625239155219.jpg (29.43 KB, 1024x576, mitsukinase.jpg)

No. 150823

File: 1625239303442.png (3.92 MB, 2274x1518, ingrid.png)

Her long lost twin Ingrid would post too.

No. 150825

She would be queen of getting called bpd. Would talk about how hot older men are a lot.

No. 150826

Queen of the obsession thread. Is a cow in skinwalker thread.

No. 150833

I enjoyed this movie, I wish there were more like this. I find obsessive woman fascinating in general, whether they are idealized yanderes or realistic depictions of mental illness.

No. 150836

There's "Single White Female" but it's not as good. Movies like this tend to make the obsessive woman just seem one dimensional and crazy while Ingrid is really humanised and we see her thought process.

It's frustrating because there's so much storytelling potential in realistic obsessive women but I guess Hollywood is too male dominated to realise this. Ingrid was written by two guys surprisingly but I've love to see a more female focused take on the subject.

No. 150838

This is sort of walking the line of fictional character, buuuuttttttt…
Maki Itoh's wrestling persona would probably end up being a polarizing cow. I feel like she would have many anons hating her for being selfish and kind of a bpd-chan but also have a large whiteknight following of farmers that slowly end up rooting for her.
And unlike most actual cows, she gradually improves.

No. 150847

I really loved Ingrid, I'd like to see more about stories like that. I want to write one about an obsessive female MC similar to her, but my braincells won't function worth shit to finish it. I love the deconstruction of celebrity/influencer idealization present in it at as well.

No. 150854

Don't give up on the idea nona. Every story requires a lot of writing, revision etc. Maybe someday you will be in a better headspace and then you can try. It still will be hard, but not impossible and super rewarding. We need more well-written characters like Ingrid, especially created by female authors.

No. 150889

I hold Ingrid Goes West close to my heart. Extremely kino.

No. 150901

It's nice to see a mentally ill female protagonist who seems realistic. I like when female characters have flaws and don't seem invincible, I'm tired of this "female empowerment is having iron emotions and no dimension" bs that male Hollywood execs keep pushing as female empowerment. if anyone has recs for similar female characters to Ingrid, I don't really mind the genre, then throw them at me

No. 150979

File: 1625341255168.png (684.57 KB, 1024x576, swan.png)

Most of them are about simping over a (taken) man, which most of the time makes them shite and sexist off the bat. I think Black Swan is one of the better ones about obsessive women. In the similar vein, The Perfection (2018).
Not realistic per se and it's about a man but I liked The Loved Ones (2009), I found the villain likable lol
Killing Eve would qualify for obsessive women too.
I'll add more over at the movie threads if I think of them.

No. 150980

Perfect Blue > Black Swan IMO

No. 150981

While I agree that woman obsessing over a taken men can be a sexist trope (or maybe simply it is), I can still find such characters fascinating. I just want them to be written well. Any movies like that or should I give up? An example of an obsessive trainwreck is Erika from The Piano Teacher. She's been written by a woman though (Elfriede Jelinek).

No. 150990

I made a thread to collect and discuss media about obsessive women: >>>/m/150988

No. 151030

File: 1625376912381.jpg (27.77 KB, 609x330, e9fb6911e0eba9e8fbf217737e9a9f…)

Bitch Pudding would not only be a cow, she would shitpost in other cow's threads, threaten to beat up PT's mom for getting her arrested, and tell you to dump your boyfriend for treating you bad.

No. 151894

File: 1625963821745.png (213.46 KB, 400x427, 6pOWDkr.png)

she has a priest kink

No. 151952

File: 1626019651939.png (393.81 KB, 617x728, Setsuna_Eas_Profile.png)

No. 151953

File: 1626021812769.png (633.41 KB, 768x768, tdXfSqPuCtMhkpVoGRuDlVCTGBEGdJ…)

oh definitely as eas not sure about setsuna but i think laura would definitely self post about herself

No. 153814

File: 1627417987370.jpg (493.79 KB, 1622x923, PicsArt_07-27-05.31.55.jpg)

No. 153866

File: 1627456114025.png (197.09 KB, 500x668, b76470395548c2db4902742dd489f1…)

Imagine a Tomie chapter centering around a particular Tomie being posted as a cow and bitched about, only for it to be revealed that all the girls frequenting her thread are also Tomies kek

No. 154158

2010 Velma would absolutely be a farmer.

No. 154576

Literally almost everyone in Game of Thrones.
Cersei would first make threads about Margaery & Sansa and constantly nitpick their appearance. At the same time she would post in /ot in vent, unpopular opinions and confessions threads about her doing it with her own brother having children with him and also doing it with her cousin.
She would probably also post in the AA thread about her wine consumption. She would also always start infights with Ellaria. Olenna Tyrell would then compile all of Cerseis posts, make a thread about her and also doxx her. Ellaria & Sansa would be frequent posters there. Petyr Baelish would malepost in /ot about Sansa and her mom & would get banned. Tyrion would probably also malepost in vent thread in /ot about his daddy issues + being a manlet and would start infights with radfems about hookers in the sex work thread in /g. Melisandre would shit up the tinfoil thread. Arya would post libfem shit and start fights about how she is not like other girls. Ramsey Bolton would probably shit up the board with gore.

No. 154577

Not OP but Daenerys would traumadump and post one of those bf vents that end up with farmers replying "that was rape, run away asap and get therapy

No. 154581

true. And someone would post Theon's neo vagina in the mtf thread

No. 154777

Wuya might be on there too, but only /ot/ and /g/ and mostly to bitch about Jack and/or Chase

No. 154864

Lmao, I said in the last thread that Cersei would totally have a thread here. And Margery and Sansa frequently post in it, providing milk.

No. 155254

Came here to say Cersei would have her own thread but you beat me to it, she’s a total cow both in the show and the books. Maybe she’d try to start vendetta threads about Sansa and Margaery but the milk wouldn’t be as good. I think a few male GOT characters would use 4chan but not necessarily be maleposters here like Tyrion and maybe Jorah and Petyr, or Tyrion could somehow find out about Cersei’s thread and use it to blackmail her. After her walk of shame there would be videos of it everywhere, but luckily Jaime barely uses the internet.

No. 155262

Kek I can see Jorah venting on reddit or 4chan about being a niceguy & how Dany friendzoned him and her being with Chads like Khal Drogo and Daario. I can also see someone starting a thread here on Stannis "The Mannis" since scrotes were obsessed with him. Also I agree with Jaime not using the internet, he is too normie for that. Brienne might post in /ot or /g once about studying the blade or reeing about how hard dating is for tall women and then never using the internet ever again since she's a workaholic and doesn't care.

No. 155263

Stannis would be a facebook boomer posting about conspiracy theories

No. 155283

File: 1628452038752.jpg (77.74 KB, 600x902, BdZP9jtCYAAedzO.jpg)

Especially Rita Skeeter from the books. Anything to get that juicy gossip. I think she'd browse for ideas, too.

No. 155290

File: 1628460230895.jpeg (570.87 KB, 858x803, 5DD50574-137E-471E-B08A-218977…)

bridget from most popular girls in school

No. 155305

File: 1628471740380.jpg (59.44 KB, 720x540, Lexy Gold.jpg)

Lexy would discover this site in late HS/first year of college and would be a resident of /g/ and the celebrity and vent (because she loves helping people) threads in /ot/.

No. 155333

File: 1628496749450.jpg (262.76 KB, 800x480, homer.jpg)

>that one anon who just happened to stumble on her thread
>wait, everyone here is tomie?

No. 155408

File: 1628560449128.png (283.09 KB, 540x317, tumblr_pffwrblNKA1tx70e4o1_540…)

the snotgirl cast without a doubt.
>cutegirl would practically live on here shit-talking the others.
>lottie would whiteknight herself in her own thread.

No. 155412

Esther has given up trying to get Lottie off lc. Lottie congratulates herself when she spends time on /g/ and /m/ instead of her own thread, but can only really go two days without checking it.

No. 155426

File: 1628582993625.jpg (5.28 KB, 185x272, images.jpeg.jpg)

Effy Stonem would be a feature. Her better than you am soooo mysterious attitude would see her talked about. Drugs, mental health issues, narcissistic behaviour, shiity friend. Etc

No. 155428

File: 1628583879050.jpg (16.63 KB, 233x346, 200904_90210_silver_crazy-thum…)

I didnt finish watching 90210 but Silver had a website where shw would make videos making fun of her classmates.

So yeah.

No. 155445

File: 1628600081631.jpeg (20.9 KB, 300x300, FC9CAF88-8E53-47E5-9800-D10158…)

sketch from skins season 2. if she used lolcow she would probably fill up the fujo thread and sperg out on the fujoshi cringe thread. would post a lot of ramblings about her totally futile crush on maxxie in /g and refuse to listen to any of the helpful advice offered by anons.

alternatively she would be a cow and get posted in the fakeboi thread on /snow

No. 155446

File: 1628600825190.jpeg (36.82 KB, 400x400, tumblr_o6tqbvCzvL1s3jv76o1_400…)

whyew, i hate this bitch.

i think emily from gen 2 would be a farmer. she'd vent about her sister in ot, post in the attractive women you'd want to fuck thread in g, and post her picrew creations in m.

franky from gen 3 would be a cow on snow

No. 155465

God yes. I rewatched skins earlier this year and all of her scenes made me cringe so hard, it was genuinely difficult to sit through them

No. 155572

underrated post, she's def coded to be a groyper in the show

No. 158324

I love Chloe but I absolutely see this.

No. 158329

File: 1630429790474.jpg (229.99 KB, 1920x1080, 3827616171737.jpg)

I feel like they would both browse /ot/ and /g/ and Jenna especially would use the relationships thread to vent about Matty. Everyone would tell her to dump his ass. Tamara would wander over to the gossip boards every now and then but would only be interested in a few cows.

No. 158335

File: 1630430738334.jpg (85.43 KB, 700x601, 85378754322.jpg)

Also this bitch would definitely try to post a vendetta thread against Jenna at some point. Either after she found out Jenna was hooking up with Matty or after her private blog got leaked.

No. 158361

KEK god I love them and I miss this show. You're so right, anon.

No. 158440

File: 1630510261131.jpeg (23.34 KB, 640x479, images (28).jpeg)

Sakurako from Hana Yori Dango would be a vendetta-chan, cow potential if she had an online presence

No. 158441

File: 1630510340195.jpeg (23.56 KB, 739x415, images (29).jpeg)

She's here to laugh and see right through your bullshit

No. 158442

File: 1630510420309.jpeg (30.75 KB, 739x415, images (30).jpeg)

Tsunoda would be mean but funny

No. 159864

File: 1631308279744.jpg (30.59 KB, 488x363, 6aee16191cfa6272179b5aececd856…)

Both of them

No. 159893

File: 1631321714280.jpeg (57.72 KB, 720x480, CF0AEB7E-F5E2-43C9-9D62-63BB80…)

She posts but she doesn't know how she got here

No. 160009

File: 1631395941109.jpg (250.62 KB, 850x1126, Yumeko.jpg)

Most girls from Kakegurui, especially Yumemi and Mary

No. 160017

File: 1631398131303.jpg (85.3 KB, 1280x720, 255252253.jpg)

Light has a cow thread, probably created by L. Or at least he lurks it trying to dig up dirt on Light

No. 162659

File: 1633148407779.jpeg (113.83 KB, 1907x907, 212.jpeg)

212 is definitely a farmer

No. 162665

File: 1633157242821.png (111.84 KB, 296x296, Nasty skank.png)

Muffy Crosswire most definitely

No. 162669

File: 1633160821174.gif (445.17 KB, 500x281, trtr.gif)

Teenage Dawn would be a poster here.

No. 162673

Adult Dawn too, up until she commited suicide

No. 162688


No. 165587

File: 1634761088720.jpg (68.05 KB, 564x870, 8ec069910ff7577a35cb0a9f81ca48…)

No. 165591

File: 1634762910629.png (397.83 KB, 499x381, Prunella.png)

She would definitely use the vent thread to constantly complain about every little thing Francine does.

On the same note Prunella would also browse and be some one who constantly gives unwanted advice and shit on all the cows that "practice" witchcraft.

No. 165594

File: 1634765504344.jpg (589.05 KB, 3500x2353, ghost-world.jpg)

the girls from ghost world. mostly thora birch's character. she'd definitely follow cow threads then post about being a neet and rant about how her best friend is becoming a normie in ot and g.

No. 165595

what is this from?

No. 165596

I related to Enid so much when I was a teenager lol. This checks out

No. 165597

File: 1634767162198.jpeg (144.33 KB, 1280x720, 1F8FC81B-1960-40D7-BDF6-C7871C…)

This bitch

No. 165605

I wonder if she'd post about Seymour in /g as well

No. 165607

File: 1634770048707.jpg (21.17 KB, 312x475, 224551_1344404.jpg)

I think Vanessa Wye from My Dark Vanessa would be a farmer

>bitchy/catty towards other women

>mentally ill
>ran a blog so she probably spends a lot of time online

No. 165609

I loathe this bitch

No. 165613

File: 1634770632098.png (226.67 KB, 559x315, PENGUINDRUM5-2.PNG)

Watching Mawaru Penguindrum (I'm giving it a second chance after 10 years) and I'm convinced Ringo would post here about her teacher crush and basically be the Amanda Seyfried celebricows sperg, but for Yuri
Really don't see it, but I second >>165609
She was bitchy? I must have totally forgotten it. The book has been so underwhelming for me. I also forgot about her blog, so yeah…

No. 165615

It was the way she talked about other women's appearances at some points in the book and being kind of bitchy towards some of her female teachers

No. 165618

I agree. I can rant all day about this bitch but she’s not worth the time I already have watching that shit show. Let’s just say: narcissistic

No. 165641

File: 1634783342395.png (640.42 KB, 1280x720, chloe and sasha ladybug.png)

No. 165644

are these from lily's farm?

No. 165657

The blonde kind of looks like a less beefy Nicki Tutorials

No. 165663

Kek, I can imagine Chloe throwing a tantrum after reading that someone just compared her to a hulking man

No. 165664

File: 1634794276882.jpg (118.94 KB, 800x546, Yuri(Chanya_Mcclory).jpg)

Yuri from Girl From Nowhere would vendetta post about Nanno but get called out because no one probably knows who Nanno even is and because she isn't even milky, and because everything Yuri would say sounds fucking insane to regular people.

No. 165682

Chloe would be a shaynafag I just know she would

No. 165683

Welcome to the Dollhouse. A very lolcow-adjacent film, about an awkward middle school girl dealing with bullies and family. Don’t watch it if you’re in a bad mood.

No. 165699

accurate.she'd proabbly post schizo rants using her actual email and putting "this bitch" in the subject field
i still love her tho

No. 165723

File: 1634834606376.gif (971.39 KB, 500x258, claire-fisher-six-feet-under.g…)

Claire Fisher from Six Feet Under

No. 165748

Clair would hang out on the art threads (especially art salt), and would doompost on tinfoil when she was in a particularly bad mood

No. 165755

File: 1634852170260.jpeg (69.98 KB, 624x611, FEED38B0-8BD6-40B5-A978-819406…)

> would constantly be accusing anons on being a scrote for no reason.
> radfem
>browses the MtF trainwreck thread and probably puts hexes on the troons
>would apply for being a mod every time the application is featured.

No. 165761

File: 1634854034288.gif (3.42 MB, 600x338, tumblr_225b13ab7c24b31f81b9398…)


No. 165770

>probably puts hexes on the troons

No. 165787

File: 1634865865275.jpg (56.62 KB, 778x325, drakengard 3 four.jpg)

This bitch, without a doubt

No. 165809

File: 1634870425759.png (292.12 KB, 455x434, Fire-Emblem-Three-Houses-Berna…)

Samefag but
>Has less than 100 followers on social media and no internet presence whatsoever
>Dirty deletes every tweet she makes out of paranoia
>Still checks LC constantly to see if a thread was made about her

No. 165815

Can someone explain to me why she sucks?

No. 165889

File: 1634930491055.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900, 5D4145B2-6D68-42DF-AFF9-FBF8C7…)

All of them, really.

No. 166080

I don't hate her but she's basically BPD chan

>Fights with everyone
>Constantly banned for a-logging

>Sees herself as above it all
>Lurks anyway

>Has a thread on her and Cent
>Will self post and fail to integrate
>Eventually will use /g/ for venting when Cent leaves her

>Doesn't care about cows
>Just posts text walls in hobby threads

>Nuff said

>Occupies the Fakeboi/FTM thread the hardest
>Uses the sex threads on /g/ to blogpost

No. 167726

File: 1635540050413.jpg (24.87 KB, 310x431, Bessy-the-Cow.jpg)

>female cow
>protects her best friend Daisy
>is mean towards Otis

No. 167730

File: 1635540440122.png (132.14 KB, 750x650, 87A6FC59-F118-486C-9CE8-2417C5…)

Otis would come here to whiteknight himself, but also to create threads about himself and
>is this a 4chan for females lol?
Ad nauseum.
He would vendettapost about the fat ginger guy and anons would tell him that the retarded fat ginger guy doesn’t have enough milk, so he would then post pictures of his udders or glasses of milk saying that he has more milk.

No. 167734

why does otis have udders if hes a boy

No. 167740

He’s a MTF. Those are neo-udders

No. 167741

Haruhi would be a based shizo poster. She's a chronic narcissist and you just know she floods the conspiracy thread with crazy shit.

No. 167769

or a fake boi. he calls them bull tits or something

No. 167771

File: 1635557581044.jpg (124.44 KB, 1023x1024, EFq6b2EXUAMlr7f.jpg)

Because the animators were a bunch of city slickers.

Alternatively, he stole Lactaid Cow's udders.

No. 167772

File: 1635557655454.jpg (31.88 KB, 572x450, ERycyEGWAAETxEd.jpg)

I'm convinced Skinny Cow is a tranny.

No. 167773

I didn’t want to hi cow, but hi Ottis.

No. 167796

File: 1635569799271.png (197.35 KB, 350x696, img-our-story-cow.png)

I think the Laughing Cow has an udder reduction.

No. 167935

File: 1635676236561.png (175.84 KB, 294x435, EDwxbsmUYAEb4Sa.png)

Violet would definitely spam /g/ with relationship advice threads

No. 168868

File: 1636204705687.jpg (133.08 KB, 1171x715, EJ6NQM0W4AAA4-G.jpg)

would come off condescending, gives solid advice

No. 168881

File: 1636213078946.png (341.81 KB, 1280x720, a64dbf25ada32ba947410c7c0943fb…)

This bitch would be here all day

No. 170171

File: 1637095193782.jpg (1.11 MB, 2832x4256, freddie_lounds.jpg)

I can see her discovering the site because someone made a thread about her. Now she checks it daily, derails the thread in every possible way and probably talks shit about Hannibal and Will in the vent thread. Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss.

No. 170181

omfg are you me? I thought the same. I'm watching the first season of Hannibal right now, NGL I was disappointed she was a pro and not a prophetic portrayal of a woman aka typical true crime fan

No. 170201

File: 1637113867178.png (514.2 KB, 628x807, inafire.PNG)

Both of them would be farmers and both would post about each other in the personal cows thread

No. 170465

File: 1637290600792.jpg (17.02 KB, 405x219, Tessa_and_Vanessa.jpg)

Binge re-watching Pepper Ann, I gotta throw in these two catty bitches. Nicky, Trinket, Cissy, and maybe PA herself could also be candidates.

No. 170490

File: 1637306749634.jpg (146.83 KB, 1200x1200, 38272748391818.jpg)

She would come back everyday after respawning to repost the same schizo rant in the vent thread about the multiverse and quantum entanglement or some shit.

No. 170493

Fucking kek

No. 170589

File: 1637348700134.gif (456.41 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m6f434N9nL1rw4zcao1_500…)

Momoko being a dumb christfag in the tinfoil thread again

No. 170616

File: 1637354627897.jpg (64.36 KB, 500x500, artworks-vhxzJ7MUMYlODNnz-8Nvg…)

Celestia would for sure be a cow on the /snow/ or /w thread. Her constant insistence that's a white European girl when she's clearly Japanese would be hilarious and fascinate everyone with the weeaboo roles reversal. She'd definitely provide us with plenty of milk with some livestreams turning into a narc bubble collapse.

No. 170617

kek true

No. 170620

After her untimely death, she would reach a PT status

No. 170736

File: 1637462033526.png (48.69 KB, 220x327, Meg_Griffin.png)

My femcel icon

No. 171021

File: 1637622396181.jpg (330.58 KB, 1200x1779, 2301481-084.jpg)

No. 171024

File: 1637622815839.jpg (23.46 KB, 400x299, eddbffead8264c806018ff3107abf8…)

I miss phyllis

No. 171026

Same, she is my queen. I think she turns 18 later on and she would vent about her family a lot and would be surprisingly kind to other anons. I can imagine her having a sperg side though like resident komsaeda chan kek. Maybe even post in the skincare thread about ass pimples or something.

No. 171141

File: 1637700444481.png (157.67 KB, 365x273, Mona_Vanderwaal,_season_1_of_P…)

I feel like she'd be a lurker who occasionally posts in makeup and fashion threads to give advice to glow up. She'd also be on the relationship thread telling everyone to break up with their boyfriends at the mildest inconvenience

No. 171142

bpd queen. she would post lois in the personal lolcows thread.

No. 171163

She would complain about Vincent not take their relationship or his job seriously, about her own job and about how her parents want her to get married and anons would all reply to tell her to dump Vincent. I can already picture it.

No. 171438

I miss Resetti being an asshole. Animal Crossing got too baby-ish.

No. 171610

File: 1637966227618.gif (2.2 MB, 498x348, ed.gif)

she is here for the bounty intel

No. 171612

File: 1637966353045.jpg (54.02 KB, 628x768, 0b624227c689612f8576570966b218…)

No. 173940

File: 1639585414148.jpg (43.62 KB, 700x700, e922e0eb15f9c01e636dd933c1b5fa…)

Sophie from Peep Show. She's be one of those people who posts in a snow thread defending the cow and actually puts her real email in the email field, but once she becomes a drunken mess she remembers LC and starts posting endlessly in /g/ and /ot/ (and gets a few bans for blogposting in cow threads).

No. 175628

File: 1640409321290.gif (4.88 MB, 408x305, 109dda07a27189c9f8d126431cdbe1…)

Mr Bean's girlfriend would post in the vent threads sometimes but mostly be in the relationship advice talking about her retarded boyfriend only to get lots of "dump him" and some occasional very long advice that is just a long way of saying "love yourself, dump him" but she would never listen, so she would always be there with some ridiculous new story that would eventually become pasta

No. 175632

File: 1640414482977.jpg (160.69 KB, 1080x1920, robin.jpg)

i have no reasonable explanation for this but she would definitely post her

No. 175878

File: 1640577462426.jpg (35.32 KB, 640x480, sm90wa8hbva41[1].jpg)

Probably 2 of the oldest posters. They would respond "Dump him" on the Relationship advice thread, usually complaining about their exes or one of the male Simpsons, their favorite cows are often sex workers as both of them get to nitpick them (And probably get banned a couple of times for bringing up their how they used to teach classes about attracting men). They would also be pretty pinkpilled, specially Patty. I just watched the LS Mark video on the Simpsons, and I'm surprised that there were a couple of semi-recent jokes making fun transbians/TiMs, and also that the episode of Patty coming out as a lesbian caused controversy because she didn't want to marry a dude who wasn't even a transbian, kek

Also, Bart and Milhouse would probably be male baitposters. They would get a lot of (You)s and post unsaged shitposts on the cow threads. Milhouse would often forget that it's a female only site and post about how lonely he is, getting banned for underage maleposting, some of his posts become copypastas tho.

No. 175898

>a couple of semi-recent jokes making fun transbians/TiMs
Based, can you give some examples?

No. 175936

File: 1640630612276.jpg (128.79 KB, 1200x1200, 424234.jpg)

Paris from Gilmore Girls definitely

>has tried to make a cow thread about Rory at least once and got banned for vendetta posting

>would get into fights with anons who try to give her advice on the vent and relationship threads she would camp at
>would blog-post and humble brag any chance she could.

No. 175939

File: 1640632290161.jpg (90.94 KB, 1028x675, Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.4…)

Also these 2, would probably spend most of their time on /g/ but would pop into /snow/ for the hot goss

No. 175966

File: 1640642705940.jpg (134.65 KB, 400x646, riamuyumemi.jpg)

Would probably start threads on idols she doesn't like/is personally jealous of. Would absolutely have a thread on lolcow, that she'd very obviously post in by white knighting herself and shitposting. Would probably write in the vent thread unhinged posts about how she feels like her life is over and that she's going to become a withered old hag the day after her 20th birthday.

No. 175986

Lmao. Milhouse would definitely be infamous here. I could eventually see him getting his own thread.

I think Lisa would lurk and post occasionally and be pretty pink pilled but she’s ultimately too libfem (she tries to defend trannies and gets ruthlessly mocked for it)

No. 175990

Radfem-chans would be eternally seething over Lisa because she's constantly going in /meta/ to whine about them she'd be the one responsible for getting 2x shutdown kek and her posts would unintentionally cause the most infighting/politsperging.

No. 175993

File: 1640656118865.png (398.77 KB, 384x512, DanInfobox.png)

shittalks himself to draw attention to himself so serena will notice him. also randomly accuses other anons of being scrotes to cover up that he's a scrote himself.

No. 175994

File: 1640656279433.png (196.85 KB, 240x320, image.png)

also summer from the oc. talks about her autistic jewish nerd bf seth on /g/ because she knows all the other farmers who are into skinny autistic jewish nerd males are jealous of her nigel, but frequently posts bait on /ot/ as well just to stir shit.

No. 175998

File: 1640659561431.gif (5.1 MB, 498x488, usa and deji.gif)

>anon your typing style is autistic, stop saying nyo and integrate

No. 176006

File: 1640667747907.jpg (67.7 KB, 803x452, 435345.jpg)

Janice from the sopranos I could see.
She would get banned constantly for making nitpicking comments on cows. Would unironically post about a 20 year old developing nasolabial folds. Mainly posts in the tinfoil and spirituality threads about using your vibrations to your fullest potential. She would make veiled threats against anons not to mess her or her family.

No. 176290

KEK this is my favourite one so far

No. 176332

File: 1640858686031.jpeg (127.74 KB, 915x915, 8FF02976-B0BF-4166-8E1A-7DD8D2…)

watched the mcu spiderman movies and im obsessed with how much of a weirdo they made mj near the beginning. disneys first ever pinkpilled farmer femcel love interest

No. 176333

There is nothing about her that is "pinkpilled farmer femcel". She barely has a personality let alone character arc.

No. 176344

>pinkpilled farmer femcel
She has no personality and al of her scenes feel forced as fuck, are you on drugs anon?

No. 176357

File: 1640875772488.png (188.74 KB, 500x374, tumblr_inline_pjzznmcuFo1sg101…)

Yukino miyazawa from karekano would have been the perfect nonna. Shes confident, funny, has an amazing complex of superiority and loves rejecting boys. Too bad she fell for that psycho with mommy issues. I wish he wasnt in the manga lol

No. 176362

I liked her too. She was a socially awkward oddball.

No. 176370

Her youngest sister also out here giving love advice on g, but for real the ending for Kare Kano especially one of the worst I’ve ever read

No. 176389

More like libfem incarnate. Her only descriptor is quirky.

No. 176480

File: 1640919294826.jpg (31.03 KB, 500x375, MV5BMTg3NzQ2NTM3MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

With the crazy shit and blatantly criminal acts she gets up to, she would have her own thread for sure. I feel like she would be the type to spam up her own thread trying to defend herself while simultaneously calling other nonnas bitches

Man, I miss this show

No. 176495

File: 1640928134872.jpg (16.62 KB, 225x350, 128042.jpg)

She would absolutely fill entire vent threads alone

No. 176522

File: 1640945226431.gif (1.66 MB, 500x281, 31754215.gif)

All of them

No. 176524

File: 1640946561002.jpg (27.6 KB, 567x631, 507b812914d86b0bd986db245d91cf…)

This bitch

No. 176539

she's what I imagine most of the mothers on lolcow would be like

No. 176579

Nah I feel like they'd be too busy sperging on their niche autistic hobby corner of the internet. I want a girl gang like that.

No. 176585

File: 1640976180823.png (229.47 KB, 512x384, poor ebichu.png)

No. 176593

Like, both of them?

No. 176598

The girl would start arguments and Ebichu would try to whiteknight them

No. 176605

Ebichu would be /g/'s queen.

No. 176689

Me too. Such a cozy anime. I wanna live that life

No. 176736

File: 1641054858891.jpeg (11.36 KB, 300x168, cinsis.jpeg)

No. 176737

It's officially impossible for me to look at this image and not instantly see Shayna and Ellen

No. 176743

File: 1641056774877.gif (236.87 KB, 160x160, 75q1Yrv.gif)

Kikyo would totally let loose on lolcow thriving off the drama and spamming threads about how her ex found a carbon copy of her

No. 176779

Kagome would constantly spam in the vent thread about her smelly furry boyfriend and how Kikyo is skinwalking her

No. 176839

Oh my god anon, I can totally see this. He would definitely selfpost his own thread on /snow/ to try to make it seem like he's relevant.

No. 176841

Maybe? But I feel Kagome is too normie for lolcow and would be on reddit bitching.

No. 176911

File: 1641154539951.jpg (495.53 KB, 1024x1024, Yukari.jpg)

all female p3 characters but fuuka

No. 176920

She'd totally post about Kagome on the personal cows thread too. Also a recurrent user of the vent thread with extensive posts about her ugly crazy stalker incel who ruined her life (onigumo/naraku), and how everyone around her is absolutely useless. I think she'd become terfpilled in a week

No. 176921

File: 1641159191004.jpeg (89.32 KB, 800x446, F8E20389-EFC3-4C30-8C98-C1EBD4…)

Technically almost canon

No. 176973

File: 1641182731596.jpeg (553.31 KB, 767x1001, 6FF39B18-367A-49F6-94E5-C5347B…)

madison montgomery would definitely be labeled a cow.

No. 176975

File: 1641183222276.jpeg (736.38 KB, 828x1204, B8CDC11E-7612-4C24-BDAD-D73529…)

alison off pretty little liars would probably spend a lot of time on this site and post on /g/ a lot spreading juicy gossip

No. 176997

Fuuka spends most of her free time on her laptop so she's more likely to be here than the other girls. Yukari absolutely would shit talk Mitsuru.

No. 177035

people would shit up the celebricow with stuff about her to such an extent that the mods insist she gets her own snow thread. it would die in a week and then immediately she gets posted in celebricows again

No. 177039

who are they ?!

No. 177046

NTAYRT but they’re from princess jellyfish, they’re all otakus in their own way (dolls, old men, trains, romance of the 3 kingdoms and of course jellyfish,) and they all live in a women’s only boarding house together. Wish that was me for real

No. 177369

Bai qingqing the mary sue pick-me from the trashy webcomic "the beauty and the Beats" would def. get a thread here. Aria from the webcomic "the villainess turns the hourglass would post in the vent thread about her sister Mielle and Minthe from Lore Olympus would make a thread about Persephone.

No. 177380

File: 1641398791187.jpeg (5.84 KB, 302x167, download.jpeg)

Kek. Just imagine the endless walls of text about Mark and Jeff in the relationship advice thread, especially the inevitable greentext after Mark jilted her. Jeremy would somehow end up a notorious cow too - she would create the thread for him.

No. 177392

File: 1641405767013.jpeg (147 KB, 750x880, 58867F69-70E2-422F-8F08-4B53CA…)

i feel like Jane would’ve browsed through this site daily

No. 177395

I can't see that. Marie maybe though lmfao

No. 177558

Marie is a pathological liar and klepto so I imagine she would do quite a bit of trolling, stalking and making fake accounts on Facebook kek.

No. 177582

File: 1641490957093.gif (476.22 KB, 500x253, Jenny_L_Word.gif)

Besides nitpicking cows on /snow/, she would be a /g/ poster. She's an obvious cow herself too.
>Polilez who was engaged to a scrote 5 seconds ago
>BPD drama queen
>dated a TiF
>shitty writer who can only write about herself
>shitty writing gets turned into a play called 'lez girls', which would air out all the dirty laundry of her friends
>hides the film reel for 'lez girls' and accuses others of stealing it
>hides letters from a friend's ex in order to date her
>adopts a dog to put it down to get close to someone who gave her a bad review
She 100% would have her own thread and would post in it.

No. 177944

File: 1641625233917.gif (1.07 MB, 480x270, her.gif)


No. 177948

File: 1641626655278.jpg (893.66 KB, 2000x3000, 158991004.jpg)

On that note, Chloe from Don't Trust the B

No. 178039

Kek. Imagine her posting about Cartman in the personal cows thread.

Also the Goth Kids would be perfect material for the altcows thread.

No. 179048

File: 1642038008280.jpeg (92.4 KB, 1200x1200, 4556CA81-E9DA-4D7B-92F3-1F232B…)

No. 179053

File: 1642039210228.jpg (17.74 KB, 300x420, 6996.jpg)

misaki ayuzawa

No. 179056

God I hate this bitch. I fucking hate her. And that retarded blond male cunt. A Mary Sue and a blatant self-insert from the manga author as well. I have never seen a respectable human being liking this stinking pile of trash anime/manga.

No. 179099

Isn't she the main character from that one "maid-sama" whatever the fuck manga? How's the manga? I'm curious because I didn't read it but it was kind of popular back then.

No. 179100

not sure about the manga I only watched the anime, gave me a good chuckle.

No. 179283

File: 1642152654453.png (481.82 KB, 554x629, tumblr_ffbc0715e70669862750741…)

Naoka ueno from a silent voice would be very Active bullying cows on snow. Cruel but intelligent and a character with depth I definetevely empathized with

No. 179295

>character with depth I definetevely empathized with
Imagine empathizing with such a fucking shitbag, i hope you don't get too close to vulnerable individuals

No. 179328

>cruel but intelligent

Ah, yes. You’re a cow yourself. Good, good.

No. 179769

File: 1642416120283.jpg (729.98 KB, 2000x2668, Angela_Martin.jpg)

Angela Martin from the office would post in the dog hate thread, slutshame everyone in the celebricows thread and humblebrag about how tiny and short she is. Kelly would clog up the relationship and vent threads about Ryan

No. 179781

File: 1642424115177.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 57t25Ey.png)

Calm your tits. Nishimiya is just an insufferable FICTIONAL character, meaning shes been written in an exaggerated unrealistic way. Also I would never hurt a vulnerable person irl tf.
I like how Naoka is triggered by her for being such a passive doormat and tries to wake her up, which is actually what she needs to do to in order to live as an healthy person. Have you not watched The anime? Ofc naoko does it in a disfunctional teen way, but they are both disfunctional in their own way.
Dont act like anons from /snow arent here to bully vulnerable ppl kek

No. 179795

Stfu lmao I'm glad anons called you out. Imagine thinking the cluster B scum behavior from ueno is anything near "deep" and "intelligent". She would have a thread here and probably be a creepshow-tier cow if anything.

No. 179807

I like discussion, but this time I'm actually surprised you had the balls to try and defend this, it feels wrong. Nobody needs a shitstain like Ueno in their lives, much less a disabled teenager. Imo that movie is so unrealistic, most people would kick the shit out of Ueno ala "bully goes too far, bullies the blind kid and gets their ass beaten".

No. 179934

I read the manga, but I don't get your argument. If someone's been bullied so much that they think they deserve it, how would bullying them more snap them out of it?

No. 180774

File: 1642848344562.png (301.91 KB, 776x508, Gwen (Camp Camp).png)

She'd totally be a farmer
I think she would mainly be posting/browsing /ot/ and /m/ but occasionly /snow/ too

No. 180818

File: 1642864240326.gif (787.63 KB, 498x278, blair-waldorf.gif)

Blair waldorf or Dan humphrey.
Dan would make a serena thread on snow.

No. 181460

File: 1643067615611.png (1.64 MB, 2560x1440, Misty Quigley from Yellowjacke…)

Misty Quigley from Yellowjackets
I know she has cowish qualities and is unhinged but I feel like she would be spending a good chunk of her spare time here
She'd be one of those anons always digging deep into shit to gather intel for everyone else
I could see her cowtipping a couple of times too as well as baiting anons lmao
Would mainly be interested in threads on /snow/ and /pt/ because she probably love feeling superior to the cows but I can also imagine her hanging out in /ot/

No. 181634

File: 1643150952268.jpg (6.65 KB, 294x171, Jpg.jpg)

We ALL know this bitch would.

No. 182175

File: 1643419586472.gif (1 MB, 367x277, 62CA4144-844A-4E9C-9F9B-84F0C6…)

did someone do Jen from Downtown yet

No. 182198

Oh my god absolutely. "Citizen detective" lol

No. 182289

Definitely true, she even lives with her roommate just to watch the drama

No. 182768

File: 1643651558948.jpg (251.68 KB, 1079x1079, Lexi_Howard.jpg)

>She would be in /ot/ complaining about her bitchy Stacy sister, her fiends, and neglectful alcoholic mom.
>Would post on personal cow thread the horror cow that is Rue.
>Would complain on the MtF containment thread about her personal experience with a attention seeking TIM.
>Would probably get banned once a month for blog posting on threads where the cow is a junkie.

No. 182825

File: 1643665255129.jpg (8.82 KB, 249x267, Minh_Souphanousinphone.jpg)

I was trying to think of a good KOTH character to post here. Maybe Minh. Peggy possibly but idk if she's that internet savy

No. 182920

peggy would never get online like she did back in the day, too scared someone will find the work she did on peggysmagicsexfeet.com

minh however is a regular on here. she drinks her laotian rice wines while she shittalks her hillbilly neighbors in the vent thread.

bill comes here once because a camgirl he follows is posted. he asks for nudes and immediately gets banned. >>182825

No. 186178

File: 1644705222993.jpeg (56.45 KB, 739x415, 8379C944-1E5A-437B-9EAC-A5AF91…)

Quite a few Animal Crossing characters. Excuse my autism

>Peppy villagers often post in /snow/ threads. Also post in music, video games, fashion, makeup threads. But that goes without saying.

>Snooty villagers post in the makeup and skincare threads. Also follow cows but tend to be into the older ones (at least 30 and over)
>/Ourgirl/ Sable is an oldfag who’s a frequent contributor in the true crime thread. Her sister Label gives well meaning but unwanted advice in the fashion threads.
>Lottie occasionally posts about Digby in the retarded crushes thread.
>Reese often nigelposts about Cyrus
>Isabelle is too innocent/normie, going on Facebook and Instagram instead

Also I haven’t played the older games but Phyllis seems like a farmer as well.

No. 186190

>Would complain on the MtF containment thread about her personal experience with a attention seeking TIM

don't even watch the show but i keked

No. 186197

Bill is an ardent Shayna fan.

No. 186211

True. My flamingo friend Flora may as well call me nonny

No. 186243

Isabelle is the dumb bitch who's a trans ally.

No. 186266

Queenie would be the most frequent milk provider in Madison’s thread. And Violet from Murder House seems like a farmer. Imagine her edgy posts and bitching about Tate constantly lol.

No. 186287

spot on about everything nona, especially
>Angela Martin from the office would post in the dog hate thread,
fucking kek

No. 186288

File: 1644755915865.jpg (44.2 KB, 736x550, 51ad70020aa4d750ea10d168a261a4…)

Connie I could see in /ot/ and /2x/; not so much canon age Connie but definitely mid 20s Connie. she would use lcf to relax and congregate with likeminded grown up nerd girls

No. 351788

File: 1706448275440.jpeg (985.67 KB, 1125x1295, IMG_4024.jpeg)

He’d have his own thread, get banned for whiteknighting himself/samefagging/infighting, then start spamming gore through a VPN.

No. 351797

File: 1706458992494.png (327.42 KB, 509x1568, sharon_spitz__braceface__by_ma…)


No. 351808

File: 1706464786807.png (740.26 KB, 1133x1600, natchan.png)

Natsumi from Hirayasumi
>Primarily in the art salt thread criticising other artists and talking about her own art, spiraling down in her superiority-inferiority complex
>draws in the doodle board and would feel super smug if she got any compliment
>often complains about her cousin and his weirdo friend in vent or similar threads
>also vents about not getting along with her peers and falling behind
>probably gets caugh up in random infights

No. 351814

He'd keep ban evading and infight over petty shit but somehow he'd manage to get to janny position. He'd be a shit janny though, the kind that bans you if he disagrees with you.

No. 351822

I can see that!! He’d only bother to mod his and the Phantom Thieves’ thread, but occasionally he’d lurk on /g/ and punch holes in his apartment wall if anyone called him mid in the crush threads.

No. 352294

File: 1706657254020.jpg (99.58 KB, 1200x675, Gaiden-akame-network.jpg)

Makes a Sotenbori cows thread in /w/ as an extra source of intel. Somehow manages to snag herself a janny position and pretty much 95% of her modding is in that one thread. Contents of that thread from various posters include
>"is Kazuma Kiryu still alive??" tinfoiling that almost everyone agrees is actually true to the point that those few who do not are met with "hi Kiryu!"
>of course it's never Kiryu, he doesn't even know what an imageboard is
>Omi Alliance-related tinfoiling that no one believes at first until it actually happens
>milky skinwalkers, especially Ryuji Goda skinwalkers
>locals warning each other about scammers and dangerous moids
>random Joryu thirstposts that for some reason never get as much as a redtext even when reported ad nauseam
Sometimes Akame also makes posts in /ot/, mostly in the "how to snoop on people" or the tech threads and as a janny she bans anyone who says anything remotely negative about homeless people.
In the Sotenbori cows thread there's also one long post detailing Nishitani III's degenerate horrorcow antics that feels like a very bloggy and vendettafaggy rant complete with a-logging towards Nishitani and whiteknighting of Watase and even Shishido for some reason. By itself it's not too egregiously moid-like in wording, but followed by "Sorry I didn't know this was a site for women!" doubleposting it earns a ban for moidposting. Poster never returns, but Nishitani III is still discussed as a milky horrorcow every once in a while.

No. 353142

KEK this made me laugh. He’d have a thread and would absolutely self post in there, or he would try to make a phantom thief thread

No. 353150

File: 1706945928994.jpeg (103.93 KB, 1200x800, IMG_2710.jpeg)

He’d be a cow. Knives would WK him endlessly and Kim and Wallace would be farmers.

No. 353195

File: 1706977174309.png (690.53 KB, 800x500, mask girl.png)

At first she appears in a general thread and is called a pickme ewhore with fake tits, next thing she has already ascended above Jodi Arias as LC idol.

No. 353197

File: 1706977391365.png (626.82 KB, 768x432, mask girl 2.png)

And picrel gets banned after one post for being being an obvious scrote whiteknight.

No. 353205

File: 1706982168503.png (676.91 KB, 984x557, emily.PNG)

it could go two ways-
>She'd browse lolcow
>former TRA until a run in with a bitchy TIM now super terf.
>Constantly in OT giving brutually honest opinions, heavy on the brutal but its great advice
>Constantly bragging about the moid she's dating being a huge pushover and how she loves it
>Still is in love with her ex, who she sleeps with and constantly justifies it.
>Lives in Shayna's thread constantly getting banned for bringing up her GPA, body, looks and how she's not tacky.

Or she could be a cow
>super right wing/left ring grifter
>Reply Girl
>Only has one thread that barely gets any posts
>Talks shit to Shoe (regardless of what side she's on).

No. 353206

File: 1706982727940.gif (325.54 KB, 320x168, jessica.gif)

>Pick me
>Constantly asking questions about her nigel
>lives in G but confesses all her bullshit in Confessions thread
>Gets really pissed off when people criticize pretty privilege and causes massive shitfights
>brags about being a natural blonde and again causes massive shit fights about blonde hate.
>Is unsure about Mike but likes him but doesn't know but doesn't take any of the advice given, so it's just her constantly ranting about the same situation.
>Is also in Shayna's thread writing paragraphs about how ugly she is in detail.

No. 353207

File: 1706982929155.jpg (10.7 KB, 500x220, ashley.jpg)

No. 353379

File: 1707042422353.png (4.66 KB, 209x250, Vriska_jacketless.png)

The classic. For both.

No. 353382

This post being a necro somehow makes it 10x funnier than it already is.

No. 353404

File: 1707047868844.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.4 KB, 1000x563, the ultimate vendettafag.jpg)

Yakuza 8 / Infinite Wealth spoilers
Demented vendettafag who would get his allies to gay-op both lolcow and kiwifarms and also whatever internet "trash-talking" place he can find. Samefags, a-logs, doxxes, encourages cowtipping and also selfposts everywhere both to throw people off and also because his vendetta is also directed at himself. Has Mitamura get janny position on any site he uses and also blackmails Chitose into posting hand pics and vocaroos to thwart off moid accusations on lolcow dot farm. Frequently organizes gorespam raids that his enemies are framed for, backed up by janny Mitamura putting on the farmhand capcode to confirm that it is indeed "Daigo Dojima" et al who spam gore. Any regular poster who finds all of this suspicious is dismissed as a yakuza apologist and banned.

No. 353533

File: 1707081438259.png (410.49 KB, 740x820, IMG_8138.png)

Gigi is into celebricows to the point where she frequently posts OPs for it. She also likes baiting people.

Reagan is a /snow/ lurker who vents about her life in /ot/ and plants information in the tinfoil thread

No. 389398

File: 1717630856786.png (261.16 KB, 1140x372, B9EwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.png)

>Kimika's either a lesbian terf or a terf with a nigel she considers one of the good ones
>Ayana and Kimika infight because Ayana keeps baiting her for laughs
>Megu is a Shayposter

No. 389572

File: 1717680158793.jpg (34.79 KB, 735x553, stacy.jpg)

i feel like she would post some unhinged shit and then have a meltdown when she caught a ban

No. 389741

File: 1717700036387.jpg (57.67 KB, 735x511, 5698f24257bf48e8519caa13afbc46…)

These two evil bitches would spend all day here, especially MK, Julia would self post on the celebritycow threads

No. 389745

File: 1717700166401.jpg (43.17 KB, 736x736, d9b29d23548193d78dd2122b643b0a…)

Wait no, I just remembered her

No. 391718

File: 1718202465531.jpg (81.8 KB, 736x736, britta.JPG)

In the right timeline

No. 391922

File: 1718228732361.jpg (428.35 KB, 700x700, erika.jpg)

>Constantly digging up milk even if it's a cow she doesn't care about
>incredibly obnoxious about it though, probably namefags all the time 'WHAT DO YOU THINK EVERYONE?'
>doxxes people
>gets her own thread and considers it a compliment, doesn't stop her from horny posting in her own thread

No. 391931

File: 1718230715178.webp (53.15 KB, 500x500, IMG_5612.webp)

No. 391932


No. 391933

genocide jill would be an /ot/ schizo

No. 392143

i can see her being a massivw cow in a thread for someone like miu and constantly a-logging/calling people sluts, samefagging etc and being a pickme for the worst moids imaginable, then going full crazy in /g/ making unhinged posts about her sexual fantasies a la komaedachan. she's prime cow material imo

No. 392315

File: 1718356391863.png (99.56 KB, 767x317, britta.png)

it’s true

No. 392318

this anon is sperging out about the same thing in the vent thread AGAIN. kek what the hell

No. 392570

File: 1718432941021.jpeg (46.78 KB, 400x400, IMG_3565.jpeg)

probably vents about how unhinged she thinks her classmates are

No. 392571

But… Sakura is also Tomoyo second cousin!

No. 393951

File: 1718902451088.png (519.27 KB, 1260x520, 1718840935533123.png)

Frequent poster in the femdom and BL threads. Would also use the vent thread as an excuse to humblebrag and not-so-subtly imply that she works for Vought.

No. 393953

I don’t see how cousins being a couple is that weird, they don’t even know they’re cousins till later in the manga anyway.

No. 394033

>I don’t see how cousins being a couple is that weird

No. 394051

Who is she?

No. 394054

File: 1718919194344.webp (274.03 KB, 1575x2040, IMG_3061.webp)

NTA, Sucy from Little Witch Academia.

These two would also post about Akko’s crew in the personal lolcow threads kek

No. 394055

Nta but in japan dating cousins isn’t really considered incest and they are both girls. Sakura and Syaoran are related too. Anyway I don’t think Tomoyo would use browse lolcow, the cow boards would discourage her. Also she would support trannies.

No. 394056

File: 1718920151426.jpeg (155.71 KB, 767x583, IMG_3062.jpeg)

Noelle hornyposts on lesbian threads in /g/ and gets academic and career advice from the study/career threads. She participates in the videogame threads and makes a creepypasta and game glitches thread on /m/. Her horny posting involves wanting to get beat up and she may get accused of being a scrote even though she isn’t and other nonas may tell her to seek therapy. She may start as a handmaiden but wisen up as she sees the horrors lesbians are subjected to.

As she grows up and gets over her current canon insecure crush and rekindles her first lesbian crush, Kris, she posts about their situationship on the vent threads. She graduates from lolcow after college informally, posting less.

Kris is a self hating TiF bisexual/lesbian tomboy to trans pipeliner. She has gotten posted on the fakeboi thread once or twice. She’s just self aware enough to cover up her own TiFness to post in /m/ and /ot/ but sometimes she fucks up and gets banned. She’s on the pathway to peak and desist because reading nonas make coherent arguments against gendies makes her seethe.

part of her desistance journey is embracing her ssa and getting with Noelle as she grows up.

Neither knows the other is on lolcow.

Susie is not on lolcow but she posts in 4chan.

No. 394065

File: 1718922312990.webp (130.07 KB, 1239x840, villanelle.webp)

She would likely both browse and be posted here (self poster?)

No. 394066

I was going to post her. She would be a massive /snow/ cow who'd lurk her own thread to WK. She'd always complain about her ~haters~ but secretly thrives on their attention. also could see her posting about drowning the cat in the confessions thread and getting ripped apart

No. 394069

File: 1718924665067.png (126.28 KB, 242x738, IMG_3503.png)

Ayana Amamoto from Caligula Effect Overdose def at least lurks, this bitch hates trannies lol

No. 394094

I love this

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