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File: 1621550662769.jpg (96.38 KB, 850x850, f164e785ee389942228775dfefd0c5…)

No. 143361

Post and discuss about stationery!
>Cool stationery
>Cute stationery
>Fancy stationery
>Themed stationery
>Do you like it?
>Do you collect it?
>Did you use nice statonery as a kid? do you still use it now?
>Would you design stationery?

No. 143365

File: 1621551430091.jpg (92.67 KB, 540x720, scissors.jpg)

I remember I had these really cute scissors from Daiso that I would use in high school. Whenever there was a time they were needed I was so happy to pull them out from my bag. I have no idea where it is now.

No. 143369

File: 1621552869864.png (1.8 MB, 732x2004, LuuNGgo.png)

i love stationery but i try not to buy any because i barely use it, especially now that everything is online. aliexpress and the likes make things very tempting though, especially with cute pastel sticky notes and paperclips shaped like flowers…

the bane of my existence is notebooks, though. i only ever managed to fill one notebook in my life and that was because i used it as a food diary. i also have ugly handwriting, am a lefty and my hand cramps really fast whenever i write. basically the worst prerequisites for someone who wants to be a notebook or diary writer really badly.

and yet i still want to buy the yellow cat notebook in picrel soon.

No. 143370

File: 1621553418679.jpeg (204.1 KB, 1200x1599, 6BD77561-8AA3-410D-8D88-3123B6…)

I used to have so many of these, I had a scratch n sniff one that I brought to school and passed around for people to enjoy. Nowadays the only ‘nice’ stationary I have is my muji diary and pretty highlighters. I have stopped myself from buying any more stationary for now because I want to properly use what I own already first.

No. 143398

nonita i have those right now!!

No. 143456

File: 1621596347613.jpg (51.76 KB, 726x545, 000002361188_2.jpg)

God these were huge back in the day. I was obsessed with Diddl when I was 6-8 years old, I had the scented ones, planners, sticker albums, the comic magazines, even some plushies. My elementary school had a huge economy around trading the singular sheets/pages separately. Kids (mostly girls) would bring those transparent plastic file holders filled with different sheets and negotiate trades with eachother during recess.
Actually writing on them was, of course, considered sacrilege. Only a completely pure untouched sheet retained its value.

Were any other elementary schools this weird about Diddl or was it just mine? I don't think it was ever even popular outside of Germany and a few surrounding countries.

No. 143474

god, the hype around diddl was insane. i never had many of the single sheets (since i only had like 2 different note pads) but i had a stuffed diddl, two pencil cases, a coin purse… looking back it's really strange how obsessed we were with this weird creature. i had those thick square magazines too, not the regular Käseblatt magazine but some weird booklet type of thing.

i also watched this video just a few weeks ago, it was pretty interesting. dude has a super nasal voice though kek

No. 143486

She looks like she has huge balls instead of feet and it makes me uncomfortable

No. 143501

Not helpful but it was the same in Poland. I wonder why did the brand disappear? Nici is still going strong, or at least was 5-6 years ago. I guess >>143474 may answer my question, but I don't speak German so I can only hope that the automatically translated subs are accurate.
I always found Diddl ugly and Pimboli looked like a pedobear to me. I've adored Mimihopps, her design was charming and memorable. Wish she got more merch tbh.

No. 143590

It was like this in eastern europe too. I still have my album and plushies. It got so serious people started stealing. It was insane. I also remember the rare ones that were invisible and you had to buy a special Diddl marker to make them show up. There was a rumor it got discontinued because of the fumes in the marker kek

No. 143604

Yay, a stationery thread! Stationery items are the one category that I can indulge in guilt-free because I know that I will use it. I've kept a diary since I was 8 years old and paper planners since middle school. I also continue to send letters and notes to family and friends even though no one ever writes me back. For writing paper, I have everything from cutesy dollar store stuff to top of the line engraved sets. I love it all.

I am currently eyeballing the Hello Kitty x Erin Condren collection but so far have not purchased anything yet.

No. 143622

Cherish it for me, nonnie!
>My elementary school had a huge economy around trading the singular sheets/pages separately. Kids (mostly girls) would bring those transparent plastic file holders filled with different sheets and negotiate trades with eachother during recess.
That'd make an interesting show kek
Aw your post reminded me of when I would write to my grandpa when I was younger. All I used was plain notebook paper though, lol.
>even though no one ever writes me back.
I'm sure they appreciate and keep your cute letters, anon! Never stop!

No. 148587

File: 1623890878484.jpg (138.57 KB, 1024x768, case_02-1024x768.jpg)

No. 148598


Ahh this is my dream washi organization! Is this for sale or is it DIY?

No. 148608

File: 1623904871971.jpg (91.5 KB, 866x582, マスキングテープ.JPG)

I believe is for sale. I found it on Instagram by searching "マスキングテープ". Japanese stationary is next level.

No. 148609

I want washi tape but I never find a good use for it

No. 148610

I think stationary collections are cute but I don't really understand having a ton of this stuff and not using it. If you aren't writing to anyone what is all the different types of decorative paper for? Journaling? Scrapbooking?

No. 148611

File: 1623905851632.jpg (277.26 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_mtcuyrYas91sw8vcno1_r3_…)

I love scrap-booking art.I used to follow a Japanese scrap-booking artist on Tumblr years ago and she did very beautiful and sometimes creepy things. Also a memories album could be a good use for washi tape.

No. 148613

File: 1623907661880.png (1.61 MB, 1061x1095, Screenshot_20201111-114639.png)

No. 149181

These were big in Finland as well. There was not this economy around them (at least not in my school), but girls bought lot of these products.

Also my friend searched pictures of these sheets on google and printed them out. Those were fun times!

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