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File: 1621510435811.jpg (15.06 KB, 732x439, 732.jpg)

No. 142980

In memoriam…

No. 142982

File: 1621510986354.jpg (661.69 KB, 1103x1600, why.jpg)


No. 142983

File: 1621512457398.png (289.08 KB, 257x454, griff.PNG)

Right when I was developing a soft spot for this fucker RIP Miura

No. 142984

File: 1621512568161.jpeg (49.9 KB, 640x480, B3B3E71C-3F65-4AF0-8960-4C7F22…)

Have a nicer photo
I’ll pour something for him today

No. 142985

Oh no, Griffith sympathizers already.

No. 142986

No. 142987

File: 1621513610425.jpg (165.65 KB, 1124x1190, unfair.jpg)

Why couldn't the reaper take Nobuhiro Watsuki instead.

No. 142990

File: 1621513950833.jpeg (685.79 KB, 1628x2302, A9111354-E8A1-4B6C-8E59-07B26F…)

I was just about to post that too, it was my favorite part of Berserk

No. 142991

File: 1621514000629.jpeg (887.95 KB, 1628x2302, F19228B7-6AD8-46F0-89BD-BEC71F…)

No. 142992

File: 1621514039660.jpeg (706.45 KB, 1628x2302, AD2A26C0-B0D7-4AD9-A8DC-C55385…)

No. 142993

File: 1621514086750.jpeg (993.86 KB, 1628x2302, 2B81B775-6BD0-4BCB-9A32-BF03FF…)

No. 142994

File: 1621514214703.jpeg (907.79 KB, 1628x2302, 5AECA6C3-6719-4BD0-B7C6-A7CD65…)

No. 142996

File: 1621515108985.jpg (366.03 KB, 1920x1080, grifffffffiiitttthh.jpg)

Now that dick Griffith really will get away with everything. Fuck!

No. 142997

Same anon. Just f me up, fam.

No. 142998

Fuck I'd only recently gotten into berserk and was all caught up with the chapters. I was really looking forward to the continuation of the story. This hit me hard.

No. 143011

File: 1621522430360.png (132.52 KB, 418x367, 315-3154578_love-mine-anime-ki…)

this scene always gives me butterflies.

No. 143012

irl men could never

No. 143017

File: 1621525560536.jpg (129.16 KB, 465x465, guts_and_casca-5985.jpg)

I'm so glad we got to at least see Casca become cognizant again. She still had a lot to overcome but I'm really glad we got to see this. RIP Miura

No. 143029

File: 1621528002731.png (550.17 KB, 960x639, hm2kb80epdoy.png)

Some anon on /a/ was saying that, in a way, we got a happy ending. Casca is back and recovering, and the group is all together in a magic elf island. Oh, and the last pages are Guts looking at his long lost son.

Damn, i really thought Miura was older, 54 isn't old.

No. 143030

File: 1621528333865.jpeg (517.81 KB, 3318x1562, E1126QqXoBMUoWZ.jpeg)

He got some much needed rest.

No. 143037

Sexy as hell. Lots of gross male type fetish shit and then he draws THIS. Fucking legend.

No. 143051

I like to imagine him looking at shoujo mangas for references

No. 143059

File: 1621536633724.jpg (16.34 KB, 326x326, 1609353975586.jpg)

My eyes are swollen, I've been crying the whole day

No. 143203

File: 1621541440330.jpg (11.29 KB, 400x343, tumblr_c6cfd1c1250466e3293e36a…)

then again from what i understand he has not lived normally since 1993. poor guy did japanese work mindset x10.
its just…. so much lost potential. i guess no ending could have lived up to our standards, but what if it would? its so mind numbing to think about it.
apparently he has been training his assistaints to draw like him for a while now, but i take that as a rumor.
lets keep our eyes peeled for any new berserk anime series WITHOUT much CG in his honor. there is plenty to animate, id recon several seasons on par with AoT quality of animation.
anyway sorry for sperg im just very sad

No. 143211

Tbh I don't even think about the manga, enjoyed what we got and its massive influence on media and lost any hope for an ending years ago. I just find it heartbreaking that he died young and in such a painful way, you can't even say he died peacefully. And he had a hard life. Feels unfair

No. 143325

TF did Togashi do to you bitch? Imagine wishing death on someone just because he's not your favourite mangaka, he's not a pedo or a bad guy. And hopefully he won't die seeing as he actually takes breaks from work for the sake of his health, despite people shitting on him for it and calling him lazy 24/7

No. 143328

Yeah I was going to say exactly that, wtf. Togashi's health declined when he was near the end of Yu Yu Hakusho and he was forced to add more arcs because of his editors, he never fully recovered after that so he's doing the right thing by taking breaks so often.

No. 143333

File: 1621547004862.jpg (95.63 KB, 740x370, Berserk-Skull-Knight-5.jpg)

This poor man overworked himself his entire life. I'm so grateful to have discovered Berserk back in the early 2000s. I really, really am heart broken over this.. but Miura gave us so much. It's so sad

No. 143337

this. I remember people shitting on Miura all the time because of the slow releases despite the superb quality, now he has literally worked himself to death. I don‘t understand that Attitude towards Authors, they don’t owe us.
I agree with that anon about the pedo assholes tho, fuck them all.

No. 143344

Really funny of you to say this as if Beserk wasn't filled with typical scrote fetish demeaning women. You can mourn Miura but don't pretend like he's above what you listed.

No. 143345

I've been defending mangaka who take breaks for years now and I'm glad I have, it always felt spectacularly unfair that they could straight up tell people they're unwell and overworked and everyone would be like 'bullshit, you're just a lazy pos playing video games'. And even when they work through their health problems, they get shit on for the art quality declining. Togashi's art from when he had a broken hand has made everyone convinced he's a terrible, lazy artist, despite all the well drawn chapters and the fact the shitty pages were redrawn for the tankobons.

I've been mad about this for so long, sorry for the sperg

No. 143347

I'm just genuinely heartbroken.

No. 143348

Today I sperg with you.
I think this attitude is part of the reasons why the Industry is so brutal and so many Authors live like this until they burn out. The sad thing is that some burn out because they are so passionate towards their Work so they give everything to keep it Published, maintaining inhumane work schedules no sane Person with other Opportunities would agree to. And then have people get all uppity at you because you don’t deliver them the Entertainment they seek so desperately faster.

No. 143351

I thought this was Filthy Frank for a sec and got sad he died

No. 143354

File: 1621550091326.gif (2.6 MB, 320x240, omg.gif)

No. 143355

Unfortunately the reality of hyper competitive industries is that everyone ends up overworked just to get their foot in the door, but the very least people can do is not talk shit about the few successful artists who do have the luxury of taking time off and prioritising their health. >>143030 this shit is heartbreaking and yet his fans were still just like 'hurr durr Miura is busy playing Idolmaster' or whatever.

No. 143358

File: 1621550538383.jpg (17.44 KB, 250x350, 20210513_192319.jpg)

rip kentaro

No. 143372

The Skull Knight is such a cool Character

No. 143379

It's a shame that an industry that sells one third of printed matter in Japan gets away with treating their artists like shit so often. One could hope that his death changes something, but then again this is Japan and otaku we're talking about.

No. 143383

File: 1621560002984.jpeg (92.62 KB, 897x729, karoshi.jpeg)

It's a disgrace. Work culture in Japan is satanic in general. If they can get away with treating the best sellers and icons like this (and they have repeatedly) I have a hard time seeing things changing in good time. Maybe if every active mangaka simultaneously dropped dead? Absolutely do not want that by the way.

No. 143385

File: 1621560572064.jpg (90.8 KB, 628x476, 1621528473345.jpg)

Togashi is next don't wrry

No. 143386

As long as he kills hisoka first. It needs to be more brutal than ant queen’s or it’s not acceptable.
Awe shit time to mourn again

No. 143423

I watched a documentary about Shin'ichi Sakamoto (The Climber, Innocent) some time ago and they showed how he and his studio draw manga, they use a lot of shortcuts (like having a bank of premade drawings like haircuts ready to use). Back then I was disappointed to see that everything was not drawn individually, but now I think it's good, he's still a great traditional artist while making the best use of the digital medium, that way he's still healthy and can even travel to make researches or go to cons.
I wonder how Araki is faring, the guy had an insane output back when he was in WSJ and he apparently managed to have some hobbies, thank god he is in a monthly magazine now.

No. 143561

To be fair he did it to men too.

No. 143623

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