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No. 140549

A thread to post and share links to fun games you can play online for free

No. 140572

File: 1620154000680.jpeg (310.13 KB, 691x785, Ezs4qbCXMAYoez5.jpeg)

Japanese speaking anons please play Shiny Colors.

No. 140627

I just stumbled upon Bookworm which was a game I played constantly as a kid, and i'm so happy there's a place you can still play it! Brings back good memories


No. 140631

File: 1620196503240.png (696.21 KB, 753x535, 47328047320754043.png)

My Japanese is not great so I'm sort of muddling through (the voice acting helps), but it's really cute anon. Thanks for sharing! Do you know any other good Jp browser games?

No. 140643


Online drawing game where you have to draw a word and the other players have to guess.

No. 140647

aaaaaand my afternoon is gone. thanks for recommendation anon!

No. 140654

haha glad you liked it anon! I play it all the time at work when I'm bored!

No. 140684

I would LOVE to play this game but it's too complicated for me and my jap is shit sigh…
I loved deresute and mirishita but now I'm fed up with rhythm games, I would like to play Shiny Colors.
Also, Sakuya is 10/10 waifu.

No. 140701

File: 1620244513175.jpg (596.42 KB, 1600x901, 1600px-SC_P_Mayuzumi_Fuyuko_SS…)

There's an English patch for Shinymas but not all stories are translated, at least the interface is https://github.com/snowyivu/ShinyColors

No. 140752

Daniwell, a Vocaloid producer, has a ton of mostly Vocaloid focused mini games on his website. Like a Miku skater game, a game where you can draw your own little Miku and have her dance, a platformer game etc.


No. 140753

File: 1620308862264.png (94.6 KB, 735x865, its miku.png)

Cool I made the ugliest miku

No. 140769

Anon I'm fucking terrified

No. 140793

File: 1620327460987.jpg (367.97 KB, 1550x2122, akira-siow-12.jpg)

anyone into onmyoji?

No. 140796

File: 1620327939777.jpeg (85.94 KB, 768x1112, 146F1B01-3EFE-4A21-ACED-FF274E…)

Hatsuwu Miku

No. 141073

there is Sailor Moon aracde on it, i love you

No. 163526

One of my fave games. There's also heaps of other good games here


No. 163535

File: 1633796612137.png (125.38 KB, 1772x898, Screenshot (263).png)

drew a bunny

No. 163660

File: 1633859385624.jpg (276.81 KB, 813x966, monsterland.jpg)

monsterland.net is a fun site you collaborate with people to finish the head, body, or legs of a monster or you can start one. There is also a monster guessing game on the site which is kind of fun. It's a decent timewaster
God I love .io games. gartic.io is like that game of telephone we played as kids, kind of similar to skribbl.io where people draw. My favorite one right now is littlebigsnake.io. deeeep.io is similar, but with fish. krunker.io is a fun fps you can play in browser.

No. 163941

File: 1634040646099.png (50.5 KB, 486x618, colormooku.png)

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