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No. 134039

Am I the only one who finds this woman to be not as talented as her fans make her out to be?
I mean she's voiced a lot of characters, sure. But quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality.
The vocal range for all of the characters she's ever played have sounded the exact same. She only really has only 3 different vocal techniques which she does interchangeably: high-pitched and whiny, fluttery voiced damsel, and naggy Yiddish grandma.

I believe the main reason why she gets so many roles is because she just happens to be very lucky and had some well…ahem… connections (oy vey) to get her all the roles she's played. She's lucky enough to get lots of opportunities, but she's not really all that talented at what she does.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 134042

All I know or care about this chick is cwc's hilarious thirsting on twitter

No. 134050

All my male friends who know her think she's super hot, so I guess that may a big part of a reason behing her popularity.
She's a decent actress imo. I liked her as Raven.

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