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File: 1615038915459.jpg (194.76 KB, 1675x2048, Mjlmn6i.jpg)

No. 131005

Saw this floating around and thought it would be fun! Just use the template and put in the movies you think would fit the categories

No. 131007

File: 1615038982211.jpg (899.51 KB, 1675x2048, fmmbd.jpg)

Here's my own, judge or bully or whatever floats your boat

No. 131011

I'll probably never do it cause I can't pick stuff but it'll be great for recommendations

No. 131038

File: 1615055404647.jpg (1.32 MB, 1687x2163, movie poster.jpg)

No. 131045

File: 1615057437474.jpg (1.44 MB, 1675x2048, movies.jpg)

who's the director anon, I'm bad with faces kek ?

No. 131049

File: 1615058223433.jpg (189.26 KB, 1920x1080, qUgzEjE.jpg)

shit I should have put Masaaki Yuasa as favorite director, sorry Yórgos

No. 131073

File: 1615070247865.jpg (1.23 MB, 1675x2048, 1615038915459 copy.jpg)

fav active director is Park Chan Wook, idk if many people know what his face looks like!

No. 131088

Ayy Tenshi No Tamago. Good taste Anon

No. 131092

Robert eggers! i honestly couldnt think of an active director so….i just put him. Also the suspiria remake was so gooooodd imo but yeah everyone i know who watched it hated it

No. 131097

File: 1615088975021.png (3.7 MB, 1675x2048, heehe.png)

No. 131098

The new Suspiria scared the absolute shit out of me. I loved the scene where that girl is being tossed around the empty dance hall and literally beat to death by the forces of magic… Fuck lol. I still get chills.

No. 131101

what is the name of your 3h+ long movie anon ?

No. 131110

NTA but probably something by Sion Sono

No. 131111

It says right there on the poster the movie's name is Love Exposure

No. 131115

what is it? a poster for ants?

No. 131132

File: 1615139238407.png (3.86 MB, 1675x2048, this is what autism looks like…)

enjoy my mostly animated edition, i changed some categories bc reasons.

No. 131149

Love Exposure. It's 4 hours but If you watch it like it was a miniseries and take some breaks it's much more bearable. Definitely one of the weirdest/charming films I've ever seen

No. 131151

your taste in animation in comparison with your taste in non animated movie is sending me anon, also kek at the "best script". I have never heard of this number 9 movie, I'm very curious about it now !

No. 131152

Wow, how did you guess that? You're right, but how'd you know just from the poster?

No. 131166

I knew it had to be him because it's a poster of a long japanese movie. I really need to get into his work, I've only seen Suicide Club by now.
I think I even may watch Love Exposure tomorrow…

No. 131173

I'm so glad theres a fellow Sion Sono fan here. I loved Love Exposure, Suicide Club and Noriko's Dinner Table.

No. 131175

File: 1615165362417.png (1.1 MB, 756x924, 3990723489324696325287651.png)

No. 131177

Do people hate The Lighthouse? Also, lots of Robert Eggers fans here.

No. 131178

The rapey vibes were gross but i did kinda like it, nta though

No. 131179

File: 1615168019172.png (3.09 MB, 1675x2048, Movies.png)

No. 131180

I stuck it there because while I’ve heard some praise for it here, everyone I’ve shown it to irl has looked at me like I’ve grown three heads after watching it. I definitely think it’s a bit too surrealistic and unusual for normies to enjoy. (And that’s not me putting them down, just realizing it’s not popular among typical audiences.)

No. 131181

There were rapey vibes? Did we watch the same movie kek

No. 131190

Only thing I can think of is after Winslow beats Wake near the end, he puts him on a leash and stands over him. I did briefly wonder if he was on the verge of rape at that point, but I was glad the movie stuck to implying the sexual frustration/dominance rather than getting explicit. It definitely would've felt vulgar and excessive in an otherwise cerebral film. While sexuality and sexual tension were big themes, they were never too in your face. Aside from mermaid vulva.

No. 131194

File: 1615173179720.png (3.04 MB, 1675x2048, movies.png)

For fav director, I was torn between Mika Ninagwa and Sion Sono but she wins I guess.

No. 131195

I cried so much during Mysterious Skin. This movie is a masterpiece.

No. 131198

Ooo i just watched metalhead the other day anon. i was surprised by how good it was

No. 131205

The mermaid, i know it was hallucination but was uncomfortable but i know it was supposed to be, you know? It's not some feel good movie, i can watch 13 going 30 for that shit.

No. 131274

What's the Japanese movie in the 'That cinematography' section?

No. 131279

File: 1615219746222.png (4.09 MB, 1675x2048, 84007307-A232-4D20-969B-FD692B…)

I had to finish this before I took a nap.

No. 131281

I wanted to love this, but it's so average. Both Suicide Room and L'Autre Monde are much better movies based on a similar idea. Give them a shot if you ever feel like watching people fuck up their entire lives over internet relationships.

No. 131287

>shitty netflix original TATBIL with toeman noah centineo as favourite series
>phenomenal beautiful romance with colin firth and that sexy james bond man with a full abba soundtrack mamma mia as overrated
you better watch your back, i'm coming for you

No. 131294

I was not sure if anon is taking a piss or not when I saw The Fart In Our Stars, Cat in the Hat, Cars etc. and I'm still not sure tbh
Agree 100% about Mima/PB tho

No. 131301

I've heard of both of them before. I really liked the concept during Chatroom of falling in too deep within chatrooms. Reminds me of some of the stuff we see on here. I'll give them a try though. Thank you!

I hate musicals and enjoy children's and YA movies. The Fault in Our Stars came out during a titular point of my life, so that's why I hold it so dear to my heart. Also, who doesn't like the live action Cat in the Hat? It's literally so funny.

No. 131302

File: 1615237895724.gif (965.91 KB, 460x261, d1a71fbe6d994324f31c762c247531…)

You tell em, anon

No. 131305

File: 1615238921872.jpeg (105.03 KB, 675x900, 1609605922543.jpeg)

>Also, who doesn't like the live action Cat in the Hat? It's literally so funny.

It's super annoying and has the same 5 recycled jokes from every 2000s shitty comedy movie though
But you do you

No. 131324

File: 1615249260974.png (7.18 MB, 2563x3173, movie meme.png)

no bully pls

No. 131327

File: 1615249720198.jpg (935.92 KB, 1675x2048, JilQmiYLt9nA.jpg)

I guess Spirited Away is a bit overrated in the sense that it is considered one of the top 10 movies ever on letterboxd and imdb, but it's still amazing

No. 131357

new moon is the best twilight movie

No. 131410

File: 1615286462455.jpg (2.32 MB, 1675x2048, 1615038915459.jpg)

I like how so many farmers 3+ hr one is Love Exposure

No. 131412

I feel it's the first movie many people who've seen it think of when they read "> 3hrs". I honestly don't remember another movie that long. LotR?

No. 131425

This is a cute idea but
>you like, but everyone hates
>criminally overlooked

all literally mean the same thing.

Maybe I'm just mad because I don't watch enough movies to populate even half of this lol, make one snack-themed and I'm there

No. 131426

There are some very sophisticated anons here. I love y'all

No. 131429

I’m just sperging here but I think there are subtle differences. To me underrated is something that people generally know about but don’t appreciate enough. Overlooked is something most people haven’t even seen or given a chance. While they hate/you love is obviously something people have seen but disliked where you feel the opposite.

No. 131433

File: 1615299996075.jpeg (957.16 KB, 1499x1759, 6A6506C2-40F1-442C-8060-3A60E3…)

im not an intellectual movie buff like the fags on /tv/ but I seriously don’t understand how people can have a favorite film

No. 131436

why would you go to /tv/

No. 131437

File: 1615302029780.png (3.91 MB, 1733x2097, shittaste.png)

thanks op, this was fun. i wouldve put lawrence in most categories but that wouldve been boring
based chocolate factory remake liker

No. 131440

Yes! Fucking love this movie.

No. 131450

File: 1615312823676.jpg (280.25 KB, 1080x1321, sketch-1615312813669.jpg)

kinda random. I would finish it but it's too hard

No. 131454

Is there something like this but for TV shows or other media?

No. 131473

File: 1615324697539.jpg (1.17 MB, 1675x2048, moobie.jpg)

No. 131492

I was wondering if/hoping someone would post Barry Lyndon for the 3 hr section. Good taste nonny. Almost put it for my "dat cinematography" section but it was a tough choice. Also I loathe Love Actually, it's misogynistic as shit, and Last Action Hero is one of my fave Arnie movies.

No. 131534

File: 1615350220756.jpg (817.05 KB, 1046x1280, SAVE_20210310_012249.jpg)

No. 131536

Based fellow Wes Anderson lover!

No. 131537

Ooh you're kind of fancy anon. What are your depressing and criminally overlooked choices? I can read "don't stop the camera" on the latter but I'm not getting any hits for a movie with that title.

Princess Kaguya was so beautiful but sad.

No. 131538

Depressing: The Handmaiden
Overlooked: One Cut of the Dead

No. 131554

Yes! Everything is great about Barry Lyndon, I absolutely love this movie.
Also: LAH gives me so much joy and I don't even know why.

Based One Cut of the Dead. I wanted to put The Ladykillers somewhere too

No. 131617

Why was The Lighthouse your biggest letdown?

No. 131632

Only god forgives is SO underrated! This movie is so good!

No. 131633

Spree is so freaking funny. The concept of the movie is absolutely bonkers.

No. 131699

Loved the witch and was looking forward to it immensely especially once reviewers came out praising it but when i sat down it was… just fine? Like its not terrible but i found it incredibly mediocre outside of the performances. All cards on the table sort of flick that i dont have the desire to ever watch or ponder again, did not grip me in any way

No. 131701

I'm the only person I know who liked that movie except you two anons, everyone else I know hated it. It's so fucked up but beautiful and strange and I love Gosling as that character type. The cinematography and score are hypnotic.

No. 131722

i think a big part of it is that as a followup to drive it disappointed the scrotes who love to go “omg hes literally me“ bc goslings character is very much not someone to be idolized or selfinserted to given how hostile the narrative is to him and then on the other hand its too weird and violent for general audiences. Refn was speaking to a niche within a niche with it

No. 131725

File: 1615460347243.gif (126.16 KB, 220x128, tenor.gif)

I think you're exactly right. I'm glad they got that snatched from them (all the lame guys I have seen with the golden scorpion jacket, you aren't Ryan Gosling dude). I was just released from the ER, and hopped up on painkillers, watching it at 4 am the first time I saw it. Picrel. The karaoke scenes were sending me and so was Lieutenant Chang and his sick sword moves.

No. 131726

Curious why The Handmaiden was your depressing pick? Very disturbing scenes for sure but considering the director I was amazed by the happy ending. I went in expecting a horrific tragedy.

No. 131736

File: 1615463818810.jpg (964.02 KB, 1675x2048, KtIXggH2RM65.jpg)

I know my fav of all time isn't that great but I have a lot of sentimental attachment to it

No. 131741

Blackcoat's Daughter is depressing and great. Loved the eerie atmosphere.

No. 131796

Oh god I cane believe I forgot about dancer in the dark. God the way Bjork screams at the end of the movie had me fucked up for like 2 weeks. Excellent choice anon

No. 131841

File: 1615522401505.jpg (340.22 KB, 948x1139, movie meme.jpg)

this was surprisingly difficult to fill out

No. 131844

File: 1615523331523.gif (1022.21 KB, 500x210, anton.gif)

They always are. I haven't done it yet because I know I would end up staring at it for 12 hours indecisively. Definitely watch No Country when you get the chance. It's a movie I have seen with my Dad a bunch of times for some reason. I like pretty much everything about it. Bardem is iconic.

No. 131853

NTA, but I really loved this movie. I told a friend to watch it and she absolutely hated it and didn’t listen to my recommendations anymore kek.

No. 131855

Yes, definitely watch No Country for Old Men.

Also I see a lot of anons being disappointed with Cabin in The Woods. I didn't watch it in a long time, was it that bad? I know people call it genius so maybe that's what is turning people off

No. 131859

Nta but Cabin in the Woods was just ok for me I guess. I was turned off by people saying it was genius and brilliant and something new and fresh. Nothing about it was surprising. I was also a bit turned off by it wallowing in the tropes and cliches it was apparently making fun of. A lot of close up ass shots of the designated "hot blonde", close ups of her making out with taxidermy animal heads etc.

No. 131861

Lol, this is why I avoid recommending movies and books to people because they think I am a deranged freak after. Best case they react like your friend did. My Dad and I really jive though. He is one of the only people who will watch depressing Korean movies with me.

No. 131870

omg, stand by me!watched it for the first time this week and was emotionally devastated

No. 131971

File: 1615642453973.png (3.82 MB, 1676x2048, resident weeb.png)

was difficult

No. 131981

File: 1615648375356.png (5.26 MB, 1746x2108, unknown-6.png)

Noticed there was a thread so I thought I'd drop mine here.

No. 131995

ohhh anon I feel like we'd be such a great friends! LOTR marathon sleepover when

No. 132010

File: 1615664033385.jpg (1.04 MB, 2689x3981, ugh idk.jpg)

ugh ok whatever im done

No. 132016

File: 1615666030306.png (3.38 MB, 1675x2048, mubies.png)

There's so many to choose from! It was a tough choice but feel free to rate and judge.

No. 132017

File: 1615666056253.png (3.71 MB, 1675x2048, 161503891545.png)

This was hard but fun to make, I really enjoy seeing everyone's picks!

No. 132026

Tokyo Godfathers is the only movie of Satoshi Kon that I found rather weak and disappointing tbh

No. 132085

Haha the Charlie and the chocolate factory remake is so nostalgic for me, I watched a ridiculous amount of times as a kid. I think the original is still better but there's plenty of good things about the remake and I think it gets criticised a bit too much

The Godfather part 2 was my second choice in the 3 hour movie category, it's absolutely amazing. I think I even like it better than part 1

No. 132091

blue is the warmest color? Why anon, it's so painfuly male-gazy !

No. 132093

we have similar taste, anon!!! i'm happy

No. 132104

Anon do you watch YMS by any chance

No. 132116

File: 1615771977832.jpg (1.2 MB, 1668x2048, fav movies.jpg)

This was harder than I thought it would be! Some honorable mentions…
Fav Trilogy/Series: John Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy
Biggest Surprise: The Endless (2017), Coherence (2013)
Criminally Overlooked: Dredd (2012), Frank (2014), Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
Depressing Movie: On the Beach at Night Alone(2017)
Favorite Animated: Ratatouille (2007)

No. 132131

File: 1615785244425.png (1.46 MB, 981x1200, Untitled170_20210315001240.png)

would've put lotr for the fave long movie too but I couldn't justify having it on here three times (tbh I don't even think T2 reaches the 3 hour mark but I wanted to have it on here so whatever lmao)

No. 132138

what is the animated movie anon ?

No. 132143

File: 1615795786969.png (121.65 KB, 660x440, 64F53CFB-DB7A-4516-A0F2-7CB79A…)

ew hell no, i hate degenerate furries

nta but it's the soviet ice queen/snow queen. it's really nice, soviet animation was insanely beautiful but sadly rarely lived up to its potential. if any of you like the style, i'd also recommend the nutcracker and the scarlet flower.

No. 132144

Nta I love love love this movie

No. 132145

I like how serious your list looks and then - Talladega Nights.

And I think youre making good point about Edge of Tomorrow. Because it's big blockbuster but also for some reason very overlooked - and it's really a great movie.

No. 132147

I love There Will Be Blood, Daniel is such a nasty character and yet I was rooting for him every step of the way. Byzantium and The Draughtsman's Contract both look really cool! I'm going to check them out.

No. 132160

File: 1615806803924.jpeg (939.68 KB, 2741x3699, 20210314_191337~2.jpeg)

Not surprised that multiple anons have chosen Come and See for their depressing pick. Amazing movie but traumatizing. Aleksey Kravchenko's performance is legendary.

No. 132162

He's awful but so engaging. Love his bowling alley freakout.

No. 132189

As the other anon said, it's the Snow Queen, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Snow_Queen_(1957_film).
I love the animation. I only wish the Snow Queen got more screen time as she's so graceful and not the typical villainess.
> I was rooting for him every step of the way
Yeah, me too. He's not an entirely bad character. Seeing him stop Mary's father abuse her allowed me to feel better about liking him. And it's clear that he had a rough childhood and has trust issues which doesn't excuse him from what he did but it does make it easier to understand him.
> The Draughtsman's Contract
If you liked The Favourite by Lanthimos you're definitely going to like The Draughtsman's Contract. I do think Peter Greenaway's movies are underrated, at least his early stuff. An anon introduced him to me in the movie thread and I'm grateful for that.
Yes, his relationship with Eli was so fun to watch. I love the scene where they fight with Arvo Part's Fratres playing but "I drink your milkshake" is my second favourite.

No. 132191

Nice selection anon!
> The Moon
I think it's underrated too. The OST by Clint Mansell is great as well.
I'm going to check out A Dark Song, thanks.

No. 132274

Yeah, that's what makes Daniel interesting to me. He's so bitter and nasty but he isn't this flat villain caricature. Lol that mudflats throwdown scene- you're right it's the best. I'm such a bad person for laughing but it's so bonkers I can't help it.

No. 132423

Based Carpenter fan

Great taste anon! Reminded me that I need to watch Angels Egg and adding Come and See to my watch list.

What film is your "why do I like this"?

I tried to watch a bunch of the Dogme95 films but Festen is the only one that stuck with me throughout the years. Festen is a fucking masterpiece.

Great fucking taste anon!

No. 132432

that's hot

No. 132472

Lmfao, anon…

No. 132474

File: 1615981059270.jpg (20.75 KB, 400x400, xWctAysW_400x400.jpg)

No. 132481

I ain't judging. But if you liked that watch the movie because that's their entire dynamic.

No. 132482

Daniel is such a great character. He's so ruthless and loathsome but really entertaining and his protective nature of children is really sweet and helps bring a balance. That scene where he's telling his "brother" how much he hates people and he has such a grim smile on his face was so unsettling and creepy. And his absolute contempt of Eli at the church when he's forced to confess to abandoning his son was just WOW. Daniel Day Lewis is a phenomenal actor. Not to mention the ending scene where he completely fucking loses it lmao

And "one of these days I'm gonna break into your house while you're sleeping and cut your throat" - said so nonchalantly and straightforward it cracked me up

Great now I wanna watch There Will Be Blood for the tenth time!

No. 132484

i watched the movie, that's why i'm even more of a clown. but i don't feel guilty

No. 132487

>you aren't Ryan Gosling
thats a good thing

No. 132488

It's shit

No. 132489

I think it's having will ferrell and john c riley in a nascar setting that's so fitting with their improv and the underdog story… against Sacha Baron Cohen who's a flamboyant F1 driver who only wants to retire and raise komodo dragons with his partner… The really thin pancakes scene lol idk it's dumb but I love it.

Yeah I don't get it with Edge of tomorrow, maybe it was just bad timing. It's such a solid scifi film, but it was so overlooked they changed the name and did a rerelease. I only found it when I was looking for something new to watch and was pleasantly surprised.

Oooo yeah it really sets the tone. It's such a small film it wouldn't have felt as grand as it did without the music to complement it.

No. 132593

I don't know if being a guy who idolizes the protagonist of Drive is a good thing at all lol. Also people may think Ryan Gosling's looks are overrated but guys in gold scorpion jackets can only wish.

No. 132688

i think idolizing him is just a meme at this point…. or i hope so

No. 132841

Dano being a channer makes this scene even better

No. 132845

>Dano being a channer
Wait, what ?

No. 132921

you mean >cute hollow man being manhandled

No. 151613

File: 1625756920863.jpg (1.29 MB, 1675x2048, movie meme.jpg)

Anyone here watch Exodus and what are your thoughts on it?

No. 152058

File: 1626130892985.png (5.19 MB, 1675x2048, done.png)

There's no category fitting for The Name of the Rose (1986). Could be "favorite monk movie

No. 152074

File: 1626143566637.png (6.45 MB, 1675x2048, moviee.png)

I care a lot" Movie is the worse one I have seen and it was given paid good reviews. I normally like movies that are fun or have well written characters. Jennifer's body would have done better if the marketing wasn't bad.

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