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File: 1551804275316.jpg (172.64 KB, 800x1166, f50b92c47640de05df5b7d5bc8a4a4…)

No. 12872

didn't see a thread like this in the catalog, so yeah.

post books, tv shows, movies, webseries, creepypasta, art, anime, manga, etc.

right now i'm reading A Trail of Blood by Shuzo Oshimi. it's easily the most real-feeling portrayal of child abuse i've seen in fiction. it fills me with dread like nothing else i've ever read before. highly recommend it.

No. 12890

I saw Be My Cat: A Film For Anne last night. Very good character horror. Shit really fuels the female experience of walking down the streets alone.

No. 12892

damn i've been waiting for a thread like this.
op can you recommend any manga that is highly similar to "a trail of blood"? i read it and it's really suspenseful.

No. 12961

Read Happiness by the same author. You might enjoy it.

No. 12968

File: 1551824792918.jpg (93.05 KB, 736x606, 72a0ee66c41fd35d40a5ac875949a3…)

>Horror thread

I need me some more good recs for horror

Just read A trail of blood! Interesting but very uncomfortable. I hope it ends well…

No. 12999

op here, i'm glad other farmers wanted this thread. tbh i was surprised there wasn't one already. here's some horror stuff i've enjoyed at some point or another, off the top of my head.

movies: Rosemary's Baby, Perfect Blue, The Shining
games: Sound of Drop - Fall Into Poison (idk why i like this, i hate visual novels), not really horror but I think Majora's Mask has a lot of elements that make it feel really unsettling and hopeless
manga: The Drifting Classroom, Uzumaki, Dragon Head, Fuan no Tane, Franken Fran, Petshop of Horrors, A Trail of Blood
misc: i think SCP 3001 is kinda unsettling

No. 13000

File: 1551831754204.jpg (20.9 KB, 309x445, Y4LeXRA.jpg)

One of my personal favorite horror films of all time.
Make sure it's the original.

No. 13002

File: 1551832135445.png (629.62 KB, 472x597, Capture.PNG)

No. 13003

Seconding ALL of this, what an amazing solid list.
I think umineko and higurashi both fit under the VA horror category but umineko is better for the mystery element, it spooked me.
Top tier horror classics:
Texas Chainsaw (original)
Not overly violent and it feels like you're watching this all unfold in real life because the events are something that can happen in real life.
The exorcist, just love this film and how fucking creepy the production was. I don't think the film is scary but it's really an art and for some reason no one will watch this with me.
Scream (original)
I love slashers but this is like the funniest one.
The Burning
Another slasher but I think the murder scenes are well done.

No. 13004

File: 1551832269019.jpg (70.51 KB, 736x484, 8PRQhX5.jpg)

No. 13005

Almost fell off my bed seeing that image kek
Hes got awesome stuff! it’s a shame the comments on a lot of his pics are cancer.

No. 13012

any horror/creepy/paranormal youtube channels you guys watch? i recently finished binging ReignBot's stuff

No. 13040

File: 1551866099804.jpg (163.67 KB, 900x698, black-crow-michael-creese.jpg)

>Cayleigh Elise
Her videos are really good if you haven't already watched her stuff! She does really in-depth videos about cases and helps bring awareness to lesser-known missing people. I highly recommend her content!

>Lazy Masquerade

A channel I really like listening to. He covers things like paranormal stories as well since you're interested. Also, he's got a soothing voice lol

>Jim Can't Swim

They have this really good series called "The Most Compelling Police Interrogations" which is scary imo. Their videos are really long (30-50 minutes) but if you're looking for that, then this is a really good one.

And a guilty pleasure of mine is
>Kendall Rae
I usually watch this when I'm bored, not really horror or that creepy tbh. She does some true crime and missing people videos but don't expect high-quality research or visuals.

No. 13088

The Promised Neverland is also really good. the direction is great, it makes me tense and stressed as it really feels like they have limited time. the added touch of the episode titles just being the date has made me really invested in an ongoing anime for the first time

No. 13104

i'm a huge fan of horror but i don't like pointless gore in horror, so i stay away from those when i know about it.

i went into Martyrs blind. In the middle of the movie, i was confused because it looked like it was ending but that couldn't be possible because how much time there was still left of the movie. My GOD that movie became suddenly so fucking disturbing and god damn good.
The shit that was done had a purpose and wasn't just torture porn. It has become one of my favorite movie too but i also my last gore movie.

No. 13114

File: 1551902182618.jpeg (62.38 KB, 350x577, 1A26ED06-E38A-4895-9140-C70627…)

oh my god, that movie fucked with me for so long. the ending is not right at all and it actually kind of screwed with my head a little bit.

i read this book as a kid and it really messed with me in the same way. wondering if anyone here knows it?

No. 13289

Nexpo and ScareTheatre are pretty good imo

No. 13293

you read this as a KID? who let you get the book? This shit is disturbing.

No. 13435

File: 1552067905787.png (410.84 KB, 640x480, 17-048.png)

I wish I liked Umineko and Higurashi. I tried to play both VNs and dropped them (Umineko just in the beginning, Higurashi after I got through the first two parts). Goddamn it, I wanted to enjoy the mystery and creepy atmosphere but the forced cringe weaboo jokes and badly done slice of life made it impossible. The cooking contest in Higurashi is everything I hate in manga/anime, same with protagonists sexually harassing their cousins for funsies and heroines walking around in fetish fuel outfits for no reason whatsoever except to give people something to fap to… oh, and let's not forget about the loli retard character. No matter how great the mysteries, I would not recommend the When They Cry series to anyone who is not a hardcore weeb.

No. 13436

you didn't finish umineko so i can kind of give you a pass, but you really have no idea what you're talking about. i think it's really stupid to say you won't recommend stuff when you didn't even actually read it.

No. 13437

File: 1552068735518.jpg (125.57 KB, 600x900, Interior-Cover.jpg)

so i saw this movie called Interior (not to be confused with The Interior directed by Trevor Juras) at a local indie film festival in like, 2015 i think?

this movie scared the shit out of me, and i know everybody says this but i can usually take horror and gore pretty well! did not sleep that night. i couldn't find this move anywhere for years until they released it on itunes in 2017. i made my bf watch it and he couldn't sleep that night haha. it's really interesting imo, and there isn't really a lot of jump scares and it's more psychological (which is what i enjoy in horror). i think some scenes near the end were a little too much, but overall this is definitely my favorite horror film and recommend watching it!

No. 13441

File: 1552072064907.jpg (51.72 KB, 426x466, dc9.jpg)

It does not matter how good the mystery is if you have to invest tons of hours to get to the good parts while drowning in cringey, trashy bullshit.
Face it, your fave animu horror games are not for everyone, even if they are adored by weebs. I felt like offering a counterpoint to the Umineko/Higurashi worship in case someone expect serious horror that can be enjoyed by normal people. I know I made the mistake.

No. 13453

File: 1552076476182.jpeg (394.79 KB, 600x837, 36858259-BDDE-47FE-89D4-5EF19B…)

I put off reading Dragon Head for a while but it was a really good survival horror manga and I finished it in two days. I’m just not sure if I would read it again because it’s incredibly bleak.

No. 13459

NTA but higurashi and umineko aren't even horror. I totally get not liking them if you don't like anime, and i get not liking anime, but you're talking like they're objectively horrible, which they're not, they're just objectively anime. And you're fine not liking anime.

No. 13469

File: 1552087836155.jpg (67.84 KB, 318x465, image.jpg)

Witches by Daisuke Igarashi. It is not necessarily horror, but it gave me some good creeps

No. 14711

File: 1552102538429.jpeg (476.16 KB, 1125x712, 6659E133-B91D-4C18-9FB9-8A0A77…)

This made me turn all of my lights on for weeks and it’s so good

No. 14712

File: 1552103186546.gif (1.63 MB, 500x250, 1.gif)

dump incoming (1/5)
The Wailing. Blood and raw emotions. A sad story of a father trying to save his daughter.

No. 14713

File: 1552103320453.jpg (32.81 KB, 646x431, 2.jpg)

(2/5) Girl from Nowhere. Watch the ethereal Nanno ruin the lives of (mostly) horrible people.

No. 14715

File: 1552103437421.jpg (38.31 KB, 640x360, 3.jpg)

(3/5) I saw the devil devil. Revenge porn at its finest. Gory, bloody, has a Korean only cut with crap they thought foreigners couldn't handle. The story is suspenseful but with revenge plots no one wins.

No. 14716

File: 1552103622662.png (297.87 KB, 789x1200, 4.png)

(4/5) By the same guy who made Flowers of Evil. Psycho shit. Although I can't tell if the mother is Norman or if the mc is the Norman to be. The implications though, are scary.

No. 14717

forgot to say it's called trail of blood

No. 14718

File: 1552103790001.jpg (20.22 KB, 284x398, 5.jpg)

(5/5) The promise. kinda cheap with the jump scares but an emotional ride between a mother, her daughter, and a dear friend. Desperation is one hell of a drug.

No. 14729


No. 14731

To accompany I Saw The Devil is "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance". I also recommend Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance as these three really do compliment each other.

No. 14758

Good taste anon.

Happiness by the same author is also pretty good, it's about vampires and cults.

No. 14823

>NTA but higurashi and umineko aren't even horror
Weird, they are being recommended and listed as horror everywhere, from MAL to vndb. The anon above also recommended them in a horror thread, for horror fans.
I do like anime/manga, but when it's free of shit tropes…>>14716 is a wonderful example (though I suppose you might consider it thriller kek).
Glad to see another fan of Happiness. I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing, though the time skip disappointed me… oh well

No. 14846

File: 1552178343344.jpg (231.95 KB, 980x413, F-6.jpg)

One of my favorite mangas is franken Fran. It's a horror-comedy that explores everything from plastic surgery, sex change, and giant multi-person cancerous growths, etc…

It's not the type of manga to give you chills, but more like a grotesque parody of human nature.

No. 15012

Antichrist is a big favorite. I went through a phase where I was watching a lot of critierion collection (mostly their horror) and I fell in love. Every time I’ve watched the movie I felt like I’ve watched it from the point of view of a different character.

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