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File: 1613565018741.jpg (24.64 KB, 612x377, istockphoto-856027496-612x612.…)

No. 128374

Previous thread >>>/m/79211

Discuss about your favorite ship(s), vent about sinking or sunken ships or rant about ships that you hate from any movies, tv series, animation, books, games, so on and so forth.

Or just some nice art of them couples you enjoy.

-No ship wars derailing.
-No "I ship character with myself", that's what the husbando and waifu threads are for

No. 128382

File: 1613566121372.png (675.14 KB, 890x701, 71755D14-2086-4875-9E5A-B449FB…)

Homura did nothing wrong. I love her devotion to Madoka and they deserve to be happy together. People talk a lot about Homura robbing Madoka of her agency— and in a couple ways, she has— but her primary goal has always been to protect Madoka's happiness and shield her pure heart from despair. That's a really noble goal. Homura may be too traumatised for love (esp post-Rebellion) but she deserves it more than anyone. I want them to kiss and get married and finally grow up in a world that's safe for them to inhabit.

No. 128383

File: 1613566554820.jpg (60.36 KB, 829x540, MVKINw1.jpg)

My favorite non-canon Avatar ship

No. 128385

File: 1613566578437.jpg (872.97 KB, 2694x2789, 2F1wC6R.jpg)

>shipping meltdowns
Holy shit I love watching a good shipping meltdown too. I was never into Naruto or Avatar but I still remember all the screencap compilations of assmad shippers being spread around. Does anyone have any funny screencaps/stories of some of the big ones or just general saltiness about pairings that became canon at the end of the series?

No. 128387

waifu war shipping meltdowns hit different.

No. 128388

File: 1613567026550.jpg (312.46 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20210217_135347.jpg)

posting cringe for good start of this thread


No. 128389

Absolute worst taste

No. 128392

File: 1613567647178.jpg (139.2 KB, 1205x727, ZX0m00s.jpg)

>Absolute worst taste

No. 128393

I could have gone my whole life without seeing the image on the left, why did you curse me

No. 128394

File: 1613568608020.png (Spoiler Image,278.07 KB, 696x524, c8eba5901cc7c1cd24a678fde05c67…)

i love these three old bisexuals

No. 128395

File: 1613568779976.jpg (177.17 KB, 1280x1760, 4c4720d92a5b5f82eb827ef966f610…)

Cute, however….

No. 128396

This is adorable.

No. 128397

File: 1613569600322.jpg (116.41 KB, 672x504, 20210217_144501.jpg)

Not in my house, anon! im jking of course

No. 128428

File: 1613578540411.jpg (481.76 KB, 1868x2048, ETophc4UUAEZpSS.jpg)

would be ok if scrotes didn't take a hold of it

picrel i stan

No. 128431

The tantrum Bleach readers had like they somehow expected this grand romance and not “big tity wins”
Klance was fun because there was this layer of self righteousness and since it was an English fandom the creators and actors had to kowtow / touch the poop and stir it up …hilarious

No. 128434

Never read bleach, spoonfeed me on what went down and I'll give you a bunny gif

No. 128439

File: 1613586555788.png (191.58 KB, 902x1300, 1CD5C93C-B67D-4287-AD6D-7D552B…)

Ichigo marries big tits and has a kid, Rukia married Renji dunno who is that, I never got past the 5th chapter of bleach and also had a kid.
Rukia’s child is a shinigami apprentice and so is Ichigo’s child.

No. 128443

File: 1613586840510.gif (3.38 MB, 540x379, a6b2d5d990721e3af2473bbe3c3ac0…)

I can't believe people took my shitpost seriously, it's obvious that I don't ship Noah and Adam. I was just trying to trigger the anti fujo RPF hockey anon

No. 128447

File: 1613587301430.gif (2.02 MB, 292x215, 1530709740885.gif)

Kinda Interesting, I guess its kinda of "subvervise" that main shonen didn't end up witn the first woman he see's
Here's your reward anon

No. 128449

Man I miss 2014. Also yes, Chihiro sucks.

No. 128455

File: 1613589681659.gif (2.5 MB, 268x280, 1608735494162.gif)

Posted this in another thrad a while back, do any anons ship specific versions or interpretations of characters while ignoring their other more canon or well known versions of said characterers, for e.g I ship Penguin and Riddler from the Gotham series, who are very different physically and lore vise from other adapations and the mainstream comics, riddler is almost always sort of shlubby and in his 40s, while penguin is always depicted as short, fat, disfigured, ugly and arrogant

The Gotham series gave them more tumblr friendly aesthetic, which I'm not against BTW

No. 128470

Maybe i'm evil but i want /a/ to have meltdown over EH failing

No. 128481

anon I'm still not over this ship, pls

No. 128490

Not ship related but remember the /a/ Free! meltdown?
I ended up hating that show but it was worth being made for that

No. 128507

Same. These two were perfect together.

No. 128545

Yes but I would never ship the comic versions of riddler and penguin, penguin in the comics and most versions is often portrayed as short, ugly, deformed and misgonystic and honestly he's a great and engaging villain, the Gotham penguin is a whole different character

No. 128554

File: 1613624451765.png (824.93 KB, 1679x1000, 1485876267596.png)

Happy shipping meltodwns are fun too

No. 128555

This shit should have been canon. I don’t give a fuck, they deserved it damn it.

No. 128556

File: 1613625508855.png (503.48 KB, 419x900, nool.png)

thought this was a chibi drawing of null

No. 128557

Here's an imgur album of seething narusakufags and bonus bleachfag tears (they're both pretty long):

No. 128558

its gonna happen because 4 channers firmly believe historia's happy with that pregnancy and waiting for her baby daddy's eren after he kills everyone else.


No. 128559

Anyone have an album for the Destiel blowback, it was so fucking beautiful and austistic, one of my tumblr friends literally called it a hate crime

No. 128560

It's ok anon, we got your joke

No. 128561

File: 1613633279292.jpg (876.11 KB, 1920x2198, 1436223650469.jpg)

Is this what you're talking about anon? Man, it was great being a freefag

No. 128564

No they didn't, and they don't have chemistry as much as people try to meme it (though neither do the canon pairings)

No. 128566

that shit was fucking amazing, fuck has it really been 7 years?

No. 128567

File: 1613636566596.jpg (5.03 MB, 2352x2932, 1475927307477.jpg)

nta but anon could also be talking about pic related. For anyone who doesn't know salty /a/nons were expecting free's blu-ray disk sales to flop which (obviously) didn't happen. It happened again when YOI was popular and iirc the blu-ray disk sales were twice as much as free (I don't like either anime but seeing those butthurt /a/nons was extremely funny)

I dropped aot after the first season, did eren really father a kid or is it just fans being delusional?

No. 128568

File: 1613636894411.jpg (4.72 MB, 5200x5865, DG0WQ52.jpg)

I found another screencap compilation for some harem manga that was apparently pretty popular a while back?

same anon but I'm probably misremembering exactly how much YOI sold but it was still a good enough number that people got mad about it.

No. 128569

it's funny af but then i remember i would be probably one of them

No. 128582

File: 1613647971816.jpg (3.27 MB, 1400x3284, 1483694402569.jpg)

YOI sold a tonne and /a/ was furious lmao

No. 128583

File: 1613648095696.png (3.38 MB, 1786x4419, 1485914631073.png)

No. 128589

I loved this manga and MCs choice was hinted MANY times ever since the beginning. The writer had to fight hard in order to make his girl win.

At the end of the day, there were only two girls who actually seemed like "ill settle down with her" types (they also were one of the few mentally stable ones), while others were: two tsunderes, the other one prefers her acting career out of everything.

But I think its going to be much worse with anime watchers atm, really.

They changed their studio for 2nd season and the studio skipped many important (for character development) chapters, because it looks like they want to try putting everything into 12 episodes which is not enough. Animewatchers barely know anything about the other girls, because s1 and s2 focuses only on two out of 5 (which is also why these 2 girls are the most popular ones), so all I expect is nothing but the worst butthurt ever. (Even though throughout this day people KEEP writing pages of posts on reddit about how much they hAtE the ending)

No. 128590

As a big fan of both free and YOI, it was amazing watching people seethe over how popular they both got. Scrotes get so triggered seeing gay homoerotic bishounen shit become way more popular than their shitty coomer waifu harem animes with lolis. So much that they were glad when KyoAni burned down and saw that as a "punishment" for making something that didn't pander to their grimy tastes.
May more colorful gay sports anime come our way and outshine all the bland waifu shit. Skate Infinity seems like a good candidate.

No. 128592

This type of meltdown was what made me love shitpost in /a/, good times, and they hated it but they still kept up with the merch sales and episodes.

No. 128593

Nothing is as viscerally satisfying as watching misogynists seethe over something women like doing well. I wonder what thing they hate is going to make a shitload of money next.

No. 128594

skate infinity has a director or writer that had worked with free, yoi and banana fish. and the scrotes have already infiltrated MAL just to downgrade its ratings or so i heard from a youtuber that was ranting about coomers who were angry about the show because it wasn't pandered to them.

scrotes got angry because they want their own skateboarding anime too, huhu.

No. 128603

File: 1613657197790.jpg (30.17 KB, 562x354, cc34561d424a88d7bb05331b7ec179…)

It's a very popular theory. Points that are in Eren's favor are that:
>Historia's pregnancy was always sus because the info we first got about it was from drunk politicians that were confirmed as an unreliable source
>Historia is giving birth months earlier than she is supposed to be
>Farmer (the baby daddy according to drunk politicians) still after years has no name, face or character
>Eren spent the past few years protecting Historia, in fact, him being willing to sacrifice everything BUT Historia is one of the reasons we got rumbling
>Hange acting suspiciously when she sees Eren-Historia interactions, she triggers Eren with "don't you care about Historia?"

And I guess also those moments that aren't really mentioned in theories, but make me suspicious.
>Eren asked Mikasa if she likes him because he was family (platonic love) or because he saved her (romantic love), later we get a panel of Eren telling Historia that she saved him
>pre-timeskip Jean has a one time joke about Eren's handholding session with Historia
I can't wait to see screencaps of my assblasted posts when it turns out that EM is canon

Also, it's a pity that Flochren is such a rare ship.

No. 128606

what if Eren dies before canonically dating any girl and noone wins? this is my dream

anyway. chances that jean is gay? round 0. even less. but that beard is gay af i wanted to say that

No. 128610

Agree. I never liked any version of Penguin at all until Gotham. I never thought that he was a good villain either though. Gotham gets props from me for making him an interesting character.

No. 128617

They got plenty of animes they can jerk off to. It would be such a waste to write a good sports anime for scrotes since they don't actually care for the way the sport is portrayed or the comedy or charming characters. All they need to see is something resembling boobs and ass or lolis with annoying voices and to them it would be a masterpiece. They're so retarded and dramatic about it too.

No. 128622

File: 1613668734989.jpeg (209.75 KB, 1280x1472, CA14A02E-061E-498E-B757-ACDD69…)

Personally, I hope it’s confirmed because I think it’s a cute ship.

No. 128632

I almost pissed myself from laughing at this.

No. 128633

File: 1613675905667.jpg (112.4 KB, 500x703, d5pwu8o-dd97fb7c-bf59-46f1-abf…)

a classic

No. 128635

File: 1613677534908.jpg (265.37 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_755f6e9f5567d63c7856ffc…)

They didn't need to give Todd a relationship to complete his arc, but I'm glad he found someone he is comfortable with probably the last good thing Bojack did

No. 128637

Taste! Happy Todd is the best Todd. I remember being sad when him and Yolanda didn't work out, but him and Maude definitely work better together.

No. 128655

Based. They're so much more romantically compatible than eren and mikasa but aot fans hate on them constantly bc they read the manga with their eyes closed lmao

No. 128658

I can't stop fucking laughing at this, how pathetic can scrotes get?

No. 128681

i know a scrote irl that have confessed that he wouldn't watch a show with a lot of dudes in the cast because he feels like he's competing against them. the excuse screams jealousy and insecurity, it was a miracle he blurt it out to me. unfortunately, he deleted the message.

anyways, true. like haikyuu is a great sports anime but he wouldn't dare to touch it and ended up watching this unheard of beach volleyball anime with girls in the skimpiest bikinis, big tits and lolis and a low production quality. because of obvious reasons.

but i don't doubt there's already a company out there planning to make their own skateboarding anime to pander to the coomers.

No. 128682

File: 1613702037249.jpeg (547.38 KB, 1280x1280, FDDFE40C-8142-49F0-8F93-4E43CF…)


Say what you will about YOI now but this was so fucking fun to watch with /a/. Every single episode. Episodes 7 and 10 made people go absolutely batshit.

and then next level never fucking came. Fuck everything.

No. 128683

I thought it was called air something by oh great
Had a fucking trap and giant bolt on tits and everything coomers love didn’t it

No. 128684

the prequel movie has been in production hell for years now and only managed to released the pv internationally this year or 2020. i'm not so sure about a second season but i hope it happens so we can witness a major total meltdown from a lot of fragile male egos knowing that a woman oriented show dominated for a moment.

it was air gear and was about rollerskates from what i can remember. most girls there have huge boobs and all have a crush on the bland protagonist even the trap too, guess we know why coomers have nostalgias about it.

No. 128687

I was absolutely obsessed with YOI while it aired (and yes watching with /a/ was fun as fuck), and for maybe like a year after but the delays have killed my hype so bad. It's such a waste considering how much people loved it and how much it sold. The movie has to be amazing and they have to announce S2 immediately afterwards if they want to redeem themselves.

No. 128690

I don’t know how or why you’d kill momentum like that, but I’m sure there’s some Japanese executive scrotery at play. My hype is gone now though.

No. 128691

File: 1613708518406.jpeg (376.41 KB, 630x1027, 7614F207-5610-440C-B40D-BB2F96…)

idc how crusty or juvenile shipping is, this will always be my favorite ship in something like shonen and no one will convince me otherwise

No. 128712

Seeing how hard they had to fight for that one semi-censored kiss scene I'm guessing they're dealing with shit like that and it's causing it to be delayed (plus the pandemic etc causing financial strain). Which is insane seeing how well it did, you would think the selling numbers of the blurays would be enough to convince the crustiest executives to give the girls their gay ice skaters.

My YOI hype died down at some point but every now and then I'm reminded of how amazing of a series it was and I'm sure that once the movie/second season comes out my enthusiasm will skyrocket again.

No. 128766

gray x erza was pretty good too

No. 128809

File: 1613813086776.gif (3.6 MB, 500x250, dilby.gif)

yeah i'm a fujo

No. 128816

File: 1613822034728.jpeg (152.58 KB, 1332x850, DF2F0C7B-EE52-400D-9672-D9408F…)

we were so close, anon…

No. 128817

File: 1613825130395.png (435.29 KB, 736x672, qmvTw7R.png)

Looks like Netflix is giving Zutara fans the storyline they've been waiting for. Writing's going to be Riverdale tier.

No. 128818


>katara will be 16

>aang still 12

ew ew ew, is there still going to be a romance developed between those two despite the weird age difference? imagine just imagine if they do some creepy love triangle bullshit in the life action lol

No. 128820

Didn't Fairy Tale end recently? Did you guys get the endgame ships you wanted?

No. 128821

Where is this from? This twink has been in some shit i've watched before but this doesn't seem familiar

No. 128822

wasn't the netflix version supposed to be 'darker' and probably more 'sexual', i'd be okay if the actors were older with their character reaching in their late teens year to young adulthood but now i'm not sure especially when some of the main characters are still young.

No. 128825

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
and yes, Laundry-Jones is my no.1 twink

No. 128830

I thought they cancelled this project?

No. 128831

It ended but there’s a currently published manga reboot called 100 years quest established from the ending of the anime. There’s also a spinoff comic called City Hero so there’s plenty of content thank god

No. 128832

Samefag but the ships are semi-canon, I think it’s more canon with Gruvia now lol

No. 128835

File: 1613845056506.jpeg (82.61 KB, 478x357, C6068E1F-C82A-4003-B27E-AD7D6B…)

Last night I stumbled across gay slash fiction of characters from the “movie” Gorilla Interrupted, and I was like “haha wtf?! how crazy that this exists!”
So I clicked on the title to read it ironically, just to see how weird it was… but then I ended up getting really invested in the ship and actually feeling sad over the sad parts of the story. I was embarrassed to be unironically reading Gorilla Interrupted fanfiction and feeling emotions over it.
After reading the one fic, I was unexpectedly hooked on this ship, so I tried to read a couple more fics of the ship, but then every other one I clicked on was disappointing and nowhere near as good.

No. 128836

What The fuck anon, i'm going to look for it now. i want you to know that it's all because of you!

No. 128840

File: 1613845909944.png (370.19 KB, 642x498, 984A58E1-7D3D-45E3-A2C3-B01B5B…)

There’s a slash fic for almost everything in existence. Like rule 34 for homoporn

Pic not really related but it cracks me up how Matt and Trey really went all in on this ship

No. 128842

File: 1613849210162.jpg (250.25 KB, 953x851, 8xlUOAZ.jpg)

Everyone in this manga is just one big found family but these two dorks are too cute together.

No. 128845

File: 1613849881770.jpg (42 KB, 400x288, JfQ88uB.jpg)

No. 128848

It was called right where you left me and it’s on ao3. I don’t want to oversell it or anything, it wasn’t amazing. I was just surprised that any story could really make me care about such shitty 1-dimensional characters from a movie that barely qualifies as a movie.

No. 128849

File: 1613853205185.gif (892.06 KB, 245x180, 1123.gif)

I just think they're neat. and Maxxie was really hot

No. 128858

File: 1613855808439.png (262.73 KB, 594x614, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 1.16…)

thanks to this thread I am now a Lumine/Childe shipper, it's so crazy but it works soooo well

No. 128864

File: 1613859254905.jpg (182.71 KB, 500x500, kevedd59.jpg)

KevEdd is truly the best cartoon pairing to me, and one of the better boyxboy pairings shown on tv. New stuff like The Owl House and She-Ra… everything they're doing now, Ed Edd n Eddy did better and 20 years earlier. The only thing that comes close to KevEdd in terms of content is EddEddy, for me, and that's because people working on the show shipped it. Prove me wrong.

No. 128865

TIL this is a thing. What's the canon support for this pairing, anon? It's been a while since I've seen the show.

No. 128866

why would anything good ever happen?

No. 128867

an ex friend of mine (she's now a fakeboi) use to love this ship she along with some dude would cosplay as kevin and double D seriously now that I see it, it reminds me of her and her "im such a gay guy" shit…

No. 128868

Keved is the best cartoon pairing and the only one for me, IDC about canon or not canon shit. You don't need to make everything canon to support a good pairing like this lmao

Also, the doujin is so fucking good, ughhh I love it. But knowing stupid people, they'll cancel you if you say you like this pairing because "muh underage" (even tho I think they're 18 there??) Idk it kinda reminds me of the reason rebecca sugar was cancelled (she drew a gay edd ed n eddy pic)

No. 128869

File: 1613861687743.jpeg (214.35 KB, 1280x879, D09127C0-D3BB-4345-AE08-8306BB…)

I wish I could watch South Park just for the chance to ship these two. I know nothing about them but God they're so cute…

No. 128870

File: 1613862023640.png (435.48 KB, 300x900, boop.png)

DA but has anyone here heard of The Rectum is a Tomb? It's a 200k word fic about Stan and Kyle from South Park (and other characters) as British gay guys during the 1980s AIDS crisis. Your post just reminded me it exists.

No. 128871

anon omfg I was thinking about this like the other month, that title has stuck with me for a decade. If I recall correctly the author was really skilled at South Park fic in general

No. 128872

I'm 99% certain my middle school best friend read me excerpts of this fic over Skype.

No. 128875

God when I was teenager I unironically shipped KylexStan, KylexCartman and Cartmanxbutters so goddamn hard.
I also liked TweekxCraig solely for the aesthetic because it didn't make much sense to me aside from "they look cute together". I was still shocked when I saw them become canon though lol based
But man, I miss 2006-2010 era South Park so much.

No. 128877

File: 1613863358322.jpeg (76.37 KB, 566x806, C8AD501C-D059-4401-A2A2-CA257C…)

Creek, all of my high school friends used to ship them, I love them.

No. 128884

File: 1613866449370.png (151.71 KB, 720x404, F93CD2DC-4E25-44A7-839F-C626AA…)

that was by omgsecret wasn’t it? Or am I misremembering
I couldn’t read it because I just can’t really do grimdark srs with South Park but there were some really notorious fics. I can remember one clearly where Cartman kidnaps Kyle and keeps him captive for like ten years or something and Kenny is a cop or something like that. There were some really really talented writers in that weird ass little fandom, though I’ve always been a rarepair hipster and I shipped K2 for whatever reason. I wish I could find this one jp artist named baby something that drew extremely aesthetic shit.

No. 128886

File: 1613866760080.jpg (199.99 KB, 1280x1165, ec0fb8cc4909098c5501591869fc4d…)

This is making me feel less ashamed of the fact I was a massive butters X Kenny shipper in high school. Thanks for being equally as weird, anons

No. 128887

That was the weirdest pairing but also awesome cos I hated Michelle for no reason kek. Loved seeing her get cheated on

Also speaking of skins, Chris and Jal were OG

No. 128890

File: 1613869100722.jpg (388.97 KB, 1168x1238, ETVPlSjWkAAfSJH.jpg)

I can't moove on from this ship, help

No. 128892

cope with it

No. 128896

File: 1613870050865.jpg (35.14 KB, 500x250, 54dab4fa0cb14f2875767291247ae4…)

aw this thread is making me nostalgic for the times I was really involved in fandoms as a teenager. Now I just read fanfiction but that's it, I think I haven't even really gotten into any new media besides youtube in over a year. Anyway fanfiction wise I've been really into these two lately
>tfw no medieval forbidden romance with a handsome prince who's also your best friend and literal soulmate
why fucking liveeee

No. 128897

I love them so much. The bantz, the bullying, the deep and meaningful eternal connection…

No. 128899

Sauce, ma'am?

No. 128900

The show is Merlin you can watch it on Netflix.

No. 128925

File: 1613913595323.png (78.5 KB, 550x420, 4b5198a82dffb90c29e693df06b8ae…)

>and that's because people working on the show shipped it.
This, I know for sure at least one of the storyboard artists used to draw EddEddy fanart before being hired (pic unrelated). All of their little interactions are so cute, especially in the later seasons, and the movie is really the cherry on top of the cake.
As for KevEdd, I think they have a nice dynamic in canon and they seem to get along just fine when Eddy isn't involved, so it's a bit of a shame when fans turn them into generic cool guy and submissive nerd, but I guess I can see the appeal.

No. 128947

File: 1613929728187.jpeg (30.56 KB, 557x421, 2392F086-671F-4A24-BC3A-5BD6C7…)

I hate how they handled jackie and hyde’s relationship in this show seriously. They honestly were so good together and beats having to fucking endure the “will they, won’t they break up gais!” donna and eric plot that consumed the rest of the show and completely soiled it around the last few seasons
Jackie deserved better than retard himbo scrote kelso and hyde perfectly fulfilled that, they desperately needed them to break up because remember we can’t have nice things anymore and fez’s creepy desperation for snatch justifies having him together with jackie at the end

sorry for sperging but jackie and hyde is cute and is ftw

No. 128949

Completely agree, they were a great couple.

No. 128957

anyone else ship keveddy?

No. 128961

File: 1613940145922.png (1.67 MB, 1280x1706, taigaryuji.png)

these 2, love a good slow-burn

No. 128962

I never really understood the SP fandom, but I love how fans have just given these silly characters more of a story to suite their tastes. I’ve always like to see how much joy come from fandoms.. how much everyone cares about these characters is sweet.

No. 128964

File: 1613942155154.jpg (199.19 KB, 1024x820, Art.jpg)

Not really. But I ship Kevin/Edd/Eddy as a love triangle and eventual threesome. It's not shipping unless the balls touch, right?

No. 128968

I feel the exact same way. While I’m not personally into it, it warms my heart and I’m glad the people who are into it are having such a good time with it. I wish more media that I was personally into would have such active and dedicated fandoms like that!

No. 128971

File: 1613947166884.jpeg (76.23 KB, 530x900, FD8429FF-E941-43F5-AEBA-80C285…)

Yes, the quintessential height difference pairing! I used to wanna be Taiga so bad lol.

No. 128972

File: 1613947542688.jpg (95.9 KB, 550x842, 72a002e48fe8c9304eb98d6a2cf653…)

These two, I hope I live long enough to see part 7 animated so more people will be there to do some cool fanarts.

No. 128974

File: 1613950111642.png (4.01 MB, 2048x2405, A0D9B47D-AD38-4BD0-A74F-C4145E…)

What is it that makes fandoms from weird cartoons like South Park and EEnE feel less creepy than the fandoms for things like Onceler and Undertale? (Ship not related)

No. 128978

File: 1613951892901.png (289.18 KB, 2680x1024, 1537409733206.png)

I more remember the fic where Kyle is in a concentration camp and somehow it ends with him and Cartman fucking because Cartman has mommy issues or some shit. At least now I have somewhat of a reason to post my favorite pic.

No. 128981

File: 1613952791385.png (1.65 MB, 898x1305, nez1p2vJCR1rxubp9o1.png)

Sucks that Wirt has a crush on another girl, but that doesn't change the fact that all their interactions are perfect.

My theory is that "edgier" canon content inspires more wholesome fanwork to compensate, and vice-versa (not saying EEnE is edgy, but still its humor is a bit more mean spirited than either The Lorax and UT).
That or the fact that stuff like Once-ler and UT are popular mostly among kids, therefore the fandoms are also filled with manchildren and pedos.

No. 129024

Taiga a shit.

No. 129027

Voltron reboot was such a shitshow but I liked Sheith. Shiro had a great design and was walking porn, Keith looked like every emo softboy and acted protective of his bro, and I like mentor/student dynamics. It was obviously never a canon endship, too bad people politicize even shipping now, the shitflinging was insane.

No. 129028

File: 1613986580784.jpg (25.46 KB, 360x450, SheithS2Hug.jpg)

sheith was also the only ship that matters to me in voltron too. they have history and their chemistry and scenes were so well-written. i really don't get klance, those two barely had any scenes and their relationship didn't exactly progress from unrequited rivals to friends even but i know you can ship two people together despite the lack of scenes or chemistry together.

the show was somewhat decent, although i stopped watching when everyone came back to earth and have introduced more characters that weren't important to begin with.

i really don't get adam's relevance. if he was supposed to be shiro's fiance or boyfriend then at least bring him up from the start, like hints of it rather than just dump his existence almost towards the end and never mention him afterwards but i guess they just need an excuse to not get anymore backlash from people hating sheith.

No. 129029

File: 1613987349208.jpeg (201.3 KB, 1321x1099, E992D9A3-72C1-4B9D-93F5-FA7B18…)

Anybody else love tragic ships? Pairings with so much baggage that they're just doomed to fail? Enemies to lovers, bitter exes, unrequited pining… And of course characters for whom the threat of death keeps them apart, as in picrel.

No. 129031

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut SHUT UP IT STILL HURTS

No. 129032

File: 1613990437614.png (429.32 KB, 500x626, 126782463755772 (10).png)

I don't want them to be doomed to fail, but I love relationships with a tonne of angst and obstacles to the relationship. I think the main reason is that if they have good reasons not to be together, they have to REALLY want each other passionately to get together regardless, and it's a good source of tension/conflict. That's more romantic and interesting (in fiction) than people who get along well having a nice smooth sailing love story. And I love to see how writers manage to get them together in a believable way despite everything keeping them apart, if they're a decent writer it makes for really emotionally intense fic.

Pic related is always gonna be my fav enemies to lovers, I'll never get bored of long ass fic that takes it's time developing their relationship and working out all their issues to the point that it's not insane for them to be in love.

No. 129034

Every time I see this ship my fight or flight response is triggered. I wasn't even part of the Voltron fandom or gave a shit about the whole series but the insanity of "anti-sheith" people leaked over to my feed as well.

No. 129036

"anti-sheith" blew things out of proportion, really. they act as though the relationship was toxic due to the age gap, even though keith was 18 in the show from the start afaik. but i think most of them are raising their pitchforks because they know klance have less substance canon-wise, maybe idk. i never really bothered to snoop into klance related stuff.

No. 129037

who are they anon?

No. 129039

is this chainsaw man anon? the girl looks familiar.

No. 129040

File: 1613994025724.png (Spoiler Image,439.23 KB, 427x640, whatstss.png)

i was the stupid one to expect happy gays in shonen but here i am

No. 129042

and then you had the sheith shippers who threw a shitfit because shiro was confirmed to be gay but not for keith

No. 129043

Not even a Voltron fan but that was a bullshit move from the writers, they gave in to the people demanding him to be gay but pussied out and gave him a last-minute husband out of nowhere. They should've gone the full fanservice route or nothing.

No. 129044


i just wish he wasn't killed off though. the writers and everyone else on the show were dangling diversity to fans in order to be seen as woke by doing the bare minimum. their fan demographic were barely near kids and most often times were teens and adults, i doubt a single complaint from a parent crying about gays and the likes would decrease their ratings when it's the main thing people demanded from the show.

No. 129045

yes. shiro's husband (i don't even remember his name kek) should have been a fully developed character to actively fuel the shipping wars. i wanted a zutara level meltdown tbh.

No. 129046

honestly, the drama was more interesting the show anyways, might as well end things with a bang

No. 129047

agreed kek, didn't give a fuck about the show but the shitshow was entertaining to watch. My friend was really into it and was having literal meltdowns over the ending and it was so fucking funny. I still think that they should've made Shiro end up with Keith or not have any of them be gay at all but the writers' glaring incompetence with handling their fans' expectations was hilarious.

No. 129048

as a sheith fan, i never really expected them to be together anyways as was any ship that didn't happen in the show. and it's weird that the writers were still giving fans at least something to appease them when most have been sending them and the voice actors death threats and even doxx another fan and showing off their cosplay waterboarding vid.

ghad, i don't think the writer even tried to pacify the fight either or send a tweet that would at least bring self-awareness to some of them. it's a good thing i stopped watching it, even strayed far from the fandom.

No. 129049

>waterboarding vid
W-what? Or did you mean the watersports shiro vid lmao (wouldn't be surprised if both of those things existed ngl).

No. 129050

It just made no sense to suddenly reveal a character to be gay when it served no purpose and give him a oneshot husband instead of the character everyone is expecting to see him end up with. It's obvious they wanted to give a bit of a nudge and a wink to their fans with the "See? He's gay just like you wanted him to be!" thing but didn't realize that whether or not he's gay is secondary, people wanted him to be romantically involved with that one specific character.

I don't know if the writers didn't simply understand this, didn't want to fully follow through or if the production company said no or if they simply had to keep the show clean for audiences in Russia, China and Arab states since you could just cut out the random gay parts but it was such an all-around weird decision to make. If they didn't interact with the fans online so much I would just shrug it off but it was such an obvious stupid shoehorn I can't help but be confused and amused.

No. 129053

sorry, yeah. watersports shiro vid. i saw some tidbits of the vid and screenshots. i wanted to laugh and contemplate my life after that to be honest, i pity for getting doxed though. they don't deserve that.

the only think i can think of for adam's existence in the show was so that klance fans wouldn't go full rabid to be honest. if shiro is romantically involved with keith then the fans would likely do more than death threats or something. but him being gay with someone else would meant less backlash and like you said, since adam dies seconds after his reveal, he can be removed easily for easier international release.

i think the writers was trying to please two different masters at once. the fans and others who weren't keen with a gay character on the show.

No. 129054

let's be real though, a lot of the shippers did sperg a lot about "representation!!" so maybe that's why the staff thought they would get away with it. it's so stupid anyway, shipping is not activism and it doesn't even need to be.

No. 129055

it's so sad that a lot of people these days, just excuse their ships as representation and needs to be part of the show for that alone. some might be delusion to think that it is.

No. 129059

File: 1614002411819.jpeg (318.99 KB, 733x1024, 98DCEB53-6118-47F8-B696-5E81D9…)

Yes, it's Angel Devil and Aki Hayakawa. Please read Chainsaw Man. I cry every single day…

No. 129062

But didn't Klance die a 'straight' death anyway? Lance became a celibate farmer forever mourning alien pussy.

No. 129063

i didn't continue on watching the show, anon, sorry. but i read an article because i was confused with who you're referring to concerning lance's sad pussy and i laughed, kek. allura and lance barely had anything going on to be a romance, but like damn, at least the writer finished what they were trying to push from the start.

i'm surprised shiro got married to someone else. idk, like, adam wasn't so much of an importance if shiro ended getting remarried anyways. but i like that in a way, sheith 'died'.

No. 129064

File: 1614006983446.jpg (73.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Tumblrinas say this ship is problematic but theyre so damn cute

No. 129065

I'm glad barely anyone cares about overwatch anymore because literally all of the big ships sucked ass (especially mchanzo) and if you dared to say that you'd be branded as a homophobe, even if you had different same sex ships

No. 129066

wow, it's been so long since i have seen the show but i remember they were both good fighters and that's why he liked her in the first place.

No. 129067

File: 1614007734327.jpg (15 KB, 340x255, Xx_Natsumi_and_Koyuki.jpg)

samefag but i always thought that the ninja girl has a crush or has an infatuation on the redhead.

No. 129068

It's actually funny when you say it like that: people don't care about lgbt representation, they just want a character to stick their dick in specific character. exact state of fujoshi (read: me, i guess) right here

No. 129069

File: 1614008382275.jpg (305.18 KB, 999x800, tumblr_pkzqo0L7mb1sc8kelo1_r1_…)

McHanzo is better than R76, because McHanzo is just pure fapbait and fujo degeneracy and nobody really earnestly thinks it's going to be legit. Meanwhile R76 fans constantly push the idea that R76 is legit and canon, even if the whole ship makes absolutely zero sense and Blizzard's brainrot writing team couldn't come up with a coherent way to make said ship legit without destroying previous lore.

Kind of hope Blizzard brings back Vincent (S76's ex) into the picture and thoroughly crush all R76 dreams.

What ships do you like then?

No. 129071

>nobody really earnestly thinks it's going to be legit
you'd be surprised, i've seen fujos who legit called blizzard homophobic for introducing Ashe because at first they thought she might have had a thing with Mccree.
Anyway, I personally really like Reapfist and I think Doomfist is a very underrated character. I also am ok with, if not really like any Talon ship combination, as well as most ships involving Symmetra and most ships involving Hanzo that aren't with Mccree or Genji. (I've been called a homophobe because I dare ship Hanzo even with women, even tho I do like m/m ships with him too, just not mchanzo!) I find Mercy really bland and I dislike any ship with her. I wouldn't mind widowtracer if most shippers weren't making them so ooc, especially Widow. I couldn't care less about Zarya, Mei, D.Va, Lucio or the Junkers, so no thoughts on ships with them.

No. 129076

File: 1614011333115.jpg (125.32 KB, 1100x1200, DE9y2z_UQAA6Mwl.jpg)

I really like Doomzo and it has potential (as a purely crackship), with how Doomfist seems to be courting Hanzo to join Talon. And it's also pretty interesting how Hanzo knows Doomfist by his first name. I don't recall any other character in the game calling him Akande, but Hanzo does.

I don't think I really go hard for any Overwatch ship though. It really comes down to fanartists and how well they draw and imagine their favorite ship. There's an artists who draws exquisite Lucio x Junkrat but I can't say I love that ship. Most of the fun ships are crackships anyway though.

No. 129077

Exquisite taste, ma'am

No. 129086

File: 1614015886773.png (1.08 MB, 858x800, 83704310_p44.png)

I love it when my ship wants to murder each other.

No. 129099

File: 1614025183545.png (339.43 KB, 639x620, D49E5C2D-32A0-4376-80DD-765FEF…)

Why the fuck didn’t they just marry Shiro to the Adam character and just ..not kill him?

I mean he was a total nothing but at least he was introduced and had a name and a …passable design (unlike the hatchet chin Lance)

It was funny as fuck how they got all this WEPRESUNTAYSHUN clout at comic con and then when the season dropped and they did the stupid kill your gays thing or whatever, they were torched. Dumb fucks.

No. 129110

amen sister

No. 129112

is it that manga about a chainsaw dog? when are we introduced to these characters? do they have a big part?

No. 129117

The tall one is introduced on 3rd ch; the angel is introduced around 30. I don't ship them, but their relationship is really interesting and well done. Just don't hope for happy endings.


No. 129119

wait is angel a boy?

No. 129121

File: 1614031395441.jpg (559.86 KB, 1500x1200, EeBQwEMVoAc9RSt.jpg)

me posting the same ship every thread. when will it end.

LOL, fuck, i remember being weirdly into this as a kid, and it makes total sense because i have a weakness for bully ships. thanks for the memories, anon.

No. 129122

AYRT and I didn't really mean it that way. What I meant to convey was that people felt that this was representation of a good, well-written, healthy homosexual relationship dynamic they wanted to see become canon despite most knowing that it will never happen. But the staff wanted cheap woke brownie points, said "You want gay characters? We'll give you one!" and half-assed the whole thing catastrophically. Wanting representation is rarely about just a character "being one", representation is about wanting to explore how this one character's life is affected by this one feature they have, i.e. how they connect with other people.

Anyway I'm done being autistic over a show and a ship that I didn't even care about, I was only interested in the drama it caused

No. 129123

God I will fucking murder Atlus for teasing them so much in Royal, making Akechi even better with the bitchy post-reveal attitude but never allowing us to date him. How dare you stupid motherfuckers do this to me, I'm still obsessed with this ship to the point it embarrasses me.

No. 129124

File: 1614031692888.gif (240 KB, 657x720, CLAMP.gif)

ah, yes, i've got a classic for you. CLAMP was always so good at tragic ships.

it haunts me. daily.

persona turns me into such a gross, salivating fangirl that sometimes i don't even recognize myself.

No. 129137

>i really don't get klance
Fakebois projected onto them because they were both sexy anime teenagers, not because they had actual chemistry of any kind unlike Sheith which actually had screen time.

No. 129139

File: 1614047663190.jpg (166.23 KB, 899x999, 77738611_p3.jpg)

I ship them and Sousara so twitter/tumblr doesn't like me much.

No. 129145

File: 1614049166351.jpg (34.29 KB, 506x334, hMXgLZ8.jpg)

lol, didn't denji mention it a few times

No. 129147

> didn't give a fuck about the show but the shitshow was entertaining to watch.
nta but same lmfao, I dropped voltron around s2 or s3 but also had some friends still into it. Disappointed but not surprised there was a whole group in the fandom called 'anti-shaladins' who liked to harass anyone that shipped Shiro with the other paladins, absolutely bonkers. Iirc they even had a meltdown when Keith apparently went on some space trip and aged two years and claimed the showrunners did it to make sheith "less pedo" or some dumb shit like that.

I googled 'shaladin' to refresh my memory on the craziness and some anti-shaladins even threatened one of the voice actor's wife and children? Jfc

No. 129150

File: 1614050376331.jpg (211.87 KB, 1158x1637, 0f6286c9b84e9c373dd70afb83192c…)

I'm using the version from Hades for picrel, but I ship them in their original iterations as well. They died for each other and they were buried together. That's love.

Side note, it annoys me that most adaptations give Achilles brown or blonde hair. His hair was red; the name Pyrrha literally means "red hair.

No. 129151

Holy shit anon, same. Bunny was my shit.

No. 129155

nta but yeah, they threatened shiro's voice actor and his family when he was caught signing his autograph i believe on a sheith related fan art or merch… or maybe when he was requested by a fan to say i love you, keith at a convention. i think.

i think he made an apology vid that was either on twit or instagram.

No. 129159

File: 1614054520251.jpg (113.07 KB, 1200x1200, bdfead44e7be47385b0e70656cd854…)

>akechi x joker
Disgusting. Akechi is such an annoying ass character, get some real taste anons. Pic related is where it's at.

No. 129160

No one has played P1 and P2 tho.

No. 129167

Calm down Zutarafags, they can just keep it platonic and not have any romance between Katara and anyone instead of throwing your hungry asses a bone.

No. 129169

I'll take both, thank you very much. I live for tragic ships

No. 129170

File: 1614060573324.jpg (64.24 KB, 555x680, 0edfb6588837c864c561f2ad5965f6…)

who uses an 'x' to denote couplings in this day and age? you must be older than me, anon, and that's really saying something.

that's not necessarily true. plenty of people have played them, even persona fans who started with the more recent series. you just don't hear much about shipping because the p5 craze is still pretty strong/being milked to death. i bet atlus will eventually add them to PC (particular because the p4g port did so well), and there will be a steady stream of new uwu jun fans.

No. 129174

File: 1614063386982.png (397.93 KB, 1312x1312, FFCD5400-8214-4573-BE0F-0D1893…)

you’re all valid but am I?

No. 129179

>Hating Joker x Akechi
Pretentious SMTfag with no taste detected

No. 129180

File: 1614067209467.jpg (255.09 KB, 1024x1649, tumblr_p4gtjmIzY61ts9894o8_r1_…)

Shhh there's no need to shit on a ship just because it's popular anon. All ships in the persona series are really good (minus the lolis of course).

Yeah anon!! Yusuke and Futaba have a fun dynamic going on.

No. 129182

File: 1614068091812.jpg (151.34 KB, 932x626, 20200829_045423.jpg)

I know i know anon and I agree. It just got me keking hard and I wanted to say this

No. 129183

my fujo heart likes this

No. 129297

File: 1614121365944.jpg (77.18 KB, 579x575, ancient remusxsirius art from …)

Did anyone else have a Harry Potter slash shipping phase? My favorite ships were marauders era pairings like Remus/Sirius, Sirius/James, anything without Peter lol. The first porny fanfic I read was Harry Potter fic.

No. 129299

File: 1614121882047.jpg (69.12 KB, 600x545, 3f6366f6ca00e13511dad9d52d74d6…)

I'd actually draw a lot of SiriusxLupin stuff, it was all over my books. I liked to make Lupin to be super cutesy later turned handsome - I liked the gap between being very cute and shy but also a werewolf. In my stupid comics Lupin would also be more popular than Sirius which would make Sirius both jealous and envious.
I would visit a loooot of japanese sites to get my fix of these two. I loved art like pic related and would base my own in it.
Oof it's been 15 years already…

No. 129302

File: 1614123181311.jpg (1008.2 KB, 1160x832, young marauders.jpg)

I used to go on LJ, fanfiction.net and these forums called FictionAlley Park. It's crazy to think about now but back before Half Blood Prince came out I remember some shippers were genuinely convinced JKR was going to make Remus/Sirius canon kek and then when he got together with Tonks there was a lot of anger. I also remember this LJ fic community called Pornish Pixies that got targeted when LJ started deleting all its porn, afaik it still exists, everyone got shipped with everyone there and there was fic for pretty much any pairing/threesome you can think of. And who could forget the yaoi AMVs on Youtube set to Avril Lavigne…

It's kind of sad that it's considered cringe to be nostalgic about HP fandom now because of the whole JKR terf thing and some woke people like to claim the series was always shitty and don't want to admit how much they used to enjoy it. I had a lot of fun in that fandom for many years.

No. 129306

I LOVED PORNISH PIXIES, god, i haven't heard that name in a long time. i also really miss hd_holidays and all the high-quality longfic that fandom brought. so good.

No. 129307

where are these characters from?

No. 129308

Skins UK

No. 129310

my first foray into fanfiction was reading drarry smut . as a 13 year old i probably should not have been reading hardcore bdsm smut about them but what can you do. i’m not sure drarry is something i would ship these days if i hadn’t started shipping when i was younger . there’s just so much nostalgia connected to it . harry potter is one of the best fandoms for fanfiction because there’s so much of it with so much variety i can actually be picky with what i want to read and still find so many amazing well written fics

No. 129311

ot but this is what pisses me off about all the woketards these days who clearly love and enjoy harry potter but pretend that it was always bad and problematic because they don’t want to admit to themselves that a ~terf~ made something they actually like

No. 129315

File: 1614129656066.png (3.27 MB, 2208x1242, 2068BE45-5AB5-43FD-A79B-1CA14D…)

>yaoi AMV’s on YouTube
My soul, those were the best times of my past, listening to kind of popular love songs with lame, or actually really nice shipping fanart was so cozy and nice.
>best fujo ship of Kingdom Hearts
Your post really took me back to when I used to ship them even though I never managed to play the games.

No. 129320

File: 1614130721175.png (636.02 KB, 730x745, bishie sirius proposes.png)

Kek one of the first PWP fics I remember reading was a Fred/George/Remus fic when I was 13 where Remus was living(?) with the twins after his bf Sirius died and he ~walked in~ on them ~making love~. It makes me laugh to think that young teen me saw fic about the twins fucking and thought nothing of it. There were plenty of really random ot3s like that in HP fandom too. Woke shipping wasn't a thing at all back then.

KEK yes I've seen so much of that on Twitter and Tumblr where they're like "well it's not great writing…" dude it's a kid's book and you were obsessed with it right up until JKR did her first problematic thing.

No. 129332

File: 1614135033837.jpg (717.95 KB, 643x1000, _you_re_trapped_bubble_boy__by…)

Lmao the first smutfic I ever read was Gumshall. Good times.

I honestly think it's hilarious, watching people bending over backwards to trash something they secretly still love just to appease the Twitter hivemind.

Most of the normies I've encountered aren't aware of JKR's Twitter drama. I looked at a trailer for that Happy Potter game on Youtube, and only one of the few hundred comments I scrolled through mentioned Rowling's politics. Just like what you wanna like and play dumb if people screech at you over JRK's tweets.

No. 129333

I'm severely sorry not sorry

No. 129349

anon noooo why are you me

I even remember not knowing what the fuck was going on when they started having sex, I was like 11

No. 129350

File: 1614140633650.jpg (36.4 KB, 400x400, tumblr_f62bd1ae1fc2a5157b703b6…)

Omg I shipped Remus and Sirius so hard when I was getting back into HP when I was about 14. I wrote one my first smut fanfics about them too. It was fun reading back on old forums seeing fans speculate about their relationship and swear JKR was gonna pair them together in future books lol.

No. 129351

yoooooooo me too wth

No. 129355

File: 1614144707380.jpg (65.62 KB, 600x510, 794dfbf1cb638dbf603c6297ff476b…)

had a james/severus phase after reading a really good fic about them because I was curious.

No. 129359

File: 1614153987739.jpg (1.83 MB, 2753x3540, EtFYrG_XYAc9PFy.jpg)

Forever and always

No. 129361

File: 1614154053748.jpg (2.7 MB, 2753x3540, EtFYrG5XMAAPi1i.jpg)

No. 129362

You should never be sorry

No. 129366

soriku was one big fujobait and you cannot convince me otherwise

No. 129368

File: 1614165562415.jpeg (179.92 KB, 1000x462, D0EB16D7-2675-4FD3-A48C-F29451…)

Don't apologise. They're in love.

No. 129369

File: 1614166442628.png (169.45 KB, 300x404, kjb.png)

>It makes me laugh to think that young teen me saw fic about the twins fucking and thought nothing of it

my gateway drug into slash-shipping was Tokyo Hotel twincest, lol. I can't remember even batting an eye at all, I must have been 11-12. Good times, though

No. 129370

Ok, i hardcore shipped these two when I first watched the anime, but my impression is that more people shit Levi with Eren? Why?

No. 129375

File: 1614170876176.jpg (180.74 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_3bfb0a2703844bbb549765a…)

speaking of first ships, tell me I'm not the only one……. my introduction to fanfiction was through angsty frerard teen aus on wattpad when i was like 15 lmao. I miss wattpad purely for the fact that every paragraph had a comment section, i had so much fun with those kek

No. 129377

nta, people have sexually awakened when they first saw levi kicking eren on the face, prob. I was influenced by the hype but could never sit down and read their fics properly because I wasn't committed enough to ship those two.

But I'm glad that throughout the years, and from my own perspective, that erwin and levi ship is getting popular. like i see more fanarts with these two than with eren and levi.

No. 129379

it was waycest for me, back in the day when we posted those things on livejournal and ff.net… I would be cancelled so hard now for literally every crappy fic I ever wrote but we were all just vibin on it back then, like “hell yea these actual real life brothers are super gay for each other, sorry not sorry”

No. 129396

Was never into waycest, but there that one gif of gerard flicking mikey's nipple that did it for me.

No. 129399

I'm curious, do anons that ship/have shipped siblings together have siblings of their own? I'm assuming it's all only children doing this.

No. 129402

File: 1614185736334.jpg (85.32 KB, 600x600, sugarless_gum_by_knockmeout-d5…)

Now I'm wondering if we all read the same fic, too. It used to update on Thursdays and I remember literally running home after getting off the bus just so I could log on and read it. Recently I took a glance at it and I'm like, this is a hot mess, I can't believe I was so obsessed with it lol.

No. 129411

I was a teenager, and I had a brother around my age but I was (naturally) disgusted by the thought of anything remotely sexual with him. It just didn’t connect in my head at all with the m/m stuff I was writing about people who looked nothing like him.

No. 129425

I don’t think there’s really a connection there. Shipping is fictional, it’s not like irl stuff. I don’t agree with people who say you can’t ship incest or abusive relationships or anything problematic, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with exploring these topics in fiction.

No. 129427

File: 1614201465731.jpeg (144.22 KB, 749x596, 97BBBB2C-2E0F-4400-B515-139C71…)

When I was a teen I used to ship siblings or cousins even though I have both, I just didn’t link reality with fiction because the characters I always liked were anime guys from fantasy worlds, that was my reasoning as a retarded teen.
I feel like when one doesn’t really understand the morality of such things, one doesn’t care about how it would work in real life until it touches you and it feels gross.
I just think that as long as the ship isn’t an obvious Alabama and/or grooming fetish with couple goals attached to it, it shouldn’t be a big deal, specially if you can actually understand the difference between fiction and reality.

No. 129440

having a fetish is real though as much as people want to completely separate shipping from reality. people will always judge others based on their fetishes/taste.

No. 129441

File: 1614215969711.jpg (182.33 KB, 1234x892, PJguKYC.jpg)

Any tokyo revengers anons? This manga started out with Takemichi trying to save Hina, now he's about to risk it all to save Mikey. I can't help but ship both pairings.

No. 129446

I don't ship any incest pairing but I have read wincest porn in the past, and I have a twin sister. I'm also into certain things in porn that I know I hate irl. I don't know how to explain it, these things are completely separate from reality for me

No. 129464

File: 1614238549602.png (677.85 KB, 978x732, asgsjdh.png)

yeah they cute

No. 129472

File: 1614251000205.jpg (86.04 KB, 499x649, tumblr_258e5b924f76b4afaf4b96e…)

I need season 4

No. 129482

File: 1614260212829.jpg (85.65 KB, 736x928, d73edbd9278fc3854bf3261be98ceb…)

Is it alright to rant about our notps? I personally hate snotacon and liquidmantis with a burning passion. Snotacon gets my blood boiling especially, even its ship name is disgusting. I hate the 'uwu shy nerd and himbo jock' trope that people push onto these characters. They have no chemistry whatsoever and no amount of 'b-but they live together they're husbands uwu' can convince me otherwise. Otacon is so obviously kojimbo's shitty self-insert, why the fuck would a character like snake ever associate with him in any way? The fact that snotacon is the most popular ship in the metal gear fandom also makes it hard to avoid which really sucks.
As for liquidmantis, I'm not really sure why I hate it so much. I think they're likeable characters by themselves and could have an interesting dynamic given the chance. It just seems like anyone who ships it is an annoying tumblrtard that projects their softboi tranny shit onto these characters.
Rant over.

No. 129483

Reading those threads can be classified as self-harm at this point. This is nothing against Eren/Historia (I think it's cute) but god the amount of anons in there who basically drove themselves batshit insane over it..

No. 129486

>Is it alright to rant about our notps?
The thread states
>No ship wars derailing.
and isn't shitting on ships inciting ship wars?
It's otasune and you're so wrong. They have more chemistry with each other than with any woman LMFAO. I'm gonna leave it at that

No. 129489

nta but it also states you can
>rant about ships that you hate

No. 129503

File: 1614270810494.webm (180.15 KB, 640x480, tumblr_pv926tTmU41qjdex2_480.w…)

My bad! I will forever hold my peace in regards to otasune. Sorry, otasune hater anon. You are 100% entitled to dislike them even if I disagree.
Meanwhile I want to say that cloti is hot garbage and I genuinely wish Square went with original game idea in which there was no Tifa, the plot was taking place in New York and Sephiroth was Aerith's ex-boyfriend.

No. 129521

File: 1614276327062.jpg (35.22 KB, 426x400, 4fvd2av3nd.jpg)

stupid ship from a stupid series but for some reason shinkami does something to my fujo heart

No. 129525

File: 1614277797317.jpeg (560.37 KB, 2048x1365, 65ABC89A-16AF-4166-802A-CF61DA…)

I never liked this pairing in the show and like the thought of it even less in the books (too bad I can totally see GRRM making them fuck). It’s boring and there are a billion het pairings out there that are just like it. The fans are also annoying and genuinely convinced their OTP is going to get married in the books and have 50 kids… we’ll see how that turns out.

No. 129529

File: 1614279192731.png (151.71 KB, 278x500, a0fab1fc71121bafc812fe6b7c62ab…)

Rant incoming.
It's very rare for me to hate a ship, I'm a "ship whatever you want and ignore what you hate" kinda person, but god damn it all to hell, I get unreasonably mad when I see Vrisrezi.
I've been ok with it until now, but the fandom for this ship has been very loud and obnoxious in the past two years or so (but I guess that's what i get for keeping in touch with the Homestuck community in current year).
I get that people like it for the rivals-to-lovers potential it has, but from the way Homestuck is written it really looks like their relationship develops the other way around. It really pisses me off when they're boiled down to "soft lesbeans uwu" when it really only perpetuates the all-lesbians-are-abusive stereotype. And it doesn't help that most Vrisrezi shippers are downright annoying, comparing them to Catradora, bending the entire plot of the comic around these two and their love story narrative.
Terezi has been manipulated by Vriska just as much as anyone else, and killing her was the one good thing she did.

No. 129542

File: 1614281835853.jpeg (649.42 KB, 576x768, 4033635ed84f1df357c72bce3994d1…)

I love these two as characters and their arc together but honestly I've never shipped them and don't get those who do. Their entire dynamic was based on sisterhood and platonic rivalry. Terezi's dedication to Vriska was based on her sense of justice and they seemed way more like moirails and moral anchors for each other. Also Meenah x Vriska is superior if you're looking for that solid hatemance/well balanced villainess duo.

No. 129553

File: 1614289382317.jpg (65.3 KB, 500x549, tumblr-4f72a59f90b46153da94cbf…)

I like them too anon. I also like shinzawa and shindeku

No. 129559

File: 1614291557610.jpg (55.7 KB, 512x421, cdd99603d07732d8104ccc7458d710…)

great taste! I love their dynamic so much! Hope we will get more fanart in the futur !

No. 129568

File: 1614297373967.jpg (428.25 KB, 1023x1632, img (1).jpg)

it's been 7 years since i read this manga and i am STILL mad Suzume didn't get with Shishio in the end. it feels like she only started dating Mamura so she could get over her crush on the teacher because the ending was so rushed, she barely knew Mamura. he's so cold and distant and not fun at all. meanwhile Shishio is nice and fun and i love that he's also a Rose of Versailles fan :)

No. 129570

File: 1614297856001.png (170.94 KB, 916x912, good.png)

Anybody normal would think I have a problem. I have more than 2.0 GB of fanart saved on my computer and I'm desperate to collect even more. I think about them all the time, every single day, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Creative writing is one of my hobbies, and in the past year I've written nothing but fanfiction of these two. And picrel is the best thing I've ever drawn because every brush stroke is full of unbridled excitement. Something about them just presses all my buttons. I've turned into a full blown autist.

Let's take stock, shall we?
>enemies to lovers to enemies again
>significant height difference
>complimentary colours (their abilities)
>they know each other better than anybody else. they spent so much time together they might as well be married
>unconditional trust
>have tried to kill each other
>have successfully saved each other's lives
>official art that you could tag as "imminent kiss" and not be reaching!!!!!!!!!!

And that's just the canon stuff. If I were to delve into speculation and headcanon territory, the list would be miles long. They're the most popular pairing in a fandom with a million ships, and for good reason. The level of intimacy is unreal. I bet the people working on the show ship it, too, or at least they have no qualms pandering to the thousands of Good Taste fujos who do. Either way, I'm not complaining.

Oh my God… I want them to kiss. I want them to avoid talking about their feelings because they're too emotionally stunted, traumatised, and prideful, and then kiss anyway. They should hug and cuddle and tend to each other's wounds. I think they should sleep in the same bed every night to feel safer. Everybody knows they were banging in the mafia. Oh my God. Oh my God.

No. 129572

Who are they?

No. 129574

Me and my girlfriend. JK, it's Soukoku from Bungou Stray Dogs.

No. 129575

File: 1614298899372.jpg (133.81 KB, 602x482, main-qimg-aa1b28d703b31e64ea23…)


No. 129576

File: 1614299066868.jpg (104.31 KB, 720x685, tumblr_d520b8d5e1396fe312cfb4b…)

anon, let me get this straight, you were rooting for a teenage girl to end up with her…. highschool teacher??????

BSD has so many good ships but they really are the best one of them

No. 129577

File: 1614299097699.jpg (42.38 KB, 599x337, B1y76dMIAAAI_gb.jpg)



watching umineko at 10 made me a lesbian and also gave me psychosis

No. 129578

File: 1614299299103.png (150.96 KB, 500x584, 2618d09fe7ef4a6e1b99da99127f9b…)


yes, but in my defense i was 14 at the time and had a crush on my biology teacher (three times my age, husband and two kids) and i wanted to live vicariously through Suzume

No. 129579

same anon, 12yo me finally understood that i liked girls after reading umineko and seeing them

No. 129604

File: 1614320911068.png (376.72 KB, 700x657, 5850e233938d4f92009d1c27ceaf51…)

Welp, since we've broken the "shitting up the thread with Homestuck" barrier now, I guess I'll share what my OTP was back in the day. I would like to say for the record that I shipped this long before it was canon, and I was kind of disappointed with how it rolled out. I mean, I guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but I don't think the narrative adequately explored the transition from enemies-to-friends-to-lovers. I definitely would have preferred these guys getting more screentime to the godawful mess that was the dancestors stuff.

Also, I still maintain that nothing released after the credits is canon. Why the fuck couldn't Andrew have just moved on to a new project like a sensible person? Why did he have to lazily enlist his tranny friends to make a bunch of crappy spinoff content?

No. 129607

File: 1614321749046.png (536.14 KB, 630x800, viewimage.png)

After getting into AOT again after having just kept up with the manga I now have a whole fucking fleet of shit I ship.
Currently my favourites are:

And some side ships that I think are nice, but don't ship actively for various reasons:

No. 129608

based taste anon, Mamura was boring and only endgame because of shitty writing

Shishio is where it's at

No. 129619

you're too powerful anon. I would like Erehisu more if it werent for scrotes using this innocent ship as a vehicle for self inserting and ruining both characters

No. 129627

File: 1614337591550.png (488 KB, 541x800, B892D633-8CA8-4A52-A1E7-861C5A…)

So glad to see yummytomatoes' art again after all these years. I was so sad when they deleted their blog… Hope they're having a good day and eating a huge slice of toast with a fried egg.

No. 129636

File: 1614346112920.png (726.54 KB, 600x800, 5a7f10f38126004bcb557a38e31ca1…)


Impeccable taste, anons. I was a JohnKat shipper back in ye olden days but the second the meteor happened with the wrestling and dick drawing panel, I ditched it for DaveKat. They just have the best dynamic and all dialogue between them is hilarious. I admit I still read Homestuck^2 just for them and seeing the panel with them as adults, sleeping in the same bed and wearing each other's clothes, made me tear up a little.

No. 129642

I'm still seething about this

No. 129648

It's not just scrotes sadly, but same. There are several aot ships that were ruined for me because their shippers either go out of their way to be cunts or behave like fresh out of an asylum.. It's not even a romance focussed series so I really don't get it.

No. 129656

It can be romance focused if someone really wants it to be. I know people who are in a some fandoms only for shipping. That's weird, kind of sad but then again; they can do whatever they want.

Obsessing over ship passes, eventually
Also, have a nice day anons, I just learned not to feel guilty about shipping stupid shit

No. 129683

File: 1614369960896.jpg (85.56 KB, 1080x1080, xd6e54gfh2z51.jpg)

Chilumi all da way babyyy!

No. 129705

File: 1614375928706.jpg (141.93 KB, 1125x1213, swigmama.jpg)

She's still around, she's just switched to mostly furry stuff and life drawings now. For a while she was popomodoro, and now I think she's swigmama on Twitter. Pic rel is a recent drawing.

No. 129739

File: 1614386345039.png (1.22 MB, 960x1440, 6AAC2C4A-8331-4E12-AE01-A11EB2…)

Traps are gay and he’s okay with that.

No. 129751

File: 1614394731100.jpg (255.88 KB, 1231x2065, 9ee5064b42ddc60438d2a4a569ba38…)

This is one of those ships where its 100% self projection, except their not real though women rather kinda tall and chubby girls who want a girl who looks like them to end up with good looking Chad and you know what there's nothing wrong with that, they have every right to ship their self projection with a good looking man

No. 129752

File: 1614394772686.jpg (119.84 KB, 740x1046, 4a6e9c4fc75f56f250a6f610e7c8a5…)

yes yes Childe is only for Lumine

No. 129755

File: 1614396377932.jpeg (73.12 KB, 700x700, 39C34F69-FE88-435E-88F1-ABA8F1…)


No. 129758

Unfortunately all the canon ships excluding RoseMary in HS suck. Actually even RoseMary sucks now that Rose cucked Kanaya and Kanaya was cool with it.

I hate trolls shipped with the humans though tbh. The ship drawings emphasize how gross trolls look when contrasted against a normal looking human. The grey flesh, yellow eyes etc creep me out.

No. 129787

File: 1614410551169.jpg (437.92 KB, 1200x1190, 548fa2cab53ec36da226c3d4728b21…)

You make me melt

No. 129788

I teared up a little in the most recent episode when Vision comforted her after Pietro died. I want a soft robot husbando like him.

No. 129792

File: 1614412675768.gif (1.26 MB, 400x300, tenor.gif)

I like human/troll romances, particularly for Karkat because a big part of his character is that he's the most "human" of the trolls. I think it was pretty obvious that he was going to end up with one of the humans by the story's end. Karkat is shown to be terrible at the quadrant thing; he's monogamous like a human ("You want her in every quadrant, like a fool.") I think Dave is the most appropriate choice of the humans because he and Karkat have a lot in common (abandonment issues, use of facades to conceal their insecurities, proclivity to ramble on forever, etc.) Also even if you don't ship them, you have to admit their interactions are funny as hell.

No. 130183

File: 1614612296881.png (127.75 KB, 540x506, 1464158322145.png)

My people. They deserve a happy ending more than anyone else in the MCU, I'm not sure I'm ready for the next epidsode.

No. 130197

Sage for ot, but is it okay to watch wandavision after years of not following marvel movies? I do remember I watched their first appearance in a movie, but I haven't watched any new ones.

No. 130198

>You want her in every quadrant, like a fool.
Man. I feel so conflicted because I do like Terezi with Dave and Karkat also. I wonder if any threesome fanfics exist.

No. 130200

Lol, Davekatrezi is super popular. Welcome to the club anon.

No. 130202

File: 1614620217194.png (142.09 KB, 500x500, 0a3e54ca1ee8d3b225cfe4cdffaf9d…)

Fuuuuuck. Glad to see someone else agrees. This is what we could have had in the Homestuck epilogues instead of the weird mess that is Dave/Karkat/Slutty!Jade.

No. 130204

They make some references to Infinity War and Endgame, as well as Captain Marvel, but other than that you should be good anon.

No. 130208

Eh, I'm not so sure. It makes more than just some references to Infinity War/Endgame, it's a direct continuation of them. I'd recommend at least watching IW/EG for context before WandaVision (even though a lot of new characters and plotlines were introduced since Age of Ultron, but if you only care about Wanda and Vision you're good.)

No. 130209

me and my bf are watching it and neither of us have seen any marvel movies since like cap america 2/civil war. if you're vaguely in the know about the 'big things' - vision is dead, the snap happened, wanda's brother is dead, wanda caused an explosion that killed tons of people that led to the civil war movie, etc etc etc - then you'll be fine. if you don't know anything at all then you might be able to get away with just googling it, but a lot of the little in-jokes like the mid-episode fake adverts might go over your head. you'll still be able to enjoy it though!

No. 130314

Now this might be controversial but this is a ship that I remember that I loved greatly(still do), the American dubbed versions of Kunzite and Zoisite
Now in the original Japanese anime Zoisite was a feminine uke and Kunzite was a masculine but still loving seme, now In the American dub Zoisite was changed into a woman and there relationship became a heterosexual relationship but when young me was watching Sailor Moo and didnt know about about the backdrop, for me it was a perhaps my favorite heterosexual relationship, Cause even though he was a man and she a woman(as far as I knew) the relationship felt equal but also loving, it was something I'd never seen before

I Also just liked Zoisite's character better when I thought she was a woman, cause she(again as far as I knew back then) was a woman who dressed in a GNC fashion, was confident but still had healthy relationship with her man

No. 130326

now THATS a rarepair. being exclusively into the dub must be suffering

No. 130347

File: 1614701562560.jpg (90.96 KB, 580x960, 12b4baafcc49728218a37b6afee7c7…)

even all these years, i still can't believe this happened and was drawn and animated. but how the hell did this get approved but the yuri on ice kiss was censored.

akise loves yukiteru but he mostly kissed yukiteru to spite yuno, i'd think there's other ways to show off his feelings than a kiss if there was a problem with censorship and all. i'm rambling at a unreasonable hour, so yeah my brain just went deep into the question but i don't have the energy to write a paragraph or two.

No. 130350

I always saw this pairing as budget Shinji x Kaworu. This guy and Yuno carried hard though, the rest of the show was kind of garbage.

No. 130352

honestly, you're right, their personalities (especially with akise ig) and their color pallet are similar as well. i won't be surprised if the mangaka heavily took inspiration from the shinji and kaworu.

True, the show was one shock value over the other. I got bored with it at the start and continued on because i was hoping for yuno to just die and well, she kinda did but came back for some deus ex-machina reason.

No. 130357

I like the idea of the ship to make Akise happy, but I can’t stand Yukiteru. The whole thing just feels like a poor man’s kawoshin.

No. 130588

File: 1614805982479.jpg (187.04 KB, 1237x887, 4bKSe57.jpg)

>Takemichi risks it all just to save Mikey
But they're just friends right?

No. 130602

I can only guess here, but maybe they animated it since the series already has a high age rating (for gore)? Orrr… nowadays there's a heightened demand for gay rep and somehow that awareness makes them more careful not to "go overboard"? I honestly don't know and obviously these would be fucked up reasons but it's a good question you pose. Could be as simple as different people making it with different levels of caution.

No. 130658

File: 1614839574922.png (953.1 KB, 1698x1171, griddlehark.png)

I just love edgy lesbians what can I say.

No. 130659

File: 1614839610067.jpg (159.73 KB, 867x1314, griddlehark2.jpg)

Unfortunately the fanart is quite ugly most of the time.

No. 130661

oh man, waycest sure does bring me back. crucify me for saying this, but it… has a special place in my heart…? oh god.

No. 130688

The fact that he will probably fuck everything up again just to "save" Mikey is really wink wink no homo

No. 130736

File: 1614883370494.png (363.38 KB, 900x1020, qjYtVAR.png)

No. 130758

File: 1614889307885.jpg (56.38 KB, 600x673, tumblr_mythy7E9xO1tn6shmo1_640…)

In light of recent events: all Eren ships are valid, anons! Lets celebrate!

/a/ still fights over nothing tho, it will never change.
someone there wrote "Think I've seen some speculation of it being Eren that says "Historia…" after Mikasa kisses him, which is what leads Mikasa to tears." But idk if that's true. Might be a shipper talk, since it's not even confirmed.

No. 130773

catch me up, g

No. 130793

No idea what anon is talking about. Seems like they are still stuck on the early chapters.

Jean got turned into a titan with a bunch of other people because of Eren's actions. Mikasa enters Eren's titan body and kisses him but is probably about to cut his head off and kill him so lol

No. 130808

File: 1614912717660.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.1 KB, 737x1116, akiangel2.jpg)

I'm still triggered. He touched his hand voluntarily…

No. 130811

File: 1614913672685.jpeg (226.46 KB, 746x1262, nanamixbakerylady.jpeg)

Nanami Kento and the bakery shop owner/employee in the manga and anime Jujutsu Kaisen. They were so cute. Worried about each other's health. She thought he was bragging about his high roller job but really he was calling it shit and her job more valuable. He even thought of her when he expected to die a horrific death. I stan.

No. 130815

File: 1614917909598.jpeg (86 KB, 960x717, D98C189A-2232-4884-B858-4C3D10…)

I really enjoy the idea of Terry x Max. It’s one of those pairings where I can enjoy a nice platonic build up into romance. Although I do enjoy having the main male and female lead just be actual friends.

I really wish the comics didn’t just phase Max out. It would’ve been interesting to see what they would’ve done with their overall relationship.

No. 130819

welp i meant that eren is dead bitch so i just can ship him with everyone without crying without EH vs EM edning

No. 130821

lol well not yet but I agree that's where it is going. That's novel thinking I guess? Why would you ship him with his killers though lmao I guess yaoi shippers have been doing that for ages.

No. 130822

that's so wholesome. nanami seems like the type to be into calm domestic life.

No. 130827

File: 1614928004737.jpg (87.67 KB, 1200x675, cute.jpg)

Yeah he does and I'm unbelievably bitter about him being killed off by the most annoying ass character in the series. Raaaaage Cute, kind, and honest, baker wife and hot, begrudging, sorcery husband who actually has a lot of feelings. I like how he hesitates to exorcise a small curse from her because he thinks she will think he's a weird medium (and is basically depressed at the time) but when he does because of how it's causing her health problems she's so ecstatic and happy and doesn't think he's weird at all. It's so adorable.

No. 130833

I approve.

No. 130866

File: 1614954711572.jpeg (78.92 KB, 649x671, 953E46A6-5651-499C-9E95-65854A…)


No. 130872

Yess nonny they love each other and it makes my heart flutter every time I see it

No. 130874

File: 1614959676236.png (635.81 KB, 836x935, qPs1nGn.png)

No. 130913

File: 1614985221969.jpeg (45.23 KB, 730x410, 06A00103-3DE1-4561-914C-9F7647…)

only one more day until ep 9

No. 130914

File: 1614985828607.gif (374.76 KB, 500x200, tumblr_ngizx4KxB11tpkxbko1_500…)

how people can play Miracle Mask and ship Randall with Layton instead of Henry is beyond me. Henry literally built a fucking city for Randall. a CITY. he pretend married his highschool sweetheart so she wouldn't be forced by her family to marry someone else. he took care of his elderly mother. for 18 years, Eighteen whole years, he never stopped searching for Randall. what did Layton do? pussied out and ran away to London! the literal only thing that is his saving grace is that he decided to study archaeology as a tribute to Randall. but Henry also took up studying archaeology in his master's stead. he never stopped believing that Randall was still out there. how can people not love Henry? how can people prefer Hershel stupidface Layton over Henry who did EVERYTHING for Randall? he's the perfect man i swear

No. 130920

Weeb motherfucker wearing a Naruto headband and shit

No. 131432

File: 1615299276091.jpg (86.13 KB, 955x398, maverick and goose.jpg)

I ship Maverick and Goose from Topgun

No. 131460

File: 1615317416720.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.63 KB, 266x584, 1596472350662.jpg)

You go anon, you're free. EH vs EM will keep fighting even after the Manga ends, so that can't be helped.
For me, it's Zeke x Levi.

No. 131498

Not Mav and Ice? Niche

No. 131557

same, anon. best friends to lovers for the win

No. 131662

File: 1615422439287.png (1.05 MB, 1101x879, extremely highbrow love triang…)

Do the anons itt prefer to ship only M/M, M/F, F/F or a mix of one or more? I'm just curious because I know M/M is the most popular by far. For me it doesn't really matter and while my past OTPs have been M/M my current fave is M/F.

Also, unrelated, but what do you think of OT3s/polyshipping?

No. 131665

I don't know about this thread specifically, but overall m/f hasn't fallen far behind m/m. Ao3 skews the numbers in favor of m/m, but there are still active archives where m/f reigns.

That said, count me as a fujo.

No. 131667

File: 1615424424704.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 2047x1999, Eh-50ktWsAkaC4c.jpg)

I'm pretty much exclusively m/m. I ship some m/f, but I won't read fic for it. It just isn't very exciting to me. Fujo brain, I guess.

Re polyshipping: I used to really enjoy ot3s but lately haven't been super into them. I do enjoy threesome PWP, though.

No. 131668

I like M/M best but I’m open for all if they’ve got good chemistry.

No. 131683

Mostly ship m/f with a minority of m/m ships

No. 131686

M/M and F/F. The characters and dynamics I like are rarely in M/F pairs.

No. 131687

I’m sorry anon I just can’t take you seriously with this image considering it’s bitch ass kasumi

No. 131688

f/f almost exclusively. hetero couples make me wanna vomit for the most part, though there are a few exceptions. m/m is easily my least favorite because i hate men.

No. 131690

I mean, I don't love her either but I'm not going to NOT read a threesome fic with her, Goro, and the protag…

No. 131692

i usually ship m/m but there are m/f pairings that i like but they are rare (not in a sense that they are a crackship but not a lot of people find them shippable with each other) and barely have any fics about them.

No. 131694

Is it really fair to call the male characters in yaoi men, they aren't even close to the behavior or actions of real men

No. 131697

Maybe she's not talk about m/m pairings in yaoi, anon

No. 131700

Well I mean if you're at a point where you're shipping 3D men then you're likely already into Yaoi

No. 131703

No, I hate the rivals-to-lovers trope and Val Kilmer is ugly.

No. 131705

Isn't that kind of a contradictory logic?

>Yaoi is not like real men

>If you ship real men, you are into yaoi

No. 131706

I ship M/M, F/F, M/F, and rarely ship poly. When it comes to poly, it's almost exclusively smut because any 'romance' is usually just too mushy, unrealistic and cringy.

Maybe anecdotal, but I ship M/M and never been into yaoi. The men in yaoi really don't behave or even look like real men, which is a major turn-off. I'm sure there are others who feel the same.

No. 131707

I'm 100% hettie fujo and I liked yaoi when I was a teen because I liked twinkies and non threatening men. And seeing penises.

As an adult, I still am very fujo but my tastes for men changed completely. I am now more into stuff like Hannigram or Kylux or anything with Jotaro

No. 131715

I like all but gay ships just work better for enemies x lovers and toxic relationship esque tropes which are fun to read. I tend to enjoy more wholesome MxF relationships while the gays are allowed to be as fucked up as they come. Probably something to do with blah blah patriarchy blah blah too real for me domestic abuse statistic and I don't like to think too hard about my ships.

No. 131724

I’m a sucker for OT3’s, i think they can be really cute but not everyone is willing to write about them not can hit the right buttons, I’ve posted my favorite OT3 before, it’s from a shitty anime with characters that have potential, that ship is super adorable.
I honestly have come to the point in which I basically ship almost anything and everything as long as there’s a nice dynamic and the characters are not children because no thanks.
I just love fictional love, it’s interesting to see the different ways your favorite characters would act depending on who they’re paired with.
this is what happens when you’re into transformers’ ships -kek- and your ship is so obscure you have to make do with whatever you can find resulting into you just shipping many ships

No. 131754

File: 1615477102649.png (650.09 KB, 1920x1401, EvtSeIAVEAgscED.png)

I would die for them I don't even care

No. 131811

Anon same I loved them. Have you caught up on the manga though. If you haven't DO NOT unspoiler this she is going to wonder why he stopped coming to the bakery and I just cannot

No. 131842

I'm the anon who posted them originally, thank you for this! The art is so cute. In my alternate reality they are eating bread together and she's totally not weirded out that he's a sorcerer. And his life isn't in peril at all and neither is hers! Let me dream.

No. 131962

File: 1615637568992.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.32 KB, 342x338, 012983.jpg)

Maybe not the right thread for this, but has anyone here ever shipped a pairing that has almost no fanfics/fanart, or just flat out has none? How do you cope?

No. 131972

be sad and just imagine scenarios in my head. if i have enough frustrations, motivation and time, i might write a fic but i haven't tried it yet.

No. 131975

File: 1615642654689.png (347.62 KB, 539x412, sadcat.png)

Cherish them privately in your heart.

No. 131983

I am caught up with the manga and yes, pain. Pain and only pain.
Repress it or just quietly imagine them in my mind and be bitter about there not being content for it
Hard mode: If you have actual talent you can go full autismo and churn out high quality pieces for your OTP and make people like it. You build the ship, the port and the whole town around the port. Hell, you'll mold the sailors on the ship out of clay if you have to. It requires lots of expertise and powerful autism magic but it is possible!

No. 132007

Yes I always ship the stupidest shit but i love to suffer

No. 132029

Not glad you went through that but at least other people know the feeling. It especially messed me up because the first time he thought his death was a guarantee in the series he felt helping people made his life worth it and thought of her, my heart anon… Why do at least one half of my ships always die horrific deaths. Now that I think of it maybe her bakery was in Shibuya and she got blown up. Ahhh

No. 132048

File: 1615693520738.png (27.57 KB, 132x131, chroniko.PNG)

ive had ships like that and my way of coping is to make the content and hope at least one person finds and likes it

it works.. sometimes

No. 132054

yes all the time. sometimes I feel like my brain is hardwired to go for unpopular pairings.

No. 132056

I'm the person you responded to originally about m/m. I hate all men in all contexts. I hate fictional men. I hate IRL men. I hate them all.

Hope that clarifies it for ya.

No. 132204

Does anyone know why problematic ships nowadays on twitter are 'censored' with *?
I hope this isn't a thing now and something only snowflakes and children do.

No. 132205

If you're talking about social media posts, maybe it's because the people who type like this don't want crazy antis or whatever they're called to find them and harass them. I've seen people do that with brand names so they won't be retweeted or quoted by the brand name official accounts.

No. 132227

Sounds reasonable to do that to avoid harassing.
Harassing artist for disliking a ship… WTH is wrong with people?

No. 133339

File: 1616513873949.jpg (138.17 KB, 1194x768, 20210323_163445.jpg)

I wish this couple was more popular…

Im in for these types of ships, especially || if they have a heartbreaking ending ||

No. 133341

Oh my god anon. You just activated all my suppressed emotions about them

No. 133342

It’s a late response but people will get harassed for saving random posts on Pinterest of the wrong ships or headcanons.

No. 133880

File: 1616817734649.jpg (203.52 KB, 1006x1007, 2835066232873491764.jpg)

No hq in this thread yet? Have a rarepair that won't leave me alone.

No. 133886

Oh I like them too, mostly based on some good fic I read. I'm happy to ship Oikawa with nearly anyone though.

No. 133899

File: 1616840606967.jpeg (7.49 KB, 189x267, images.jpeg)

Is this Makoto or Mirei? I love both TBH as long as Majima is happy. Look up MajiMako or 真マコ if you haven't already. Also, d-does anybody have this photo in high quality……

No. 133903

File: 1616845816483.jpeg (269.12 KB, 2048x1324, FE88496A-2A78-4BE9-9B54-C4EA6B…)

i fucking love chilumi. i always love dynamics where the guy is obsessed with getting the girls attention (in a non-creepy, fun flirty cute way only obv) and lets her have the upper hand constantly, and chilumi hits the spot so well, even if half of that dynamic is technically fanon. i just hate that little braindead twitfag anti’s keep calling it minor coded because they want to pretend lumine is 15 or whatever the fuck

No. 133908

File: 1616851178149.jpg (82.06 KB, 1000x976, iwaoi.jpg)

I respect your shipper rights anon, but this feels so sacrilegious to my Iwaizumi x Oikawa heart.

No. 133909

No. 134002

File: 1616920131210.jpg (133.72 KB, 766x1200, EnVvVIBWMAAdXzF.jpg)

hell yeahh chilumi nation assemble!! Yes I agree with you 100% honestly even if you show them proof that lumine isnt a minor they will pretend like its a lie lol they fricking called venti a minor fucking ventii hahaha lol the guy is basically a drunkard but uwu he is a minor guyz! anyways Chilumi 4 life!

No. 134150

File: 1617003127508.jpeg (59.48 KB, 512x303, 9FEC0CB9-8EE5-44E4-9650-03B299…)

I want to preface this by saying I’m not even the type to watch a movie and just automatically start shipping the m/m leads. Shipping almost never occurs to me. But when one of my scrote friends showed me this movie Blazing Saddles, I could not help but read the male leads as being head over heels in love with one another. The way they gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes so many times throughout the film. Almost immediately after meeting they support each other unconditionally. It’s beautiful whether it’s read as a friendship or some form of love. But personally I couldn’t get over their chemistry as a loving gay couple. And again I’m not even usually like this about movies, I’m not usually a shipper at all and the few ships I do like are usually f/f or het.

No. 134268

File: 1617064371766.jpg (93.8 KB, 895x866, izMt0Yk.jpg)

look at this image and tell me these two aren't in love

No. 134270

Sauce? Is it an isekai?s

No. 134271

your throne on webtoon

No isekai but it is a villainess story.

No. 134272

ot but great movie. I can totally see it

No. 134273

File: 1617065643338.png (403.65 KB, 508x472, Screenshot (6).png)

Samefag, but dang it has wlw vibes, hope they get together anon.

No. 134276


They look like they were drawn by those Russian eunuch sisters.

No. 134278

i wish i understood what that meant

No. 134280

File: 1617068121455.jpg (41.34 KB, 1200x630, zEP1NSL.jpg)

i see it

No. 134293

I support this ship now.

No. 134346

Good luck.

No. 134503

File: 1617246453725.jpg (95.88 KB, 572x810, dra83Bh.jpg)

Garm and Tsutomu are an implied gay couple:
>Garm acts like a loyal protective bf
>Garm gets jealous when women give Tsutomu any attention
>Tsutomu is like the anti-harem MC. He runs from any sign of female attraction. If weren't for Garm I would've thought Tsutomu is asexual.
>Garm and Tsutomu live together

No. 134504

File: 1617246701687.jpg (113.63 KB, 589x858, 2Q2LsmL.jpg)

No. 134539

File: 1617275511308.png (103.15 KB, 357x311, yopkek.png)

Speedy/Aqualad, old but gold. A contender for my OTP behind Zenkichi/Sakon (KZAS), Toni/Maya (Girlfriends), and Lulias (Wizardess Heart)

Shame they're all somewhat-to-very rare.

No. 134826

File: 1617455929662.jpg (34.36 KB, 500x333, evamartin.jpg)

My favourite tragic disaster ship. Eva and Martin from Monster. Going from I want to kill this woman to I'll take a bullet and bleed out for this woman/ I'll make this idiot dress up like my ex for kicks to I'm going to run away to the ends of the earth with this idiot- really fast.

No. 134896


No. 134938


I just finished monster and same, I was really rooting for them )':

No. 134945

Same, anon. Even though you can feel the impending doom coming. They were so tragic. Eva is such a hot mess. She really grew on me after she became an alcoholic, 3x divorcee, stalker, lol. And he had one of the best fucked up back stories.

No. 134965

I kinda like Makorra. Too bad there's like no good fanart of it somehow. I like Korrasami as well and there's a ton of gorgeous art at least.

No. 135034

File: 1617553884692.jpg (91.61 KB, 1100x600, samurai-champloo.jpg)


No. 135223

File: 1617635946671.jpg (103.96 KB, 960x539, ERifi8o.jpg)

The one thing I'll give SAO credit for, it didn't pussy out of making its "bromance" an actual romance (even if it's just in a spin-off videogame).

No. 135226

File: 1617636403822.jpg (207.41 KB, 1280x1440, wHhwNAY.jpg)

No. 135227

File: 1617636647684.png (394 KB, 506x564, ZUOmncK.png)

kirito and asuna are cute too, especially when they're written as equals. Can't wait for SAO progressive to show Asuna's perspective.

No. 135228

File: 1617636887009.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x353, dinohibari.jpg)

did anyone read KHR besides five other people on livejournal? everyone was shipped with everyone else but these two were my fave

No. 135280

File: 1617666713143.jpg (116.7 KB, 1102x1090, 83971387_2701456936632029_8625…)

Fuck you Criminal Minds writers for not giving this to us as endgame. You're cowards!

No. 135305

you actually like this shitty anime? how any of you anons can manage to care about one of the world's blandest, worst self-insert, enough to ship him with anyone is beyond me. same with the bland waifubait.

No. 135310

I wanted to say this, but since this is a ship thread didn't want to derail. But yes SAO was so blergh. Generic ass ml and fl.

No. 135431

Okay I'm a month behind and honestly Idgaf about AOT and never watched it, but from what I've gathered from friends, isn't Eren and Mikasa supposed to be the ultimate ship in the show? And isn't Historia supposed to be in lesbian with Ymir? Where the fuck is Eren x Historia coming from?

No. 135489

Ymir is more into Historia than Historia is to her.

No. 135490

because not every anime has to have Monster tier writing to be entertaining. I think of SAO as the popcorn flick of animes.

No. 135520

Do you want spoilers? Ymir is dead. She was into Historia but Historia wasn't into her. Historia is pregnant with Eren's baby almost certainly. Mikasa finally kisses Eren, but only his decapitated head after killing him.

No. 135522

how do you feel about the GLOP GLOP and incest
>because not every anime has to have Monster tier writing to be entertaining
True but it doesn't have to be either extreme. Kirito has absolutely no personality, it's like shipping faceless dating sim/harem protags.

No. 135526

Lol, that's a huge leap between extremes. Most people wouldn't even say SAO is mid tier or decent anime but you do you.

No. 135529

SAO isn't an extreme, it's not extremely bad it's just ok.
most people have seen genuinely shit-tier anime. they've just seen overhype mediocre animes.

No. 135702

File: 1617830768213.jpg (14.35 KB, 480x360, eQLwh77.jpg)

No. 135760

They are cute but also a little creepy because of that origin story. I love Celty though. Best girl.

No. 137132

File: 1618317441802.jpg (134.34 KB, 900x1431, stay_with_me_voldemort_by_just…)

I totally lost any interest in japanese shonen-ai/yaoi after stumbling upon the Harry Potter fanfiction world over 10 years ago. Harry/Snape was my one true pairing for a long time. But then, I have always loved it when the hero and the villain somehow have to work together and end up in a fucked up relationship. After some really good fanfics, I totally became obsessed with Harry/Voldemort. And it's the best ship I have ever found. As long as the writer is good and the characters are not too out-of-character.

No. 137135

Do you have any fic recs (either Snarry or Pottermort)? Uhh, for science

No. 137136

There is one ongoing Harrymort fic that I am absolutely obsessed with. I cannot recommend it enough! "Either must die at the hand of the other" by Metalomagnetic on AO3.

No. 137139

The Tea Series by Telanu is the best Snarry there is imho

No. 137142

One of my favorites as well. A classic.

No. 137172

File: 1618331016974.png (573.04 KB, 800x600, serirei.png)

this two are great together

No. 137189

Apparently the author nuked the series and the only thing left is a incomplete podfic. wtf

No. 137196

A good thing I have it saved if that's the case.

No. 137496

File: 1618473841557.png (583.26 KB, 738x708, jwanl.png)

say whatever you want but at least they're alive

No. 137853

File: 1618641571283.png (1.13 MB, 1536x2048, cKMCCFW.png)

Khun and Bam because Khun's a softy when it comes to anything Bam-related.

No. 137926

Good shit, good shit. SasuNaru hits different. And yes NejixHinata should've been end game. Hell I wouldn't mind a crack ship of HinataxSakura either.

No. 137927

This is why I feel terrified that my favorite fics/doujins/illegally translated manga that will never have official translations because they're obscure af and even the Japanese versions aren't sold anymore, not that i even know how to read Japanese, will one day disappear and I'll be in despair wondering if I'll ever see them again. This is true FOMO.

No. 137932

it's here, in case someone needs it:
I'm reading it now for the first time. I'm on the second part, when does it get good?

No. 137973

If I remember it right, first 4 parts are single-chapter stories and then part 5th is a huge multichapter where things finally start to happen. Personally I LOVE slow burn fics and the pacing of Tea Series is very satisfying

>Apparently the author nuked the series and the only thing left is a incomplete podfic. wtf
She is fine with people reuploading it which is already a miracle tbh because I wouldn't blame her if she wanted this fic gone off the face of the earth, considering how zealous people are about this kind of ships nowadays

No. 138053

You mean underage -tagged fics or the teacher/student part? It is such a shame because I love those kinds of fics. I had been wondering why it seems impossible to find recent Snarry fics set during Harry's 4th-7th years.

No. 138055

>first 4 parts are single-chapter stories and then part 5th is a huge multichapter where things finally start to happen.
Thank you, kind anon! This is the answer I've been hoping for. I will continue reading. I'm not yet sold on the Snarry ship, but I've only read the first two parts of the story.

No. 138064

Yeah exactly, I guess stuff like this still gets written more or less but I can't imagine it getting a cult status in the fandom like Tea Series did at the time of it getting published without suffering HUGE backlash. So it's probably all well hidden in some more open communities.
Happy to help! It's a long read so enjoy

No. 138157

I'm having that right now. What's funny is that the ship I'm in love with might be close to canon, but there's been little progress on the story.
Most of the pairings with one half of the ship are yaoi ones with no chemistry that don't take the actual character's personality into account, so I can't even enjoy that.

My cope has been practicing getting better at art and rendering scenes between the pair I think about to use as hooks to find people who like the pairing. I've also been working on fanfiction of them. It's not very serious, but it's something.
I feel like if I put my best effort into what I'm making, it'll help build my legion.

No. 138209

File: 1618823442692.jpeg (99.15 KB, 1280x693, gits.jpeg)

I want what they have

No. 138456

File: 1618930699860.jpg (116.53 KB, 958x786, IMG_20210420_165711.jpg)

Tokyo Revengers ships are getting more popular and I'm glad

No. 138464

No. 138474

Wow… they are really wide

No. 138566

File: 1618977203699.png (303.21 KB, 1156x655, 1618976325440.png)

Just saw this randomly and first I laughed hard, and then, slowly, it started infesting my brain. Doesn't help that I've seen Eric Nelson fanart, as well. What a tragic pair.

No. 138567

I say that's a win for inverted triangle bodies. Flaunt those wiiiiide shoulders.

No. 139312

File: 1619373248494.jpg (354.05 KB, 849x1200, bFJxcR2.jpg)

I hope this artist makes a full blown webcomic.

No. 139314

File: 1619373773887.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.04 KB, 1478x1042, nNuLFMW.jpg)

It makes sense since Takemichi is risking his life just before his wedding for Mikey. Even non-shippers were saying Takemichi should just marry Mikey.

No. 139320

File: 1619377482410.jpg (545 KB, 1200x1015, cute.jpg)

This is so cute, thank you anon! I wish I could read all the text
ashamed to admit that I also have my own oc pair with a nun and a blond haired girl, this artist thinks like I do kek

No. 139328

File: 1619381096106.png (Spoiler Image,647.72 KB, 954x682, jdhdhfhd.png)

anon plz, this is narusasu situation all over again and i hate love it. the manga is kidna all about them

No. 139419

and it's not nearly as one-sided as narusasu. I'm there are more takemikey fics on archiveofourown now, I hope there's more after the anime.

No. 140147

File: 1619828070079.png (366.64 KB, 699x510, 78444DE5-58BB-4048-A7AB-3EF040…)

Idk whether this belongs more in the manga thread but anyway I didn’t have a single ship in Csm even though I usually ship at least something especially in this type of media. Picrel is my favorite relationship but I feel meh about it as a romantic ship. I did like the manga and loved the characters and their interactions but literally no ship stood out to me including and especially the popular ones, like akiangel is extremely overrated and actually pretty boring. I guess it’s probably because of the pacing but maybe I’ll change my mind during part 2.

No. 140163

File: 1619832024564.jpeg (30.26 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg)

Kinda crack, kinda serious

No. 140164

File: 1619832385250.jpg (805.21 KB, 1310x1834, powahdenji.jpg)

I shipped my trio with a happy end fuck you Makima. They are so cute, they both grew a lot through their relationship, but Denji is normally extremely horny and says he doesn't feel anything for her that way. I'm satisfied with a platonic ship (but also happy if it turns into something more) as long as they reunite and stay close, even though she will not have her memories and be different which is really sad. I really like AkiAngel because they are such an odd couple with clashing values but they became the most interesting right when Angel got his memories back, realized what was happening, tried to warn Aki, and they both got totally fucked over. So didn't even have a chance to explore that. And doubt there is any way for my boy Aki to come back so… I kind of liked Kobeni and the Violence Fiend too, lol.

No. 140173

This is unpopular but I think the bath scene is actually a good set up for potential romance because of how he intimately cares for someone without a sexual, or really any kind of, reward in mind. I’m also satisfied with Denji/power going any direction even if I don’t ship it much because it’s just a nice bond in general. Ngl at some parts it seemed like Power had something of a crush on denji?
Aki/angel was just the same dynamic as aki/denji and aki/power (mainly aki/denji tbh because aki/power barely interact kek) where Makima the female husband makes Aki the designated male wife begrudgingly look after a lazy, self-interested powerful devil who comes to eventually care about Aki because despite his reservations and ambition, Aki is a kind person. God, I love aki and even though his character arc is complete I just…Anyway it’s not a bad ship at all but again, it just didn’t stand out to me especially because it’s developed more with Denji since he’s the mc and all. But Akiangel fan art, and csm fan art in general, is very nice I don’t mind

No. 140176

File: 1619844454336.jpg (213.8 KB, 1202x1808, akiangel.jpg)

I agree with you. The bath scene leaves room for it developing in either direction. It showed he can care for her beyond just her body, and think past his boner for once. I just really loved Aki and was really upset with his ending. I thought Aki and Angel had potential without Makima's influence over them- but alas. I liked Angel being baffled by Aki's benevolent actions in saving him (not like that's a particularly unique dynamic or anything but whatever). Makima actually kind of screws over a bunch of ships with her ability getting in the way. I liked Aki and Himeno as a platonic ship. That "easy revenge" bit really got me. I think the funniest ship I have seen is Kishibe and Hirofumi Yoshida, lol.

No. 140184

File: 1619848640522.png (312 KB, 596x419, 6B0388DD-97F8-455C-82B7-0D6DA7…)

Aki might show up in Angel’s dreams and hopefully also some more Angel backstory since he regained his memory.
I theorize Denji in part 2 will get the 10 and more girlfriends he wants because of Chainsaw man fame and date at least one completely human girl at some point. I don’t think any of the new relationships will work out, and there might be something with Reze (I kinda think she’s endgame), and with a Power reincarnation.
I’ll try to one up you and say the funniest ship I’ve seen lately is Reze/Power. Japanese/Korean Twitter has more fan art in general for the “rare pairs”, even a small growing base for most of them. I fan art of Yoshida/Denji, Aki/Denji, Makima/Quanxi (I’ve seen this around in Western Twitter too), Makima/Power, Beam/Denji (this one a few times in Western too), a few Kurose/Tendo. I hope there comes more art of crack ship/interactions kek.

No. 140212

File: 1619871179509.jpg (127.11 KB, 1200x766, arumika.jpg)

im not even that mad (only a little salty), because it was obviously never going to happen, but these two unironically had a 10000x better relationship and more chemistry than eren and mikasa, and armin and annie did. they were always there for each other.

No. 140223

Armin and Annie made sense in a way because of the whole thing about Armin having Beltholdt's memories and feelings now but it felt so forced , I agree that Mikasa and Armin would've been a breath of fresh air in that shitshow. Never thought about it until now but now I'm salty it never happened too lmao

No. 140224

Tbh, I love to see a good, platonic opposite sex relationship. I agree, they would’ve been cute, though.

No. 140226

disgusting, she deserves so much better. why wasn't she a dyke? i cannot cope.

No. 140580

File: 1620156092265.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.43 KB, 1200x1600, 5752edf2010a98293df427c6600c93…)

I'm probably too late but I have so much art of this ship. most of it is too spicy for /m/ tho

No. 140600

the funny thing is despite Denji doing a lot with Power he never seems to be attracted to her. He explicitly says he knows too much about Power to enjoy messing around with her. He thinks she's obnoxious. I don't think Denji will get a harem or 10 girlfriends. Fujimoto will troll us and pair him up with Kobeni.

No. 140727

File: 1620276666885.jpg (1.41 MB, 1200x1200, denpow.jpg)

Initially he is superficially attracted to her, then thinks she in plain obnoxious, then cares about her as a close friend. Hence the why did you call Power over? scene helping to wreck him. So it could still happen if he moves beyond just being horny 24/7. Unless she is reincarnated as a dude. Lol Kobeni seems too freaked out and disgusted by him but it could definitely happen. I feel bad for her but her plot armour as dark humour thing is so funny that I hope it continues. I hate harems so unless he puts a crazy acid trip spin on it I am not here for that. I agree with others that Reze will probably show up again since she is a hybrid.

No. 140737

File: 1620294339485.jpg (648.2 KB, 900x1432, makinobara.jpg)

The world would end before we would get lesbians (I guess Sailor Moon did everything short of literally saying it out loud and CLAMP had unrequited lesbian pining) in a mainstream anime, let alone a shounen but I love these two together. Great chemistry. I want them to curbstomp Maki's shitty cousin together. I will be so pissed if Nobara gets fridged, especially this early in the series. I wanted to post fanart that reflects what they look like now but spoilers and poor Nobara is just speculation. Maki looks even hotter though.

No. 140757

File: 1620312518022.jpg (2.14 MB, 2480x3508, tnxXqYj.jpg)

based anon. i love them so much and i hope they get reunited. i don't think we'll ever get a canon lesbian ship but just them not ending up with some boring male character would be great already.

No. 140758

who dis cuties?

No. 140759

File: 1620314093259.jpg (3.01 MB, 1800x2000, 93SBhoU.jpg)

nobara (brown hair) and maki (black/green hair) from jjk!

No. 140764

File: 1620316108721.jpeg (126.17 KB, 1240x1754, maki.jpeg)

I am the anon and so glad there are other MakixNobara shippers. I love them. They gel so well. I love how resilient they both are and Nobara's respect for Maki pissing off her shitty family. Both of them being completely unimpressed by Gojo is also hilarious. The art you posted is so based btw.

Maki is so hot now post Shibuya disaster. Nobara better be back with increased resolve somebody eviscerate Mahito permanently please. Exactly. At least keep them together as besties. I don't need them paired off with lame men. If they do end up with men they better be good ones. I think Gege said he wants to kill off one of the three main tritagonists and I am not looking forward to that tbh.

No. 140765

This is so cute and perfect. I hope they are laughing at Naoya being an insecure misogynist.

No. 140996

File: 1620489130623.jpg (314.96 KB, 1920x1309, fkn-hot-diego-s-pants-1.jpg)

Filename not by me but I agree

No. 141020

File: 1620509814405.jpg (68.86 KB, 700x747, 492be60f48d1f197fa8509a9e755c8…)

hate myself for this one but ot can't be helped

No. 141034

why would you hate yourself for this? based ship and based ebisushi art

No. 141066

why is it that the only mob psycho 100 fanart i find either mob/regan or mob/ritsu .. don’t get me wrong the fanart can be really beautiful from an artistic perspective but i feel a bit wrong for looking at it (although i’ve steered clear of any nsfw art though)

No. 141069

File: 1620565078723.jpg (322.29 KB, 1316x2048, makimara.jpg)

I love them so much but have a terrible feeling they are all going to die. It's actually kind of unique for a shounen in the sense that the good guys have been getting ruthlessly jobbed on from the beginning. They only did well/were evenly matched in the prequel and major flashback.

No. 141070

Teen/adult ships are super popular. Especially teacher and student and mentor and trainee. There are much more taboo ones though. I saw sexually suggestive fanart on pixiv for Ogata/Asirpa from Golden Kamuy. A little girl and an adult man who contemplated killing her twice. So uncomfortable.

No. 141179

File: 1620652853572.jpg (421.88 KB, 1673x2000, makino.jpg)

All I want is for Maki to become the female Toji but with a moral compass and for Nobara to develop a cool domain and for them to have awesome team-ups and not die. lol nobody can settle on boob size

No. 141187

How many chapters do we have to wait to have Nobara's life or death confirmed, JJK is being disappointing atm.

No. 141190

I'm pissed at that too judging from Megumi's reaction she's on life support but hanging on type of deal? Some people think he is lying so Yuji doesn't snap but I think that would go against his character. I also think it would be dumb to kill the female lead this early. We deserve details though. It's annoying me.

No. 141231

File: 1620672902659.jpg (65.87 KB, 1280x720, Yakuza-Kiwami-2-Date.jpg)

I was so fucking pissed when Kaoru was conveniently shipped off to America to do policewoman things in Yakuza 3. I just love her and Kiryu's dynamic. I've not been over these two since I first played the original Yakuza 2 on PS2 in ye olden days.

No. 141376

I hate this as well, and they did her so dirty for that little scene in Yakuza 3. I wished they showed her in the present, but she's forgotten. They were cute, and Kiryu fell for her fast. He was addressing her endearingly to Kaoru's mother when he carried her in as she was bleeding.

No. 142750

File: 1621427617972.png (350.4 KB, 765x574, tumblr_mcf2pl7tv51r1xfano1_r1_…)

We're talking Homestuck now? Okay.
When I was a kid I shipped JohnDave SO hard but now I just feel absolutely nothing, lol. And every time I try to reread it I just end up shipping Dersecest. Maybe cause I never make it past Act 5?
Also DirkRose, which is funny because it was the most random ship until the "epilogues".

No. 142752

By 'now' I of course mean two months ago.

No. 142754

this scene still makes me cry every time i watch it

No. 142821

davejohn is a gateway ship, except in my case i moved on to dirkjake and stridercest kek

No. 142823

Eh those two didn't even grow up with each other as siblings and they are the exact same age. I don't even see that as incest at that point. That being said I dislike any ship where Rose is made straight/bi.

No. 142825

Thanks, I'm crying again.

No. 142844

File: 1621455624059.jpg (169.81 KB, 2000x1815, FUWHEDONFUFUFUFUFUFUFU.jpg)





No. 143014

File: 1621523161088.jpeg (6.97 KB, 220x180, surprisebuttsecks.jpeg)

Recently started watching Jeeves & Wooster because i wanted to see younger Hugh Laurie. Then i started reading the books. Now i feel like i can write an entire essay on why these two fuckers are actually mega in love and Wodehouse just chimped out from making them canon. I feel like such a dirty little fujo anons

No. 143036

File: 1621530018102.jpeg (71.69 KB, 634x445, 4DB2825B-6FAD-41AE-965A-57906C…)

I love you for posting this. Young Hugh Laurie is pretty sexy. I adore that show but it’s so soothing and relaxing sometimes that I find it difficult to get through a full episode without falling asleep. But I can definitely see ship potential between him and Jeeves. It’s not like he pays any real attention to all the various women he tries to date.
The only thing I worry about if tumblr fujos ever get a hold of that show is the episode where they do blackface. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry will probably get canceled if the woke zoomers ever find out. Thankfully barely anyone gives a fuck about this show (at least over here in burgerica) so the secret is safe.

No. 143039

File: 1621531662485.png (472.98 KB, 800x720, tumblr_mpf7upZQwq1r161qso1_128…)

AYRT. Why RoseDirk? They didn't even interact in the original comic iirc. Like I guess I can kind of understand RoseDave because they had funny interactions, but I don't understand the rationale with RoseDirk.

I'm pretty basic when it comes to ships, I usually just ship characters that have interacted a lot and make sense within the narrative (though I understand the appeal of crack ships.) Back when I first got into the fandom, I shipped Johnkat, Dirkjake, and Rosemary. I think I switched to Davekat early in the Act Six updates, and like a lot of people I shipped JohnRoxy towards the end (though when the comic was still updating JohnRoxy shippers were really annoying.) I think I mostly shipped Johnkat because it had a lot of the best fan content, like Promstuck and Featherbent (pic related.)

No. 143045

>will probably get canceled if the woke zoomers ever find out
please anon, like old british dudes would even care

No. 143050


nta but these circle of old british comedians (fry, laurie, rowan atkinson etc) are notoriously "anti-pc culture", so yes there's nothing to worry about kek

No. 143053

there's a pretty dedicated fanbase for them already on tumblr and dreamwidth! From what i've seen they mostly just gloss over the racist parts since they're not usually that crucial to the plot anyway.

No. 143057

Fujos really do have the same level of High tier pornsickness of scrotes, I guess it proves the male brain and the female brain really aren't the different

No. 143367

>Anons talk about shipping two characters from an old TV show without even mentioning sex
>REEEEE pornsick fujoshis11!!1!

No. 143418

Lol, right? Does anon even know what pornsickness means? "I think these two fictional men are in love."- doesn't even come close to the degeneracy men get up to on the regular. It's not even a good example of fujos going wild.

No. 143425

That’s a relief!
It’s just such an innocent show, that any amount of shipping applied to it seems excessive in some way idk

No. 143671

File: 1621684558673.gif (1.38 MB, 540x215, Tumblr_l_147599380449665.gif)

Speaking of fujoshit, it felt nice to have Trigger pander to us instead of scrotes for a change. These two had a really fun dynamic.

No. 143682

Witnessing scrote and pickme butthurt over this movie was glorious. They knew they'd be seen as homophobes if they just complained about the gay as fuck ending so they tried to force "I-it had no plot and it was a dumb mecha movie!!!!" as valid criticism as if most of the shit they consoomed wasn't like that.

That said, I still love this ship and I can't thank Trigger enough for the ending (and the subsequent shipping merch).

No. 143689

Not even a fujo but damn, I loved their dynamic! First time I was cheering for such couple kek. I liked everyone's design too. Pretty cool for one time watch.

No. 143693


What show is this?

No. 143695

promare. It's a movie

No. 145236

NGL as much as I am a dumb fujoshit, I wish Lio was a girl. I was fooled by concept art into thinking he was a really cute GNC prince tomboy type and was severely disappointed.

No. 145483

the ones on twitter and ao3. not every fujo is pornsick but anons are in denial if they think there aren't fujos who treat their ships the same way scrotes treat waifus.

No. 147236

File: 1623058994774.png (648.05 KB, 569x716, F8B9BBD3-D522-4A56-8611-AE993B…)

something about hannibal/will makes me so emotional. i can’t think about them for too long without crying. i love them and all their beauty and ugliness

No. 147317

File: 1623084746672.jpg (99.72 KB, 1413x1080, FearInTheNight.jpg)

Vince Grayson and Paul Kelly from Fear in the Night.

No. 147335

File: 1623087985822.jpg (477.92 KB, 1200x1000, 82756726_p1_master1200.jpg)

back in peak tumblr times (2012-2015) i was a huge danganronpa fan and aoi/sakura was my ultimate ship. at the time i DESPISED byakuya/toko and how hard the game pushed it and then ultra despair girls came out and i couldn't NOT ship picrel. they are so cute together and the scene where genocide jill doesn't kill komaru and says that her and toko share ~~feelings~~ cemented the ship for me. i'm still convinced toko is just a super repressed lesbian and is projecting onto byakyua kek

i also used to ship destiel and stucky which i'm surprised nobody's mentioned yet considering how huge they were was back in the day

No. 147337

this ship is so prevalent in the fandom, I respect it but will never for the life of me understand it and still think you all need to seek help. respectfully

No. 147379

their relationship (and i don’t mean in the traditional romantic sense) is the driving force of the show and it is written to be a type of love story. yes it is fucked up but the events of the show beyond season 1 would not have taken place without it.

it’s hard to explain it without sounding crazy but if you assume hannibal’s point of view it’s kind of beautiful. hannibal is so cut off from everyone else because he is a serial killer hehe but at the same time he can’t relate to other serial killers because he actually does feel empathy and love and for so long he went through life assuming that no one would ever truly see him and understand him. will graham has the unique ability to empathize with and understand even the most brutal murderers which means he can intrinsically understand hannibal. at the same time will lives in isolation because he’s afraid of his own murderous impulses. he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and i suppose he doesn’t want to admit even to himself the beauty of murder. hannibal is the first to embrace that aspect of him and teach him that it’s okay to be himself and kill people <3 what’s not to love about them <3

No. 147383

I'm rewatching hannibal for the 4th time currently and it seems like I just love them more every time. Something about unhealthy, obsessive, codependent relationships in fiction really pulls me in. I guess I just like interesting dynamics that I haven't seen done before a million times.

No. 147385

All of this makes me super duper thrilled to finally watch Hannibal. Especially since someone compared the ship to the main 'couple' in Tokyo Babylon. Jesus I can't wait, hope my brain settles enough for me to be able to focus on watching a tv show

No. 147398

omg i hope you enjoy it!! i would say to have a little patience with season 1 because they follow the police crime procedural format pretty heavily which is something i’m personally not into but when they started to diverge from that i was completely hooked.

hannibal and wills dynamic is so sexy and amazing but the show also has some great female characters too

No. 147447

this is random af ship and i respect that

No. 147470

File: 1623173133868.png (991.37 KB, 1021x872, 12938.png)

Anons, what are the rarest rarepairs that you ship?

No. 147487

who's on the right

No. 147492

File: 1623181321618.jpg (195.23 KB, 1260x840, 36862102-1260-840.jpg)

These two. I wish there was more fanfiction…

No. 147501

File: 1623183222686.png (339.56 KB, 640x360, 80c4980a9089dd17c2892435f51b43…)

right so these two are incarnations of nazism and communism from youtuber Jreg's lore, I don't really actively ship them (haven't even watched him in over a year) but I still read all the (non genderbent and non-clearly-written-by-a-child) fanfiction for them. it's very cringe and retarded and the fanfic is all written by autistic teens with neopronouns but uh.. that's it there's really no redeeming qualities. I just love their enemies to lovers dynamic

No. 147517

File: 1623195468703.png (1.3 MB, 1783x2114, E3S0a1GXEAQVzDP.png)

I like Pico/Cassandra. Always have. I don't mind other ships with them because the whole Pico cast is great but man I like alien/human ships, especially when both are little shits getting on each others' nerves.

No. 147518

I think that's Yuri Gagarin

No. 147642

do you like hetalia anon?

No. 147782

I don't, I'm vaguely familiar with the plot though bc I looked it up because I'm Italian myself and I was curious lol, are there any pairings with a similar love-hate-but-mostly-hate relationship?

No. 147948

File: 1623485110949.png (1.16 MB, 1350x2048, 63715709-5E12-4B1C-A4BA-2201AB…)

The new chapter made me ship them I wish you could get out with just him

No. 147949

File: 1623488009184.jpg (35.14 KB, 364x489, original.jpg)

greece and turkey perhaps?

No. 148012

They look cute. Who are they?

No. 148017

pretty sure it's sara and ranmaru from your turn to die

No. 148026

File: 1623535396279.png (1.09 MB, 1240x1567, 1623452819818.png)

Sara and Ranmaru :>

No. 148084

File: 1623590736418.jpeg (37.98 KB, 678x452, 7C581519-C000-4C20-A535-3F2F6C…)

any tomgreg shippers here

No. 148098

File: 1623598788643.gif (3.96 MB, 500x361, tumblr_fc24b0ae024280e92413471…)

Can't make a Tomlette without breaking some Greggs

No. 148103

What show are they from? I feel like I recognize them but can't place it.

No. 148106


No. 148331

File: 1623772189450.png (578.06 KB, 1500x1800, 89472819_p10.png)

underated tbh

No. 148332

File: 1623772224302.png (2.46 MB, 1650x1500, 71291292_p0.png)

No. 148333

File: 1623772330300.png (465.22 KB, 1144x940, 72475018_p9.png)

No. 148334

File: 1623772446188.png (345.8 KB, 1500x1300, 3544036_70293685_3.png)

No. 148359

File: 1623779557288.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1920, it hurts so much.jpg)

These two. Ryo and Shoji from the Crows Zero movies. They had like one fight together and it spawned a thousand fanfics in my head although i never get the urge to ship other Crows Zero characters… And to find out there's zero content for them… It hurts so much anon.

No. 148366

File: 1623780721260.jpg (49.94 KB, 499x431, it hurts.jpg)

I feel you anon. I don't ship this particular ship but I too have ships with zero content for them, in fact I have ships from media that doesn't even have a proper fandom… And I suck at both writing and drawing so I can't even contribute in a meaningful way….

No. 148371

File: 1623781865770.png (114.55 KB, 500x450, IMG_3464.PNG)

you're totally right, but i've been solidly on team davejohn ever since i was a tiny fujo. it's pretty embarrassing to like homestuck now with all the tranny antics happening in the fanbase but i'll never be able to let them go… i hope other anons feel the same way about them or else i'll look very autistic kek

No. 148513

File: 1623840536970.jpg (573.56 KB, 1695x1179, uwu.jpg)

I loved this scene (thought it was really hot for some reason) and I loved how gentle the captain was when speaking to him. Wish there had been more interactions between them.

No. 148515

kek, I'm from the front page, you're so right about this, they were two of my favorite characters in the movie. Wish the radar operator had more screentime, too, he was weirdly magnetic imo.

No. 148539

Anon do you have this artist's name? I'm pretty sure I used to follow them on tumblr but I was never able to find their main account. I recently read all of homestuck like two years ago (started in hs and was caught up but then stopped reading and just reread it in full). I still love DaveJohn, I think they're so fucking cute. I have no real rhyme or reason for it, I just think their interactions are cute.

No. 148546

File: 1623855461166.png (244.75 KB, 616x1024, 2feeff04868907028dc7c6fe551ed6…)

Okay its been a while since I've read Homesstuck but even when I was part of the fandom the shipping never made sense to me, I liked the characters cause they were cute and funny but I never once thought about shipping them in anyway the same way I didn't wanna ship teletubbies

No. 148563

God the captain was so fucking hot. Gorgeous eyes.

No. 148576


No. 148618

File: 1623908184164.jpg (104.29 KB, 970x650, untitled.jpg)

Yesss anon, the movie is so long, they seriously could've put more of him in it. But I guess he didn't have that big of role in the book which is why they didn't.

He really was. There was a lot of hot guys in that movie.

Das Boot

No. 148708

i am not totally sure, but i will try to look. it's basically impossible to find old homestuck artists because most of it is from like 10+ years ago at this point. but all the newer homestuck art is embarrassing to look at

not to dunk on you anon but i've always found it weird that people say that, relationship drama was always a major part of the comic itself in many ways. it gets straight up insufferable about it during the sixth act

No. 148854

File: 1624004654779.png (105.82 KB, 256x256, y2i4bbdmhrv61.png)


They made my wives canon! After years of will-they-wont-they I'm glad they bit the bullet finally. Now I can hope for matching skins with interaction dialogue, but I think I'm being too hopeful.

No. 148855

I can't wait I love them both so much.

No. 148988

File: 1624060198623.png (802.71 KB, 1024x768, E3-G7YmVoAEhCTz.png)

Good luck, they won't even update Graves and TF.

Also not to rain on your parade anon but holy fuck do I hate the dudebros who work at Riot. Those pieces of shit will bully and harass a female writer for trying to make a gay couple canon but lesbians are hawt so it's totally okay to have two lesbian couples and no gay ones (and no, Varus doesn't count). Fuck Riot and fuck dudebros.

No. 149330

File: 1624298624010.jpg (94.12 KB, 960x520, sainsburys_christmas.jpg)

Lmfao this came up in my recommends again and brought me back. God I'm so dumb.

No. 149363

anon post the video!! so cute…

No. 149399

I now have the urge to read a gay romance novel set in 1914

No. 149788

File: 1624595998399.png (209.18 KB, 813x583, XAYJDGRCAL.png)

the best

No. 149793

1917 is a gay romance

No. 149807

File: 1624607944336.jpg (60.89 KB, 380x500, 1542570162917.jpg)

not WW1 but there were actually a pair of WW2 soldiers who were lovers prior to the war, got drafted to different fronts and sent cute letters to each others

also I'm pretty sure it would be difficult to have any romance set in WW1, it was really fucking grim, all war is bad the stuff you read about WW1 is 99% nightmare fuel, I’m gonna point y’all to one specific battle that left France scared. it was literally described as hell on earth. It lasted almost a year with having nonstop fighting, barrages, and gas attacks. Just look at this report
>The battle had lasted for 303 days, the longest and one of the most costly in human history. In 2000, Hannes Heer and K. Naumann calculated 377,231 French and 337,000 German casualties, a total of 714,231 and an average of 70,000 a month. In 2014, William Philpott wrote of 976,000 casualties in 1916 and 1,250,000 suffered around the city during the war.
Not only that is people are still dying or getting crippled for life from all the shells and grenades that never detonated until a farmer plowing accidentally hit it

No. 149888

File: 1624641639040.jpg (805.07 KB, 1200x1200, g6ofzun.jpg)

No. 149889

I feel like a tranny made this, I have no proof but it I feel it in my bones

No. 149903

It doesn't even look like it was drawn by a weeb?

No. 149910

File: 1624647577729.jpg (91.1 KB, 1200x800, efda8c60-e597-48ab-b35a-9ffe21…)

i think about them (and get mad) every day.

No. 149916

artist? I love the style
wtf it just looks like it was made by a korean

No. 149945

you actually made me check, but it's some random japanese person (not mentally ill as far as i could see).

No. 150002

cute and canon

No. 150675

File: 1625144670634.png (2.83 MB, 1623x1848, gf5jna3d6v2s.png)

A himbo and SOMEONE WHO KEEPS FEEDING ALL MY GAMES AHHH (just kidding aren't they both trash in the meta right now?)

No. 150886

File: 1625268887776.jpg (195.14 KB, 1200x1114, EkS-XKbWkAE6YwE.jpg)

Katarina's only trash if she's on your team, anon. Enemy Katarina hardstomps and solo carries.

I like my Demacian himbos with a side order of protective dragon.

No. 150973

please tell me that I wasn't the only who shipped these two

No. 152655

File: 1626526948822.jpeg (140.59 KB, 750x750, 1E1F56B3-A983-4191-A765-31F291…)

This is kind of cute.

No. 152673

File: 1626537450380.jpg (30.41 KB, 640x405, CEwKUuPW8AE05KF.jpg)

i've been wanting to know for so long as to why prucan was a popular ship in the hetalia fandom years ago. And how did the ship started and etc. Can someone tell me about it?

No. 152805

Pair the spares I guess.
It’s weird because Prussia begged Italy to go on a date with him, calls him cute all the time, and said one comment from him is worth 100 comments but he gets shipped with Canada because…he gave him maple syrup one time….

I genuinely have never understood why it exists outside of that, he even refers to Canada as a jerk in the same post lol.

No. 152821

i feel like most hetalia ships are based on looks alone

No. 153027

As for how it started, they interacted once in the 2009 April Fools event, Prussia didn't mistake Canada for America and said he liked his maple syrup
As for why it stayed:
>Both are popular characters (especially in the western side of the fandom)
>Both are lonely and forgotten
>cocky bastard x soft-spoken twink
>pair the spares
Add a good amount of self-inserting as Canada, and the fanfics are writing themselves

No. 153035


Thanks, anons! Now, I know why. I always thought of them as a crack ship that started out from fans pushing the two together, but in a way they kinda are with only one scene from the manga.

No. 153042

So my ship is kind of rare so I don’t want to divulge it, but I do want to share what made me happy recently. I had been drawing more for this ship and got noticed from some other artists/writers who are into it. I am in their discord now and it’s really nice to just have a small group of other women to talk with about beefy otp. It’s been a long time since I had friends to do something like that with and I’m glad they’re all fairly chill.

No. 153080

that's sweet anon, I'm happy for you!

No. 153082

File: 1626847358962.jpg (122.31 KB, 569x569, eb1bead77795305d6af31a7d800ebc…)

i don't even fucking read jojo i just like the fanart of them

No. 153085

File: 1626854418154.jpeg (43.04 KB, 678x452, 9A08164D-B050-4D43-926F-01BCA4…)

anyone here ship jesse/walter

No. 153086

Please be an ironic post

No. 153092

Sometimes I couldn't help myself, sorry Jesse

No. 153093

why tho?

No. 153099

Not until this post, fuck you

No. 153101

NTA, but their relationship is more father-son, it feels weird to ship them. But to each their own.

No. 153103

this post made you ship them?

No. 153107

no, people should for their awful ships

No. 153109

should what?

No. 153110

should be shamed

No. 153117

File: 1626877326297.jpg (160.01 KB, 933x1035, s8rrT3h.jpg)

Is tokyo revengers fujo still out there? Are you happy with the influx of fanfics and fanart

No. 153139

File: 1626885721538.png (383.63 KB, 695x849, d7n98ea-a0f00816-4824-4de4-be2…)

No. 153140

i love seeing guys in emotional turmoil while being manipulated by someone who has power over them. this ship hits the spot. also love todd/jesse

No. 153141

File: 1626888628514.jpg (174.55 KB, 915x1183, e83712f585609d42a8cc50fef7ea6d…)

i'm not sure who the tokyo revengers fujo nonnie is, but i am so happy for all the fanfics and doujins and fanarts aa i feel like a teenager again. today i binged fics all night

No. 153153

Took me a while to realize who this is and you should be ashamed.

No. 153156

not tr fujo but i can't wait for the anime to reach inupi and koko's kiss i just want more fanart of those two already

No. 153160

File: 1626899669769.jpg (80.42 KB, 800x542, heisenbitch_by_robinhess_ddv8b…)

i will never be ashamed

No. 153174

If I was suicidal this would be my last straw

No. 153175

…. Ok nvm samefag Jesse looks rlly hot in the second one. Ill endorse the ship if I can be the lollipop getting the licking..

No. 153176

another fallen soldier

No. 153290

thanks, i'm turned on now

No. 153353

File: 1627066968413.png (2.05 MB, 1098x798, luckymichi.png)

if you're summoning me, then anon- i've never been this alive

No. 153358

I'm not mad at this. Not at all.

No. 153363

You have good taste in jojobros

No. 153703

File: 1627348129099.png (1.68 MB, 1075x1524, Houseki.no.Kuni.full.2453072.p…)

Pads is the only gem worth rooting for at this point. Legit the only one who's been with Phos unfailingly.

No. 154182

File: 1627618006839.gif (8.06 MB, 268x187, E231DBB5-07E4-4170-9679-73DF4C…)


No. 154322

File: 1627724758816.jpg (99.83 KB, 500x688, 04001654900.jpg)

not into yaoi much but i love zakiko's giomis art

No. 154331

that's so cute, what is their relationship? Is she like His Girl Friday or something? I need to catch up on the Yakuza series, can't believe I only played the first one and like the beginning of the sequel. So happy those games blew up

No. 154659

File: 1627960066084.png (5.43 MB, 2527x2736, mkpx9j7eo2d71.png)

No one plays this game but these two truly have won my heart. They're so cute and the fact that their relationship is fucked up but not to the point of it being abusive is really good and makes it interesting. I can't wait for them to be released, even if their debut S-tiers are kind of boring.

No. 154703

Who are they?

No. 154710

File: 1628001865081.jpg (33.49 KB, 697x440, tigerandbunny.jpg)

Waited for them to kiss at some point knowing very well it would never happen. Still makes me sad thinking about it.

No. 154712

Oh no anon why did you have to remind me of one of the greatest disappointments of my life

No. 154719

File: 1628003655823.png (4.02 MB, 2442x3092, E6-jlSFUcAMRhFS.png)

Ada Mesmer and Emile from Identity V. Ada is a psychologist whose interest in Emile started with her wanting to try out her techniques on him, and Emile is just some guy in the psych ward with trauma-induced amnesia.

No. 154720

File: 1628005313495.png (707.71 KB, 1020x1020, cuties.png)

I raise you one better

No. 154721

Just wait for the second season, it's been announced for 2022. Just kidding, they'll still be in an ambiguous situation despite the studio knowing that most fans are fujoshi.

No. 154957

File: 1628185338824.jpg (230.81 KB, 600x400, jakeandamir_car_carousel.jpg)

please don't tell me I wasn't the only one

No. 154976


No. 154995

File: 1628216377517.jpeg (60.04 KB, 828x299, 46D77F52-CFD8-4E64-9D25-327D70…)

You weren’t alone on shipping these two, apparently. Most recent fic was from July 15th of this year.
can’t believe they have more fics on ao3 than my otp does lol

No. 154996

File: 1628217585228.jpeg (620.73 KB, 3000x2000, 7D4707BE-78DA-4275-964D-8C57D6…)

This scared the hell out of me, I was rewatching a Jake and Amir video and suddenly this was on the lolcow welcome page. Godspeed, Jake and Amir shipper anon, but the true OTP was picrel.

No. 154997

their actually married and seem to have a great relationship

No. 155021

File: 1628253217107.png (2.5 MB, 1818x2048, A34C1E41-23E0-49DC-ACFD-A9B086…)

ronan lynch and adam parrish from the raven cycle. will always be my favourite ship forever. mister impossible has made me really worried about their relationship status. i hope they get their happily ever after. god knows they deserve it

No. 155024

this comment is going to get me to watch this stupid show. I love me a tragic fucked up drug addict and seeing boys get taken advantage of.

No. 155027

Yeah no, its more of a tragic father/son relationship, idk what that anon is talking about there's nothing even remotely romantic about it, only someone suffering from Fujo Brain rot would probably see a romantic connection

No. 155036

it's a great show anyway whether you ended up shipping anything or not. it really is as good as the hype promises. same with BCS
>Yeah no, its more of a tragic father/son relationship
doesn't have to be like that in my head, love

No. 155061

amen to that, can’t wait for people to lose their marbles and the influx of content

No. 155228

File: 1628423532765.jpg (167.01 KB, 1200x1805, My-favorite-pictures-from-Roll…)

idc they had great chemistry, better than either of them had with any scrote character

No. 155229

honestly I don't get this man, just cause 2 characters have enjoyable banter together doesn't change their sexuality or make their relationship romantic
""but what if x was g guy/girl then you'd ship men" that's the thing heterosexual men and women have different dynamics, sure men and women can be friends but the likelihood of romantic relationships is higher

No. 155246

nta but they said nothing of the sort. go be a killjoy elsewhere

No. 155253

this is the straightest comment i've ever read

No. 155258

File: 1628441448482.jpeg (141.74 KB, 1200x960, 9EC9A736-580F-4954-84BF-525C34…)

LMAO What the fuck are you even going on about?

No. 155920

File: 1628978634888.gif (1.48 MB, 320x180, tumblr_309c91587cfb60f5474894a…)

it must be canon in at least one universe

No. 157011

File: 1629566875588.jpeg (565.82 KB, 1242x1746, AA8E4807-B7EE-4015-85B9-461D21…)

I love them so much, as characters and as a ship, I want to hug Max and I want to pat Riftan’s head.

No. 157026

File: 1629574457866.png (488.79 KB, 900x1200, 2BDDB87E-CFBD-480C-BCE5-069967…)

I’ve shipped these clowns since I was a teenager myself. They just have the same deranged energy and he really understands her (well might just be my delusion speaking here).

What cdrama is this nonna? And will I be mad if I like them too.

No. 157028

File: 1629574672435.jpeg (64.03 KB, 720x419, Vanitas _ Jeanne _ Vanitas no …)

I'm up to date with the manga and obsessed with Vanitas and Jean.. just love ENTP guys that tease the girl.

No. 157029

File: 1629575980109.jpeg (532.99 KB, 750x1159, A797BCC7-F598-4114-8CFE-013AA7…)

It was a little randomly presented in psycho-pass but… uh I’m still into it….

What series is this sounds cute.

No. 157101

Nta but it's The Rise of Phoenixes

It's The Case Study of Vanitas / Vanitas no Carte

No. 157193

Man I used to be obsessed with KHR but it kinda died and no one has talked about it since like 2016

No. 161029

File: 1632046462845.jpg (676.67 KB, 807x828, td5o4kP.jpg)

I think they could be pretty cute together, I usually have a soft spot for this type of character dynamic, so I hope they get more interactions in the new game.

No. 161099

File: 1632106322326.gif (2 MB, 500x281, kumirei.gif)

I refuse to accept they're not canon. Their chemistry is crazy.

No. 161121

Yuribaiting at it's finest.

No. 161172


Yes I'm still mad about this one. Apparently they're both straight in the LNs, though…unfortunate.

No. 161211

File: 1632202427615.jpg (155.15 KB, 985x1027, Ga0YVa0.jpg)

No. 161219

and FUCK shuuichi!!

No. 161444

File: 1632369567963.png (275.2 KB, 960x408, a7f4f61966e1a9661d7953f8c8ed26…)

Babby's first ship I know, but they're so just cute. Glad nothing got sunk with the last movie, but goddamn was it an absolute clusterfuck. Anno is the biggest hack alive

No. 161702

File: 1632514493337.jpg (620.19 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210920_172819.jpg)

Toratake world domination

No. 161721

Didn't t the "I was so selfish Shinji, fuck me I guess, bye-bye" part kinda sinking the ship? That and him getting with someone else

No. 161772

Anno isn't a hack just because you imagined something.

No. 161775

Yeah but have you seen 3.0+1.0?

No. 161814

I think that had more to do with him realizing that he shouldn't try to find happiness through making someone else happy and should find his own place in the world, not him severing his bond with Shinji altogether. Him being 'selfish' was more just him thinking he could only bring Shinji happiness through sacrificing himself, not realizing that Shinji's happiness was a world without Evas where he, Rei, Asuka, and everyone else Shinji cared about could live healthy, happy lives. Kaworu finally being able to bond with others and be friends with Kaji was a nice touch, I liked it a lot actually. Plus Shinji more or less promised to meet both him and Rei in the new world he created, so I wouldn't say anything aside from Shinji/Asuka got sunk since they said their permanent goodbyes to one another. And tbh I don't understand the people who said he got together with Rei at the end when all they're doing isjust standing next to one another. The Shinji/Mari stuff is way more shiptease-y, but even that was apparently supposed to be ambiguous regarding whether it's romantic or not
AYRT I don't want to fill the thread with my Eva sperging, but 3.0+1.0 was a clusterfuck for things completely unrelated to shipping.

No. 161868

File: 1632659066605.jpg (381.07 KB, 1078x1600, reiworu.jpg)

Marishin is canon, the whole 'it's open-ended!!!!' is a cope by people who are invested in other ships or haven't seen enough anime to recognize tropes/conventions. A song about love literally starts playing the moment she jumps out of Eva into the water and does the Ariel hair-flip… and then the movie continues to bash the viewer in the head with it until credits start playing. I do agree that the Reiworu thing is debatable, though. They can be colleagues just as well. Though Eva merch has played with the possibility in the past.
To be clear, at this point I'm indifferent to anyone getting with Shinji since it would be their loss lmfao - though Kawoshin has been the most compelling in the anime universe, and Reishin in the manga and maybe first two Rebuilds

No. 161870

File: 1632659753300.png (Spoiler Image,795.81 KB, 640x898, tumblr_e761ccdd4184021316c1528…)

apologies, the ship name is kaworei. anyway this a pic from a pamphlet that japanese audience got with their tickets. those aren't necessarily canon, but show that some people working on 3.0+1.0 did see it as endgame.

No. 162147

3.0+1.0 is hot garbage along with the rest of rebuild.
I hope rebuild Shinji gets bullied by anime and manga Shinji and their Kawochad bfs.

No. 162149

File: 1632844588857.jpeg (38.76 KB, 473x341, 41729175-1472-4F9F-8356-2003EB…)

>wears his scarf non stop
Yeah, they were fucking.

No. 162160

One Last Kiss is about Gendo and Yui, though

No. 162189

Can I have a source on that pls? I'm not disputing it, that's very interesting! At the same time, someone watching the movie will not know that, and the song still plays over Shinji and Mari's romantic interaction. The way it was inserted makes the scenes more romantic (even though they are romantic in itself). One can argue that the song being written about Gendo and Yui showcases Shinji and Mari as the next OTP, if it makes sense. Like Shinji found his Yui. It is farfetched though, since I think that what matters is that this song plays as soon as Mari shows up and helps set up the tone of the scene
>3.0+1.0 is hot garbage along with the rest of rebuild.
The only correct take on Rebuilds

I know that Rebuild fixes Shinji (ew) but I really think that while Shinji would be lucky to get with any of his love interests, literally anyone who would get tied up to Shinji would be a loser. Literally everyone deserves better than this trainwreck. I guess Kaworu can take him since he is capable of dealing with that mess of a human and has godly patience (lol). All NGE girls deserve better than Shinji. Fucking ridiculous to see nerds argue which waifu deserves Shinji's cock the most like he's some prize.

No. 162205

Shinji is Kaworu’s cute boy wife shut your ass up.

No. 162212

Who? They're cute.

No. 162236

You ok? Get angry at Gainax and their staff for fujopandering for that sweet, sweet cash while always legitimising the straight ships more. Not me.
>Ishida (Kaworu): "In order to make Shinji happy, Kaworu did this and that… but none of those things were things Shinji actually wanted. In the end Shinji ended up finding his own meaning of happiness by himself so Kaworu was finally relieved of his post. I'm glad Kaworu realized his misunderstanding. The last scene of the backshot with Kaji and Kaworu and the shutter sound implies it's the closing of their story."
I think the ship is okay and makes sense, it's just not endgame.

No. 162244

Green is Midori/Sou Hiyori
Blue beanie is Shin Tsukimi/Sou Hiyori

Shin took Sou's name and scarf and had a drastic personality change, the version of him with the blue scarf is when he was a kind person. Game is your turn to die/kimigashine.

No. 162253

Thanks sweetie

No. 162255

File: 1632907616944.jpg (202.75 KB, 800x993, う.jpg)

I feel dumb for shiping such secondary characters but I love them together

No. 162318

Are they from JJK?

No. 162336

File: 1632945113237.jpg (305.15 KB, 676x1200, イモ類.jpg)

yeah, it's Utahime Iori and Shoko Ieiri!

No. 162338

I didn't know they were a thing! I always thought that Shoko was really attractive btw.

No. 162346

File: 1632948043205.jpg (30.05 KB, 225x350, 164477.jpg)

>I always thought that Shoko was really attractive btw
gosh, yes! I wish we had more female characters with eyebags, it looks so good

No. 162349

That's just reverse eyeshadow.

No. 162350

I don't think it's makeup, I think it's what her face looks like after working long hours at night, studying corpses. Hot.

No. 163152

File: 1633562419242.jpg (171.1 KB, 2560x1440, MV5BYTM4MWMyYzgtMzU2NC00YTYxLW…)

these two, sigh

No. 163933

File: 1634035146201.jpg (107.18 KB, 1200x596, EIdsrCrWsAAJnmj.jpg)

Maybe I am crazy after all.

No. 164766

This is MadoHomu’s song.

No. 164793

File: 1634459005737.jpg (121.79 KB, 700x945, tumblr_pdpslmNskf1rxmt12o1_128…)

i love relationships between vllains most of all. picrel is still one of my guilty pleasure ships

No. 164803

The only ship that matters

No. 165652

File: 1634790927451.png (401.89 KB, 2048x2047, tumblr_3507bfed7ede39486b48933…)

I miss them

No. 165679

File: 1634810900809.jpeg (305.43 KB, 792x829, 32E27C05-6C96-4B5D-981C-E937AD…)

Great taste, Anon! Jesus, I was absolutely obsessed with Akeshu in 2018. I still love them with all my heart, but Akishinji are my favorite Persona ship now.

No. 167172

to me nothing's the same kind of funny and based as the group of fujos who decided to ship Dio x Hol Horse, it's such a funny dynamic they had so I get it

No. 168902

File: 1636225001982.gif (1.61 MB, 540x280, kiyoyachi.gif)

I'm watching haikyuu and this two are so cute together. I'm praying that none of them will end up with a random dude

same, nonnie, same … I'm so mad about it

No. 168906

File: 1636226131967.jpg (107.13 KB, 800x1017, 73e803bda4ea42ebc5fc57f2999f70…)

Please just fucking kiss each other, like damn.

No. 168922

the one with glasses ends up with tanaka

No. 169026

I love them sm
Oh yeah me
I like this post because jesse is todd's (from bojack) VA
Of course it is. R&M is basically "Think of literally anything. It's canon. Yes, even that one

No. 169030

File: 1636301165027.jpg (90.14 KB, 740x370, Birdperson-in-Rick-and-Morty-c…)

>I like this post because jesse is todd's (from bojack) VA
Wait, does it mean you ship Todd and Bojack?
>Of course it is. R&M is basically "Think of literally anything. It's canon. Yes, even that one"
Since that time I found out they kiss in the comic, and apparently it's the current tv series Rick and Birdperson… so yeah lol

No. 169050

Bump bc cp

No. 169602

File: 1636700682552.png (1.92 MB, 1418x1080, EB57926B-A59E-4DE7-A861-0456BB…)

Feel like pure shit just want them back

No. 169622

Same. Fingers crossed for the new season

No. 169678

File: 1636756305371.jpg (155.97 KB, 765x551, c6edeee5ff80147478b15546e2167b…)

The only good thing to come out of the entirety of Homestuck.

No. 169946

Yeah but after the whole rape thing in S13e4, I’m not optimistic. Megan Ganz is good on community and MQ but I don’t like her Sunny episodes.

No. 169950

im genuinely surprised someone can put themselves through the entirety of homestuck and not come out the other end with a couple of ships at least but honestly i respect you

No. 169957

File: 1636922543215.jpeg (61.64 KB, 367x343, 97EC65BE-F20B-4921-ADFC-3B3F2B…)

You guys know Kaitlin and Rob are a real couple? They are the cutest actually, I wish my relationship was like there’s lol

No. 169982

File: 1636943332032.png (225.49 KB, 500x500, 4ff3dcf2503f8fb533908f1a1b3c6f…)

Don't worry anon, I have exactly one other Homestuck ship.

No. 169997

I know they're a real couple but personally I ship dee and charlie

No. 170003

File: 1636965096134.jpeg (344.42 KB, 2096x1170, 05DE94E6-4785-48C0-ADD3-333DC6…)

Charlie Day and the Waitress, too. I’ll bet they have a great relationship because then get to be massive dicks to each other on set.
CharDee was absolutely adorable and probably the one somewhat healthy pairing in the show, but then Charlie says Dee raped him in the Times Up episode. their interactions are weird now.
They nerfed Chardee but they won’t nerf these two and their big gay ass love story cus they want more of the lib media kudos they got for the sigur ros dance. This some bullshit.

No. 170004

I hate that I find dennis kind of hot. not the character, just his looks.

No. 170005

File: 1636966424573.jpeg (22.01 KB, 400x400, 5AFFB626-2CA6-4330-9E8D-562455…)

I love these two clowns. The whole reason I got into start trek was because of the fujo trash of these two that came across my tumblr dashboard. Something about the dynamic of dark corruptive unstoppable force and brilliant incorruptible immovable object is so incredibly appealing to me. Also nervous twink being constantly scaroused by a gay ex assassin old lizard man is pretty fun too.

No. 170007

File: 1636966765195.jpeg (43.12 KB, 608x505, 152F456B-AB7F-499D-90BA-C67422…)

Samefag, here’s my favourite fanart of them (1/2)

No. 170008

File: 1636966842842.jpeg (36.25 KB, 507x605, B5B4FF42-118D-44E7-870E-4B0C23…)

(2/2) The amount of fix-it fics I read after watching the finale has left me with permanent brain damage

No. 170011

File: 1636968863113.jpeg (88.3 KB, 546x698, 98E1943D-1967-4F14-8D15-66D847…)

I mean Glenn Howerton is the rare Caucasoid Moid who still looked cute past forty.
Unfortunately he hit the wall at Mach speed between seasons 13 and 14. He chopped his hair off and lost all the fat on his face, and aged like 1000 years

No. 170013

>He chopped his hair off and lost all the fat on his face, and aged like 1000 years
That's what his soul looks like

No. 170014

File: 1636969849455.jpeg (76.1 KB, 784x846, BC37ED9C-4AE8-407C-ADE0-F628F2…)

It’s extra funny that he looks almost as bad as he does here in the Zoo episode of the same season.
Mac/Dennis is overrated tbh, I’d rather see Frank and Artemis bang behind the dumpster than see roided-out Mac slamming this clickety clackity old skellington

No. 170022

File: 1636975940360.png (1.43 MB, 1398x786, 5x10_picnic.png)

I'm not into Mac/Dennis either, or shipping in general for Always Sunny. Though if I had to pick, it would be Dee/Ben the soldier. What an A+ himbo he is.

No. 170061

File: 1637005329068.jpg (93.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition I've really grown to love Miranda Lawson and her romance path with Commander Shepard fuck you BioWare for making me play as a moid to romance her. Years ago when I played through the trilogy when they originally came out I was a paragon who romanced Liara but ever since my experimental renegade playthrough I just can't stand going back to being a goody two shoes kek; I also find Liara kinda creepy and annoying now. I do think Miranda is a great compliment to a renegade Shepard though; they're both goals driven and will do whatever it takes to complete their missions and both deal with the expectation of being a "perfect human specimen". I absolutely love watching Miranda slowly warm to Shepard too. They have some really cute dialogue and scenes together.

No. 170396

File: 1637265661047.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1092, markup_4591.png)

Sorry for necroposting but solid taste, anon.

Also, I know they're both straight and Sugimoto is still pining after Umeko but these two have so much shipping potential imho. Call me a fujo all you want (half the GK fandom is, probably); I just wish their weirdly touchy bromance would evolve further. I'm still catching up to the latest manga chapter so if one of these fucks dies or double-crosses the other I'll be beside myself.

No. 170398

ah, an anon of taste i see

also artemis and frank. you know, she once incorporated a bagel during sex like no other woman had before,

No. 170504

isn't the author gay…?

No. 170505

no satoru noda is obviously a gay man so by default all the golden kamuy characters are gay too

No. 170509

He’s whatever you want him to be, nonnie.

No. 170521

"whatever you want him to be" why can't they just be gay, none of this "it's up to your interpretation" bullshit

No. 170526

are you the same annoying anon from the hornyposting thread? seriously calm down no one cares if he’s gay or bi or whatever.

No. 170529

how dare gay people want representation!!!

No. 170531

So you're saying you're a gay man who came here to berate women who are attracted to 2D guys you think are gay?

No. 170532

not a gay man or any kind of man, i just have sympathy for gay men as an oppressed group. and yes, bihet women and even lesbians can and do oppress gay men

No. 170533

I'm sure scrotes appreciate your help fighting against male oppression on LC.

No. 170610

File: 1637353111540.jpg (148.38 KB, 1200x685, tumblr_d30dbee106871575d140306…)

Back to the depths of Twitter with you.

Anyways, picrel. They're so good together it makes me sad Settphel is the popular Aphelios ship.

No. 170614

File: 1637354178502.gif (1.02 MB, 400x226, Eye-Roll-Breaking-Bad.gif)

No. 170796

File: 1637495389897.png (266.94 KB, 361x445, tyrelliot.png)

I remember the good old days when this was an actual promo pic, I miss them

No. 171416

File: 1637860040476.png (103.88 KB, 540x188, rayemma.png)

>X character was shown to have feeling for Y first, so this totally means they're meant to be together regardless of anything
I hate how japanese people write romance. NorEmma makes no sense after the timeskip. It could have been about loving a friend but having to part because the two of you don't click anymore, but japanese authors are coward and have shit taste. RayEmma's relationship development is amazing and very sweet. Both of them grew because of each other, it has communication, trust and support. It's just what makes sense after everything, they went through a lot together.

No. 171767

File: 1638068670523.png (316.36 KB, 844x800, tumblr_lxnijfXEVj1r7xwxuo1_128…)

I've been on a fanfic roll for a while.

No. 171770

Is that South Park?

No. 171771

No. 174798

File: 1640022484915.jpg (60.75 KB, 640x338, tumblr_eea00a815021b7e9b5dc111…)

How are we doing, winners?

No. 174814

File: 1640029693975.png (91.28 KB, 539x187, some yaois idk.png)

why does this look like a banner

No. 175193

File: 1640208247941.jpeg (60.28 KB, 639x838, 6E28339F-1D65-4DFF-ABBA-6B2854…)

Outgoing energetic girl who has struggled too much in life with hesitant always-second-guesses-herself feels lost in life girl me likey.
Cloud who? Zack who?

No. 175202

Maybe Aerith would heal Tifa from being a pickme

No. 177092

MadoHomu feels so one-sided to me. Madoka seems to be the type who would accept the feelings of anyone who did go as far as Homura for her, because she's so passive and gentle. And I know they bonded in other timelines, but it happened out of screen, so I can't bother to care about their relationship.

No. 177202

File: 1641330654761.png (280.96 KB, 756x768, qhcl46i9tv361.png)

I don't care that I'm the only person who ships it. Xingqiu is a shitty bully towards Chongyun and ice boy deserves better.

No. 177206

he deserves to be bullied actually

No. 177210

Yes. I love how Aerith bosses Cloud around when she feels like it's needed instead of being a handmaiden.
Xiangling bullied him too a little by making him try out foods that aren't good for him, no? I can see the appeal though.

No. 177213

one of the many reasons why Clerith is my OTP! Love how Cloud remembers his mother telling him he needs an older girlfriend that will put his ass in check and then he immediately thinks of Aerith

No. 177238

The difference is Xiangling didn't know that he needed icy foods and since seeing what it does to him she helped develop the ice pops for him. She does think his high energy self is his real self, though. Xingqiu deliberately sends Chongyun off on wild goose chases and exposes him to things that will rile him up for his own amusement, and Chongyun himself complains that Xingqiu is a bully.

No. 177625

File: 1641500647950.jpeg (288.28 KB, 2000x1057, 75EC5B6A-7FF9-4AB2-A514-E1E28F…)

My beloved justifiably crazy bitch Shion with cute overly stressed gentle boy Satoshi. Something about them just warms my heart. Especially seeing Shion grow to want to be a big sister figure to Satoko. If Satoshi was there I like to imagine both he and Shion would be almost like parental figures to Satoko, and help her through everything they could. Because of Shion being there Satoshi would be a lot less stressed protecting Satoko too…
I just love them all a lot.
Rena with Keiichi or Mion is good too. So is Mion with Keiichi or Rena.

No. 182900

File: 1643686024499.jpg (35.27 KB, 564x392, 89a687f5edfbc3871a53db5f774ab4…)

I love their friendship so much! They aren't the typical straight man-funny man combo, which admittedly isn't that interesting to me and they also don't have a dynamic where one is clearly supposed to be the top. They're both equally stupid, but just in different ways and I love it. I like looking at fanart of them together whether they're being romantically shipped or not. Not usually much of a shipper in general, but something about these two homiesexuals brings me a lot of joy. They could be dating or just best friends forever and I would be happy with it.

No. 182902

File: 1643686110610.jpg (176.87 KB, 844x1003, 396002ae4e88632a9de28ab97823e3…)

Bro… Just two bros admiring each other…

No. 182914

File: 1643692964545.jpeg (411.31 KB, 700x990, A7CDA68D-6A2D-4AE8-8B61-F7E920…)

I love Rena and Keiichi. Their friendship is so intense and I still get chills thinking about their rooftop fight. I wish they could be happy together.

No. 182929

I was sad they didn’t get together in oniokoshi-hen, they were always my favorite higurashi ship.
I guess Umi always was the more shippy of the two though….

No. 182930

File: 1643697465301.jpeg (316.28 KB, 2048x1448, 86F699CE-6963-42B9-A6CF-5C9FD8…)

I just think they’re neat gay robots

No. 182939

how sara wasn't swoon by a dude that would kill for her is beyond me.

No. 182944

>anon replying to my post from 7 months ago and my post from 50 minutes ago
I post here too often…but yeah especially in the Sou lives route, he was pretty much the perfect match for her.
Only flaw is not much Ransara fanart….

No. 182953

Need a Ranmaru bf.
Ranmaru > Joe > Keiji

No. 182955

File: 1643702779455.jpeg (734.9 KB, 828x813, 88952ED5-0275-4703-9139-058DC4…)

Great taste nonnie.
Another one I love is HERO x MARI

No. 182956

File: 1643702779636.png (599.97 KB, 1066x800, 81443731_p55.png)

I guess Midori and Sou are too gay to count?

I'd say Keiji is probably the closest we're gonna get for a love interest for Sara (Like, I'll legit be surprised if they don't become canon at the end of the game) but I like Sara and Joe more as just best friends, romantically together they don't really do much for me.

No. 182958

Sou is for bullying. Midori is too.
Ranmaru is for love.
Whoever Sara ends up with I'll be happy since I do like Keiji too, and Ranmaru is dead I guess. I really hope we won't have to wait too long for the last chapter. I'm dying from impatience here!

No. 182959

>Sou is for bullying. Midori is too.
By Sara or by each other? I'm fine with either or both.
>Whoever Sara ends up with I'll be happy since I do like Keiji too
I just think he's a good fit for Sara, I like him well enough as a character but watching my friend deeply deeply deeply love his and Sara's relationship when I got her to play it made me ship them a bit more than I had originally.
>I really hope we won't have to wait too long for the last chapter. I'm dying from impatience here!
It seems like every part of the 'final' chapter gets longer and longer lol. It's genuinely crazy how short 3A is in comparison to 3B.

No. 182994

File: 1643716467722.jpeg (332.09 KB, 2048x1305, 5A64AACF-E09E-4299-9AC0-D44DA4…)

I love it when he tortures Sou.

No. 183192

Same <3

No. 183227

Late but this is glorious

No. 183235

File: 1643752794017.jpeg (325.02 KB, 1593x2048, EhyxX44UMAEhXls.jpeg)

Based. Made sitting through 3 seasons of SAO worth it and I would almost say Kirito loves him more than he loves him haremettes.

No. 183415

File: 1643788406448.png (828.82 KB, 600x900, 9621d80a02a57310af0d6da5ea48e8…)

Forever salty that Riot's scrotes won't allow it to be canon.

No. 183863

File: 1643877618773.jpeg (282.93 KB, 1700x1930, 23A3E489-815D-49A6-B9B9-90AD3E…)

Best boy and best girl. Mario and Peach could never.

No. 183865

You’re right and should say it! So cute btw

No. 185121

File: 1644283067012.gif (3.05 MB, 400x259, 2153482611.gif)

It hurts

No. 185133

I will forever be mad they didn’t end up together, what a waste.

No. 185244

File: 1644345408209.jpeg (406.9 KB, 800x1131, FIx1lUHaMAI4ru6.jpeg)

They love each other so much it hurts. And I love that.

No. 185250

File: 1644348008014.jpg (39.88 KB, 500x625, 326966ff7fdd4bc34df3a742ad9847…)

Someone posted this last thread I think but since the anime came out but I hard agree with them. Honestly forgot a lot of the story but I just got to the episode where they were trying to sneak into the courtyard and when he gives the last of his oxygen to her… my heart melted. I hate there's an age gap but theres so much better chemistry between them than the pink dude she ends up with. could have been Hermes too I digress

No. 185266

rinhii anon i appreciate you

No. 185295

File: 1644361879895.jpg (271.87 KB, 700x907, 81824599_p0.jpg)

I appreciate your appreciation cutie

No. 185317

are they related?

No. 185369

File: 1644404929171.png (7.59 KB, 400x350, 893B5D03-5ECA-41EC-AAA9-2E39D0…)

I really like their relationship

No. 185382

both jolyne and anasui have better chemistry with weather than with each other imho

No. 185389

Who are they? They look cute but nothing came up when I reverse searched it.

No. 185390

File: 1644416414881.png (238.45 KB, 588x605, rv4dgn8fblf71.png)

These two are so fucking cute

No. 185426

George and Shannon from Umineko

No. 185453

I fucking love them

No. 185509

File: 1644464321178.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1825x2048, 9131F919-0251-4715-B782-F44B43…)

Casca and Judeau would have made a really cute couple tbh

No. 185886

File: 1644606213131.png (1.42 MB, 1748x2480, FLDj4YXakAEZGzP.png)

I am yearning for them to meet each other again so badly

No. 185916

Hard agree, they were so cute together! Perfect match really

No. 186011

File: 1644639775487.jpg (102.61 KB, 520x650, 82153262.jpg)

No. 360523

File: 1709739674155.gif (1.18 MB, 268x222, 1000014558.gif)

Reviving a dead thread to just ask this question:
For expert ATLA enjoyers that like Zutara, can you PLEASE give me your reasoning as to why you love this ship? After recently watching this show again, I just now realized that Katara and Aang don't make a great couple in my opinion because of their relationship being rather rushed in the writing. When I first watched this show as a child, I didn't understand people saying that Katara and Aang have more of a sibling dynamic than a romantic one. Now, I do see the sibling dynamic, which makes "Kataang" rather awkward to me. Now, in my YouTube feed, I'm getting videos about ATLA that almost always come with an opinion that boils down to this about the endgame couple of the show: "If the show demanded that Katara end up with a character in the end, it should have been Zuko". There's a lot of argument and counterargument about Zutara, so for any Zutara fans on this board right now, may you please give out your reasoning for why you love Zutara, how this can make more sense than Kataang, or how you would rewrite this show to have Zuko and Katara's relationship make sense? Also, the creators of ATLA themselves did not like the idea of Katara getting with Zuko, so how does that make you feel?

No. 360555

Zutara ties into both characters' growth and arcs. A lot of Katara's arc is learning the Fire Nation's people aren't always evil and letting go of her hatred and grief. Zuko learns that the Fire Nation's conquest is wrong and his family doesn't deserve his loyalty. Both of them lost their family to the war in a way (Katara's mom through direct conflict with them, Zuko because his family is batshit crazy with power). Zuko and Katara go look for her mom's killer together and Zuko's a big part of Katara standing down. Katara and Zuko have a fire/water juxtaposition and they fought each other directly quite a few times, which people interpret as sexual tension. They fight the final battle vs Azula together and Zuko takes a lightning bolt for Katara.
Plus I think Aang had better chemistry with Toph and Mai's so dull she could have been written out and nothing much would have changed.

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