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No. 123360

ITT: we discuss Localization quirks and post songs in different languages

Growing up most of the content I was exposed to were American cartoons(and some Anime) dubbed into Urdu, However there were certain quirks in Localization that always amused me

One of the most common quirks that I remember was whenever there was a "southern" character (you know the one's with a big cowboy hat), he was given a Northern Punjabi accent to signify his ruralness, and some times flat out references to Texas were changed to Punjab

and were a multi ethnically and racially diverse nation and we have a lot of national stereotypes that translate into the Dub
>Tough Russian Characters are given a Pathan accents
>Wealthy or Nobel characters are given a pure literary Urdu dialect, a type of Urdu accent found in books

No. 123362

I've always wondered what Dora sounded like in French, till one day I was a teen watching switching the channels and I found out that she speaks English as a second language.

I've also wondered what French characters would sound like from France when watching French TV, and they would just make their accents a lot more exaggerated. Thank you for the thread, anon

No. 123366

Male french dubbed voices are the worst lel

No. 123371

They all sound the same in movies and popular tv shows, except very specific guys who get a lot of roles. Like how the guy who voiced Shinji in NGE in French also voiced Reese in Malcolm in the middle and Titeuf. Or the colonel in Malcolm in the middle is Armstrong in FMA and Tony the tiger in the cereals ads.

No. 123373

And to add to this. Try to watch the Avengerd in French with your eyes closed. Good luck trying to gues who is who besides Nick Fury and Loki.

No. 123384

recently found a whole channel for Multilanguage dubs

No. 123445

sounds like hĂȘll tbh.

No. 123464

Official Chinese Dub of Mulan "ll Make a Man Out of You" voiced by fucking Jackie Chan

No. 123500


Here's my fav dubbed disney song (brazillian portuguese)

No. 123502

No. 123510

File: 1611512259490.jpg (252.41 KB, 2000x1500, 71PgijWKccL._RI_.jpg)

Stuff from the Swat Katz Urdu dub I remember

"Razor" and "T-bone" were changed to "Chootay Mian" and "Burray Mian", directly translates to Little duke and Big manduke Dark Kat was changed "Kala Bila" which also directly translates to black wild cat, the biggest change were the puns,(that show had a lot of cat based expressions and puns) some translated naturally, for e.g the "caught by it's tail" has an urdu equivalent, as well as scaredy-cat but there's no equivalent for "Purrs like a kitten" or "9 lives" cause those expressions aren't used, so they were dropped completely

No. 123519


My personal Disney favourite is this, I feel like they made some of the lyrics more poetic in the french dub

No. 123857

Rasputin in Russian sounds fucking terrifying

No. 128365

Malaysian dialect English dubbing is just something else

No. 128518

Gonna share two of my absolute fave disney song dubs, they are basic though

No. 128519

This is imo way better than the og but mainly due to the lyrics being very uncommon/poetic vs the english one

No. 128521

Okay last one, ramses is amazing, moses is boyish but not a strong singer but the vibes.
Why do i fucking love this anon

No. 128695

this is interesting bc I would think spanish would be just as relevant to the french, when I was in france my spoken french was too shitty for the other students(french and italian)in the program I was with and their English was shit but we could all sorta chat in spanish lol they just spoke with a obvious spaniard influence and I spoke like a californian

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