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No. 122880

You wanna be on top?

I felt like reality TV didn't really fit in the TV show general so I decided to make a thread. What are your favorite cycles, contestants, moments, gifs, and photoshoots?

No. 122902

File: 1611117891077.png (974.77 KB, 767x1024, 137e661f1aa32ecec7bef80fcf591f…)

I rewatched cycle 1 recently and I was surprised that Elyse didn't make it into the top 3. Her personality was sometimes annoying due to her acting like she was kind of above the whole thing, but she was definitely much better than Shannon.

Also forgot how much shit-stirring Robin did and how annoying she was with her religion sperging.

No. 122924

File: 1611139414097.jpg (68.51 KB, 500x639, e189ee3fb645eb021a96afb9937872…)

Ohh I remember being amazed with Elyse's performance throughout entire season, sometimes I forget she didnt actually win.

My personal favorite - probably very common opinion also - would be Allison, she didnt take a single bad photo. The wild birds photoshoot suited her so well, too bad I can't find it in better quality.

No. 123074

File: 1611251356051.jpg (95.09 KB, 817x1000, 5fd4a649e9eeaa97a41284f3b8a743…)

She looks like esper Terra Branford

No. 123091

Allison is one of my all time favorite contestants.

I just finished watching seasons 19 and 20 since they're on netflix now and they kind of suck tbh. The fashion is so ugly and most of the models were so boring.

No. 123094

this reminded me of a series of youtube videos I liked watching about antm called "how tf did ** not win" for contestants like allison, melrose, leila etc.

I can't find them anymore, probably got nuked by yt.

No. 123124

File: 1611269019093.jpg (168.14 KB, 552x815, KimStolz2.jpg)

This bitch royally got on my nerves because there was always something she was griping about. Same with Nnenna, the judges were right to get on her when she was acting too much like this was 'Miss Universe' and not ANTM. No one at the Nigerian embassy is going to care if you walk in, let alone know who you even are.

No. 123134

File: 1611274168842.jpg (30.05 KB, 604x741, nrvyp2jfe6p51.jpg)

My girl Bloody Eyeball

No. 123136

Kim was such a cunt, her crying crocodile tears at Bre calling her out was the last straw for me. She also lasted way longer than I felt she deserved to based on her photos. Of course, they kept her for the drama.

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