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No. 118226

Is anyone into pre-70s cinema (Old Hollywood or other industries)?
What are your favourite genres, movies, actors and screen legends?
Alternatively, what are your least favourite?

No. 118229

File: 1607821084941.png (1.05 MB, 1427x1072, QueenChristina9.png)

Samefag because I didn't want to put this in the OP but I love all the lesbian subtext in Classic Hollywood. Discovering the pre-Code era changed my view on history as well! I think the 30s-40s was a high point in terms of female representation in cinema.
I would personally die for Greta Garbo, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, and probably a few others…
I also love Dorothea Wieck from Mädchen in Uniform (1931) fame and own one of her signed postcards!

No. 118252

File: 1607833299479.gif (1.95 MB, 268x300, margochanning.gif)

Thanks for starting this thread anon, I was considering making one too.

My number one is Bette Davis. So charismatic. I had a gay ol' crush on her in All About Eve (1950), but I also loved the films where she hammed it up ofc. Baby Jane (1962) goes without saying, but her two Elizabeth I films (1939 and 1955) are also great, even if I didn't necessarily like her male costars.

I'd also love to hear more of your recs for pre-Code films with lesbian subtext! Haven't been watching classic cinema in a while; maybe I can make a list for the holidays.

Also, does anyone listen to the podcast You Must Remember This? What are your favorite episodes? I personally loved her Dead Blondes miniseries and her very early one about Judy Garland.

No. 118254

File: 1607834715150.gif (492.07 KB, 499x375, perfect.gif)

I love you anons, and I love Myrna Loy. I'll be lurking this thread to find things to watch. Haven't seen the movie this gif of her is from, but had a laugh when I found it.
My favorite genres are mystery, romance and comedy. Also, I really liked Bette Davis in Of Human Bondage, a performance that is said to have launched her career.
Do any anons here like silent films? I do, watched one on Youtube recently. I need to find more to watch in general.

No. 118255

File: 1607834835225.gif (801.58 KB, 500x340, myrna.gif)

samefag, she is so witty in The Thin Man series alongside William Powell, so I have to share one more gif.

No. 118262

File: 1607842453056.jpg (475.89 KB, 2048x1365, 13bacall-obit-ss-slide-79CJ-su…)

I loooove Lauren Bacall. She was great in Key Largo.

No. 118277

Re. lesbian subtext in pre-Code, try Morocco (1930) and literally anything with Greta Garbo, especially Queen Christina (1933). Also check out Dracula's Daughter (1936), an early lesbian vampire movie!

For other Hollywood eras I recommend Hitchcock's Rebecca (1940) for Mrs Danvers, and Michael Curtiz's Young Man With a Horn (1950) for Lauren Bacall's character who is AMAZING.

And these aren't Hollywood films but you might enjoy Mädchen in Uniform (my favourite is the 1931 version for sure but the 1958 one has Romy Schneider, who makes me smile) and Olivia (1951) - all explicitly lesbian plots. There's a Letterboxd list called Pride: A Chronological History of Queer Interest & LGBT+ Cinema - I don't like the phrasing lol but it's a useful resource that you can sort by decade if you're interested!

The silent film that got me into that era was Metropolis (1927), super accessible and exciting and I loved the retrofuturist aesthetic!
If you're into whimsy and delight then also check out Poor Little Rich Girl (1917) starring Mary Pickford.

My favourite silent film is currently Gosta Berling's Saga (1924) - totally enchanting and seems as if it was made in a different world. 100% recommend if you have the endurance for it.

No. 118278

Saga looks really interesting from the picutres. In what way do you mean watching it will need endurance? Are you referring to slower pacing in older movies, or something else?

No. 118279

Just adding onto your recs, Pandora's Box with Louise Brooks has a lesbian subplot (no subtext, it's an openly lesbian character)

No. 118286

It's just really long (over 3 hours) so might be intimidating if you haven't seen many silent films before

No. 118670

If anyone else is interested, here's an early technicolor silent film with Anna May Wong. The plot is pretty shitty and basically a rehashed Madame Butterfly in China, but it's a beautiful film to look at and Wong's dresses are fantastic.

No. 118798

File: 1608235757834.jpg (38.03 KB, 450x675, mae-the-bomb-west.jpg)

I love Rita Hayworth, she was one of my first old Hollywood crushes. I'm going to soonish rewatch some of her films.

I haven't really ventured into Elizabeth Taylor yet, what films of hers would you guys recommend? Cleopatra I suppose and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof?

Who are your favorite stars? I love Mae West the most, she was just so funny. And looked great too, very glamorous!

Also, can we discuss books/biographies/autobiographies in this threat too? Might be interesting.

No. 118835

It's on the opposite end of the spectrum from Cleopatra but the 1959 Suddenly Last Summer. Taylor is very very good in it.
Many of her films required her to just be present and that was enough, but here she performs.

No. 118936

Thank you! I will watch it during the Christmas holidays.

No. 118960

Has anyone else seen Of Human Bondage? WTF kind of accent was Bette even going for? Love her but it was… a mediocre film at best.

No. 118988

Everyone says casablanca is a very good movie but I found it kinda boring

No. 118995

Where do anons go to watch these movies?

No. 119014

A shit ton are available for free on youtube! And when they're not, my torrent source is yt . mx (no spaces). Surprising number of classic movies there

No. 119080

The PizzaFlix account on Youtube has loads of old movies

No. 119564

I’m an american poorfag and watch them on TV on the Movies! channel

No. 119639

Yooo I'm late but check out ok.ru, there are a few dedicated old Hollywood uploaders and almost everything I've looked for has been on there!

No. 119640

Re. biographies - have you read Mommie Dearest? I'm sure a lot of anons here would enjoy the Crawford drama. I love Joan but still totally believe all the accusations lol.

I recently finished Lauren Bacall's autobiography and loved it, she comes off as a really warm person. The passages about falling in love with Bogart were great escapism and I don't even really like the man. I've just started the (massive) book on Marlene Dietrich written by her daughter in hopes of more juicy gossip and am enjoying some of the thoroughly lesbionic extracts from her 1910s diary.

No. 121666

I watched My Man Godfrey (1936) recently. Saw the colored version on Amazon Prime. FUNNY AF!!! And quite cute. I had a blast watching with a friend who isn't interested in old films in any way.

No. 123699

File: 1611606686130.jpg (180.29 KB, 759x937, cff7a262-954c-4c0c-bb47-805b8b…)

Did he do it?

No. 123703

I watched it too it was great! And very memorable. And I love the crazy lady also the entire movie is on youtube!? That's great, I can watch it again

No. 123705

That's Natalie Wood and Kirk Douglas, right? I didn't even know of this, only that she died in strange circumstances.

No. 123708

Ask that bug eyed christopher walken, anon

No. 123724

File: 1611616384520.jpg (98.83 KB, 625x801, portrait of innocence.jpg)

Sorry he slept through it all just ask his attorney slept like a log uh huh

No. 123726

He most certainly didn't have any sexual relations with neither of the people on that boat

No. 123727

File: 1611619594014.gif (1.98 MB, 500x278, 2723711.gif)

are color films allowed in this thread?

No. 123728

File: 1611619625107.jpg (49.89 KB, 529x729, 47320473205346547.jpg)

>that weird moment you realize you would've been attracted to Christopher Walken when he was much younger
Holy shit he used to be gorgeous. What a shame

No. 123732

He knows the rapist's identity too?

No. 123748

We have our Natalie Wood tragedies mixed up, anon.

No. 124730

File: 1612005185466.jpg (283.71 KB, 1820x2048, Rocco-and-his-brothers-1960-mo…)

I'm crazy about young Alain Delon and french new wave and italian neorealism, and it so happens that Delon was part of both. He was easily the most beautiful actor in history imo. Some of Delon movies I would recomend:
"Rocco and His Brothers" (1960) by Visconti. It heavily inspired Coppola's "Godfather" and some of Scorsese movies, like "Raging Bull" and "Mean Streets". It even has music by Nino Rota that sometimes really resembles the music from "Godfather". As a teen I loved Coppola and Scorsese but now, when I'm older and I saw the movie they took from, I honestly see more value in the original. It's filled with pathos and drama and sometimes it almost feels like an opera, but it touched me deeply, it culminates and breaks the tension at the end perfectly. Amazing acting performances, especially by Annie Girardot and Delon (but TW for one of the most haunting rape scenes I've seen in a movie, if anyone plans to watch it).
"The Leopard" (1963) also by Visconti
"L'Eclisse" (1962)
"Purple Noon" (1960)
"Le Samourai" (1967)
"La Piscine" (1969)
"Le Cercle Rouge" (1970)
Sorry for not writing more about the other ones but Rocco is the most recent I saw and it struck me the most for some reason. But the other ones are very good too, especially L'Eclisse and The Leopard are pure kino.

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