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File: 1605671996209.jpg (278.01 KB, 1536x1152, Higurashi-No-Naku-Koro-Ni.jpg)

No. 115528

What are some shows and franchises that are hard to get into?
Shows that are 100+ episodes, with multiple volumes and 4 videogame sequels, etc.
Are you into any of those or wish you could be into them? Discuss

No. 115533

I kinda wanted to get into Gundam. All I’ve seen is the 08th MS Team and it was really good. Why it gotta have so many episodes, Gundamfags?

No. 115536

Fucking Fate I have no clue what order to go or anything.

No. 115540

If you want to get into the basic Fate/Stay Night storyline, the order I'd suggest watching it is
>Fate/Zero (takes place 10 yrs before F/SN)

>Fate/Stay Night (2006 anime by Studio Dean)
>Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
>Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel (movie trilogy)

Imo it doesn't matter what order you watch the other parts after F/SN in, but I'm sure there are purists out there who have recommended "watch in this order" lists.
Also, stay far away from Prisma Illya unless you want to get flagged by Interpol. It sounds like a cute magical girl au but it's actually loli bait.

No. 115542

Western superhero comics. I have no interest anyway, but if it's the first thing that springs to mind. There's just so fucking much of it.

To a FAR lesser degree, Gorillaz
It's probably not hard if I cared to put in the effort, but the lore seems all over the place. I don't allow myself to listen to the music without knowing since I fear I won't get the full experience.

No. 115552

Thank you for the warning you the mvp anon. I can barely handle Kobyashi's dragon maid bs despite loving the family dynamic.

No. 115558

File: 1605681458733.jpg (39.04 KB, 640x480, 15226064068634.jpg)

>Warcraft lore
I've played a bit of WoW but actually following the shit that happens in quests, cinematics, new expansions etc is beyond me. I'm not familiar with Warcraft and the novels don't seem worth the time investment, but it would be nice to understand more of the storyline when I play.
>Doctor Who
Too long, too many different series/doctors, and I'm too unclear on the appeal. I just know I'll never bother no matter how often I see people recommend it
>Fantasy novels in general
Stuff like Dune, Wheel of Time, all those Brandon Sanderson novels. They're just massive books and I'm not even sure if fantasy is my thing, so I keep putting them off. I'm really keen to try though, I'd love to have such an endless amount of content to consume especially with upcoming adaptions.
>Jojo, One Piece, Gintama
Listing all 3 at once because it's the same situation for all of them - I've read a lot of the manga and watched a lot of the anime, but it was ages ago and forget tonnes of stuff. I did enjoy what I read but I can't be bothered keeping up with new parts or adaptions. It feels harder to try and get back into them than it was to start them.

What big franchises do anons actually recommend and find worth the time investment? For me it's
>Legend of the Galactic Heroes
110 episode OVA, another ~50 episode OVA, a new adaption and a bunch of movies, it's fucking massive but I loved every second of it. I never expected to find badly animated talking heads discussing space politics so fascinating. I can rewatch it multiple times and I'm still riveted.
>Hunter x Hunter
Two long ass anime series and a manga that will probably never be finished, but by far my favourite battle shounen and I just find it clever and unpredictable in comparison to other series. Even if we never get a conclusion I'm glad I spent so much time on it.
Actually I don't know if I recommend it, it's pretty shitty at parts and loads of people dislike it. But there are so many fun, hilarious episodes spread throughout 15 seasons that it's worth it for me and I'm thirsty af for Dean.

Damn this is a bit of an essay but I put a lot of thought into what media to invest my precious free time in.

No. 115559

fate has always looked like some overly convoluted mary sue chuuni fest to me, so I avoid it for that reason

No. 115564

File: 1605684864994.jpeg (117.59 KB, 333x333, FWrkgDn.jpeg)

For me Supernatural ended season 5 where the original writers had intended it to end. Richings Death was the best thing, such a disgrace how they killed him off in 10.

No. 115569

Star Trek for me, I fucking loved The Original Series as a kid but I never watched any of the other series.

same, 08th MS Team slaps but the amount of Gundam media that exists is incredibly intimidating. Currently trying to chip my way through the early UC shows though and I'm enjoying myself.

Another one I plan on getting into, your glowing recc is definitely encouraging!

No. 115570

tbh I would stay away from any franchise that has a loli bait spin-off. I remember seeing a review of a figure from this pedo show and being disgusted. I wouldn't want to be into anything related to that.

No. 115573

File: 1605692199969.jpg (626.19 KB, 1250x938, tumblr_nmc0j2o8zO1qhslato1_128…)

I've wanted to get into Warhammer 40000 for the longest time and I never really knew how to given how massive and overwhelming the franchise looks, then during the first lockdown I spent all my days reading pages on Lexicanum and 1d4chan. I now have a pretty good knowledge of the universe, enough to get most memes and to recognize some obscure characters, but I'm not sure if I want to get into playing the board game, the miniatures and codexes are such a money sink, and I'm too much of a dumbass to understand rules. There's also a shitton of books of varying quality, I'm sticking to the Horus Heresy novels for now.

No. 115574

Genshin Impact lore and questlines. They're such slogs and there's so much unnecessary dialogue and attempts at being profound that just fall flat. The character designs are cute and I like them for their VAs and expressions but storywise I wouldn't care if any one or all of them died. I don't even play quests anymore I'm just waiting for the next region to explore.

No. 115575


Fate Zero is the only thing worth watching from the fate series imo

No. 115576

Ot but the enduring relevance of Higurashi is so confusing to me. I remember watching it as a middle schooler and it was a weird old series then, can’t believe I’m im my 20’s now and kids are still talking abt it, it’s not good

Utena is so popular and supposed to be super deep but every time I try to watch it I can’t get more than a few episode In

No. 115580

I liked Utena for the music, chara design and relationship between the characters but I never got the deepness either. Ikuhara is a hack anyway, he thinks putting convoluted metaphors in his works is "deep".

No. 115581

the characters, relationships between them and the criticism of gender roles is enough to make Utena deep. Not 'deep' as in philosophy theory deep, but compared to most anime.

No. 115582

File: 1605700328424.jpeg (178.02 KB, 553x800, C8235DBD-7D76-4E38-B55F-7A7F42…)

A Certain Magical Index franchise
Every dude who watched it can’t stop telling me how great and “not like other battle shounen” it is. Apparently the female protagonists are good? I’m only mildly interested if I’m taking their words for it but there’s just so much of it.

No. 115583

File: 1605701065384.jpeg (189.24 KB, 750x1035, 58D5A334-20F9-419A-9585-8DF4AE…)

> What are some shows and franchises that are hard to get into?
One piece, bleach, naruto. Those shits are too long and just really not my type, I tried watching at least a few chapters of each and it was impossible to me. Same with JoJo, I love the character designs but I tried reading the manga a long time ago and I just wanted colorful guys fighting by homoerotically getting touched by their magical weird spiritual animals. It is quite interesting looking plotwise too, but it’s also already so long that I would need a few days to binge it properly.
The avengers’ comics too, they’re extremely long, my autistic ass needs to be in the zone for binge reading so I can really make some progress reading those, specially the older ones that has walls of texts in comparison to how they’re done nowadays.
Pokémon, it’s difficult to properly get into it, I tried, reading the manga and I noped after a while, it’s immensely huge, so I guess it would be better to just pick your favorite Pokémon protagonists and follow their story.

> What big franchises do anons actually recommend and find worth the time investment?

I think transformers is honestly fun, the characters are interesting even if the pacing gets a bit slow at times, I also like the whole world building aspect of it, technobabble is the best.
Ojamajo doremi, it’s fun and cute, it can touch a few hard subject even if it’s a kid’s show, the whole thing is so whimsical that it can really make one smile.
Sailor moon, the manga is amazing, I loved it, I feel like the story makes more sense in there and there are lots of really beautiful illustrations too.
Servamp, the manga is already around the 100 chapters but it seems that it won’t get extremely long, the vampires and some of the humans are quite interesting, the story is a tiny bit over the place but the whole setting is really interesting.

No. 115584

Hot take, all anime is fake deep. Deep as in a teenager's understanding of deep. Allegedly "deep" anime like Anohana, Your Lie, Death Note, even Monster, all a middle schooler's or a stunted adult's understanding of deep.

No. 115587

Anon, they are straight up lying to you. The only mildly interesting thing in the anime is Accelerator's storyline and he only appears around episode 22 or something, the other 80% of the time you have to follow your typical self insert semi-harem battle shonen protagonist and it's unbearable.
The series with Misaka as a protagonist (the main girl in that poster) is also boring as shit and uneventful.

No. 115588

>Allegedly "deep" anime like Anohana, Your Lie

Do people even consider these deep?? All I've seen people praise them for is for being emotional.

No. 115590

>a middle schooler's or a stunted adult's understanding of deep
It's funny cause some "deep" anime that gets recommended is literally made for teens. Death Note is shounen but some people think it's for an older audience just because it's edgy.

No. 115591

I’ve never seen those anime called deep just sad or in DN’a case edgy/dark

No. 115594

Read the Higurashi VN. It'a not hard to figure out at all. The writing is just really good.

No. 115598

Thanks anon. Now I won’t waste my time. Men have shit taste lol

No. 115600

I agree with you for superhero comics. Or even American comics as a whole. I want to know what publishing houses are smoking in America. I don't get why super heroes fans lose their shit over how super heroes movie or cartoon fans almost never read comics when adaptations are more coherent most of the time and less confusing, even with the MCU.

No. 115602

The lore doesn't really matter in Gorillaz IMO. A lot of people just listen to it because it is good music, and learn on the go from the video clips. You can be a Gorillaz fan and just listen to their popular songs in my opinion, since it was a widely spread thing on MTV and stuff back in the mid 2000 to 2010 some people listened to it and never cared about lore. This is a good song btw

No. 115604

Naruto ended to me in the first series, after Sasuke ran away and then the fillers don't count. I did keep with some updates afterwards but to me the franchise was dead and heartless. I just liked seeing 12 year old Naruto and his pals jumping all over the place, the added angst and characters and things that I never cared about didn't do it for me. Don't get me started on Boruto. I only watched the movie because I care about my favorite silly ninja Naruto, his son is a prick.

No. 115606

Utena is so fucking retarded only a weeb would think it's good.

No. 115607

I agree with you about Sasuke, and I think he completely ruined the whole franchise, but there's no first series. There's just Naruto from the first to the last volume with everything in between. Because of shit like this you have retards asking where they need to start reading or watching long series like Naruto, Dragon Ball or JJBA when the answer is to watch episode one, then episode two, then episode three, etc. or read the first volume, then the second one, then the third one, etc. Reminds me of idiots on tumblr saying you could skip the first four acts in Homestuck and perfectly understand what's going on. Calling long anime adaptations "Shippuden" or "DBZ" is just some marketing gimmick so Japanese people casually watching TV back then would know there's a timeskip or a new season, that's literally it.

No. 115608


No. 115612

File: 1605725771962.jpg (131.73 KB, 812x522, Supernatural-Felicia-Day.jpg)

Agreed, I still watch into season 8 or so because I love Charlie Bradbury (not AU Charlie or dark Charlie tho). Also I enjoy how we get to see Bobby as an actual father figure to them. Everything else is trash.

No. 115614

How exactly is Utena retarded? I get that it's not your taste and that some episodes are quirky, but…
And if you think that Utena is retarded, the rest of the anime must be braindead then.

No. 115616

oh thanks for your input anon!

No. 115618

NGE. People act like it's some great must watch anime but I think it's dumb and ugly too.
Also, SEL, except I did watch a few episodes. Not as dumb but still, wtf.

No. 115620

Samefag, forgot to mention Studio Ghibli (in general). Strong Disney vibes, I hate Disney.

No. 115621

Idol Master. So many girls, so little English.

No. 115632

I love IM@s so much and I consider it to be the only anime that is actually about idols instead of "cute girls doing cute things". I wish at least one of the games were translated, but I still appreciate them… I guess thats what makes it special.

No. 115635

No. 115645

File: 1605753426179.jpg (58.6 KB, 770x770, 1354848_Latvian_NewShowDetailH…)

NTA, I think they mean Serial Experiments Lain. It's confusing af, but has a great soundtrack and concept.

Another one is Texhnolyze. The same artist from SEL designed it, and it also has a great, kind of unusual, soundtrack. But, it's really, really, REALLY boring and slow paced. It's not as well written as SEL, so there's no urge to try and figure out the plot's meaning. I liked the main character a lot, tho. Wish he had more development.

No. 115651

I'd say Jojo is extremely easy to get into. Skip part 1 through 3 and pick whatever part after those you like and read that. They don't have much connective tissue at all so you can literally pick whatever part you want outside of 1-3.

No. 115655

>the rest of anime must be braindead then
well, yes.

No. 115658

It doesnt really apply to part 6 imo

No. 115666

Why the fuck do people keep recommending to skip JoJo parts? Granted they are not the best of the general manga, but they are usually short and since it's an action series you can read it fast, plus there are still some great character interactions. I don't get get it, you don't tell people to skip the first volumes of Dragon Ball because it has no Saiyans, the same applies to JoJo.

No. 115668

Because they're self contained and you can do it without messing up the story, if a certain part is likely to turn you off the series it's worth considering. If I tried to soldier through part 3 (boring + shit scans) I would've given up and never read part 4, which is my favourite. It was definitely better to go back to it later.

No. 115669

Anon people are actually stupid to tell other to skip Dragon Ball volumes or episodes until the timeskip where it's called DBZ because of marketing bullshit. Don't overestimate anime fans.

No. 115671

Yeah ok, I picked a bad example, I love DB not matter the part so I could not fathom people skipping any moments. Still, I really wonder why people keep encouraging cherry picking JoJo parts, it's not that self-contained (it's still a small universe). I remember starting with part 5 and 6 specifically because people said they could stand on their own (this was before the anime and the old books were out of print in my country) and being utterly confused.

No. 115673

Are you French? Because the way all the partd were printed made buying the books confusing until part 3 became an anime and Tonkam decided to publish part 1 to 4. Anyway yeah no wonder you'd be confused with part 6 especially, the stakes aren't as high if you never read part 3 before that one.

No. 115674

part 2 was the best though?

No. 115676

File: 1605796208880.jpg (332.3 KB, 1280x960, 3832e5aa6f68466e88aa89c5a508f9…)

For me it's Umineko.
I love Higurashi, but like many others I got into it because of the anime. Once I finished that I craved more so I read the VN (and manga). The anime has plenty of faults and didn't age very well, but it was fine as a way of being introduced to the story and characters.

For Umineko it's different. The anime is an absolute garbage fire and covers only very little of the actual material. I got about 25 hours into the Umineko VN before I accidentally lost my save, and I just… never bothered to pick it back up. It's very very slow and requires a lot of patience if you aren't already invested in the characters. I know there 's supposed to be way more twists and whatnot beyond what I've seen, but I really can't be arsed to spend that much time clicking through what mostly feels like mundane filler dialogue.

No. 115680

Yes I am, bien vu.

No. 115685

this so much. I love superheroes but I really can't bring myself to read dc and marvel comics.

No. 115688

yeah umineko is so hard to get into but beatrice is queen

No. 115702

File: 1605804959386.gif (974.38 KB, 400x300, 1593646365387.gif)

>08th MS Team first
You already fucked it up.
Watch Mobile Suit Gundam (1979), tv series. After that, Zeta Gundam (1985) and the movie Char's Counterattack (1988).
0079 themes are the precursors of a fuckton of anime tropes, while the show itself being far from the normal generic anime shitfest. All dramatic points are top-notch and are the reasons why Tomino is always praised by other directors and industry veterans.
If you end up not enjoying it for petty reasons, like the old animation or slow pace, that's okay. But beyond those technical drawbacks lies the core gist of the whole franchise. If you can't say you liked 0079, I doubt you would enjoy the other non-joke gundam shows.

No. 115703

>"deep" anime like Anohana, Your Lie, Death Note, even Monster
Holy shit watch more anime? If this is your list of "deep" anime, you literally never watched a deep anime at all

No. 115704

>part 2 was the best though?
Is it really anon?
Nothing wrong with it being someone's favorite arc, but personally i found it just insufferable and if you don't ship caesar/joseph (personally i couldnt like either characters) then there's little to no content to really enjoy in that arc>>115674

No. 115705

Skipping Jojo part 1-3 is completely okay because the stupid macho shit is what turns most women off and the series stops doing that after those parts. As for picking whatever part outside of those, the continuity between them barely fuckin matters. People who have a hard time sticking to a long series aren't gonna start Jojo because of its length. It's better that they just pick the part that looks cool to them instead of being pressured to start from part 1, leading them to never fucking read any of it at all.

It's completely okay to start from watever Jojo part you want. Araki overexplains the shit happening anyway so you won't be in the dark starting from "the middle".

No. 115706

Also if you're somehow confused you can look up the synopsis to those 3 parts instead of slaving through the chapters.

No. 115714

When I learned she's basically the persona of a psychopath troon I couldn't like her anymore

No. 115724

Tell me more. Depending on how the story is and what it's actually about I may or may not read it, I don't want to waste time reading trash when I already have other VN in my backlog.

No. 115725

>Skipping Jojo part 1-3 is completely okay because the stupid macho shit is what turns most women off and the series stops doing that after those parts.
Nah, girls love stupid macho shit because it means cute macho boys, that's why we're such a massive part of literally any battle manga's audience despite them being aimed at boys. The male characters in 1-3 and therefore the parts themselves are incredibly popular with women.

1-2 are recommended to be skipped because they're so completely different from the rest of the series that they don't really give you an idea of whether you'll like later parts or not, and 3 is when Araki was still finding his footing with stands so it's just not a great part.

No. 115726

i dont ship joseph with caesar, i just really liked the historical setting, the pillar men, and joseph's character. the other parts just dont do it for me like part 2 did i guess

No. 115729

You can make that argument for coomers perhaps but most women I've spoken to about Jojo who were not interested in it cited the fist of the north star knockoff machismo.

No. 115754

has anyone here watched monster? i started watching it because of the extremely positive reviews but now im regretting it especially after seeing so many people say its not worth the 74 episodes. i feel like it has the potential to be so good and the first few episodes had me hooked but its just so slow and i dont really understand the hype. is it worth continuing?

No. 115755

be a fake gorillaz fan like me and start with the new stuff, somg machine is so fun! then dive in as you want

No. 115760

What episode are you on?

I watched it several years ago, it’s definitely a slow burn type series. The anime adaption was very accurate to the manga and doesn’t condense much. It picks up around episode 30ish (I think).

Overall I really enjoyed it, but it’s a definitely a slow-moving story and not for everyone.

No. 115761

I loved the manga but tbh I'm not sure if the anime would've held my attention if I tried it first, or even tried it now.

When in doubt with anime, I always go for the manga because you can consume 10x as much in the same amount of time and make your decision to continue or not with a better idea of the material.

No. 115768

>When in doubt with anime, I always go for the manga because you can consume 10x as much in the same amount of time
this, I never understand people that mostly watch anime and skip on manga even though they could get to know the whole story and not just season 1.
Every anime episode takes forever and often nothing even happens lmfao

No. 115772


> Higurashi

I never really heard about this one before, which is weird cause I was way into anime and mangas when I was younger. I saw it recently on Netflix and didn’t exactly get it.
I’m currently “playing” the VN but it’s so sluggish and the characters are plain annoying. I honestly don’t understand why people are praising the writing when it’s like “awwuuuu she sho kyuuuute” and every basic anime cliche trope that exist under the sun.
Yeah you can fight me Higurashi stans, cause I honestly just don’t get it.

> The office

I just don’t know if it’s worth getting into cause it’s so long, and it seems a bit overhyped. I feel like I’ve seen already half the show through memes at this point. Honestly asking if it’s worth watching?
I’m just starting It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but it’s honestly gold. I want to know if the office is about the same.

No. 115775

About Higurashi, I had hard time in the beginning because all of these tropes and extra long scenes of the characters playing games were just boring to read but let me assure you, it's loved for a reason. The whole point of setting up the "cliche" vibes and characters that seem like one trope personified is to make the later horror shift in tone feel even more pronounced.
In the end it's understandable if you don't want to sit through all that "cliche fun time" (and it's a lot of it especially in the first 3 chapters, at some point I just fastforwarded through some) but it's legitimately worth it in the end because writting where it matters really is fantastic, I've been reading horror literature half of my life and Higurashi is up there with the best when it comes to setting the tone, building tension and characters' psychology. On the surface if may seem like just "oh you think this cute girl is cute but she's actually a psycho" gimmick but it's much deeper than that, all of the character's "quirks" really make sense in the end, they're fully fleshed out people you can sympathize with.
Sorry for sounding like a weeb I guess but I'm really jaded when it comes to horror and visual novels as the genres and this genuinely VN surprised me with how good it turned out to be; so I feel like other people should not give up on it too.

No. 115776

I didn't play the VN but the anime got me hooked and it was uphill from there with season 2.

No. 115779

Is it better to start with the manga, anime, or VN?

No. 115780

anyone will tell you that you should start with VN since it's the definitive version of the story

No. 115781

The anime glazes over a lot of important plot points and the second season is extremely confusing as they had to cram everything as much as they could, it was the best way to get introduced to the franchise back in the day, but now that everything is available, there are much better options. The VN is often recommended, but a lot of people don't like reading those (myself included), it's extremely long and can feel fillerish during certain scenes (especially since there's no choice to make). The mangas are a good alternative since you can read them faster than the VN while still retaining all the important parts, careful with the varying quality of the art since it's a different artist depending on the arcs. If you like the VN format though, go ahead with it, the first arc is free on Steam iirc if you want to test the waters.

No. 115782

Thank you, anons! I do prefer reading the manga, as I can go through the story quicker, without any of the boring filler VN often has (as you've said). I just wanted to make sure that there weren't any major gaps in the story comparatively, or that the manga glosses over some of the original details.

No. 115783

I've seen the anime, don't know about manga, but I'm gonna say - definitely VN. The first person narration provides in depth look into protagonist's mind which is impossible to ever fully achieve in mediums like manga or anime; and I believe "tell, don't show" approach is far superior in horror genre, especially here where the author really excells at describing both paranoia and gore in a way that feels more intense than actually seeing someone's visual interpretation of it, gives you more freedom of your own interpretation and is more immersive thanks to that, especially with addition of music and sound effects.

Also, an unpopular opinion but after trying both I believe mangagamer's version is the best one; even though sprites are a bit too sexualized at times, they're polished and rough, filtered photos backgrounds + less of CGI moments kinda fit the vibe of the story more than more "visually appealing" fully painted console version.

No. 115795


personally I like hot-blooded macho stuff but to each their own, honestly.

No. 115799

File: 1605892307103.png (3.34 MB, 1444x1080, 2WUaIbx.png)

>kinda fit the vibe of the story more than more "visually appealing" fully painted console version
Why not just use the original sprites then? I never liked the redrawn ones since they felt so generic. Sure, ryukishi07 is no artistic genius, especially back then, but his expressions have their own vibe and fit the story best of all imo.

No. 115800

I've recently been playing this and I can't play the original ones because they crack me up. It ruins the mood.

No. 115817

File: 1605897944883.png (766.41 KB, 1214x480, tumblr_ndwc6kZWIZ1s77vlvo1_128…)

I kinda like the original 07th sprites, it gives the series a weird doujin charm, all the other designs are generic at best and hideous at worst (the Umineko pachinko sprites they used for Steam). I never managed to get over Mion's gun, it was such a weird design that they got rid of it in subsequent ports (but weirdly enough they kept it for the old anime). I don't think it was ever addressed, is it even a real gun?

No. 115819

>it gives the series a weird doujin charm.
That's 100% why I like the original sprites.

No. 115823

The gun was weird for sure, I always assumed it was supposed to be a toy gun or something for the club games, but I don't remember it ever being mentioned either. I mean, considering the material it could've been a real gun but then obviously it would come up in conversation at least.

No. 115826

File: 1605900945682.jpg (60.47 KB, 700x467, 39f1231982cb943f9a9f42b55a1836…)

>Avatar the Last Airbender
I tried watching the first couple of eps, it really just feels like a kids show and I couldn't get into it. But plenty of adults adore it, the article I saved pic related from called it one of the greatest shows of all time… should I keep trying? Does it get good at a particular point?
>Star Wars
I've only seen the first movie and it felt dated and lame, it's one of the biggest franchises of all time so I feel like I need to watch it eventually. But do the other old movies hold up? Are any of the new ones good enough to make it worthwhile?

>Every anime episode takes forever and often nothing even happens lmfao
Honestly this is so true. I watched anime for years and I have a lot of series I loved, but even those series are just full of forcibly dragged out moments and overly slow pacing within scenes regardless of how fast the plot itself moves. Even on shitty western tv they tend to have something happening at all times and you're entertained from moment to moment. I can watch a western TV series I actively dislike and I'm still not waiting for things to move along the way I do in anime.

>I’m just starting It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but it’s honestly gold. I want to know if the office is about the same.
Always Sunny is significantly funnier but the Office is still funny and good for just background watching while you're multitasking. It's not a hard series to get into, you literally just pick any random episode and if you like it you'll probably like the rest.

No. 115828

I don't like Star Wars so I'm probably not the most qualified person to answer, but the very first one is notorious for having aged badly compared to the next two, there's a significant step up in quality between ANH and ESB. I'd say to at least watch the remaining two films of the original trilogy to get a general opinion on Star Wars. The prequels are atrocious and don't deserve to be watched, they are boring as fuck and ugly as sin, the only people who like them are the terminate hardcore fans and the millennials who grew up with the movies. As for the recent ones, I haven't seen them, but the general consensus is that they are not very good, and the fact that it's made by Disney is enough of a repellent to me.

No. 115830

Re: Avatar, yes, I would say the first several episodes have a somewhat generic, simplistic feel then it gets much better and more interesting. I usually hate when people tell me “watch until episode XX, it’s amazing after that I promise!” when it’s like bitch, if it isn’t capturing me straight away why do you think I want to waste my time watching trash until it might surpass mediocrity? But there are a few rare instances where I believe the wait was worth it, and I think Avatar is one of those. Personally I think it starts getting more thoughtful, mature and creative by episode 10. Keep in mind that the characters are kids themselves, so it’s also the journey of watching them grow from naive children into more experienced and thoughtful adults that makes it so fun. They never get past the teenage stage so keep that in mind, but it deals with young adults dealing with sometimes harsh realities and conflicting values in an honest and intelligent way. It’s not a gritty grimdark show where they constantly face rape, murder and torture, but frankly that’s one of the reasons I find it so refreshing.

No. 115831

>it really just feels like a kids show
That's because it is. It's better written than most kids shows but it's really not that deep. I liked it a lot when it started airing but I didn't care beyond that and I was surprised to see it had an active fandom on tumblr in the early 2010s. I'm guessing adults like it because of nostalgia. I also couldn't get into Korra. It started well enough, then love triangle bullshit happened for more than half of the first season, Korra herself is unlikable, and when season 2 got announced I already stopped giving a fuck.

No. 115835

wait what??? explain
so is beatrice a psychopath troon??
yeah, hot blooded macho stuff can be fun. I'm watching cromartie highschool right now (dubbed version) and it's just fun to watch.

No. 115837

Take my words with a grain of salt because I never managed to understand what the fuck the Meta World and the witches were, but basically Kinzo had an incest child with his own daughter, and that kid got dramatically wounded so much that his genitals were not recognizable. It's heavily implied in the manga that he is male, but he ends getting raised as female named Sayo Yasuda. He becomes a maid at the mansion and growing up he starts to experience existential crisis with his identity and creates different personas to cope (Shannon and Kanon being the main ones), Beatrice being one of them. He decides to detonate Rokkenjima because the family is fucked up and Battler forgot the promise he made years ago (mind you Battler was going through a divorce and his mother's death, he had his own problems). I must add that Sayo is worshipped by the twitter fandom of Umineko as a "my poor wittle tranz baby who did nothing wrong uwu", which adds to the unpleasantness of the character. I don't think you could call Beatrice a troon but she's too linked to Sayo (and she's not even real if I've understood everything correctly).

No. 115844

The first star wars has not aged badly compared to the second two in the original trilogy anon.

If the first one didn't appeal to you than it's just not your style

No. 115853

Seconding this. I love Avatar, but its fans really do not talk about how generic a full third of it is. FWIW I didn't like it as a kid, so when I say I love it, it's without nostalgia, but yeah, I literally never revisit the whole first season. I watched it w/ my little sis when she was a legit kid, definitely the target audience for the kiddie stuff, and even she was like "when does this get good" – though she's a huge fan now, lol. There's some cool stuff in that first season–some visual choices in the finale were the first things to make me really sit up and think people were onto something when they talked about how good it is. But having seen the whole thing….it's ridiculous how many things that make the show what it is are just totally absent from that first season.

Related, if you end up liking ATLA and want to watch LOK: I think fans are way too hard on LOK and forget how much of ATLA is meh. LOK's got dud moments but ATLA does too, people are just nostalgic.

No. 115854

I feel so alone in not liking Avatar, one of my friends was obsessed so we watched the first season and some of the second together, I just couldn’t get into it. It definitely felt like a kids show. Not saying it’s bad but I didn’t get the hype at all.

No. 115855

Naw gotta disagree but a main reason a lot more shit on LoK is the hard shifts in world and story telling. You gotta remember that the 'creators' were more idea guys then actual creators. LoK goes from east Asian philosophy and world elements, to 1920s Chicago. The writing was a dumpster fire of love triangle and terrible plots they wanted in ATLA but the head writer Ehaz shot down or changed. We almost had Toph as an annoying macho guy who would constantly fight Aang for Katara's affections. Azula was almost the generic golden child older brother among things. Elements that were then used in LoK. They actually defended the shitty way Mako treated Korra and Asami as "It's how we were in college." LoK gets a bad rap because it put a spotlight on the two morons as boring white men or took credit for everyone elses hard work. sage for sperg

No. 115882

I like my pretty skinny boys but parts 1-2 are legitimately very fun, and are so short they're low-commitment compared to later parts. You can skip portions of part 3 and still get the gist of the story since so much of it is enemy stand user of the week stories, and are weaker than enemy stand stories in later parts.
Honestly when people skip parts I just assume they want to get into jojo for the memes or something, or that Jojo is straight up not for them if they can't get through parts 1 and 2.

No. 115891

I'm a different anon but reading the wikia (and not knowing the game) it's really clear that he is male, not in a "mtf" way but really male, the family just fucked up raising him as a girl because his dick got mutilated in an accident. He is more relatable to (cis) children who where forcibily trooned out by their parents than troons who badly want a pussy

It's also kinda sad that it became hard to play with the ambiguity of this topic now that these degenerates always have to shout "one of us!!! twans right uwu!!"

No. 115894

File: 1605965607494.jpg (9.23 KB, 258x196, images.jpg)

Oopsi I also forgot to add there is a character in a similar context in the game "Fear and Hunger - Termina", his mother raised him as a girl so he could avoid is gruesome fate as the family heir, and the author stated that "she doesn't feel distress about her gender". I find it's an interesting way to approach the topic but even the troons are kinda ruining it for me because no ambiguity allowed when it comes to gender now.

Not saging this post because I actually want to talk about this game. It's a (still updating) sequel of the game of the same name and I loved the weird uneasy atmosphere, anyone liked this game?

No. 115896

samefag I just realized I wasn't in the game thread ignore my sperg sorry lmao.

No. 115950

So they based it off that poor boy who'd been raised as a girl and whose doctor started the whole stupid gender identity bs. Heavy shit to parody.

No. 116369

Ok anon from last post here, and I felt like I was maybe missing out something I didn’t get from the anime if I played the first VN so I went back to it and finally finished the first … episode?

I still don’t like it, even more so now if that’s possible. Maybe I just don’t get the format. I never played a “game” so long with so little content. I’m a big fan of horror media and honestly this ain’t it. I felt like watching only the filler episodes of an anime 80% of the time.

Maybe it’s because I outgrew my weeb phase, but characters whose eyes become blank and go “gyeh gyeh gyeh” doesn’t do much for me. Also the whole “loli who goes mew” is too cringe.
I had a better time reading through r/unresolvedmysteries and didn’t have to suffer through 3 hours of middle school kids playing card games.

No. 116370

I admittedly don't have a lot of experience with VNs but I think they are a god awful form of media from the few I have played. Not enough text to be engaging like a book, not enough animation to be entertaining like a TV series, not enough interactivity to be fun like a video game. It's just an extremely long, slow, mediocre mix of all three that only appeals to weebs who want complete immersion.

No. 116371

I thought so too until I played Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. It wouldn’t have worked on any other medium, but that depends on the author and its mastery of the medium.

No. 116372

It's not just a VN though, it's more of an adventure game. Same with Ace Attorney and maybe Dangan Ronpa though in that one the VN parts of the game and the gameplay sections are very distinct.

No. 116374

>the whole “loli who goes mew” is too cringe. I had a better time reading through r/unresolvedmysteries and didn’t have to suffer through 3 hours of middle school kids playing card games.
fucking this. I do enjoy some manga/anime/vn, but not this kind of dreg. I don't know how people overlook this bullshit when praising Umineko/Higurashi? It's insufferable and makes it impossible to treat the story seriously.

No. 116391

I agree. I played the first episode too, and even getting to the horror part it just… didn't do it for me. I'm not sure why, maybe it was the "supernatural" element (not a fan of those stories, more of a fan of the psychological elements), but it just wasn't worth the "buildup" of filler.

No. 116394

File: 1606407158761.jpg (906.83 KB, 2048x1536, screenshot.999-nine-hours-nine…)

999 and its sequel virtue's last reward are so good.

No. 116434


Thanks anons, yet again this board is one of the last place where people have sensible opinions. I thought I was going mad by seeing every review being 9.5/10. I felt like I was taking crazy pills after having sunk 5 hours of my life into this episode.

I’m open to the idea of trying another episode if it has a bit more gameplay like maybe anon here >>116371 mentioned.

I felt like putting it in the VN category was a bit deceiving as I was expecting some choice option with different endings (idk, maybe a bit like Doki doki, and even that was shit)
Overall, calling the writing a masterpiece is plain deranged.

No. 123413

The higurashi remake really made me get into higurashi, but still it's like I don't have enough attention span to read all of it + umineko

No. 126644

Watching someone else playthrough makes it easier. They read the narration and you can watch the dialogue like an anime. It's so long that if you're not in school, it's such a time sink to read yourself

No. 374809

Pretty Cure. I don't even know where I should start first.

No. 374940

File: 1714421339811.jpg (83.87 KB, 400x563, 1000031625.jpg)

Heartcatch, Go Princess or Smile are the most newcomer-friendly seasons IMO. Hugtto is very shilled around but I personally found it overhyped. Stay away from Kirakira, Healin Good and Delicious Party, they're pretty crappy.

No. 374972

>Stay away from Kirakira, Healin Good and Delicious Party, they're pretty crappy.
Elaborate please

No. 374978

"""Light""" novels
>tfw it has nearly 40 volumes, 6 extra side novels and probably nearly 100 side stories by now
>it's still ongoing and the translations are super spotty
Took me 3 or so months.

No. 374980

I started with Heartcatch personally and don't regret it.

No. 375035

Kirakira has too many characters that never get developed (as much as you can develop characters in a kids show)
Healin Good isn't that bad but it was screwed over by being the Covid season
Delicious Party went through something similar, they had to rewrite shit on the go when Toei got hacked
That doesn't mean they're not enjoyable if you get into Precure but they are the most boring ones imo and bad ways to get into the franchise

No. 375086

Tried reading it but got lost on whatever's going on because of it's incomprehensible writing while trying to understand plot so I stopped and haven't gotten back to it even after it ended. The characters seem cool and interesting though. First learned about it from Tumblr, fanart and had some friends that like it back in high school.


Not an anime but a bullet hell game which doesn't seem that appealing to me though the characters look cute, cool and non coomshit. First learned about it from Bad Apple, figures and fanart.

>Harry Potter

Never read the books since I'm not much of a reader and big books sometimes intimate me. I thought Harry Potter is some lame normie nerd shit like Star Wars and Marvel/DC though after playing Hogwarts Legacy, I got interested in the wizarding world of its fantasy and magic. Also J.K. Rowling seems like a nice woman plus a terf. I've watched the movies though I have vague memories and couldn't remember much of it.

No. 375116

Hard agree. I've been trying to force myself through the comic, and it's been torture so far. Not helping is how people online say, "yeah, Acts 1-4 are a slog, and Act 6 is horrible, but Act 5 is pure kino." So, in other words, 5/6 of this entire comic is bad according to its own fans?? I'm going to see it through to the end, but it's so hard to get into the story and care about the characters. I'm also getting filtered by the trolls' typing quirks kek.

No. 375136

I think Harry Potter is easy, it's not a difficult read and there's a clear order of consumption. You literally just have to start. I understand that the later books are long, but the series starts off with relatively short packages and eases you into it.

No. 375146

> What big franchises do anons actually recommend and find worth the time investment?
Tokusatsu. If anybody has even the slightest interest in getting into Ultraman, Kamen Rider, or Sentai, I can and will help you find the perfect season for you amongst the massive quantity available.
It's severely underrated amongst female audiences in the West which is a shame because there's really so much that is built to pander to us in it. And even without that, it's just a fun and diverse genre with something for anybody. There's always something running, there's always new shit coming (so if you don't like what's current, watch something old because there's no way you've watched it all and wait for next year) and there's always something fun occurring outside the shows.
It's also peak material for fujos, sentai and ultra can be variable but Kamen Rider is built on BL. To the extent that almost every season has an official ship ring for the main pairing. Ultra is better for yumes.

No. 375162

What's the goofiest, most comedic series/season you can recommend? Feeling very stressed out lately and just want to watch some dumbass flashy shit to take my mind off it. I don't mind if it's really old or more recent.

No. 375163

2hu fans love to act like the games are suuper hard but they're not (aside from the more recent titles). If you like fighting games, the two fighting titles are fun. And most of the fanbase hasn't even touched the games, it's by no means a filter kek


Absolutely agree. I know it's good and all, but reading it always felt like a chore, even at the peak of its fandom.

No. 375166

I had to read the wiki as I read the comic, there's so much in the comic it's hard to follow.

No. 375171

I like naruto but it has so many episodes and characters it is hard to follow. I stopped watching around that time where that degenerate ninja start mentoring naruto. Felt like it was dragging then I stopped. When I finally watched it again recently it was even worse, I had no idea who were some people because I simply forgot their names or why they were there even thoug I rewarched from the start. Some characters felt like they had no purpose, and there were the kind of episodes that made no sense and were so damn boring like that one where naruto pretends to be some princess to impress some fat guy because ino doesn't want to do it as she is disgusted by the fatty. The princess is also fat and when that guy sees her he instantly fall in love or something, stupid episode, absolutely disgusting, that is not the ninja way. Then there was some episode about a race, I don't remember much cus it was such a boring ass episode… or episodes, I think that crap don't even end in 1 episode. Then I gave up. I had watched a bit of boruto before going back to this series and I hated, so I decided I wouldn't even waste my time with shippuden when naruto and everyone else grows up to have retarded ungrateful children that are carbon copies of their parents. Shit is ridiculous. I really wish I had the patience because I am sure I'm missing some interesting characters and possibly some nice storyline but I just can't anymore.
>star wars
I wish I liked but something about it makes me sleepy, I was never able to watch an entire movie, and now there are spin offs, I wouldn't know where to start even if I wanted (I don't want to), it is just so boring, idk how something like that looks boring, it shouldn't but it does. I played an old ps1 game when I was a kid and I remember being fun but then it was all because I played with my sister and we made our own story while fighting hordes of robots or whatever we were fighting, then trying again as an adult didn't get me all that fun, I never even finish it. I just don't know why it is like that.
>x men
I love x men, but it is really hard to get into, with all the comics with varying levels of quality and so many characters, you might end up exposed to the worst comic ever and never want to read it again. These days I just go for my favorite characters because I am just so tired of stories that seem to go nowhere and it's the same rehashed shit in the movies but they manage to be worse.
>anything dc
Same problems as x men but the movies go from silly family thing to over the top crap with too many references most people won't get or won't care, and don't even get me started with the cartoon movies based on the comics, how they manage to fuck up a good story is beyond me, and they even have to add all that blood and death to go "so mature", mature my ass, just adapt the fucking comic right. They keep making awful adaptations and idk how anyone who doesn't read the comics could be convinced to give them a chance if they stumbled on the trash they throw at the fans. There is no quality there.

No. 375175

I don't understand why anybody would willingly put themselves through shonenslop anime with a shitton of filler unless they're watching it concurrently. That shit does not feel made for posterity.

No. 375184

>I am sure I'm missing some interesting characters and possibly some nice storyline
you're not, trust me kek. even the potentially interesting ones are shoved to the side and/or die.

No. 375187

File: 1714528114266.jpg (167.85 KB, 1280x1716, l.jpg)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Yakuza/Like A Dragon yet. I think generally people recommend to start with 0, but I noticed that Infinite Wealth is becoming really popular for new players too. I started with 0 and plan on completing them in chronological order (currently on kiwami 2) but asking new fans to play 9 long, dialogue heavy games of varying quality plus the spinoffs to get the "full experience" is a lot.
Also Gundam. I started with turn a because I thought loran was cute and actually really enjoyed it, but no idea where to go from there tbh. I liked how surreal it was sometimes, the well-choreographed battles, all the political drama between the earth and moon people, and loran. Maybe I'll watch the original 1979 series next

No. 375188

> Star Trek deep space 9
Absolutely amazing, it gets better with each season, by season 3 it really hits its stride.
The characters are interesting and the plot really comes together to have a satisfying end.

No. 375193

File: 1714529298406.gif (14.29 KB, 650x450, 07480.gif)

The people who trash the early acts are retarded. The early acts are actually really solid and genuinely funny. Morons just only like act five because that's when the trolls are introduced, and they're probably the kind of speds who just looked at the pictures without reading the text. Act six also gets a bad rap, but its issue is that it it's a mixed bag with peaks and troughs. It has some of the best flashes and songs, but it's weirdly paced. I'd say the first third of act six is completely fine and on par with acts 1-5 in terms of quality. Unless you're super into the meteor kids, skip the Meenah walkaround flashes. They contain nothing plot-relevant and are super cringey and unfunny. Do not read the Epilogues or the sequel, they are horrible and will ruin the original story for you.

Anyway, if you want a comic in the same style that's easier to follow, shorter, and more consistent quality-wise, go read Problem Sleuth.

It never felt like a chore to me, but that's because I'm profoundly autistic and it scratches a weird itch for me. I've read the whole thing several times.

No. 375225

Is there any show perfect for homo shipping of a human x monster/robot relationship?

No. 375227

File: 1714543399672.png (236.05 KB, 681x646, 9cef0b14e746cf_f7393fe1_1280.p…)

>Silly and wholesome:
Ressha Sentai Toqger. It's a pretty kiddish season but its beloved for the simple but unique concept of the entire team being childhood friends and the general tone of levity.
>Same as above but with a bit of a higher age rating:
Kamen Rider Fourze. Takes place in Japan but the entire setting is bafflingly modelled after American high school movies like Mean Girls. A notably light season intended to lift audience spirits after the 2011 tsunami
>Fun retardation with some stupid drama that takes a heart of levity to appreciate:
Kamen Rider Saber. Similar to above, this season was specifically engineered to uplift viewers during the covid pandemic. Insane amount of characters so you're bound to like at least one of them. The gist is that there's a secret order of knights protecting powerful books from a place called the Wonder World.

Yes, there absolutely is! It's less prevalent in the Reiwa era but Kamen Rider throughout the Heisei era was built on kaijin (basically the sentient monsters) x human gay ships IMO.
>Kamen Rider OOOs
Ankh x Eiji is the main ship here, although Date and Gotou (human x human) are also very popular. Ankh is a selfish, flashy, pompous bird kaijin x Eiji, his self-destructive humanitarian partner who is generally a super nice guy but firm when it comes to Ankh.
>Kamen Rider Faiz
I can't tell you who is who and who is the monster in this one because it would be a spoiler. This season is famous for ridiculous levels of drama from a notoriously yet loved writer, and the pairing ends very tragically. If you have a strong tolerance for early 2000s edgy and dramatic yaoi then you'll probably enjoy this.
>Kamen Rider Blade
Ridiculous season with ridiculous creative decisions that looks like it was filmed on a shitty Nokia. The main romance is Hajime x Kenzaki, a monster learning to become human x the hotheaded hero posed to defeat his kind. The obvious development is that they grow closer as Hajime grows more human, with Kenzaki ultimately having to choose between Hajime or saving the world.
Notably, this ship is heavily supported by the characters' actors, with the ship ring being self funded and designed and titled by them as "Eternal Marriage"
There are actually a ton more human x nonhuman romances throughout toku so if you have a specific preference not represented here, then let me know and there'll probably be something for it.

No. 375229

File: 1714545609642.jpg (229.74 KB, 833x726, GDvJR9VbUAAumV2.jpg)

You know what, I just realized I didn't include any Ultra and I'm going to use that as an excuse to keep sperging. Ultra at baseline is also much easier to finish as recent seasons have capped themselves at 25 episodes as opposed to the 50 common to sentai and KR. It's also very easy to access, every season I recommend here is officially available for free without an account through either Youtube or the tokushoutsu website.

Ultra is honestly at baseline more goofy and easy to watch with your brain turned off. The baseline level of artistry is incredible with the miniature sets but for better or for worse Ultea respects even its 50+ year designs and usually does not update callbacks for the modern era, resulting in silly but enjoyable visuals.
Ultraman Z and Ultraman Blazar are both excellent seasons to get into Ultra with.
>Ultraman Z
Very very very cute and silly interactions between the host and his Ultra every episode. Also some really great female character writing by toku's usual standards.
>Ultraman Blazar
Ultra is in a push these days to make the series more accessible to newcomers, so this season has zero reference to past ultras. The fights are incredibly choreographed and executed in all regards, so they meet your flashy requirement, and the physicality of Blazar's fight style is an absolutely zany joy to watch. He's more of a caveman type than past ultras and it absolutely shows in his hijinks.

Ultra has crazy game when it comes to its villain m/m ships.
>Ultraman Orb
The ship here is Jugglus Juggler x Ultraman Orb (yes, it's juggler x orb, yes it sounds ridiculous kek). These are two men who have been tied together for literal thousands of years, going from friends to enemies as Juggler is warped by complex feelings towards Orb. Juggler is notably one of Ultra's most popular characters for his theatrical antagonism and constant scheming while Orb is more of a noble eccentric.
>Ultraman Geed
The ship here is Fukuide Kei x Belial and I'm going to be honest here, it's completely one sided. I din't recommend this unless what I describe is really up your alley, but if it is, you'll enjoy it as much as I did. This is a completely, obsessively subservient servant/master relationship in which Kei constantly gives everything and receives only abuse for it. He's a pathetic and miserable little man who ruins lives for the sake of a master who doesn't care about him and while mpreg isn't a plot point in Geed he desperately wishes it was. The relationship is both hilarious and sad.

No. 375343

>Morons just only like act five because that's when the trolls are introduced
AYRT and I started Homestuck because I saw a review comparing it to a visual novel I really, really like. This VN starts out as a boring slice-of-life rom-com for the first ~20 hours before diverging into an apocalyptic military drama for the remaining 70-80 hours of its run (if some anon knows what VN I'm referencing, yes, I know I have horrible taste and I understand what's wrong with the VN; I'm not going to defend it). The review said Homestuck has a similar shift in tone, and I love stuff that starts off goofy before switching genres or tone to become much darker. I was kind of assuming Act 5 was where it finally had that massive shift. Do you find this description accurate to Homestuck at all? I'm pretty patient when waiting for stories to 'get good,' so it's not even necessarily the length bothering me. However, it's hard for me to get attached to the characters; outside of their typing styles, they feel very same-y so far.
>Do not read the Epilogues or the sequel, they are horrible and will ruin the original story for you.
I'll avoid them, even if I end up liking the comic! Do you have any other advice for appreciating the comic more? I genuinely want to like it. I haven't skipped any text or pesterlogs, and I think I'm following what's happening. I refuse to drop something once I've started it because there are plenty of stories I love where you have to be patient for it to 'get good,' so I'm in it for the long haul regardless of if my opinion improves. I'd really prefer if I could enjoy it, though, because it is so long.
>easier to follow, shorter, and more consistent quality-wise, go read Problem Sleuth
I have actually read Problem Sleuth! I thought it was pretty decent, but I prefer longer media, and I was really hoping for more character development in Homestuck than I found in Problem Sleuth. I did like the noir theme, though. I've also read Jailbreak (I accidentally read all of his previous comics when starting Homestuck because there was a place you could pick them off of the shelf in John's room, and I thought they were required reading kek).

No. 375545

File: 1714612952487.jpg (543.42 KB, 720x514, cpl73a00000889ih.jpg)

I have no idea on how to get into Takarazuka as a poorfag in europe that just consumes torrented subbed stuff.
I wish i could find a way to enjoy it, somewhere to start too. I know they've done some anime-inspired shows before but i'm not interested in that weeb side.

No. 375633

File: 1714631095339.jpg (121.12 KB, 1280x1416, tumblr_o65kyeCuCs1uj652wo1_128…)

>The review said Homestuck has a similar shift in tone, and I love stuff that starts off goofy before switching genres or tone to become much darker. I was kind of assuming Act 5 was where it finally had that massive shift. Do you find this description accurate to Homestuck at all?
Mostly. I'd say that Acts 1-5 can be categorized that way pretty easily. However, the surrealist, absurdist comedy is present throughout the entire thing, and I'd say that it gets more complex as it goes on in the same way Problem Sleuth does. You know that thing Problem Sleuth does where there are a lot of things that are combination Brick Jokes and Chekov's Guns? Homestuck does a lot of that. It also gets more meta; I've compared it to Animal Man by Grant Morrison before, if you're familiar with that. It also does the Reservoir Dogs thing where it intentionally doesn't show a major event that's part of the ending (much to the chagrin of a bunch of retards with poor media literacy). I'm not going to spoil what it is, but you'll know it when you get to that part.

>outside of their typing styles, they feel very same-y so far.

I don't know how far along you are, but about half of the original trolls die, so it's not a big deal if you don't get attached to them. Terezi, Karkat, Kanaya, and Vriska are the ones that have the most screen time. I know some people who get super attached to the minor trolls, but I've always been more partial to the human kids. I particularly like Dirk and Roxy, who get introduced later.

>Do you have any other advice for appreciating the comic more?

It's better to read it via the Unofficial Homestuck Collection (https://bambosh.dev/unofficial-homestuck-collection/) than in-browser. The collection preserved interactive elements that were lost when Flash support ended, and it has been endorsed by Hussie. There are also several high-quality fancomics I can recommend in lieu of the epilogues if you happen to finish Homestuck itself and want more of the characters/world/etc. If you have any other questions throughout reading, I'd be happy to answer them; some aspects of Homestuck are really complex, so I can save you so time and explain certain things if you'd like.

Sorry for weapons-grade autism.

No. 375882

Whoa, thank you!

No. 375884

> This VN starts out as a boring slice-of-life rom-com for the first ~20 hours before diverging into an apocalyptic military drama for the remaining 70-80 hours of its run
what’s the vn?

No. 375946


yakuza 0 is the perfect starting point imo. infinite wealth has such a poorly written story the only thing it has going for it is better combat than LAD/yakuza7. if i had played infinite wealth first i would've written the entire series off its disgraceful and fucked up ichiban's character so hard its like he got lobotomized. not to mention rgg studios fumbling the menacing daidoji faction from gaiden into some neutered version of itself that let just anyone roll up to their hideout without second thought and could only spare what? four agents to go to hawaii? infinite wealth is so awful….

No. 375959

I'm convinced 99% of homestuck fans never liked the source material but just liked the fandom aspect. A lot of fandoms were like that in early 2010s where people would join them just because it was an easy way to make friends (same reason bronies got so huge at the same time).

No. 375962

>don't know how far along you are
When I made my initial post, I was at the part where the trolls were starting to bother the four main kids. More recently, I've gotten to where all-caps guy, whose name I have since committed to memory because he's my favorite, was having conversations with John. There were some other trolls bothering the kids, but I did not commit their chumhandles to memory because they all seemed the same. According to the trolls, they're traveling in an opposite direction in time from the kids (so, like, their first conversation with the kids would be the kids' last, and vice-versa; I read a book with a similar concept, and I really like that idea in general). The last thing that happened was around the part where John cloned the babies.
>Terezi, Karkat, Kanaya, and Vriska
Glad to hear Karkat is important because, as I said before, he's probably the one I like most so far. I had to look up images of the others, and I don't have much of an opinion on Terezi or Kanaya. I don't know much about Vriska, and I don't think I've seen her yet (I've heard of Vriska, but I don't know anything about her besides that she's somehow controversial). Whichever troll keeps typing with a '2' instead of an 's' and writes with a double 'i' is the bane of my existence (TA is his chumhandle and I hope he is one of the first to die because his typing style is irritating). I like the kids more overall so far (I don't have much of an opinion on Jade because she hasn't done much, though).
>Unofficial Homestuck Collection
Yes! That's what I've been doing, but thank you!
>There are also several high-quality fancomics I can recommend in lieu of the epilogues if you happen to finish Homestuck itself and want more of the characters/world/etc. If you have any other questions throughout reading, I'd be happy to answer them; some aspects of Homestuck are really complex, so I can save you so time and explain certain things if you'd like.
Yes, thank you so much; I probably will take you up on that kek. One question I do have right now (it's kind of dumb, sorry) is about the part where Dave went back in time and merged with the crow, and Davesprite was created. Namely, is all of this in the game still, or does Davesprite exist externally to the game, as well? I've kind of been under the impression the characters exist in the 'real world' as well as the 'game world,' and things that originated in the 'game world' don't have an actual physical form. In other words, by merging with the crow, did the Dave from the other timeline (who is now Davesprite) cease to exist as a physical being because he's now a part of the game? It kind of felt like he just showed up and left without anything happening, so I didn't get a good idea of what he is, exactly. Likewise, in the part with the babies, I'm not exactly clear yet on how time travel works yet, but I was under the impression it's, like, parallel universes rather than a loop. However, the babies' existence seems to imply it's a loop instead of alternate universes, but that also doesn't make sense to me because, again, the situation with Davesprite reads more like alternative universes. However, Karkat referred to them as "LITERALLY YOU AND YOUR GUARDIANS," and, "A PARADOX CLONE IS BY DEFINITION A CORRECTLY CLONED DUPLICATE THAT WILL INEVITABLY GO BACK AND BECOME THE ORIGINAL." This tells me that John's creation of the clones was always going to happen, and has always happened for them to exist, so it's a loop. At the same time, the existence of the trolls either implies alternate universes (unless they're aliens? I know we get to know more about them in Act 5). It's possible I just haven't gotten far enough to understand either of these things yet.
>Sorry for weapons-grade autism.
Also, do not apologize! I asked about it in the first place, and I really appreciate how helpful you've been. I don't really use social media, and nobody I know has read it, so this is more information than I would've hoped to receive otherwise.
It's actually two VNs, but I was referring to Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative. I wouldn't recommend it, despite my love for it. It's very much a scrote-y franchise, and I get why I've seen anons on here give the series hate. I don't want to get into arguments about why I shouldn't like it. I enjoyed it, and that isn't going to change, unfortunately.

Edited and deleted my original post because of typos.

No. 375967

I don’t know what Genshin is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

No. 375972

the absolute easiest way to get into takarazuka imo is looking at shows they adapted from broadway/german or based off of movies. for example, elisabeth das musical and me and my girl are probably the easiest to find english translations for, and are extremely popular… the good thing is with a lot of these is they feature some of the icons of the last 20-30 years of essential need to know actresses so you get a. crash course in the popular top stars of each troupe. if you watch all the takarazyka elisabeth adaptations, you basically get to know some of the most iconic otokoyaku (actresses in male roles) in various parts from the leads to the side characters, and even some really iconic musumeyaku. same with me and my girl, you’ll see powerhouses like amami yuuki etc. these two i know for a fact that it’s really easy to come across either physical or digital copies of these, and getting english translations is easy af. there’s also romeo et juliette, which features some more contemporary stars either very young in their careers as side characters or some of the more popular actresses as of the current year like makoto rei. for most other takarazuka shows… its a smattering and it really depends on the translator what they’ll sub and what they won’t.

takarazuka is really known for rose of versailles but honestly idk much about the story but reading the manga might help.

also takawiki is the go to for everything related to basic info like what the troupes are, former top stars, where to buy DVDs, sometimes even translations of scripts or sometimes just synopsis of musicals if you can’t find subs/scripts for them. also a good way to keep track of who is becoming top star because rn we’re going through a bunch of people retiring like yuzuka rei so that can be a little intimidating.

as for acquiring the media there’s some fans that will livestream subbed stuff and sometimes that’s the only way you can get it, like there’s away to get ahold of sky stage airings of stuff, or utilizing some of the ‘where to buy’ resources on takawiki (and looking up diff buying agents like buyee etc) you can just buy the dvds/blu-ray’s yourself and read the script while you watch. the good thing with licensed shows like elisabeth, retj, me and my girl, they tend to change very little between versions so you can just reuse a script between the 2008 and 2014 shows just fine. might miss a line or two but generally you will get the overall story. tho get prepared to have fans go apeshit on you if you’re too loud abt pirating takarazuka shit cuz muh company loyalty.

No. 376016

File: 1714690747799.png (166.53 KB, 1024x768, clusterfuck.png)

>the part where John cloned the babies.
Oh, you're at a really good part in the story. Act 4 (where you are right now) ends with a really funny flash.

>Glad to hear Karkat is important because, as I said before, he's probably the one I like most so far.

He's arguably the most important. You can see on the chart I posted upthread that he has the most dialogue of any character in the whole comic. He has a nice character arc, and I love the motifs about him being the most "human" of all the trolls. He's also my favorite troll, for the record.

>they're traveling in an opposite direction in time from the kids

Sort of. The trolls have a magic app that allows them to choose any point in the kids' lives to message them. Most of the trolls (Kanaya, for instance) are messaging the kids in a mostly random order. Karkat is the only one messaging the kids in reverse-order, for reasons that get revealed later. Vriska and Terezi are mostly normal and linear. Kanaya and Rose actually explain this in detail at one point, and number their interactions.

>Dave went back in time and merged with the crow, and Davesprite was created.

Davesprite is from a doomed timeline, which basically ceased to exist when he prevented John from fighting Typheus. Basically everything in the universe of Homestuck exists within SBURB, for reasons that get revealed in Act 5. So even though Davesprite is technically a game construct, he's entirely real and would continue to exist if he somehow escaped the game. Players with the Seer class (like Rose) have the unique ability to recover memories from their alternate selves in doomed timelines.

As for the babies and time travel: after cloning the babies, John hits a button that teleports each of them to a meteor. The Reckoning is an event where the Battlefield (the chess planet surrounded by Skaia) is bombarded with meteors from the Veil, the meteor belt where the Ectobiology Lab is. The game spawns a bunch of portals to protect the Battlefield from the meteors, and these portals disperse the meteors throughout time and space. The meteors with the babies riding them pass through the portals, sending them back in time to Earth, where they grew up. The Alpha babies (Mom, Nanna, Bro, and Grandpa) are clones of themselves via a stable time loop, hence the name paradox clone. The beta kids are the result of mixing the DNA of two of the Alphas; Mom and Bro are Rose and Dave's biological parents, and Nanna and Grandpa are Jade and John's. The Scratch (which they talk about later) does only one thing: it changes the destination of these portals, creating a scenario where the Beta kids are now guardians, and the Alpha kids are the players.

Most of the time travel in Homestuck is stable time loops, where characters were always destined to go back and do the thing they already did. However, a doomed timeline (like Davesprite's) occurs as a result of a paradox (in his case, John's death and prototyping Cal). Whenever a character time travels in Homestuck, there's one timeline (the alpha timeline) where a stable loop is formed, and a theoretically infinite number where it isn't. There's only one character in the story with the ability to actually alter the alpha timeline without any time loops, and that's revealed much later in the comic.

Clear as mud?

I'm the other way around. I love the comic and generally dislike the fandom, especially in recent years.

Me with Jojo

No. 376048

Thank you so much nona for your help, you have no idea.
I did come across the takawiki when i was trying to get into it, i liked how dedicated it was but it was also overwhelming and i felt a bit lost since i didn't know much other than the troupe divisions kek.
>get prepared to have fans go apeshit on you if you’re too loud abt pirating takarazuka shit cuz muh company loyalty.
Yeah that sucks, i'm not loud and i generally stay away from fandoms, this is also why i felt discouraged.
I'm not sure how much i'd be interested in the actual performers yet, i'm sure they're great but since i didn't watch the shows yet i wanted to slowly get into it but i will try to slither into it if i can nona, thank you so so so much, you're great.

No. 376107

And you're happier that way

No. 376112

shit free to play waifu gacha that started as a wish.com chinese bootleg of zelda breath of the wild. loved by zoomers, gen alpha, pedos, and porn addicts.

No. 376177

I really appreciate how helpful and patient you've been, nona! I just got to Act 5.
>Act 4 (where you are right now) ends with a really funny flash.
Kek I liked that animation; it was easily my favorite so far.
>Kanaya and Rose actually explain this in detail at one point, and number their interactions.
Yes, I had already hit that conversation when I made my previous post. I think the source of my confusion was that I kind of assumed all the trolls existed in the same space/time, so when Karkat said that, I kind of assumed most of the trolls were doing the same type of time travel, if that makes sense? I get it now that you clarified, though.
>Davesprite is technically a game construct, he's entirely real and would continue to exist if he somehow escaped the game.
This is exactly what I wanted to know, thank you. Like, legitimately, I almost asked if Davesprite could still leave the game, but then thought better of it because I was worried about making my question too convoluted.
>The Alpha babies (Mom, Nanna, Bro, and Grandpa) are clones of themselves via a stable time loop, hence the name paradox clone. The beta kids are the result of mixing the DNA of two of the Alphas; Mom and Bro are Rose and Dave's biological parents, and Nanna and Grandpa are Jade and John's.
I'll stop bothering you after this, I promise, but I do have one more question. Early in the comic, John stated that Nanna was his dad's mom. Does this mean that John's dad is actually his half-brother? Also, is his dad actually related to Nanna at all, and was he born through traditional means as opposed to cloning? If this is a spoiler, don't worry about it!

No. 376284

TBH it's so mainstream that IDT you can characterize it that way, the majority of genshin fans i meet irl are normie ass women who don't play any videogames outside of it. It's like being a swiftie.

No. 376293

File: 1714764053946.jpg (21.74 KB, 500x375, xw4fwlhyaaaa.jpg)

>Does this mean that John's dad is actually his half-brother? Also, is his dad actually related to Nanna at all, and was he born through traditional means as opposed to cloning?
Yes, Dadbert is actually John's half-brother. They don't explicitly say whether he was born naturally in the comic, but that's what most people choose to believe.

No. 376298

File: 1714764847913.png (1.08 MB, 3224x1604, wea6icrtmlb71.png)

the moment the trolls show up is when the series begins to suck

No. 376301

Doesn't Homestuck have its own thread? Maybe someone should check the catalog and if there isn't one feel free to create it

No. 376314

File: 1714766466183.jpg (626.83 KB, 600x793, shinichiconan.jpg)

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but Detective Conan. It's been running for 30 years (the manga), anime has 1000+ episodes, and half of those are filler. Plus it's episodic, so it's even harder to get someone else into it since it's not that easy to marathon without it getting repetitive since a lot of the episodes follow a similar structure (like a magical girl show but with detective cases), and the bigger plot only progresses in small doses every ~50-100 ish episodes. The art style is also kind of unconventional by modern standards, which can turn a lot of people off. It's a shame because it's got some great characters, iconic moments and the writer actually cares about making male characters that are attractive to women despite it being a shounen

No. 376371

It does, sorry for derailing. >>376177, if you have any other questions, ask in the Homestuck thread.

The trolls are overrated, but this is just contrarian. A lot of cool things happen with the human characters in Act Five. Also why is Rose drawn like Mandy lmao

No. 376421

File: 1714798632743.jpeg (427.43 KB, 1200x1616, IMG_3534.jpeg)

i never could figure this shit out tbh

No. 376422

Me neither, like what the fuck is archie even about?

No. 376423

File: 1714799417001.gif (3.42 MB, 640x480, koraidon_running.gif)

Ironically I grew up with it,had the games,toys etc but now it's a soulless shitfest.Hate literally everything about it,the fans,the newer Pokemon especially the fugly furbait and picrel,the newer awfully designed trainers,the newer games.yeahh that's about it.I mean how can someone possibly like picrel and not see how much it sucks ass?

No. 376424

I used to read those… I was a zoomer living like a 50s street urchin, huddled in a corner with my cracker jacks.

No. 376431

File: 1714802016911.jpg (128.32 KB, 600x900, 5240144680274b3e741e155a52755a…)

The art style is charming and I have a friend who's super into Archie stuff, but I never felt compelled to read any of it. I'm kind of tempted by the Sabrina comics, though.

No. 376433

Imo Pokémon games are best when they're mostly 2D, which is the style 99% of fangames use. These days I play fan games instead of the canon ones. I liked the metagame for Gen 7, but the last generation where I enjoyed the game on its own was Gen 5. Interesting how Gen 5 got shat on when it came out, but now everyone has positive things to say. Some of my favorite mons are from Gen 5 tbh.

No. 376438

Isn't this better for the overrated media thread?

No. 376452

This is why you read manga instead of watching the (shitty) anime adaptions since it goes faster and there's no filler. Conan is a special case because there's filler chapters but there are guides online showing the plot/character relevant arcs.

No. 376469

it’s just boomer harem comics where he’s in a love triangle with a rich bitch and a tradthot blondie but I think they sometimes also add random other love interests.
I genuinely have no idea if anyone reads it though.

No. 376482

If this is the same anon: stop minimodding. If there's actual derailing, a farmhand will take care of it.

No. 376550

We're not the same anon lol I just thought the random negativity sperg was weird for this thread since it has nothing to do with Pokemon getting hard to get into.

No. 376552

True, those guides do help a lot for newcomers, though a lot of people I know still see it as daunting. Reading the manga is definitely faster and a more consistent experience than watching the anime, but watching it also has its upsides since the soundtrack and voice acting is fantastic. Plus, the movies are eyecandy.

No. 391201

File: 1718044287053.jpg (204.55 KB, 1200x800, arknights.jpg)

is arknights worth getting invested? I've played a few gacha games before and dropped a week in because the story was shit. (fate, genshin, etc.) I think some the designs in arknights are decently nice, and I heard good things about the story.

month old post but is there any kamen rider shows more for yumes? or any with a lot batshit crazy designs?

No. 391227

File: 1718052631834.png (1.45 MB, 1066x1500, image_2024-06-10_123843231.png)

i loved resident evil 4 is playing through the entire series?

No. 391228

File: 1718053039857.jpg (846.76 KB, 2340x1080, 1000016105.jpg)

The story is interesting but it's a pain in the ass to progress because leveling up takes forever, I recommend the story about the horned musical boys because it's probably the most interesting one, and yeah, side stories are probably more interesting than the main story because it doesn't take forever to progress in them.
At this point I play because some of the boys are cute and the side stories are interesting, specially those from the special events that you can play to win special characters, they have their own lore, at some point it even feels like you're playing a whole ass different game.
If you ignore the fact that the MC is a moid, it feels like some characters are flirting with you.

No. 391239

File: 1718056820008.jpg (589.23 KB, 2048x1940, GNnZV95a8AA9i66.jpg)

A yume from the husbando thread had great fun with Den-O and Ryuki a while back, and I'd still recommend those two. Den-O is a lighter fun time and a lot of the yume material there comes from the kaijin if you're into that sort of thing. Ryuki is one of the sadder Kamen Rider seasons but the massive cast makes it good yume potential. Watch if you want to cry over pure kino. If you want something that's just zany and fun even if the quality is questionable (because let's be real, that's the true heart of the tokusatsu genre)… I guess Saber? Massive cast so you're bound to fall in love with somebody and the designs are over the top.
I'll need more elaboration on what you mean by "batshit designs" to feed in that department. Do you want stuff that actually looks good? Do you want something ridiculous? Do you care more about monster designs or Rider designs?

No. 391240

File: 1718057360838.jpg (380.85 KB, 1722x1102, GJtrEJFbAAAxFkX.jpg)

Also FWIW I still think that the Ultraman series is best for yumes who don't have anything against nonhuman stuff. I'll reference an old series of posts in the terato thread for this >>310952 to start, in case I can sell anybody. The yume community for this series is amazing, I love seeing the girls on twitter who get all dolled up and excited to see the hero live shows and take pictures with their favorite characters.
Plus the female fanbase for this series tends to make relentlessly cute fanart for the series as well, without watching the shows you'd get the impression that it's a Sanrio type franchise instead of a special effects show about fighting aliens. The company's merch is heavily female-oriented and well thought out too.

Sorry once again for toku sperging LOL I am on an endless quest to rope more women into the Western fandom

No. 391242

>is arknights worth getting invested?
t. has been playing it since launch

No. 391243

it depends tbh. what did you like most about re4? and with as many remakes as there are, “playing through the entire series” can mean a lot of different things.

No. 391249

hell yeah, I'll look into those.
and yes I want something ridiculous! I care a little more for the rider designs, but not by much. I'll take any sentai recs you have too.

I saw those posts a couple days ago! I started ultraman blazar today bc of you. blazar is super cute omg. consider your quest successful lol.

slow leveling doesn't bother me that much; I used to play touken ranbu before they shut the en version down. thank you for the cute boys info.

No. 391256

File: 1718061214152.jpg (537.63 KB, 1499x2048, GPh5NRzboAAcRHq.jpg)

>I started ultraman blazar today bc of you. blazar is super cute omg
Ahhh, I'm really glad to hear that! I hope you have fun! I really loved the fights in Blazar, they weren't afraid to get zany with it and the kaiju lineup was a nice mix of superclassic throwbacks and fantastic new designs.
Hmm so for ridiculous designs I think Saber and Gotchard are definitely your best bets! Saber is more zany fun like I said, but rhe quality is negligible (I love it though, I'm one of the fans who would die for it despite its flaws).
Gotchard (picrel) is currently ongoing, should finish in the next couple of months, but is the most solid Kamen Rider season we've had in a long time. The monster designs are phenomenal and the suit designs, range from gorgeous to lovably stupid. It's also the first time KR has had a female writer on staff in like 10 years, the first time KR has EVER had a female secondary rider (term that may be unfamiliar to you but is basically the other main character), and I'd consider just the best KR has ever handled female characters. It's not yume material, but it's a good modern entry point for the franchise.

For sentai, I'd highly recommend the season that just wrapped up for great ridiculous elements and husbando material– Ohsama Sentai King Ohger! This season is best to watch if you want a epic bug-themed fantasy adventure, but don't think too hard about the nitty gritty of it. Might be my favorite cast of a toku in a long time.

Happy watching!

No. 391257

File: 1718061456529.png (404.46 KB, 397x900, KRGo-Majademooncerberus.png)

Samefagging for the stupid dichotomy of designs in gotchard… Picrel is the secondary Majade's mooncerberus form– I especially love the detail of the two extra cerberus heads emulating a cute bun hair style.

No. 391258

File: 1718061532193.png (451.05 KB, 527x982, KRGo-Gotchardmooncerberus.png)

And then here's Gotchards's mooncerberus design (basically using the same cards Majade uses to transform), when I first saw it I lost it at how they just crammed as many dogs as possible onto it. I think there are at least 9 last I counted?

No. 391259

File: 1718061852629.jpg (60.33 KB, 894x929, 51gqLzIv2RL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Lastly, Drive is a season I wouldn't necessarily recommend because it had boring stretches and wasn't good about female characters, but god this is still the stupidest Rider design I've seen. I laugh every time I remember it.
(Fun fact for you, Gento from Blazar was actually the villain of KR Drive 10 years ago. If you get into his actor I'd actually would recommend him in this season because he has a lot of shirtless scenes and his character will make you cry LOL)

No. 391260

thank you for all your recs! super happy to find some new stuff to watch. you made my day.

this is the exact type of wild shit I wanted to see. watching gotchard next for sure.

No. 391262

omg that's hideous. I love it.

>Gento from Blazar was actually the villain of KR Drive 10 years ago

saving this info for later…

No. 391265

Yay! Have a blast would love to hear your thoughts if you have any down the line ♥

No. 391326

Drive was already 10 years ago? Really?
I loved Chase.
Haven't watched any toku since Build and half of LupinPato. Just fell off, theres just so many episodes.

No. 391344

ayrt, i mostly liked the combat, characters, and the general absurdity making it pretty humorous. i liked the atmosphere of it but the off-puttingness/horror kind of fell flat for me. i'm kind of anxious about playing re1 with fixed camera placement though. i'm very used to first-person shooters and even over the shoulder pov threw me off so i feel like it'll be harder to get accustomed to fixed cameras. is it easy to get used to aiming in re1?

No. 391351

File: 1718085035350.jpg (62.03 KB, 600x417, 1sglzgho1_640.jpg)

Yuppp 2014 on the dot. And same lol he was the highlight of the season for me. Can't believe a character had me sobbing over a drivers license kek
Honestly I'm in a similar boat, I find it much harder to finish seasons of KR and sentai these days. Ultra made a smart move IMO in upping production value while cutting its seasons down to just 25 episodes. It's also made a massive effort to be accessible in the West in recent years so I wouldn't be surprised if we see a popularity boom for it soon.

No. 391599

Now I have no idea if I should start KR or Ultraman first aiieeee

No. 391606

File: 1718142836557.jpg (260.24 KB, 2048x1536, GMCtmHnasAIzmJO.jpg)

I'd recommend trying Ultraman first to see if it's to your taste and then watching KR if you're not having fun. Ultraman has shorter seasons (many of the modern seasons are only 25 eps long) and you see pretty much from the get-go what it's going to be like. Try Z as a good entry point to the series, it's officially available on youtube, has an English dub if you're into that, and has a couple other seasons you can naturally branch off into if you end up enjoying it.
Kamen Rider is a 50 episode commitment and you often aren't sure how you're going to end up feeling about a season until you're all the way through the 50 episodes because quality can oscillate a lot.

No. 391608

kamen rider if you like bishies, den-o is very accesible

No. 391612

To be fair all of the big 3 series have bishies kek

No. 391644

File: 1718167154938.jpg (31.23 KB, 383x348, elsies grandpa is disappoint .…)

I started playing Arknights in January and I like it quite a lot. The main story starts off decently interesting but drags at points, which sucks extra because you do hit a progress wall that stops you from continuing with the story. Additionally, the dynamic of doing 20 minutes of reading, 5 minutes of gameplay, and then another 20 minutes of reading doesn't really work once you're past early game.
However, I do like the story enough that I usually go back and read through it, even though it's pretty long and kind of transparently has to spend a bunch of time showboating waifus and husbandos.

If you're primarily interested in the story, you can find uploads of the stories on YouTube.
Here's a link to one of the more popular side stories. Feel free to read through a little bit of it and see if it's at all to your liking.

The gameplay itself is rather fun, but I do think it's kind of hard to start playing as a scrub. Obviously I don't expect to be caught up in 6 months without whaling, but endgame still feels very far away. It's also very hard to guarantee characters, even though the rates are decent overall. They also split up the standard banner into two, so now the oldest characters are on a legacy banner ("blue banner").

No. 391711

Il Siracusano is not really a popular story its just an event that released an alter of one of the most broken meta waifus

No. 391874

re1 was my second re game (after first playing re4) and it took me embarrassingly long to get used to the fixed camera, kek. so i’m not the best person to ask about this. there are two routes based on which character you pick and i didn’t feel like i was “good” at it until my second run, but i was tolerably okay after a few hours of gameplay. i do think it pairs well with re4 since it’s a tad scarier but still has that campy, classic re vibe. and as for re4’s successors, re5 and re6 are similar-ish in terms of gameplay and the over-the-shoulder perspective, but they’re even less scary (which is saying something).

since you said you’re more comfortable with fps, i can heavily recommend re7 and re8 (which are directly linked). re7 is genuinely pretty freaky (at least for the first few hours, imo) and even though it’s not nearly as goofy as the others, the villains are still batshit insane in a way that i find hilarious. and re8 goes almost borderline horror-fantasy at points (especially in dimitrescu’s section) but still has a lot of decent scares.

No. 398021

Webtoons. The panelling just confuses me.

No. 398147

Metal Gear. The play order confuses me, and I'm not even sure if all of the games are available on consoles I own. There are also a bunch of spin-offs, and I have no clue where they fit into the timeline. Plus, everyone seems to have a different opinion on the best place to start. It's one of those series I've always wanted to play, but probably never will.

No. 398167

There are too many and the ones people say are good I usually don’t even like.

No. 398294

To me the easiest way to start media where the timeline is a bit confusing is by release order since the world building gets set progressively, also minor point but later installments tend to have references and easter eggs to previous ones and you miss them if you go by chronological order.

No. 401645

File: 1721000647439.png (791.68 KB, 680x510, The-Transformers-anniversary.p…)

I have always found them rather boring and the Bay movies made me take it less seriously.the fans are also annoying as hell.

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