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File: 1603833723316.jpg (238.74 KB, 2362x1573, zines.jpg)

No. 113202

>what was your first zine?
>What zines are you interested in getting?
>what's your favorite zine?
>What are some zines you would recommend?

No. 113204

What the fuck is a zine

No. 113208

File: 1603835217603.png (762.97 KB, 620x610, 4730927609437636.png)

"A zine is a self-published, non-commercial print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches… [they] touch on a variety of topics from music and art, to politics, sexuality, humor and personal memoir."

I think these little wild plant zines are cute: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/816320686/plant-zine-collection-the-wild-year-4-x

No. 113210

>what’s your favorite zine?
I loved my bff’s zine it was cute and cozy, I wish she could sell it online or something, but her impostor syndrome really messes up with her head.

No. 113218

File: 1603839278884.jpeg (294.97 KB, 640x498, 6FA8FED6-0A82-4FDB-BA7E-C37A04…)

I used to read scans of old riot grrrl zines when I was into that whole scene

No. 113219

Maybe this is a stupid question but where do people normally buy zines nowadays (in physical form)?

No. 113220

File: 1603840011725.jpg (1.49 MB, 1080x1080, TM_cover-copy.jpg)

Oh yay a thread 4 me !
I love tiger meat by Maddy Price, pic related.

Also love a lot of Ginette Lapalme's zines, she does some really fun playing with shapes/binding (though I haven't got any of hers since like 2015), and my all time favourite is Chill Pill by Katya Dorokhina but the pics online don't do it justice- the neon risograph looks 2222 amazing irl.

No. 113221


As in you want to buy them in person or you want to buy printed copies but online is ok? For the former, zine fairs and distros at shows. For the latter, places like Microcosm Publishing or direct from the writer/artist’s website.

No. 113224

thanks, anon!

No. 113227

NTA but also, lots of indie comic shops (and some artsy book shops) have small press sections with self-published zines etc.

No. 113293

I bought like 3 zines recently online. Would anyone be interested if I did a review of them after they come in the mail?

No. 113402

yep! I only bought one zine about my fave band, haven't read it yet so I'm interested in finding out more about zines

No. 113450

Yeah definitely, curious to see what other people are into

No. 116809

File: 1606687585399.jpg (165.62 KB, 1080x1080, INDUSTRY OXFORD.jpg)

I know this is probabaly a well known bi-yearly zine, but I've been really liking INDUSTRY's zines (they're made by oxford university students). I've so far got 2 issues and they're both really good so far, even though I haven't read them fully

No. 117251

does any other anons submit to zines?

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