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No. 112022

recently went down a rabbit hole of corporate trainings films, PSA's and some military training films, they are strangely addicting and often worth a watch

No. 112023

My Personal favorite, the song in the beginning takes 2 years off my life but I can't stop listening to it

No. 112024

No. 112025

Can’t forget this classic

No. 112026

The training video heard round the world. Yes the military really has to do this every single year.

No. 112027

good but I like this one better, it feels like the singer was just improvising 99% of the time

No. 112028

not gonna lie pretty A E S T H E T I C

No. 112029

UK Nuclear attack Preparedness video. Lots of really cool animations in this video

No. 112030

No. 112031

British PSAs are pretty tough, wonder how the kids there aren't scared of life by the videos they're shown at school

Wish I could find a link for another British train safety video, it was called the Finishing Line and it had like a bunch of kids doing sports in the railways and getting mutilated in several ways: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Finishing_Line

No. 112032

All the info I found said the full film was 20-21 minutes long so I'm hoping this is the whole thing! Sounds awesome. I couldn't embed the link because it's not from youtube but here


No. 112033

kek I remember when I saw vid related for the first time I thought it was going to be a holiday advert

No. 112034

very specific thread topic but i love it- PEAK /ot/
the yt algorithm suggested this not too long ago for whatever reason

No. 112035

yes, it's this one! thank you anon. and yup, it's complete, the tunnel scene is the last one

No. 112036

I listen to this on a regular basis

No. 112037

big fan of this one, remember my dad showing it to me when i was little, horrifying

No. 112038

I got recommend the old country buffet training film watched it, then wendys training films, then blockbuster e.t.c

No. 112039

Hey mods could you move this tread to /m/ cause it belongs here there, also here's a pizza hut training film

No. 287737

Unironically would watch a sitcom about these people.

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No. 316932

No. 316939

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