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File: 1600224145474.jpg (170.9 KB, 800x967, 20200915_193624.jpg)

No. 108117

Because it's notable enough
I finished this series and I liked it despite some of its flaws. I try to see a community online that isn't full of teenagers.
I loved the characters and the way this was filmed, i wish it was longer tbh, i was genuinely interested in their stories. I also loved the cinematography, it was beautifully shot.
I saw a bunch of zoomers saying how "relatable" it is and that honestly scares me. What Do you guys think?

>what do you like/dislike about the show?

>what do you think of a certain character?
>what do you think of the fanbase of this show?
>what do you think of the character?
>Do you think the show handled sensitive topics (drug addiction, sex, domestic abuse) well?

I wanna see what farmers have to say, if you haven't seen it. I suggest you do watch it

No. 108118

File: 1600224712991.jpg (40.44 KB, 680x619, ekbhuq3unvb31.jpg)

Samefagging to get the ball rollin` I really liked Lexi as a character. She was level headed and seemed very loyal to Rue, i wish more could be shown about her on the show, i liked when she was Bob Ross for Halloween.
I didn't like Jules because he seemed so promiscuous and careless, so much so that it ruined the serious tone sometimes

No. 108119

I'm curious about this show but still haven't convinced myself to buy HBO for it. Also I'll be very shocked if this stays ot.

No. 108126

what up with that one girls boobs

No. 108133

Zoomer skins

No. 108135

that one blonde girl with the boobs seriously has some of the hottest tits I've ever seen. i swear when I first saw her boobs on the show I felt the slightest sliver of what the average scrote must see looking at any girl he deems like a 5/10 or higher naked. like the fuckign "drums from jumanji" copypasta i swear i actually heard a tribal pounding in my head except it was actually just the sound of my teeth chattering from the chill that entered my body upon taking in the sight of her nips for the first time and i found myself for once I was not comparing myself to a beautiful woman but merely desiring her (specifically her nipples and the fat immediately surrounding them).

No. 108137

All im seeing above is they look weird but its good you had a sexual awakening and also props if she got good boobs. Not that it mattrs

No. 108145

She makes me want to off myself knowing I will never look like that, for one

No. 108154

The show has all the teenage drama elements that I like mixed with some more serious topics and a lot of style. I enjoyed the imagery and the character’s looks, especially Kat and Jules. The style is especially important because the story is very average and sometimes far-fetched, for example the Jules arc was written horribly and cringy.

Also about it being "relatable": Everything in the show is heavily exaggerated and stylized, so I doubt that this is the reality of most zoomers.

No. 108155

File: 1600260555348.gif (4.2 MB, 400x225, maddy ew.gif)


I remember during Skins there was a lot of controversy about how it "glamorized" unhealthy and dangerous situations, but imo Euphoria is much worse. The Skins cast were attractive but believable teenagers with wonky teeth and sweat patches but the Euphoria cast are always presented like pop stars in an appealing, pore-free way even when they're meant to be at their lowest. Perhaps it's something to do with the cameras and filters the show uses, but even in the worse situations there is some effort made to make the scene easy on the eye. The show is a visual success but that also makes it irresponsible because teenagers really are are idiots that will copy the worst behavior as long as it looks cool.

I was really interested in Maddy, at first I just liked seeing a queen bee with the Ariana Grande look but I liked how she wasn't a Regina cliche and they way they handled her past. However the above glamorization really hurt the depiction of her abusive relationship and I know teenage girls will miss the point and glorify that struggle love

The whole thing made me want to be a teen again because of how cool everyone dressed and how dramatic everything was. And that final sequence was amazing

No. 108163

Same omg it made me wish I was a teenager again because holy shit I never realized how much trouble I could've gotten myself into kek

My least favorite part is with Kat being a findom, after having revenge Porn uploaded to pornhub isn't she like 16-17? I felt so grossed out during those scenes otherwise Kat was cool, i didn't like the her doing porn shit.

Jules is too crazy imo, threatening to cut herself at the party and meeting random dudes to fuck, and then the part with the mental hospital. Jules sucks I hated the part at the party when she got p drunk, bitch your friend is a recovering addict. Have some courtesy. troons amirite
My favorite part is all the parties and carnivals, they're shot so beautifully. Kinda makes me sad I never went to any parties like that in high school.

No. 108165

Yeah, I thought about watching it because my BFF recommended it to me, but as I‘ve overcome drug addiction myself, I‘m really apprehensive about watching something that glamourises drugs and risqué behaviour for teens.

No. 108166

File: 1600268171705.jpeg (Spoiler Image,84.85 KB, 1920x1070, CDC91311-BF6A-45D8-9326-82AC49…)

They‘re pretty nice.

No. 108171

So is this show actually good or just skins with genderhairs

No. 108176

I personally didn't like it. Just a bunch of sex scenes with woke shit and cringe cast.

No. 108179

i used to be mutuals with the fat girl on tumblr. that is all i know of the show

No. 108191

kek same

No. 108212

I agree with you about Kat and her porn-liberation (?) Thing. I wish they showed more of the struggle, the stigma of being a victim of sexual abuse, and social pressure before the sexual liberation part. It would be so fulfilling to find power in the thing that society/family shamed her for when we see how much she suffered because of it, and how she tried to heal.
Of course, they would have to build her character up to that point. Which might take years for the character to undo the trauma of it, then find power in it.

But no, let's get straight to the teenage pornstar yaas queen

It doesn't feel convincing to me?

I don't know I'm not a writer. I probably shouldn't criticize this part yet, maybe they will tackle this issue more in season 2

No. 108214

I really liked the soundtrack for the show. I'm excited for season 2 but I feel like the writing is going to get worse tbh maybe that's just me being pessimistic. The first season was fine imo for the most part but Nate threatening to report Jules for "distributing cp" felt kind of comical since he'd get in trouble for it too. I'm actually kind of excited to see what happens with Kat though. She felt like the only character that ended s1 on a somewhat happy note but I wonder how she's going to quit her whole findom thing now that she has a normal boyfriend.

No. 108233

It could have been skins but it’s so hamfisted with the libfem woke shit frankly off-putting.

No. 108248

Ok, so this thread made me decide not to watch the show after all.

No. 108252

Give it a shot, it seems like an anon has a problem with something other than the show.

No. 108253

Just watch it on 123movies or something? I've never paid for a show or a movie.

No. 108273

Do a trial and then nope out before the seven days. It's only 8 episodes long. I don't know, I have a love-hate relationship for the show, it was beautiul and I'm really fond of the characters (except for Jules, ugh) On another hand >>108233 is right.

Come on, anon. The only reason I watched it was because I heard it as awful and needed to cringe-binge.

No. 108323

I'm not entirely offput by wokeness, some of which I might even agree with but it all depends on the execution. If it's doing libfem shit in the way Sabrina did then I definitely would not enjoy it. That being said I don't immediately lose my mind at the sight of a trans person so if the hate towards the show is exclusively because a tranny is in the it then I wouldn't mind that at all. I'd rather not have a tranny in a show but it won't ruin things for me. I love Skins so my interest in Euphoria was mainly due to its proximity to that vibe.

I don't know how old you are or your income situation but I'm not at a point in my life where I pirate anything.

No. 108576

apparently zendaya just won an emmy for playing rue

No. 184485

is anyone watching the new season

No. 184496

I'm hate-watching it while grimacing through the sex scenes. Is it me or is this season heavier on the sex scenes and aesthetics with a thinner plot and no character development to be found other than the pedo father? Speaking of which we are now supposed to be sympathizing with pedo degenerates on the most mainstream teen show. Yikes.

No. 184541

It's funny how much the public reception changed with the second season kek
It just got renewed for a third season and I only see people saying they should cut it off. They will watch it anyways but I hope Levinson is aware people are shitting on it, it's a disturbing series

No. 184542

One thing I noticed is how during sex scenes these "teen" girls are always either crying, scared, have a man's hand on their throat or mouth, or at best bored, or in a porny submissive position where they're just standing there being used until the man finishes. Creepy and weird, especially taking into account that the show's fanbase is mostly teen girls

No. 184546

I've never seen the show, your description sounds like rape scenes.

No. 184548

This show makes me so fucking pink pilled I want to go live in the woods. It's so evil that the standard of beauty/sex appeal for is synonymous with victimhood, I hate Euphoria ACKNOWLEDGING how gratuitous sexuality isn't inherently empowering and how women are held hostage by their own socialization without any commentary or analysis. Their pain is just made to be fuckable.
And I hate the bitch chloe cherry, she represents all the worst parts of it and I feel so bad for the 13-18 year old girls that see Euphoria and porn as representative of any kind of ideal

No. 184554

Notice how it’s also stated multiple times that none of the women enjoy sex, Maddy is shown explicitly saying she basically fakes it and watches porn to “learn how to fake it” with Nate, Kat is literally shown multiple times having sex where she doesn’t get anything out of it, Cassie is always taken advantage of by the scrotes and Rue is basically said to be “asexual”. So your analysis is 100% spot on even by the shows admission. It’s fucking disgusting, even if they weren’t literal high schoolers.

No. 184561

> The Skins cast were attractive but believable teenagers with wonky teeth

Well, they’re British

No. 184562

literally in the first or second episode Rue says something along the lines of "now I know this might look like it's the start of a rape

No. 184571

File: 1644089335409.jpg (41.97 KB, 480x480, euphoria-zendaya-1567160666.jp…)

With all the show's flaws and extreme sexualization, I really appreciate it for Rue; it's probably the first time I see such realistic portrayal of bpd and depression anywhere and I keep finding myself hoping for a happiness and good ending for that character. Ongoing season though seems to really heavily imply that she is going to die, and seeing fandom reactions to her storyline since first ep of 2nd season it really may happen, people are so bored with her, given she surely is not pornified #aesthetic queen like other characters of the show.

No. 184572

I've seen critique of this show saying it wouldnt have such mixed messages if it were directed by a woman and not the pervy old men hbo likes to employ so personally im still on the fence about watching it.

No. 184577

People say Rue will die because in the israeli original series she does iirc

No. 184583

The show would benefit tenfold if it wasn’t the fact it’s Sam Levisons personal wank factory, there is potential but it is all wasted for the sake of showing tits or tranny dick or whatever other fetishes that man wants to normalize.

No. 184596

File: 1644095132829.jpg (319.64 KB, 1158x2210, nr2mrv55z0g81.jpg)

No. 184598

File: 1644095297602.jpeg (49.45 KB, 634x567, F9C4F9B0-0BFE-4EEE-A7C5-4EEDEF…)

The best part of the season so far was this moment. And I liked Fez’s grandmother’s back story.

No. 184602

already crying with the first sentence

No. 184617

Ewww this worse than the Larry fanfics!

No. 184626

Damn, I've never seen it mentioned before that it's based on another show, thanks for filling me in!

No. 184636

Yes! it's called euphoria too, it has some differences apparently and it was set in the 90s. HBO bought the rights, idk if it can be seen somewhere

No. 184644

File: 1644115316528.jpeg (322.14 KB, 1080x1440, 65D5468A-A834-4013-A89A-A95D85…)

He’s got that police sketch of an unidentified rape suspect physiognomy. I don’t trust like that

No. 184646

Why are 30 year olds playing high schoolers? It’s so fucking weird. The whole premise of this show would be more realistic and less creepy if it was set in college.

No. 184658

File: 1644119357671.png (Spoiler Image,674.39 KB, 537x2588, capture eu.png)

This is why i side eye anything hbo produces (yeah yeah i know tumblr bad but i dont see any lies here)

a lot of their shows dont seem to care about potential but more like any excuse to be porn and the fact they are doing this with characters meant to be teens for an adult audience is really skeevy.

No. 184683

I caved and started watching after being determined to ignore it, nearly finished the first season and I can't decide if I love it or hate it. I'm definitely entertained but like most people I'm sick of the hypersexualized teenagers and female characters always copping it from men, whether it's violence or getting their nudes spread around or just being treated like shit in general. I don't mind the troon character surprisingly, probably because he's treated like a girl by the narrative and empathy overrides my gc instincts.

Anyway regardless of the writing I find Zendaya so charismatic, stylish and pretty that I will continue watching for her.

No. 184686

I don't trust men with teen boy haircuts. And why is he moist

No. 184699

This man is a rapist, he rapes children boys and girls, black and white and has no qualms about showing pedophilia to the public

No. 184704

Honestly watching this show makes me feel ill some times. The raw amount of porn being put on screen is so off putting, especially in regards to nate's dad. I feel like they toss it in at the most uncomfortable, weirdest moments. Maybe that's the point but I don't like it regardless.

Rue's story and dialogue seems interesting. I've never been around drugs but i feel like it tackles some ideas ive never thought of before and portrays drug addiction in a different light that most media. It feels a bit glorified sometimes but the episode where she talked with Ali was very good, IMO.

Ignoring the OF saga, Kat is my favorite. She feels close to home. I was like her as a kid, on tumblr, lured into weird porn communities. I don't like how they portrayed it exactly, but it's neat to see a character like her being written. Her and Ethan remind me of my own Hs love, it's sweet. (So far, as I'm watching) he seems normal and nice. I like how they met, and how different they are from all the other characters and relationships. I hope kat will flourish more to be an even more normal and likable character as the episodes progress.

Also, Jules is probably one of the more interesting, despicable types of villains I've ever seen written. I don't think they meant her to be so hateable, but god is she such a weird, bad person.

No. 184710

File: 1644136786822.jpeg (52.84 KB, 427x475, 75249AD5-BE2D-4F8F-AC72-EAD030…)

No. 184712

Kek it’s unreal how twitterfags bring up this dude as some kinda gotcha whenever someone says TiMs can’t pass

No. 184715

File: 1644137887036.jpeg (204.92 KB, 1080x1349, DF5EFBF3-7FE8-4102-9E60-B2F293…)

All the HRT / surgery on earth and still looks male next to a dumpy middle aged woman kek

No. 184716

Never watched this. It looks like a bunch of softcore porn, romanticized drug use, and tranny propaganda being intentionally marketed to minors. I'm not trying to sound like a pearl clutcher here, that's literally what it seems like to me.

No. 184718

I don't know how any of you managed to watch this, I could barely make it through the first episode. It's so fucking boring. I saw the first season 0 episode by mistake before that and it was also a snooze fest, so no hope of things picking up. Nothing happens, I don't care about these characters and it's like the show doesn't even want you to. I only see talk about the cinematography and fashion, never about the plot or anything and now I know why kek

No. 184761

Agreed. The definition of all style no substance.

No. 184777

It is, they are also trying to groom teens into 'sex work is empowering'. every sex scene is rapey and looks straight up from porn. Convinced the only people who watch it are either too young either are delusional twitterfags that never saw anything better

No. 184812

File: 1644174997679.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20220206-121214-953…)

From the way this article is written it seems that Kat was supposed to go through the horrors of being a cam girl but the actress said no to it.

It's understandable to not want to be put in scenes that are uncomfortable sexual situations but she's stuck in a gray area of romanticizing camming. The last episode of the first season set up the "darker plot" but it just fizzled into nothing.


No. 184814

the whole really sounds like a pretext for the scrote creator to make porn about teenage girls and market it to minors

No. 184824

I am seriously waiting for sam levinson to get metoo'd

No. 184836

new episode tonight

No. 184837

The actors aren’t teenagers

No. 184838

but the characters the actors play are teenagers and the plot centers around a high school which is just revolting

No. 184839

> about teenagers

No. 184912

Pretty sad episode, Rue is so far gone. I'm half hatewatching half just admiring Zendaya/Sydney every Sunday ngl. Rue blowing Cassie's affair the fuck up was hilarious, I kinda wanted to remain in Maddie and Cassie's argument instead of following Rue's pathetic escapades.

As an aside, I thought they were teasing Lexi as a lesbian in season 1 with a one-sided crush on Rue but I guess not? Fez is an endearing character to me but I don't like Lexi and him as a pairing.

No. 185002

File: 1644236597080.jpg (310.14 KB, 1800x900, scrnli_2_7_2022_12-13-23-PM.jp…)

What a dark episode, Zendaya did an incredible job. I wish Levinson & co had the balls to keep the serious tone throughout the entire thing, that slapstic comedy police chase was really not necessary nor funny, just really out of place. Laurie, the druglord, is really nicely written and great performance from the actress too, properly terrifying, I wonder to how dark of a place is it gonna go. I guess the liquid drugs are stronger than pills, that's why she lied about not having any and insisted on rue getting an injection?
>I kinda wanted to remain in Maddie and Cassie's argument instead of following Rue's pathetic escapades.
Pretty sure we will go back to it in the next week's episode, they wouldn't deny the viewers this long awaited moment I hope??
I agree about Lexi/Fez, no idea why people are so hyped for this pairing, it makes no sense and they have nothing in common and no chemistry, just one half decent conversation in 1st episode; hope it doesn't happen.
Also, other things aside, I'm glad to see it's actually possible to have an episode with zero nudity and sexual themes FOR ONCE

No. 185028

The Parrot Lady is going to pimp Rue. She said something like. ”Luckily us girls have something that most people want” =pussy.

No. 185029

I took it more as trafficking, since in the episode where Rue takes the suitcase she says if she can’t pay for it she’ll sell her to some people or something, but it could mean either or. I’m really scared for Rue because that lady is actually terrifying.

No. 185116

So I've never watched the show and have no intention of ever watching it, but I heard on twitter that the only substantial black male character on the show gets gang raped by a group of white jocks and then gets written off the show

does that actually happen ?

No. 185124

No. 185142

I haven’t watched (have only seen gifs) but just came here to say I want to slap the shit out of Jules for the time he said “it’s not the 80s bitch you need to catch a dick” comment or whatever the fuck it was. The scrote stench is undeniable

No. 185156

lol it's funny how ugly and manly the troonie is in season 2. and it was great seeing rue reem him out

No. 185166

can someone explain the context behind it

No. 185167

i do not remember this at all lol

No. 185168

it was in relation to the black character joining a fraternity and it was a hazing thing. they break into his room while he's having sex with his girlfriend (whom he treats like an object, btw) and it's implied that he gets raped? you can't actually see anything sexually explicit but it's hard to watch as a scene

No. 185171

He doesn't actually get raped. They shove him around, hold him down and grind against him while taking a video so they have embarassing "gay" hazing blackmail material but none of the guys actually get undressed or stick their dick in him. Call it stressful and traumatic or whatever but he wasn't raped. The actor confirms this in interviews. The worst part of that scene imo is when the guy, being a scrote, is unable to process it in a healthy way or just say he needs to be alone, but then diverts his shame and embarassment onto his girlfriend by having uncomfortable and aggressive sex with her. She does agree to it but it's obviously shitty and emotionless

No. 185172

It is particularly eye-rolly and pathetic coming from a troon, but every one of the actual girls in the associated friend group were also egging on the virgin to start acting slutty

No. 185173

>the only substantial black male character
Disagree with this, McKay is annoying at best and deeply self absorbed at worst. Ali is a major character and actually a very positive one at that (Rue's sponsor in rehab)

No. 185174

>Maddie and Cassie's argument
I was glad they didn't focus on this and am dreading returning to it. I don't get all the love for Maddie, so many people act like she's a bAd bItCh but she's just a pickme and a self aware one at that, which kind of makes it worse. She knows exactly how toxic and retarded her relationship with Nate is but keeps going back to him, and now she's reaming out Cassie for sleeping with him even though Nate was just as much of an active participant. Yes it was inconsiderate and pathetic behavior from Cassie, but she's hardly the worse of the two compared to the physically and mentally abusive jock.

No. 185177

What the fuck? Is this what passes for dark and edgy to zoomers? That straight up sounds like a fetish.

No. 185179

Pimping is trafficking. Also, Laurie planned this from the start, no one sane would short 10k worth of drugs to a teen druggie. Laurie wanted to get rue indebted and addicted.

No. 185186

Agreed, it was also pretty chilling when she's cleaning Rue up but sets aside the syringe for morphine even though she was all "you don't inject though, oh well…" beforehand, knowing Rue would eventually cave and she could get her dependent on the heaviest shit she had

No. 185188

It probably is, god knows the writer is a complete degenerate but for all the exhibitionism of the show it does hit on some relatable scenarios. There are countless men out there who attempt to prove their masculinity not by being reliable providers but by taking out their self loathing on meek women who will let them get away with it, which is exactly what was happening there.

No. 185190

why do people defend this show "oh this is show where teenage girls have sex with 40 year old men and its awful but I watch it cause it shows men as degenerates as well

No. 185192

You're in a thread for fans of the show, what do you expect? Your argument is a complete strawman regardless. We're not talking about teens fucking 40-year-olds, the discussion was about a man taking out his frustration on his girlfriend. It is obviously a bad thing, but it is something that happens and I like that the show brought attention to the matter while showing it in a properly negative light. If you prefer your media to be all sugar and gumdrops that's fine, but some people like it when shows don't shy away from shitty things that happen in the world.

No. 185198

I thought most people in this thread were just hate watching the show, are you actually a fan of it ?
>the show brought attention to the matter while showing it in a properly negative light
was excepting this, the cuties defense
>"Um ackshually the graphic depictions of very underage girls doing sexually explicit stuff is meant to SHOW IT'S BAD, you ignorant bigot"

No. 185202

most people on here aren't exactly fans of the show. if we wanted a place to uncritically fawn over how great the show is, we'd be on twitter

No. 185222

It’s one of those shows where a couple years down the road people start talking about how objectively shit it is

No. 185243

Read the thread retard, most ppl on here clearly doesn’t like it

No. 185258

If Skins was brought back with the same writers do you think it would be more woke the way Euphoria is? Or would it be less successful and less porny?

No. 185262

season 1 was vastly worse than season 2, i actually haven't felt annoyed by anything that's happened so far. i don't think i'll ever rewatch season 1 but season 2 is not too much of a hatewatch so far

No. 185290

Is Britbong tv not as porny as American tv these days? Skins was pretty interested in showing kids from different class backgrounds, bonding with each other but also always sort of enmeshed with their respective socioeconomic statuses. I don't see that in Euphoria, rings more hollow to me than Skins did. I do think it'd be just as porny if they made the latter today, though. It'd just have more layers besides the raunchy content.

No. 185417

this moment made me sick, i was so disappointed that the show went in a "let's make sure nobody is a virgin" route like everything else and was seemingly proud about it? i'd heard from a lot of friends that it's an open-minded show for anyone etc. but clearly not kek, it just perpetuates this idea that being a virgin is sooo lame and rushing to lose it is totes cool! for a show so obsessed with teenage sexuality it's pretty bad at actually exploring it.

No. 185427

Speaking of him, I remember a post here a while ago theorizing that the teenage girls who simp for him do it because they subconsciously see potential for him to be a normal attractive guy or something and… kek. I know gworls are simping for some UGLY motherfuckers these days but he is too much. dude's straight up a ratfaced hon with terrible bolt-ons, if he didn't troon out he'd be an unremarkable 4/10 dude with no shot at a career in the entertainment industry. even non-"terfs" have been pointing it out. you've gotta be a chaser to want that unironically.

No. 185428

File: 1644436040507.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x607, 1644331932121.jpg)

>what do you like/dislike about the show?

I like that it is "swerfy propaganda" now.

No. 185435

thank you for bringing attention to this pressing matter, 35 year old soyboy with a beer gut! definitely don't want no swerf vibes up in this christian softcore teen porn show, grooming is a normal part of childhood and it should be represented as such!

No. 185485

Funny you should bring up Christian content because he then also said picrel. What a pointlessly longwinded way for him to admit he pays for sex and cooms to high schoolers though.

No. 185486

File: 1644454932040.jpeg (704.01 KB, 828x1327, 47DB54C8-15AA-48A0-B639-0541A1…)

Dropped pic sorry

No. 185492

File: 1644457009200.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152 KB, 1170x776, 6465152C-27BF-43E4-A3F0-CEB414…)

picrel from leaked cuck loser sex vid of the perverted guy posting those bad opinions

No. 185615

Holy shit is that Hannah Goneau. I keep wondering if she died from the various relapses.

No. 185638

nta but the male body really is hideous

No. 185753

I love Cassie. Probably an unpopular opinion, she did nothing wrong. She’s just so sweet and her parents are pill addicts so I don’t understand why everyone is so quick to vilify her in her advice, I see myself in her too a little, developed fast, addicted to male attention and big boobies you couldn’t pay me to hate Cassie, she had just gone through an abortion and was told off by that creepy fuck, Daniel. That guy told her that she was nothing and deserved nothing, she is only 17. I am rooting for her

No. 185758

The woman on the right looks so fucking done, kek

No. 185770

File: 1644560776284.png (460.69 KB, 403x476, 43870274027523.png)

She's honestly the nice girl in an unfortunate body (only because it makes her more of a target to men). Never heard her shit talking other people like many of her "friends" and imo it's ironic that Lexi is seen as the good sister when she's making an entire play centered around how much she resents Cassie and portraying her as a stupid, self-absorbed bimbo. Yeah, she rarely thinks things through, but that can literally be said about all of these idiots and at least she actually tries to be considerate of her friends. None of the gross scrotes she idealizes remotely deserve her.

No. 185863

Lexi is going to fall out of favor as soon as her narcissistic NLOG play is shown, mark my words. Cassie isn't a person I'd care for IRL but as a character I do want her to do better. Her backstory is really sad to me. Idk why people love Maddy so much, she's a true sociopath.

No. 185868

I think that Lexi is resentful because their mom pulled a Yolanda Hadid and since they were little she held Cassie on a pedestal as the golden child, beautiful and perfect who can do no wrong. Sure Lexi's not coping with it well, but then again they're kids, raised by very dysfunctional parents at that.
Anyway, I don't think Cassie is nice at all. Aside from having an affair with her best friend's on-and-off boyfriend which is a big no-no even if they broke up, it rubbed me the wrong way how in the latest episode she gave some condescending advice to Rue, looked around to make sure it pleased everyone in the room as if she only did it for good girl points, then turned on her and called her a drug addict when shit hit the fan only a minute later.
Almost everyone in this show needs therapy

No. 185901

Back when the first episodes came out I didn't care for it cause i can't stand zendaya and i don't care for deep fake liberal shows without substance but i wanted to even watch it less when i heard there's a troon in it (they're trying to sell the tranny agenda to young girls this way now ig) My friends are obsessed with it so i forcibly watched an episode and i was right that it's just not for me. I see the girls in my uni imitating the looks and the way some of the characters speak and their libfem takes and it just makes me lose hope for young women, seriously.

No. 185906

I think Cassie is just dumb. I wouldn’t expect deep advice from her. Also I don’t blame her for saying Rue is a drug addict because she is and she through her under the bus when she was trying to help, in her weird air headed bimbo way.

I miss when she was with McKay

No. 185925

I love Cassie, she reminds me of Dolly Parton. When they did the 'country music star' bit I was so happy lol.
I feel bad for the actress being put in the position where her tits are shown 5x more than everybody else's.

No. 185926

The fuck? The guy who degraded her and put her through really uncomfortable sexual situations in general? No…

No. 185929

I don't understand what the deal is with the Nate's character. First season he's supposedly having a secret gay thing for Jules because he watches his dad's porn, but now he's dropped that for some reason, and there's an unnecessarily long and porny interlude where Rue explains how wildly in love with Cassie he is. And then he doesn't act like he even likes her and tries to get back with Maddie.
I get having a character with opaque motivations but if you never reveal any of them it doesn't work. He doesn't seem like a psychopath, he seems like a flat 2d placeholder for a big cock.

No. 185936

Allegedly it's actors private drama, Schafer doesn't want to do anything with Elrodi therefore that plot was scrapped and replaced with Cassie/Maddie drama. Very professional if true

No. 185972

>gave some condescending advice to Rue, looked around to make sure it pleased everyone in the room as if she only did it for good girl points
Yeah, like >>185906 I felt she was genuinely trying to help even though the advice was a massive oversimplification, and the looking around was more like, "Right guys? She can get better a little at a time!" looking for them to give more encouragement to Rue. She's basically the slightly edgier version of Karen Smith from Mean Girls, I just don't think she's crafty enough (or rather, at all) to plot out her comments in an attempt to raise her social standing. Don't agree about McKay though, I think he's a piece of shit.

No. 185973

It makes sense given this too >>184812. Sam Levinson is giving me metoo vibes, I hope he runs his creepy ass into the ground sooner rather than later.

No. 185994

It pains me how hbo is allowed too portray underaged characters like this legally. I love seeing the cinematography and acting from Zendaya’ s fits cause i grew up around that shit and its a good portrayal of the psychotic consequences. Everything else feels so overly glamorized it misses the point of the portrayal. Im glad Barbie spoke out against her excessive plot lines but when Alexa Demie and Sydney eat that shit up did it even matter…

No. 186051

i feel bad for cassie but she's hard to root for and sympathize with, since her initial premise of being a girl who is so hot that most men can't help but want to fuck her isn't the most relatable or sympathetic characterization for a person
this sounds like wattpad fanfic but apparently zendaya and elordi dated and i guess elordi cheated on her? and so schafer doesn't like him

No. 186088

Latest episode was actually good, no porn and Zendaya and the actresses who play her mother, sister and the drug dealer lady gave such a good performance. This further solidified it in my mind that all the sex is just there for shock factor and it serves absolutely no purpose to the narrative, it's so unnecessary.
Why can't we just have a visually appealing show with some good acting and lots of drama?

No. 186176

We could have it if a scrote weren't the show's creator lol

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