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No. 104880

Discuss how TV and media is in your country or if you watch something from another country or continent.

Example: mexican novelas, turkish dramas, german netflix shows, japanese live action movies etc.
(please don't spam korean shit)

No. 104895

I hate, with a fiery passion, the tv shows of my country. I live in pakistan and we have THE worst dramas. Nothing worthwhile. But I've come across a few that were good (Digest writer, Cheekh). Thing I've noticed is that here, the focus isn't on cinematography and direction at all, it's all very bland and basic in that sense while there are western shows with memorable and gorgeous cinematography. Eg, The Handmaid's tale. It's something I noticed even in Korean (sorry op) dramams. Any anons know other places where there is a good amount of focus on the the direction in tv shows and series?

No. 104899

French TV shows are a joke, some movies are good but they tend to be older ones. French old farts in that industry are salty that the younger generation prefers anime (although that's been the case since the 90s), American TV shows and watching things online rather than Joséphine ange gardien or Plus belle la vie so they're trying to create their own streaming website apparently. Basically if you want to watch French stuff that's not embarrassing to look at you have to look for youtubers.

There's also way too much reality TV and contest shows except they're boring, the only one with entertaining drama is the 4 marriages pour 1 lune de miel when all the contestants grade each other's weddings and lose their shit at the end of episodes. When I was growing up I used to watch French cartoons, anime and American series before and after school but now it's all gone. Even when there were American series like a decade ago more or less you'd have to wait months after the original episodes' release and sometimes the episodes were aired in a random order so nothing made sense. I can't believe these salty French TV old farts are still wondering why people pirate shows or watch things on netflix.

No. 105383

I don’t know why but german reality tv is a special kind of trash. They have terrible acting and are obviously fake, it’s kind of hilarious.

No. 105578

File: 1598193229698.jpg (41.59 KB, 695x521, alejandro-speitzer_crop1593652…)

I'm a sucker for foreign shows. I enjoy high school shows like Elite (Spanish) and Baby (Italian).

In my home country Bulgaria we have a shit ton of Turkish dramas and they're fun to leave in the background over a family dinner or something. They're just nostalgic for me as they remind me of summers at my grandma's.

I used to enjoy Korean shows but they're incredibly slow and frustrating.

I also just finished the Mexican show Oscuro Deseo, then El Club because this motherfucker is hot

No. 105581

>(please don't spam korean shit)
Why op? Why the objection to kdrama posts?

> Any anons know other places where there is a good amount of focus on the the direction in tv shows and series?
Turkish dramas ig. At least from what I've seen.

No. 105588

Op just said don’t spam, not don’t post at all. Go for it anon

No. 105599

File: 1598209643442.jpg (113.81 KB, 627x368, 20200823_154538.jpg)

Argentinian comedy "Los Simuladores"/"The Pretenders": "about a small team of con-artists for hire, who use their skills to solve common people's life problems". They basically create ridiculous scenarios to fulfill their client's needs, it's very good but I don't know where it's available for non-spanish speakers.

Speaking of k-dramas, I've tried to get into some of them (because I like their production and concepts) so many times and it's just impossible. Couldn't even get past the first episode of Goblin, The Eternal Monarch, Hotel Del Luna, Extracurricular (too much violence) and Reply 1988, then I watched SKY Castle, I binged the first episodes and then I got bored.
They're so slow, the acting is often terrible and the dialogues are always so unnatural.
I'm going to try one last time with the release of Record Of Youth, I like that it's set in the entertainment industry + Park So Dam is leading

No. 105603

Hello My 20s was the only one I could binge watch. Everything else is horrifically slow and I cannot watch romance dramas because they take 15 episodes to have an incredibly tame kiss.

No. 105619

File: 1598221141848.gif (2.37 MB, 480x360, Download (3).gif)

true, and there's so much of it. I wonder if it is similar in other countries. Also I think it's hilarious most people know someone who was in a show like that once.

No. 105649

I don't often watch TV shows and movies from my country. I live in a small country in the EU so basically every new show or movie rotates through the same small pool of actors and actresses. It's a shame because I'd like to support national productions over American media.

No. 105651

File: 1598260864921.jpg (44.8 KB, 480x340, 557327.entity.jpg)

I don't have a TV connection and the only tv programm I check out online on a regular basis is Arte. I love their documentaries and especially Karambolage!

No. 105653

File: 1598261879672.jpeg (96.02 KB, 1100x619, nadine-the-brain00,id=2a4fdf87…)


>Also I think it's hilarious most people know someone who was in a show like that once.

not to humble brag here but my former bff lived a few streets away from Nadine "The Brain". This was the closest thing I ever got to have a connection to a super star lmao


I used to love arte tracks but at some point they kind of changed the show and it didn't appeal to me anymore. They had lots of cool shows and movies during the late night. Discovered lots of cool not so mainstream artists because of it.

No. 105654

also like to post this because it never fails me to lol

>Kokuxmilsch, wat soll isch damit? Isch bin ja net in Malibu.

No. 105655

>matschi matschi

No. 105659

Frauentausch is iconic. I watch it every morning when they air the old episodes because the new ones are the kind of cringe I can't stand.

No. 105667


Absolute ekelhaft.

Speaking of trash tv: Let's do not forget about Familie Ritter

No. 105777

Spiritually, 2020 as a good year ended here.
I was a good boomer and watched all of Sanremo this year. It was worth it for the absolute cows.

No. 105822

I never really watched Sanremo before, but for some reason I ended up watching it in February (or January? I don't know) and it was fucking brilliant. Too bad we probably won't get another year like that.

No. 105839

File: 1598439091867.gif (3.61 MB, 480x270, Download (4).gif)

It's English but that counts from a different country for me so I'm posting it.
I'm obsessed with the show taskmaster. I've watched all the episodes before but since they've been uploaded on youtube I fell back into task-limbo. I love the chaotic energy of the show and how it genuinly makes me laugh hysterically.

No. 105843

File: 1598441378355.gif (9.24 MB, 800x450, source.gif)

Omg I'm addicted to this show as well!! I live in a shitty Eastern-European country and the TV shows here are all trash. I also love 8 out of 10 cats

No. 105845

I think it turned up to be good because Fiorello is such a clown in the good sense. They were completely amping it up every evening even when there was no need for it. Amadeus isn't particulary funny or charming by himself (see this other iconic moment of italian television) but he plays an amazing straight man to Fiorello.
But yeah, we are probably going back to snoozefest this february (if it goes on… I think it will, though).

No. 105875

File: 1598468451935.jpeg (60.22 KB, 800x482, B361AA05-2049-4318-9B1F-79FCF3…)

Skam is my guilty pleasure but only the og one. Watched blank and lovleg too, idk why I like stupid norwegian teen shows so much.

No. 105881

Yeah, they were a good duo, and even picked good singers imo, some kind of memey/trashy too (like Elettra Lamborghini and Morgan).
Baglioni with Michelle and that other guy I don't remember were so bad in comparison.

No. 105885

It still irritates me how the second season put Noora in the backseat outside of her struggling relationship with an awkward guy who really couldn't fucking act and it hurt to watch him try.

Hopefully one of the remakes has a pro actor William character, but I'm not going to watch them to find out.

No. 106073

File: 1598614521505.jpg (116.83 KB, 1280x720, adrian-celentano-serie2.jpg)

This absolute trash masterpiece. "Adrian" is a cartoon show directed by famous italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano (who has some sort of god/messiah complex) with art inspired by artist Milo Manara.
The protagonist is a literal self insert of the real Adriano, made younger and buffer of course, who in the story manages to save a dystopian world controlled by stereotypical bad guy with his weather-controlling singing.
The episodes were shown live on italian television, preceded by mediocre skits done in a teather with a live audience who mostly wanted to see the singer after a long time of no concerts. Too bad he was present for only a few minutes each episode.
Apart from being very badly done, the cartoon blessed us with ear-shattering tv commercials, softcore porn, bad drawings, bad voice acting, misogynist content, your typical woke shit and a good dose of hypocrisy. Overall, it's just a glorified wank session of it's director.

No. 106074

Oh God, I loved it back when it only came out!! Used to watch it during classes in HS.

I loved Noora so much but her season felt like such huge cliffhanger to me, not sure why… Maybe because her 'bf' actor couldn't act at all… However I loved his friend, had a huge crush on him.

No. 106079

I just remembered Nadreality Show. It's a bosnian trash comedy show. When I was a kid I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Here is a money laundering shop

No. 106087

Lol I've seen the videos yotobi made on it, absolutely priceless. My dad actually watched some of it live because he's a big fan of one of the comedians in the opening live skits (Nino Frassica) and I remember he was trying to find an excuse for it being so terrible, like "n-no he's actually doing it ironically!! It's just a parody of bad TV but the audience is too stupid to get it!!!!" lmao

No. 106097

File: 1598626584703.jpg (73.5 KB, 356x498, 61WSld-E1lL.jpg)

God I miss watching it as it aired! Mafia International, la Volpe, the sexist speech to the assaulted girls, the singer from Negramaro being in it, the hilarious frames and concept art from Manara that became memes.
The North Korean animation studio that is allegedly involved with Adrian also helped animate Angel's Friends, a cartoon some fellow zoomers may recall. Despite it being an adaptation of an italian comic, the second season was never aired in Italy. Make it make sense!

No. 106105

File: 1598632117032.jpg (22.73 KB, 256x387, Titanic_The_Legend_Goes_On.jpg)

Something about it felt so surreal. Watching it kind of late (since the skits were quite lenghty and going nowhere) felt like a fever dream. The scene of la Volpe beating up the rapists by DANCING with a ton of reused animations and then basically telling the victims it was their fault for getting drunk! And then backpedaling some episodes later by making a bad actress tell a speech about women and rape and how it's never the victim's fault.
The cartoon was so memey that it was referenced in the italian translation of a semi-popular videogame (Persona 5 Royal, that is)

It was also ironic how a cartoon that carries messages against dictatorship was produced in fucking North Korea. I wasn't aware the same studio made Angel's Friends! Now that I think about it the style is similar. What I did know is that many years back the studio animated another italian cartoon, "Titanic: the Legend goes on", which JonTron made a video about!

No. 106122

can this trainwreck of a cartoon can be watched somewhere with english subs?

No. 106127

The first episode is on dailymotion, just search for Adrian sub eng. Unfortunately, I could only find that one

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