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No. 104876

Discuss and dump here anything pertaining to japanese anime media, including

>Your favorite anime/anime list

>Anime you follow
>Seasonal anime
>Anime studio talk
>Anime openings and endings
>Japanese and weeb music
>Anime games and visual novels
>Anime and the good shit
>Anime and its problems
>Anime and how it has impacted western media and society
>The portrayal of japanese culture in anime
>Chinese and korean anime

Or just dump cute anime pics and wallpapers.

No. 104897

>>104876 i thought anime thread existed before

No. 104904

I search it on the catalog and didnt see it

No. 104907

Ctrl+F "Anime"


No. 104913

Well shit, I'm sorry. Wish I could still delete the thread but I think I can't anymore.

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