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No. 104748

Share (and discuss) your favourite songs to work out to.

No. 104749

I'll start.

(BANKS - Gimme)

No. 104758

This one might be a little obvious but it does the job.

No. 104767

No. 104777

I’ve been jogging to this song since I was in 7th grade pls no booly The beat just works well for me

No. 104840

Nice, I can barely believe there's weebs who go jogging

No. 105073

Well, how do you think Pixyteri got her workout lines?

No. 105114

It’s okay, anon, I have a bunch of weeb music in my autistically sorted playlists for working out.

This is one of my favorite songs i listen to while I’m on the elliptical bike thing something esl

No. 105477

Weeb jogger coming in. Can't stop listening to this song, it has the perfect BPM for my runs.

No. 105498

Not that weeby but I love almost everything he does. This song is especially great for running.

Love it anon. Thanks

No. 112748

No. 112749

No. 112750

A quarantine themed work out song for those at home

No. 112754

All my workout music is DDR stuff.

No. 112758

Even if she's a cow, this song slaps.

No. 112775

omg when I saw the thumbnail I was like HEY that’s from DDR. I totally agree I just wish there were longer versions available for some of my favs. I played the Konamix version all the time as a kid.

No. 112848

Lately I've been listening to a lot of BLACKPINK whenever I go for a run, they are annoying as shit but Boombayah, How You Like That and Kill This Love are just too good

I can't understand half of what she says in this song jesus

No. 113343


I play this when I'm about to start my cardio workout. It just fills me with so much energy(embed youtube)

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