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No. 103421

Share and recommend any youtube channels that focus on the paranormal or creepy here.
It can be anything, from ghosts, dark explorations, horror movie reviewers, mlm, true crime, arg, etc you name it.
You can also post weird youtube videos and extraordinary findings.

No. 103422

I have a bunch to recommend!
I like this one channel a lot, it's not focused on the creepy, but it's fun to listen to

No. 103423

This guy is good

No. 103424

Reignbot is a classic

No. 103425

No. 103622

I used to like Nexpo a while ago, but lately his style is way too dramatic and edgy when the thing he's talking about is just some ARG. This video is an exception though.

No. 103624

Samefag, forgot to add a couple of videos I like.

No. 103625

No. 103628

She sounds like she uses the same cadence as tricia takanawa from family guy anon.

No. 103629

Ntayrt but I agree with you. I used to like nexpo back then when he hasn’t shown his face, I saw a recent vid with his face consistently on cam. Idk. Turned me off.

No. 103640

It seems like Nexpo is slowly ditching ARG stuff and going for the Predator and Cults topics, honestly I get it there aren't alot of ARGs active anymore, plus it sounds more fulfilling to hunt creeps.

No. 104008

Kowabana series by Tara Devlin

No. 104096

Hellier, a paranormal docuseries nominally about the Kentucky Goblins and actually about Fortean theory. There's also other miscellaneous things on the channel.

No. 104463

Could never get into her because something about her way of speaking turned me off even though her channel content is relevant to my interests, your comment is spot on kek

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