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File: 1596824124398.jpg (33.43 KB, 457x346, v4-460px-Teach-Kids-How-to-Dra…)

No. 103016

Post your old art, from when you were a little kid, from when you were 13 and had a deviantart phase, from when you had an obsession with One Direction and tried to draw their portraits horribly, from when you watched Tokyo Mew Mew and made a super original character; whatever it is, if you want to share it, it's welcome here.
If you can remember, you can write your age at the time of creation or what compelled you to draw.

No. 103019

File: 1596826082336.png (Spoiler Image,392.68 KB, 800x800, ggz.png)

This was from when I was reading Steel Ball Run and tried to draw Gyro's weird smile. I spent so much time trying to make it non-horrifying but I couldn't.
Anons, learn from my mistakes: if a drawing looks horrible at first, no amount of pizzazz will fix it.

No. 103023

File: 1596827494663.png (719.63 KB, 985x688, lordjesus.png)

This is from when I was 13 and thought Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni was high art

No. 103033

File: 1596830199042.jpg (62.37 KB, 1000x800, jeff_the_killer_and_paula_the_…)

god cant believe im sharing this, i had a very obessive phase for creepypasta and jeff the killer. So i made my jeff the killer ripoff marysue OC and paired her with him. i really do not know how old i was i think 12-14 if im sure enough.

No. 103040

Ngl anon for a 13 year old that's pretty good. I kinda like it, it gives me nostalgia of my old cringy guro phase kek

No. 103044

I agree, it's pretty good, but what the hell is she doing, I can't figure it out?

No. 103049

File: 1596836090365.jpeg (524.14 KB, 1000x1320, B88902CB-367C-415C-9271-D67F80…)

I think she just chopped up some dude because she has worms in her brain, and is looking up at the sky and talking to her dead bf… from what I can remember. It was part of the show lol.

i remember I worked for hours on it and when it was done I printed it out onto a huge piece of paper and glued it to the front of my school binder, super classy. This was also the period of time where I was incapable of turning in school assignments without putting an anime girl in there somewhere.

Pic related was some social studies/history project in 7th or 8th grade. the cringe is almost too much to bear

No. 103051

File: 1596836707301.png (243.47 KB, 816x592, foot lettuce.png)

It's okay anon, I too was obsessed with creepypasta and "slenderverse" ARGS when I was like 14-15. I even made Jeff the killer fanart, emo hair and all kek.

No. 103053

File: 1596837440540.jpg (137.56 KB, 1024x1491, heh.jpg)

I was 17yo, browsing tumblr and lurking Bill Cipher humanization art. Now I see why I barely any notes on my posts.

No. 103054

File: 1596838131147.jpg (321.2 KB, 2448x3264, IMG_20190516_135030470.jpg)

My OC I drew in the 10th grade safe to say she looks so much better now especially in digital form

No. 103058

anon i'm not joking these are amazing. they make me so nostalgic since i'm sure every weeb had a phase of putting anime into anything kek. do you have anymore?

No. 103060

File: 1596840628050.png (366.05 KB, 600x785, d4af2nw-5a244755-5025-400e-aeb…)

every day i wish i still had the motivation to make art like i did at 14, now i'm just a burnout.

No. 103061

anon i love this, i hope you can get back to doing art

No. 103079

this is good

No. 103099

love to see my current skills are worse than some of you as children, kek

No. 103490

File: 1597109322367.jpg (52.78 KB, 999x999, thisismeinside-1.jpg)

this is from like 2007-2008. I was like 10 or 11. I saved all of these from photobucket so they have the original titles as the filename. behold.

No. 103492

the filename… I'm dead and gone.

No. 103494

babies first emo drawing

No. 103539

Oh god I live for the mary sue ocs of our past, particularly from fandoms like Sonic, Tokyo Mew Mew, Harry Potter and anything Creepypasta related. I can't find the picture but back when I was 15 and super into the SCP foundation, I had this horrible mary sue SCP oc. I don't think anyone here wants to read my backstory on her, but oh god it was ridiculous and I always cringe.

No. 103570

File: 1597159669027.jpg (1.72 MB, 2098x1363, IMG_20200811_202518_991-1-1.jp…)

My long forgotten oc and her description from when I was 12. As you can tell, English is not my first language.

No. 103575

I love this anon

No. 103578

Her design is actually kind of cool tbh

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