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No. 98588

Do you fear your old age? If so, why?

Do you know any women in your family who are total train wrecks later in life?

No. 98589

nah, i was retarded in my 20s. as i got closer to 30 i worked hard at getting my shit together. im feelin pretty good where im at

No. 98590

This smells like robot bait.

No. 98591

A little, but only because I don't want to spend it husbandless and I know men are shitty about age (leaving when she gets 1(one) wrinkle and such).
Otherwise my life is very stable and planned out unless some sort of disaster happens, so I'm secure in that at least. When it comes to looks I'm fine with becoming wrinkly and old so long as I get to wear classy clothes. I already dress like a very formal grandma every day so I'm prepared haha.


No. 98592

I'm young and still haven't experienced life. I look forward to my older years for new adventures honestly. And time to shape myself into someone I want to be.

No. 98593

Why would I fear being wiser and having more experience in life? Tf is this thread

No. 98594

You only get to be an old wreck if you stay immature and don't learn shit throughout your whole life. Otherwise aging isn't so bad.

No. 98598

I think older women can be so beautiful, hopefully I'll be one of them.

No. 98599

kind of yeah, kind of no. Like I'm scared of how my health might deteriorate and I don't look forward to being closer to dying, but I don't think being Cool Wine Aunt is a bad thing.

No. 98600

this, i also love seeing older women dress in fashions they liked when they were younger. like women who were teens in the 70s-80s still dressing like groupies. it shows a kind of confidence you only get from growing up to realize how little opinions matter.

No. 98602

OP pic doesn't really work as a diss because travelling to Paris, shopping and drinking wine just aren't very bad things.

No. 98604

File: 1539896184031.gif (3.06 MB, 500x207, bait.gif)

No. 98606

File: 1539896438893.gif (1.98 MB, 500x252, vuvalinis.gif)

I love that movie.

No. 98608

This is a robot bait 100%
that being said, I hate how men in particular push this notion that if you're unmarried and have other things you dedicate your time to like shitposting drawing, writing, programming and such is a bad thing. Of course, in the incel mind, every unmarried woman just has sex 24/7 and does drugs and alcohol because their tiny brains can't comprehend that there's more to life than that.

I do wish that fear mongering of being a spinster stopped. In my case, meeting older single women and seeing them genuinely being happy made me sure about my life choices.

But I'd add that I fear of getting old. Not because I won't be attractive with wrinkles and saggy skin, no. What I fear is that if I reach old age, I'll be in pain or have to go through surgeries. My point being, the moment I lose independence I'll kys.

No. 98610

Lol I've been thinking about this. All my aunts on my dad's side are spinsters. 2 out of the 3 have kids. My mums sister is nuts, absolutely crazy. My mum herself is a fucking mess too, by age 14 she had had 2 fiancé's since splitting with my Dad, she finally tied the knot with the 3rd in her 50s.

I'm 28, and every so often I catch my mothers reflection staring at me in the mirror. I've upped my exercise and trying to be conscious of not being a nut case.

I'm scared about divulging into a nutcase, I'm trying to get a masters and my boyfriend is talking about buying a house and proposing to me. It's all building up and I'm starting to shit it

No. 98611

do you know how to english anon?

No. 98612

Can't fucking wait tbh. I'm married but childless and by the time I'm middle-aged all my friends kids will be in college so we can hang out again.

No. 98614

Nah. I can't wait to be in my 40s. My only concern is that men my age then will be balding, wrinkly out of shape fatties with saggy balls and no stamina for sex. But thankfully I'll be well off enough to have a cute stud boytoy.
I also really can't wait to retire. I have so many plans for post-retirment life!

No. 98615

I'm high on a mobile apologies

No. 98616

DW i had to read it a few times tho.

i still can't unread that your mom was 14 and already divorced/engaged twice.

No. 98617

She is Catholic

No. 98633

This is exactly why she's messed up in the head. Jesus anon, I'm Catholic and I literally know of no one who has been in that position. I know you don't want to turn into her, but presumably you weren't dealt the same hand of cards that she was, so relax.

No. 98641

I'm really fine about it. My life is going well, and I don't see it derailing anytime soon.
Don't know any older train wrecks either, because I'm not from a trashy background tbh.

No. 98642

Women don't get loose from sex, incel.
And no woman lives her life just having sex and boozing up, greasy old dudes do. Glad my post triggered you enough to give me a (You).

No. 98648

i can smell this bait from a mile away. whaddya want me to do bud, cry? start a fight with you on an anonymous image board? you should try a bit harder, everyone knows men are the ones who age like milk.

No. 98649

I know right. Old men are ugly as fuck and look like sandpaper. Men start looking rough as hell after 24.

No. 98650

>N-no you!
Pathetic. You took the "bait" like clockwork.

You want me to entertain your silly preconceived notions riddled with paranoia and insecurity? Sure, I can do that.

By the way mods, don't bother trying to ban me. You cannot stop me. I come and go as I please, effortlessly and whimsically. The harder you try to exert power and control over me, the more you'll realize that you have no power or control over me. It's futile(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 98651

you sound fucking lame. quit your chuuni shit at least.

No. 98653

File: 1539909120043.jpeg (61.33 KB, 275x263, 82197BFA-3939-4DE2-8B1D-A04AE7…)


>It's futile

Oof imagine being this cringy 24/7

No. 98654

I come from a family of beautiful older women so I'm not overly worried as long as I take care of myself. I worry about how some men will act toward me and getting sick but that's about it. I can't wait to have that experience, comfort, and not giving a fuck. Getting older isn't bad. It's part of life.
Wonder if the men who make comments about women hitting the wall and being dickheads realize that their sperm quality goes down the shitter as they get older, they lose hair more than women, and that ED becomes more common. It ain't just women who age. Tick-fucking-tock.

No. 98655


No. 98656

What's it like being 12 years old? You act like little kids who get embarrassed over everything.

No. 98657

I don't even know what robOP expected from this thread.
We can't stop ourselves from getting old, it's going to happen. Do you want us to grovel about it? It's just nature, it's been going on for quite a while.

No. 98659

This tbh, makes me sad. I just want a cute bf but everyone is losing their hair.

No. 98660

>I also really can't wait to retire. I have so many plans for post-retirment life!
Oh, same. I'm striving for early retirement, or at least downgrading to part time work asap. I think about marriage and kids all the time, mostly because of pressure and stigma, but reminding myself of early retirement stops me in my tracks. With a family I'd either have to work to provide or be a housewife, which is just 24/7 work. I value free time more than anything, I have so many things I want to learn, watch, read, do, see, and I want hours of daily alone/down time on top of that. I'm too introverted and inwardly focused to cope with a kid and husband who need me.

Of course, I'm not so cavalier as to assume I'll always feel like this. I know there's a good chance I'll find my hobbies shallow and empty compared to a family once I'm too old to have one (26 now). But I'd rathet regret not having kids than regret having one and hurt the kid in the process. And I've done a lot of research about fostering and would strongly consider it when I'm older, even if I'm not lonely or regretful.

No. 98662

I want a husband and children. My main concern is if things don't work out with my current boyfriend, I'll have to start all over again. I don't want to wait until I'm 30 and then have to get married within the year so I can start having children before it's too late. My mother had early menopause, and I need to be mindful of my fertility.

No. 98667

Honestly I hope I wind up like the OP pic, sans the shitty tattoo and "thought she would marry a rich old guy" part. And maybe not so much wine.
The only part I'm scared of is physically ageing, but that might just be because society treats women who are visibly older like garbage, and there are plenty of clearly older women (40s,50s) who are attractive.

No. 98670

I'm okay with aging, but there are just so many things I haven't done (academics, travelling, etc)
– and that gets me more anxious than not having a family/boyfriend.

No. 98678

>Deletes initial post
>responds to us how a villain in what a bot thinks is a Nathaniel Hawthorne style would write
>is obvious pubescent incel
>implies we are children because youre embarrassing

alright. im done responding now. to actually contribute i guess id say i love the thought of getting older. i cant wait to finish everything up and get my life in order and be a sassy older woman. k thx. bye.

No. 98680

No, I have a decent job in a stable field and will get a livable pension, am also very fit and once I hit retirement age and my company makes me go into retirement, I'll still be able to make money on the side by shiling diet and fitness advice. I am sort of neurotic about making very long term plans because my childhood was utter chaos, never even knew if I'd still be alive the next day.

>Do you know any women in your family who are total train wrecks later in life?

My mother is an absolute trainwreck, and an old whore. To be fair, she always was, but when she was younger she used her looks to go from one sucker to the next, making men pay for everything. She has a personality disorder but never committed to treatment, and her youth and looks are running out, and she finds it increasingly hard to find a man who will put up with her insanity and rages. She was terrifically abusive and it's what she deserves. I moved too far away from her for her to ever become my responsibility.

tl;dr: don't invest everything in your looks, looks are important, but to survive as you get older education and then a stable job are better bets. Also stop acting crazy, it's never a good look. Imagine being a magic pixie dream girl when you're about to hit forty, full of fading lol so random! tattoos like some of the cows here.

No. 98681

>ED becomes more common. It ain't just women who age. Tick-fucking-tock.
From a medical perspective, especially if you're into older men, anons, never go for a guy with a pot belly, a dadbod, or beetus. The first two are signs of metabolic disease, and the latter obviously is. ED is the first symptom often in guys who're not aware they have the beetus yet. They're guaranteed boner killers. Go for younger, fit guys.
It happens in young fat guys or skinny fat guys too: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23681359

I'm not saying start trolling your fitness center for dick, but if I were looking the fitness center would be my best bet to find a guy with similar interests and not dependent on viagra. Don't go for the obvious roiders tho. The problem with viagra is not just that it's pathetic, but that men often take too much, their boners don't deflate for like an hour, and they tear you up trying to prove something.

No. 98685

>implying 40 year old is is Old

yea i'm scared of being 80 and in pain and unable to move because of arthritis but i can't wait being 40 and successful

No. 98690


No. 98697

It's basically the same shaming tactic as the Pumpkin Spice meme, because fuck women for collectively enjoying something or whatever.

Answering OPs question: No, I don't fear old age. I'm closer to 30 and I would never turn back the clock to relive the more difficult parts of my 20s, I have some level of experience under my belt and am finding it easier to solve problems as I get older. The women in my life that are 40+ are out there having fun and have some wisdom to share, and the ones that aren't doing so hot give me the motivation to do better. I'm not going to fear something inevitable like aging because I'm the one that decides whether I do so gracefully.

No. 98698

It's basically the same shaming tactic as the Pumpkin Spice meme, because fuck women for collectively enjoying something or whatever.

Answering OPs question: No, I don't fear old age. I'm closer to 30 and I would never turn back the clock to relive the more difficult parts of my 20s, I have some level of experience under my belt and am finding it easier to solve problems as I get older. The women in my life that are 40+ are out there having fun and have some wisdom to share, and the ones that aren't doing so hot give me the motivation to do better. I'm not going to fear something inevitable like aging because I'm the one that decides whether I do so gracefully.

No. 98699

Men have a biological clock too. Why are people never berating or shaming them about it?

No. 98707

They really should. I've known a lot of men who end up all alone in their forties, their own biological clocks ticking, lonely and miserable because they bought into the idea that they would age like wine (lol) and have hot young women throwing themselves at them. Of course, because reality doesn't work that way, they ended up very unhappy. Plus even if they managed to find someone there are health risks associated with having an older father, they aren't clear from these issues either so I think it's hilarious when they try to give women over 30 shit for becoming mothers.

I also really don't understand their obsession with older women ended up fucked up. Most older women, including single ones, are completely functional. My aunt-in-law is an older single woman and she has a lot of friends, is close to family, active in her community, has a job and a home and is happy. She's actually really inspirational to me.

The only aging I fear is getting frail and sick or having dementia or something like that. I sometimes feel some sadness that I'll get wrinkled and all that but I try to keep in mind that a lot of good people who died young probably wished, in their final moments, that they could grow old. It's not a bad thing, it's life.

No. 98722

I remind men of this study every chance I get, they're the first to use autist as an insult so they should be aware that old fathers, teenage mothers, and age gaps all significantly increase the risk of autism (more than old mothers).
>* Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s. Autism rates were 28 percent higher when dads were in their 40s versus 20s.
>* Autism rates were 18 percent higher among children born to teen moms than among those born to moms in their 20s.
>* Autism rates were 15 percent higher in children born to mothers in their 40s, compared to those born to moms in their 20s
>* Autism rates rose still higher when both parents were older, in line with what one would expect if each parent’s age contributed to risk.
>* Autism rates also rose with widening gaps between two parents’ ages. These rates were highest when dads were between 35 and 44 years old and their partners were 10 or more years younger. Conversely, rates rose when moms were in their 30s and their partners were 10 or more years younger.
>The higher risk associated with fathers over 50 is consistent with the idea that genetic mutations in sperm increase with a man’s age and that these mutations can contribute to the development of autism. B

Gets literally no replies every time I post it on 4chan lmao, they'll never stop shilling for middle aged men's right to impregnate teenagers. They don't complain about advanced maternal age because they genuinely care about the health of the mother or child, it's because it's the easiest way to justify (to themselves) fucking underage girls and dismissing anyone past 30. It's amazing how angry they get when women 'selfishly' have kids when they're ready rather than when they're the hottest.

No. 98731

Nearly 27 and so scared I’ll never have a baby. Women who wait til after 30 are dumb af risking so many diseases.

No. 98745

You're sounding like the retard here, cause akshually…

Don't randomly have a fucking baby while you're not even in a position to care for yourself, especially if you don't have stable health insurance. Once you're settled in a career, somewhere where they legally cannot fire you for taking maternity leave, that's when you have a baby, because that's when you'll be able to afford all the genetic testing to make sure you're not incubating something with deficiencies that will not be out of the house in twenty years. If it's no good, abort.

If you don't eat for two and inhale all the doughnuts, and don't fall for the meme of "resting" during pregnancy, you'll be fine. Get as much exercise as possible, a muscled woman is a woman who can push out a baby and bounce back, a flabby weak one not so much.

No. 98746

No. 98751

So aggressive for no reason, lol. Why do you have a stick up your ass and assume the worst?

No. 98752

Also this doesn’t contradict women over 30 being far more likely to have genetic defects in the first place, or women over 35 being more likely to miscarry of have an ectopic pregnancy.
Having a baby at 40+ is selfish and retarded anyway.

No. 98753

its not that bad and as another anon said genetic testing is an option and continues to advance. Lots of mothers have their first child in their 30s and historically the average maternal age was fairly high because women kept getting pregnant through their 30s and beyond. If you can afford it getting your eggs frozen is also an option if it really concerns you, you can also get fertility counseling to get a better idea of what your fertility is like at the moment, you might be better off than you think or you might more concretely know if your concerns are well advised.

No. 98755

Good advice, cheers.
Tbh the other anon seems to have some sort of emotional attatchment to the issue, so angry and presumptuous over literally nothing.

If a 25-year-old woman has a 1 in 1,200 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome; by 35, the risk has increased to 1 in 350; by age 40, to 1 in 100. Personally, that’s significant enough. Genetic testing is great, but it doesn’t prevent the increased risk of ectopics, miscarriages, or gestational diabetes.

It’s also that I don’t want to be an old mum. Not for vanity, but for the kids sake. Being ten years older isn’t going to improve sleepless nights, or stamina to play. Fitness doesn’t prevent aging.

No. 98758

that's fair enough, wish you luck settling down anon. Wish it was cheaper to freeze eggs, I can be assured I won't be anywhere near financially ready for kids any time soon and I'm in my mid 20s.

No. 98788

Anyone just not have a biological clock? Reading this thread has been a wild ride.

My mom is wreck and always had been, and the women on my dads side sucked off the dick of Catholicism so hard, that they just now admitted two aunts were gay and in relationship, but only because they broke up. They’re still more put together then my mom, and thankfully since I’m biracial, I look more like them then my mother.

It also doesn’t help that my husbands family has bpd tendencies (borderline dad and sister), while ours is more schizophrenia and aspd (brother). So I could end up creating a second hitler. No thanks, I’ll be the crazy aunt who keeps to herself.

Maybe I’ll adopt one day, but my student loans say nah at the moment.

No. 98793

Not if you can afford it. Look at Rachel Weisz, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson.

I'm not so much emotionally attached to the older mothers thing, I had mine at 28 and one is enough, but it is a fact that many young women are disgustingly obese and unhealthy during pregnancy, never bounce back, and then blame their and their children's health problems on the kids instead of their lack of self-control.
>I ruined my figure having you, I wish I'd never had you boohoo blubber snot
>You kids ruined my vag busting out and that's why your dad ran off, boohoo abloobloo
The risk for downs as the anon says is 1 in 100, which seems high and downs kids are sweet, but frankly I'd abort, but the number of women who put their babies at risk for adverse outcomes because they are obese before and during pregnancy is much higher than that. If they can't even care for themselves, can't even feed themselves right, they shouldn't be having a child. I guess I was trying to say an older woman who has everything under control is better prepared than a young one who just get pregnant cause why not? /rant

No. 98808

dumb ? My mother had me at 36, I know plenty of women who had children (who are just fine) in their 40's. Nowadays, 27 yo are rarely financially stable and mature enough to have kids anyway.

>why so aggressive
>women who dont want to dedicate their life immidiately to birthing are selfish and retarded

No. 98853

Nope. Not just you. I've never felt any sort of compulsion to have a child. I had a traumatic childhood and my Mum has passed on some behaviours to my siblings and myself that have made me quite unbearable in some aspects of life. I don't like children. They are alien to me. I've been around them and have taught them at one point, but I didn't feel anything. Some can be nice but I am too much of a fuck up to inflict that upon an innocent child. I'd rather be a good aunt than a mum. People keep going on about the clock ticking, but as far as I am aware, my clock is entirely broken and I'm happy for it.

No. 98859

I'm scared of the realities of aging (more prone to serious illness like cancer, etc) and inevitably death. That fear gets compounded by watching it happen to my older family members. :( But I've actually enjoyed getting older; I'm far more comfortable in myself physically and mentally than I ever have been, and I hope that continues.

No. 98862

I had my first (and only) child at 25, and I totally agree with what you've said. There are so many selfish mothers out there; the most common one being women who have multiple kids, are constantly stressed and unhappy, and somehow thinks the fact her kids get to experience her being unpleasant together makes it all worth it? Then I constantly get "don't you think your LO will want a sibling though??" Looking at your miserable life, no I think they'll be okay without. /Rant
I also planned to abort if the foetus had Down's. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable forcing another human to live with that when I have the privilege of choice.

No. 98877

So you just assume that anyone who’s not you is gonna be a fat slobby slutty drug addled mess who is too emotionally retarded to handle a child. Wow, totally not emotionally involved in the issue.

Maybe if you projected less of your own garbage you’d have a better time.

Will you chill the fuck out and stop this narrative you’ve invented of me being a morbidly obese, mentally incompetent, trailer park living, destitute baby factory?
You’re running on nothing but your own weird projection and guesses and you sound insane.
Not wanting extra risk of ectopics, miscarriages, and diabetes isn’t evil, no matter how hard you twist it.

27 is not birthing immediately. Choosing to have a child even though it’s medically unwise is selfish. If you can’t see that, you’re probably the type to get knocked up at 45 purely to satisft your own desire for a kid.Sorry your kid will be celebrating your 50th and their 10th the same week. Some women want better outcomes.

What kind of monster doesn’t want to add an extra risk of ectopic pregnancy? Fucking narcissism to aim for a survivable pregnancy.

No. 98883

To all of you late 20s spinsters worrying about muh fertility: if you're still dumb enough to fall for shitty robot bait, then you're not ready for a child.

No. 98884

Oh give it a rest already.

No. 98887

No. My childhood and adolescent years were pretty crappy, so as I age everything in life has just been following a general upward trend. I don't even really fear advanced age, because I can't imagine it yet and it seems really normal for very elderly people to lose their faculties. I'd probably pull the plug on myself before it gets to the point where I can't shit on my own though.

I'm lucky that I have a mom who makes an effort to show positivity towards aging and takes great care of herself, two aunts on both sides of my family who are childless and never married and independent in their lives, and two older sisters who put their happiness, needs, and satisfaction above scrambling around to marry some crappy dude because sOcIeTy SaId So, TiCk ToCk. In addition to the women in my family who did chose marriage and children, and managed to balance that with their careers and none of them afaik have gone off the deep end from it, and many are still quite attractive and enjoy life.

I will say that I have felt little bubbles of maternal instinct kick in the past couple of years, and I chose to volunteer with children. I reminds me that I'm in no way, shape, or form cut out for the self-sacrifice childbearing comes with and I fucking hate fortnite even though I don't really know what it is lel.

No. 98889


No. 98890

This one anon has such a bug up their ass about any scenario they have entirely imagined. It’s probably miserable for them to be this bitter and to project so hard, so constantly.

No. 98977

I don't understand the asshurt about older mothers. My mother had me at 35 and my brother at 39 and we both turned out fine. You can't control how your genetics can affect your reproducing capabilities, but not living a degenerate lifestyle does wonders.

No. 98987

American/western woman have fucked up their fertility by drinking the birth control kool aid and incels highjacked that bs to claim it's basically impossible to have normal kids at 27. When my parents and grandparents were living in the ussr it was considered normal for woman to have babies until 35, and this was a culture where it was expected that you would be married by 19. Not trashing America cause I live here for my whole life. That being said tho if I don't have children by 35 I'm not going to pursue it. I agree with anons that it's selfish to condem another human being to living with disabilities, this world is already cruel and shitty enough.

No. 98989


It’s like you’re choosing to ignore the parts where older mothers have more frequent miscarriages, ectopics, and complications just to shit on women.

Nobody said it’s impossible, just repeatedly pointed out that there are known risks. You guys are so fucking tender over other women’s choices lol.

No. 98997


> some anons pointing out that older mother asshurt is a little dramatic

>some anons pointing out that it is possible to take precautionary measures to have children a little later
>no one is denying any risks
>"you're shitting on women's choices!"

??? hun, Idk if we're the tender ones here.

No. 98998

Holy shit it’s beyonf being obtuse you’re just dense.
Precautionary measures don’t prevent ectopics, miscarriages, increased likelihood of gestational diabetes etc etc etc.
you’re acting like all women that have kids before 40 are degenerates who eat nothing but maccas and smoke crack.

The fittest, healthiest forty year old is still more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy or
a spontaneous abortion than a regular 28 year old. The projection you guys are forcing here is unreal, it’s almost sad how badly you wanna force this shit.

No. 98999


>no one is denying any risks associated with older mothers

>this ho still keep sperging

Dear god. Who even said that all women who have kids before 40 are crackheads or something? I pointed out "degenerate lifestyles" because if you have one you will not only fuck up your health in general but that will include reproductive capabilities. Obviously a normal 28 year old is less likely to have those complications over a 40 year old, bitch who was arguing otherwise? Are you retarded or something? All other anons have been saying is that this asshurt is a little dramatic because with lifestyle choices in your control, genetics, and with the advances in medical science it is possible to have healthy children a little later.

No. 99003

Holy shit you’re so dense.
Nobody, even the anon who was concerned for their future fertility (like a monster reee) has denied that being healthy, and genetic testing lead to better outcomes for old mums.

Anons basically said women younger than forty are assholes for giving a shit about having a better pregnancy and less chance of the baby dying because women under forty can’t be sane and stable apparently.

Please though, repeat your one point that has nothing to do with the original anons point about fertility concerns with aging.

No. 99006


That anon you are asshurt over is more mad about hamplanet moms than younger ones. That anon also said to wait it out until a stable career, which for many people happens between 30-35. What are you crying about again?

No. 99011

You’re crying over something that’s not a problem. Why run to defend one crazy anon who thinks all women under 45 are obese trailer park welfare queens and that one anon wanting a child before 30 means that someone is an incel brainwashed retard?

You’ve latched onto something just to argue despite your point being basically nothing. You’re not refuting or disproving the things anon said they are concerned about, just babbling on about how we can abort genetic fuck ups and fitter women have better outcomes.

What actual point are you making other than that you’re an obtuse ass?

No. 99012


LMAO, I suppose this is what happens when you have nothing more to add.

No. 99013

this smells like bot
but no, aging is something everyone does and goes through, dunno why incels think we're personally offended and terrified of aging, since my entire female side of the family looks great at 60 and I take care of myself, I'll assume I will too

plus my boyfriend likes older women, and if something happens to him I have a list of men who like MILFs, stay mad bots

No. 99014


All the sperging in your replies to me are you basically exaggerating what that other anon said. This entire back and forth between us is because you are sperging about what that other anon said. My inital post >>98977 is literally not stating anything other than people are being a little dramatic. There are no claims of "having a baby at 27 is the same as 40" and "there are absolutely no risks involved with having a baby at an older age" but yet you are acting like because I didn't explicit acknowledge any of that I must be arguing against it. If I'm obtuse, you are a crybaby ass bitch.

No. 99015

Could you repeat yourself yet again? I’m not sure you’ve made your non-point enough times. Someone might not realise how much your ass is hurting over this.

No. 99016


Are you still partaking in activism against that anon who you think is oppressing younger mothers because she allegedly thinks all of them smoke crack and live in trailer parks and apparently thinks that we should wait til we're 55 to have kids?

No. 99018

Once more with feeling.

No. 99019

Are you knocked up right now? Is that why you were so emotional earlier? I hope you have a safe delivery sweetie. And no, I don't think you are trailer trash who smokes crack.

No. 99020

Feel better yet? Do you need to get some more bitterness out? Cmon anon it’s okay. Let it out. What’s got you so riled up that you’re assblasted over nothing?

No. 99021

op's picture doesn't need to be a failure tf, that's just a lesbian aunt who is single

No. 99023


I don't mean to pull the "No U" but uh….I'm not the one ass-blasted over nothing considering I didn't spend a considerable amount of time thinking that someone was calling me an obese trailer park welfare queen.

No. 99024

And yet you’re still arguing over it, making no point other than how you’re weirdly invested in being part of the spat.

It’s one thing to sperg out, the way you’re sperging about sperging is like meta autism.

No. 99025

There would be no "spat" if I wasn't replied to with theatrics.

No. 99026

Why are you still arguing anon? What are you getting out of this? Is it just hunger for bait or do you think you’re making a point?

No. 99027


Considering no real "points" have been discussed in the last few posts, that ship has sailed a long time ago and you can't even call this an "argument." At this point I'm replying because I'm browsing on lolcow. You wanna tell me why you continue to reply to me?

No. 99030

What are you getting out of this?
Is it a last word thing?
Are you really lonely?
Do you think you’re achieving something? Or winning?
Why would you keep going after being told you’ve stuffed yourself on bait?

I’m so friggin interested now, you’re so weird I wanna understand it.

No. 99037

File: 1540183778413.jpg (433.38 KB, 1017x1271, lisa.jpg)

Only for fairly petty/vain reasons, really. I'm low-key afraid of getting older because I feel like I have some somewhat childish interests and hobbies that are only really acceptable so-long as I'm still relatively youthful and cute. I'm a lesbian so I'm not too worried about not being married by [x] age, nor do I want children.

Fearful of aging mostly for vain reasons, I don't want to look any older than I already am. Even though that's impossible, I try to comfort myself in that both my parents have aged fairly well. So with any luck, I will too.

No. 99039

Lmao did you read farther then one line in to what I wrote?

All the power to you if you wanna pop out several kids by 22 because you think it's healthier, but perpetuating the idea that woman's whole reproductive health is garbage after mid-late 20s is just not in line with reality. Even fucking Plato wrote in the Republic that woman's breeding age should be fixed between 20 and 40. Until incels and redpillers started gathering en mass on the internet and sperging over barely legal porn it was common knowledge that women can and do have normal kids after 30 the majority of the time. And I personally think after 36 is too old so I don't even agree with Plato.

No. 99040

Who said anything about popping out an entire litter before 22?
Still banging on about random assumptions that aren’t relevant. Get help.

No. 99041

Not her but considering you/your ilk have spent the whole thread moving the goalposts to 40 when the original post >>98731 made 30 the limit, you don't really have the right to complain.

No. 99042

All I’m saying is that it’s not bad or incel brainwashing to want to have a kid at say, 24-28 as opposed to waiting til 30-40 if you’re capable of handling a baby in your 20s.
Y’all spergs have added whatever personal issues you have on top, I just don’t want an unnecessary ectopic risk. Sue me.

That’s got nothing to do with someone losing their tits over fat women, poor women, incels thinking 14 is prime fucking age, women who pop out babies they don’t want, or whatever else y’all have lumped into this. Seriously, get help.

No. 99043

Why are you giving yourself this narrow, reasonable time frame while expanding everyone else's time frame to 40 years old? Of course 24-28 is a good time to have a kid. If you apply that 4 year time frame to the other side of the argument, it would be 30-34 - which is also a good time to have a kid, and is when most women have their first kid these days. Not fucking 40. It's not a death sentence to have a kid at that age but it's clearly NOT what most anons are planning for and not what they are arguing in favour of. Your arguments only work when you use a pregnancy at 40 as a strawman. They don't apply to 30 year olds even if you think they're miscarrying all over the place, and 30 should be the limit we are discussing since that's what the original post stated.

No. 99045

30yo here. My age doesn't bother me at all.
You know how society expects women to feel ashamed and hide their age when they get older? That's the dumbest thing in my opinion. I feel proud when I tell people I've had my best friend for 16 years or that I've been into my favorite hobby for 20 years. My boyfriend is much younger than me and he loves hearing my stories and seeing my photobooks from before he was even born.
Also don't be fooled by people saying men embrace aging like it's a blessing. I know plenty of guys my age who get super depressed at the idea of turning 30. I'm happy to say I've deal with it way better than most men around me did. Certain people want you to be unhappy and insecure, but you really don't have to be.

No. 99047

I'm 24 in a couple of days and to be frank I am afraid of aging. I'm not a sight for sore eyes right now and my whole family aged like shit so I'm going to be really ugly in my 30s, there's no escaping that. I'm also afraid of my mental health worsening and becoming schizophrenic since I'm at a higher risk once I'm older. Stuff like dementia and alzheimers scares the shit out of me too.
Concerning the biological clock, well, I'm not one to marry since I'm a lesbian in a country where it's basically illegal and I very much dread the idea of having a child of my own (I have a severe phobia, but I also don't want to risk the health of that kid, see high risk of schizophrenia and all). If I ever get my maternal instincts, I think I would adopt, because at least I wouldn't have to worry about passing down my numerous illnesses to a kid.

No. 99054

Dear farmers who posted in this thread, please never ever get any children!

No. 99072


No. 107043

It was a meme before those assholes found it, you think they invented it?

A friend of my mom's is a living embodiment of the cool wine aunt OP posted, and a near 40yo lady at my old job was stuck in the cycle until she married some divorced fat guy with kids. Now she is a not-cool wine stepmother since all she does is tweet pics of her drinking wine. Before it was all about her travels and uploading gopro of her going zip lining or some other basic shit.

>and I know men are shitty about age

Everyone is shitty about age, men get maybe 10 years more than women and after that they are too old for most people. Only robots think old men have it easy since they already failed to get any in their 20s and 30s so they now think they be slayin' pussy in their 40s and 50s.

No. 107053

I look forward to getting older and getting my shit together more.
My bf has an older women fetish so I'll be fine in that regard.

No. 107057

I'm 26 and the only thing that terrifies me is that I won't get my shit together before it's too late for me to have children. I'd love to have kids but I'm a huge mess with no job experience or a degree, I'm probably going to be over 30 when I can concider myself stable enough to start a family. And I don't mean that being over 30 is ancient for that, but my family has history of fertility problems, cervical growths, endometriosis etc. that start showing up around that age.

Look-wise I'm ok with getting old, the only thing that will bother me is getting wrinkly and loose skin on my face because it's gonna make putting makeup on a lot harder.

No. 107097

every time this thread gets bumped, i read it as "bioshock general"

>I'm 26 and the only thing that terrifies me is that I won't get my shit together before it's too late for me to have children. I'd love to have kids but I'm a huge mess with no job experience or a degree, I'm probably going to be over 30 when I can concider myself stable enough to start a family.

I'm 28 but otherwise, same. I have a chronic illness that means I can't even completely take care of myself day to day. Taking care of a tiny human in my current state just wouldn't be an option. I'm learning more about how to manage my condition all the time so there is hope that I won't be as helpless in a few years, but I have to be realistic.
I'm still not even sure if I want kids, but the thought of not having the option is starting to worry me. I think I'll still have pretty good odds of conceiving 8-12 years from now, seeing as my mum, maternal aunts and cousins have been able to conceive into their mid 40s. One of my paternal aunts has a chromosomal disorder that made her infertile, and her sister only had one kid around age 30 so it's kind of a toss up there.
idk if you read the alt thread on /snow/ but angela benedict made a video recently about trying to get pregnant at 39. she has to get all these tests and screenings done. I've never looked at someone that age and thought they were old enough to have trouble conceiving. She looks a little younger than she is, so maybe that's just messing with my head even more. It woke me up a little and made me think more seriously about this.

No. 107227

i wouldn't mind being the aunt in the pic.
all of the women in my family marry early, i am almost past that age but it doesn't bother me.

No. 140685

I really don't want to settle down with any man. Why? I don't want a man in my life that long. Nobody's worth the annoyance of commitment and I'm not saying that to whine, I just could never realistically see myself sustaining interest in a man that long. I'm sure I'll get pregnant at some stage seeing as I don't subscribe to the birth control meme. We'll see how that goes down.

No. 140688

I don't plan to have biological children so fuck the clock.

No. 140690

I used to. But now not so much. Will I have children or not I don't know.

But my mom has a friend that never married and had children and now she spends her time helping animals. And honestly that sound very appealing to me.

No. 140694

I'm in my thirties and still set on not having any kids. My only brother is 36 and doesn't plan any either. I think both of us were put off parenthood by our own childhoods. My dad has some sort of undiagnosed issue that makes him insanely sensitive to mess, noise and things being 'out of place'

We grew up having to tiptoe around, stay out of his way, keep our belongings out of his sight and be practically silent whenever he was home. I felt like my presence was unwanted. He was stressed from work so he constantly shot down anyone trying to talk to him at home?? Based on that I have no idea how to parent, didn't even realise how strange my own upbringing was til I was 20 and in therapy after a breakdown.

Aging, in terms of appearance doesn't bother me too much. Starting to notice gray hairs popping up and I think it'd be cool to just let them grow in naturally.

No. 140705

what's up with this incel thread?

No. 140709

lol you think you'll never get old?

No. 140710

i am aware of the concept of time but i'm not as insecure about it as you and OP

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