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File: 1532723958463.jpg (65.7 KB, 395x558, actor_427421_1762.jpg)

No. 89948

Okay so I saw a few post about Xander Corvus and James Deen so male pornstars thread? male pornstars thread!

Post your favorite bi/straight/gay male pornstars.

>In pic chad white, he eats pussy like his life depends on it.

No. 89949

can we talk about amateur stuff too?

No. 89950

I'm the anon who posted about Xander, two people wanted the video I was talking about so here's the link ;

(the first 30 mins are just dialogues)

Another one of his I really like :


I wish a dude would desperately moan my name while I sucked his dick like he does for that Melanie chick :'(

No. 89951

amateur stuff is the best stuff so yeah

No. 89952


No. 89953


this korean guy is so slutty and hot. i want more of him.

No. 89954

File: 1532724457045.png (29.56 KB, 450x114, 09UT04FN4NF.png)

Is that you anon?

No. 89956

i've never, ever, found a male pornstar that's my type, and my type isn't even all that weird or unconventional. feelsbad

No. 89957

Yes! I forgot to mention.

Damn, thank you anon. Xander moans are my reason to live.

No. 89959

File: 1532724984337.jpg (20.41 KB, 377x577, xander.jpg)

Some Xander appreciation.

Whats your type anon? there is so many porn that maybe we can help you to find someone right in your alley.

No. 89966

File: 1532726131324.jpg (55.87 KB, 564x846, 62d21d0624ce30b6b9b03fa79ac90d…)

Yes, finally! Jake Bass, I've seen a few videos and he seems to be so into everything, he isn't my usual type but so cute in that post-emo typa way.

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1540339830 personal fave!

No. 89967

File: 1532726628052.jpg (13.52 KB, 400x500, owen.jpg)

husband material. I think Im in love lmao

No. 89970

I'm also in search for a certain 'type', maybe some of you can help me:
>longish hair, but not some buff Thor look alike, more like a young twinkish goth/rocker

No. 89971

File: 1532727321729.gif (990.04 KB, 500x200, tumblr_myujfoaglc1qhhzvyo3_500…)

Are you me? That is my favourite pornstar and my favourite video

No. 89975

File: 1532728024994.gif (1.94 MB, 245x380, 1dea65e890b05b53d1b2057d3281d6…)

oh lmao i appreciate your interest nonnie.

ok my type is basically big/wide jaw and chin, buttchin a plus, but otherwise kind of pretty features. long hair, big nose, downturned eyes, and thin upper lip with fuller lower lip are all a plus but not essential.
i'm not picky about bodytype if i like their face but musclethicc stocky and kinda hairy is my favorite.

No. 89978

…that's a very specific type

No. 89979

File: 1532728752834.jpg (20.41 KB, 400x400, conorcoxxx.jpg)

I don't know if you are into pegging but AJ Jupiter bf maybe? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57116c91c4716 I don't know his name. Or maybe connor foxxx

That's difficult. Lemme search.

No. 89980

Thanks for the effort anon, but I absolutely hate beards

No. 89983

Only 1 comment:


hahaha get fucked neckbeard

No. 89984

File: 1532733235015.jpg (77.88 KB, 623x638, loganpierce.JPG)

Logan Pierce is a favorite of mine. He's just really cute, idk. He's just a normal looking hot guy.


same, anon. Owen Gray is also a favorite.

No. 89987

File: 1532734365321.gif (9.88 MB, 640x462, uPhmGke - Imgur.gif)

Johnny Sins reminds me so much of my prof/boss/favourite author/secret crush. They are both bald and muscular with blue eyes. One time I was touching myself to a video of Johnny roleplaying as a prof, and then my actual prof texted me in that moment saying "thank God I have you" and I came so fucking hard…

No. 89988

A+ taste anon. I approve.

No. 89993

File: 1532736163430.jpg (36.01 KB, 425x550, MDaorH9.jpg)

Dean Van Damme. British. Cute. Check out his Lust Cinema scenes.

No. 89994

Damn, this guy, Logan, is so cute. I love just normal hot dudes in porn instead of gross older dudes or typical buff guys.

No. 90015

Can anyone recommend a porn star that has a sunken/puppy dog eyed face sorta similar to Santino Rice? Ideally stubble or no beard, hair that isn't overly groomed, thin or muscular body and does straight scenes in a dominant role. I basically want the epitome of a slightly trashy looking guy who appears to give no fucks about his looks but is carelessly attractive anyway. I feel like a lot of gay porn features guys like this but anal is an instant turnoff for me.

No. 90023

It’s so refreshing to see regular cute guys participating instead of uggo old guys and butterfaced buff men, it’s such a turn off.

Yeah, gay porn has a lot of cuties it’s not fair

No. 90029

I've been searching for this specific, very cute pornstar for ages, but unfortunately forgot his name :( Maybe you guys can help me: He had medium length dark blonde hair and kinda looked like the typical skater/ surfer boy. As far as I remember he wasn't really tall but had a nice body (not too muscular).
I've only seen him in straight porn, so no idea if he also does gay porn.

Not really a detailed description, but that's all I remember unfortunately..

No. 90034

Tyler Nixon? He had long bleached hair at one point and he isn't very tall.

No. 90047

YES!! Thank you so much anon!

No. 90085

File: 1532797892587.jpg (36.93 KB, 720x480, 5a84b98f1e00002c007abbca.jpg)

Tegan Zayne
he only does gay porn but he's so cute

No. 90092

Does anyone know of any tiny (short and thin, maybe 5'-5'4" or so) male stars who do a lot of femdom stuff? Bonus if he's not white or East Asian.
I like watching size difference videos already (big woman and small man) but the man is rarely identified in the tags or anything, while the woman (of course) often is. It'd just be nice if it was the same guy every time.
And pls no bully for weird taste.

No. 90144

i don't get why you girls are so picky. as long as they're not fugly and have a nice dick, who cares?

No. 90146

Because we want to get off to a man we find attractive. That's not difficult to grasp. Men want that in porn, too.

No. 90147

Any pornstar that looks like a cute normal guy (not buff or anything) who eats pussy like a freak?

No. 90148

yes but they're not getting as specific as anons in here. most girls in porn look funny if you look at them too long.

No. 90155

Well that's the thing anon, most porn is full of ugly men
I don't blame anons for wanting specifics and wanting a dude who fits their tastes

No. 90157

that's what amateur is for. asking for a "cute guy eating pussy" or something is too vague because there's thousands of vids like that or the person is too picky on what counts as a cute guy.

No. 90158

I'm not sure if "twink with long hair" and "man with classically handsome features and long hair" is any more specific than "busty asian MILF" or "pixie-cut petite cute alt girl." You can't fault us for looking for a type, especially when the categories aren't as tailored to us as they are to men.

This is also lolcow, keep that in mind. We have an unusual amount of nitpickers here.

No. 90159

>classically handsome features
doesn't mean anything lol

>twink with long hair

type in twink with long hair on pornhub gay

No. 90160

So are we too specific or not specific enough? Both?

No. 90161

both. how could one type in twink with long hair into pornhub and not be satisfied?

No. 90362

Thanks for the links anon, I like those two vids. That is definitely the only type of porn I can watch, if any at all.

No. 90378

Lance Hart, one of the few hot guys in femdom porn.

No. 90379


a compilation of guys jerking off if you're into that

No. 90394

OMG yeah, he's amazing for the role he's playing. :3

No. 90395

File: 1532998777616.gif (1.37 MB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

No. 90397

I'm the anon who posted jake bass and he almost has that softer muscly vibe i'm into, but yall have anything softer than that? Like a lil layer of fat on them muscles, idk don't judge me

No. 90398


hd dick close up during a blowjob if you guys are like me and love that shit

No. 90409

No. 90410

This, but with foreskin?

No. 90518


GOD YES. I recently found a pegging video he did and I love him even more.

No. 90523

Kind of mainstream but anyone else like Rocco Siffredi? he's literally the only man that can make me cum, other than him I stick to lesbian porn

No. 90533

I love Rocco, I love his accent, I love the way he's so into the women he fucks. He's the only man I would agree to have rough sex with.
I've watched a few interview of him and I love how soft spoken and calm he is when he's having a regular conversation, love the contrast.

10/10, would let young Rocco fuck me in the ass and ask me "Te piace nel culo?".

No. 90720

i always see rocco on efukt, never knew to save his name in my head lol https://efukt.com/20986_You_Want_To_Quit..._FOR_REALZ.html

No. 90727

I would like to get a lot when I was younger lmao.

No. 90730

He's gross and rapey.
Hope you enjoy the poopy ass2mouth.

No. 90735

File: 1533244503537.png (Spoiler Image, 685.02 KB, 902x478, cuteeeee.PNG)

Can we post links? I've watched this vid of Grayson Lange a couple of days ago and his face has me willing to sell my soul for a dick so I can fuck him.

No. 95290

File: 1536985498048.jpg (178.58 KB, 800x1200, 800px-James_Deen_2010.jpg)

I'm looking for someone who looks remotely like James Deen and it's into cunilingus. Since the rape allegations I can't get off on his stuff ;_; I love common guys who look like they are giving his first class in university and seem kinda psychotic.

No. 95361

File: 1537062844601.jpg (127.18 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Robby Echo. I want to run my fingers through that hair…

No. 95362


Hate to break it to you anons, but apparently he's a pretty shitty dude - he lacks complete respect for his co-stars. He uploaded a scene to PH that was meant to be pay-only without the girl's consent and then refused to share any of the ad-rev $ with her

No. 95367


Omg Bucky

He's so hot kill me now

No. 95387

wow, that's fucked up. can you post some links?

No. 95589

I'll try, I saw him being blasted for it on Twitter a few weeks ago, but I don't think I'm following the girl who was tweeting and I forget who it was…I'll poke around and see if I can find links

No. 99086

There was one college dude who posted a few vids with his (also very hot) gf, but I think they got doxxed so no new content.
Also I saw a few rape videos with this kinda hot russian teen guy but that was 10 years ago and now he's bald and also only does anal.

No. 99124

kek my cousin is a pornstar and used to date this guy so I got to meet him at our thanksgiving dinner one year it was weird

No. 99318

File: 1540413883195.jpeg (15.68 KB, 320x214, A2FC8537-5816-4A7C-A4B2-287AD2…)

i love rocco, has anyone here seen the recent documentary about him? it's interesting and kind of depressing. he's totally a slave to his dick. there's a few scenes with these young girls who are getting ready to work with him and they are so freaking excited, after the scene they're sitting and talking with him and the one girl is just completely in love. it's crazy to watch.

No. 99397

File: 1540502473430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.11 KB, 530x798, tumblr_o5ilh1BAYd1uw2whqo1_540…)

Ivan Vanko is fucking adorable. Every time I see him fuck a woman I wish it was meeee.

No. 99405

File: 1540512470180.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 400x198, sweet-blowjob-deliciousnights-…)

Do you guys have any porn stars that you wish you could watch? Like, when you enjoy the guys dick and general performance but one thing about them is so incredibly off-putting that it ruins the whole thing?

For me it's Bruce Venture which makes looking for porn on tumblr or mainstream porn sites extremely frustrating, because he's in just about anything that appeals to me.

His face is sooo ugly to me. I just can't deal with his neanderthal-ish face and the grimacing…
But his dick is nice and I would really enjoy his deepthroat videos IF it wasn't for his face.

No. 99424

theres not enough cute/pretty boys in straight porn i hate it

No. 99425

Oh wow. A man who works in porn doesn't respect women. What a shocker.

No. 99426

This has to be so uncomfortable, even painful.

No. 99429

This looks so ridiculous. Like is this supposed to feel good?

No. 99438

he's a pornstar, of course he's shady with women. his job is all about exploiting women and himself, ffs but that doesn't mean we can shut off the reptile backbrain part of us that wants to get fucked out by guys like this. you know?

same with the throatfucky guy in >>99405. i personally could give a fuck about that particular act, but of course there are women out there who will see it and be like omg i want that. it's just human nature.

No. 99468


Actually… I'm really into deepthroat and that position isn't too bad if you don't have to worry about gagging etc. I've done worse.

No. 99858

File: 1541027742029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.21 KB, 1920x1080, Alli Rae.jpg)

Well, I'll be the first to post about interracial. I love this scene with Jason Brown and Alli Rae.

No. 99894

My lizardbrain tells me that men who are abusive and dangerous should be killed.

No. 99954

that's the real tea

No. 100014

Actually a lot of male pornstars are extremely respectful of the women they work with - what are you getting at anons…?

No. 100015

Actually a lot of male pornstars are extremely respectful of the women they work with - what are you getting at anons…?

No. 100315

Men in general are abusive and degrading towards women. The porn industry, which profits off abusing and degrading women, will of course have abusive misogynistic men flock to it.

No. 100718

Woah, I'm sorry, anon, for whatever a man did to you, but I can assure you it wasn't due to his being a man, but rather his being a human. Men are equally evil as women - badness has nothing to do with gender.

No. 116083

ok so can anyone reccomand an actor similar to Bruce Venture ? I like his face and the fact he's lowkey cute but still has a humonguous dick. Like I want some gigantic dick representation but I'm put off by really rough sex where he just randomly starts choking the girl and she's crying etc.

No. 116103

i discovered Lance Hart recently and I'm a bit in love. I love his femdom videos.

No. 116116

Porn is always a letdown

No. 116134

maybe i'm just a degenerate but i think it's hot when guys say it.

No. 116148

Lance Hart is so hot. That part where she's prone-boning him and the part where he's eating her out are so good.

Yeah I hate that shit too. Not even guys saying it can make that word hot.

No. 116494

just learned that Lance Hart is married to Charlotte Sartre. Crazy.

No. 118965

File: 1562955835567.jpeg (132.77 KB, 1000x1023, 59ba6bc907ff33.50374005.jpeg)

I recently came across this pornstar called Jay Smooth (lol) when clicking on random vids. most men in straight porn aren't even remotely hot so I was actually taken-aback to see a guy who looks like this

No. 118966

but 99% of men in straight porn ARE fugly

No. 119394

I rarely watch pr0n so I need help finding a hot guy to my tastes: tall, muscular, blond, bit of stubble, sharp jaw, narrow eyes — kinda like captain America lmao

No. 119449

File: 1563380117768.jpeg (62.66 KB, 402x620, 2F50E339-4564-47B2-B6AF-ADCC2A…)

Male porn stars do nothing for me so I don't even bother watching them, but I've been binge watching Xander's vids since reading this thread. It's rare to see a guy in straight porn who's so attractive, damn

No. 123478

File: 1568570186302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.84 KB, 1110x1500, 312-set-3x.jpg)

Bruce Venture has a nice dick and what I like about him is that in every scene he's in the actresses give me the impression to not be faking pleasure, that he is good and that his dicking works on most of them despite being just another day on the job for these women.
In the last period I've been interested in TJ Cummings' scenes because he has a body type similar to a guy I am currently obsessing about.

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