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No. 87816

I just went through an awful breakup, so I need some help. Tell me all the things you do to make yourself feel better! Pedicures? Youtube Videos? Pictures of cute animals? Video Games that make your heart happy? (Pic Related) Reading gossip about cows so you feel better about your own life? I wanna hear it all.

No. 87818

I recently got into watching videos about planted aquariums. They're very relaxing and pretty to look at, and seeing someone demonstrate how they did it is nice.
Going shopping alone always puts me in a good mood, too. Just enjoying my own company, window shopping, and people watching.
I hope things improve for you soon.

No. 87819

Forgot video example.

No. 87829

File: 1531011023980.png (189.79 KB, 403x436, garrett.png)

Hey thanks anon, I appreciate it. I'll definitely have to check that out, seems very soothing.

I've never been a Shane Dawson fan, but I've become obsessed with Garrett Watts after watching the grav3yardgirl series. So now I've just been slowly going through all the Shane Dawson & Crew vids hoping for more Garrett. He just seems so genuinely sweet and funny, and that goddamn baby kills me every time. Also he and Andrew have the best dynamic and hearing Andrew laugh at Garrett from behind the camera just makes my brain a little happier I think.

No. 87830

This has been one of my favorites so far, but I also highly recommend his Coachella videos ("My $25,000 Gold Bike Tour!" and "The Craziest Night Of My Life! Awkward")

No. 87832

Feel better anon! I like English Heritage and the Townsends. HANSE is good too. When I'm down I usually paint but I also like to just go for bike rides. Sometimes I just sit at the PC and search for cool wallpapers.

No. 87877

When I'm feeling sad, self care is very important. I paint my nails, get some nice face and hair masks. Watching happy movies and doing arts and crafts also helps, but it's important not to shut yourself at home. Find a good book and go to your local coffee shop.

It might sound weird but don't be lazy. All the things that you want to do for yourself, don't put them away for tomorrow. Love yourself, and do them today for yourself.

No. 87909

I like to redecorate when I’m really down.
You can throw all your focus into it and at the end it feels really good because you’ve achieved something nice for yourself.

Even little things like making some new pillow cases and rearranging the stuff on a big shelf makes a difference.

Indulge in movies from studio ghibli or Disney or whatever studio you might have a preference for. Personally I like a combination of horror films and tangled/brave/spirited away. Let yourself splay on the couch and have mush-brain.

If you’re into any sort of art or craft try a really small project. Feels better to knock out something easy and feel good about finishing it than challenging yourself when you’re already down and feeling worse if you don’t finish or make a mistake.

Play animal crossing

Don’t bottle up anything. Let yourself cry and express the shitty feelings. Get them out, even if it’s just into a word document that you delete.

No. 90524

File: 1533089029213.gif (349.8 KB, 500x370, 43un.gif)

I like to sit down and spend the time to do a nice manicure or pedicure myself. I'm too cheap to go get it done professionally, but fresh nails always make me feel more put together. Gels are super easy to do at home if you have the right supplies. Maybe I just find pushing back my cuticles soothing, and it gives me something to concentrate on. Otherwise I'll just spend too much money on shit I don't need when I'm stressed out.

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