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File: 1530795020043.png (195.48 KB, 246x350, IMG_2693.PNG)

No. 87328

Do you ever wonder why you can't find a decent bf?why not one man you like wants you?

I do. I wonder am I just not attractive enough?am I too boring?shitty personality? Not out going enough?are men just mostly shit anyway?are the men I'm picking just shit?i just don't know

Whatever the reason is, It definitely effects my self esteem though.

No. 87329

I used to be pretty frumpy and stewed in that for several years. But now that I'm taking care of myself and feel confident enough to consider approaching boys on my level, I find most of them are disappointing.
I usually sleuth through a guy's socials before making a move, and so far they've been:
>a stoner party boy
>a religious nut
>a person who condones child abuse
I think for me it's part bad luck and part that my preference goes hand in hand with religion, so it's just probability that a large chunk will sadly be a lost cause. The stoner genuinely shocked me, though.

So, I'm not going with the "men are shit" reason, I just think people in general are pretty troubled. I've met a lot of women that are unstable and who I wouldn't want to hypothetically date, either.
Attractiveness probably plays some part in attracting guys on the street, but men actually have a wider range of preferences than we give them credit for. The decent ones you want are more lax, anyway.
Being more outgoing would probably help, if not for dates then just for your own self improvement. Along with getting a "better personality." If you're constantly negative and mean to innocents irl it would help everyone for you to do some self reflection. And you can cure "being boring" by losing yourself in your interests, which may distract you from your loneliness anyway.

Of course this is all advice from a fellow lonely gal, so take it with a grain of salt. I just know how to cope now.
This thread may be better in /g/ btw.

No. 87330

I'll be your bf if you like astronomy and hardcore camping.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87331

File: 1530805886686.jpg (212.08 KB, 874x720, 1529364278494.jpg)

I'm an ugly and socially retarded NEET. No man could be attracted to me except for ones who would want to degrade and humiliate me. Such is life.

No. 87332

I genuinely believe luck is an underrated factor. Some people are good people that do everything right and just meet awful partners

No. 87333

It's usually a mix of being ugly and having standards that are too high.

No. 87334

As >>87332 said, it’s bacially just luck.
I’m very ugly and awkward with high standarts and I met a guy who’s very kind and good looking and into the same things as me. We have been together for 2 years so never lose hope.
I’d say being rare or “niche” in your looks/interests helps a bit.

No. 87335

I'm just afraid of trying to find someone. All of my friends who have had boyfriends have been lied to, betrayed, or abused by their partners. My male family members are like that too, either they cheated on their wives/girlfriends or they have severe enough mental illness that makes them terrible partners. I was a fat and quiet kid so men would always be the ones to insult me in front of me and behind my back. Men are nicer to me now because I lost weight but I don't think I could trust them.

The only men who I have liked as people have been 60+.

No. 87336

Sad but true. Some people who totally deserve a good partner have to work long and hard to find one. If you feel like one of those people I suggest you try to keep in mind that your efforts will be appreciated by someone eventually.

No. 87337

I highly doubt you're very ugly

No. 87338

Idk about other farmers but I'm afraid my standards are too high. I've dated a nice but ugly dude for 4 yrs and towards the end of our relationship I couldn't stand looking at his ugliness. I feel like having a really good looking bf is important to me now, but I'm aware that it's an extremely retarded requirement and that it narrows down my pool of potential mate a lot.

No. 87339

yea i worry about being horribly shallow too, i have really specific requirements about height and looks in my head and although i can date guys who dont hit them i end up comparing them in my head, it sucks and i feel like a horrible person :/

No. 87340

What are your guys standards? Mine aren't very high… or atleast I think.
>is nice to me
>atleast a little taller than me
>by some miracle likes me
>we get along well
>atleast somewhat conventionally attractive
>doesn't have a sketchy past or gross tastes
>isn't a stoner or druggie

No. 87341

>Tall and conventionally attractive
>Know how to unpack his emotions and is able to talk problems out
>Confortable with showing love through physical touch and words of affirmation
>Not a drug addict
>Enjoy eating more than two different food
>Not a control freak / Can do things on a whim
>Have interests other than video games (movies, music, literature, sports, etc)
>Eat pussy

No. 87342

>5'7 or more
>isn't hideous
>has a BMI of no more than 34
>nice to me
>likes me as a person
>slow to anger, calm
>more logical than emotional
>likes at least some of the things I like
>willing to wait until I'm ready for sex
>going somewhere in life, not a NEET or full time Burger King employee

No. 87343

File: 1530814393934.png (817.7 KB, 1187x591, B4686C41-3732-47E4-AE03-E712FE…)

I grew up in a household with a drunk catholic dad that would constantly berate the women in our family. The constant vitriol that (still) comes out of his mouth put me off being personal to guys for most of my life so far.

After highschool I had one boyfriend for a week or so (we knew each other in hs but he was two years older) and broke it off because the thoughts running in my head were things like
>his ex was a better person than you
>he’ll hate you because you don’t have a job
>why make someone else drive you around everywhere
>you’re just going to wind up depending on him and offer nothing back

I feel better now and know to ignore my family but I’m still really timid and isolate myself

No. 87344

I find my problem is I don't tend to crush on people that often. When I do they either aren't interested in me, already in a relationship or we date for a month and then leave me for another girl. (I have only had one relationship if you can call it that. He refused to kiss me.)
Like I finally found another guy I actually like and he is in a relationship.
It doesn't bother me most of the time but sometimes when I see my friends are all really happy with their partners and some are moving in together and stuff it really gets to me. I really want that even though I know I don't really have the time (because work) and my mental health isn't the best right now and it would be unfair to subject someone else to it.

No. 87345

>doesn't identify as someone who watches anime
>thick thighs
>uncut dick
>keeps his balls shaved
>cute face
>doesn't like to talk about feelings
>loves to eat pussy
>cum is really runny
>passive sexually and wrt the relationship dynamic

No. 87346

everyone's standards are so normal, get ready for some actually mental ones


>either korean, japanese, chinese, or danish/swedish and blonde
>has a good job, ambition, works hard
>enjoys keeping the house tidy and doing chores
>good cook
>thin, fit and not overly muscular
>doesnt use cannabis
>has a mellow, passive, laid-back personality (almost a pushover or doormat)
>doesnt want kids

this would be ideal, i dont ever expect to get anyone that perfect tbh

No. 87347

>can't be a white american
>my height or slightly taller. i don't want to tip my head back to see their face
>isn't fat / overweight
>not a muscle head
>money conscious
>not addicted to anything
i don't feel like typing more

No. 87348

>can't be a white American
Not to be "that person" but I'm genuinely curious as to how people have such sweeping racial preferences. It seems to be a semi-common thing

No. 87349

>no western guys, but there are exceptions
>can be religious, but if they are shouldn't be a misogynist about it or a nut
>facial hair, just have hair in general
>likes women, isn't the type to complain about their gf or whatever
>doesn't cry gold digger over ridiculous shit
>allows and encourages me to be successful
>just don't be fat lol
>no dad bods either
>good hygiene
>isn't racist
>strong jaw
>decent skin, I don't mind acne but if his face and body looks like he has stage 4 syphilis then
>doesn't think being an insane asshole is edgy and sexy

No. 87350

File: 1530816448609.gif (1.92 MB, 400x224, 1498249854585.gif)

back in my younger retail days, I used to work with a pair of conventionally attractive guys who both admitted they had feelings for me

didn't pursue any of them because my autistic ass was more concerned with roleplaying online

i regret it every day, over five years later i've yet to hold a job with any attractive, younger dudes to talk to whatsoever. i fucked up

No. 87351

>stage 4 syphilis

Shouldn't have googled that.

No. 87352

Mine are high, but I don't care because I know I have a lot to offer

>good person, no mean bad boys

>taller than me
>not fat or chubby
>nice face
>respectful, faithful
>shares interests with me
>not a manwhore, but likes sex
>no druggies, smokers, drunks
>younger than me

No. 87353

When I was 19 my friends encouraged me and said that one day I'll meet a nice guy, "because I deserve it". Nearly four years later I'm still a kissless virgin, so maybe I actually should lower my standards lol
>my height or taller (5'10)
>slim with some muscle tone
>conventionally attractive
>charming smile
>not Black, Arab or Latino
>no beard
>longish hair
>clear skin
>not a stoner or drug addict
>no SJW or somebody who's too much into politics
>would be cool if he plays an instrument or is at least into rock
>willing to wait until I'm ready for sex
>doesn't need to be rich or super hardworking, but at least going somewhere in life
>no mental issues
>not clingy or romantic
The last point might sound weird, but whenever I see a couple who can't keep their hands (and mouths) off of each other or if the guy is super emotional (crying, etc) I feel like this is what I would want the least. Just occasionally meeting up and doing something together would be enough for me lol

No. 87354

That’s like my bare minimum. Trust me, yours aren’t high.
>must earn enough to match my lifestyle
>well educated and eloquent
>handsome and physically fit, 6’1+
>a good family who he gets on with, preferably close but not dependent
>no crazy exes
>no commitment issues, no prior history of cheating, absolutely zero lying, no red flags essentially
>must like to travel, and be okay with long flights
>must like to read, analyze fiction, and enjoy respectful debates
>no drugs, drinking is okay if socially/maturely
>cannot be Republican, support Trump
>must support universal healthcare, voting rights, immigrants, and free education
>would be nice if he smokes cigars, drinks whiskey, and goes to the range like my dad so they can bond
>impeccable manners
>happy to settle down with a house and kids in the near future
>enjoys but is not addicted to: video games, tv shows, books, etc
>absolutely no addictions
>supports traditional manners and polite etiquette, opens doors, stands when people enter room, etc
>ambitious and devoted to work, has dreams of his own that he’s committed too
>ideally blonde or ginger so I can pass my ginger genes on, blue or green eyes, lean muscle
>well-groomed, except on legs/chest/pubes, and very well-dressed. Must care about his appearance and wear well-fitted, well-made clothes
>tidy but doesn’t have to do chores or cook
>must like all animals, especially cats and dogs. Super bonus points if vet or works with animals in some capacity
>must appreciate a tidy and beautiful home filled with nice furniture and decorations. My home looks like a magazine. I’d like someone who appreciates that and doesn’t dismiss is (cough ex cough)
>understands politics but doesn’t sperg about them
>no collectibles unless they are books, games, movies, or very very well made figures (NO pop vinyls at all ever full stop)
>likes board games
>mostly vanilla in bed, loving and sensitive, sex at minimum 4 times a week
>generous with money but understands how to save. Not a cheapskate but doesn’t compulsively buy either
>NO FASTFOOD EVER. It is disgusting, makes cum taste like absolute garbage, and I don’t want a partner who dies at 50

There’s more but I think I’m done. Basically, must fit into my life without any drama or issues. Must be similar to myself and my family, must have a similar lifestyle. I know I’m desirable. I’ve dated before and know what didn’t work. I get plenty of offers. But I watched my mum go through a painful divorce and now she’s with an amazing guy so I know compatibility exists and you shouldn’t settle. I’d rather be alone than be with someone subpar. Honestly, I don’t expect to be alone. Love is blind which is why I won’t even entertain a relationship with anyone not meeting these criteria. I’ve done it before, I got in deep with underserving guys, and I’m not interested in doing it again (hence rejecting the numerous offers that come my way).

No. 87355

Man I knew it was going to look like shit but I didn't expect it to be that nightmare inducing wow

No. 87356

>would be nice if he smokes cigars, drinks whiskey
>I don’t want a partner who dies at 50
Something doesn't add up.

No. 87357

File: 1530830871129.png (392.18 KB, 518x399, 1528942003686.png)

god you sound exhausting. not from how you describe your ideal man but from how you describe yourself.

let me guess- you have balayage hair

No. 87358

No, I don’t.
Socially with the guys during Sunday dinners, not all of the damn time. Its not going to kill him at fifty to occasionally smoke a cigar and have two fingers worth of whiskey

No. 87359

but no fast food ever? i think even social smoking is worse than eating french fries once a year

No. 87360

There’s nobody matching her ridiculous list so it’s okay. You can’t get cancer if you exist.

No. 87361

Fast food wasn’t in my life at all growing up. I haven’t eaten it since my last relationship ended about eight months ago. It’s really not hard to abstain. And by “fast food” i mean chains like McDonalds and Taco Bell. Not French fries at a proper restaurant.
Besides, my ex used to eat fast food all the god damn time and it made his cum taste absolutely vile. That shit was traumatic. That’s obviously why I’m turned off by man-babies who think two McDoubles and a milkshake is a dinner. I was being hyperbolic about “NEVER” it’s just so fucking aggravating to me.

No. 87362

>>traumatic cum flavour

What the fuck lol

No. 87363

i could really go for 2 mcdoubles and a milkshake right now lol

can see your point though, i wouldn't like my SO to eat fast food all the time

No. 87364

You sound like a huge pain in the ass.

No. 87365

>No, I don’t.
ok wow I'm genuinely shocked. Here's another guess- bettie page bangs

No. 87366

I saw his credit card statement once (while doing paperwork shit) and it was literally
>Taco Bell
>Taco Bell
>Panda Express
>Taco Bell
>Jack in the Box

He was lean and looked physically fit but I cringe at thinking what a greasy crunch wrap for breakfast was doing to his body. His credit card statement looked like that of a teenager. It was honestly a problem for me.
It was awful. Truly. I gag on the memory.
A woman having standards and knowing their ideals, what a pain! Nothing I wrote was out of the realm of possibility and a lot of it is just ideological, like vegetarianism, which really factors into a compatible lifestyle. I think it’s funny that OP asked for our standards and women are expected to go “oh nice and funny!” Like the women above me. When someone comes on who has seriously dated before and knows exactly what will work for her, she’s told she’s a pain in the ass and her compatible partner doesn’t exist. Newsflash: not all men are incompetent and being nice isn’t exceptional behavior. Women should have higher standards than just “doesn’t beat me or cheat on me, and likes me!!” Y’all need some better self-esteem

No. 87367

Nah she made sure to say how she’s super attractive and desirable and lives in a magazine spread. The traumatic cum bit says she’s got cat-eye glasses tho.

No. 87368

Also no. Wtf. My hairstyle is just normal layers and I’m a brunette before you pull out crazy colors. Idk what persona you’re projecting on me but it’s not me. Your powers of intuition have failed you, I’m afraid, and you don’t actually know me just based on one idealized list I made.

No. 87369

>>taste of semen voluntarily ingested

No you are exhausting.

No. 87370

You guys are kinda pathetic trying to play the guessing game. Yeah I’m desirable and yeah I have a nice home. Sorry admitting that triggered you. You guys have got to work on your self esteem. It’s telling that a woman who knows what she wants is so upsetting for you and is causing you to lash out with childish insults about my non-existent bangs and glasses.

No. 87371

It’s a fucking hyperbolic joke. Are you dense? It’s not actually therapy-inducing traumatic. It’s exageration to highlight how gross it was. Jfc

No. 87372

thats a big waste of money too.

No. 87373

It’s not about a woman having standards it’s that anybody with a list 20 items long of characteristics they demand in a partner is being unrealistic and comes across like they’ve never interacted with adult humans before.

Give the big quasi-feminist speech a rest and consider that normal adults who have relationships didn’t seek partners who fit a lengthy and arbitrary checklist.

You’re putting huge value in things that could easily be compromised in a real adult relationship. Grownups care more about who’s doing the dishes than someone having a dumb figurine on their desk.

You sound incredibly immature and inexperienced and I’m guessing it’s because you’re very young.

No. 87374

>Grownups care more about who’s doing the dishes than someone having a dumb figurine on their desk.
Except I’m willing to do the dishes, and all the housework. I enjoy chores. I’ve been the one to do them in the past and I’ll be the one to do them in the future, unless he likes doing them too. Then we can do together! But it’s not a requirement for him to do anything in the home chore wise.
Also I was making a joke about how ugly pop vinyls are. Cause they’re hideous. I explicitly said “collection”. One or two is obviously fine. I just don’t want to live with someone who has a wall filed with them.

You seriously tried to pick apart my list because it bothered you so much I wasn’t a humble good woman writing like the above posters did. I know what works for me. I know what compatibility looks like. I know what I can compromise on and what drives me crazy. You’re not me and you’re clearly not my future partner, so I don’t get why you’re so invested in trying to put me down for my list when it’s clear you’re just trying to blow it out of proportion because you’re insecure. I even said “ideally” and “would be nice” because a lot of the list isn’t a hard-fast dealbreaker unless I said “must.” It’s a guideline of what I’m looking for.

What’s yours?

No. 87375

Lmao, you’re determined to make this some feminist diatribe when it’s about you being emotionally immature.
Good luck with your list. Maybe one day you’ll find a perfect 10/10 waifu you’re after, legbeard.

No. 87376

i dont think she sounds young. she just sounds like she has a huge stick up her ass, but that's okay.

nta, but i agree with you about figurines and shit, and not just funko pops, literally any. you sound like your priorities are in the wrong place wrt quite a bit of it, and you sound like an annoying elitist that's a chore to be around, but i'm glad you are secure in yourself enough to not settle. i don't think we should be telling women to settle. women do enough of that shit already.

she really doesn't sound like a legbeard. she sounds like a normie as fuck careerist/basic bitch with high standards.

No. 87377

i think youre overestimating the effect fast food has on your body. it's not really that bad. it's the meat that's the problem.

No. 87378

imo she sounds like those redpill dudes who say ‘I work so I deserve a 10/10 virgin housewife who never ever disagrees with me’

Standards are great. Everyone has them. When your standards become a list of over twenty items it’s just pedantic dreaming from someone who’s never had an adult relationship.

No. 87379

I don’t mean to be an elitist. I’ve dated people who made absolutely no money and it was just a bitch. Either I felt guilty for how I lived, they tried to keep up and made stupid decisions, or I had to stop doing the things I liked (primarily travel). And I can’t deal with the stress of them not knowing where their next paycheck is coming from or if they’re going to work enough hours to split the bills. I don’t want them to feel like a burden or for them to take advantage. I need stability and equality. It’s not like I’d sit there comparing our incomes, but at a certain point it just becomes argument fodder and frustrating for both people. You can tell when you both earn a similar amount just based on your lifestyles. I want someone who has a steady income and isn’t in a state of despair about their finances. That’s what I mean by “lifestyle” and I really really don’t think that’s too much to expect.
And god damn do women settle. I mentioned it before but my mum settled for my dad. And it was painful. Their marriage was painful. Their divorce was painful and to this day it’s just ugh. So I know when I want kids and I want a future with someone, I’m aiming for compatibility above all else.

No. 87380

the income isn't the elitist part. it's more this shit:
>would be nice if he smokes cigars, drinks whiskey, and goes to the range like my dad so they can bond
>supports traditional manners and polite etiquette, opens doors, stands when people enter room, etc
>must appreciate a tidy and beautiful home filled with nice furniture and decorations. My home looks like a magazine. I’d like someone who appreciates that and doesn’t dismiss is (cough ex cough)
>NO FASTFOOD EVER. It is disgusting, makes cum taste like absolute garbage, and I don’t want a partner who dies at 50
>must like to read, analyze fiction, and enjoy respectful debates

i dont think a lot of your stuff is unrealistic, it's just that you sound like a really boring, condescending person, but i think it only makes sense for those people to specifically seek out other people that are similar. the fast food evverrrrr sperging is uptight and hyperbolic, and really, you just sound unlikable is more the problem than the actual list, imo. how old are you, out of curiosity?

i dont see that. i think she just sounds bratty and elitist and SUPER fucking WASPy, but not like, legbeardy. and i think she maybe confused 'standards' with 'ideal partner' because the list is supposed to be of 'musts' and she included a number of 'ideally's or 'would be nice', etc

No. 87381

legbeard or not she sounds like a spoiled brat. Reminds me of those kids from school who got handed horses and holidays and the trendiest toys but nobody ever made them grow from then so they’re entering their twenties with the same attitude of ‘well I want this and this and this and someone better give me’

Also laughing at her saying she wants someone capable of debate but she got super hurt when mildly criticised here.

No. 87382

>preferably latino
>good hygiene and well put together
>reasonably intelligent
>shares a similar sense of humor to mine
>interesting personality
>not misogynistic, doesn't even say lite-sexist shit about women
>makes a decent living
>caring and empathetic
>aware and considerate of his and other people's boundaries
>neither overly domineering nor a doormat
>mostly vanilla, but passionate
>eats pussy
Since idc or have any hard standards when it comes to looks I won't include any. I'm content with someone who's average. I prefer dark hair and eyes and I don't like blondes much, but that's it.

No. 87383

yeah, like i said, very WASPy. but tbh, i think she probably is the kind of circles where this kind of similarly boring, condescending man is attainable. idk i dont see anything wrong with having dumb shit for standards like this if that's really what she wants and she doesn't mind being alone short of reaching it. it doesnt sound conducive to developing a deep, meaningful, life-long relationship, but that's what she enjoys or whatever. some people are just very uptight like that.

No. 87384

these were my standards but im already with someone that met all of them by complete luck when not searching for him

>isn't chauvinistic and disgusting

>is a vanilla normie but not religious
>doesnt use porn and prefers me to porn and will never touch himself
>super submissive, but not in a creepy fetish way desperate to be controlled by any woman, just he wants to be owned by and controlled by me as a result of falling in love and never disobeys me
>impossibly sweet and generous
>doesn't want friends, doesn't care to talk to his family
>doesn't care about social media, doesn't want any
>is vegetarian/vegan
>does soft drugs/isn't a weirdo about them
>is leftist
>isn't judgmental
>doesn't have a high sex drive without me
>not addicted to video games
>is someone i'm physically attracted to

No. 87385

>It would be nice
It’s just a nice thought because one of my exes did and it was really nice. It’s obviously not required or a deal breaker. Just nice
And I don’t see how liking guys who reads etc is elitist kek. And if you don’t enjoy friendly debates (not just slinging insults) you’re gonna have a shit time at my family’s get togethers.
Also the fastfood sperging was a god damn joke, as was saying I gag at the thought of fast food cum. If you actually thought I was serious about being traumatize, like wow. LI don’t want a guy who eats fast food for every meal. And I don’t wanna swallow shit tasting cum. ~drama~ Idk why everyone gets so serious on here. It’s a list that I wouldn’t share with anyone irl that I wrote for fun based on what would be nice. I want a man who doesn’t eat shit food. Is that really such a high standard?
It’s so weird so many anons would take so much offense to it when I didn’t even think anyone would respond to begin with. I mean, it’s helpful for me because it’s making me self-reflect and analyze my preferences but I don’t know y’all are getting out of it. Its just a list based on what I know were issues in my past relationships and what I’m looking for going forward.
>because the list is supposed to be of 'musts' and she included a number of 'ideally's or 'would be nice', etc
For the musts, I put “must.” But yeah most of it is just ideals not dealbreakers. My standard of what would be ideal kek. I’m not patrolling fucking vet clinics looking for a vet to bone. It would just be nice and really fitting if he was a vet.
I think a lot of the list probably required background that I didn’t consider when pumping it out and a few anons misunderstood what I wrote and jumped at the chance to insult me which is whatever but a waste of time.
Just writing the list in a different way
>My whole family is vegetarian. If you’re not, it’s gonna be a bad time for you.
>My whole family lives overseas. If you ever plan on meeting them, be prepared to pay for a plane ticket and travel. My traveling is non-negotiable.
>Probably relevant sidenote but I have parents with OCD. We (my siblings, my parents, me) take a lot of pride in our homes. A lot of people don’t give a shit how their house looks. Cool, good for them. But I want a partner who does. I want someone who likes coming home to a beautiful living space that’s clean and inviting. I get actual anxiety if my house is messy. And if I spent a lot of time doing something around the house, it means a lot to get praise for it (like sanding down and painting furniture).
>If you don’t read and if you don’t like discussing media, we probably won’t have a lot in common.
>I have pets, my family has pets. If you don’t like animals, you’re going to have a bad time.
>If you don’t make enough money to pay rent and you’re insecure about it, you’re going to have a bad time.
>If you hate immigrants. I am one. So we will both have a very toxic and bad time.
>If you dont believe in universal healthcare, given my field of work, god damn are we both going to have a shit time.
>If you collect copious amounts of figurines, especially like Funkpop, I hope you’re prepared for them to be somewhere not on display.
>If you eat fast food for every meal instead of healthy, home cooked food, I’m going to question your judgment, capabilities, and tastes. It’s a bad choice, makes blowjobs way less enjoyable for me, and is immature.
>If you have a crazy ex, I’m going to assume you have bad judgment and I don’t want to deal with that fall out.
>I don’t care about your race or ethnicity. It would be cool if you’re blonde or ginger because it would be cool if I had a redhead like my mum. But otherwise it’s completely whatever for me.
>I’m tall. Everyone in my family is tall. Trust me, you don’t want to be the only one under 5’11 in our family photos.
>I don’t like receiving oral but I love giving it.
>I don’t expect you to do any of the housework but I don’t mind if you do.
>I don’t care how long you work, as long as you’re not taking work stress out on me.
>number of kids is negotiable but I do want kids in the future.
>if you don’t have good manners, you’re going to be absolutely fucked when you meet my family. I don’t care what you’re like when we’re in private or with friends, but good manners are essential for a lot of different times

And just thought of another one
>must be nice to service staff
Being rude to people, especially people just trying to do their job, is a big dealbreaker for me.

No. 87386

File: 1530837972196.jpg (33.91 KB, 1200x1200, Autism-Speaks-Its-Time-To-List…)

>doesn't have a high sex drive without me
>and will never touch himself
>already with someone that met all of them

No. 87387

it's really not that weird. i'm not dying to fuck when i'm not with the person i love, but when i am, i want to have sex with him all of the time. most men that have a high sex drive want to have sex to have sex, and many men interpret 'having a high sex drive' as basically being degenerate and sleazy. i dont want that. i want someone similar to myself. idk how to phrase it better.

No. 87388

you sound insane. most men and women want to fuck to fuck. stop projecting

No. 87389

In what world is that unrealistic? Salty anon needs to step away from thread.

No. 87390

how is expecting anyone to not masturbate anything but unrealistic?

No. 87391

no, they don't. most women i know would rather rub one out a million times over than have sex with people they don't care for for the sake of having sex. that's entirely the reason why robots are so disgruntled, because women don't typically just settle for any warm dick. the appeal of sex is largely emotional for me and i prefer someone like that. i don't just want to have sex with any 'attractive' men bc i'm horny or w/e

i specifically required someone submissive. it's not like i ever expected to stroll down to the local bar and find a guy like this. the requirement was not that they never have masturbated in their lives, just that they don't masturbate if we're dating/engaged/married. if they're submissive, it isn't a crazy request.

idk why she thinks it's so unrealistic when i'm already with someone like that. apparently it wasn't all that unrealistic.

No. 87392

You’re the only one here who has been offended anon. Pointing out why I think you’re immature isn’t slinging insults. You’re desperately trying to turn this into something it’s not.
You were mildly criticised and have spent hours defending a silly little list of traits in an imaginary man. Especially if you’re basing this list of of your one bad ex.

Once you’ve experienced a real relationship you’ll hopefully see why this massive list has been a source of entertainment, but you’ll need far thicker skin if you’re so damn hurt over being called immature and silly.

If you weren’t seething you wouldn’t be defending yourself so hard over any of this.

No. 87393

>most women i know would rather rub one out a million times over than have sex with people they don't care for for the sake of having sex

then how come you dont want him to ever touch himself?

No. 87394

i'm also with someone like that. sorry to burst your bubble bby, but it's more common than those gross pornstar type men.

No. 87395

Keep pushing the narrative that I’m seething and really really hurt over strangers guessing I have ugly glasses and bangs. Brb sobbing into my pillow. This has been a good excercise for me to do. Hope you got something out of your bitching, too.
>one bad ex
Powers of intuition failed you again, I’m afraid. It’s just not been your night.

No. 87396

then speak for yourself and leave "most women" out of it

No. 87397

It’s completely normal to not masturbate when you’re in a sexually fulfilling relationship.

No. 87398

File: 1530839481748.jpeg (69.84 KB, 900x900, sign me up.jpeg)

>tfw will never have a bf who only has eyes for you
>doesn't long for or desire anyone or anything else BUT you

No. 87399

a prude or a "gross pornstar" are my only options?

No. 87400

Maybe they subscribe to the belief that watching porn or getting off to anything other than their partner is cheating?

There’s a lot of people out there who feel that way.
Either that of it’s part of the controlling aspect of dominant/submissive style relationships which anon said they wanted. She wants to control/own his sexuality sorta thing?

Weird imo what different strokes I suppose.

No. 87401

Okay fam? I don’t care about your bangs I just think you’re a bratty little kid. Get over it and search for your magic husbando.

No. 87402

File: 1530839746577.gif (1.26 MB, 443x259, giphy (5).gif)

Femcels have the same black and white thinking as incels do huh

No. 87403

i didn't say 'most women', retard. i said 'most women i know'. most women in my life. your reading comprehension is for shit.

thank you. exactly.

i don't think it's more common than them, and i really don't think it's common at all, but i DO think it's more common than people think. it's definitely possible, and i'd prefer to be alone than not be with someone like that, anyways.

so you think men like that are prudes, it doesn't mean it's unrealistic, however. it seems your gripe is that you don't like 'prude' men.

No. 87404

I shouldn’t be surprised how many salty anons this thread has.

I wish confidence was a product you could sell tbh.

No. 87405

>thinking having a sexy boyfriend who won't masturbate and stores all his seed for you until he begs you to let him fuck you is prude


No. 87406

here you go, most people i know would think anyone who stopped having sexual desire and stopped masturbating because they're in a relationship are fucking retarded

No. 87407

how common is it to be a kv?

No. 87408

i'm not "letting" anyone fuck me. women like to fuck to.

No. 87409

Eww ‘his seed’ who the fuck talks like that

No. 87410

Women who get mad at people for showing sexual desire and women who have rape fetishes as a venn diagram would be a circle

No. 87411

what a disgusting beta he would be

No. 87412

People who aren't closet lesbians.

No. 87413

you def sound like a robot

i think the salty anon is just a robot that's offended that there are better, more valuable men out there than him and he knows he can't compete, kek. he begs for me to fuck him and refuses to waste any of his cum, however, and it's adorable. idk why anyone wouldn't want this kind of dynamic, it's the cutest.

No. 87414

Married bisexuals aren’t closet lesbians but okay.
For real though I’ve never heard the term outside of historical novels or game of thrones and creepy middle aged perverts. What country are you from? It’s a hilarious thing to say.

Also, totally called it on the masturbating thing being a fetish/sexual control thing.

No. 87415

yea it def seems like a robot. robots can't understand the concept of wanting guys to not be alpha chads.

No. 87416

just using it for dramatic affect.

No. 87417

>he begs for me to fuck him and refuses to waste any of his cum, however, and it's adorable

well thanks for oversharing about your gross dynamic anon

No. 87418

>i think the salty anon is just a robot that's offended that there are better, more valuable men out there than him and he knows he can't compete, kek
Ding ding ding.
They’ve been shitting up the thread

No. 87419

See how easy it was to answer a simple question without being dramatic or saying something retarded?

It was a bit much but at least they’re happy I suppose. It’s weirder that they think anybody who’s not in that dynamic is sad though. Cute is the last way I’d describe it.

No. 87420

nah fam it was too hard!

No. 87421

>wanting guys to not be alpha chads
again with the black and white thinking

>there are better, more valuable men
no one thinks men who don't rub one out are more valuable except facebook moms

No. 87422

File: 1530842399380.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 573820107363528.png)

There definitely seems to be a few robots in this thread. Who else would get this salty over a woman's preferences?

No. 87423

Only false dichotomies are allowed in the farms.

No. 87424

Alright, maybe I hear it mostly from gay guys. Whatever.

No. 87425

>no one thinks men who don't rub one out are more valuable except facebook moms
okay, then color me, and a few anons in this thread so far, facebook moms. sweet, sentimental men that like reserving sexual things to being just between partners are incredibly valuable to plenty of women, sorry to disappoint you. maybe someone will feel defeated enough to settle for you one day.

>again with the black and white thinking

an anon literally said "what a disgusting beta" so ofc people are bringing up how some women dont like 'chads'. why are you so offended by a relationship where people don't masturbate, anyways? you sound addicted to masturbation to get this riled up about someone else's life, christ. there are plenty of people that demand that their potential partner never drink or do any drugs, even socially, just because of general incompatibility. this is no different.

No. 87426

>>sweet sentimental men who only want to be sexual with their partners is not
>>265946’s control kink over her boyfriends “seed”

Let’s not conflate the two.

No. 87427

because masturbation, to everyone who isn't a religious nut, is a normal part of everyday life and not comparable to drugs

No. 87428


Being okay with a partner masturbating means I’m addicted to masturbation myself?
I’m not the anon you’re arguing with but calm that reaching, Stretch Armstrong.

No. 87429

Should this be moved to /g/?

No. 87430

At this point I’ll date anybody who isn’t black.

No. 87431

Racebait or reasons?

No. 87432

do you guys watch a lot of porn

No. 87433

Yeah, that’s probably a good call

No. 87434

My standards are weird more than high.
>not white. I've read too many stories of women whose white partners fell for the racism meme, and I generally find white men less attractive anyway.
>smaller and weaker than me (under 120 lbs and under 6ft)
>agrees on my views of child abuse
>showers daily
>sexually submissive or at least vanilla. No doms.
>not too devout religiously
>pleasant to be around, tries to understand other people
>not a misogynist
>small circle of friends or none
>likes animals

That's bare minimum, otherwise I'd prefer if he was also an artist of some sort and had a big nose.

No. 87435

Legit curious about the child abuse bit. Would you clarify a little?

No. 87436

I think beating children is wrong. Even slaps.

No. 87437

Fair enough.
Agreeing on how to discipline kids is crazy important.
A lot of people I know irl are getting engaged and pregnant without ever having discussed what they’d do and feel if a kid was fucked up and sickly or how they feel kids should be raised. One couple never discussed what religion the kids would be raised with despite the couple being Jewish and Methodist Christian.

Seems mental to even move in with someone if you disagree about fundamental shit but it looks like heaps of folks are doing it. Maybe I only know dumb people though.

No. 87438

This thread went to shit stupidly quick.

I think Dan Savage was pretty right when he said "if you have a list of deal breaker longer than 5 you need to wait around to get a sex robot".

No. 87439

Sorry but you sound abusive. Probably due to insecurity.

You're a dom because you want to control every aspect of your boyfriend's life, even something as silly as masturbation.
You dislike "Chad's" because you know it's much easier to prey on "beta" guys.

I bet you hate seeing your boyfriend have any contact with other women as well.

No. 87440

>doesnt use porn and prefers me to porn and will never touch himself
>super submissive
>he wants to be owned by and controlled by me
>never disobeys me
>doesn't want friends, doesn't care to talk to his family
>doesn't have a high sex drive without me

Anon you sound incredibly insecure and self centered, perfect mix to create an abuser.

No. 87444

Dan Savage is a joke and that’s a shit quote.
>Agreeing on how to discipline kids is crazy important.
I feel like this is something people need to be told. Like apparently they’re too stupid to think of it themselves so someone needs to be like “soooo you guys good with corporal punishment or nah?” Or even just relatively smaller things like kids doing high-injury sports (football), or how chores work, or grounding, curfew, etc. They don’t discuss beforehand and kids are weasels who know how to get what they want and it’s just bad and unproductive.
>because masturbation, to everyone who isn't a religious nut, is a normal part of everyday life
Masturbation is fine but there are a lot of legit critiques of porn. I think it’s reasonable to be against porn consumption.

No. 87445

This thread need an objective (impossible I know) list of what are the pro and cons of dating you guys kek.

No. 87447

Anon doesn’t want a romantic partner so much as a dildo that will tell her she’s pretty when she’s done.

Tbh I can see why a lot of anons posting their ridiculous lists like >>87354 or the anon who insists it’s cute and romantic to make a partner beg for sex and not allowing him to ‘spill his seed’ (can’t stop laughing at how insanely cringey and insane she was)are forever alone.

No. 87448

So far, no masturbation and being a spoiled little girl with an ugly house are the biggest selling points listed. Both those anons have some obvious mental shit going on too so there’s autism.

No. 87451

>with an ugly house
God damn the jealousy is real.
>are forever alone.
Pretty sure this thread morphed into something else a while back. Most people posting have partners or have had them.
This is a cool idea. Just from a user base pov

No. 87452

Oh please now we can’t even mock someone for a bad humblebrag?
They sat there saying they’re super attractive and live in a magazine house let’s not act like they’re an actual model in an actual tasteful manor house, now. Nobody is jealous of anybody because this is a sad collection of sad people. Live a little.

No. 87453

Jesus Christ, let it go.

No. 87454

>>87453it wasn’t brought back up beyond a mild joke in response to someone else. Stop reading the thread if you’re still cut people didn’t all agree with you.

Nobody here seriously cares about anything posted. It’s a throwaway joke about a throwaway post on a bullshit topic. The level of defensiveness borders on being fully mental.

No. 87455

>preferably asian
>taller than me
>not extremely thin or scrawny. i don’t need a guy to be fit, im chubby so i don’t deserve a fit guy anyway. i would feel very self conscious dating a guy who was thinner than me.
>capable of doing basic household chores
>good hygiene
>has a good relationship with parents or other family
>has a few friends he hangs out with occasionally. ive been my partners only friend in the past and it is stressful.
>is nice, has interests in common with me, similar political views
>wants to have kids and get married in the future
>has been to college and has a job
>drinking and smoking weed is okay, but preferably no excessive drug use. my ex smoked weed almost daily and it made hm very lazy and goofy acting
>likes to go on dates, doesn’t just want to stay inside and watch Netflix all the time

do i ask for too much, anons?

No. 87456

I honestly can’t believe you’re still going but his is lolcow so what do you expect.

No. 87457

File: 1530859422248.jpeg (94.43 KB, 373x394, 17EE6DEB-8342-4308-BBB8-CCC8BB…)

No. 87458

NTA but you're still going too, if you don't want to shit up the thread how bout you stop answering too?

No. 87459

I never said anything about spilling seed. That was another anon, fyi.

I don't hate "Chads"?? I don't want to be with them, however. I'm not like them? It'd be weird and a waste of time. And not exactly. I don't really care to speak to people other than my partner and prefer someone similar to myself wrt friends, family, masturbation, porn (harmful to relationships, is typically rape on film, etc). I don't masturbate in relationships, find it disrespectful and have no desire to, and I like subversive relationships in general. I prefer a relationship where males prefer women are in control instead of men taking advantage of society's expectations of het relationships. I'm a hermit and don't want a social boyfriend that actively wants to speak to people when I don't and dont want to, either. That's really not unreasonable. You guys act like any men I date would be helpless babies literally forced into these conditions.

No. 87460

An anon going on for literally hours about another anon is very different than one saying “yo wow.”
No, you’re not asking for too much. That’s a pretty fair and realistic list.

No. 87462

i'm so jealous of my sister. she met her husband when they were 18, they went to college together and now they're married and traveling the world. meanwhile i'm just.. not having any luck. i date and i don't have any problems with it- i know that hypothetically i could find someone right now, but i've never met anyone that i really click with. for some reason everyone i actually like ends up having a hardcore interest in drugs which i do not fuck with at all

No. 87463

Seems reasonable. You’re posting more about values and being mentally stable than money or looks. Good priorities. Hope you meet him soon.

It’s probably the same anon who was posted about initially. Ignore them and they’ll go tell someone else they’re assblasted over it.

That’s why there were two people posted. Seed hoarding anon was a different type of crazy.

No. 87475

You sound fat.

No. 87476

File: 1530865696706.jpeg (36.79 KB, 413x356, 06ADDB3E-DDEC-4881-9872-74A2D2…)

No. 87480

File: 1530868139979.jpg (55.08 KB, 1300x866, shrugsamillion.jpg)

I think the likelihood of two people both being attracted to each other and liking each other romantically at the same time is such a set of coincidences. So I figure the majority of relationships aren't actually good, more like varying between shitty and acceptable. IME from what I've seen between friends and family I'm not wrong. I don't form crushes often or feel attraction often so tbh I feel pretty boned on this front. I think the likelihood of me meeting someone and the planets aligning and having a real romantic relationship is pretty low. I'm viewing relationships in much more transactional terms at this point, I mean if I can't feel attracted to people or feel romantically whats the point of a relationship for me?

No. 87486

That's what I think, too.
As I get older, I'm getting more okay with the thought of being alone. Everything I'd gain from a relationship, I can find elsewhere. I'm not a person who needs physical contact, anyway. Maybe later in life, out of comfort - to share responsibilities and stuff, I'll get into some sort of relationship, but not necessarily a romantic one. Of course, if it hits me, it hits me. But I doubt it.
I passed the "why no one likes me" and "why I don't like anyone" boohoo stages
And I'm fine.

No. 87487

>A southern gentleman
>But also a communist
lmao what

No. 87492

File: 1530874926069.jpg (17.49 KB, 400x400, 1429225287526[1].jpg)

>Do you ever wonder why you can't find a decent bf?why not one man you like wants you?

No. 87494

holy fucking shit what is that i wish i had never googled that, ot but can someone care to explain to me what the FUCK that was im going to have nightmares for days wtf

No. 87495

Please don't try to spin your abusive tendencies as feminism. There's a difference between a female lead relationship and "owning" another human being who "never disobeys" you.

No. 87496

that's probably why she doesn't have a man.

i'm seed hoarding anon and i just replied in a really stupid way to an obvious troll. you realize >>87459 is >>87384 right?

No. 87520

Does this apply to men who seek out passive women who will be very submissive?

No. 87522

>wanting to date scrotoids

No. 87526

>meanwhile there's entire "nofap" movement of men choosing to abstain from masturbating and porn
Stop being retarded. There are legitimate reasons for why someone might want to consciously abstain from such things, like it makes sex better with your partner for one. That doesn't make someone prudish or a religious nut. You're just incredibly myopic.

No. 87531

They don't have partners.

No. 87534

What's your point? Isn't that more strange? If they're satisfied in a relationship and they don't want to masturbate anyways, what's the problem? And that's not true, read shit from nofap guys. Plenty are married and think masturbation and porn ruined their relationships.

No. 87535

The point was >like it makes sex better with your partner for one

>cult members agree with the ideas of the cult

wow thank you I never realized

No. 87536

Idk how much sex you have with your bf, but dudes who ejaculate 4 to 7 times a week are 40% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Masturbating is good for men's health.

No. 87537

I have sex with my partner everyday, so that's not a problem.

Like I said, they do have partners though.

No. 87538

And plenty of them are in relationships so you have no valid argument.
>>cult members agree with the ideas of the cult
Lel, I guess more than 2 people agreeing on something makes anything a "cult" now. Nice pulling that one out of your ass.

No. 87539

The fact that some do have partners doesn't buck the general trend that they don't.
That's not why it's a cult.

No. 87540

Only neurotic people regulate their partner's masturbation. Wtf dude.

No. 87542

Honestly, it's not bad luck. You never dated them. If you'd dated them, that would be bad luck.

No. 87545

That's not a very specific preference, so I can't speak to that one. I am only interested in men of my race for cultural reasons and because I want my children to look like me. I don't think it's that weird unless you only date a race other than your own, because that seems a bit like a fetish.

No. 87546

Obviously, that anon was speaking about those that specifically do have partners. You then chimed in and said "they don't have partners", as if none of them have partners. There is no reason for you to have said that when she specifically was talking about nofap dudes that have partners. You're just arguing to argue at this point.

No. 87547

I wish you no ill, but seriously, good luck finding all this in one man.

No. 87548

>ideally blonde or ginger so I can pass my ginger genes on, blue or green eyes, lean muscle
>I’m a brunette
You sound like an incel LARPing.

No. 87551

Do you even need to ask?

No. 87561


No. 87567

Because brunettes cant have a ginger parent? What. The only incels itt are those shitting on women for having standards.

No. 87572

Literally the same as me. And part of the problem for me is when I like a guy it is always someone who is massively out of my league. I swear some of my friends can't really like their partners because they can jump from one relationship into another.

No. 87573

The like their partners more than they like being alone. Some people can’t cope with their own company or without validation from others

No. 87588

My problem is that my standards are too high and I have BPD, which go hand in hand together.
For the BPD, I would say I am high functioning but unstable enough for others to detect that I'm a bit "different". I am currently attending therapy with a DBT specialist to help mitigate my symptoms. However, I don't feel like I am "stable" enough to confidently get into a relationship just now (was in one for 6 months, broke up about a month ago) without affecting my partner. I would like to improve myself.
High standards however… I myself am not ugly, according to friends and boyfriends I had, and received "cute" to "beautiful", all which I don't agree with.. I want someone handsome, tall broadshouldered, in grad school, empathetic, sensitive and caring. They are all qualities that exists for women more beautiful, stable and worthy than me.

No. 87592

Well strangely enough my bf saves his cum for me and doesn't feel the need to masturbate. Its not an unrealistic standard you just need to find a mature sweet mannered guy who doesnt jerk off just because he is bored or sad.

No. 87603

what if i want to masturbate? does that mean i'm not mature?

No. 87616

nta but the mature part is the compromising not the actual act.

No. 87619

yes and it still applies. lets say i have a boyfriend and he tells me i shouldn't masturbate because of the reasons posted by anons itt, i should stop or at least lie?? doesn't that sound fucking weird and controlling?

No. 87621

I personllay wouldnt care if my boyfriend jerked off but i find it very sweet that he doesnt feel the need to. I have never told him to obstain, i never seeked out this type of person. Its just a trait that some people have and i find it very cute and sweet.

No. 87623

no, its pretty normal. Everyone is different and it might not go for you and your partner, but there's nothing wrong with not wanting your partner masturbating without you. You personally might find it controlling, but others obviously don't.

No. 87624

>i never seeked out this type of person
Lemme guess, he was a virgin too?

No. 87625

When did this turn into /b/ accusing everyone of being a damn virgin.

No. 87626

anon who posted the list here. the whole point is to find a guy that is naturally okay with this/doesn't have the urge to masturbate in relationships. i said that i would rather be alone than be with someone that wasn't compatible with my requirements. there's a difference between trying to force normie guys into stuff that doesn't come naturally to them, and men that do/want the things you want anyways, that also like and respect the fact that you aren't comfortable w them masturbating in a relationship.

No. 87627

What? I'm just asking a question.

No. 87628

It really follows though, logically, that because virgins generally masturbate more often than people that regularly have sex, that they'd be more accustomed to it and would be less likely to just drop it, though?

No. 87629

lul outing yourself as a virgin, aren't you?

virgins don't masturbate more than people who have sex. people "regularly" having sex tend to be people in the initial stage of a relationship and after that it becomes less frequent.

No. 87630

I'm just wondering if anon is ok with her bf having a past with other women.

No. 87632

Yea im ok with it.
>>87629 And there are people who are satisfied with having sex once a week and dont feel like they have to fap, sex is way more satisfying.

No. 87633

good luck with your dead libido boyfriend search lmao

No. 87635

Singles masturbate more than people in relationships. I couldn't find any surveys or studies on virgin masturbation frequency, but most virgin guys I've known seem to masturbate pretty frequently.

Weird to be so catty about men's sex drives when it doesn't affect you, but ok.

No. 87636

Libido doesnt = how much you fap, so many guys just do it out of boredom or habit.
And my bf seems to want sex about the same as I do so his libido is perfect.

No. 87637

>virgins don't masturbate more than people who have sex.
chiming in with anecdotal experience, I didn't masturbate at all until I had sex with guys. It went sex -> masturbate for me.

No. 87638

Either can masturbate more, its about the type of person who has this habit. Anon just wants a guy who doesn't.

No. 87639

most people masturbate almost daily which is enough for sheltered anons to think it's an addiction

No. 87640

i said habit not addiction, which it becomes if you do it daily.

No. 87641

The survey I read was both, but male culture is entirely different from female culture. There are few boys who do not masturbate at all. The subject isn't about women. It's very different for men.

No. 87642

>female culture

No. 87644

yet here you are, glorifying purity
how quaint

No. 87646

You're delusional if you think women and girls aren't more uncomfortable with masturbation because of the historical repression of female sexuality that still affects them to this day.

Male and females and the way society treats them is very different. 'Glorifying' (lol, the fucking hyperbole) male 'purity' (has nothing to even do with purity, but you apparently have a hard time staying on track) is not the same as 'glorifying' female purity or repressing female sexuality. You sound like an MRA or incel.

No. 87647

you should accept the fact that you're probably a lesbian

No. 87649

What purity? Just because a guy doesn't masturbate every day it doesn't mean he's more "pure" than one that does.

No. 87650

Go back to r9k. What attracts these men to the ideal men threads so much? So they can complain that they dont have traits that women want?

No. 87651

Right, which is why that anon (see: robot) is hyperbolic and annoying. No one said not masturbating made them more pure. Bringing up 'purity' is a complete strawman.

No. 87652

They're incredibly obsessed and buttmad over the fact that some women (and literally it appears to only be one or two, not even a majority) find masturbation in a relationship undesirable.

No. 87654

>Accusing anyone who doesn't partake in the uwu circlejerk is a robot

No. 87657

because you literally are. one of you faggots (probably yourself) just made a thread about it because you're too obsessed and autistic to stop even though it's an opinion that only one girl has on here. you fags have serious issues.

No. 87658

I feel very insecure about being an adult virgin. It makes me feel like a guy would think I'm a weirdo or something and look down at me for it.

No. 87660

Its the opposite i feel like most men secretly like being with virgins, some will probably thinks its weird and some will just not care.

No. 87661

anons ITT seem to think masturbation and sex are equal. they aren't. i masturbate when i am horny, yeah. i also masturbate when i'm stressed out, when i have a headache, when i have cramps, just whenever i need an orgasm.

sex is so much more than just an orgasm. its intimacy, its a journey. masturbation takes ten minutes tops, sex can last up to an hour or more if theres foreplay or other things involved. sex is me spending intimate, sensual time with my partner, exploring their body, making them feel good makes me feel good too.

many men have a problem with porn addiction, frequent masturbation, and death grip leading to lessened sensitivity. those are all huge issues. i don't agree with porn use. but i think many anons here are taking an extreme, black and white stance on this issue. i'm not going to control how often my partner masturbates because it isn't about me.

No. 87662

you're a robot!!!!

No. 87663

no one was controlling their masturbation or attempting to control it. people are conflating seeking out men that naturally don't masturbate in a relationship with "forcing everyone to stop masturbating in a relationship!!!!".

No. 87664

I agree but the point is finding guys who dont feel the need to, which they do exist.
>>87662 widde baby

No. 87665

which is fine, but that is rare. what situation is more likely, finding a guy who doesn't masturbate or telling a guy you're in a relationship with that you don't want him to masturbate?

And the comment that started this whole mess didn't say "I want to find a guy that never masturbates, it said

>">doesnt use porn and prefers me to porn and will never touch himself"

No. 87666

From my experience they see virgins kinda like a joke. Sleeping with one so they can tell a funny story in the future.

No. 87667

>doesnt use porn and prefers me to porn and will never touch himself
which is incredibly vague and doesn't suggest that he would need to be forced to stop. it was clarified shortly thereafter that the point was about finding a guy who is like that by nature.

No. 87668

being a kissless virgin is regarded precious.
just grow some feminity and wait till studs give it to you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87669

>finding a guy who is like that by nature
more like finding a guy whose desperate enough for pussy to lie

No. 87683

Mine deleted his porn as soon as we got serious, but still has death grip.

No. 87684

he's still watching it on streaming sites, sweetie

No. 87686

no one is saying you have to stop masturbating. stop trying to make everyone seem like they're as shit as you.

No. 87687

Yeah I’m sure you know anon’s bf better than she does. Totally

No. 87690

Occasionally. Most of the time, he uses his imagination. He deleted it of his on volition, and I never really minded.

No. 87694

File: 1530937521489.jpg (47.5 KB, 283x475, 95693.jpg)

do you guys think some women are just destined to be spinsters for the rest of their life?

pic related, it's one of my favourite books, written by the author of anne of green gables. it's about a 29 year old woman who's never been married (it's the early 1900s), but finds out she has a heart disease that'll kill her soon, and she decides she doesn't want to be miserable forever. i know it sounds cheesy but it's one of my favourite romance novels. it's very sweet and charming, much better than the cover makes it look.

No. 87695

Absolutely. Society tries to sell us that there's someone out there for everyone, but that's far from the truth.

No. 87701

Plenty of people die alone for a huge variety of reasons. Most women outlive men by a good few years, so realistically most would have to “die alone” as widows even in a ideal marriage partnership.

No. 87707

Never give up trying, friends. Getting a bf was the best thing that happened to me.

No. 87712


if i ever actually enforced my standards:


>good sense of humor
>not too tall or strong
>not a racist, misogynist, etc
>at least a few overlapping interests
>won't beat me or yell at me even if i ever make him mad
>takes care of himself
>has real life goals
>doesn't think i'm ugly
>bi, since i am & i need someone who understands & respects it
>not a drug/alcohol user
>not a frequent liar


yup, it's sad but i've accepted it mostly, i get the meaningful human connection i need from my good friends so i don't need to date, but it is painful sometimes knowing i don't have the capacity to be loved by anyone who doesn't want to hurt me

No. 87714

Sorry anon but that’s kinda sad. What’s the rest of your life like that a guy is the best thing to happen to you?

No. 87718

File: 1530943114527.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 412x547, OhNoNoNoNoHaha.webm)

>feelio when 5'11
>stalk people on image boards all day
>want a nasty NEET femdom girl to step on my tiny Indian penis

life isn't worth living and im going to fail Uni please fuck me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87721

ok. was this thread posted on some male shithole?

No. 87722


Resident retard from here.

That's not him in the picture but he is half poo/curry.

No. 87723

why would you post such a disgusting webm?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87724

that is a really terrible board. thanks. explains the weird sperging about literally one person's preferences from your bitchtitted peers.

No. 87727

You're the retard.

No. 87728

Leave this site alone you sad little insect.

No. 87729

I didn't make that thread.

No. 87730

my bad im just on edge since theres some perma-virgin creep here now posting his ugly face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87731

It's being posted by someone else bullying him.

No. 87732

who cares? we just dont need his ugly ass mug here they both should be banned.

No. 87734

I honestly think i might vomit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87735

File: 1530946914352.png (119.97 KB, 1151x301, import-07-07-18-03-01-45-28398…)

No it's really him who posts that.

He posts it on that site all the time pretending it's him. It's not him, he's much uglier, but everything else he said is true.

No. 87737

God, I hate those fucks who claim no women are able to be interested in femdom because Chad and Muh Bioessentialism.
Why are you a male sub then?
Absolute unit.
Oddly enough, I do have a thing for Indian guys and felt irrationally targeted by his posts today. But I'm not into internet misogynists. None of us are here.

No. 87738

most sub guys aren't really submissive anyway seeing as they just want a woman to cater to his very specific fantasies. they couldn't handle being a plaything.

No. 87746

>i do have a thing for indian guys
|this is when you know youre level of desperation has got too damn high

No. 87749

Hey, we all have our preferences.
I think they just generally have physical traits I find attractive (big eyes, prominent noses, usually shorter, etc.).
idk anon. That's just how it is for me.

No. 87751

Brown and smell like musk, also must shit in the streets.

No. 87752

Nah, I've met Indians who smell nice and I like darker guys.
You don't have to date them if you don't want to. It's okay.

No. 87764

that's literally how dom/sub shit works anon.

No. 87772

Yes, my life has been pretty sad. My bf made it 100x better.

No. 87780


nta but you'd be surprised at how much a good s/o can change your life for the better. not speaking from experience but as a witness to people being in love, it's not everything obv but it can be a really healing thing

No. 87790

You're not alone in that, anon. I blame Hrithik Roshan for getting me into this.

No. 87798

back in high school i had a thing for desi guys, and there was a ton at my school. not in a weird fetishy way, i just liked their features and thought they were really sweet and hard working. that plus most of the white guys i knew were either chads, hipster fuckboys, or neckbeards. the only issue with desi guys though is their parents are (usually) super overprotective and traditional, so it was almost impossible to go out with them unless it was in secret… anyways i'm back into white guys now and currently with one who is great. there's nothing wrong with your preferences as long as you aren't being cringey.

liking indian guys isn't desperate at all, you must think all brown men are like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhnj9tqm1aU

No. 87813

God yes. And the worst part is I feel like it's not even because of my appearance (which I can change) but my personality.

I don't really know how to describe this, but I don't think I can be attracted to a guy unless I've been platonic friends with him first. The idea of meeting someone through a date or a party, and the concept of hanging out with them while knowing they find me at least somewhat attractive freaks me out. I feel like its too much pressure and that I also can't trust their intentions if they're only talking to me because of how I look. I think I'd have to really get to know someone and be able to be myself/vulnerable around them for a while before I could find them attractive… and I don't know any guy who would willingly put up with all of that unless they aren't even attracted to me in the first place. Besides the fact I perpetually friendzone myself, I also have shitty self-esteem so yeah, I'm dying alone.

No. 87814

>looks him up
>he's just Indian Chad
I could never get into Bollywood movies since most of the guys were pretty Chad-y. No offense to you, ofc, I just like cute small guys.

Ha, my situation was the opposite of yours. I thought I liked white guys because they were the only type I'd been exposed to in a small farm town, but then I grew up and realized and I could probably never settle with a white guy. Shallow as that is.
I am aware of the family situation, but I'm holding out for a guy who's adult enough to say no to his parents sometimes. I'd imagine a high school situation would be different in that regard.

>being cringy

What would this entail? Like those white neckbeards claiming azn wimmin are the superior submissive race and all? Or being creepy to any person that you're attracted to?

No. 87815

File: 1531000479428.png (367.14 KB, 419x419, ariana.png)

Pic related is me.

I hook up with normal guys, but I never want anything serious with them. I know it's fucked up but my serious relationships are always with guys who are messed up in the head, usually the super introverted depressed types with low self-esteem. I have many issues myself and being able to talk to someone who gets me is very important.

No. 87820


anon are you me?

No. 87827

Sis just lie. That's what I did and I have no regrets. If you want to lose it in the context of a relationship you would want to be honest but for a fwb, casual relationship, fuckbuddy or hookup you don't owe them that. Most girls do not lose their virginity in a beautiful romantic way with someone they love a lot. Lie, get it over with and feel more confident. Get yourself comfortable with penetration first though so you don't get hurt.

No. 87844

File: 1531025859020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.22 KB, 640x440, shashi-kapoor.jpg)

>What would this entail? Like those white neckbeards claiming azn wimmin are the superior submissive race and all? Or being creepy to any person that you're attracted to?
Yes, all of the above. Also getting obsessed with Desi guys to the point where it's a fetish, the way some K-Pop fans run after their oppas.

Also if you aren't into contemporary Bollywood actors check out the old school ones, they were more classically handsome and less Chad-y (pic related)..

No. 87846

I'm not usually into Indian men or even bollywood but check out Ajay Devgan he a cute

No. 87852

I find Indian guys more repulsive than black guys

No. 87853

I guess I'm pretty safe then. I worry a bit about being fetish-y or obnoxious because I'm not fully white myself and know how uncomfortable it is when someone fixates on your culture and makes assumptions.
And thanks! I probably will check out older movies, I prefer older Hollywood movies for the same reason actually (I find the aesthetics of both the men and women more appealing).

Yeah, he was actually pretty cute in the face when he was younger.

No. 87873

I guess my standards are too high because every guy I date is an immense disappointment (these aren't necessarily the end all be all, just my ideal guy)

>taller than me (5ft10+)

>older than me (doesn't have to be by much I just don't want someone younger than me)
>not super fat/skinny/muscular, just a normal body
>related: isn't obsessed with working out/eating ~raw vegan keto~ shit
>not super religious
>democrat (but not an ultra-leftist bernie bro)
>into politics and news (I hate people who are willfully ignorant about the world)
>same taste in music/tv/movies/books
>financially responsible
>doesn't sit at home and smoke weed all day
>no hard drugs or heavy drinking
>likes video games but not obsessed
>not into anime/comics/cartoons
>likes to travel
>doesn't live with his parents
>likes dogs
>good hygiene, wears nice cologne, well groomed facial hair, etc.
>dresses nicely
>not insecure about his masculinity
>dominant but not an asshole who doesn't listen to me/respect me
>good in bed
>isn't late for everything
>relatively tidy
>polite and respects tradition but not a hardline traditionalist (I guess this is my southern side showing)
>has a career, or at least a job he is passionate about (I would prefer someone who works in politics like I do)
>has motivation, passion to do things in general

yep definitely too high. also realizing I basically want the male version of myself lol

No. 87874

In what regards were you disappointed in your last relationships?

No. 87876

Well, i've only been in one serious relationship and it was great until he dumped me for a girl he had been cheating on me with for 6 months (no i'm not bitter lol) but I do "date around" a lot, it's common where I live. The main issue i've been running into is guys who have no ambition in life, and have resigned themselves to working low-level jobs. For example the last guy I was seeing
>worked at an insurance agency
>complained about how soul sucking his job was endlessly, would text me from work all the time complaining
>every time we hung out he just talked about how his degree was a waste of time and money
>lived for the weekends

Which is why I would like to date someone with a busy job they are passionate about

No. 87881

not to be the bad guy but fuck you sound shitty. you're highly unlikely to find that at all because 1 in like 10k people will have that option.

No. 87885

I guess working in politics most people I know (and myself) are very into their jobs. I don't mean to sound "shitty," it's just how I grew up/how my friends and family are. But it's very soul sucking to be with someone who complains all the time

No. 87887

There are many people out there who enjoy their jobs or at the very least don’t hate them and complain about them endlessly. It’s draining to hear someone complain about the same aspect of their lives and do nothing to fix it, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting that trait in a partner. It means they aren’t proactive.

To contribute to the thread, I want a boyfriend who is committed to achieving goals he set for himself. My last ex would try once and never try again if it didn’t work out exactly how he envisioned it in his head and that was frustrating.

No. 88854

File: 1531920677262.jpg (32.74 KB, 400x459, 15078224207000.jpg)

anons I'm still so fucking angry, my perfect bf broke up with me even though I did everything right. This was 7 months ago, I'm still not over it. I'm worried it's because he was way more successful than me in terms of being born into a rich and caring family, and saw that I didn't have the same and got the impression that I'd leech off him or never be successful etc… I can only find solace in knowing that he will never find a girl who cared and loved him for who he is despite his flaws as much as I did. I now am only attracted to guys who look like him/remind me of him, it's disgusting and I hate myself.

No. 91375

He will probably find a more beautiful girl who is more pleasant to be around and there's no reason why she won't love him.

No. 91382

Don't sell yourself short. Was the love you gave him not lovely, wonderful, and unique? He might never find that again.

No. 91410


>nice soothing voice

>physically attractive - basically a subset in it’s own. Taller than me but not too much so, not bald/ing, not blonde, not fat, not a slob.
>dresses well at least occasionally
>must have his own interests, if we happen to share some, that’s a plus
>social and socially apt, has friends of his own or is able to make some
>not overly shy and or clingy
>good sense of humour
>doesn’t want children
>not a stoner
>similar (not identical) views and tastes
>financially stable enough to take care of himself
>high sex drive, kinky and sexually compatible
>trusting, honest and respectful

Would rather be alone than with someone I can’t respect and or be attracted to. Sad as it is, I guess I’m dying alone.


Yeah this is exactly how I feel. The stars aligned just right one time many years ago and the statistically unbelievable happened but it didn't work out for reasons unrelated to us and people didn't understand why I lost my damn mind. Because, honestly, the chances of that happening again are slim to none, despite how many 'good guys' there are out there. Transactional relationships make me feel dishonest and shitty and I hate that it has to be like that.

No. 91472

this is some "robot waifu" shit, except it's a husbando.

No. 91474

He will probably find something even better.

No. 91490

I'm pathetic. I have autism and every single guy I date ends up being a sociopath. They take advantage of me, manipulate me, take my money etc

Somebody once told me I'm the perfect prey for sociopaths and it's probably true. I should kill myself.

No. 91492

I used to think the same. I'm not autistic, but schizo-spec though.
Don't give up. Eventually you'll find someone who'll be good for you.
At one point I lost all hope, but now I'm with a person who actually loves me and tries their best to understand me.
And if you don't find someone like that, try to learn to live for yourself. Relationships aren't everything, after all.

No. 91516

I used to think like that before, until I realized a few years ago how much I enjoy being alone. In my teenage years, I was desperate to be able to fit in (I've always been a bit of a weirdo), so I thought getting into a relationship would fix that, but I slowly realized that I actually didn't want it. Whenever I hear people talking about their relationship and how wonderful it is, I can't help but feel a bit disgusted, I have such a need to be alone I would never be able to date (I wouldn't be surprised if I had a schizoid personality disorder). Maybe my mind will change, I don't know, but for now, I've embraced my solitude and am content with living all my life on my own.

I know it's not very common (people are always surprised when I say I'm single and have no desire for a partner), so I wonder if there are other people like me here.

No. 91517

I feel the same way! Never had a crush, never felt anything remotely resembling what people describe as love, never had a desire to be with anyone. Don't even have any desire for friendship. I'm around people sometimes, and that's completely fine and even enjoyable at times, but I prefer my solitude.

Not sure of any reasons behind it. If I get a desire for something else at some point, I'm sure that'll be fine too. I wouldn't expect it at this point though, seeing as I'm in my mid-twenties.

No. 91538


Schizoid here. I've also been taken advantage of, sexually abused, etc. because I don't really know how to respond properly to certain situations… well, namely, the inner-workings of relationships as a whole. Narcs are drawn to me like flies to honey, because I'm socially clueless, and thus a blank slate for them to manipulate into what they desire.

I used to feel hopeless as well, until I met a true, genuine person (who happens to be autistic as well) that understands my various issues and actively works through them with me. He's patient, explains things for me when necessary, and doesn't allow for me to be a doormat.

I promise, there are people out there who are kind, understanding, and have good intentions. You aren't pathetic. Those guys you've been dating - now, they're the pathetic ones.

No. 91577

At least you have an excuse as to why you can't find someone good. I'm thinking of just lying about having autism so people won't make fun of me for being a socially retarded shut in.

No. 91580

Me three!
It's just that you can't explain it to someone else who doesn't feel that way.

Anyone else will just presume you're too shy, too young, too [insert whatever].

Normies, for the lack of a better word, can't comprehend that there might be people who just love being alone.

I gave up on telling others why I'm single or why I refuse to date. I always have to make up a story like I'm still hurt over the last relationship (which I never had) or I want to find ~true love~.

I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one. I always felt I was lacking something. It doesn't help that the internet made the introvert and wanting to be alone thing snowflakey.

I thought growing up, as I'm now in my late 20s, people will mind their own business a bit more and I wouldn't have to come up with excuses for dating but nope. As persistent as ever, they have this need to know about your private life and at any mention that you're single, then they start playing the matchmaker.

But just as with dating, I don't like the idea of having close friends. When I'm at home, I like to think of it as a sanctuary where no one can bother me. Any unnecessary social events add more stress than any tight deadline.

I used to be bothered by the whole cat lady trope, as if being a cat lady is something bad. But I plan to early retire on a farm with lots of animals, lots of cats included, where I'll finally be completely alone and dedicate myself to creative hobbies. I already have the land, so now I just need to work on the rest.

No. 91636

Not 100% sure if it belongs here, but it feels about to be the right thread.

So far I’ve only ever made bad experiences men such as rape and abuse.
When I went out of HS and started to work 6 days a week I did not have time though to think about all this so much. But last year I started my current job and met the man of my dreams. He’s everything I’ve secretly ever wanted
>nice voice
>a bit dorky
>good job
>makes me laughing
>has a bike
>loves cooking

That said, he already has a gf though I ONLY know this, because some co worker mentioned it. So far he never ever told me has one. He basically told it to everyone except me. Whenever I talk to him he’s making these super funny jokes, he let’s me forget about all the bad things which have ever happened to me. Yet he seems to not be any different if yet not worse than all the others.

What am I supposed to do?

Currently I tried to date some dudes but non of them came close to his standards. They all just make me feel anxious about myself and unsafe when they’re around.

What is it that I’m always so unlucky when it comes to love??? I’ll stay single forever.

No. 91641

maybe you should ask him, it could be he told everyone else so they wouldn't try to get with him.

No. 91667

My co workers are 75% old men. And I also heard him talk about her when I’m out of sight, but whenever I’m in a radius where he spots me he suddenly talks as if he had to gf. What is this shit seriously

No. 91670

i would be careful. if he's willing to drop his current gf or talk to another girl while they're dating, why wouldnt he do the same to you?

No. 91672

there is still a chance he's lying to the old men then (not for the same reason tho lol) but idk it does sound weird.

No. 91677

They even moved in together recently as far as I know. This whole situation is super fishy. I wish he’d just tell me he had a gf and stop flirting with me. Like if you have a gf why do you tell another girl that her dress looks pretty and that you like her eyecolor. Why you use every itsy bitsy tiny thing she has to compliment her on? Why would you use every so slight reason to pull her close to show her some diagrams or whatever stuff she didn’t even ask to know about. I’m so confused

No. 91685

Maybe he knows you fancy him and he's trying not to hurt your feelings by stating he has a girlfriend? Ask him about any plans for the weekend see if he mentions her or not? If he's pulling you close in the workplace seems like he's trying to flirt.

No. 91686

He wants both thats why, men are vile

No. 91687

He’s literally my boss and I’m just some stupid trainee. But probably you’re right.

The sad thing is, I’ve never ever felt like this before. When I see him he’s like the perfect man to me. He is everything. Why does shit like this happen to me? Why can’t he be a single pringle? I wish his current gf would cheat on him and he finds out so they’ll separate so I’ll get my chance with him

No. 91692

Are you mad? He willingly leads you on despite being in a committed relationship and hides his gf from you on purpose.
Lots of decent men out there who aren't so shitty.

No. 91694

I’m probably mad, but most likely easy to manipulate by nice men like him due to things I’ve already went through. Probably my body, brain and hormones are just going crazy cause he is so nice to me in a way I’ve never experienced from a man I also find not only sexually attractive.

Due to my experiences so far I’m scared of most men or just simply don’t feel any attraction. Also usually if there’s someone showing interest in me it’s your typical incel, neck beard, ginger, neet I’m grossed out by just writing this. I hate being blonde and having tits

No. 91695

>Also usually if there’s someone showing interest in me it’s your typical incel, neck beard, ginger, neet I’m grossed out by just writing this. I hate being blonde and having tits
God you're retarded

No. 91696

you'll never find a decent man with that level of autism lmao good luck

No. 91698

Well that’s the whole point of this story I guess. Forever alone, because no idea how to find a decent man other than my boss who’s playing around with my feels while already having a fuckhole

No. 91701


also he's leading you on and you are coming across as very up your own ass

No. 91703

his initials aren't mjh are they?

No. 91718

"While already having a fuckhole". Wow. You're a degenerate. No wonder no one likes you.

No. 91749

Is my jealousy of that woman a bit obvious? Yes I wish I could have a normal relationship like everyone else does and I’m actually a really responsible person who’d take great care of a man. But I’m scared and feeling attracted to someone is like a really tough exercise to me. Damn I really sound autistic

No. 91752

no, you just sound retarded, annoying and vapid all at the same time.

No. 91892

I found that a lot of people who aren't in relationships just hate themselves, and/or sabotage the relationships they are in because they hate themselves and think the person will leave eventually.

Eventually probably in their 30's they settle because they are afraid to die alone, but they will never address their issues with their self worth.

They probably could get someone, but it would more require a change in mindset and confidence more than the physical.

No. 91907

you sound like a freak. you also sound like you're misinterpreting/embellishing everything. the fact that you went from "think he has a gf" to " he tells everyone but me and i just happen to know somehow" plus "my co-worker" to "my boss" is telling.

No. 91908

disagree. most of those people would still be pieces of shit like >>91749 is.

No. 91911

im sure some are low self esteem assholes, not all though.

No. 91918

most of them are incels and femcels alike.

No. 95179

late reply, but no, he won't. He's really stupid and already wants me back now that he sees I'm in a better relationship. He's been getting really close to one of my friend's who's in a relationship already, and both her and her boyfriend treat him like a special needs kid because that seems to be how he acts

No. 95369

You obviously still love him so take him back.

No. 95375

how is he both your perf bf and an idiot/borderline aspie? Was it your emotions boiling after the break-up or is it your type?

No. 95394

Does anyone here has a sense of relief of not being pressured into a relationship? Sure it gets lonely, but career/life ambitions tho.

No. 95466

No. 95492

I love it, though sometimes I see others doing things that seem fun but then I remember myself the times I was under those circumstances and how uncomfortable and tired I felt and it goes away. Society really puts a lot of pression above us with this "be wild, socialise and fuck around while you are young" nah man, I will do it whenever I feel like it and perhaps I barely want to engage in that

No. 96708

File: 1537809181055.png (Spoiler Image, 243.51 KB, 793x786, 1536251743629.png)

>20 years old
>never had a bf/gf
I mean I'm upset that I have never experienced romantic type of love
Would you mind if I blogposted/vented?
>Grew up in the middle of nowhere
>Bullied during first 6 years of school
>Switched schools because of becoming suicidal
>Was ignored 6 years, unless somebody needed any help with school work
>Never had any nice clothes, nor make up skills until 18, when I decided to finally woman up
During all the school years due to bullying and social alienation I seeked refuge online where I met many fantastic people and made many nice memories there. I am really thankful for my online friends, who truly were my only friends.
>No social skills due to social alienation
>Generally awkward
>Ugly, small, uneven eyes, have to wear glasses
>Big nose, dry skin that is prone to acne
>Chickenpox scars, huge pores
>small lips, naturally round face + perma-doublechin
>was thinking that only beautiful thing about me was my hair, but its really not.
>Long hair that is frizzy and dry, ends split easy, yet scalp is greasing really bad.
>Recently gained quite some weight because of anti-depressants..
Looks is one of the most important thing to girls, imo, as people notice the looks first, so being a truly ugly fuck doesn't help. Oh, also I don't have much of a personality. All I like is playing on my favourite server, where I meet my friends. I never made real friends, even when uni started.
Actually I was really positive chicken nugget when 1st year of university started, thinking it was a new start, I will finally make some friends in real life, maybe even find love. Oh, how wrong I was. It was the same. Everyone managed to make groups, but I was alone again. My roommate being a girl, who didn't talk unless it was to make snark remarks about me didn't help too. Finally, I had a mental breakdown, got onto therapy and medication.
So here I sit, in front of the computer in the dark, with my messy table being lit by scented candles, being angry at universe and myself, wishing that I was a little more attractive, spending my tiny bits of hard worked money on make up,hair and skin care, trying to find the thing that would finally turn me into somebody worthy of a little bit of positive attention and love.
I'm really sorry for a blogpost. I'm just having a depressive episode and need to vent.

(please dont be too mean)

No. 96711

File: 1537816532047.jpg (36.71 KB, 720x738, Best Dance Party.jpg)

Last time I went to the club alone I got picked up in about 15 minutes by some sketchlord with a cat o' nine tails in his boot. It only happened the one time but I get the feeling that this will be a pattern and I will just bend over for the first guy in a night who can feign attraction to me. Maybe the club is not for me.

When I meet guys online the geography always kinda dooms us before we start but the connections are so strong and I get attached enough to be miserable after the inevitable occurs, usually less than a month after exchanging throwaway emails. I don't think online dating is for me.

So I know I'm a train wreck, I've got no fashion sense/cosmetic skill, my job is mediocre and my self-esteem isn't improving any time soon, but perhaps there is some other way to meet men that even I can't screw up?

No. 96712

Anon I getchu but don't kid yourself.
I'm conventionally good-looking and slim, I'm few years older than you and I've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, nor any romantic interaction besides one horrible date. Looks really are not everything. I know plenty of people from average to really ugly that are in relationships. If you wish to fix anything, it shouldn't be looks. It's enough if you have good hygiene and take care of yourself. Focus on your attitude, personality and all that jazz; that's what really matters, which may sound corny but it's the simplest truth.

No. 96714

I'm 25 and I've never had an actual boyfriend. There's nothing "wrong" with me (I have my flaws like everyone else) I'm super picky (however, I'd rather be in one with someone I actually like and am attracted to…) and the guys I do like end up treating me like shit and they just want sex. I love my body for the most part, I think it's great, but that actually probably makes guys act worse towards me and is probably part of the problem. It makes me feel bad that I've never been in one though, never experienced someone caring about me like that ever, I think I'm slightly messed up from it actually. And after my bad experiences with guys it's made me even more picky and paranoid and more trust issues, so I'm probably for real going to be alone forever or kill myself earlier because of depression. The only guy I'm interested in right now I talk to a lot over facebook voice/messages and he lives across the ocean.

I don't know. I am rarely attracted to people it seems. It's not in me to be with someone who I'm not (and I usually know right away if I am when meeting someone) It's probably my own fault I'm alone but I seriously would feel so gross kissing and having sex with someone I don't like in that way.

No. 96717

There are lots of guys in similar position as you, same age, same issues. Nothing really wrong with them, their life choices and shyness have drifted them away from girls. I personally know few, one of them has mild autism and you couldn't tell from the looks of him that he's never kissed a girl. Maybe you will one day find a guy like this.

No. 96723

I'm 21 and feel like I will never find anyone who wants to be near me. Shitty life circumstances that were out of my control since a very youny age caused me to become literally isolated to the point where I don't even have any sort of family nor friends anymore and the only people I talk to are acquaintances at work. I'm socially anxious and downright masochistic to myself that I always have thoughts that I don't deserve anyone's love and need to accept that I'm never going to be a people person and will be single for the rest of my life. My older acquaintances say to me "You will find someone eventually. Youre still young!" but I feel like I'm wasting my youth. I am so touch starved that when a guy walks close behind me or touches my hand, I get a little turned on (wtf). I kind of want to hook up with guys and lose my virginity because I feel like that's the only way I can have someone like me even if its for a few hours. I'm tired of being a socially stunted virgin with no one to talk to and I hate the types of guys that put virgins on a pedestal anyway. I don't know what to do.

No. 96735

Anon i'm in the exact same boat as you. I very almost gave in to a mutual friend who just wanted me for sex because I couldn't imagine someone wanting me past sex, but i'm glad I didn't. I realise now that being used like that would just feed in to my self-hatred and make me feel worse, so please think about it first. I know it's hard when you have socially anxiety, but the best thing I've done is forge a couple of friendships with people who are understanding and patient. We have a lot else to live for at 21, and you are worth much more than just someones quick lay.

No. 96742

Two people like that aren't probably a good fit. I'm super awkward and my best relationships have been with more social and extroverted guys who can bring me out of my shell.

No. 96745

Ew anon can do better than some autistic dude that’s never kissed a girl and will probably just cling to her for dear life

No. 96751

Talk like that justifies the existence of bitter incels. Don't do that.
My point is that you can't know what the person is like without getting to know them first and you might be surprised how common it actually is to normal people not have normal lives.

No. 96753

Came today to lurk but this hit me hard. No need to waste time with old feels but been in the same situation as a guy, the words resonate. Managed to pull myself to go to concerts after i hit 20 and the first girl that gave me attention became my first gf after a month because i was starved for emotion (and frankly misled that I needed sex in my life). Moved in with her and got physically abused for 6 months (severe beatings, hair pulling, getting cut and getting burned with cigs) until i realized where i was and wtf i was doing to myself just for companionship and moved back home. After 2 years of lone time i clicked with another girl, herself a virgin a year younger, and she is my gf now. because of her evil controlling mom she became unconsciously very egoistic and due to this she has some kind of emotionally induced vaginitis, practically cant enjoy herself if she doesnt suffer and so emotionally and sexually i am in the same horrid place. I mentioned sex twice because both of you think you should take it into consideration when you choose to stop the loneliness… I did and ended up very, very badly. Still hanging on and will get better but if I could choose just out of love with a straight mind I would do it. Don't fucking become someone's meat to play around with. NOT worth it, not in a hundred years. If you can accept a suggestion, have a lot of patience with yourself. Because others won't. There is still time and if you improve for your own benefit the chances of finding someone will too.

No. 96756

Sorry, this may come off insensitive but you might not want to note you're a guy especially when you're on /g/ RE: the site rules.

No. 96757

You are both still young. Don't do this to yourselves. I promise it's not worth it and it won't make you feel any better. I made mistakes when I was around your age, I'm now 27 and I realise how little a lot of the shit I was worried about ultimately mattered - I never believed older people when they said that, either. You will feel better, you are worthy of love and it will happen. Don't do something you'll regret or you'll only feel worse.

No. 96763

I'm nearly 21 and I've never had a boyfriend. I don't know why guys don't like me. Even when I was at my skinniest 132lbs feeling and looking my best, a few boys still made fun of me randomly from across the room at this party. I wasn't even doing anything but standing there laughing and talking with some other girls. Sometimes I don't understand what is so mockable or horrible about me. I don't have any face deformities. Rationally, In the face I'd say I'm average. Not the ugliest but not a "stunner" either. Boys have always bullied me though. It sounds retarded but it's made me really jaded and distrustful of men cos I constantly think they're just going to make fun of me so I don't even bother talking to them cos I get so uncomfortable, I turn into a mute statue, I remember I went on a trip with a group of people and a guy asked me if I had Aspergers. My family and friends think I'm lesbian because I completely ignore men, have never had male friends and have always preferred female friends and company.

I've also never allowed myself to like a boy because I know they'd never like me. It's like self preservation. So I never really had crushes either. I feel so disconnected from normal experiences everyone has. I feel like I'm not a real person and I'm going to be alone forever.

No. 96782

Hey Anon!
Im a little younger than you but i always experience and feel the same about men,i understand that not all men are disgusting but my interaction with them havent been pretty…I was called ugly and even got tease well into my high school years,sometimes i just felt like our exsistence is just for mens pleasure and they can just fuck with us and say whatever they want but when we do the same we are ''shallow'' and ''picky''.Eventhough its because of men that we have to protect ourselves at the first place…These things are the reason why i too are incapable of feeling any romantic attraction through real men (i like fictional characters more,kek) whenever i got feelings for a guy i make sure i get over it within the span of a day,my love life is pretty much dead like my soul

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