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No. 86754

Cheese and crackers why is it so hard to lose weight

No. 86801

what are you currently doing to lose weight anon? imo it's not hard if you're able to exercise regularly, it's just getting the time and money that's an obstacle.

No. 86804

Where do people find the time to constantly shovel food into their mouths jfc. Stop eating so goddamn much.

No. 86805

>find the time
?? You realize one of the major causes of obesity is not having or taking the time to cook healthy food and just getting convenient junk food right? Eating takes barely any time at all.

No. 86840

Been trying keto but its starting to feel like I've been memed on

No. 86842

nta but I've been doing keto for a few years and it works great for me. It's not a meme for me but if you don't feel well or you don't think it worked for you, then I guess you should just try to make a more customized diet.

Lowering carbs intake imo is healthy and really does help you lose weight.

No. 86845

It's not hard to lose weight. You just don't have discipline

You know what's even quicker and cheaper? Not eating, or eating smaller portions of junk food. But sure anon, keep making excuses for yourself :)

No. 86847

I think the hardest part is accepting to not give into junk/bread.

What helped me was thinking "this good junk food will only give me 10 minutes of pleasure and days of regret and weeks of fat". Also basically eating only when hungry. Really convince yourself to not eat when bored and emotional. The actual weight loss is very easy but the mental part is hard. Good luck

No. 86855

It’s not.
Eat fewer calories. Takes zero time, zero money, zero effort.

No. 86865

Well damn, just don't eat so much then. Take some responsibility for your eating habits fuck.

No. 86891

Let yourself eat watery fruit and vegetables as much as you want, but outside of that eat only at meals until you are eight parts (of ten) full.

No. 86898

I'm not OP, or fat, or making excuses for myself. It's just retarded to think people get fat because they have an excess of time. They're greedy or lazy or whatever, but a lack of time is more likely to make people fat according to every study ever.

No. 86899

File: 1530511245109.jpg (52.51 KB, 1024x962, 522e1117-2016-486c-972f-cb8a8a…)

tfw eating is the only thing that makes me feel good and life worth living

No. 86918

File: 1530537407841.jpeg (16.59 KB, 275x129, 63AFF404-2549-40C1-9489-E7DFAC…)

No. 86920

Same here, anon. I have no hobbies.

No. 86922

Me too farmers. Just thinking of eating makes me literally excited, other than that I have nothing to look forward to.

No. 86932

I don’t know why some anons have to be so hostile itt to overweight anons. You’d think fat people personally offended them.

>count your calories
>move for thirty minutes every damn day
>set yourself reasonable goals, if you aim to lose one to two pounds a week you should be good but any more than that and youll just get discouraged and depressed
>watch motivational videos of people who lost weight, really listen to what they say
>realize this is going to be a lifestyle switch not something that’s going to be quick.
>have a prep day on your day off when you’ll wash your fruits and veg, pack them into snack portions ready for the week ahead.
>drink lots and lots of water. I can almost guarantee you aren’t drinking enough. Before every meal, have a tall glass. Sip throughout the day.
>don’t eat until you are full, eat until you have maxed your calories for that meal (unless being full comes first obviously)
>ignore your body. It is addicted to bullshit. Eat healthy, cut out as much sugar as you reasonably can, don’t ever ever ever eat until you feel you could burst
>get enough sleep in a consistent schedule. Do not eat close to bed time.
>experiment with your fitness. I adore pilates, my friend loves to jog, another does sports like tennis and basketball, and another likes to hike. Try it all. If you hate one type, then keep looking. Try weights, cardio, the gym, youtube workouts, swimming. Keep trying until you find one you like. You don’t have to love it. And then do it. Over and over. Five days a week if you can. Your brain will eventually rewire itself to have the same feeling about working out that you currently get with food. It will even feel better.
>find whatever motivates you. Your health, your family, your attractiveness, your capability. And remind yourself of that every damn day. Set a reminder on you phone if you have to. Have a friend text It to you. Have a loved one record a message to you. And everytime you think you can’t do it, remind yourself that you can and will.
>take care of yourself in other ways. Make sure your hygiene is on point. Read a book. Drink a calming tea while in the bath surrounded by candles. Cut down on “screen time” as much as possible. Travel. Go to art museums and plays and concerts.
>eat out as little as possible
>count your damn fucking calories

You got this. Know that it is 100% possible for you to be a healthy weight (medical conditions aside, talk to your doctor). Others are doing it every single day. You can too. The only thing stopping you is yourself, your mind. Commit to being able to do it. Be confident. Be strong. I would wish you good luck but you don’t need it. I can promise ALL of you that you can do this if you give yourself time and follow the above:

No. 86964

File: 1530555973916.png (566.51 KB, 1360x832, F787B952-6F8A-424B-AFD0-DE4CCF…)

Thank you anon, I’m gonna keep this in my iPhone notes. <3

No. 87716


make exercising a habit, eat more fruit, veg, protein, drink water before every meal so you don't pig out, and keep at it. you will feel a lot better with even just a few minor changes, trust me

you can have your cheese and crackers too but in moderation

No. 88414

The thing with fatties is that they're not good at moderating their intake. They need to set hard limits and eliminate those foods from their diet altogether.

t. former fatty

No. 88415

>I don’t know why some anons have to be so hostile itt to overweight anons.
Are you hallucinating?

No. 88470

become depressed
i'm currently too fucking depressed to feel hungry so i have to force myself to eat the bare minimum and while it sucks, at least it's having a nice effect on my body
i hope somewhen i'll be happy enough to appreciate it

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