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File: 1530089318102.jpg (76.26 KB, 1305x1080, JwIbaPA.jpg)

No. 86436

Haven't seen a thread about this, so here is one.

I have trouble finding a good sunscreen that meets my needs…I live in europe and in my country, most people don't wear sunscreen daily so it's hard to even find anything.

I can only wear Zinc Oxide (aka mineral) sunscreens without fragrances and stuff, my skin is extremely sensitive. The one I'm using right now makes my face super greasy but it works well. I usually get it from iherb, but since it's an american site and customs duties are changing, I might not be able to get it anymore.
Tinted mineral sunscreens are great because they don't leave a white cast.

Does anyone have recommendations?

No. 86437

Do tinted korean/japanese sunscreens exist? I've never seen one.

No. 86438

File: 1530090304635.jpg (25.6 KB, 420x560, IMG_4297.JPG)

Yes, I have this biore one. I'd rather just wear regular sunscreen + bb cream personally, not a big fan of it because it doesn't match my skintone. But if you're just trying to avoid a white cast maybe it's good.

No. 86439

Currently using the Sephora tinted sunscreen and I love it, it's so lightweight and has a pretty good coverage for being sunscreen. It's only SPF 20 though, do you guys think I should double up with a sunscreen underneath as well or is 20 sufficient?

No. 86440

Wait, it's 25 - the product is "bright future skin tint broad spectrum"

No. 86443

File: 1530093958327.jpg (360.72 KB, 2000x1600, 4.jpg)

Does any farmer have experience with one of these products? I'd love to try them but I'm afraid the color will be too dark for me. Is the one on the right really sheer?

No. 86444

File: 1530094539187.jpg (86.51 KB, 800x800, 1.jpg)

Samefag, forgot to add this one

No. 86447

Why not just use BB cream with SPF?

No. 86479

Because to get the listed SPF, you need to apply quite generously (2g/cm^2, the testing benchmark or ~1/4-1/2 teaspoon/2ml is a rule of thumb).

No. 86506

you have to do the same with these. and bb creams usually have 50 spf, and work differently than western sunscreens.

No. 86531

Yes, but putting on a thicker layer of sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF is more feasible than globbing on makeup.

Also bb creams have the same sunscreen ingredients (anything they say about it being skincare primarily is bs) so you don't know what you're talking about.

No. 86533

File: 1530152794282.png (609.01 KB, 872x880, no.png)

This is the worst sunscreen I ever used. It makes me look like a clammy mottled corpse and I'm not even that dark. I can't imagine how it would look on someone even vaguely tan. It's greasy, tacky, and sticky, and it even sticks to your clothes. There is nothing appealing or cosmetically elegant about it, and this tiny bottle set me back $28.

I've since moved on to the Biore UV aqua rich watery essence and I LOVE it. It's like night and day. I'll never use any American-marketed sunscreen again. They're all unanimously such shit compared to Japanese formulas.

No. 86537

lol anon you're an idiot.

No. 86538

agreed. most shiseido for the US market is bad. i have a spray on one as well, forget what brand. but it's good because you can apply it over your makeup easily.

No. 86539

alba botanica's facial mineral sunscreen works well for me, even under makeup. aside from that, any kids/babies spray on would probably be gentle enough to work for you - i'm very pale with sensitive + easily burnt skin, so i usually start off w a zinc and then reapply a spray a while afterwards. works well esp for hardcore beach/pool days when u will be in the direct sun and swimming for a while

No. 86556

Any suggestions for eu brands? Possibly from dm?

No. 86557

File: 1530183701011.jpg (34.2 KB, 302x679, 71WxpPnEKFL._SY679_.jpg)

This one works for me (and it costs less than 10€). I tried other brands before, but all of them left my face looking super oily and burned when I accidentally got it in my eyes.

No. 86558

File: 1530184100680.jpg (85.03 KB, 280x430, adJPkar.jpg)

I really like this one but I only use it on my neck, chest and the rest of my body. It does have that typical sunscreen scent but it's not too overpowering and I actually really like it. It's around 5€ I think and the ingredients are fine.

No. 86559


I used to wear toddler roll-on sunscreen because it was high SPF, low-irritant and absorbed well. just got it at the chemist, but it didn't like "sit" well on my face w/ makeup like a fancy grown-up one would be nice but if it's tantamount to the same thing then whatever is cheap and good & mixes well with basic vitamin e/sorbolene cream is sick.
also regarding makeup, if you wear liquid concealer/light powder & not much else whatta do? anyone have experience with like a spray/mist variety?
im from aus and its hectic sun here bro wtf we age like raisins

No. 86562

File: 1530191535801.jpg (19.7 KB, 400x600, Biore.jpg)

Hands down best sunscreen ever made, you cant feel it on your skin, somewhat drying but just use enough moisturiser and its all good

No. 86563

File: 1530192565204.png (29.21 KB, 240x240, 5abd1631542fc162729eb0c1.png)

everyone seems to love this sunscreen and it has really good reviews, but my super sensitive skin can't handle chemical uv filters. i wish i could try it out..

No. 86566

I use the sundance for the face and I like it. It smells kind of strong, but that goes away pretty quickly.

No. 86568

File: 1530200139958.jpg (14.88 KB, 309x380, eucerin 50.jpg)

For the face I use Eucerin Sun Fluid Sensitive Protect SPF 50+. A dermatologist I know who mainly works with cosmetic dermatology mentioned it as her general go-to recommendation for sun protection. Where I live many pharmacies have their products.

I probably have an early stage of rosacea subtype 1 (erythematotelangiectatic). My cheeks are always red, I have telangiectasias, I can't wear makeup beyond covering spots because it makes my cheeks and face sting, burn and flush even more, and even my eyes can go red and itchy even if I don't apply anything near them. So my skin is very sensitive (not very breakout prone though). This sunscreen does not trigger any of these symptoms for me.

No. 86570

I found it far inferior to the 2015 formulation, so you are not missing out on much.

No. 86586

Thanks anons, I'll look into them!

No. 86610

File: 1530227992646.jpeg (52.77 KB, 1000x1000, D69D289A-D1CB-4B3D-948F-F2426E…)

I’ve been using this and it’s honestly been great. Leaves a cast that you have to run in but it’s not drying or expensive and never made me breakout.

So i work in an office all day and wear spf foundation over this. Do I have to reapply sunscreen over my full face ?

No. 86614

Is the 2018 out yet?

No. 86616

Biore (and most other JP brands) don't reformulate every year, so the 2018 is the same as 2017 formula and will stay that way for the foreseen future.

No. 86637

File: 1530252437066.jpg (90.64 KB, 434x1000, Avene-SPF-Emulsion-bh.jpg)

Avene! I also have really sensitive skin and this has been the best sunscreen i've tried.

No. 86798

How do you all make sunscreen work with your foundation/moisturizer? Like how does reapplying to it not mess with your makeup?

No. 86799

File: 1530425733798.jpg (12.26 KB, 360x460, Biore_UV_Perfect_Spray.jpg)

I have spray sunscreen, but I don't wear heavy makeup and tbh I'm not sure if the spray is enough coverage. I don't go out in the sun for long enough periods to need reapplication most of the time, if I was being really cautious I'd probably just reapply sunscreen regularly and redo my makeup.

No. 86875

Is there alcohol in that? Biore loves putting that shit in their sunscreens

No. 86889

I don't wear makeup daily, but when I do, I wear a sun hat.

No. 86902

I've tried both Badger sunscreens and the rose one is pretty chalky but it works and has some coverage. I usually wear it if I'm doing a grocery store or gym run. The other one is definitely more creamy and some might say greasy but I have dry skin and enjoy a dewy finish and can always put powder over it.

No. 86903

Look into powder sunscreens. Great for putting in your bag and they're translucent. Mineral Fusion and Derma-E are the ones I've tried but I'm sure there's tons out there.

No. 86960

Bought this one today, for oily skin, wish me luck that it'll work with my foundation.

No. 87091

The minimum you'd need is 30 for it to be effective protection, ideally 50. Also make sure you use enough for the sunscreen to be effective. Even at spf 50 if you aren't using the right amount it's not going be effective, not to mention that sunscreen stops working around every two hours (which I hate)

Anyways, can anyone recommend a good powder sunscreen? Or a good moisturizing sunscreen, I have one that's decent enough but it's almost done so I want to try something new

No. 87122

File: 1530669406269.jpg (13.88 KB, 522x522, 719GiqDtimL._SX522_.jpg)

I accidentally bought pic attached (COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++) using amazon one click, it arrives tomorrow. Anyone have any experience with it?
I usually use this cetaphil oil control/acne prone 30 spf moisturizer which I like a lot. It really helps with oil control but I'd prefer a higher spf.
I've also used coola matte mineral tinted sunscreen, which I loved the texture and gives a nice sheer coverage. It's just a little too pricey to use on the regular for me.

No. 87141

Cosrx is a solid brand, I'm sure it'll be a great product. can you update once you've tried it?

No. 87164

File: 1530698255417.jpg (420.99 KB, 1062x2246, vichy-ideal-soleil-mattifying-…)

I use the matte version of Vichy's idéal soleil and find it pretty good.

I passed on this one because I assumed it was more for dry skin. Everything I've tried from cosrx has been great.

No. 87177

Sure thing! I’m excited for it tbh, my skin loves aloe so my hopes are a little high.

No. 87202

i use it and it works really well!
i have really dry skin though, it leaves my skin feeling really soft, and it works just as expected as a sunscreen (i have pale sensitive skin and applied it once a day in 30+°C weather and didn't get sunburns or much tan in the face)
i'm not sure if it's gonna work good for non-dry skin though.

No. 87211

I’ve used it as well and like everyone’s else said it’s solid. I think it was tad bit greasy on me since I have combo skin. But otherwise it’s good, kept the sun away without breaking me out!

No. 87481

File: 1530868157201.jpg (105.68 KB, 1000x1000, Missha-Flash-Up-Sun-1.jpg)

does anyone have any experience with Missha Flash Up Sun? I just ordered it online but I recently saw a review about it somewhere that mentioned it having a bit of a white cast..

No. 88191

Back with an update!
I forgot to mention in my first post, but I have normal-oily skin.
Overall I like the product, but like a lot of other anons said, it’s a heavier formula that did leave me kinda greasy after a couple of hours. I plan to wear it on my mascara and chapstick days (maybe moreso in winter), but it wouldn’t work well under makeup for myself. It hasn’t caused any breakouts and left my skin very moisturized. Overall it’s a good product, just better suited for dryer skin.

No. 88194

I’ve been meaning to order that exact one when my current runs out! Please share what you think once you’ve received and tried it, anon?

No. 88306

File: 1531479946426.jpeg (34.29 KB, 720x867, 2B0D420B-5284-4021-A988-C84587…)

I’m so fucking bitter I can’t get any sunscreen with SPF 100 in my country. Not everyone wants to look like an overripe orange and I burn really easily so it’s even worse.

You’d think in Scandinavia of all places with a lot of naturally pale people it should be easy to find strong sunscreen, particularly since a lot of people are obsessed with traveling to hotter places. But apparently skin cancer, sun spots and looking like shriveled up carrot at 40 is far more desirable to people than not being as tan as humanly possible. Barf.

No. 88310

SPF100 is a meme. It's not confirmed that it even helps more than lower numbers.
An SPF of 50 will block like 97-99% of the UV rays so it's not necessary to have a higher number to begin with.

You're good with a daily SPF30, you can use 50 if you're desperate. But anything higher is unnecessary since you live in Scandinavia, where sun exposure isn't extremely high anyway.
Just make sure you're applying enough product and it's a broad spectrum sunscreen.

No. 88320

I think there might be some sort of EU regulation about skincare companies not being able to label things higher than spf50 for this reason actually.

No. 88333

Listen to >>88310. It's more about reapplying the sunscreen every two hours, or if you sweat a lot/ went swimming. Wear a hat and other protective clothing or think about getting an UV sun umbrella (they have a SPF of 50 I believe).

No. 88335

do you guys not understand what the rating means for sunscreen???

No. 88336

do you not understand what maximum saturation is?

No. 88337

spf has nothing to do with that though.

No. 88361

File: 1531554175368.gif (226.5 KB, 240x374, nothing.gif)

OP, have you tried Innisfree sunscreens? Not all of them are great (stay clear from Daily UV Protection Cream, SPF35 PA+++ 50ml, it gave me insane white cast) but Blueberry Rebalancing Watery Sun Cream SPF37 PA+++ 40ml is love, zero greasiness & whiteness, it's like I'm wearing nothing at all. It only contains Titanium Dioxide. I'm planning to try The Minimum Sun Cream SPF25 PA++ 40ml & Daily UV Protection Essence Sensitive SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml next, they seem promising.

No. 88362

File: 1531554351326.jpeg (435.55 KB, 1393x873, 5B7452CD-15B6-4550-8860-19D657…)

Has anyone tried a really havy subscreen?
I’m albino, I’m past giving a fuck at this point about how it looks.. I just want to go out without being burnt

No. 88363

File: 1531555304245.jpg (46.72 KB, 628x355, image_20121231122516.jpg)

If you really don't give a fuck, you could wear zinc. Otherwise 50 spf + covering as much skin as possible, wearing a hat, using a parasol/umbrella. Ideally just don't go out in the sun, I find it really easy to avoid tbh.

No. 88875

File: 1531933893796.png (236.23 KB, 1684x1425, nid-survival-30-30ml.png)

I recently started using NIODs Survival 30 and it's the best I've ever tried for my Scandinavian slightly oily skin. It's great under make up (feels kind of like a primer) and contains a bunch of antioxidants and other protective stuff, mineral only, no white cast, fragrance free and not tested on animals. Not available in the US or Australia yet though.


No. 88881

do you newfags know you don't need to use a photo with every post?

No. 88883

You sound like fun.

No. 88909

recommendations for the best sunscreen that prevents both burning and tanning? i'm very pale but i tan after i sunburn, so i avoid going out during the summer in anything other than long sleeves and pants.

i know i could just wear a wetsuit to swim but i just wanna be able to wear qt bikinis without ruining my skin

No. 88910

If you're in the US, try this list:
>La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk
>Equate (Walmart) Sport Lotion SPF 50
>BullFrog Land Sport Quik Gel SPF 50
>Coppertone WaterBabies SPF 50 Lotion
Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/consumer-reports-reveals-top-rated-sunscreens-of-2018/

No. 91827

File: 1534011195960.jpg (29.42 KB, 780x713, ZxfuArm.jpg)

Has anyone ever tried the Dermatory sun fluids? They have a tinted and a non-tinted version and are 100% mineral sunscreen. I can barely find any reviews/swatches but I'd really love to try it out

No. 92170

What's THE very best sunscreen that looks good under makeup (ie not too greasy but not drying) that also doesn't leave a white cast and doesn't have avobenzone?

i would prefer non asian recs because too many weebs/kboos on r/sca are blinded by chink propaganda to look at the ingredients and effectiveness

No. 92261

is anyone able to comment on how this sunscreen works with other products? i've been having issues with my makeup piling up for a while and it ONLY happens when i use this sunscreen. shit sucks. :(

No. 92274

File: 1534377963415.jpg (451.99 KB, 1330x1080, 20180815_165919.jpg)

I'm suprised it hasn't been posted yet but, hands down the best sunscreen I've ever and only use is the Anessa line by Shiseido. It's only flaw is that it's extrmely water proof where you HAVE to use soap/face wash to remove it. Though there were a few instances where I went to sleep with it on and I've never broken out or anything.

They tend to change/update their formula every year but It's never seemed to have chnaged for the worst. I've actually tried three of their main suncreens for 2018 this year, here's a quick review/overview of them.

>Gold Pefect UV Suncreen Milk

They really outdid themselves this year. Leaves no whitecast, and has the mosturizing effects of their previous years silver line. In no way drying like Biore. ALso leaves virtualy no white cast.
>Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel
Good for dark spots. The gel is slightly thicker than the milks, although it looks almost identical. This year seems slightly more astringent but not really drying. Not sure if they increased the amount of Hylouronic or m-tranexamic acid(whitening agent). Sensitive persons take note. Also leaves faint white cast
>Perfect UV Sunscreen MILD Milk
Identecial in effect to the regular gold perfect uv milk with the bonus of no alcohols. Perfect for people with sensitive skin. Would be superior to the regular version were it not for the obvious white cast it leaves.

Only flaw about this line is that it is hard to obtain and expensive outside of Japan amd SE Asia. I usually buy it every spring when I visit Japan. Though my friend had recently finished the bottle I got her and bought another one off amazon. It was legit albeit expensive, so just look at the reviews of the seller.

I'd recommend the gold prefect milk. Here's the list of ingredients:
>Dimethicone · Water · Zinc oxide · Ethanol · Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate · Talc · Isopropyl myristate · Methyl methacrylate · Crosspolymer · Cyclopentasiloxane · Isododecane · Octocrylene · Titanium oxide · PEG-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone · Diethylaminohydroxybenzoyl benzoate Acid hexyl · glycerin · diisopropyl sebacate · (vinyl dimethicone / methicone silsesquioxane) Crosspolymer · silica · dextrin palmitate · xylitol · trimethylsiloxysilicate · bisethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine · PEG / PPG-14/7 Dimethyl ether · Na chloride · Tea extract · Sakura leaf extract · Caninabara fruit extract · Acetyl hyaluronate Na · Tolmenchora root Extract · Aloe vera leaf extract · Water soluble collagen · PPG-17 · triethoxy caprylyl silane · isostearic acid · distearyl dimonium chloride · disteardimonium hectorite · hydroxide AI · stearic acid · EDTA-3Na · BHT · tocopherol · Isopropanol · BG · Na pyrosulfite · Phenoxyethanol · Perfume

Same ingredients apply to apply to the others the difference being whitening gel has added Hyloraunic acid and m-tranexamic acid, while th the mild milk has most of the alcohols omitted.

No. 92277

my local japanese makeup store has this. i will buy some next time i go.

No. 92280

w2c for cheap in canada?
>no white cast
is that with applying the required 1/4 teaspoon amount?

No. 92288

I use the point method when I apply(1 on each cheek, forehead,chin, neck, nose). You won't have a white cast so long as you don't use more than a american dime size for each point. There were times when I had been in a rush before work and put too much on but even then the cast was faint. I use it as a primer, and even with the light make up I use it's not noticible. You honestly don't need much as it's thin and spreads really easy. One bottle lasts me up to 4 months at most, and that's including using it on my arms as well rather frequently. I live in California so If you live in place that's not as sunny it could last you longer.

As for where to cop it cheap I can't really say for sure unfortunately. The regular gold seems REALLY popular this year. When I purchased it, they had a limit to 2 per person, that's kind of why I bought the other's to compensate. Amazon looks kinda pricy, maybe try Rakuten global. Rakuten global looks to be much cheaper at 23CAD a bottle but they seem to only ship EMS(20CAD). Maybe try and browse a shop for others things or stock up a buy multiple to save money. Just be sure to try to avoid third party sellers or ones putside of Japan because my friend has told me there are a lot of chinese fakes on the market.

One thing to note to everyone is that you have to relally shake the bottle to mix the formula well before you apply it.

No. 92397

File: 1534524249950.png (841.26 KB, 1066x1150, sunscreen.png)

I get redness whenever my face touches anything, even water. my face is pretty sensitive and will react with another rosacea flareup if not careful. These products thankfully haven't given me any problems. (Aveeno sunscreen, if you apply too much it will feel greasy though)

No. 92399

Yessss best sunscreen and the only one I'll ever buy. No weird white cast and it's super cheap too in comparison with other sunscreens.

I never have pilling with it and I put 6 different products on my face before AND afterwards. Are you letting it dry for a few minutes? Make sure you're rubbing it in with circular motions and then patting it in so it doesn't sit on top of your face. If you're doing both of these and your makeup is still pilling, then it's definitely the shitty quality of your skin makeup and you should find a better product.

You shouldn't have to reapply it every few hours unless you're going to be outdoors all day in which case, you shouldn't be wearing any sort of makeup anyway as ALL of it's just going to melt right off down to your eyeliner. Your sunscreen lasts around 4 hours when exposed to sunlight, so unless you're outside longer than that a day, you really only need to apply it once.

No. 97350

Where is a good place to buy it if I don't mind waiting a month?

No. 97545

You can find it on Amazon, I ordered it there before I discovered an asian drugstore in my town. The product was legit and you can get a pack of two for $20.

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