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No. 85681

Do any anons here have an autism spectrum disorder? The symptoms present differently In women, and it's heavily misdiagnosed. Share your experiences/feelings. <3 [pic unrelated]

No. 96656

I was told to come here for posting myself as a self-aware autist on lolcows

I'm diagnosed, its weird, my parents say I need to work and get job and yet….? they also tell me I'm too "obvious" to get a job and say I'll be fired, since no one likes autistic people?
and yet I get made fun of for being a NEET even though its other people not wanting me to work. I can't get a job since I'm dxed autistic and no one wants me to work.

its all a contradicting Mess, and my dad and big brother think I'm faking it despite knowing me since birth, I even have brain fog and get overstimulated and have to go rest in my room even if I do work, its still difficult

No. 142094

File: 1592335903157.jpg (23.3 KB, 329x299, Sieppaa.JPG)

its fucking obivious i have autism and i was gonna get it diagnosed (in case the doctor were to believe me) but that wouldve required me to make a move and contact him or whatever and i never did it. i dont fit into society or any groups of people and i really wanna cease existing. it feels like ive been dissociating through my whole life with how terrible i have always been at connecting with reality around me - people and daily events. everyone else is just in a completely different world than me. they dont view themselves as a character in a story theyre writing. somehow theyre capable of just living and interacting with others without it all being scripted

No. 142117

>i was gonna get it diagnosed but that wouldve required me to make a move
Well this is relatable. I only really pieced together that I'm autistic at around 29. I had previously been diagnosed with anxiety and avoidant personality. The wait list for ASD assessment is 3 years long and my mental health team already pretty much confirmed that they see traits of autism so I'm treating that as if it's a diagnosis.

I can't stand making appointments or answering lots of questions so tbh the assessment sounds like hell. At this point I don't see what I'd even gain from it, my childhood/teens were already a disaster because nobody understood my cluster of social/sensory issues.

No. 142131

can someone explain the purpose of being diagnosed? there is no cure or treatment for autism, right?

No. 142132

To get welfare is usually the main reason, although there is "treatment" in the sense of therapy to manage certain stressors or basically just teach you how to socialize better.

No. 142139

peace of mind, basically. also it's in the nature of autism itself to want to know this stuff

No. 142143

When I was googling info on getting the assessment for ASD as an adult I kept seeing articles about how valid self-diagnosis is when it comes to autism.

I have mixed feelings because in one way I understand that for me all the pieces came together when I learnt about autism, every quirk or sensory issue suddenly made alot of sense and it explained a whole range of things I'd struggled with since childhood. Now I haven't been assessed but like I said here >>142117 my mental health team did confirm to me that they highly suspect it. If I do persue assessment it will take 3 years to be seen. I feel relatively confident that I do have it but how do you guys feel about full on self diagnosis without any professional opinion?

No. 142225

Every time, I read up on autism, I barely understand the difference between it, being socially awkward, or being socially surrounded by autists.

No. 142343

My parents always knew in bad autism but refused to take me to a doctor. Do I get gibs for getting officially diagnosed? I'm retarded and can't work.

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