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Do any anons here have an autism spectrum disorder? The symptoms present differently In women, and it's heavily misdiagnosed. Share your experiences/feelings. <3 [pic unrelated]

No. 96656

I was told to come here for posting myself as a self-aware autist on lolcows

I'm diagnosed, its weird, my parents say I need to work and get job and yet….? they also tell me I'm too "obvious" to get a job and say I'll be fired, since no one likes autistic people?
and yet I get made fun of for being a NEET even though its other people not wanting me to work. I can't get a job since I'm dxed autistic and no one wants me to work.

its all a contradicting Mess, and my dad and big brother think I'm faking it despite knowing me since birth, I even have brain fog and get overstimulated and have to go rest in my room even if I do work, its still difficult

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