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Share stories about good dates, relationships, etc.

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>0 replies in a good relationship thread on lolcow


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Cinderella is pretty cute, real life, not so much

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File: 1528688113871.gif (244.34 KB, 240x219, Y.gif)

I have some good things to say.
I'm feeling pretty good about my relationship, though it's early.
But not really, you see, we met in kindergarten.
We were eachother's first kiss.
We've lived within a mile of eachother our whole lives.
We went to seperate middle schools and didn't meet again until senior year of highschool, he had a girlfriend, who I loved dearly as a friend as well, and we remained friends.
Some more year pass, a few more relationships pass on both our ends. Mutual flirting and then some is sprinkled throughout the years.
Finally, last year I shoot my shot to make it official and here we are.
Yeah, we've argued, we've squabbled, we've been annoying, but honestly? It really has felt like a little bit of a fairytale and I'm glad we're really close and feel solid together.

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Not all of us can have that pottery scene from ghost my sweet anon

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My boyfriend and I met after he graduated high school and I had just finished my sophomore year. We flirted and hung out, finding weird similarities between the two of us every time we would see each other. We both were interested in the same weird obscure shit that my friends would make fun of me for and it was so exciting meeting someone who seemingly had the same mind as I did.
We went on a walk one night and watched the stars for a while, making stupid wishes on shooting stars we would see.
A few days later, he asked me out and I said yes. He admitted later on in our relationship that he'd wished on a star that we'd end up together. I'll always remember that because of how corny and sweet it was.
We're just about to hit our 5 year anniversary and I'm so glad I'm in a relationship with someone I can call my best friend.

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This is a quality cute love story. A+++, I wish you guys every happiness.

No. 84799

My parents* are my role models. They've been together for decades and still call each other their best friend. They go on romantic getaways, travel the world, explore new things (like ziplining), and get each other nerdy cute shit. My dad's passwords are all my mum's nickname. But they still have their own space. My dad goes on weekend trips with his work friends, my mum goes to the city with her friends. They both have their own hobbies and travel alone. They read different books from each other. But they also sit through movies they hate for each other, tease each other, and get takeout and snuggle on the sofa together.

The only thing they fight about ever is their pet and even then its in a joking way like "no its your pet right now, you take care of it."

I don't believe in soul mates, but if I did, I'd swear they were each others.

*mom and stepdad, not bio dad

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honestly think the couple from UP

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File: 1528709828899.gif (1.09 MB, 498x278, bed.gif)

Ah, this will be really refreshing after all the negative stories I've read.

I met my boyfriend when I was sixteen (very young, I know) at a picnic and I instantly felt myself drawn to him because he was so funny and sociable. He told me later on that it was love at first sight for him and he was trying to impress me that day, hah. My parents were very strict and wouldn't allow me to date someone so we used to meet in the park in secret after school to sit on the grass, cuddle and talk about the weirdest things. It's like we just instantly clicked; we shared so many similar interests but on things we didn't share, we were so open to learning about from the other person. Like I said, my parents were strict so bringing him home for the first time was terrifying but he's just such an amazing guy that even my parents liked him. Everyone who meets him likes him. I wasn't even sure why he picked me to be his girlfriend when he had so many pretty girls so openly fawning over him and I was a shy little ball.

We've helped each other get through so many difficult things. I honestly feel like he's my best friend first and my lover second and that's what makes the relationship so strong. We talk about everything. Even seven years later, I'm still just as in love with him as I was when I first met him. Actually, probably more because I've gotten to know him so much better. We schedule regular dates to the cinema and then discuss the film over dinner or weekends away to other parts of the country to relax. In fact, we both love travel and he wants to show me the entire world like Venice during Carnivale, Munich during Oktoberfest, the shrines in Japan, the glowing plankton beaches in Indonesia or Thailand, hiking in Iceland…and I can't think of anyone I'd want to share those experiences more with. I want to see all of those things while holding his hand and listening to his opinion of them. I don't even understand people who have bad relationships because I'll ask, "Well, have you spoken to him/her about it?" and they'll be like "Nah, I can't talk to him/her about that". If you're not like best friends, move on! Why put up with anything less than that?

I genuinely think the sun shines out of his ass. He's so talented in everything he does (even if he has low self-esteem and doesn't think so). He's so, so kind and generous and thoughtful to all his friends and family (I actually think he'd make a great dad one day) and he barely gets any thanks for it. I've imagined our entire future together: getting our first stable jobs, renting a cute little apartment and making it cozy af and filling it with our individual personalities, maybe getting a little rescue dog if we are allowed to, cooking together in the evenings while listening to music, learning to drive and going on road trips, hiking and camping at the weekend with our dog, taking dance classes together just for fun…

Aaaaa sorry I just love him so much, he's so perfect. I can't even gush like this to my friends because a lot of them are single or haven't had a good relationship and I feel like I'm bragging. We don't even do any PDAs around friends in case we make anyone uncomfortable. But even still, he'll press his leg against mine under the table or hold my hand out of view and it makes me want to explode ughhh. I just love all the little things he does. I love it when he kisses my forehead or surprises me by kissing me on the neck. Or when he hugs me from behind when I'm busy doing something or when I catch him looking at me from the corner of my eye. I love the way he smells and wrapping myself in his bedsheets. I love having a lie-in on a Sunday, lying on his chest and just listening to him breathe. I love waking up in the middle of the night, when we've rolled to opposite sides of the bed, cuddling back up to him and kissing his back and he'll make a little sound to say thanks. I love it when he shows me his stupid boy media.

Also, the sex.

No. 84849

this was so fucking beautiful, about to cry. hope one day i'll have a relationship like this

No. 84850

I hope you do too, anon. I hope all of the chill girls I've gotten to talk to here over the years get to experience something like this one day. Reading what some have you guys have been through, you really deserve it.

No. 84851

File: 1528733150040.jpg (24.69 KB, 300x250, 4846549974324.jpg)

This is too lovely for my bitter little heart. I hope you both stay together forever.

No. 84853

>It really has felt like a little bit of a fairytale
>He admitted later on in our relationship that he'd wished on a star that we'd end up together
>But they also sit through movies they hate for each other, tease each other, and get takeout and snuggle on the sofa together.
>I honestly feel like he's my best friend first and my lover second

This is the best thread on /g/

No. 84854

>I hope you both stay together forever
Bless u anon. That's the plan.

No. 84870

why does heart hurt reading these

No. 84873

Maybe because anons here have had so many bad experiences but I think we need a little positivity and inspiration for anons who don't think a happy relationship is possible.

No. 84896

>be tomboy entire life
>raised early with a lot of christian values so my personality is not feminine at all
>I don't flirt or participate in romance (mostly because I was oblivious since I didn't even dating was a thing till I hit 6th grade)
>end up getting sick, spend most of my time online on my shitty ipod in my moms closet because that's the only place I could use my neighbors wifi
>find some pixel mmo game
>get sucked into it make a shit ton of friends
>one in particular, lets call him W
>We talk on and off, banter than anything else nothing personal and it just became basically our thing through text mostly with skyping sometimes here and there
>this goes on around from 2012-2014
>get my first pc, W and I start playing so many games together
>He's flirty in general but I never took it serious and never flirted back
>fast forward towards the end of 2015
>he keeps making jokes about wanting to marry me,dating etc
>I just call him gay, brush it off as usual
>He keeps saying he's serious, that he doesn't care I'm flat (Whenever since my social circle tended to be males, anytime they would try to ask me sexual things about myself I would say stuff like "I'm flat as a board on both ends, look like a little boy" as well as not sharing selfies etc and W had mentioned he had liked big breasted women and so whenver he'd flirt I would tell him I wasn't his type etc)
>He keeps getting even more flirtatious and insisting he's serious
>I dare him to ask my mom for permission to marry me
>The fucking faggot does it.
>I still don't believe him
>Another month passes and he asks to video chat
>Figure it must be something important since this is rare
>he starts off complaining about how im oblivious and didn't take the hints and how he wants to ask me out
>I think it over week and say yes

He's my first everything, almost three years. It's LDR but he tries to visit every month if possible. He is such a good guy and everything I could have ever dreamed of. I'm so unbelievably lucky, especially since he's pretty darn attractive which is surprising considering we met online. We mesh really well and he's my best friend. He's funny, kind, considerate, self driven, not the type to be easily manipulated by women and only cares about what he likes and wants to do and doesn't give a shit what other people say. I want to die with him. As morbid as that sounds. I have a little box full of keepsakes from our first dates and memories to show our children in the future hopefully <3

No. 85005

I have bad legs and i always believed it was a turn off for guys. Bcus never in my life has any boy liked me. But when I moved to a different school last year I met my current bf and Im just so happy that he doesnt care about my legs. Idk but he's keeper and I hope to stay with him for a long time.

No. 85027

My bf and I were friends before we became a couple. After about a month of hanging out, I started to get those "warm fuzzy" feelings everyone talks about. It came on so slowly though that at first I didn't realize I had feelings for him. I have a hard time bonding with people because of trauma so I thought it was just a sign that I trusted him. I had also just gotten out of a long-term relationship and had a bit of rebound zeal, so I wanted to screw everyone regardless of how well I actually knew them. Because I really respected him and didn't want to potentially hurt his feelings without knowing for sure what I wanted, I held off saying/doing anything for a really long time.

Then he invited me out to a buffet-style dinner one night with some of his friends. He left the table for like 20 minutes and came back with a single muffin. I was like, "did you seriously just spend all that time getting one muffin?" He just sort of stared at me blankly and responded, "it was a really good muffin." For some reason I found this hilarious and started laughing uncontrollably. It was in that moment I realized we are both unbearably retarded people and that I was wholeheartedly in love with him.

Eventually he asks me out to a movie but doesn't specify that it's a date. We get to the parking lot and eat some burgers and fries before going in. I blurt out "is this a date?" He doesn't respond for like 3 seconds, then just says "yes." I'm like, "oh, okay good, because I really like you." He's super shy, so as we're walking in, I grab his hand. We make out like horny teenagers in the back of the theater during the entire movie, and the rest is history.

We've been together 9 months now and have a rock solid relationship. Every now and then life gets in the way, but otherwise we're every bit as happy and excited to be with each other as we were in those first couple of weeks. I'm his first girlfriend as well as his first sexual partner. I've had nothing but horrible relationships with guys who either abused or outright neglected me up until I met him. I'm happy he never had to go through any of that, and that I got to make his first time special.

My bf brought me coffee this morning before he left for work and informed that sometimes when he wakes up and sees me still sleeping next to him, he feels like he's living in a fantasy.


No. 85053

aww, my dream love story. I always love relationships that started as friendships. wishing you two the best <3

No. 85093

File: 1528863699786.png (34.41 KB, 250x216, IMG_9963.PNG)


this was beyond adorable to read, wishing you both the best anon

No. 85458

We were introduced by our mutual friends one day, it was kind of a big gathering in a pub before a trip we were both a part of, we were bored and spent two hours discussing favorite animus and mangos for no reason. Later on it turned out that we spent our childhoods on the same street, two houses away from each other (in a huge city! what are the odds lmao). We weren't planning to end up together, but it started as a mutual interest in a potential friendship. So yeah, we're on our long ass way to anoter country when it became apparent that our interests and tastes match. I remember him asking me if I wanted to listen to some music on our way there, when it started playing, it was one of my favourite songs, he didn't know that at the time. Spent the rest of the trip hanging out together, listening to a lot of music, getting hella drunk and watching the animated Batman series. He asked me out on the last day of the trip, and I was happy. Lots of sweet memories.
Fast forward a couple of months, we are heading back home from a great date, he stops me to take a selfie together to remember this day, and then… Then he confesses his love to me just before taking the pic. Pure reaction on the film. I still have this photo printed out and hold it dear to me.

We are happy and the relationship seems perfect. Half a year later, we lose our virginities to each other, I still find it to be very cute.
…and then I get mental health problems out of the blue. I won't go into much detail, but I was a fucking miserable mess, we had our first huge fight and I dumped him. He was absolutely crushed.
I went to hell and back for him to forgive me. He did. He said that what hurt him the most was losing me as his best friend.

We both were taught a lesson about feelings and how discussing them in time is so fucking important. It was hard at first, as we both are shy and introverted, but opening up is the best thing you can do when you look for a serious relationship. We are best friends, we can discuss anything, he supports me through all the shit, he got me to go get therapy, all the happy and the bad, we are together in this. When I'm in trouble or sad, the first thing he does is asking if he can help me in any way. I do the same for him. He understands that I'm not perfect, and I understand that he's not perfect either, but we love each other deeply, with all of our bad traits exposed over the years, with all of our good qualities explored. He's pure, sweet, has the funniest jokes and makes the best coffee. He writes songs about me and I paint him. He aways makes me feel loved, wanted and heard. We both understand that it's healthy to have some personal time and space. Something we struggled with in the beginning.

I would say, this is the ideal relationship for me, and I'm very grateful for every day I get to spend with him. Our fuzzy feelings transformed into something greater. Love is there and there's oceans of it, but this sense of companionship is something to die for.

Fifth anniversary is very soon, we live together and have a cat.

No. 91004

bumping this because i want to read more stories in this thread…

No. 91125

I met my boyfriend in high school. It was an art high school and we had different majors so I didn't have many classes with him but my friend started dating his best friend so the four of us started hanging out a lot. I wasn't really attracted to him at first although he was super cute, I actually thought he was a little obnoxious, but as we got to know eachother I realized he was really sweet and sensitive and we had so much in common, I started to develop feelings for him and I could tell he liked me too.

I had some health problems in the middle of freshman year and one time he insisted on coming with me to a doctor's appointment cause he didn't want me to go alone and we ended up spending that entire day together, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first time it was just the two of us and he was so anxious and adorable. He took me to his favorite "secret" spot by the sea and we must have spent 5 hours just sitting there talking, it was amazing realizing how similar we were. That's when we kissed for the first time. I felt such a strong connection with him that moment I know how cheesy it sounds but I don't know how to explain it. God jjust typing this I can't stop smiling.

We have been inseparable ever since and I honestly couldn't be happier. We both got small jobs related to our studies right after high school but they're kind of unstable. We have had our ups & downs with our careers but having each other makes everything so much better and he honestly gives me so much hope, I don't know what I would do without him. Even when everything goes wrong and it feels like nothing is ever going to get better, all of it goes away when I see him at the end of the day, as cheesy as that sounds.

We've been together for almost 7 years now, since we were two stupid insecure 14 year olds, and I truly can't imagine myself with anyone else. Our parents already act like we're married lol.
He is my best friend, the best I could ever have and I love him with all my heart.

Also, we're still friends with the couple who introduced us and they're still together too. just think this is really cute

OK I'm gonna stop now cause this is getting too cheesy and I feel like I'm bragging but it feels so good to talk about it all, it's one of the very few good things in my life at the moment and I'm very grateful.

No. 91273

2014-2017 dating depressed asshole, 2017-now dating qt3.14 who still makes my heart flutter every day

> we read pride & prejudice in uni class
> I’ve loved it since I was 16, he reads it for the first time and HATES it
> writes rant-y essay for class and constantly brings up the book to me; attacks me in class for liking it too
> insists as a lit student I have to do better than saying “I just like it” and make a better argument
> refuses to listen to any of my actual arguments
> sometimes brings up his hatred for the book just to be petty

Current boyfriend:
> not into reading but we watch the p&p movie with keira kneightly
> pretends to like it
> admits after: “i realized a few minutes in I’d already seen it but you really wanted to show the film to me and you loved it so I didn’t want to say anything”
> listens to me hyped about all the stuff I learned about in that uni course
> makes fun of the way they speak in the film in an actually fun way, not just complaining about it

I know this is probably just normal relationship type stuff. But my ex was very black and white with basically everything he or I liked. Either something was a masterpiece or the worst thing in existence; and with the latter he was sure to let me know even if I loved something. Current bf doesn’t act bored or annoyed when I’m enthusiastic about it, and I love it. We fit so well together in so many ways but what makes my heart flutter is how good he is for me personality-wise.

No. 91285

I had a crush on my boyfriend for a month, but I felt really pressured when it came to saying that I love my current him because one of his friends cornered me into admitting that I loved him and I started crying because I'd rather have me admitting my love be a surprise and prepare for the worst/become an orbiter.

A few days later, I found out one of my friends had a crush on said friend who made me cry and I ask my bf to help play matchmaker. My friend was really happy with the results we gave her and she wanted to return the favor by scoping out the area despite me saying no. She asks my bf what kind of women he likes and she asks the worst question ever: Would you ever race mix with anyone? (Bf's very against race mixing and I'm the literal 56% Amerimutt meme). I felt like I was fucked over at that point and wondered if I could ever recover from that shit; meanwhile, my boyfriend drags her over to somewhere private and I could hear him yell at her for being such an autist. My boyfriend was still very pissed when he came back to the group and the autist was in shock from the whole ordeal. The next day, I decided to tell him my feelings because I just felt like everything was painfully obvious at that point. Things worked out better than I expected, he was really happy to hear that I loved him and he asked me out

No. 91286

*that I love him, not my current him

No. 91407

My bf and I were friends for about two years before we started dating. We weren't super close since we are in different majors and never knew each other very well, plus I felt like he was a little juvenile seeming despite being handsome/tall. He got a part time job at a coffee place that I frequent and we would chat while he took my orders and made my drinks. He would offer to get me free coffee with his discount, which I said no to a few times before he just started buying the coffees for me. Again, this made me sort of eye roll at him but he insisted (i still payed in tips).

One day (after about a month of the back/forth) he slipped a little paper into the coffee cup lining with his phone number asking me to text him. I thought it was corny but cute, so I humored it and asked him out to drinks. I felt sort of conflicted about it since it was my first semester of my degrees advanced classes program and I really wasn't looking for any kind of dating, but he was really sweet to me and I felt myself warming up to him and just feeling bubbly and excited to get coffees in the afternoon.

Our first date was sweet but awkward. I told him flat out I wasn't looking for anything serious, but that I thought he was cute and was happy to fool around, and he understood. After a few dinners and drinks, and messing around, and study dates, and smoothie dates where we talked about our days and grew closer as friends, I really did start to fall for him. He thought I was messing with him and playing a joke on him when I told him I 'liked' liked him, because he has always had a crush on me but kept that apart from our friendship. I never ever would have expected to fall for anyone, much less be loved back and cared for. From the get go my boyfriend has always made me feel valuable, but not like a possession. I’ve never felt so cherished and cared for in a relationship, and I never doubt how much he loves me even if we argue or make mistakes. I feel like he is such a kind, compassionate, and deeply sensitive person. It’s been so healing to be with someone I can actually be emotionally intimate without fearing that they will be cold or laugh off how i feel. We love talking about our future and all the things we want to do together, and all of our loves and wishes and goals and dreams. We are planning a mountain trip after graduations and I can’t wait to be bundled up in the mountains hiking and in the cabins warm with my baby. He consistently supports me and encourages me in school (he even lets me auscultate his lung and heart sounds hah) and truly makes me believe that I can do anything I dream of, and I always aim to encourage him in the same way. We study together and it makes my long study days a little less lonely. He still makes me coffee all the time, but in the mornings at his apartment. He always insists on making me cappuccinos so he can draw our initials in hearts or my name in the foam art. He’s so cute to me <3

No. 91408

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. At first we had some rough patchs, we used to argue a lot, terrible fights, we almost broke up maybe more than 15 times but at the same time it didn't seem like a possibility at all. We could argue for hours and be mat at eachother for days but we were still together because we loved eachother so much. With him I learnt that love isn't perfect, it doesn't have to be, but when you love someone…That love can overcome almost anything, specially stupid - or not that stupid - fights. I could write a lot of stories about our relationship but when people ask me about the most special one, this comes to my mind.

More than a year ago, we were actually exhausted from all the arguing. We know we loved eachother so much but sometimes it was too much. I was stressed about finding a job, he was stressed about his career, we were both stressed about the rent and that got us into fight after fight. We were arguing non-stop for almost two weeks now and it was, as I said, draining.

And then I got really sick. From one day to another, I had to stay at the hospital and the doctors were doing a lot of procedures on me and I was…Shocked. One day I was crying my eyes out because I thought I was losing the love of my life and the next one I was bawling because there was a possibility I could…Just die.

And he was there for me. 24/7, for more than two weeks, he was there for me. The moment the doctors told us that I had to stay inpatient, all the arguing, all the bad words, all the petiness and bitterness, was just…Gone. I remember taking photos of him that night - because he stayed everynight since the first one - dressed with a medical robe, just playing dumb to make me laugh, even if my fever was so high I couldn't stay awake for too long.

He went to work everyday, just to come to the hospital to spend the night with me, even if that meant having to sleep in a chair and don't sleep for more than two hours straight. I was scared shitless because I couldn't undertand and know what was going to happen but he was there, making me forget everything, even if I asked him to spend the night at our house, he came back, just to surprise me.

I'm not kidding, just remembering the feeling I had when we were messaging, he was telling me he was going to take a shower (he spent that past night at the hospital and didn't sleep), and then I heard the door open and he was…There. Again. It was the most special thing that anyone has done for me, ever. He stayed with me even if I was sleeping for most of the time, just because he knew I was panicking about the whole situation and he tried to make me laugh even in the worst moments, or remembering me how beautiful I am to him even when my body was…Well, not the best it could be due to all the procedures.

Luckily I wasn't -that- sick and everything turned out fine. The thing is that after all of this happened, even when we still argue sometimes, it's…Just different. I don't know how to explain it. When people ask me if I see myself with the same person forever, it may sound corny and cheesy but I actually do. It's not about being in a perfect relationship or having to pretend you like or love everything about that one person, but knowing you'd do everything that you can do to make it work, because it's so, so worth it.

I love him, I really, really do and I know I'm lucky to have him loving me the same way, because nowadays this kind of love it's hard to find.

No. 91522

>Finally obtain bf after numerous failed attempts at online dating (forever permavirgin at 24)
>He doesn't treat me any differently on whether I cover up my acne or not
>Makes me totally forget my body insecurities before I even noticed that I was naked in front of him
>Makes sure I eat properly, even though he is a hungry skelly with a black-hole stomach
>Gently bullies me and cuddles me lots

We've been dating for a year and now I'm just realising how much I love him.
So glad I didn't give up looking for someone.

No. 91524

I’m so happy for you anon!

No. 91536

That was very nice to read. My boyfriend and I are the same way. There are lot of arguments, we've almost broken up 5 times already, but we both love each other so much that we'll always have each others back and do our best to make our relationship work. It's a strange kind of feeling because everyone says it should just work, there should be no hassle, but… We really care for each other and love each other deeply, perhaps certain couples just have a bad way of communicating sometimes.

No. 91554

My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years, but this is a cute moment recently that I've been keeping with me.

The song "Pretty Things" by Big Thief came on the car stereo while I was driving us back to the city from a weekend alone in the mountains.

It's not a song he knows, but I was singing the parts I knew. When it gets to the part where she sings, "I've got liiiips like suuugar," he chuckled softly and sang it back a little out of tune and completely out of time. Then he was quiet for a bit and sang it again even though the song had moved on and brushed my cheek near my mouth with his fingers. He's is a stereotypical macho guy most of the time, so when he sang it so softly it caught me off guard. And something about the tone of his voice was too sweet even if he sang poorly. It made my heart flutter for a moment which is rare after you know someone so well…

No. 98478

I wish I had a story for this thread

No. 98479

>tfw no romance so u watch romance movies and shows to make up for it
>tfw no 2d husbando irl
>tfw no 3d boyfriend as a side bitch to your 2d man
life is suffering

No. 98486

My husband is trying to improve his English, so he gets a writing prompt each day and then writes a little text and I correct it. He writes the cutest things, like how he really enjoys being together because it's like living with his best friend and even if he feels like he needs me-time it gets really boring and lonely real fast because I'm not there. Most days I just sit there going "aww".

No. 98494

File: 1539742742525.jpg (19.07 KB, 620x576, pic.jpg)

same here anon

No. 98506

File: 1539777163765.gif (756.03 KB, 500x274, tumblr_m2bmtbHv4k1qjreu1o1_500…)

It's still kinda early but I'm so happy in my relationship that I want to share! I think I found the love of my life guys. :)

I got out of an abusive relationship that I was in for years. Way too long. Dumped that loser, wanted to try dating again a few months later. I try online dating because apparently I never learned my lesson (this is how I met my shitty ex). I go on a great date with someone who turned psycho real fast, talk to a lot of people, don't really click with anyone.

I start talking to this guy who was SUPER cute but came off really shallow. Think fuckboy-type. He was kinda nice and polite though and wanted to meet me so I decided to go for it. First impression was honestly that I'd probably hook up with him a few times and move along. I'm healing, I'm playing the field, I don't stress about it. I'm looking for casual. I tell him this, he agrees and is looking for casual too. Perfect.

We meet up for a "date" (really just meeting up and hanging out, no nightlife in my town). Ohhhh my god he was like 10 times cuter in person. We hit it off really fast. I'm super nervous. He is so goofy and not at all like I imagined. He makes me laugh a lot. Against my better judgement I go back to his house that night…and we don't hook up. He doesn't even try. I am both pleasantly surprised and disappointed because I have never felt so much attraction towards somebody I just met. We watch TV for a while and cuddle on the couch a bit and I head home. He calls me sweetheart a lot which is a massive pet peeve…but from him, I love it.

We have another "date" much like this, I go home again pleasantly surprised that he didn't try anything much, but we do end up sleeping together when I show up the morning of a small river day trip we had planned on our third day hanging out.

Things go on like this for a while, I try my hardest not to catch feelings for this guy. This cute, funny, kind, runs around the car to get the door for you when you get out kind of guy…it doesn't really work. I catch feelings bad. But all the same, things go on this way for a while. We hang out, super casual, we have sex, we laugh, we have fun. It's great. I'm thinking this is just a super casual dating/FWB situation and honestly I'm alright with that, but the way he acts around me makes me begin to think he feels the same way I do.

One night he says he's slowly falling in love with me. I just about exploded. We eventually make it official.

Some things happen. He loses his job, he gets kicked out of the house he was staying at (he just moved to the area and was staying with some family temporarily). He is forced to move away…soon. We have one last week. He gives me a hoodie. I give him one of my favorite (gender neutral lol) necklaces and he promises to wear it every day until we're together again. It's nearing the end of summer, we make bonfires outside and roast marshmallows and bullshit drinking beer around the fire with his friends. It was a great week.

The morning came when he had to go. I helped get his things ready to go, drove him to a bus stop, and watched him hop on a Greyhound to somewhere way too fucking far away. I'll never forget waiting in my car watching the bus, waiting for it to finally pull away…and him running back to kiss me again before he had to leave and telling me he loved me, again. That moment…I knew he was the one. I remember feeling like my entire world just fell apart when that stupid bus finally left. I cried for hours.

We're still long distance. We'll make it. We have plans. We'll be together again soon. Things have been hard but we're on the same page, we're pretty sure we're going to get married one day…I want to have his kids, I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I didn't know it would happen this way but they say when you know…you know. He makes my world feel so much brighter. He makes me feel like I can do anything, like I can fight the odds and make anything happen.

So that's the story of how my summer fling turned into the most significant relationship I've ever had lol

No. 98518

I teared up reading this
Please share more

No. 98528

Adorable, anons. Wish you the best

No. 98536

i had a crush on this girl for years. since i was 13. i had never met her irl and knew her from friends who lived in her town. I used to live there when i was 6 or 7 and still had ties to the place. i found her through facebook thru mutual friends. we started chatting nonchalantly. i always thought she looked so unique and pretty. she has long hair, amazing eyes and natural dark eyebrows. she barely wears makeup but it looks like she always has mascara and lip tint on. there were insane parallels between our lives, she worked at the place my father used to own. we are the same height, same hair colour, same weight, same face shape, she went to the same school, same friends and lived on the same street as i did when i was 7. she loves all the same music and art as me. she plays guitar and bass like me, is vegan like me, has had anorexia just like me. we get mistaken for each other a lot. when i was 17, i decided to go visit her finally. i had never ever met her, and we never really spoke about liking each other but i knew i was head over heels in love. after that night, my life has never been the same. we discussed so much, sexuality, politics, gender, art, music, the world, religion. time passed so quickly, and before we knew it, it was 8am saturday morning and we hadnt slept. i couldnt believe it, it felt like i had just got there. the rain started to fall outside and we lay down on the bed, i finally got to kiss her after 4 years of wondering if she liked me too. we fell asleep and woke up a few hours later, holding each others hands. weve been together for almost a year now :') i cant see myself ever separating from her. shes so so amazing and has brought me so much joy and knowledge.

No. 98537

>be 16, never had a boyfriend, can't even talk to straight dudes
>have class without any friends for the first time
>friend of a friend comes and sits next to me and just casually starts conversation
>first time a guy treated me normally and not like uwu such a shy delicate flower~
>become really good friends
>admit to our mutual friend that– we're totally just friends, but I could see myself marrying someone with the same personality some day
>friend suggests I might just like him
>lol no, srsly friends only
>sitting in art class the next day, sharing headphones with him, realization hits hard and fast
>oh shit
>can't talk, heart feels like it's in my stomach, worried someone will notice me acting different
>retreat to library immediately after class, bury my face in a desk and try to calm down
I ended up switching schools a few weeks later but on my last day he brought me a going away gift and hung out with me for like an hour after class. We exchanged usernames for various sites and stayed in contact. Unfortunately he's dense as fuck and I had very low confidence, so every time he gave me a logical reason why he couldn't hang out I saw it as a hard rejection. I ended up not telling him how I felt til we were in college and he was overseas. Piece of shit got all excited like he didn't expect it at all lol.
>we actually ended up getting married
>mutual friend hasn't stopped giving me shit for it

I probably have cuter stories, but I always laugh about what idiots we both were at the time.

No. 98540

I'm glad you're dying alone and no one likes or wants you. You deserve it. Hang yourself, scrot.

No. 98555

A few years ago I met a guy at an event. I thought he was really cute and lovely, we chatted a bit, got each other's contact info and went our separate ways. We ended up not talking again, until 2 years later, he messaged me out of the blue

He said he'd wanted to message me for ages but talked himself out of it, because he found me really pretty and intimidating. This massively caught me off guard, because I've always considered myself below average looking to pretty ugly, but he told me he genuinely thought I was the prettiest girl he'd ever met and didn't expect me to say yes and knew it was really forward, but was in a very "fuck it" mood and asked me on a date. I said sure, why not, though we talked for ages before actually finalising plans, played video games together, got on super well and I found him so much fun to spend time with.

The first time I visited his parents he bought me fabric flowers (I have hay fever) and a bracelet with my star sign on it (astrology is a guilty pleasure of mine). Every payday he'd take me out for a meal and buy me chocolates. He strokes my feet because he knows how much I like it. I was super scared of having sex with him because I hadn't for a long while, my hymen had been split very weirdly, and I had a lot of sex-related trauma. He was super patient every time I started crying and made him waste a condom and said I never had to sleep with him if I didn't want to. We've had some arguments, sure, but they never last longer than half an hour before we talk it out and make up. We have the most fun I've ever had in my life and even after so long being together now we're still both extremely affectionate with each other. I moved in with him a month ago and I haven't regretted it. I've never thought I was capable of loving anyone because of my shit past, he told me he loved me ages before I said it back, but I'm so certain I love him. He means the world to me and he's made my life so much better, even if we break up I'm sure I will always think of him fondly and be so grateful for this relationship.

No. 98556

Sorry to derail, but I wish there was some resource online where true/verified love stories like these were collected. I want to believe men like this exist but you're all anons and for all I know are just writing down your fantasies. The only true stories I know (on the news) are about men abusing and raping their partners/small children.

It all just seems too good to be true. But I'm a big romantic and I want it to be.

No. 98557

I read a lot of these stories and it seems a little to… corny for me. Plus all these "Once in a life time relationships" always say some shit like "Oh he just pretends to like this for me blah blah but hes so nice about it.

It just seems like a lot of these stories are about just meeting a decent guy. is this really that hard in this day and time?

A lot of these stories don't sound like true love to me.

No. 98558

Oh, I didn't mean true in a "he's the one" sort of sense (although that's nice). Just as in the couples actually exist for real. I'm not sure how that would be collected, perhaps via volunteering.

A decent healthy relationship does seem pretty rare, at least from what I've seen. Most people seem to hate and abuse each other.

No. 98559

I like your idea. I bet if you did enough digging something like what you are thinking of already exists.

Im not sure I really follow. I would say these "True love!" stories are healthy relationships. but It just sounds like being a good friend with a boy to me that also includes sex and that's what takes it to the next level. It just sounds like they are playing their emotions and timing them right with eachother. Ya know?

It just seems like to me true love would never need to pretend on any level they would just exist as one entity.

No. 98560

Violence breeds violence. idiot.

No. 98635

What are you interested in, anon? Take up some classes, join some groups that meet regularly, attend lots of events and make friends at all of them. I met my bf not because I wasn't looking for him but because I was just doing something I enjoy. If a guy is interested in you, he'll make the first move and it'll be really obvious lol trust me.

Idk how people would verify it. I posted above and I can assure you that it's 100% the truth.

No. 98637

Not the anon you're replying too (I'm >>98486). My huband is my best friend first, and I think that's the only way you'll get a stable relationship. So yes, it's a friend who I sleep with, bought a house with and will have children with. It's not super romantic all the time, but it's comfy af and I'd never let it go.

A few more stories:
On 3 year anniversary, my husband says he has to work, can I please pick up some documents from his uni (he needed something for an application). He asks to meet me at a certain place later, because he'll be nearby. When I get there, he's just standing there with this huge bouquet. He didn't actually have to work, he just needed time to look for a present for me. Because he was really undecided, he basically gave me a free pass ("Let me buy you something later"). We then went to this extremely nice restaurant nearby and had fantastic dinner. :)

Also, the proposal:
We actually knew at a really early point that we wanted to get married, like 5 months in, I would've married this guy. Anyways, we decide to do it as soon as he finishes uni, so no real proposal. We're an international couple, so I have to prepare some papers from my country so we can get married in his, so it's very clear we're going to get married. Anyways, he wants to "do it properly", so when we are on a holiday he suddenly gets down on one knee, asks me if I want to stay with him forever and chokes up. I obviously say yes because… I already got everything ready. When he's calmed down a bit he tells me he wanted to say so much more, but it was just too much emotionally.

My husband is not an overly emotional guy, but sometimes he's just the biggest cheeseball.

No. 98652

i'm not sure even proof can help you, you just need to be less cynical. media has and will always over report negativity, and under report anything else.

if all you're consuming is one thing, then of course it will shape how you feel about whatever it is, but you need to understand, you're being fed only one thing.

No. 98658

We're in an early-ish stage but I wanna gush too!!
I recently got out of an awful relationship, very controlling, telling me everything I do/wear/whatever was an embarrassment and "cringe," told me my issues were nothing, would make me stay up after taking my antipsychotics which literally tranquilize me as a 'punishment.'

I ended that finally and got together with my very, very close friend. I can't even describe how happy I am. At first, I thought I was letting my mind control me with things, like, believing it was perfect because it wasn't the awful relationship I had before, but god. I come over, and stay over his house for as long as our schedules allow. I've never been so happy to just lay with someone, showing each other different shows and movies, even if our interests in entertainment don't line up, we still just.. tune in while the other watches? or use that time where one person's the lap pillow and the other naps while they watch, haha.

It's just… crazy. I always end up tripping up with apologies to him, and things like that, because I'm just not used to being able to like things/talk about my interests/vent about my problems without being told to shut up and/or mocked, and that burst of comfort makes me feel so at peace, along with being able to actually be there for him with his issues. We're housesitting next month and it's super cheesy but it's going to be so comforting and stuff, I live with family, and he lives with roommates, so having time to ourselves to sort of… imagine what it'd be like if we really lived just together is gonna be nice. The new pokemon games come out while we're doing that, and I bought us matching plushies for it. ;_;

No. 98665

That sounds really sweet, all the best for you guys!

No. 98694

I just really want to gush…

I left an abusive marriage 6 years in and fell straight into my best friends arms. We’ve been dating for almost 4 years. We moved in together, we adopted a dog from the shelter together, and have just been so happy for this whole time.

I don’t know how I got so lucky.

I’ve known him since 2006. We met in an anime chatroom and just kept in touch that whole time. We never got together in the past due to timing, circumstances, distance, and age difference. He was just my best friend for the longest time. We supported each other through many things in life and had a really close bond.

Things fell apart for his long term relationship around the same time I decided to divorce my husband, which he wanted no part of. We kind of fell out of touch for several months before I moved back in with my parents. When we picked back up, it was like we were closer than ever.

He flew down to visit me for the first time and we immediately clicked. I was separated, but still technically married at the time and maybe we shouldn’t have started dating so soon, but I’m glad we went all in.

My whole life just became right at that point.

I had unspoken feelings for him for a long time and it turns out he was the same way since we started talking—it broke his heart to see me in a relationship, to talk about crushes, and to get married, but he fully supported me anyway and never tried to sway me or change my mind. He just wanted me to be happy.

I don’t believe in soulmates or fate, but I feel like we were made for each other.

I have a lot of emotional baggage and scars from what I went through with my ex husband, but he has helped me through a lot of that. We’ve had some issues, almost separated at one point because we both changed due to huge life events that happened to us in the last two years, but we got through it and I feel like we are out of that pit and moving on to the rest of our lives. I love him like I’ve never loved anything before in my life. He is easily embarrassed by gushy things and I can’t even express my gratitude toward him without him telling me to stfu, but I’m glad we happened to meet 12 years ago. My life would have been very different without him there as my friend.

No. 98735

File: 1539990488024.jpg (13.03 KB, 236x242, tumblr_p6qigk2TEd1vele0mo1_250…)

I love my boyfriend so much I want to shout it from the rooftops every day. He's the gentlest, sweetest person I've ever met and, even though he's the most perfect person ever, he mistakenly believes that I'm actually the most perfect person ever, which works out nicely!

We'd known each other online for a few years before he visited me during a trip to Europe (he lives in Australia, I live in England), and then suddenly everything clicked. On the second day of his visit I made my move, and then I spent the next few days (he took me on the rest of his trip so we didn't have to be apart) convincing him that we could make an LDR work. I was still worried that he secretly didn't like me at all, even though he was super affectionate and even spent our last day in Edinburgh carrying me around on his back because I'd sprained my foot.

We were both miserable when he went home, so he paid for me to stay with him in Australia for a few months. He visited me in England two more times and met my family, then I stopped renting my place, packed up my things, and now I spend most of my year in Australia. I'm terrified of planes to the point where I wouldn't even take a one-hour flight with a previous boyfriend, but this guy makes 24+ hours of travel not feel so bad. The first time he told me he loved me was in a Skype message right before I boarded my first flight - he told me he wanted to wait until I landed, but he thought I could use the reassurance since I'm so afraid of flying.

We have near-identical interests, so we spend all day participating in hobbies together (video games, music, gardening) and cuddling on the sofa watching TV. He's incredibly understanding of my mental health issues (since he's witnessed years of sadposting) and he's even helping me get psychiatric treatment here. I've exhausted my savings living here, but he happily pays for everything I need. He buys my plane tickets, food, clothes - he even paid for my root canal a few months back. He also offered to pay my university tuition when we're more settled, and last month he bought me a $2000 laptop because my one was too old for us to play multiplayer games together. Sometimes I still worry, because I'm pretty much completely financially dependent on him until I get a better visa where I can work again, but he's never given me a reason to doubt him.

I love knowing that I'm lucky enough to spend every day with someone I completely trust and feel safe with. He won't judge me for having a bad day, or think badly of me for showing symptoms. He just wants me to be happy, and I've never felt this cared for in my life. He's also super smart and funny, and he's the most beautiful person I've ever seen - I could look at him all day, and I usually do!

We have near-identical senses of humour, and we agree on all political issues we've discussed so far. We're even both vegetarians! Our (very few) disagreements have all been resolved quickly and amicably, so I never worry about being mocked for speaking my mind.

I spent years dating pretty awful people I wasn't even all that attracted to, and I assumed that this was just what dating is like, but I just didn't know that the perfect person for me was 11,000 miles away, sending me cute anonymous messages on Tumblr whenever I was sad. All the horrible stuff that's happened in my life feels worth it now, since it caused the series of events that brought us together.

He's proposing to me next year.

No. 98794

my boyfriend and i have been dating for around 2 months now. i know it's pretty early, but holy shit am i in love with this man.

we actually met in group therapy, lmao. i'm grateful for that, really: he already knew all my baggage so i couldn't fall victim to my imposter syndrome again. as for our baggage, we've had similar experiences so we really get each other. we also have a lot in common so whenever we hang out (at least once a week) we just watch tv, play video games, cuddle, etc. and the sex, oh boy. he knew i had a poor relationship with sex and my body, and that i only had bad experiences with guys, so we took things slow and it was worth the wait. the respect he treats me with means so much to me. he is the most gentle, sweetest guy i've ever met. he's my best friend and i love him a lot.

since it's only been two months i feel too embarrassed to gush to any of my friends, but i already know i want to marry this man. our relationship is just so fun, fulfilling, and healthy. and i know he wants to marry me. i'm really looking forward to spending my time laughing and crying with this guy and eventually becoming his wife.

also, can i just gush a bit about when we first started dating, because man it makes me feel so happy and proud to think about it lol. during a group therapy session, the topic of those "cootie catchers"/paper fortune tellers came up, so i made a decision. i had just realized i had feelings for this guy the night before after my heart and stomach kept fluttering when he said sweet things in a discord call. i was so nervous i was shaking, but i quickly made one and had all the options say "open me." once opened, it would say "i think i have a crush on you." after group we were hanging out in his car and i said i'd tell his fortune, then i gave it to him to check his results. of course he had to struggle with opening it so i was just sitting there hands shaking and heart pounding, i had to keep myself from reaching over and taking it back before he could read it.

when he finally opened it and read it, he burst out laughing. his face was so red, and he just goes, "i mean, yeah, same!" and keeps laughing, saying how he can't stop smiling, that his heart is pounding, his knees are weak and his hands are clammy, and that i'm so fucking cute. i couldn't even look at him for a bit, i was so red, and i couldn't stop laughing either. after that we drove somewhere, got out for a nice big hug, and took a walk and just talked about whatever, holding hands. he makes me really happy. i have no regrets. okay gushing over, thanks everybody lmao

No. 99174

File: 1540275806652.jpg (64.88 KB, 750x747, large.jpg)

my turn to gush!

i met my boyfriend on tinder (lol) about eight months ago, and the funny part is we were both just looking for friends because we're both shy, awkward, and extremely introverted. we both lacked friendships. admittedly, his pictures on his profile were the first to attract me but then i started liking his personality once we started talking. i remember he ghosted me for like a day and when he finally responded to me asking how his day went he said he was stood up by someone else he had been talking to and right then i knew i felt jealous, and pissed for him. after talking to him a bit more, i kept thinking to myself, "maybe this guy's a catfish. he's got the good looks, the personality, he's kind and caring, has TOO MUCH in common with me…" so i asked if he could prove to me that he was real. next thing i know he pops on skype's video call and i'm like "holy fuck you're real"

we made plans to meet in person just a few days after that and we were both pleasantly surprised that our meeting wasn't awkward at all. we sat in my living room and broke the ice by talking about our pet cats. then from there we went to my room to watch The Room on my laptop because i had been hyping it up to him for a week before. he was also very cute and hesitant to kiss me. we took things slow and i think that's why we've built up such a strong and passionate relationship thus far. i'm so in love with him that sometimes just the thought of him loving me in return makes me want to cry tears of joy. i have never felt this way before.. and i never want this feeling to stop.

8 months later and here we are now. i've NEVER imagined myself being in a healthy, happy, loving relationship. i just didn't think i could handle all of what comes in the relationship package, but my boyfriend and i never argue and we're always sure to communicate about everything. we share so many of the same interests and dislikes that it makes it so easy to feel so comfortable with him. i've always had severe anxiety around men but i've felt so comfy around him since day 1. it's like i just knew that was the one.

during our third month, i came across this thread and after reading all of these happy love stories i felt inspired to write him a love letter. just a few days after, in person, i finally told him i was in love with him and he did not hesitate to say it back. so, thank you anons for helping me give me the courage!

i think.. our meeting was really a sign from the universe. we needed each other and we didn't know it until we met. we've helped each other in so many ways; i've gotten a job, a car, overcame my anxiety and depression, and overall my wellbeing is so much better after being with him. the same goes for him too. i was so happy when he told me he no longer needed his medication because he stopped having panic attacks after meeting me.

we've been discussing moving in together sometime next year so i've been saving up and constantly checking zillow for apartments. i took him to a furniture store the other day just to window shop and it was heartwarming to hear him say things like "this couch would be nice in our apartment", good reassurance that he wants this just as bad as i do.

i love him so much and i know he's the right one. eight months is still "early" but i want to marry this man and spend the rest of my life by his side as his wife.

No. 99203

I hope all of your relationships break apart. There, I said it.

I hate this lovey-dovey shit so I'm just gonna hide it from now on.

No. 99204


No. 99358

This is why you don't have a boyfriend, Anon. People can sense bitterness.

No. 100280

>(on the news)
Fear and hate is what gets the views not hope and love.

No. 100282

Did your boyfriend break up with you, salty anon?

No. 101843

I hope you end up in a loving and reassuring long-term Anon.

I'm sorry that you're hurting.

No. 101866

File: 1543668134753.png (148.71 KB, 500x375, ♥Mermaid♥ {378}.png)

this my first proper bf. it's only been about 4 months lol but he's been planning to go travelling next march since before we even met and i was so worried that he was gonna break it off before he left then a couple of nights ago he drunk facetimed me and asked me if i wanted to go travelling with him and maybe do a weekend break in italy in jan too and the grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day

No. 101887

If you go, I hope you have a lovely time together! :)

No. 102038

>tfw I'm totally in love with him
>Everyday I miss him more (we can only see each other at the weekends at the moment)
>He jokingly threw his jumper at me while cooking breakfast, but I buried my face into it because it smelt like him (WTF this smell thing isn't a meme?!)

>I want to hurry up and marry him, don't want a big or expensive wedding

>I just want to wake up to him as my husband and cook him delicious food everyday

Does anyone else know that last feel?

No. 102062

i feel you girl. not the last part exactly as i can't cook for shit, but luckily he can, so mine is more
>I just want to wake up to him as my husband and make delicious food together everyday

No. 102090

>tfw no boyfriend

No. 102262

File: 1543962917353.jpg (11.27 KB, 400x300, 400full-poster.jpg)

Emotional male scrot here, sorry for trespassing, I only lurk but I had to say that this thread had me in tears. Call me gay or faggot I dont care, this is what I want in life. True fucking love and I wish all you girls the best at keeping it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 102263

this is fine. thanks malenon. sorry for your eventual ban!

No. 102264

forgot the rules for a bit, fuck…

anyways, this is why i lurk here, there is nothing like this in any male dominated forum. Ill be happy to just lurk anyway.

No. 102267

Been with my boyfriend for over 3 years now. We have a house and a child together, and our relationship gets better everyday. I almost can't believe I've found such a love. He makes me feel so cared-for and appreciated, and I strive to reciprocate the feelings he gives me every day! I can't wait to spend our lives together, raising our daughter and sharing our experiences. This love is a blessing.

No. 102270

reported for responding to an incel.
good job idiot for giving them more reasons to stay here

No. 102277

No one cares and you arent special. Post dick or gtfo

No. 102279


No. 102280

File: 1543971798145.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1002, 1522558104736.png)

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little bit more than a year now after having known eachother for a couple years as friends. We're kind of long distance (about 5 hours away from eachother) but we make it work. There's also an age gap which worried me a little bit in the beginning but it's proven to not be an obstacle at all as we want the same things from life.
Not being together all the time only makes me appreciate the times we are even more and I still feel like a teenager gushing about her crush when thinking about him.
He's just so sweet and precious I want to protect his smile and never hurt his feelings.

No. 102308

File: 1544011154355.jpg (140.82 KB, 832x628, ol9uzeVmt1r0f4zwo1_1280.jpg)

My relationship is very fresh (only four month) but I just want to gush a little bit.

It's probably going to be long because I want to give a little back story.

Bf and me went to the same primary middle and high school but we didn't never got to know each other, I remember already finding him very cute back then, I was crazy for his pretty green eyes and his dark hair, Idk why but for a while I was convinced he was some sort of pretentious douche, probably because he was already a very attractive and social person and so unattainable to me.

When we were around 17 his cousin was dating my then best friend so I got invited to his birthday, it was just me, current bf, his cousin and my best friend, I remember us being so awkward around each other. I was so insecure that I was convinced it was because he found me weird and annoying, now I know it's because already back then he was just as attracted to me as I was to him… Of course nothing happened, first of all because I was very insecure and immature and second of all because he already had a girlfriend.

So we never got to really know each other and then we both moved to different cities for college. Each of us had a few relationships and flings. Every sunday he worked in a little shop in my hometown and every time I got back home to visit my parent I would go to see him there, it's so weird because we never really talked to each other but we both remember those little moments when our path crossed, I would always pick his line even thought I was convinced nothing would ever happen, I just enjoyed seeing him and hearing his voice, I daydreamed a lot about something happening between us, I hopped one day he would ask me out or start some kind of small talk, but nothing.

Two years ago I started getting closer to his cousin through my then bf, we would hang out a lot to play board games and to kill time. Current bf started coming to those little gathering. That's when I learned that on top of being a pretty dude he was also very kind, funny and smart. But my interest for him wasn't there anymore because I was very much in love with my bf.

Last year me and my bf broke up, the relationship had became extremely toxic after he developed some sort of depression (I think?), he started pushing everyone away and emotionally abusing me on top of neglecting me. So I left the relationship, it absolutely broke him and he became abusive to almost everyone around him, mainly his family but also his friends (including current bf) and left the country abruptly. After that I decided I would take a break from dating, no hook up, no flirting, nothing. I don't know why, but I got really depressed too and stopped going to school, hide myself in my appartement and almost completely stopped going out, I got so low I even stopped showering for a few month, I would only wash my hair from time to time, I felt like letting myself die. I kept seing my friends and current bf, but of course I wasn't going to pursue him, I was a complete mess and he had his life together, a job, hobbies, a normal social life, and even a few girls with their shit together pursuing him, why would he be interested in a depressed girl who couldn't even take showers regularly?

At the beginning of this summer I started taking some steps to take better care of myself. I started showering again, got a nice haircut, started doing my makeup, paying attention to how I dress, just doing very basics self care stuffs. I still felt like shit but I started faking happiness, forcing myself to go out, and at one point I started to really feel better and more hopeful.

One day I was supposed to go out with my group of friends, but everyone taps out at the last minute. Everyone but me and him, I send him something like "well too bad, we'll have to go out another time!" and he answers "Didn't you really wanted to go? I really want to go out too, let's go just the two of us".
And… That's how it started. He picked me up, we were supposed to go to a bar just 10 min away from home but he decided to bring me to the closest big city 1 hour away from our little town, I think we both wanted to maximise the time spent together. I was so scared we would have nothing to talk about, but we didn't, we talked non stop about little things and big things and he listened to every single stupid stuff I had to say. I'm usually the listener with my friends but this night I was the one who spoke a lot. He gave me a very attentive ear, we spent a good part of the night just killing time and trying to find excuses to stay together a little more. When he dropped me at my house I was on a little cloud and now I know he was too.

I'm gonna try to be a little shorter now, the big problem at the beginning of our relationship was I was terrified of letting him know how big of a mess my life is. He did all the pursuing and I couldn't wrap my head around the idea that someone that I found so amazing would be interest in the mess that I was. I was convinced he was going to drop me like a hot potatoe once he learned I haven't been to school for a whole year, that I cry really easily and that I took horrible care of myself for almost a full year. Well he didn't, he didn't even flinch when I told him, he just hugged me and told me that he love me for all of me and even my bad of embarrassing parts… He said he understood me and loves that I'm a sensitive person, he don't think i'm stupid for dropping out of school he knows I'm smart and capable. I never felt so accepted and loved in my whole life, he doesn't even get annoyed when I start crying because of stress or tiredness, he just hugs me and kiss me. It's like I've been sent an angel to take care of me and accept me, I want nothing but to stay by his side, love him and take care of him, I don't think I can pay him back for what he gave me, utter and complete acceptance without judgment. I feel I can tell him anything and he will just accept it. I don't know how or why but this awesome person loves me, I feel so so lucky and and I love him back.

He's also an amazing lover, very giving. Sometimes when I have a hard time feeling asleep or when I'm very sad he will eat me out or finger me until I come and then just let me relax, maybe it sounds weird but I think that's such a kind thing to do, I've never had a lover who would perform sex acts on me and not expect anything back at all.

No. 102472

I feel like the honeymoon period is just a honeymoon relationship. I'm more in love with this guy now than I was last month, last year, 5 years ago. He so cute and works so hard and is so sweet. We cuddle all the time. We joke around and dance and watch Star Trek marathons on Friday nights. I cook for him every day after work, and he cooks on the weekends. His parents are so nice. We're picking out furniture together right now, and we're getting a cat soon. I'm just really overcome with how happy I am right now that I had to blogpost. I really really want to spend the rest of my life with him.
Holy fuck, anons, I hope you find someone you love because it's the best feeling in the world.

No. 102486

This might be off-topic, but I'm so glad this thread exists. A guy I liked turned out to be a huge egoist and a cold person which made me kind of depressed but reading this thread brings me back hope that one day I'll find someone decent.

No. 102516

>tfw i'll never find anyone because I'm scared of people and socially retarded

No. 102738

I just love my boyfriend so much. We're made for each other. There's so many moments we share where we don't have to make an effort, just us existing is enough. We love each other's unique personalities.
Both of us have had moments where we've broken down crying because we just love each other so much.
Earlier today while having sex, he was so close to crying. He was repeating how much he loved me, he covered his eyes and exhailed about how beautiful I was and couldn't believe I'm his girlfriend. We've been dating for almost 4 years and our sexual attraction has gotten more intense in the past couple of months.
We've been living together practically since the first couple months we started dating, he's pretty protective of me since the area we live in is a little dangerous. He wants to make sure nothing bad ever happens to me. He's told me one day he wishes he could just make enough money so I could work from home and persue my dreams.
Both of us want to have a child at some point, but we're too financially unstable to take care of another life. For now we have our pets. He wants to propose to me as well, but the situation is same as the baby. We don't have the funds to throw a reception.
We ended up working in the same field, so our hours line up pretty well. Recently, we both applied to the same place so hopefully we'll be able to work together in the future!
I really do love him. My last boyfriend was a terrible person. My trust in people practically diminished because of a traumatic experience I went through. Then, I found my boyfriend, who's been through an almost similar situation. We feel like it was fate. Whenever I'm having a bad time, I just remind myself I'm with him now, his voice calms me.
I'm happy to come home and experience my life with him.

No. 102758

Same. My ex has ever only loved himself and I'm quite sure is incapable of loving or caring about anyone else. I love a lot of posts in this thread, but man, >>102738 had me tearing up. I wish my previous relationship with that asshole could've been like this. Even half of it.

No. 102762

just popping in to say i love these posts, best of luck to all happy anons :')
can we expand this thread to include good sex stories? after reading the bad sex thread it's hard to imagine there's guys who care

No. 102763

pls no, go make a sex story thread if you wanna read lewd stuff

No. 102861

I really wish I could contribute to this thread but my ex who I thought was a nice person turned to be a monster. I'm so afraid of men now but reading these stories gives me hope that there is a non sadistic man out there that won't abuse and physically scar me and love me at least a little bit.

Good luck anons and I wish your love remain as strong as ever.

No. 102862

It's heartwarming to read these stories. tbh they sound so good to the point of sounding fabricated but I'm sure it's just because I had the most negative experience of having a sexually abusive father and an ex that beat me and induced abortion.

I really want to believe these stories are true and actually happened, and that they're not just imaginary ideal relationships lol

No. 109314

more stories pls <3

No. 109342

Last year on valentine's day me and my ex were both working, so we didn't do anything special, but we did spend the night together. We were walking to his house, I was describing my very specific favourite flower and he said 'wait' and pulled a gorgeous bunch of those exact flowers out of his bag. I don't even know how he managed to keep them so pristine in there.
We decided to have a proper valentines day on the 14th of march, so I saved and dried those flowers, and filled little gift bags with the petals and other presents. One of them was a bath bomb, we put some petals in the bath too.
We broke up sadly but sensibly. 10/10 would consciously uncouple again.

No. 109344

I told my ex I loved him after a week of seeing each other. It was just really simple and obvious and uncomplicated and GOOD! I could see he was in love with me too, and that he was really nervous about it. When I told him I covered my face and acted like I felt vulnerable, but I was totally calm. He looked bewildered and did some stuttering and then said he loved me too.
He told me much later he knew it was real because I was nervous. Sike bitch! I manipulated you into being vulnerable because I knew it was real! But that's the only time I ever did anything like that. I guess I did it because I wanted to tell him I loved him but I didn't want to scare him too much, and I was impatient I guess. He's still my best friend, but I've never told him.

No. 109345

>Bf's very against race mixing
>I'm the literal 56% Amerimutt meme


No. 109439

File: 1551403220634.png (12.45 KB, 444x142, wlpc8cmwod6y.png)

runescape love story

>be me, 11 years old

>dad plays cool game, sit and watch him play for hours
>game is runescape
>I play it on his computer when he's doing other stuff
>eventually dad stops playing, I create me own account
>play runescape for a few years, find a cool group of "friends"
>we add each other on Skype
>we are all around the same age but one of the kids is about 2 years younger
>bully the shit out of him
>we all stay in touch throughout the years, a lot of us go through periods of going years without talking but we log into Skype once in awhile to voice chat
>eventually reconnect with young kid (we'll call him bobby from now on) I bullied
>I am 18 now
>we talk a little bit and add each other on FB
>I see he's doing cool stuff, has a nice internship and already taking college courses at age 16
>2 years go by, we talk sparingly on FB
>randomly get invited to a RS discord with all the old crew in it
>bobby is in there
>we start playing games and voice chatting all the time in a group setting
>holy shit, this guy is smart
>graduating college early, has a good job in his field already
>move into smaller discord chats with less people, still can't get myself to play with him 1x1
>we start extensively talking in a small discord with only two other people and exchange phone numbers to play those iOS iMessage games
>start texting
>this goes on for 6 months before I send him drunken texts messages expressing my feelings for him
>bobby says it is mutual
>for years we have both been extremely interested in each other but neither wanted to make the first move
>I am terrified to meet… what if the person I created in my mind is not real?
>my friend agrees to let him stay at his house
>he drives 6 hours to see me
>he is 10x better looking in person and funny, sociable, awkward in an adorable way
>we lose our virginity together on a mattress in my friend's kitchen (sorry)
>we go long distance for 6 months before moving in together

In a month we will have lived together for two years. He is so supportive and inspires me to be a better person every day. I am happy I took a chance to meet him because it was very out of character, I was terrified to open my life to someone else…

No. 109446

ohhh I'm so happy for you. I know so many people that coupled up in games, it's crazy. I'm kinda jealous, I've never let anyone close enough to be a friend even… All my irl friends that I gamed with, still talk to people they've met in games as kids/teens. I sometimes wish I was more carefree… Who knows where would I be now. (hopefully not killed by someone crazy lol)
Wishing you two luck!!

No. 110629

Guess I started at >>>/g/108022 but oh my goodness, I might be in love with this boy. The more we talk, the more it’s obvious, and the more I’m unsure what to do about it. Should I meet up? Yes I absolutely should.

Plus we like the same vidya so we play them together, which is so nice.

No. 110640

it's been six months now and we're very happy. i love him move everyday. his family really likes me, my family really likes him. my family can see how much i've grown since he came into my life. his family is grateful that he has me and thinks he's become a better person. they all think we're going to get married, and we plan on it. in a few months we'll be living together, and he said he'd probably propose then. i'm so happy and excited for the future. he's my best friend and i love him a lot. i feel so blessed.

No. 110719

I moved overseas for a year last week and my boyfriend just sent me a recording of him reading the first chapter of Harry Potter for me to fall asleep to. he has a proper mic set up so it sounds incredible and it would have taken ages I'm so floored by how sweet that is

No. 110761

I try not to gush about my bf to anyone just cause some people don't want to hear that so it's nice I can here!

In just a couple weeks we will be having our 1-year anniversary! We worked together first and flirted a lot, we didn't start seeing each other until I got out of a series of extremely emotionally neglectful relationships and was fresh out of treatment. At first I was really reluctant to "catch feelings" cause of bad experiences so I was pretty stand offish. But within a month I was already falling in love.

He is honestly one of the most kind and understanding people I know, he would listen and hold me while I cried during a turbulent time in my recovery. He is hilarious and so funny he's my best friend first and foremost cause I can talk to him about anything and everything. He's so sweet, says so many gushy things and compliments me so much it's so nice since I never had it in any previous relationships. I also feel completely, totally secure and safe around him which is the best feeling ever. I know it's only been a year but honestly I want to marry this boy.

No. 110807

God damn it that is cute. Will he be voicing over the whole series?

No. 110817

that's the plan. he's the kindest gentlest person ive ever met and coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship was exactly what I needed. I couldn't imagine doing LDR with anyone else

No. 111424

i'm so in love with this guy. i'm so so happy just being around him. i've been at his house for a few days and today he started feeling sick, and making him food and making sure he has medicine and water and just taking care of him fills me with joy. i'm not happy he's sick of course, i just want to/enjoy making him feel loved and cared for. he's such a beautiful human and he deserves it. he told me how grateful he was and that he feels very loved and how he's excited for me to be his wife someday. he's so so precious to me and i want to give him the world ♥

No. 111443

File: 1553009125753.png (11.89 KB, 384x384, 1459573430612.png)

My bf and I met online, on a niche interest forum.

One of my friends at the time said "hey I think you'd be cute with x" because I was single. Out of curiosity I googled x's real name from his profile, he's cute as FUCK!!! I felt like a weirdo doing this so I never tried to talk to him. A few months went by and I forgot this incident. Me and my now-bf started chatting after a while on discord after meeting each other in the same IRC chat, at first sparingly and then almost every day. We'd talk about our lives and share cool stuff with one another and have deep talks and bond over the fact that we've both been abused by our partners in the distant past. I start thinking about him all day, and sometimes we'd voice chat and he'd play music (he's an incredible musician.) I think I had a vague feeling of developing feelings at this point, he was just so amazing to talk to but he felt so out of my league, he speaks a bajillion languages fluently and is sooo gorgeous.

One day he sent me a long, beautifully written letter like message that he wrote gushing about how strongly I made him feel and how he was so lucky to know me and never wanted to stop talking to me etc. He never explicitly "confessed" anything in this letter but it's like it hit me like a ton of bricks (and him I guess) and we started just saying "i love you" all the time. Man, I'll never forget how I felt around that time. I fall more and more in love with him every day, but that just felt like a really strong, near-mystical religious experience, as stupid as that sounds.

Fast forward months later after e-dating for a while, we meet irl and its hands down the most incredible experience of my life. It was magical and like something out of a movie. Fast forward again and we're living together! I just love him so much, we're both reserved and quiet and I just feel like I can be myself around him. He does stuff for me and cooks and never gets mad and is just so amazing. The sex that we have is always mind blowing because I feel like I'm wearing away at the boundary between me and him. Dunno if that makes sense. Feels like the most loving thing I've ever felt.

No. 111500

I tried online dating when a friend suggested it to me because she didn't want to do it alone. I met mostly manchildren and creeps and decided to delete my account when I got a message from this guy. He had cute dimples and was funny. I was supposed spend a weekend with my twin brother but instead I was engrossed in a conversation with this guy and we never really stopped.

We did LDR for a couple years, meeting every other weekend and spending holidays together. We were on the same page from the beginning, we wanted something that would last 'til the day we die. We were each other's firsts on everything, holding hands, kissing, having sex etc.

It's been now over six and a half years and we've been living together for over four years. We have cats and have decided to get married on our eighth anniversary and start trying out for a child after that.

We talk about everything (sex, money, household chores) and we've had only one fight, but I imagine having a baby will make us bicker when we're tired and hungry. He is my best friend and I find him very attractive. He gets along with my brother and shares hobbies with him which is important to me. We cuddle and kiss every day, tell each other that we love each other. We still hold hands every time we go outside. We buy each other gifts and surprises (sometimes something as small as a candy bars) and have dates.

I know all of this sounds cheesy but he has stuck out with me through the worst. I love him and can't wait to see the rest of my life with him.

No. 111509

haha what a shitty life. i'd kill myself if i were you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111511

Wonderful, anon. I have a similar situation and it's extremely rewarding and cosy. My husband and I are on the same page too, definitely bickered more after our baby arrived but it never escalates into a fight. Just make sure to communicate as much as you can all the time, and good luck, I hope the sweetness continues for you both! P.s the baby talk thread here was very helpful to me while pregnant so when the time comes you should bump that if you need anything

No. 111515

Thank you, I will def check it out! Sorry for derailing but what kind of changes came to your relationship when you had the baby? I'm a bit nervous about not having so much quality time.

No. 111531

lmao, is this the anon who was bitter earlier on in the thread? sorry you don't have an s/o anon, but don't take it out on those of us who do.

No. 111552

nope. nice guess though(same robot as above)

No. 111595

Some people just can't handle cute, happy love stories I guess.

No. 112839

same anon. i'm so happy farmers. my bf is absolutely amazing. he's my best friend and i love him so much. everything is better just with him being there. making food together, cleaning together, hell just existing in the same space is the most comforting thing on earth. we want each other to grow and always encourage each other to be the best we can be. we can talk about anything and it's just been so healthy. it's not official yet but we know we're going to get married as soon as we're able to support ourselves.

and here's a tmi i was spending the weekend with him and a lot happened so i won't go into details, but i really feel like a part of his family and i was overwhelmed with just how in love i felt. on my last night there we were planning on going right to sleep since we were exhausted, but we held each other and looked into each other's eyes, said how much we love each other and thanking the other for everything, and slowly we leaned in for a peck. we kept kissing, very slowly and lovingly. it led to incredible sex, the best either of us have ever had, it felt like we were melting into each other. it was so slow, gentle, passionate, and loving.

i don't know what did i do to deserve such a beautiful human in my life but i'm so glad he's a part of it

No. 112858

Sounds really cute but how old are you and how long have you two been together?

No. 112865

i'll be 22 this year and he'll be 25, it's been a little over 7 months

No. 112886

I hate men as a whole but I also dislike and distrust women though overall my fear and hatred of men is much higher
I love my husband more then anything or anyone else in the world and wished we just be alone together for the rest of our lives

No. 112905

this is not cute lol you sound like a 14 year old edgelord

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