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File: 1525718866035.jpg (139.84 KB, 1080x1350, 28427660_1603931403029571_6159…)

No. 81991

I used to be a total tumblr junkie in 2013 to like 2016. I had a grunge phase, general asian aesthetic phase, thinspo blog and a quality blog (even though I didn't own a dslr). I deleted everything kind of randomly but want to start a new one for style inspo and making friends. What are your favorite blogs at the moment? And you're overall aesthetic. This can also be a self promo kind of thing too.

No. 81995

That pic is cute.
Honestly, do people still use tumblr? All my friends kind of abandoned it, myself included. I posted mostly atmospheric nature and animals, plus some science stuff and funny textposts that hit home. Through few years though I talked with like… two people on there. How the hell people would find friends on tumblr? Except fandom blogs, who rolled in "fame"

No. 82005

rosewaterfaerie.tumblr.com (forest/nature blog)

Shameless self posting, not for follows but because I want to share my chill space with you guys. I'm pretty active, have been for years and have had all sorts of styles of blogs, but I found this "aesthetic" to be timeless and resonates with me well. The community isn't full of drama and everyone is really sweet unike most of the other Tumblr circles.

You could easily make friends. There's a messaging system now and I do see a lot of mutuals stay in contact with each other or at the very least, write encouraging responses on each others' posts and give compliments which is always a nice little thing. I'd say majority of people find friends through Tumblr via people with the same aesthetic because they know or suspect they have something in common. Most people still use Tumblr because they just like looking at pretty images and want to create a visual mural for themselves that's comforting no matter what that may look like or be. I'm aware people are also on Tumblr for the memes or funny posts.

No. 82006

It's still pretty active, not as popular because everyone's scared of the rabid sjws and other shit on there, but since they added a tag/content filter it's pretty easy to avoid.

Personally I'm part of the fitness community on there and as long as you avoid the "recovery" anachans who shit rainbows constantly you're fine. But my blog is mostly a mix of fitness and alternative stuff which seems to attract a lot of people.

Seconded the friends part. I actually met really nice people there

No. 82060

File: 1525794723544.jpg (44.4 KB, 381x381, 1.jpg)

When I was a bit younger I accidentally discovered the fakeboi tumblr community and thought they were so cool. I was actually so naive that I didn't get that things like photoshop and transsexuality are a thing - meaning I really believed they're just androgynous boys… (thankfully lolcow opened my eyes)

A little more than a year ago I created my own tumblr about a vkei band. I gained around 500 followers within half a year which is quite a lot for such a small community, so it's safe to say that I was one of the most "popular". I didn't follow anybody, never reblogged anything and never posted anything but that band.
In the spur of a moment I deleted it. Since then I tried multiple times to create a new one, but I'm never satisfied. Saying I was … would probably help me gain back more followers quicker, but I had a falling out with a big group of the fandom, so I don't want to risk getting any hate messages lol
Anyways, I regret deleting it a lot. Immediately getting loads of likes and reblogs does sort of feel good, but I'm such a perfectionist that I was never content with it - I always changed the theme, deleted posts that weren't "good" enough… A week ago I made a new one, so let's hope this goes well.

No. 82065

I don't really understand why would anyone use tumblr as a platform to socialize… I've had tumblr for almost 7 years now (wow lol) and I've never really talked to anyone.
I enjoy looking at my archive, it's kind of like a strange diary - I can definitely tell how I felt at different times in the past based on the posts I reblogged. I suppose tumblr, for me, is just a place to accumulate things that resonate with me in some way.
It's gonna be so sad once it shuts down! I'll never be able to keep something up for as long again and all my teenage angst in the tags will be lost haha

No. 82085

File: 1525811137661.jpg (215.98 KB, 500x1117, tumblr_o1ho70hhKs1uea76mo1_128…)

i used to be a pretty rabid sjw on tumblr like two years ago, but i always felt like i was being too hypersensitive in the back of my mind so i deleted it.
i have a true crime tumblr, but the community is so full of teenage columbiners and crazy hybristos, so i block most of them. i had a recent post blow up making fun ofthem, but it blew over most of their heads.

all in all, not worth it but i have no where else

No. 82091

I've had one since I was 14 (I'm 21 now lol) but I've deleted a few. Now I just use it to reblog spooky shit and true crime (faithfulnihilist). I've only ever met one person off of it that I still talk to. I never use it to communicate, just to look at cool shit that I wouldn't find anywhere else.
I do hate finding a cool blog only for it to be an edgy 16 year old. I feel icky when I realize their age and have to unfollow. Those and SJWs are a dime a dozen, but it's fairly easy to weed them out.
your blog sounds interesting, would you mind posting your URL? understandable if you don't want to

No. 82099

>true crime blog
>sounds interesting
Uh… are you sure you still aren't 14? They all look the same and are utterly boring.

No. 82112

eh, to each their own. I find it interesting and I like seeing different people's blogs. It's nice finding one that's not run by edgelords who romanticize Columbine and Dylann Roof

No. 82123

I made a few friends on tumblr back when it was more popular around 2010-2012. I had roughly 5k followers so I got anon asks time to time, or made a friend through the ask system. usually it was people asking me questions about where I bought something or personal life questions to get to know me. most of the posts that gained popularity were pictures of my things that fit the ~kawaii aesthetic~.

I eventually deleted it because the community is really cancerous. and slowly my friends deleted it too for the same reasons, and that its less social now. (despite adding in a messenger system).

but honestly, I think people prefer receiving asks because they can post it publicly. This gives the blogger gratification like "hey, people find me interesting!!111 LOOK at all these asks!!!!" and it gives the asker some traffic to their own blogs as well.

out of all the social media platforms, tumblr drives in the most SJWs, otherkin, fakebois, koreaboos/weebs, crazy religious people (witchcraft/christianity/etc), and taboo porn blogs. Lots of attention whores who ebeg all the time. Post their shitty animu or furry art. I just wanted out.

I still go on it very solemnly. but I remade my account and kept it private for my own entertainment to look at pretty pictures for inspo or if im bored. I got pretty sick of people reposting my original photos as well, but thats expected anywhere I guess.

No. 82202

File: 1525906972066.gif (1.9 MB, 400x301, tumblr_inline_p7utheU2LA1toj6v…)

lol im the original poster, but i get what you mean. so many mass shooter tumblrs and not enough cult content. i try to reblog a lot of stuff revolving around ted kaczynski.
its randystevenkraft.tumblr.com. my main is industrialistrevolution though its mostly femdom porn lol

No. 82268

I've been on Tumblr for maybe 8 years now, and only really found my "aesthetic" in the past 2 or 3 years. It turns out that I got into the dilapidated-buildings-and-skinny-girls-in-babyish-dresses Nicole Dollanganger aesthetic when it was still new, so I got most of my following from that. But I've never really found a friend group on there in all that time. I think that it's because of that that I've kind of started to back away from Tumblr and just let it run off my queue.

No. 82283

I had a tumblr from 2012 to 2016 and I deleted because the website was barely working and the people who were my mutuals were more and more annoying so I escaped to twitter. I was so bored today that I remade an account, but I don't know who I should follow anymore since the people who interest me (mostly artists) are on twitter anyway. I used to reblog stuff about anime and video games but I don't really want to see anything about that on tumblr, I was sick of seeing spoilers all the time.

No. 90943

File: 1533342676722.jpg (222.41 KB, 1200x597, slide_4.jpg)

I had a fucking cringe Sherlock/Doctor Who blog back from 2012-2015 that had about 300 followers. It originally had about 400 but then I started reblogging the occasional anti-sjw post and a bunch of people unfollowed. I deleted that blog when I grew out of my fandom phase and realised how god-awful it was, and now I have an aesthetic blog with about 300 followers where I pretty much just reblog general aesthetic stuff, mostly vaporwave/shibuya kei/general vintage stuff. I don't really socialise on tumblr at all these days and just keep to reblogging images. I unfollow people if they post dumb SJW shit onto my dash though. I like it as a visual moodboard kinda thing, since Pinterest is hot garbage imo and I don't really have all that much to /say/ on social media.

I've always been lowkey jealous of blogs with enough followers to have tons of engagement though, my cousin's edgy Nicole Dollanganger style aesthetic blog used to have like 20k followers before she deleted it and I always thought that was pretty cool. I've been thinking about making a slightly more curated aesthetic blog but idk how I'd theme it.

No. 90957

File: 1533378562906.png (10.29 KB, 320x320, tumblr_inline_mg8ddtFXHt1rx2fz…)

I've joined around 8 years ago. Firstly I made a random blog just to be able to follow some other stuff but not really post my own until I thought it would be good to use it for my own art. I really liked tumblr around that time, everybody was kind of doing what they wanted, always lowkey ~2edgy4u~ but I had the feeling that everything was more free compared to today's tumblr or until all those sjw's flooded that place.

Around 2013 I decided to make a side-blog dedicated to a band which got me more attention than I ever thought to get and end up having more than 12k followers on it which made me one of the "popular ones". During this I made a few friends (which I'm still friends with one of them and even met her in person although we live on each other side of this planet lol) but also end up being the part of some really stupid fights.

Around 2015 I started to ghost tumblr in a way, went there always to set up my queue and leave it for a few days. It started to get mentally exhausting where everybody thought they some political hero for reblogging some trendy hashtag or whatsoever and being all passive-aggressive when at the same time being sad about depressed or some shit like that.

I still use my art blog but abandoned everything else and also don't browse my dash any more bc that shit just pisses me off. Most of the people I knew moved to other social media because they felt the same way about tumblr.

No. 90963

File: 1533390867250.jpg (17.22 KB, 450x474, Výstřižek.JPG)

>5 years of blogging
i guess i'd call it a personal study of self.

No. 90964

Had a synth/ retrowavey aesthetic blog since 2016, only have like 56 followers kek. I love to repost 80s ad gifs, screenshots of old tv shows.. sometimes I switch so vaporwave and shit. generally the aesthetic you see on synthwave mixtapes. I have a second blog, which I had for barely 2 months and I have 190 followers, it's centered around Japanese street fashion, fairy kei, spank! kei and such. I block at least 2 ddlg blogs a day top kek, despite writing "DDLG KINKS DON'T INTERACT" in my bio

No. 90965

File: 1533394121199.jpeg (173.54 KB, 683x1024, tumblr_opatfdGhYG1qad56lo1_128…)

I've used Tumblr since around 2011. It has always been a good spot for my interest in fashion, photography, macabre art, and beautiful things in general. It also worked as an emotional outlet. Like others said, I like that I can look at my old blog(s) and pinpoint how I was feeling.
The SJW stuff is/was annoying, but it's pretty easy to avoid as long as you can find the right blogs, and it also kind of made the place one of the few areas on the internet I had as a kid where my race wouldn't be used as some kind of point against me (and I could partake in my non-normie interests).
Now I run an animecore blog for nostalgia purposes.

No. 90966

File: 1533396548983.png (191.45 KB, 500x281, 1418806750991.png)

I've been involved in multiple fandoms, but the first one was pretty niche in 2012 and the people were really nice and fun. I hosted group chats, read cringy fanfiction, and streamed shows to watch with others and joke around. Everyone and myself eventually moved on to other fandom flavors of the moment, but I miss that small time and the people. I don't recall any particularly stupid drama, it was just chill.

I don't have much to look back on because I deleted and remade my blog a few times just to start fresh as I got in and out of certain fandoms. Can't say I'm sorry for it though, I was a spergy sjw at one point in time and I'd probably cringe myself out of existence if I saw shit from back then.

No. 91000

File: 1533417776216.jpg (7.74 KB, 241x209, images.jpg)

I've got a blog about a rather unknown band and currently have 200 followers (took me 4 months). My old one about the same topic (which I sadly deleted) had 500.

How do you get more followers? I know that it's childish but I'm so jealous of the ones who have 1000s. I want to get anon asks, people who are interested in me…
I don't want to post pics of myself and I'm also not willing to stoop so low and pander to sjw.

No. 91003

I've had my tumblr for around 8 years, but have only posted sporadically. I was most active in like 2012-ish I think. I used to be a grunge blog, then a ~summer~ blog and posted pics of avocado toast and the ocean and shit, was a high fashion blog, and now it's pretty much just whatever but I don't post much. I just have a queue running that posts one thing a day. I have around 7k followers.

Do any of you guys remember the days of drama blogs, like "tumblr burn book" and stuff like that, and those posts you would reblog to join some sort of group where you were all members of a private blog and promo'd each other and stuff lol. those were the days

No. 108463

I have 1200 followers so it ain't much but there was a specific time when I gained 1000 followers in just a couple of months. My blog is about a vkei band so what I did was translate their tweets, write about rumors surrounding the band and post pictures of them. I tried being the first one to repost their pics from Instagram and dug up some old rare pics too.

What I found to be most effective in gaining followers was to post A LOT. I posted something everyday 4 pm and 8 pm, basically when most people seem to be on Tumblr. Every time I posted something I included a funny comment or a witty tag. Being "relatable and savage" made people follow me and I got a lot of asks saying "omg your tags give me life lmao"

>To get followers and asks, show some of your personality
> Post a lot frequently everyday

No. 108477

Hey anon, I'm the one you replied to (still around lol).
I can't really translate and the band is so old that only one of them has instagram (and no twitter or other social media), but I posted a lot of rare/old pictures, so that definitely helped.

I never wrote anything silly in the tags and also tried to make "high quality" posts, but I guess doing the opposite would be better then.
> I posted something everyday 4 pm and 8 pm, basically when most people seem to be on Tumblr.
I didn't know that, thank you!

No. 108482

Ah hi again anon! I hope the 4-8 pm thing helps you out!♡
Since the band you post is old, maybe the fans are a bit more mature? Your "high quality" posts might work well then!
The band I like attracts tweens so that's why I shitpost a bit to seem approachable kek
Good luck anon!

No. 108633

File: 1550598555388.jpg (16.35 KB, 236x236, fadc2f3c668b3cf41972f0db902a46…)


I actually have my first somewhat popular tumblr blog right now!
I tend to dedicate blogs to my personal aesthetics and when i went to check on one it had blown up?? Its p much cottagecore/fairy tale/anne of green gables esque stuff, around 5k followers now and im just baffled

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