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No. 76926

Are there any models or ex-models here? Do you have any tips or personal experiences from modelling that you'd like to share? Do you have any model you look up to?

Share everything modelling related in here

No. 76949

I'm an ex-model, mostly hired by private hobby photographers but also did shoots for a major hair industry competition, independent clothing brands, and a music video. Ex-SG also.

1. Always put your absolute best into your image. This means looking after yourself, practising your poses, and being able to do your hair/makeup/styling to a high standard. EVERY SINGLE PHOTO that your photographer takes could potentially be around forever - don't give them the chance to publish a godawful photo of you that haunts you after 5 years in the biz.
2. Along those lines, BE STRICT ON YOUR LEVELS. If you really aren't sure about having lingerie photos of you out there, DO NOT DO THEM. It is far harder to live with regret when it comes in the form of nudes you never wanted to shoot being plastered all over the internet. Any photographer who doesn't respect your boundaries is an asshole; don't work with them again and feel free to tell other models about your experience.
3. Be aware of ownership. If a photographer/brand pays you, they own the images and you have little/no rights to them. If you pay them, you own the images, but the photographer still has some rights too. If you collaborate, you both have free-use rights to the images, so it's best to get it in writing if you want to control usage.
4. Have fun! If modelling starts to make you insecure and unhappy, just stop. It's an extremely hard business to succeed in and will take lots of work. It's easy to get disheartened and start telling yourself you'd do better if you were thinner/prettier/etc.

I stopped modelling because I got sick of swimming against the tide. It's so over-saturated now, and so many do it for free/cheap… unless you're already supermodel-tier be prepared to be constantly approached for nude/softcore. Less girls are willing to do that so that's where the money is. Even then, more and more girls are doing it (just like porn) and that money is fast disappearing.

Feel free to ask questions!

No. 76966

“alt-model thot” is not really a good reference tho, I think Op is asking about real models who worked at agencies

No. 76988

is it possible to model just for fun? I'd like to get some professional photos done because I like how pretty they turn out vs a plain selfie. Idk where to start to get a portfolio though. I dont want boring studio pictures like high school photos. I want stuff that they do in tyra's ANTM. its really artsy and fun. again, not trying to get into the business, I just want some nice photos for fun

No. 76990

Obviously, you just have to pay a photographer for it.

No. 76991

I am trying to find an agency. I've already talked to them a bit. Do you think there will be less weirdos in the agency combared to freelance (its my countrys biggest and most well known agency)?

No. 76992

If you’re not interested in my experience, then don’t heed it. They didn’t specify what type of modelling, and I still worked with photographers, got published and paid for it. (In addition, I did get asked to sign with Diesel, but I had already gotten tattoos so it didn’t work out. C’est la vie!)

There are a high percentage of weirdos in modelling purely because it’s a competitive and creative industry. All I will say is that a good agency will never ask you to pay for photos/opportunities, and if they ask you to sign anything read it very carefully. Well done though, and good luck anon!

No. 77010

You are rude anon.

No. 77012

Sure, sign up on any photography/model platform (don't know what they have in your country but smth like model mayhem), ignore all the creepy "photographers" that hit up new sign-ups to do "classy nude shots", and find someone who seems trustworthy and talented enough to build up a portfolio. if you're any good at modelling you'll soon have more and more serious requests to work with you, usually on a TfP (Time for Print/Picture) basis, neither of you gets money but you both get to use the pictures in a non-commercial way.

No. 92950

Thought this might be interesting to some of you:
This small youtube channel is run by a photographer who interviews unknown (mostly Russian) models working in Asia.
She asks them about things like how they got into modeling, tips, crazy stories (mainly about how awful China is, e.g. weird and long shoots, muas using dirty makeup, shitty apartments, having to go to clubs to earn extra money or that the European models don't get along with the Brazilian ones), their daily meal plans and also about eating disorders. Most seem to be very honest about everything.
It's really interesting getting an insight in how the industry really is and also inspirational in terms of losing weight. Also, many of them are still very young, but some also only started out when they were already in their 20s, after Uni.

No. 93017

Semi attractive girl here who's always thought of modeling

Two questions
>How old really IS too old to model?
With IG and shit these days it seems like it's not off limits to girls over 25 anymore but is that a reality in serious modeling?
>How do you learn your angles?
Are there resources out there to learning your angles and hiding your flaws on camera? I'm okay when it's selfies but i'm awful at getting good shots taken of me if someone else is in control of the camera.

No. 93029

Do you guys want actual honesty?

My mom used to work for a fashion house in the early 2000s-2010

Models were classified in the following categories by the angency she worked with

(at the time idk about anything past 2013) *

>blonde Russian look (perfect for asian and middle eastern catalogs)

Usually between the ages of 13-20 something
-they get paid miserably in China and other fast fashion retailers
-very hard to stand out

-most likely to get accepted in any catalog shoots (fast cash)
-usually from poor countries if they succeed they can usually get paid more than 3 times the average wage (unlikely unless they sleep with a good photographer/they manage to stand out)

*this also includes blondes from regional Brazil

>Odd look (15-23 ish) think Allison Harvard

-they are the darling and muse of the designer in the best case scenario
-easily can become the flavour of the week in artsy product placements in magazines or websites (slower but better paid than variety catalog)
-most likely to succeed if given enough spotlight
*this includes biracial passing models and Mediterranean/Arab models

>Token POC girl

-as the title says certain “ethnic” looks are usually rejected and most of them fizzle away by the end of the season (unless they stand out)
-contrasting pieces are usually worn by these models so that means more chances of getting noticed

If you fall in any of these categories you are in luck (kind of)
Here are your options
>get discovered at a shopping mall by a scout
If legit it will open important doors for you
“Just pay this amount of money to become a model!!!”

>attend a large gathering of one of the agencies you are interested in with relevant paperwork

You’ll be judged and assessed quickly and your headshot will be taken

>indie brand/artsy modeling

(Instagram or other platforms)
Think Etsy catalogs and other small businesses
It will help you build your portfolio
It could make you look comercial

2018 tips

Instahoes are different to indie modeling in Instagram (it’s how you handle yourself that will decide if you move in your career or not)
Social media could launch your career in no time but that’s completely unlikely unless you go viral or semi viral

Now for the reality check?

I’ve seen drop dead gorgeous women cry and puke everywhere in the toilets available for them to use.
Cotton balls and orange juice?
Global human trafficking?
Yes, it’s fairly common with “totally reputable agencies”
Pushy photographers and getting changed to almost butt naked in public

Getting crammed in small apartments on top of the girls you are competing with it’s also not fun

Even if you are the most beautiful woman alive someone’s daddy could have done a deal with someone and now your shoot is hers.

Fashion designers are scary and their world is beautiful and ruthless

No. 93089

That's bullshit, there are just as many brunettes as well. Being Russian also isn't a "requirement", if you look at Paris FW there are many Russians, but also girls from other (typically tall) European countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, … As long as you're minimum 5'10/178cm, BMI 16 and white skin, it doesn't really matter. I'd rather say that there are no longer as many Brazilians (but maybe it's different in America).

About the age thing, for example Agyness Deyn lied and said she's younger than she actually is, so if you keep your age a secret, as long as you look 20… I assume you don't plan on this being your main career anyways.

>Odd look (15-23 ish) think Allison Harvard

That's completely unrealistic, most "muses" are stereotypically beautiful girls. You only get a pass for being slightly shorter or having a weird face if your daddy is rich (and btw nobody has even heard of Allison outside of the US…)

No. 93210

these vids are super interesting and let me practice my russian listening skills, ily anon

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