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No. 75431

Can we PLEASE get a thread about the female body/anatomy? A lot of girls don’t seem to know what’s “normal” in their body. I didn’t know that discharge was normal till two years ago, I thought I was broken because of it.
I didn’t know that nipples can discharge liquid despite not being pregnant/breast feeding.
I would really appreciate it if we can get people to post what’s normal/not bad about the female body. Thanks.

No. 75439

Nipple discharge can be a sign of breast cancer

No. 75449

Oh shit

No. 75452

It's probably not cancer, but it could be. I might also be a hormone imbalance. You should see doctor.

No. 75455

I’ve had nipple crusties but never liquid discharge?

No. 75456

This is my first thought. Nipples should never be discharging unless for pregnancy, a hormone imbalance, or something like tumors. Scary stuff.

No. 75461

I get them too, but I also have high prolactin (I suffer PCOS and many other endocrine issues).

No. 75465

I didn’t know that your discharge can bleach your underwear. I thought there was something wrong with me but turns out it’s normal.

No. 75473

Despite having gone through “sex Ed” several times in middle school and high school, I did not know that women should always use the bathroom after sex to avoid UTIs for my first year or two of having sex as an adult. They always focused on STD gross outs and how babby is formed

No. 75474

Does anyone else get vaginal discharge? When I asked my friends they would say they only get it near or after their periods and not on a regular basis. I thought I was fucked for a long time til I saw a gyno

No. 75475

File: 1519585198243.jpeg (28.02 KB, 236x354, 068165DA-C03C-4B06-9FEA-BE0475…)

Discharge can be normal, but also can mean different things when not in its normal form.
I’m at work, but search it up for more information.

No. 75476

your discharge bleaching your underwear is normal yes but it also means your pH balance is more on the acidic side. The cause of this is often diet related, especially if you consume a lot of caffeine. My discharge bleached my underwear regularly for a long time until I decided to cut my caffeine consumption to maybe one coffee a week and now I have no bleaching.
(Not that bleaching is a terrible thing, just if anyone wanted to know why it happens and how you can perhaps prevent it)

No. 75477

I get discharge all month long. Your discharge indicated the point of your cycle you're currently in. White milky discharge is normal before and after menstruation and clear mucus like is normal during your fertility window. If you're a healthy fertile young woman your vagina is likely constantly producing discharge since it's self cleaning and simple a very busy body part

No. 75483

bleaching can mean too acidic or basic, it depends. it can also be from pee (gross i know)

No. 75485

True. Pee is literally just acid.

No. 75518

File: 1519632461287.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.5 KB, 360x540, ocesn.jpg)

bless this thread, thanks anon

so the bane of my life is I have like, fucking conical tits
they're not necessarily small but they sag and are like pic related. just smooth and pointy and mostly nipple like covering the point

i have never been and will never be comfortable braless tbh

i assume nothing changes this. i'm really curious as to what makes boobs develop like this??? fml

No. 75520

not sure what causes this (I'd guess genetics) but I have the same boob/nipple combo going on although I'm like an A cup. They just always look so puffy and conical when going braless, I absolutely hate it

No. 75521

Me too anon, it's pretty common. Love your tiddies, they're fine.

No. 75524

Same, they get really pointy when I bend over a little bit or when I'm on all four, sometimes I get self conscious when I'm over a guy and I know he can see my small pointy titty but I try to fake ultra confidence until I really feel good about myself.

No. 75527

Actually urine can be acidic, alkaline or neutral depending on many factors like diet.

No. 75577

Do you guys also get a lot of smegma and itch down there the week before your period? I've been like this for at least a couple of years now and on one hand it's convenient because i know when i'll get my period but on the other hand i have to shower like twice a day and it fucking itches.

No. 75580

what is this, discharge for ants?

No. 75583

I have similar boobs and i really like them actually. I think it's just genetics. Some of us are just pointy and puffy lol.

No. 75600

Same! Once a coworker tried to convince me to free the nipple and I thought to myself, bitch if only u knew …

No. 75601

File: 1519674645432.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2438x3000, AA6C2690-18C1-4E32-ADB9-9C96DA…)

ah, “torpedo tits.” yeah, i have those too. it’s a fairly common breast shape but it fell out of fashion as bra shapes and styles changed. if you look at nudes prior to the 80’s you’ll see a lot more breasts that look like that. you can even see them in vintage playboy spreads. it’s only recently that perfectly round and perky breasts have been considered the be-all and end-all of breast shapes.

No. 75606

i lol'd

No. 75610

thanks for the replies friends, my coneboobs appreciate the support

there's a name for it?! at least all the torpedo tits like this or that come up in search are bigger and point upwards or at the very least outwards rather than sagging down like mine.

i also saw someone refer to them as banana boobs lmao
holy crap i just tried to post this and found out i was tempbanned for not spoiling that photo and now i feel like an idiot. least it has expired

No. 75611

File: 1519683601187.jpg (25.26 KB, 283x585, tanner-breast.JPG)

>i assume nothing changes this. i'm really curious as to what makes boobs develop like this??? fml

How old are you anon? I used to have breasts very similar to Faye Reagan in my early twenties but over the years they have become much less puffy. I'm late twenties now.

I think for many women the breast development lags or stops at Tanner stage 4.

No. 75612

i'm 22, thanks for this though it's interesting

the weirdest thing is my boobs somehow become completely normal round boobs when they are cold. like if it's cold my boobs tighten up and completely change shape.

No. 75614

I get really dry and itchy and my discharge changes from clear to thicker and white. Sucks but I’ve found loose cotton knickers and trimming my pubes helped relieve a lot of the itch. Horrible though, like a beehive in your hooha.

No. 75615

Mine too! I have yet to find a trick how to keep them like that and not catch cold.

No. 75616

Same! Like if it’s chilly my tits look immaculate but if it’s not they’re just eh. Could it be the skin pulling in cause of goosebumps?

No. 75617


the hell?? i 100% thought this was a "just-me" thing. why the hell does this happen lmao

No. 75619

i thought this was normal? i mean how often do you EVER see sexy nudes or nude modeling where the woman's nipples are soft? Making them hard usually gives them more shape

No. 75622

I don’t really look at nudes that much or think about them.

No. 75639

It is normal, but some women don't have them as big and puffy when relaxed. Anyway, my conetitis got better looking when I got fatter and my boobs went from a good B to a full blown C.

No. 75644

isnt this normal for smaller boobs? i actually really like this breast shape. i think it's cute.

No. 75665

Yeah, it’s normal for smaller tatas too.

No. 76073

anyone else gets these zits(?) on their nipple/areola?
I got some and I thought it was those normal milk duct thingys but I popped it and it popped like a zit

No. 76075

Fam I think they are sebaceous pores. Ive got them and so does every pair of boobs I’ve ever seen irl. You’re totally normal

No. 76080

I have a hard pea size lump on one of my vag lips near my hole. I had a bump around the same spot a few years ago but it disappeared. This one has been around for a couple months.
Also my nips are crusty? I've always been able to pick little yellowish brown chunks out of my tit

No. 76084


that might be a bartholin's cyst. they're benign but fucking excruciating, when you start getting the hard pea-sized lump, make sure you clean that area extra well, wear loose fitting clothing to allow air flow, and for the love of god, go to a doctor if it starts getting more painful/infected

No. 76085


don't be so hard on your nips, you don't have to pop those, you might be damaging the skin

No. 76102

I looked that up and it seems right. Thanks!

No. 76114

months? i just got one of these the other day and was under the impression they drain after a couple of days.. do you have sex with it still?

No. 76161

I've had nipple discharge on and off for years. I've gone to the doctor several times and everything is fine. No cancer, no hormonal problems. Because of nipple discharge, I have offered my services to be a wet nurse on several occasions. The pay is astounding.

No. 76163

> The pay is astounding.
Tell me more. What are the requirements, how much does it pay?
I'm in the EU so it's probably not so lucrative here.

No. 76164

I'm a wet nurse for wealthier clients in the United States. We're talking about trophy wives and working mothers in C-suites or biglaw. It has put me through college and I'm preparing to finish my dissertation soon debt free. The best part, one of my clients has offered me a job to go work at their engineering firm for a senior title.

Just don't use prescription drugs, OTC drugs, birth control, and alcohol. I'm a part of the Mormon faith so that plays into an advantage for me.

No. 76189

My boobs have always looked like this, even as an A cup. I only hated it because I have a wide ribcage and it made my chest look a mile wide/long because barely any breast tissue over my nipples.

Yeah these are normal, don’t pop them. They can get infected and swollen if you do.

No. 76190

Thank you for the info! I fit the criteria but I don't think there's much demand in the EU.

Slightly off topic, while I'm not religious in any way I really like Mormons (especially your choirs).

There were a few times that I wished I could join my local Mormon church because the people there are extremely nice and I really liked about them that they don't consume alcohol or do drugs of any kind.

No. 76227

so washing my vagina with soap is bad?

No. 76228

It’s gonna mess up the necessary bacteria down there and can cause dryness, itching, a funky smell, and thrush. Use a clean washcloth in the shower. Soap is fine on the vulva but not inside.

No. 76236

Use vegetable soap (with no fragrance or color added), as in literally it is called vegetable soap and says how pure and gentle it is on the packet.

Most soaps are made from animal fats (tallow) which is really bad for the skin along with other ingredients which are harsh on skin. Don't use shower gel or whatever, just use a soap bar, normal vegetable soap lathered up, that's what I use to wash my whole body.

I've never ever had dryness, infections, thrush, UTIs, nothing, always perfect. I have sensitive skin just in general so I switched to vegetable soap when I was a child

No. 76240

If it’s antibacterial it’s bad for your vagina.

No. 76241

This should maybe go in the vagina general, but since you're all talking about soaps anyway, what about the Simply Summer's Eve foam? I got some and it seems to be gentle, yet cleansing. I haven't gotten an infection or had a reaction yet and I've been using it about a week. But like, is it alright to use long term? Daily or almost daily?

No. 76246

I'm soap bar Anon. Vegetable soap bars (or any soap bars) don't clean, but rather they enable the removal of surface dirt/whatever on the skin due to lather.
Liquid soaps have a different formulation and often have more acidic ingredients/weird ingredients to enable liquid form/lather.
Even though it is "formulated" for intimate use it still is a foaming solution ergo it is not functioning as traditional soap which is basically fat which can be lathered to remove surface dirt. I'm kinda suspicious of a lot of women's products because they are so harsh on skin.
In terms of designed-for x use, baby powder for example is carcinogenic, even though by name it suggests it's fine to use with babies. The product you mentioned is probably not harmful but still operates in an artificial way compared to bar soap so I don't know if it's bad long term, I wouldn't choose to use it due to reasons above but it's obviously up to you.

No. 76249

>still operates in an artificial way compared to bar soap

No. 76252

Functions: I'm only recommending vegetable soap by the way. But if something is in foam format as the mentioned product seems to be, I can't vouch for that being safe as whatever chemical processes required to keep it in a foam format are unknowns to me/probably not natural. People can do what they want of course. I know there are cases when a woman got cancer from using baby powder every day to "freshen up" so these things are important to consider

No. 76262

I know theres already a vagina thread, but i think this fits here since about knowing whats considered “normal” and whats not.
I have pretty long labia and ive always been really ashamed of them and i hate them. Thats not changed but watching this documentry about a women getting labiaplasty did help me see thats its very common and whilst yeah, i dont like them personally theres not anything wrong with them really.

The way this woman talks about her vagina, the diagram she draw etc. even the title of the video, i was expecting some crazy gross mess down there but when then finally showed it (around the 4:30 mark) i thought… is that it? Mine is basically the same! It was no where near bad at all. And shes still attractive.Then i thought about applying that to myself, how i looked at her at thought hey thats so bad, and its helped me be a little more comfortable. Reading the comments too, lots of woman saying how shook they are that her vag looks perfectly fine, some that have the same looking labia or longer and guys saying they dont give a shit.

Also she mention how uncomfortable they were rubbing on her undies etc and im glad i dont experience that at least. I dont really notice it much apart from (tmi) they feel a little dry and get in the way masturbating. Also fuzz from my undies and even toilet paper gets stuck to them and makes me feel pretty gross, anyone else get that?

No. 76263

My gyno told me to never use soap down there, but especially not women’s intimate products. She said they’re just preying on women’s insecurity that their vagina smells and it actually upsets the PH balance, making infection more likely. She recommended just warm water, and to wash as often as you feel is necessary.

No. 76264

Mine can get “dragged in” a little during sex/masturbating, and if I’m rough with wiping I can get toilet paper stuck in between. I think my labia are not that long but they are very full… I always thought it was ugly but my boyfriend likes it.

No. 76266

I tried to fart and as I pushed I felt a sharp pain in my uterus? What just happened?

No. 76306

holy fuck, i was toying with the idea of labioplasty but this video really convinced me not to do it. i wouldnt trust that doctor at all ……

No. 76733

A few weeks ago i noticed what i thought to be an ingrown hair very high up on my inner thigh near my vagina. I tried popping it to get the hair out, but it really hurt so much that i actually screamed…
I haven't shaved in ages and somehow the bump under my skin is a lot deeper and different than with ingrowns? After that it hurt a lot and i was really worried, but the pain went away after 2 days.

Today i accidentally felt that it's still there? My skin is completely flat from the outside, there's just this ball deep inside and the skin on that area is looking slightly like a light bruise.
Any idea?

No. 76734

It’s a lymph node. Don’t squeeze it again, it should go down by itself.

No. 76739


No. 76798

That happens to me, too. There's gas taking up space, and it can make the whole area uncomfortable. For me, this got worse after I got an IUD.

No. 78184

I keep getting these random bump put outbreaks on my body
They're not zits, they're red and puffy but dont stick out a lot and they're flat but spread out, they look a bit like bug bites and aloe vera isnt working

No. 78185

Also ik they arent stds because im not sexually active, it started with my inner thighs but im also finding some on my chest, thighs, back, legs, even my feet and stomach, my mom also had a a huge gross rash on her stomach but mine bumps and her rash look nothing alike but we're both getting worse not sure if its connected or not however

No. 78190

kinda sounds like hives no?

No. 78261

Thats what it looks like or bed bugs, I'm heading to a walk in clinic rn and I will keep updated

No. 78292

They said allergic reaction to meds

No. 78306

Hives it is. They suck but at least that's pretty benign. Did they tell you to take antihistamine?

No. 78323

They gave me a steroid shot which made a lot of them go down within minutes and then pill versions of the steroids and something to soothe redness, thanks anons!

No. 78332

Every few months or so I notice a bump on the inside of my outer labia, it doesn't hurt or last that long and it's always in the same spot. I've never had sex so I don't think it's an STD or anything, is it normal?

No. 78344

First thought is bartholins gland cyst, but those are often misdiagnosed. It's definitely something I'd see a gyno for if you can

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