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No. 73778

Hair removal of this level—how do you do it, what’s a waste of money, what’s a good
investment? Whether have this intense of hirsutism or just have tips for facial hair removal in general.

Pic related is just about my level of facial hair growth. I pluck daily or every other day. I’ve never tried shaving. I have been wondering a while about the prescription Vaniqua, any anons tried it?

No. 73780

Laser and epilators for life.

No. 73786

File: 1516724207506.jpg (198.03 KB, 595x800, shaving_cream_girl_by_shavingc…)

I have much thicker/denser and spread out beard stubble than op pic (like a man's almost..) and vaniqua did nothing for me but burn my face after shaving and give me acne. I tried both brand and off brand 3 months each and really noticed no reasonable difference.

I did see a lot of people swearing by it online but I honestly think your money would be better put towards laser, since a tiny tube is nearly $100 any way and you can never stop using it or the hair returns.

Saving my money for laser personally, it's the only thing I've seen a difference from. I can't let mine grow long enough to wax and there's too much to pluck or epilate. Creams even for mens beards just burn my face with no real results. Tried those at home laser things from Sephora (don't remember the name brand but it's expensive as fuck) and felt they were a huge waste of money too (despite having pale white skin and dark hair, supposedly the 'prime candidate' for this garbage).

Recently bought a double sided safety Razor, old fashion razor cream and a brush and I'm finding it much better (and cheaper) than my usual gilettes razors, so I recommend the investment there for anyone whose going the shaving route in the mean time.

Good luck everyone~

No. 73795

Save up and get a laser treatment

No. 73810

Has anyone got a laser treatment for arms? I see ofers for legs, face and "bikini", but not for arms. It can't be this different.

No. 73815

I currently get laser hair removal on underarms, front to back brazillian and nipples and it is the best money I've ever spent. Genetically my hair is extemely dark but I'm pale and white. I was surprised by the results the first time, I didn't need to shave my underarms after the first session and most of the hair on the top of my pubic area fell out, obviously you are still required to do more than one session as there are different levels of growth but even after the first I was excited to do more.

Make sure its laser, not IPL. Laser works better. They say you can expect 70-90% hair loss and you should go every 4-6 weeks to catch the hair in different growth cycles.

It hurts, I'm not going to lie. I was surprised by the pain however it was fine immediately after and took about 10 minutes to do all the areas I specified.

Most places do all areas anon, you can ask them or try and so some online research for other places as most places list prices online.

No. 73823

i have it really bad on my chin and neck, but rather than just being hair, they're always thick ingrown hair. so i have scars from trying to remove the hairs.
the fact that i have trich/dermotillomania and hirsutism drives me into picking/pulling episodes and panic i'm losing my mind.

No. 73865

If you aren't already shower the area with hot water and use a gentle exfoliant on that area.
Then once out hold a hot damp cloth pressed against the ingrown hairs. Get some hydrogen peroxide and put it on a cotton ball and press that against the ingrown hairs also. It won't work instantly but I always notice a difference in lowered inflammation overnight. Hydrogen peroxide might sting slightly for like two seconds if you've been picking at the area but nothing unbearable. I know you said you pick/pull but if the ingrowns are initially caused from shaving I still highly recommend
>a double sided safety Razor, old fashion razor cream and a brush
(I meant shaving soap)
Shaving soap and a good brush made 1000% difference with my ingrowns even without the double sided safety razor (Though I've gotten 0 since switching to it)

Iirc if you're picking/pulling and the hair is just breaking off instead of pulling out at the root that will also exasperate the problem. So if you're able, try to carefully tweeze to pull out the entire hair to the root.

I don't have the same issues so this might be B.S.- BUT taking kava kava (I just get pills from my local drugstore that aren't as gross or potent as the drinks), magnesium citrate and valerine root supplements have really helped with my anxiety/OCD type rituals so might be worth looking into to help with impulsive picking/frustration/melt downs etc

Good luck anon

No. 73880

File: 1516767940718.jpeg (46.47 KB, 600x600, F697234B-1FE3-4048-9794-AF27A7…)

What I’m also curious about anon (OP here) is how you plan to manage the hair growth in the days or weeks leading up to your laser appointments. I have gone six days without plucking before and the growth was horrendous. I hate the idea of just using makeup to cover it or taking time off work to avoid leaving the house. I guess that’s life but…is there any other way?

No. 73882

File: 1516769300154.png (16.65 KB, 827x168, laserhairremoval.png)

The place I went to before lets (even encourages) you shaving before appointments (I've even had times where I went in after having only shaved in the morning, and thus forced to do it again at the appointment)

probably depends on the place (or lasers they use? I have no idea), but lots of places are pretty understanding that women aren't going to let their facial hair grow out prior to or in between appointments, so don't be afraid to call in and ask!

(pic related is what my favored local place says about it)

No. 73885

Forgot to mention/a tip for anyone doing laser: bring a scarf if you want, haha

I use it to hide my face before/after the appointment, since you obviously can't wear make up during. Sometimes the laser can cause swelling/redness after the appointment or in following couple days, too (whenever I had to work with swelling I just said it was an allergic reaction or somesuch. Worked with the public, so a little embarrassing, but I think it's worth it to be rid of facial hair…)

No. 73909

How do you find a good laser hair removal place? It's not something I would just take the best deal on groupon for.

No. 73922

Personally I looked a lot into offsite reviews/what information they offered online, then if I was interested phoned in to see what else they could tell me or if I could get a consultation. The place I chose offered discount coupons for good Google reviews, so I looked at the reasons for any lower reviews/read the more detailed ones instead. They have in-house doctors and the tech's are all medical professionals in training so I felt a lot better with that opposed to the average beauty salon. It's really nice if you can find a place that offers per-appointment payments instead of locked in package deals in case you end up disliking them, too.

A couple things you might want to ask:
Do they have up to date equipment
Do they lower/heighten the treatment strength based on results/client comfort
Do they offer a numbing gel (this might cost extra, you can buy from your pharmacy usually if not) before treatment?
W/e else you're curious/concerned about

They should also check/ask your medical history before each session (make sure there's nothing conflicting going on - Ie. You haven't been on Accutane in the past year)

But honestly it's not as sketchy or invasive as you'd think, assuming they practice proper hygiene and such. It does hurt like a bitch on thick hair but worth it.

No. 83386

File: 1527229023768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 756.59 KB, 1439x1044, Screenshot_20180525-154140_Gal…)

What should I do about this? I keep plucking but it just leaves my skin bumpy

No. 83400

Looks like ingrowns if that was a question and they could become infected, leave it alone for a bit, wash it well and keep it clean and disinfected.

Salisylic acid is great for ingrowns and slighty anti bacterial.

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