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No. 72490

Is there any male perfume that you just find extremely alluring?

A co-worker of mine has one that I found repulsive at first because if was rather strong, but ask I got used to it I found myself chatting him up to bask in it.

I still dont know what it is because I did not found a subtle way of asking….

No. 72491

No, I think they all smell like shit.

No. 72512

File: 1514861083683.jpg (47.46 KB, 550x600, 7735lrg.jpg)

Bay rum is technically for men, but I love it so much I use it. It's spicy and delicious.

No. 72514

All men's perfumes/body washes/shampoos smell disgusting. I hate that they're advertised as being alluring to women too because they drench themselves in it, thinking they smell great when it has the opposite affect.

No. 72515

File: 1514863706678.jpg (27.03 KB, 800x800, irish-2-800x800.jpg)

Not a cologne necessarily, but there's this bar soap called Irish Spring that smells amazing. It's the perfect sexy male scent to me. I don't know if they make it in body spray form but if they do, I wouldn't be opposed to every man on Earth spritzing some and doing the walk through trick every morning. It's heavenly and i've even debated beginning to use it myself and just not caring if I smell masculine or not.

If you think it's weird that I'm sperging over men's soap, I'm just going to assume you haven't smelled it yet tbh.

No. 72517


Idk. I tend to think mens cologne smells better than the typical fruity/floral/sweet scents that womens products have. I mean I like feminine perfume but I wouldn't like to smell it on a dude.

No. 72518

File: 1514868024317.jpg (138.81 KB, 900x900, 146102.jpg)

Terre d'Hermes.
Used in moderation it smells so fresh and nice. Could spray it on my pillow.

No. 72533

Lol I have never smelled this soap before but I keep hearing it mentioned. I feel like ordering it online to see what all the fuss is about.

Tbh I'm really fussy about women's perfume too. I think most smells really chemical-y and if anything, I'd go for really simple scents. So maybe my problem is just with perfume in general, it's just men's perfume is always stronger.

No. 72537

File: 1514891466991.jpg (17.74 KB, 375x500, 375x500.14746.jpg)

I love smelling pic related. Makes me nostalgic.

No. 72542

File: 1514898701024.jpg (111.96 KB, 900x900, 278180.jpg)

I use Dolce and Gabbana's The One when I can be bothered to put a perfume/cologne on. I like sweet perfumes but most women's are usually too sugary, but this one is mild and mature with a lot of varied notes to it. Also a fan of Lacoste white edition.

Same lmao I'm very picky if I do use women's products. I don't want my bf to feel weird if I smell too much like a dude so all my bath products + lotions are fruity / sweet. I won't let go of Old Spice deodorant though (Denali is my favorite). My boyfriends have used various types from the brand and they all smelled really good in different ways.

No. 74540

File: 1517645272799.jpg (58.91 KB, 375x500, 375x500.16657.jpg)

There's a surprising amount of variety in men's colognes.
Body sprays or basically anything for men in your local WalMart are all likely to smell like a high school locker room though.

You might like Eros Versace for men. It's still masculine, but pretty flowery for a men's cologne.
Imo a girl could get away wearing it. Looks like pic related.

Grew up using this, since my parents bought it in bulk for the family from Costco.
Smells nice, but dried out my skin like no other, and felt like it left a film on my skin.

No. 74542

File: 1517646442332.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x500, Caron.jpg)

Pour un homme de Caron is the best men cologne to my nose.
It's the most elegant lavender vanilla ever, it smell heavenly even on a lady.
It's an old scent (1934) and supposedly it smell like the product barbers used back then, it's seriously divine and very charming.

No. 74554

Same, I just really like this smell too.

No. 74568

I loved Gray Flannel when I was in high school.

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