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No. 72097

I adore Liz Lisa's basket purses. Does anyone like handbags? It seems like basket purses in general are hard to come by. Chanel bags are cute but I wish they were a bit bigger because I'm not into wallets or clutches. My dream bag was that Louis Vuitton cherry blossom collection that came out when I was in junior high and I doubt the listings on ebay are legit.

No. 72176

No. 72188

I've never cared for brand names. I never really liked the idea of a logo being enough to make a design "good" if that makes sense. I grew up watching my aunt and cousin go fucking INSANE over handbags with Louis Vutton logos all over it that looked identical to one they had the year before that and the year before that. It's a status symbol first and if you happen to get one that is actually a cute and unique design I'll never hate someone who loves brands, but god damn people like my aunt weird me out when it comes to bags.

For me I look for a cute design first, sturdiness second (The way I see it if it breaks it's an excuse to buy a new purse), size third, price fourth, and brand absolute last.

I personally love a lot of backpack style purses (I love them for concerts or travel because it doesn't feel like I'm lugging a purse everywhere but a normal backpack, even the cute ones still looks like i'm in gradeschool.

Honestly I'm more into shoes I'm just now realizing, do we have a shoe thread?

No. 72191

I haven't seen a shoe thread in the catalog. Why not make one?

No. 72194

File: 1514507237869.jpg (47.23 KB, 776x473, cc.jpg)

I love Chanel's double flap bags. I have a black silver hardware chanel flap in lambskin in jumbo. The Jumbo sizes are quite roomy honestly, and its a good investment if you don't change your style a lot. That particular bag has always been a timeless style.

I love watching youtuber's post videos about "what's in my bag" lol. Idk why, so addicting. I like seeing what people carry and maybe it might help me carry stuff I need?
I like having one bag for different occasions. I have a small Kate Spade clutch on a gold chain, and it has minnie mouse on it. Its so cute. Its in a nude color to match pretty much anything, and I like it when I don't feel like carrying a lot besides some cash and my phone. I also have an ita bag for conventions or just day trips to Disneyland/Zoo/etc for carrying a lot of junk like snacks, merch, water, etc. It's nice to have an oversized tote bag too.

The liz lisa basket bags seem cute but they look fragile, are they durable?

No. 72204

>The liz lisa basket bags seem cute but they look fragile, are they durable?

I've been wondering this myself.

No. 72209

I'm obsessed with Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. But all my shit is fake and everyone assumes they're real lool.

I finally found the perfect Le Boy bag and can't wait until it gets here ughhh.

No. 72212

i have a few, soft ones are very durable, but they have some hard weave that i only take around with me every once in a while. they are very delicate.

No. 72214

Where do you buy your fakes for Chanel? the community is all hush hush about it, with usually wechat sellers or something. I've seen some sellers on aliexpress and ioffer but I'm not sure if the quality is "1:1".

No. 72222

File: 1514521501267.jpg (358.29 KB, 1200x1200, 463491_K5I5T_8358_001_060_0000…)

I recently bought a Birkin 45 in red, mainly because I wanted a bigger and more classic shaped bag- most of the ones in my collection, like the Gucci Sylvie and Givenchy Pandora, are really beautiful but definitely not a classic shape.

I bought pic related because I wanted something cheap and simple for school but I think I'm going to return it because I hate monogram.

No. 72227

File: 1514524552197.jpeg (393.64 KB, 898x733, 604A0788-E63E-40F5-AB92-C4F0AE…)

I have never heard of Liz Lisa until this website lol. Pic related is my everyday wristlet, I don’t like carrying purses because I’m extremely forgetful but carrying a wristlet means it’s like jewelry and I’m not gonna leave a bracelet somewhere.

But I really like Betsey Johnson purses.

No. 72234

File: 1514527254596.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1440, textgram_1514526926.png)

Love Ted Baker with the rose gold accents and bow, feminine design, shades of pastel pinks and quality leather. A true lady's bag.
Pic related; My collection.
First on the top left was my first Ted Baker, a 2015 release, of which is no longer in production sadly.

No. 72235


Betsey has some tacky shit, but I will agree that I've wanted some of her more toned down purses.

No. 72236

You can find sellers on reddit/repladies
I haven't bought using wechat because its pretty much impossible to sign up now. But some sellers listed are on whatsapp, skype, etc.

These reps are expensive like 200-600 depending on the seller, but they are (mostly) very good quality and use real leather.

No. 72237

Well then, you had best hurry, because last I heard, Ted Baker has massive reductions at the moment for clearance of his current collection.
You may find something. But as I said, many of the items have been snatched up already. But you'll never know if you don't look.
You have Ted Baker in the US you know, and in Canada at Nordstrom.
It is a British Brand I believe, or Scottish, as the man behind Ted Baker is Scottish and started off as a fine shirt tailor for men based in Scotland.

No. 72238

Bless you and I hope you get whatever you want in 2018.

No. 72249

Different anon and I don’t know whether I should profess my everlasting love for you or not but I just bought two handbags from the sale thanks to you. I’m near broke and will have trouble affording the rent but it will be so worth it, I think. Pretty sure I got the last FREYAA one!

I ordered these lovelies. <3


No. 72252

Perhaps it would've been best if you picked one, your most favourite, rather than getting two and potentially jeopardising money for rent despite how tempting the bags are. It's still just a bag when it comes down to it and having a roof over your head is more important.
But then again, the purchases of both made you happy even though you'll probably feel a bit guilty for your spending and not prioritising rent. Rent doesn't make you happy, it's simply a boring necessity forced upon us and part of the boring responsibility of being an adult that sucks up your hard earned cash and is "dead money" of which you get no enjoyment from.
Just ask your parent(s) for help with the rent this month or someone close kek you got to treat yourself sometime.
Anyway i'm sure you wouldn't have done it if it would've really put you in a bad situation.
Just enjoy them.
Rent you can make up for at anytime but these bags are a one off; once it's gone, it's gone, and if you look after them well, you'll have them forever.

No. 72253

Keep us updated and tell us what you think when you finally receive them.

No. 72254

I really like Samantha Vega bags. Liz Lisa is cute too. I just like extremely girly bags so if anyone can recommend a higher end brand with a girlier style, that'd be great.

No. 72255

Thank you for the concern, anon! I’m currently staying at my parents’ house due to health reasons/general apartment issues in my country and they’re very chill about rent so we don’t have a set payment date or anything. I need to learn to control my urges for when I hit university, though…

Will do!

We’ve been discussing Ted Baker bags; super pretty and feminine. Some of Betsey Johnson’s bags are girlishly pretty too but you need to sift through a lot of tacky stuff to find them. Not sure about any of her current collections, though. Some Juicy Couture bags are very cute and pretty too but as with Betsey Johnson (albeit less extreme), you need to sift through a bit of cringe to get there.

No. 72272

File: 1514583990339.png (151.79 KB, 485x401, Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 1.46…)

Kate Spade has some cute designs too, maybe a bit similar to Ted Baker

No. 72285

Idk, there's something lacking in her bags such as in your related image. Her bags seem bulky, compared to Ted's which seem more fine.

No. 72753

What is the appeal of Hermes?

No. 72755

agree. it's like almost good but not quite there.

No. 72757

File: 1515044340048.jpg (55.29 KB, 397x425, 677558.jpg)

I'm not much more brand names but I do love the timeless style of Chanel bags. I would love a bag like pic related or the one in OP image - something that would go with most of my outfits and still be stylish.

I treat all my purses terribly though. I have no idea if I could justify a luxury brand purse with how careless I am with my bags.

No. 72761

File: 1515048286316.png (3.66 MB, 1000x2000, IMG_1.png)

thank you for suggestion this :P I just purchased one very similar to the last bag on the bottom right. In light pink, called Ted Baker Leorr. It's a cute small hangbag!! It fits my phone, some cash, lipgloss, and other small essentials. I like the rose gold change and magnetic closure. The interior is what I love a lot too. Leopards and bunnies! Though I'm a little disappointed since the bag I received mostly shows a leopard in the center, and the bunny is barely visible. Still in love with this bag, so thank you :)

No. 72779

Thank you so much for posting this! I was under the impression for all of these years that chanel only made painfully small bags.

No. 74472

Has anyone tried to design their own bags? I don't mean the basic t-shirt type, but an actual prototype?

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