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No. 68092

Do any farmers plan on becoming a Sugar Momma later in life?

I have plans on staying single until 45 and then start dating a 20-something Korean or Chinese guy.

No. 68110

I have vague plans of doing the same thing, maybe around 30-35 though. I don't expect to be particularly rich so I'd just be a generous cougar. I'm kind of shy though so I don't know if I'd go through with it.

In any case, I support your ambitions.

No. 68112

>older woman
>Asian men

You might want to rethink this.

No. 68113

No, but you do you OP.

>>Why not date a 20-something Korean or Chinese guy now though, while you are young?

I plan on dating older until the day I die, personally. Hopefully I'll marry and stay married until I become a widow or die first though. That'd be ideal.

No. 68118

Not OP, but y?

No. 68119

Asian countries are most accustomed to sugar mommas, western countries don't really get the concept of the woman paying the man.

And it's not a requirement to actually be attracted to the older person, if that's what you're implying. That's what they get paid for.

No. 68140

>20-something Korean or Chinese guy.

Isn't the whole point of being a sugar momma that you actually date attractive men?

No. 68142

I always preferred older guys but as I get close to 30, cute student types are catching my eye. Maybe I'll grow into a cougar, but I'm broke so I don't know how it will work

No. 68161


No. 68173

I think it would be cool but I need money and damn I don't think I will ever have enough to do a good job of it

No. 68226

I don't know if I'll become one but right now I really really want a sugar momma.

No. 68231

File: 1506526859918.jpg (45.65 KB, 700x466, kjhjkhkjh.jpg)

I want to be a rich lesbian sugar momma but I don't have the money for it :'((((

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