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No. 67809

Farmers, do you have Daddy Issues whether it's in the past or present?

Definition of Daddy Issues - having a tumultuous relationship with their Father causing the daughter to engage in questionable behavior in sexual or non-sexual situations.

(No discussion of DDLG please. Daddy Issues is different from DDLG.)

No. 67814

Yeah, my dad was mentally ill alcoholic with questionable morals. I'm just like him but not a psychopath. He's probably the reason I like being humiliated sexually.

No. 67816

I have "Daddy issues" but fuck I hate how sexualized it is, it makes me uncomfortable knowing that people find it hot I have a shitty relationship with my dad, most of the girls who jump on the "teehee I have daddy issues boys" don't even have daddy issues

No. 67818

They only find it hot if you act out sexually cause of it.

No. 67822

most of the girls with daddy issues who acted out sexually because of it didn't even have daddy issues, I know there's a stereotype of some stripper who's dad left them but reality is there's just as many girls with no daddy issues who are sex workers or who have fetishes as there is with daddy issues, if anything, especially in the bdsm community, they have fine relationships with parents, daddy issues is just over-glamorized to the point a girl with a daddy blog who constantly goes on about daddy issues, wears daddy issues t shirts, claims to like a bunch of non-vanilla stuff, etc just goes home to normal parents, or thinks she has daddy issues if her parents are divorced or her dad took away her phone for getting bad grades, I blame lana del rey and ~daddy~ bloggers

No. 67824

my dad was a paranoid schizophrenic who abused drugs & alcohol, was in jail multiple times during my childhood, forced my mom to be the sole bread winner for 4 kids, and died from a drug overdose when i was 12. i feel like i should hate him because everyone else in my family does but i was his favorite and he never yelled at my or hit me as much as my siblings (i think cause im the youngest). he would also show me his soft side and be goofy with me so how i view him is so different than everyone else and it makes me feel bad/guilty. he wasn't straight up an abuser or awful person, he just didnt get the help he desperately needed. i ended up having a psychotic break at 13 and diagnosed with BPD at 15, spent collectively 4 years in hospitals and 2 in group homes. i would have episodes of rage and mania, and self harmed and smoked cigarettes for a few years straight. i gave my virginity away to the first guy who paid attention to me at 15, he never called me back. at 18/19 i had a serious drinking problem for a almost a year. at 19 i made the impulsive decision to be a camwhore, if i could i'd take it all back and would have never started. completely fucked up my life but i still dont blame him. i cope now by smoking a ludicrous amount of weed and staying as busy as i can so i dont have too much time to think. i moved across the country and am renting with my boyfriend, i have a pretty stable job and most days are okay. i dont tell my boyfriend this but i use sex as validation that he still loves me and is attracted to me. i dont say no even if im not in the mood because i like feeling like he cares about me. he's a great guy and like i said, doesn't know this and would probably object to sex if he knew i wasn't actually into it. i wasn't sexually abused so im not sure why i do this. overall im a functioning 20-something year old who isn't doing half bad. sorry this is so blogposty/no one really cares. this topic hits close to home and i never speak about these aspects of my life in person.

No. 67834

that's more radfem than sjw imo. sjws run from discussion of opression of females and love to opt for the easy-out method where you're exactly as oppressed, powerless, and imprisoned as you were before but you say "i like this! i chose it!"

No. 67889

my father left me as a baby and i have no desire to call someone daddy during sex. i fully believe its just a fetish thing and any actual "daddy issues" people just have that fetish coincidentally. its like saying gay people are gay because they got molested by their uncles. correlation does not equal causation.

Also its just a trend at the moment, and you know fucking tumblr will jump all over that shit

No. 67897

my father broke up with my mom before i was born and i have literally never seen him, didn't even know his name until in 8th hrade we had to make a family tree. my grandpa only recently has started to talk to me (i think he's just very shit with children) so i have had no male role models growing up whatsoever. mom probably wouldn't have minded me asking about my father but i never did even when i was little because fathers didn't register as anything important to me (families here are quite matriarchal with passive men) so like his absence didn't bother me.

with my peers i have always avoided guys and any notion i might fancy any of them like plaque. honestly im more horrified they could potentially fancy me. in highschool one of my classmates confessed he liked me and i literally was so disturbed by it i considered transfering lmao.

however with older men im quite easy going, i know it's not how it works and they probably do see me in a sexual way but in my mind they are in the dad/grandpa category and i just want them to like me as much as possible (in a non sexual way though) and get quite jealous when they pay more attention to others.
not sure if qualifies as daddy issues but definitely daddy related issues.
still don't really care or think about my father besides when thinking about all the alimony he owes us and my ugly nose that's obviously his shitty genes

No. 67936

My dad is a (diagnosed) psychopath, narcissist and had severe ADHD. He's a manipulative person, who likes to guilt trip others.
He raped and beat my mom throughout my childhood. He cheated all the time, with everyone.
I don't talk to him anymore, for my moms fault. I still miss him, though i guess i shouldn't

No. 67958

Pretty but the same MO for me too. Dad left before I was born, didn't want anything to do with me, gave complete custody to my mom, didn't think I was his. Grew up with a half sister who had a different dad. Never truly bothered me growing up without a dad, I'd ask my mom sometimes but seeing my mom be independent and happy with just us kids gave me the idea that it didn't matter. Although my friends families, their dads were always nice to me. Kind of like they were father figures to me, even tho they were married.

I'm 23 now and have been ignoring my dad since 18, when he decided to contact me a few days after my birthday. Pissed me off he waited that many years to finally get in touch, after the point of getting CS which I don't even really care if I got the money.

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