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No. 66714

while there are other skincare threads this one is more specific, this could be anything from getting a few pimples before your period to struggling with acne for years
this covers
>diet changes
>lifestyle adjustments

some anons swear that changing your pillow every night works, some think drinking water is the cure, to taking green tea or spearmint supplements, cetaphil, black soap,etc etc

what's your acne like anons? what have you personally found most helpful? what kind of diet, facials or soap would you recommend ?

No. 66718

The only thing that works for me currently is using tea tree gel on the ones that are still active and once they start healing, I cover my face in Sudocrem before I go to bed. When I wake up, the redness is reduced by half. Wash your face twice daily (and three times if you wore makeup that day). Obsessively wash your makeup tools and never use a sponge, they're gross. I also notice that when I go to warm countries, my acne clears up so if you live in a warmer climate, get lots of sun (and if you don't like me…tough luck I guess lol).

Unfortunately, it's a hormonal thing for me so I get really horrible acne once a month whether I like it or not. But you can really help yourself by drinking 2l of water a day, eating fresh fruit and veg and completely giving up dairy (seriously, it's the worst thing you can eat for your skin).

No. 66720

My acne got more under control after I started taking BC in early high school. Right now, it's minor, and that's probably because of how often I pick my skin.

I've been using Stridex wipes forever because they're cheap and effective. I used to wash my face with The Body Shop Green Tea Cleanser (which did work), but switched to the more simple Cerave/Cetaphil/walmart knockoff cleansers, because they're less drying. I think washing your face twice a day and changing your pillow case every few days is really important to avoid acne. I also noticed when I skip washing my hair (even for a day) my face feels more gross, even if I keep my hair up. Might just be my imagination because I don't like skipping hair washes, though.

The one product that I 100% know helps clear my breakouts is the Desert Essence Blemish Stick. They stuffed all the extracts like green tea and whatever else into it so one is ought to work. Been using it for a couple of months without fail, it's great.

I don't wear any makeup apart from BB cream to cover up my laugh line redness, eyeliner, and mascara.

Seconding the fruits/vegetables thing. If you eat nothing but meats, breads, dairy, greasy etc all day, you're gonna feel like shit and it'll reflect on your skin.

No. 66722

What do you do when you want to go to the beach but you have acne? It's my first summer with acne - and no, I'm not a teenager - and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Afaik going to the beach could partially heal it. I'm treating it with what my derm gave me, but it seemed like it healed and after a month it came back but on a different zone of my face.
Full cakeface?

No. 66723

I knew I had zits since I was a kid but I never knew how long I have had it, my mom sent me pics the other day from when I was 7-9, around that age, and I literally had zits even then

I didn't get my period til I was 14 and didn't develop til 16, so it's not like the whole hormones did any favors for me when i was younger, I am 23 now and still struggle with adult acne, especially around my period, but what I found worked was

fish oil pills or flaxseed oil pills
spearmint tea/detox tea or green tea
drinking lots of water, keeping a balanced diet and replacing all my reg dairy with soy or almost
taking most meats out and replacing them with veggies or vegetarian substitutes
working out (sweat clears out your skin)
not wearing makeup except when I go out, then I prime, base, conceal, and set
destressing when needed
blotting papers
doing a acne clearing facial once a week (it doesn't really matter which one you use, but I use queen helene mint mask)
not going out in the sun much, not touching your face, and learning to sleep so your face doesn't touch the pillow, I also have a silk pillowcase
coconut oil (this may not work for you but it worked for me, if it makes you break out don't use it)
tea tree oil, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, don't use all at once though
some facial cleansers that helped were black soap, foaming peach cleanser by tonymoly, and the good ol cetaphil
I also like rosewater toner and clean and clear toner/astringent
No I'm not saying do all of these everyday but find what works for you, I don't have insurance to pay for any acne meds or a dermatologist so I make do what i can, I have has cystic acne and it's clearing up very nicely since I was 18, I just have acne scars, the remaining "scabs" or just spots (not zits) that I need to worry about, I just put coconut oil on them and it helps

No. 66724

File: 1503090560378.jpg (97.5 KB, 500x500, Tinted-Face-Sunscreen_All-Shad…)

depends on where it's at, if it's on your forehead you can just cover it with a hat or bangs, if it's just a small patch on your skin you don't have anything to worry about but there are some tinted sunscreens and moisturizers you can use to hide it a bit, but not wear full on cake face, your skin needs to breathe

No. 66727


tbh I've just been going to the beach with nothing but sunscreen on even though my acne is pretty bad. At soon as you get your face wet it's all just going to wash away anyway.

No. 66736

I have acne and I'm 21, sucks ass. I go to a dermatologist and was on minocycline until last year, which really helps. BC does too.

For my skin, I've been using Yardley soap because it's gentle and smells nice, a washcloth or soft face brush depending on how dry or oily my skin is, and alcohol-free witch hazel for toner. Sometimes I use astringent with alcohol when I'm breaking out more to disinfect.

I have Epiduo and Ziana on prescription, and the doctor said Epiduo is good for bacteria, Ziana is good for oil. Ziana is a trentoin topical so I use it to fade scarring too. Sometimes I also use argan oil and/or lotion if my skin is drying out. I'm trying coconut oil now but carefully. Doesn't seem to break me out but I'm not slathering it on just in case.

My regimen isn't very intensive, but it keeps my skin looking alright most of the time. I'm trying to drink more water and I wear sunscreen more often now.

Staying on top of hygiene and your regimen is the real key to improvement imho! And seeing a dermatologist…

No. 66738

>rosewater toner
does it actually do anything? i bought some expensive ass korean rosewater toner because it had good reviews and i needed to replace my shitty korean aha/bha toner but im skeptical that rose actually has any benefits at all.

No. 66743

>never use a sponge, they're gross
I wear makeup about once a week. When I do, I use those disposable wedge sponges and I use each sponge exactly once. Is this okay?

No. 66747

anyone here with dark skin use hydroquione? It's that bleaching cream for dark spots, got prescribed it from the doctor, trying to get rid of all my acne marks and hyperpigmention. I'm hoping it works well enough throughout the fall and winter so I can go without makeup for once ;(

No. 66755

I have only found two miracle cures for cystic acne.


Stop being paranoid because of side effect horror stories, go see a derm. They will monitor you and if you react badly, you can stop taking it, but chances are it will fix your shit up. My only regret is putting it off for years out of fear and embarrassment, it's the best thing I ever did for my skin.
>hydrocolloid bandaids
The things you put on blisters, they just suck everything out of the pimple overnight and heal the skin, it's awesome. It works for those lumpy, under the skin pimples as long as you can get it open.

I don't find many skincare products helpful. I use them for anti aging purposes even if I risk breaking out, but if I just wanted to avoid pimples I would cleanse once a day and moisturize twice with mild products. Combined with accutane that routine cleared my skin up completely, whereas all those drying, astringent, topical acne treatments did nothing.

No. 66756

something I do for cystic acne that has worked in the past is disinfect the skin, put a tiny prick in the surface of the pimple with a sterilized needle, swab a bit of Stridex over it, wait for that to dry, and then put a layer of vaseline over the top, sealed with a regular bandaid. This is basically the same routine as a hydrocolloid bandage but if you don't have the bandages themselves, this works in a pinch. Usually in the morning there's a TON of pus in the bandage and I can get the rest out without traumatizing the skin too much.

No. 66758

This sounds like a recipe for major acne scars in the future. This really worked for you, anon?

No. 66759

It works, but at only 2% concentration, I'll be scar free in about ten thousand years.

I want to try stronger mixes but everything I read about 4%+ is pretty dangerous cancer-wise.

No. 66760

Usually when I do this it does leave a mark but because I'm gentle and don't squeeze the skin much at all, the mark is minor and fades quickly. That being said, I should have stated that I only do this when I have a really painful pimple that I'm desperate to get rid of quickly, usually on my forehead because those ones give me headaches. If I get one on my cheek or something I just let it heal on its own.

No. 66765

Is it possible to get acne from an allergic reaction? My face was doing okay and then all of a sudden I broke out all over my forehead/chin and even had cystic spot on my cheek. I have oral allergy syndrome and noticed the acne came up the same day I had a reaction to raw carrots.

No. 66766

Now it's on chin and sides of the chin. I should look for this tinted sunscreen!

I know, but I'm really not used to it and I would feel too ashamed to go bare faced in a place with so many people…

No. 66781

yeah but I wouldn't necessarily call it acne, I would just call it a rash
sometimes when I shave or wear certain materials I get "bumps", this can range anywhere from one bump to entire patches, I also live in a hot climate so when I shave my thighs the heat will give me a rash among my thighs and it's sooo embarrassing, I also feel like a lot of people who get acne on their butt or thighs mistake it for acne when it's something else
allergic reactions are easier to get rid of than hormonal acne though

No. 66782

yes, ive had this before. its not really a rash like the other anon said, its more like micro zits. ive gotten them in reaction to face products, and recently, i actually got some in reaction to trying out a new allergy medicine. i tried xyzal for a couple of days, noticed i started getting the same kind of breakout i do when my skin doesnt like a face product. took my usual generic zyrtec and they went away. tested it by trying xyzal again. the night the day i took the pill i started getting those micro zits, didnt take it the next day and the zits were already fading and were gone by the second day.

No. 66783

File: 1503198956740.jpg (1.31 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_1055.JPG)

i has perfect skin and randomly got a breakout on my cheeks that spread to my chin. i literally have NEVER had acne before. i went to the dermatologist and she put me on doxycycline and gave me some topical stuff. it didn't do shit to my face, but it did make my back really soft lol.
after two months of not seeing results, i stopped using the medicine. i stopped washing my face and instead used makeup wipes to take off my makeup, and then a wet towel to get rid of the leftover stuff. i stopped using cream moisturizers and only used aloe vera (the one you can buy from ulta). i'm pretty much only left with scarring, the top pic is my skin literally right now. i'm going to get that huge chemical peel in a few months and hope it fixes the scarring.

No. 66784

*i had
sorry for typos, my phone sucks
also the bottom right pic is from about a month ago, what it looked like when i tried to cover it. i also had a patch on the other side of my face.

No. 66786

Oh that sounds fine. See, the problem with sponges is that when you keep using them it pushes the baceria further into the sponge.

I personally prefer using a brush or my hands since sponges kind of soak up the product but if they work for you, what you're doing is a good alternative.

No. 66787

File: 1503203711794.jpg (17.04 KB, 236x607, 54356543456543.jpg)

Picking at my acne is my biggest vice, I can make the most minor pimple into a acne scar that won't heal for months.
I feel any tiny bump on my skin and I just pick the shit out of it, its so hard to stop as well.

No. 66788

this was me until i had acrylic nails and ripped them off. my real nails were so weak that they just bent and i couldn't even pop a huge pimple. my nails are healthy a month later but i basically kicked the habit from not being able to do it for a month.

No. 66789


I adopted this girl's routine and it's been working better than anything else I've ever tried and I've been trying for at least 4 or 5 years.


I've never actually had a doctor prescribe anything to me though because I'm a poor fag who still uses a family doctor. So no experience with hydroquione

No. 66790

if that is your skin on the bottom right that looks like a rash, like an allergic reaction or if you got mud on your face, the other pics however look like hormonal or stress acne

No. 66791

Nope it was all just acne, just extremely inflamed in that pic. that was it at it's worst, thankfully only lasted about a month before i stopped using the medicine and just used aloe vera to calm it down.

No. 66792

File: 1503208331427.jpg (30.37 KB, 369x292, 1447501741369.jpg)

Anybody got acne under their breasts and/or armpits?

I got this shit and I feel so ashamed about going to the doctor. Even showering twice a day doesn't help it.

No. 66793

you sure it's acne? it sounds like you may be allergic to bra material if it's in that specific area

No. 66794

It is acne, like small bags of pus that once in a while explode. It's pretty disgusting and makes me feel awful.

No. 66795

it sounds like it has a lot to do with your bras, do you wash your bras often? is your skin sensitive and have you had acne anywhere else?
it also could have to do with sweating, if the acne is directly on your armpits then shaving might have irritated it too

No. 66803

Just visit the doctor sweetie, it's only a big deal in your heada!!!!!

No. 66811

File: 1503252322385.png (617.89 KB, 588x710, animenurse.png)

From my 4 year battle with cystic acne, here's what I've learned:

If you suffer from cystic acne (little under the skin pimples around your cheeks and chin/mouth) I highly recommend getting on birth control as cystic acne is often hormonal. Yaz is one of the best for this. Related to hormones, cut out the sugar and simple carbs. When you eat a lot of sugar it causes a spike in your insulin levels, which produces inflammation and = more acne! Make sure you drink lots of water, and eat more vegetables! Keep a container of broccoli/celery/cucumber/etc. and consider it your Good Skin jar. Vegetables are great for making you feel satiated so this is handy for weight loss too.

Another common thing that aggravates acne is overwashing the face and using too many/incorrect products. You should only wash your face a maximum of twice a day with a gentle cleanser that doesn't inflame the skin as overdoing it strips your face of its natural oils which it needs to fight acne, causing it to produce excess oil which = more acne again!

I'm also very wary of using oil products like Bio oil, and all those other fancy sounding oils. Layering your skin in oils can cause further pore blockage which leads to more breakouts. While oil cleansing routines can help it may make yours worse.

Multivitamins that contain Biotin have been known to cause acne because biotin affects how genes in skin bacteria process acne. If you're taking a multivitamin, toss it! Instead, take a fish oil pill. The omega-3s in fish oil is great for reducing inflammation

Retin A is a GODSEND for us cystic prone people. It's a form of vitamin A that makes your skin renew itself faster, shrinks pores causing less blockages and helps with the retention of collagen. So not only does it help stop acne but it has amazing anti-aging benefits! I seriously recommend using a Retin A product if you have acne. Start at the lowest dosage, 0.25%, and apply it 20 minutes after cleansing and whatever moisturizers/etc. you may use.
A word of warning: you may experience a month or two of outbreaks and horrible flaky skin. This is good and to be expected, as all the acne lurking under the skin will get brought to the surface. The flakiness is not dry skin, but excess skin that is renewed faster from the Retin A. It typically takes 3 months before you metamorphosis into beautiful skin.

A simplified version of my skin routine that was recommended by a dermatologist looks something like this:

1. Gentle cleanser
2. Wipe face with 2% salicylic acid on a cotton pad
3. Moisturize
4. SPF

For night replace the 4th step with Retin-A topical cream. Every 2-3rd night use a sulfur mask after cleansing then follow the rest of the steps. Sulfur masks are great for clearing dirt/pore blockages.

No. 66812

2% salicylic acid based product* I'm sure there's many brands that'll contain this. Also, if you're a poorfag like me, I've loved Olay's Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 30. It's cheap, doesn't cause breakouts and contains spf all in one.

No. 66845

PSA, what looks like acne might not be acne.

I had a ton of bumps all over my forehead and cheeks and threw all of my usual lines of defence at them (tea tree oil, rosebud salve, spot treatment with clay mask) and it turns out that I actually had folliculitis and dermatitis from my hair products (tresemme). switched to head and shoulders (the zinc in the formula kills off the fungus that causes dandruff, which is a form of dermatitis)

the best improvement I have seen to my skin in general happened when I started using witch hazel as a spray basically any time my face feels dry, or right after it has been cleansed. i look dewy and barely have any pores and I just need concealer to cover up the scars I have

No. 66860

Hey anon, I've had the same experience as you but in my case the infection is still going on on the sides of my chin. I'm going to buy that aloe vera now.
(And I don't think you'll need that chemical peeling, my cheek scars have faded away completely after a couple of months)

No. 66861

Samefagging, forgot to ask what type of aloe vera product did you buy? Gel, toner…? Name and brand?

No. 66874

>Yaz is one of the best for this.
Don't recommend Yaz to people just like that. Birth control is serious shit and people need to get their hormones tested before they get a prescription.

No. 66882

jfc yeah. hormonal BC made me cry constantly, regress, and forget my own name and everything about myself really. i wouldn't try it for acne unless you've exhausted all your other options

No. 66883

I had severe acne, tried everything, but I saw the dermatologist and they prescribed antibiotics for me which I took for a few months. They also prescribed me Aczone and Differin. Differin you can buy at any drug store, and it helped me so much, it's probably 30 dollars for a large bottle.

Aczone dries out your acne, basically, and Differin prevents new pimples from forming. The antibiotics helped calm down my face, because it was flaring up so bad, but I don't take them anymore.

I definitely suggest this to anyone who has severely bad acne, but doesn't want to try Accutane just yet.

No. 66895

File: 1503353765541.jpg (26.47 KB, 298x379, 1479008629524.jpg)

>tfw no acne for like a month
>wow maybe this adult acne hell is finally ending
>break out in various places on face and NECK the same week I am seeing my bf who I only get to see a few times a year
hold me anons

No. 66898

I know what you mean, the same happens to me, right when the scars start healing a few weeks later acne starts coming up again

I've been getting pimples on my chest, thighs, stomach and butt too, granted it could be razor bumps or an allergic reaction, literally the next day after noticing the zits on my chest and thighs my boyfriend asked for nudes, needless to say I learned a few different angles and poses to hide the zits, I've never had chest and thigh zits before so idk whats up

No. 66907

File: 1503376939169.jpg (108.13 KB, 1200x900, Cuqseh6UsAAmqyZ.jpg)

has anyone tried the light therapy mask?
I wanna try it but I feel like it takes long and doesn't work

No. 66913

it's bullshit honey

No. 66923

File: 1503426513949.jpg (35.31 KB, 475x440, pf5.jpg)

the way i try to gauge how bullshit an acne treatment is, is by thinking about what acne is. where in this process would light be able to help? we may not be dermatologists but some treatments just make way more intuitive sense than others

No. 66925

I have huge pores on my nose and picking at them and releasing them doesn't do anything except for a day or two, is there anyway to shrink the pores on my nose?

No. 66928

i have that same problem. i wash my face twice a day with a CeraVe face cleanser but it guess its not really meant to help with that in particular..

No. 66935

I expoliate 3 times a week and the rest use a gentle fash wash for hydration, and I even use cold water. But it doesn't seem to help. I think I'm doomed to have large pores like my grandmother.

No. 66936

DAE feel like popular pore clearing stuff doesn't work on them really at all? I've finally gotten my hormonal cystic acne under control by doing cleanser,a script gel, mario badescu rose water spray, and salicylic acid wash the next morning,but i'm stumped on blackheads. I have a lot that are definitely blackheads, not just sebum in pores, that seem too deep to clear out. I've tried biore pore strips and those metal loop things (that I know aren't the healthiest but they should WORK) and they do nothing. I'll just be able to get whiteheads but the blackheads won't budge. Amazonian healing clay seems to be able to clear pores with material close to the surface but the deep blackheads are still unaffected, and I follow the directions carefully and use apple cider vinegar to activate it. Any ideas or reccs?

No. 66940

Only laser can shrink your pores afaik.

No. 66942

File: 1503436265263.gif (1.76 MB, 500x281, tumblr_olrmy4djBG1tydz8to1_500…)

>tfw when you're a broke teenager(18) working your ass off for minimum wage and had awful acne since 10 yrs old and parents rather spend 2000$ to make you get braces you didn't want rather than get you a dermatologist because "just wash your face you look fine"

No. 66948

Hey, there's nothing wrong with having a good smile. Braces are a good investment.
How much do dermatologists in your area ask for? Usually they're not really expensive. I can afford a derm but not braces, you can do it anon

No. 66956

eh, my teeth weren't THAT bad, I had a bit of a gap and overbite but it didn't look like I chew bricks in my freetime or anything, however I'd rather just deal with gaps and overbite than to have cystic acne, the dermatologist here are about 100$ a visit and 30$ for a prescription, they're just pretty old school and think that I need to gain confidence and I get the whole "ooo you look fine you're beautiful already just wash your face" talk, I had to fight them to get 10$ gym membership which I paid for myself because they think altering myself in big ways is just me being an insecure little girl

No. 66957

I also like to add, I can't afford any medical right now because I wanna save up to move out, I'm also very hairy to the point of growing a very visible mustache and they fight me when I wanna get a 5 dollar wax lul

No. 67011

Your teeth are far more important than your skin.

No. 67025

Not really, my teeth weren't THAT bad, but if I'd choose between getting rid of acne vs having fucked teeth I'd choose getting rid of acne, people only see my teeth when i talk or smile however people see my skin all the time and I hate wearing makeup

No. 67028

uh ok dentistchan. not like it depends on the severity or person's taste. so much worse to have a few cute crooked teeth than a face covered in painful beet-red cystic acne

No. 67033

I think there's some evidence red+blue light can kill bacteria on your face, I remember talking about it in some other thread but already forgot specifics.
But yeah, it's probably not top efficacy treatment.

No. 67055

I see where you're coming from, but aren't braces for aesthetics rather than to alleviate health problems most of the time? I got Invisalign but I didn't need them. My teeth were crooked before but I didn't have any jaw/oral issues.

But everyone sees your skin. Even with amazing makeup, everyone can see when you've had a breakout. Maybe most people don't care, but they'll notice. Bad skin can also indicate that you're having issues with digestion or hormone imbalance.

No. 67061

My skin is really nice lately. I've went from high-end products or korean products to just good old drugstore Cerave. The latter is the best, combined with BHA. My skin has never looked better…
Except for my chin. Hormonal acne, that seems to come in clusters for a few weeks and then disappears for the next few months, and so on and so forth. I just can't figure out what it is. They leave scars and are just, huge cystic pimples that hurt. I'm not on BC but I'm considering it at this point. Help

No. 67216

whats the best products you recommend anon?
I use to use peach foam cleanser by tonymoly, witch hazel toner, then whatever moisturizer I have, but what are the best high end products?

No. 67221

I have the same problem and it sucks. I get pimples like that on my chin and for some reason on the angle of my jawline. Why …

No. 67225

Same. I've never had skin problems till I turned 19 and now my chin is just gross and scarred. My topical prescription worked for half a year but it's come back and ruined all my healing.

My sister had the same cystic acne issues and hers has cleared up since she started BC. I'm scared of the side effects though, mainly weight gain. Hopefully a BC-anon can help.

No. 67244

File: 1504060596950.jpg (107.75 KB, 717x634, 1496788906948.jpg)

I've been dealing with acne breakouts all around my chin and side of my face for months now! Even when I was a teenager I never had breakouts this bad. At this point I'm going to go back to Cerave and Cetaphil products; like >>67061 I've been throwing money at Korean skincare products for over a year now and not seeing any results.
It's not fair, how is it that acne can become worse when you're an adult?

No. 67245

Anyone got legit tips for thigh zits? Or well they're not really zits in their true sense. More annoying tiny spots similar to blackheads idk? They always appear in clusters on the side below the hip

No. 67249

File: 1504067039569.jpg (26.42 KB, 300x267, Red-Erythematous-Acne-Scars-on…)

my zits are almost all gone currently and what it has left me with is this flat, red dots, they aren't zits but what do people use to get rid of them?

I heard skin whitening can work but also scar cream like neosporin can work

No. 67250

I get the same thing I think?
I always thought it was a rash. It goes away with some cortisone cream for me.

No. 67251

File: 1504075280129.jpg (2.75 MB, 2976x2976, 20151103_095836.jpg)

>finally get prescription for minocycline to treat rosacea
>on it for about two months now
>skin nearly completely clear for the first time in years
I know some types of acne are resistant but mine doesn't seem to be. I'm so happy.

No. 67259

1. Do you touch your face? Lean your head on your hands?
2. If it's chin and jaw area it's most likely hormones. I used to have really bad, constant breakouts on my chin and left cheek and it turned out to be hypothyroidism. Once i got them sorted with meds it all disappeared completely.

No. 67266

I know it's silly and elementary but don't forget to change your sheets regularly and wash them with 80 degrees celsius water and a good laundry soap.

No. 67277

File: 1504103226368.jpg (15.21 KB, 275x211, 1495453362786.jpg)

Not the anon you were responding to, but I got my blood tested today and I'll see the results on Friday. I'm experiencing stubborn breakouts on my jaw and chin since a couple of months, while before they appeared only on my cheeks, and this all started on this year. Never had bad acne even in my teen years. A year ago my doc told me to do a thyroid scan because I have this hard thing on my throat that looks like an Adam's apple, I've had it for years though. But your post gave me hope! What if I have hypothyroidism too? After battling against this acne for nearly a year now it would be amazing to see it all disappear and that it was just hormonal.
Looking forward for those results. If my TSH levels are really the culprit I'm gonna throw a party

No. 67281

Thx fams

No. 67359

File: 1504179386906.gif (6.05 MB, 720x406, 76787678.gif)

>start using Retinol for anti-aging and acne
>sudden outbreak of painful cystic acne
>don't know if purging or just bad reaction
I really wanted to add retinol to my skin care routine for awhile now and I'm just hoping my skin is purging

No. 67367

Differin saved my life. I used to have a bunch of closed comedones and that shits gone! I BEAT THEM. IT WORKS GREAT FOR ME!

also I like aveeno clear complexion cleanser. it has salicylic acid and is very gentle. Another good cleanser for acne is Cosrx's Low Ph Good Morning Cleanser! and I use Clinique Gel Moisturizer because it has NEVER made me break out. It's very light. But unironically, Differin saved my life.

No. 67392

I'm just going to chime in and say that I believe drinking spearmint tea has been helping me out for the past few months.

I had to change my BC from the combined pill to the mini pill because I had developed migraines so the risk factor was too high. As a result, I started getting cystic acne appearing on my chin and my back. I have never in my life had back acne.

I can't pin point exactly what has been most helpful but when I do get a break out I drink spearmint tea and it seems to fix the issue. I also feel like AHAs, retinol and licorice extract have been helping me too but the spearmint tea just feels the most instantaneous.

I haven't been getting the chin breakouts for a few months which has me feeling really hopeful that I've found a routine that's working for me without getting prescriptions.

No. 67395

Which brand is the tea you're drinking?

No. 67473

File: 1505263366994.jpeg (40.6 KB, 450x450, 034aa37c-8648-408a-8a23-b80db0…)

As someone who struggled with acne ever since 2nd grade, it's been clearing away for the most part, but I am left with acne scarring, however it is not completely away, I have been getting a few pop ups every now and then, but I recently rent on birth control (lo loestrin fe) and my gyno said it would help me with breakouts, it made my skin softer but I haven't noticed any change in my skin, and it seem to give me zits in other places? I got one on my stomach, one on my chest, and some on my thighs, granted it could be heat rash or bug bites

anyway, sometimes I will go through periods when I drink 1-2 cups of spearmint tea a day, I have to say it helped my skin the most as well as exercise and good eating, I'm poor right now but once I get paid I need to buy a new box of spearmint tea, healthy foods, and a good skin care regimen, right now I'm currently using whatever I have left in my bottle of cetaphil and using apple cider vinegar as toner, my job has been making me stress a lot lately then when I work the nightshift I only have 35 minute break and the nearest food place is mcdonalds, so what can ya do? I should get my shit together by next week though

No. 67495

My acne won't go away no matter what i do.
i've had it since i was like 9, seriously, and i got bullied pretty hard for it back in the day.

i've tried most stuff from vitamin c to birth control.
Birth control was the worst and i felt nauseous, had migraines and LOTS of liquid retention, my clothes wouldn't even fit properly AND the acne didnt budge an inch.

I was thinking of getting into Accutane but im afraid most doctors wouldn't let me since im prone to suffer alot of side effects.

Any alternative treatments to pesky acne?

No. 67502

same here, while I can't go to the dermatologist right now, I found that high end skin care, once a week facials, and spearmint tea as well as estro increasing foods helped

No. 67539

My doctor prescribed me a short course of Dioxycycline as he said my acne was looking like it was becoming cystic. I will report back here if I see an improvement.

No. 67543

> im afraid most doctors wouldn't let me
When you say this do you mean 'I'm afraid' as in 'I'm worried most doctors wouldn't let me' or 'unfortunately, most doctors wouldn't let me' (since it can be used either way…). Because if you're literally just afraid you won't be allowed, you should at least try.

No. 67551

>>67495 Anon, I don't know if you'll see this, but I was just approved for Accutane yesterday (!!!!!!!) and I have a few health issues myself. The dermatologist will send you off for some bloodwork to see if your body can handle it; they check your metabolism/triglycerides and you'll take a pregnancy test. Anything else (note from primary physician regarding other meds, any psych stuff, etc.) usually comes after they've determined your body can handle it. Don't be afraid to ask.

No. 67580

Have you tried tretinoin or spironolactane?

Also what is your current skin routine?

No. 67582

>>67543 >>67551

Thanks guys! I will check with my dermatologist, i guess it wouldnt hurt.


tretinoin is a bit pricy for my budget but does seem like a good option :o
I will look into both!

I clean my face twice a day with soap with salycic acid and use a gentle moisturizer after.
I also use a seaweed mask once a week!

No. 68073

I need some help. I'm using prescription topicals for my acne, but they dry my skin out. I'm having a flare up of acne and the fucking healing pimples and new pimples are flaky and gross. I'm not sure why I'm getting bad acne at all. I've been going out more so it's possible I'm touching my face with dirty hands, and I seem to also be under a lot more stress and not always sleeping right, like not enough or a lot of sleep. I got a cold recently too. Could any of this have to do with it and does anyone have ideas?

No. 85072

No. 85075

which brand of differin

No. 85076

I got better results from this than any other product as a teenager with moderate acne (oily skin)

Now, ten years later no pimples or oily skin but heaps of blackheads. Salicylic acid helps but it’s not ideal.

No. 85897

to those talking about accutane/isotretinoin/whatever, please just ?dont? do it
when i was like 16 or so i had horrible acne, and my GP suggested that I should talk to a specialist about it. I did, and he recommended me accutane. that shit cleared up my face and honestly i can probably count on one hand how many zits i've had since. he didn't inform me about the side effects tho lmao. i'm now in my early 20's, struggeling with extreamely dry skin and mucous membranes, and I'm now pretty much depended on constantly moisturizing my skin/lips and my eyes are constantly dry, I get nosebleeds SO easily + I'm sodry i bleed profusely whenever I have PIV sex. I know not everyone will experience long lasting side effects, but its way more common than you'd think. Just search it up and you'll find LOADS of forums where people discuss how horiffic their experience was. just dont

No. 85931

Strong disagreement with this. Horror stories like yours are what made me put the treatment I seriously needed off for years and years and now I'm stuck with scarring from cystic acne I could've stopped long ago. I put up with bad skin for so long for no good reason, I've had next to no bad side effects.

Yes, it is somewhat of a gamble because some people do have a worse experience than me. But blanket warnings like
> please just ?dont? do it
are not as helpful as something like 'please just research it and get a good derm who monitors you properly'.

Sorry to pick on you because your side effects do sound awful but I'm still so mad at how scared I was of medication that ended up being a miracle cure for me. It's one of the best things I ever did for my looks and emotional wellbeing.

No. 85958

That sounds like you were given too high a dose by a careless doctor. I took it when I was a teenager and I still have perpetually chapped lips, I took (iirc) 10mg daily. I do feel a little more dried out now, and I also still get the occasional cyst and pimples when my hormones are going crazy, but overall I wish I could have taken it even sooner, that shit changed my life. I'm sorry you didn't have as good an experience with it, but saying it shouldn't be available is garbage to everyone else whose doctor knows what they're doing. No offense to you, ofc!

No. 85988


yikes no I honestly agree with you guys. I guess i'm just a bit irrational and emotional when it comes to the subject of accutane because it's something that affects my day to day life. it was poorly worded and obvs i was way too emotional while typing rather than taking into account that for some this drug is literally the best thing. if you remove the side-effects i got, it literally changed my life giving me so much more confidence. I went from spending 2 hours doing my makeup everyday before school to 15minutes lmao. but yeah, im definatly super unlucky. No offense taken, honestly i probably needed to hear that! i still think that people have to be suuuuper wary of the side effects and to so a lot of research before deciding to start the treatment, but to say that they should just not do it was very unreasonable of me!

No. 86016

Don't worry, it's easy to see why you would get upset and want to make others be cautious. Fact is that accutane is some really hardcore shit and that's what makes it so effective, but that's also why it can do so much shit to your body.

No. 86030

I've had cystic/hormonal acne since puberty (I'm 20 now)
Lately I've been taking a probiotic once a day and I think it's helping my skin yo clear up a lot. I also touch my face a lot unconsciously so I started sanitizing my hands frequently to avoid spreading too much dirt/bacteria around my face.

No. 86086

be really careful with probiotic anon. probiotics can easily fix one problem and cause many others. they're not refined or tuned to your body and are a one size fit's all kind of deal. they're usually just random bacteria that can reek havoc on your system.

No. 86088

This is only the case if you have a severe underlying medical condition. Probiotics are fine.
>In healthy people, probiotics usually have only minor side effects, if any. However, in people with underlying health problems (for example, weakened immune systems), serious complications such as infections have occasionally been reported.
>In people who are generally healthy, probiotics have a good safety record. Side effects, if they occur at all, usually consist only of mild digestive symptoms such as gas.
Their benefits are overblown and largely unproven (except ya know, helping ya shit) but they’re not going to cause any issues or “reek havoc” ffs.

No. 86094

Lol whatever you say. those are old articles, but studies recently show that probiotics can cause bacteria spikes and some strains of bacteria to outright replace eachother which can cause tons of digestion issues.

No. 86097

Old being 2016?
Feel free to link those studies. Most probiotic studies were done in the early 2000s so I’d be interested to see what was discovered in the past year or two which drastically changed scientific consensus.

No. 86109

I have hormonal acne and chastetree pills are the only thing that helps me

No. 86168

File: 1529842859291.png (41.87 KB, 144x174, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 17.1…)

The two places where I seem to be getting acne the most is the space on my forehead right between my brows and my chin. For me it's really difficult not to pick at it, because my hand tend to get very fidgety. One thing I've noticed that does work is using a purifying toner (I use one from a brand called Diadermine) and a chemical exfoliant like the red Ordinary serum.
Lately I've been getting spots in places where I usually don't get them (eye contour, on my nose), but that might be connected to my shitty habits/lifestyle

No. 86211

I primarily get acne on my chin only. Sometimes my glasses cause oil to build up on my nose and I get an occasional break out on the sides of my nose. I find that wiping my chin with acne pads helps for a quick fix instead of washing my face so frequently. They smell really bad though, like strong alcohol. I don't use them on my entire face because I'm sure its drying and such. Only on problem areas. This helped reduce breakouts for me. I mainly get cystic acne. They end up lasting me 3 weeks before ever going away. I can usually get rid of it quicker if I drench the pimple in benzoyl peroxide 10% while putting a waterproof bandaid on top (prevents air from getting in). This lets the pimple soak up the BP all night and its drastically smaller by morning. I keep doing this until it comes to a head and pop it. Then I stop using BP and use acne moisturizer to keep it from drying out like crazy/scabbing and minimizing bacteria.

No. 86215

I've had acne since I was about 11. I'm 22 now and while I don't really get full on breakouts anymore I have extremely stubborn blackheads ALL over my face. Cheeks, chin, forehead. Not just sebaceous filaments, tons of clogged pores. It sucks and I'm so done with it. AHA's and Benzoyl Peroxide doesn't help that much either. I stopped using makeup everyday but that also hasn't helped.

No. 86222

Have you tried using BHA/salicylic acid instead of an AHA? Salicylic acid is more targeted for people with acne since it goes deeper into the pores to unclog them but I heard it helps with blackheads too. Apparently those clarasonic brushes also help. Be careful what moisturizers and other products you're using on your face because they could be blocking your pores. After I stopped using a lot of products in my routine my clogged pores lessened significantly.

No. 86445

I have pretty bad backne along with the few deep cystic zits that pop up when i'm on my period.
I was playing around with my diet and stopped drinking so much milk. I replaced it with Oat milk (i'm allergic to almond milk AND soya milk…) and my skin improved drastically.
Considering milk has hormones in it i'm going to assume thats what it was. I still eat cheese and i'm not lactose intolerant, I just dont drink glasses of cows milk or have it in coffees anymore.

It makes my hate myself for drinking so much cows milks and thats what was setting my skin off. I have so many scars on my back because of it, luckily none on my face.

Does anyone know anything good for fading backne scars? Bio oil doesn't seem to do much for me.

No. 86669

I came back to my country after two months abroad and started getting acne like crazy… On my chin. It's so frustrating. Right now I have five cystic pimples and 3-4 small pimples all on my chin, the rest of my face is clean. Now that I think of it I started getting more acne around one month ago, before it was just peachy. What do I do? I already use a cream for spot treatment, my diet is the same. I don't drink milk, but I eat yogurt. I suspect that maybe it could be the Garnier moisturizer I'm using, the green tea one, and the green tea facewash. Those are the only products I changed recently before the breakouts started. Opinions?
Also, I wanted to buy tea tree oil as spot treatment to see how it goes. Does it work for every kind of breakout? Mine are cystic.

No. 86677

Acne on the chin is usually hormonal so. If you suspect its the moisturizer + face wash, you should check the ingredients for comedogenic ingredients and check reviews to see if anyone experienced the samee thing.

If you will use tea tree oil then make sure to dilute it because undiluted tea tree oil may cause irritation and all kinds of stuff you don't want.

No. 86718

Same! I've struggled with bacnea for many, many years and was taking DHT blockers to prevent it. But I'm not a fan of taking them, so I tried stopping several times, but just broke out again, loose my patience and start taking them again.

But this time I'm trying to follow a lot of the advice I've been reading here. I've stopped drinking regular milk and gone over to fermented milk. It's not the hormones in milk that makes you break out, but a special sugar-connection thing in it. The fermentation process breaks down 75% of that sugar, so I can still have my cereal with Kefir (not a fan of milk-substitutes). I also wash my back daily with a Tea Tree soap bar, take zinc and wash my bedsheets more frequently. Been doing this for roughly 3 weeks now and I'm already seeing a differrence!

When it comes to scarring, I don't have any super-advice other then avoid tanning. I'm lucky in that my skin doesn't scar very badly. I use Bio Oil on my face, but never bothered using it on my back.

No. 86719

Tea Tree oil works pretty good for me, and it's simple to use and cheap, so it's worth a try. Just6 don't slather your whole face in it, only use where needed, since it can dry your skin out a bit.

Sounds like you might be drying your skin out a bit too much, this can cause it to over-compensate and make you much more oily and prone to clogged pores. The surprising cure for oilyness is actually… oil! Get some good oil, like Bio Oil or cold pressed Jojoba oil and apply a few drops all over your face every time you wash it. This restores a healthy oil balance without clogging anything and over a lil' bit of time, you'll start producing less oil your self. This has really worked for me! I was always an oily mess by lunch time and had to go wipe my face several times a day, now that's much less of a problem and my skin health is just generally better!

No. 86724

>Bio Oil
if you mean Bi-Oil, for the love of god, don't use that if you're acne prone! its really comedogenic.

always check your cosmetics at http://www.cosdna.com/ it's helped me soo much when it comes to figuring out what i can/cannot use on my skin. whenever i buy new cosmetic products i input it into cosdna first. i used to try to analyze the ingredients of eac product myself but i cant be bothered to remember all of these longass chemical names lol, so this is quite helpful

No. 86825

File: 1530457100671.jpg (58.65 KB, 800x800, Bio_oil.jpg)

Wat? No, it's called Bio-Oil! And it certainly hasn't given me more acne, quite the opposite.

No. 86826

Thanks for the link, tho. I'm not sure what everything it lists for Boi-oil is… (doesn't help that English isn't my language) but I might try Jojoba oil next, since at least it's got less stuff in it.

No. 86828

sorry, my bad, turns out it's sold as Bi-Oil only in my country for some reason lol. it's the same thing.
yeah im not a native speaker either so i dont really know most of the names either… but if a product has ingredients that have a cosdna Acne rating of 3, 4 or 5, then it usually breaks me out:/ (click the question mark next to "Safety" to find out more about their Acne/Irritant/Safety ratings btw) and its got a lot of fragrances in it as well…
i guess my skin is just super sensitive lol. if it doesn't break you out then it's fine! just wanted to share some info :)

No. 88318

I was wondering if there's any product to just stop the pimple. Not just make it "develop" quicker to come to a head, just block the developing process right away and get rid of at least most of the redness overnight.
I'm asking because sometimes it happens naturally to me that it seems like I'm going to have a painful cyst but instead of coming to a head the swelling just goes down and the redness fades.
I know there are those pimple bandaids that supposedly work overnight, do they act this way?

No. 88319

If I feel a pimple coming on I find that taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen can stop it.
I've also heard of people who open the liquid gel version and apply it directly to their skin, but have no experience with that myself.

No. 88326

File: 1531504128454.jpg (215.86 KB, 450x384, cortizone-10.jpg)

1% topical hydrocortisone gel works wonders. You can get it anywhere. I put it on any time I have an "angry"/painful pimple coming up.

No. 88329

Does the inflammation stop overnight?

No. 88330

nonono, do not use cortizone or any a corticosteroid on your face. there are many bad side effects that can happen, including getting more acne. please do not use any topical steroid cream on your face.

No. 88332

Hydrocolloid bandaids work on open pimples (they literally suck the gunk out), not when they're still under the skin.

No. 88350

Oh damn, my bad in that case. It worked for me anyway..

No. 88351

In my experience, yes

No. 88356

i mean it's from constant use, just tone down the usage and you should be good.

No. 88357

With benzoyl peroxide (any brand, any form), for me it's suuuper effective - but you only need 2.5%. It works exactly the same as 10%+ but without the excessive drying.

No. 88412

How long do I need to know before knowing Differin isn't working for me?

No. 88460

How severe does your acne/scars have to be to go see a dermatologist? It's about my back. My acne is almost gone but I still have a bunch of tough to get rid of dark spots on there and a lot of flesh colored texture, if that makes sense, and I'm incredibly insecure about it. However when I google back acne scars, mine aren't anywhere that severe.

I actually went to see a skin proffesional once (they wheren't a dermatologist) for an in-take on laser treatment, but she said that would be too severe for what I have. She said I should consider doing peeling and that "that might help brightening your spots up a but", but merely 'brightening my spots a bit, maybe' isn't what I'm looking for :/ Also I've gone through half a bottle of lactic acid and didn't find it made much of a difference.

No. 88463

If it’s hyperpigmentation that you’re talking about maybe try using an over the counter retinol on the spots? Or a vitamin c serum. Those have both helped even out my skin on my face, I imagine they’d help anywhere on the body.

No. 88853

I'll give that a shot, thanks!

No. 89055

File: 1532029840643.jpg (154.85 KB, 640x640, NEW-TWNCE-10ml-Cream-Serum-Ant…)

I bought hyaluronic acid and I freaking love it.

I have dry skin on my cheeks and a oily t-zone but this stuff makes my skin really hydrated and keeps it supple. I also noticed a reduction in redness. I bought it from aliexpress (the one from the pic) so I don't really know to ingredients. Next time I will buy it from a English speaking supplier.

No. 89134

File: 1532109699202.jpg (774.68 KB, 2560x2560, IMG_2616.JPG)

This is the general routine that worked for me finally and hasnt bothered my skin & reduced redness / dark circles. I usually go for a gel moisturizer with spf so a gel sunscreen might be applicable in this pending.
I do it morning & night, the spray is more or less to just soothe my skin after doing hot/cold facewash. Standard rose water breaks me out but this leaves me feeling more refreshed but also lastingly moistured (I keep tea tree water too as anti bacterial products are A+)

No. 90013

File: 1532754893588.jpeg (112.07 KB, 1242x1242, 58EEB991-A925-4469-AD1B-A374EB…)

How do I get rid of acne on my chest? I always get the worst spots in the circled area in the pic, no matter how hard I try. I’m an adult, my face has totally cleared up, and I bathe like a normal human being but I just always end up with little red zits all over my chest and between my boobs :((

No. 90037

File: 1532770600619.jpeg (11.42 KB, 164x205, facial-cleansing-brush-waterpr…)

My dermatologist turned out to be such a flop.

I first scheduled back in April to go on a round of doxycycline for my mild cystic acne so I could have clear skin for a job banquet I was invited to. I asked for doxy specifically because it had worked short term for me years ago, and I knew eventually I'd have to come off it.
She also gave me some benzoyl peroxide foam and Epiduo samples.
Skin cleared up fine on the antibiotics alone.

I go in for my second appointment months later to stop the doxy and talk about long term care.
First of all, the bitch yells at me because apparently I was meant to use her fancy prescription mailing service to get more of the foam wash and Epiduo? She only gave me sample sizes, and the doxy cleared my skin fine. She completely shat over me with "I don't prescribe this so you can spot treat, it's meant to be done everyday!" I thought that was so neurotic and overreacting.

Next, she pushes accutane on me. Well, she forced me to take a pee test and shoved the accutane literature onto me. I don't think dermatologists get kickbacks for accutane, but I don't think it's a good fit for me considering my acne is just persistent, not severe. My mom has the same cystic acne and she's almost 60, I highly doubt accutane is going to cure my skin if not leave me with some nasty side effects to boot.

Then she gives me the stupid directions for that fucking prescription mailing service (for this I know she gets kickbacks). My employer has one too through my own health insurance too. I don't need her dumb private service even if I thought it was somehow more convenient than my two minute trip to the drugstore.
I decided not to fuck with it because Epiduo is literally just benzoyl peroxide which I can buy at the store, same thing with the face wash.

My acne has been pretty fine lately with my off-brand treatments. I got an electric exfoliator like pic related and it's way more efficient than me washing my face with a cloth. I think it's helped my skin because I actually wash my face more thoroughly now because it's easier.

Morning routine is the same as my evening.

I lather using the electric exfoliator with 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash. Rinse. Mix Cetaphil sensitive facial moisturizer with a bit of benzoyl peroxide gel from Neutrogena and apply.
Done. Twice a day. Sometimes I take a comedone extractor to my face in the evening just to clear out some clogged pores, but other than that it's been fine. No major outbreaks, just little pimples here and there that usually clear in a couple days.

And this mad woman wants me on accutane, lol.
The only thing I'm gonna ask her for next appointment is a recommendation for a retinoid to maybe reduce some of my old pock marks.

No. 90039

File: 1532773813205.jpg (102.85 KB, 600x600, tea-tree-oil.jpg)

Try a body wash with tea tree oil, that's what helped me with chest zits.

I used this one and it was quite cheap too (I'm from EU)

No. 90042

How often are you changing your bras? Also, if you haven't tried it, use some max strength Stridex. I have a similar issue and it always seems to do the trick after two applications.

No. 90045

I've got a clarisonic with a body brush option I haven't used in ages, I think it would be effective against chest and back acne (I don't have a lot of it but it's there) but I'm not sure how often I would have to use it? Once a week? Every shower Thoughts?

No. 90050

I've never had full blown chest acne, but before summer I got very bumpy chest - many little pimples looking like clogged pores. Now it's all gone, so here's some tips

1. Do you use body balm? I suspect this is what broke me out, I started moisturizing more regularly and bam. Don't use heavy, oily lotions on your chest, the skin is very delicate there and often can't handle it, use your face cream instead.
2. Use clays! I started using green clay on my face and would put the leftovers on my chest and was surprised it helped so much! Just don't let it dry, sprinkle it with water
3. Go braless as often as you can/are comfortable with.
4. Buy some sort of cleansing wipes and during the day wipe your chest when you feel it's sweaty/greasy/too hot.
5. Change your laundry detergent and see if there's a difference, maybe yours is irritating.
6. Drink more water, cut on sugar.
7. Don't use perfume directly on your chest!

Hope it helps.

No. 90065

Not that anon but why shouldn't you let clay dry?

No. 90112

It's too harsh for skin, and the green clay is particularly strong. High chances are it will over-dry you, and skin that got too dry produces more sebum to defend itself; this way, you end up even more greasy and prone to acne. And if you have sensitive skin, you'll be all red and irritated. Why do that to yourself, when clay doesn't need to dry to work well? It's safer to keep it damp. And you can boost it up nicely by using, for example, a mist with witch hazel for sprinkling.

And remember not to use metal with it! Clay looses its goodies in reaction to metal

No. 108658

I am 18 and my dermatologist recommended me to go on accutane. I have had acne since I was 12 and no topical cream/wash or antibiotic has worked. Since I really want to get rid of my acne, I am leaning towards it but I know there's "horror stories". Does anyone have any advice or stories for me? I would appreciate any sort of feedback :) thanks ladies

No. 108664

Personally, I don't have experience but my bf was on it and it dried the hell out of his skin. So yes, you will need a good moisturizer but your derm can probably advise you on that. But it totally helped him clear everything up, worked like magic!

No. 108708

i used to have bad acne and i took accutane from september 2017 until may 2018. it was so, so worth it. the only side effect i got was my lips were dry more often, and my hair buildup was like, nothing, so that was oddly good. obviously i washed my hair but i had to wash it less because i didn't want to dry it tf out.

whenever i told people i was on it i would just hear horror stories, my advice is don't listen to them, just take the dive to see what happens, you can always stop if you need to. just remember to moisturize. accutane made my skin clear up so much, any acne i get now isn't painful and it's a lot more uncommon and WAY less noticeable. now i have fun doing my makeup since i'm not concerned with covering acne. i personally am so, so happy i went on accutane.

No. 108710

doublepost but i also had been on many antibiotics and topical washes and creams for years, since i was about 15, none of them worked either, i was even prescribed BC for it and nothing changed. i was also 18-19 during the duration of being on it too. i know how frustrating it is to feel like your skin can't be fixed. i think at that point the best thing to do is to try it, and be patient. it takes a while, my skin didn't change much at all from september until early january while on it. then suddenly my skin cleared up.

No. 108711

File: 1550635701537.png (843.27 KB, 948x1132, rout.png)

I've had extremely oily skin my entire life. It would be so bad that pressing my phone against my cheek to talk on it would leave it so greasy I couldn't even use the screen.

I've used everything, been to dermatologist, even spent hundreds on expensive skincare and Korean routines

About six months ago I said "fuck it" and decided to try cheap drugstore shit. Since I've started using this routine my skin is soo much less oily and I don't get breakouts anymore, even when I'm on my period. I wish I tried this stuff before going to Sephora, lol

No. 108735

File: 1550656917926.jpg (38.34 KB, 426x300, Owp2JTB.jpg)

This has worked for everyone I know, just don't overdo it you you'll irritate your skin. This chemically exfoliates your skin and can molecularly penetrate your pores to clean them. It's reduced pimples for me in hours.

No. 108747


didnt work for my oily skin for some reason ):

No. 108749

I’ve had blackheads in my nose since puberty I can’t seem to be able to get rid of them.

Anons what’s an actually good method to end them ?

No. 108760

thanks anons!! my parents are really worried about the side effects and any potential long lasting effects. but it makes me feel better to hear success stories. would you say there were any "permanent" effects after you got off it? (my mom seems to think it's possible that it might ruin my chances of having a healthy baby in the future, which I know isn't founded on anything but you know how fear works)

No. 108762

File: 1550680220136.jpg (22.5 KB, 806x415, tumblr_inline_nrpgojvNvy1r09yi…)

are you sure they're blackheads and not sebaceous filaments?

No. 108790

ITA, i'd say my skin is a lot less oily so it's drier, mostly in a good way. i have to moisturize a lot more than i used to but it's so worth it. can't speak to the baby thing though since i don't want kids and i don't even have sex so i never worry about it. never even heard of that before though. but that reminds me, you are supposed to be on two kinds of bc (so i had to take bc while already being abstinent/celibate/whatever) and you have to get blood and pregnancy tests every month. you also have to do this online questionnaire where they just make sure that you're using two kinds of contraceptives. didn't bother me personally, but they really drive home the point to not get pregnant because yes, being on accutane will likely give any fetus major complications. i don't think there is anything indicating that being off of it in the future causes anything though.
again, it is so worth it, i would recommend it.

No. 108791

we talked about accutane in like embryonic development class and iirc accutane can affect the fetus up to two years after you go off it, it's essentially vit A and even small overdoses of it can malform the fetus quite a lot (we had to calculate how many carrots it would take kek). lots of deformed babies were born in the 80s bc of accutane usage by moms, that's why taking BC while on it is so enforced like >>108790 said.

No. 108819

File: 1550730278009.jpg (21.07 KB, 400x341, smith77a.jpg)

Hope i can butt in and maybe help people who havent heard of this or really researched it, if you wanna find another method so just disregard this.

Acne is inflammation. A diet that rises blood sugar can cause acne, sometimes it can be as simple as eating foods low in GI(glycemic index, sugar load) and avoiding high GI foods, this has cured LOTS of peoples acne!



No. 108820

File: 1550730912853.jpg (35.07 KB, 800x351, random google image.jpg)

Forms of Vitamin-a(Caution, you NEED suncscreen with these, it renews the skin rapidly thus leaving it more vulnerable)

Retinol(no prescription)
Retin-a(needs precription)
Adapalene(no precription in the us! other places i think you need a prescription)

Acids (Suncreen is important for the same reasons as above)

Glycolic (no prescription)
Mandelic (no prescription)
Lactic (no prescription)

ABOVE ALL, time and sunscreen!
Time because scars fade with time and do go away, unless they are deep or atleast go into the skin.
Sunscreen because the sun irritates the skin and breaks down and retards collagen in the skin.

No. 108822

Forgot to add Vit C(ascorbic acid)!

- and lol, USE SUNSCREEN with this, cell renewal, same as before yada yada

No. 108828

File: 1550756490801.jpg (41.16 KB, 1000x1000, clinique-fragrances-anti-blemi…)

>be teenage me
>cystic acne, no dermatologist helps, tried the pill and hated it, don't have pcos
>everyone avoids me or looks at me like I have a disease they might catch
>reads on a blog an article mentioning Clinique Anti-blemish
>buys the mini-kit, pic related
>acne clears up like magic so decides to buy the large sizes
>ten years later still have to use this
>if I try other products instead of this I just break out
>idk guess I should be happy something works
>I should clean my diet like >>108819 posted, thank you btw

No. 108830

>Food pyramid

The thing is though, fruits can raise your blood sugar levels pretty rapidly as well. Especially in form of juices (and I mean real juice, not the ones with added sugars because, duh) or smoothies.
And dairy is counterproductive with any kind of inflammatory issues as well. And for hormonal acne it’s even worse because it affects estrogen levels.

No. 108859

Yeah obvs, juice is basically soda because all the fiber is stripped, and you are supposed to eat low GI fruit, most fruits dont spike bloodsugar much including smoothies because you dont remove the fiber and skin from the fruits.
And dairy depends, i can have dairy no problem, but if someone is lactose intolerant maybe avoiding it or dticking to yogurt and cheese minimally is better

No. 108860

And dairy affects IGF-1 and androgens, not estrogen

No. 108862

You are so welcome, acne is hell on earth and i hope it helps

No. 108886

okay thanks for the help! so I have to be on 2 forms of contraception even if I swear to be abstinent? because I haven't even had my first kiss lol, sex is not even on the table for me.

No. 108887

oh wow okay thanks for the info, i didn't know. just to clarify- accutane affects the fetus for 2 years if you had the baby during the time you took the medication, or accutane affects the fetus if you have a baby within two years of taking it (like 2 yrs after u get off it)
thanks for the help!s

No. 108910

IDK if this has been posted in the skincare thread, but this guys blog pretty much saved me. He doesn't try to shill and actually recommends trying a very simple cleanse + moisture routine before adding any other ingredients. His fungal acne post as well as dehydrated skin guide are the best guidelines out there for that type of acne. The only issue is some of his HG product recommendations have been reformulated since he started posting.


No. 109033

>this guys blog pretty much saved me
Which products and ideas did you adopt from his blog?

No. 109047

Does anyone know how to get rid of recurring acne? I never used to have it, but it seems like I developed it last summer and it's been erupting on and off since. It was worse in the summer/fall as it would come to a painful head. Benzoyle perxoide marginally helped.

The only thing that's really helped was using COSRX snail mucin + retinoid/retinol + acnomel, and being super unstressed… but as a student, stress is inevitable.
I don't really know what to do about it, since it seems to fade after using the three products above, but when I try to use makeup or sunscreen, BOOM! It's red and inflamed and it's driving me crazy, since my skin is pretty nice otherwise.

Also, related to the problem above, does anyone know a good (preferably physical) sunscreen that doesn't aggravate acne? Right now I only have innisfree oat mild moisture physical sunscreen but it's made the acne worse, so I stopped using it.

No. 109062

GI is a thing but GL(load) is also. Watermelon raises your blood sugar really fast but the net increase is actually very little. Thoughts on that?

No. 109064

File: 1550961896690.jpg (474.65 KB, 1494x2213, IMG_0591.jpg)

I want to scale back on my routine but need some ideas of basic products that I can use before I go to a dermatologist.

I have oily skin and have only started breaking out about 2 years ago in freshman yr of college. Up until then I had beautiful skin and I miss it sm.

I'm currently using: Cetaphil Hydrating Face Cleanser, Witch Hazel as toner, OXY cleansing pads (at night), and Hada Labo Tokyo Hyaluronic Acid Skin Plumping Cream (as moisturizer). I use exfoliating masks like twice a week (Aztec Healing Clay, Mask of Magnaminity by Lush, Charcoal Sugar one by Freeman).

I wash my pillows constantly, I've changed my shampoo to one without oils, I've taken probiotics, primrose oil and multivitamins to try and fix it. Even tea tree oil on my spots doesn't get rid of the acne which just keeps coming.

I'm gonna go to a derm hopefully but in the meantime I'm seriously so depressed over my skin. I know it could be worse but I still stand out from other people and I don't even wanna put makeup on to try and cover it. I've spend hundreds trying to make a routine that'll get rid of it but nothing ever works.

Can someone please name a few gentle products that I can use (like cleanser, moisturizer especially) that would serve as a 'basic' routine until I get my skin looked at by a dermatologist?

And please make suggestions if my acne looks similar to yours :(

my apologies for the hideous pictures

No. 109065

File: 1550962165121.jpg (351.86 KB, 1543x1223, IMG_0593.jpg)

same op

No. 109072

My acne/skin looks a lot like yours but even uglier and with a ton of hyperpigmentation lmao. I've been using Differin for 3 months now and it has helped but I'm still not satisfied with my skin so I'm gonna hold out until the 6 month mark. My skin is way worse than yours though (seriously if my face looked like your pictures I'd be so happy) so Differin might be a lot more effective for you. But it can be pretty irritating so maybe wait to talk to a derm about it.

Have you tried azelaic acid? I know it's an acid so it's not exactly gentle but it's a pretty mild acid and way less harsh than other actives, at least in my experience. For moisturizer, if you want a super barebones, gentle formula, check out Vanicream Lite Lotion. It's recommended a lot by dermatologists. Right now I'm using the regular Vanicream moisturizer and it hasn't irritated my skin at all, I just don't like the thicker texture and personally prefer lighter lotiony formulas.

Good luck anon, acne is so horrible and can really fuck with your self esteem and I hope you can find a routine that works for you!

No. 109074

long post ahead

have you considered you might have allergies or sensitivity to stuff you are using? dairy makes some people break out more, an allergy to a shampoo, etc. for example, try switching laundry detergents/body wash/shampoo to something unscented for people with sensitive skin. i use all clear brand detergent and free and clear hair stuff, personally.

if it's fungal acne, if you fit the signs for it, in which case, someone complied a list of fungal acne safe products on their blog, but i lost the link, so google it if you're interested.

cetaphil hydrating wash and/or stuff with ceramides in it can make you break out if you're sensitive to it. also, you could be sensitive to stuff in your shampoo or conditioner.

you could also be stripping your natural moisture barrier, as the hado labo stuff is not very rich. this sounds nuts, but i personally like to put a thin layer of vaseline on at night sometimes. it keeps the good stuff in. cerave in the tub or avene cream or embroylisse or clinique lotions are all good options, depending on your preferences and budget.

here are my recommendations. stridex in the red box is much better than oxy, it's also gentler. oxy is great for body acne, so you don't need to throw it out. take a break from products with things like spearmint oil or menthol or whatever, and mud masks for a bit, your skin might be a bit dry right now. lush is great for soap and bathbombs, but their masks can be iffy for some.

try a plain shampoo like neutrogina t-gel or free and clear

differin helped me a lot personally!! it's great!!!

i really like vanicream. it's designed for people with allergies. they make face wash, face lotion, shampoo, body lotion, etc.

i use the cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion, which you can find easily, i also use avene products, which are a bit overpriced, but depending on your budget, either is fine.

also, check out the skincareaddiction subreddit. but most of the time, you really don't need a bunch of stuff. just a good cleanser, acne stuff, a good moisturizer and a sunscreen.

basically, focus on being gentle with your face, patch test and introduce stuff slowly. baby it for a bit. you can do it!

also sis you aren't hideous, acne is normal and something almost everyone deals with at some point. i'm rooting for you!

No. 109076

Ugh bless you for such a quick and nice response. I want to try another active as I tried The Ordinary's Lactic Acid and it didn't change much. I know Azelaic Acid is different but I'm wary though of spending my money on stuff that's not going to help.

I'll probably buy the Vanicream Lite Lotion bc I need a simple moisturizer (I'm running out and have no plans to repurchase my own).

Thank you so much for this response. I've definitely considered some sort of allergy since my acne doesn't seem to be correlated with causes like my phone or pillow cases. I used the Red Stridex normally but my grocery store doesn't carry it here now so I just grabbed OXY instead. I didn't know there was much of a difference so I'll prob just have to give it to my bf for his backne and reorder Stridex from Amazon.

I'm definitely going to abide by these recommendations and strip down my routine. I'm not hideous like you said but my skin is super noticeable as I never wear makeup these days (my fault, ik). I'm definitely better looking with makeup on but even my acne isn't enough to make me spend 20 extra minutes getting ready lmao.

Thank you two again for these responses!! This thread has been more helpful than Reddit responses I've had in the past.

No. 109078

You have a lot of harsh stuff in your routine which I would eliminate if I were you. For moisturizer, I'd recommend La Roche Posay as most of their products are unscented. For cleaner, cetaphil is fine. Stop trying a bunch of stuff and stick to the same routine without masks or new products or anything for a few weeks.

Why not just go to the dermatologist now; they can tell you what routine to do to improve your skin. They could also possibly prescribe you a retinol which would help. Antibiotics might help, or going on birth control if you're not already.

No. 109079

no pic for reference because my skin honestly makes me want to cry lmao i would love any recs and help

i'm 25 with gross combo, sensitive, acne prone skin. really bad scarring, hyper pigmentation, fatty pores and craters mainly across my cheeks

i've been focusing on keeping my skin hydrated recently since any kind of harsh cleansers, astringents or stridex just makes my skin hella tight, red and painful. jojoba oil cleanse/moisturize and tea tree oil spot treatments have been helping with reducing acne but my skin is still scarred and dry/flaky to hell and back

pls n ty in advance

No. 109105

Thanks for your response. I'm trying to go to the dermatologist asap but my hc provider is shit so I'm gonna have to wait until I can get an appointment. I'm going to go as soon as I get the chance to.

No. 109124

It was more about the way I was attacking my skin and not letting the protective layer heal. I was just going about my acne all wrong. I pretty much had those tiny, itchy dots across my forehead and jaw that never came to a head, as well as skin that was oily yet dehydrated, yet I thought I had to dry it out bc of the oil.

I used too many irrelevant products like clay masks, scrubs, astrigents and foaming cleansers as well as makeup that had ingredients with comodogenic ratings of 5 on Cosdna.

So I realized I had fungal acne since I used benzoyl peroxide 10% and other products with no success at all. I bought Lotrimin Ultra and applied it for a week after washing with Kose softymo speedy oil cleanser. I would apply a very small bit of Vaseline after as well.

Once that actually began to clear up I would do the lotramin thing once every couple weeks to keep it away. I also read that overuse of benzoyl peroxide could instigate fungal acne, so I started using it less often and in "contact therapy" aka leave it on for 5 minutes and wash it off. Used the equate benzoyl peroxide (3$ at Walmart).

Moisturizer is the hardest part bc the CeraVe Baby cream has been reformulated completely. And other people's HG products like Cosrx snail mucin did make my skin soft but gave me whiteheads. So I subsist for now on squalane and Vaseline. I bought The Ordinary squalane oil and use a bit on damp skin before Vaseline and mix it into fenty foundation as well.

Barebones-ing it for a while via the oil cleanser and just vaseline really helped calm things down. No more irritation. Lotramin and avoiding irritating makeup helped with the itchy little dots. Now it's just about hydrating, and I'm still in the process of perfecting this. Slowly testing each product alone for a week takes awhile, but I'm optimistic about Sebamed clear face gel as I just started it, but I think it's too expensive for how much you get.

No. 109174

I developed what I think is keratosis pilaris on the underside of my chin and I HATE it, pics to come, but my phone is dead so I can't take a good pic rn. It's driving me insane.

No. 109387

I've always had hormonal acne, and I've tried various things to get it under control. (I'm not on any birth control, and I am medically not able to take BC with estrogen.)

However, I've noticed something a bit weird. Instead of breaking out right before my period, I'm breaking out - sometimes very badly - before I ovulate.

For the past 2-3 months, this breakout has involved at least a few deep, painful cysts. This breakout is worse than the one I get (or used to get) around my period. It's like this pre-ovulation breakout is now the main trouble time.

Is there any reason for this? I know some women break out at ovulation. But for it to be worse than the period one? I can't find any info on what could cause that.

Yes, I'm massively stressed. That's a constant thing so I highly doubt it's related to stress.

No. 109395

File: 1551309863956.jpeg (30.69 KB, 543x370, 7263E783-57DE-444D-9125-ADD75B…)

Maybe testosterone? It peaks at ovulation

No. 109396

Interesting - thanks! I'll talk to my doctor about that.

I'm puzzled because the other stuff I've been doing (or trying again - a dapsone ointment & a sulfur face wash) has helped. My skin was actually clear around my period this past month!

I've got an important event coming up next month during this new "problem time," so I'm considering asking for some short-term antibiotics or something.

No. 109433

File: 1551391142084.jpg (152.62 KB, 1024x826, IMG_0882-1024x826.jpg)

I actually have only recently started dealing with hormonal acne after my bc lapsed (I never have sex) and it's terrible. On my cheeks and jawline mostly, and the worst I've had in my life. I tried lots of stuff but most of it didn't do shit. So I just wanted to drop this here, it's the only thing that's helped calm it. It won't get rid of it overnight but just a few nights of use and the size and "angryness" was reduced by probably 75%.

I apply a bit of the buffering lotion and once that is settled I'll dab the drying lotion right on the spot. You don't shake the drying lotion though it'll separate into layers, I'm assuming the top clear layer you pull it through is some kind of disinfectant.

No. 110680

How do you guys feel about proactive in general? I just bought the new MD pack, and I was wondering if any anons had tried it.

No. 110685

Please don’t use that garbage anon. You can find a low cost but effective skin care routine by researching on the skincareaddiction subreddit

No. 110690

I'm sorry you wasted your money, but just don't do it. It's the harshest, most drying shit around.

No. 110692

File: 1551694920846.jpg (378.44 KB, 800x800, pure-essence-mask-sheet-damask…)

Sometimes KISS works.

I've recently given up Hyaluronic Acid alongside anything ending in 'Hyaluorate'.
Other ingredients that cause acne for me are:
Ferments (Kikumasamune was heavenly until it broke me out ;_;)
Stearic Acid

Now I don't have to use my topical Clindamycin everyday, my skin and acne has chilled out.

I'm glad I've found what was triggering my skin, but goddamn it I can't really use sheet masks anymore.

No. 110704

File: 1551706618066.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 481.55 KB, 2048x2048, CE0E89DC-1A55-48B5-AD10-9E38CF…)

Right now I am at work so I cannot type out my full routine, but I had the WORST pizza face ever and I’m gonna make a huge type out of everything I’ve used to clear my face to this point. I know this only shows my forehead but my whole face was like this, just that the worst acne was on my forehead. I always had clear skin until I got to my 20s and then it all went to shit since then. Most of my routine is affordable and keep it mind it might not work for everyone but I hope my tips can help anyone. I have oily/combo skin type.

No. 110705

I am using it right now. It's very drying like the other anon said. I've been using it for about 1-2 months (and haven't really seen a difference) but it says that you're not supposed to see result until 4 months so idk. i guess my advice is using moisturizer morning and night (after the gel too bc it's not enough) because the wash is very drying.

No. 110707

y-you have pretty eyes

No. 110778

Op anon here.
I tried MB drying lotion ages ago when I was really young. I think they were offering free samples so I signed up.

I remember getting the drying lotion but not the buffering one. Unfortunately I don't remember how well it worked, but my acne back then was more like puberty/teen acne, not what I'm dealing with now.

I do however remember some kind if anti-redness clay mask? It worked well. I just didn't have the money to actually buy it.

No. 110866

Can you guys suggest me any good sun cream for oily skin that is quite sensitive when it comes to acne/etcs. ):(emoji)

No. 110884

hey OP please post your routine

No. 110901

I have found that my skin heals a lot quicker from acne if I don't use any treatment products and I just stick to washing my face. It honestly feels like the products make the spots stick around longer.

No. 110902

You deserve a Nobel prize

No. 112205

Hello guys! Could you recommend any good creams against acne ?

Would be great if i could get them in EU (I am in Slovakia). My skin is oily/mixed, la rosche-posay (effaclar) works fine on me, but I wonder if there are better options?

No. 112207

Azelaic acid works great for my skin and I'd highly recommend giving it a try. I used to get huge painful cysts but putting azelaic acid on where they started to form was super effective at getting rid of them. It helps a lot with redness too if that's a problem you have, and it's a lot gentler than other acids.

The Ordinary has it for cheap (the container is kinda small though) and they ship internationally. Skinoren is also a popular European option for azelaic acid but in a lot of places it's prescription only, not sure about Slovakia though.

No. 112211


Ok so the main game changers I will list now. (also keep in mind this is all subjective). My acne is mostly hormonal but there are definitely things that can make it worse (sensitive and breakout prone skin)

1.Important Habits/tips:

- Although washing your face is important do not over wash or use drying and irritating methods of cleansing. I use (Hada Labo Foaming Face Cleanser) for overall cleansing. It is very gentle and low cost (12-14 dollars via amazon). It has no smell really and is very non drying and gentle. Keep in mind cleansing should be the least irritating thing you do. It is better IMO to use heavy hitter products for acne but this does not include a cleanser. I usually double cleanse at night with an oil cleanser (I like Kose Softymo speedy oil, 9-13 dollars) and then follow up with the foaming cleanser. If my face feels "dirty" in the morning I usually was with water. If I feel like I must use a cleanser in the morning I either use a tiny bit of the foaming or only cleanse with the oil if it feels super oily. This is not daily however and I try to cleanse only at night.

-DO NOT touch your face EVER. It definitely spreads the bacteria and picking at your face will make it worse. If I allow myself to touch my face I will pick so I do not touch it ever. I only touch my skin while cleansing or applying skin care products, and always make sure my hands have been properly washed with soap before I cleanse or apply skincare.

-I find that keeping my hair clean (so either washing it at night or washing it earlier that day always) helps. At night, or whenever I'm home I keep it out of my face area at all times. I always put it up at night in a very gentle way as to not cause strain on my hair but enough to remove it from my face.

-always drink proper amounts of water daily (an easy way to get used to this habit is to always have a clean and full water bottle around you at all times and sip the whole day, my bottle holds 120 ounces at a time so I can tell exactly how much I have been drinking and can tell if I did not drink enough that day). If you feel like you have a vitamin deficiency take a simple multivitamin. This may not be causing your acne but being dehydrated and low on vitamins may worsen it or impede your healing.

-if you chose to use heavy hitters in your skin care routine (acids, retin-a, etc) do not do so daily. This can over exfoliate your skin and worsen the acne, thus making you want to use more of them but trust me it will make it worse and worse. Stop physical exfoliation if possible. If will likely not do much anyways (if you find it helps you, only use something very very gentle. The only time I ever physically exfoliate is maybe like 1 time a month MAX if I even do so, and its only to lightly removed some flakes).

-Utilize COSDNA if you feel certain ingredients or products break you out. You can rule out with ingredients are present in multiple products that have not worked for you and this way can know whether or not to use a new product.I have identified certain acne triggers for me personally and this has helped.

2.Heavy hitters I have used that have helped:

Prescription products:

- Retin-a. I have used Retin a on and off since highschool. I have used both the cream and the gel. Currently I use the gel every other day. Keep in mind, even someone like me who has been using this medication for almost 10 years still cannot tolerate daily usage, but of course everyone is different. This will also help with anti aging prevention but you MUST use sunscreen with this during the day. I would say the retin a usage is what helped the most in my worst acne phase (this picture). If you cannot go to a dermatologist you can also purchase this online but I would of course suggest seeing a doctor if possible instead. Keep in mind you can purge for months and do not get discouraged.Cost with insurance for me is around 10 dollars and online or out of country purchase has costed me 50-60 dollars.

-Accutane. I did use accutane in the past for around 9 months. I personally did not have bad side effects in any way and it helped a lot. I did not really experience a bad purge from this as the retin a did most of this for months. Cost with insurance from this I don't quite remember, but less than 100 dollars a month. It was low enough that I do not exactly remember it. Do not ever purchase this online or take it without supervision. You may damage your organs with this drug if you do things like drink or take too much of it so it is not worth it if you are not seeing a doctor. I had to take monthly drug and pregnancy tests and also had to always use 2 birth controls at a time to prevent pregnancy at all costs. I was not really sexually active when I took this drug but you will be required to say you will use 2 forms of BC either way if you are a female and capable of getting pregnant.

Non prescription products:

-Etude House Wonder Pore Toner(10-15 dollars) . This essentially will prime your skin for acids or retin-a. It will make the products feel/work more intensely. Not necessary but I found it to help me. I use this max a few times a week, around 10 minutes before adding the main heavy hitter I use to my skin.

-The ordinary glycolic acid toner(12-15 dollars). This toner has helped my skin for sure. I do not currently use it at the moment but when I do, I only use it 1x a week and use it a day where I do not use other heavy hitters. My skin loves glycolic acid and this one of the products that has actually done something.

-Mizon AHA 8% peeling (10-15 dollars). This is a glycolic acid serum. Probably my favorite low cost and non prescription glycolic product. It is a bit harder for me to get online sometimes but I plan on getting back to using this after I finish my glycolic toner. When I was not using retin a, I used this x4 a week and it helped keep my skin clear.

-Stridex red box (under 10 dollars). This is a BHA exfoliant. It helps cut down and break down oils and pore clogging gunk. The red box has no alcohol with is great to prevent irritation. I personally also use this on my body to prevent ingrown hairs and keep myself smooth.

-The ordinary AHA peel (15-20 dollars). This is a strong mask type product. I use it every few weeks, maybe once a month or twice max. Only leave in on your skin for the time it states (I leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off gently).

always follow these heavy hitter products with gentle products and care. no harsh cleansers (think "acne" cleansers. don't even ever bother with these. They can only marginally help you but will most likely just irritate. Cleansers are only on your skin for a brief time so any acne benefit will be very low anyways. it is better to be gentle and not irritate your skin or acne)

3. Professional treatments + at home facials that have helped.

Professional treatments:

- Microdermabrasion (50-150 dollars). Physical exfoliation, the only kind I ever use. Once a month has made big difference in my skin. I personally go to my dermatologist and pay 150 BUT you can find deals for cheaper. For me the 150 includes steroid injections on my big acne cysts or papules (clears them up immediately almost, which is important for me to prevent as you could see how bad my skin can get at it's worst state). It also includes clean and sterilized extractions.

-Hydrafacial (50-300 dollars). I don't really get these facials since they tend to be so expensive but I have gotten them done for low cost out of the country and in the US using and finding deals. Does help but not enough for me to do them all the time due to the price. You usually have the option to add a chemical peel as well during these which would make it more efficient. Think of this like a "wet" micro almost.

At home "facial":

-The ordinary AHA peel (talked about more in dept above).

-Cleansing followed by stridex. Wait 5-10 minutes and apply clay mask. Wash off clay mask. Apply oil cleanser and gently massage for a few minutes. This combo helps loosen up clogs in your skin (stridex and then clay) and the oil breaks them apart even more. This gets many clogged pores out of my skin at a time but do not overdo as it is/can be very drying.

-sheet masks. Look for ingredients that will not break you out or ones you feel will help you personally. My favorite low cost sheet masks are my beauty diary (particularly black pearl). This helps my skin retain moisture and it is almost a boost of moisture. I apply a sheet mask after applying my hada labo hydrating lotion and leave it on for 2 hours usually (with a silicone conver on top). You can leave it on for much shorter but try for at least half an hour if possible for the most benefit.

Current routine:

- right now I'm going very simple and trying to use up products. You do not need a long routine for it to work! I used to be crazy about it and use 10+ products but now I have noticed less can be more for me.

>Oil cleanse

>foam cleanse

>dry skin. Use PH balancing toner if using acids or retin a. Apply heavy hitter (acid or retin a ) if I am using one that night

>After heavy hitter is absorbed fully, apply other products.

>Cosrx A-sol (15-20 dollars). Contains tea tree and soothing products. Can be a little drying but works well for me to help heal acne and prevent.

>Hada Labo Hydrating Toner(10 dollars). Helps absorb my other products better and brings gentle hydration to my skin.

>Cosrx whitening power essence(15-20 dollars). Helps with my irritation and redness. Not necessary so I do not use daily but you can if you want to.

>Benton Snail Bee Essence (20 dollars). Big helper for me. Helps with scarring and healing acne. Not necessary but I like to use this.

>apply moisturizer after your essence/serum phase. I use belif true cream aqua bomb usually (45-50 dollars). Sometimes I also apply la mer creme de la mer (300+ dollars, I only use this due to receiving gifts of many of these jars.). I warm up my moisturizer in my hands and then pat and press into skin gently.

>sometimes sleeping mask or aquaphor on skin. Not necessary but you can use this if you need extra occlusion. I do this when I feel like my skin feels dehydrated.

Hope this helps anyone!


No. 112758

the truth is there are no topical products/creams/ointments/etc that will help you if you have acne that doesn't go away. my acne was entirely hormonal and i tried every topical including differin, nothing worked. you have to solve the problem underneath the skin before you use topicals. i went to the dermatologist and they prescribed me spironolactone, aczone (topical) and differin. also ive been on birth control. and now my acne is gone after 3 months or so. please go see a dermo if you can, i promise you there are USUALLY no topical products that can solve acne. and they will prescribe you stuff that actually works. it's entirely worth it.

No. 112789

THANK YOU so much for this post. The "professional treatments" section really helps me out, as I'm in a similar boat with products as you and haven't considered professional treatments before. Will look into it now for sure.

No. 112824

I looove Hydrafacials. I got one last month, along with dermaplaning, and my skin was so smooth and glowy.

Spiro was the only thing that cleared my acne.
I second going this route if you're having trouble with topicals. I use topicals now for upkeep and texture, but it doesn't little for my actual acne.

No. 112849

Half vent half hoping someone shares my pain and has a solution. I can't find a single sunscreen that works for me and I have pretty much given up. I've tried lots of popular and lesser known mineral sunscreens and none of them work for me.

I'm not sure if I should give more chemical filters a try bc all the mineral sunscreens I've seen and tried have at least one of these shitty things on my FUCKNO list which mainly revolves around alcohol, stearic acid, and coconut. My skin is really acne prone and pretty sensitive but I don't remember sunscreen fucking me up when I was younger and I used chemical filters back then. I've just read mineral sunscreens are more likely to agree with sensitive skin and I'm really scared of fucking up my skin that I've healed with months of effort.

My skin issues started with me getting into skincare. I used to only wash my face when I felt like it and never moisturize and I had no acne. I got into r/SkincareAddiction and added moisturizers and sunscreen and all that shit to my routine and it was completely downhill from there. My cheeks where I have never had acne before had a shitton of closed comedones that later turned into active zits and I've had a very hard time healing them. My skin that never had PIH suddenly began to leave red marks that take months to heal… I guess I'm aging too, I'm turning 25 this year. I don't have wrinkles and my skin is very soft still (thank fuck even at my worst my skin was never flaky and rough at least) but I have some scarring that isn't quite done fading.

Anyway, summer is approaching and I'm considering just using my parasol+hat combo and staying in the shade instead of risking another breakout. Unfortunately things marketed towards sensitive skin almost always contain coconut in some form and I've never had good experiences with products that contain coconut.

Idk y'all, I guess I convinced myself to try some chemical sunscreens that weebs are really into. I was about to order Badger's baby sunscreen but I'm not sure I can get that off my face without OCM and oil cleansing reeeally doesn't work for my skin. Fuck. I hate having this reactive skin type.

No. 112869

File: 1554924385543.jpg (38.59 KB, 500x500, Canmake-Mermaid-Skin-Gel-UV.jp…)

So since my sadpost I ordered pic related. It has stearic acid which I am really scared of but I'm going to test it out. Has really really good sun protection so would love if this works.

No. 112873

Then why'd you buy it? Everyone knows to use Kao Biore UV Aqua Rich sunscreen.

No. 112874

I wanted to try a sunscreen that has a mix of physical and chemical filters, that one has really solid spectrum coverage.

Also going to give the one you mentioned a try, my issue with that one is that it's got 10 million versions and they all have different formulations. Kind of a bitch to figure out which version the seller will ship to me.

No. 112880

Seconding this. So many people on amazon write that they either did not receive it at all or that they got a different (and worse) version. I don't want to risk that

No. 112881

File: 1554937317917.jpg (124.57 KB, 651x1000, 617fzXEreTL._SL1000_.jpg)

nta but for what's it worth, i have a very senstive and acne prone face too and i purchased pic related version a month ago and it hasn't given me any problems. then again i'm not even sure how much it comes in contact with my actual skin as i layer vit c, moisturiser and germoline on more acne prone-spots under it. i have also had the orange packaging version, that was fine too, but i find the texture of pic related to be more pleasant, it is very light and feels almost like a gel-based moisturiser. do wait a bit before applying make-up or similar though, otherwise it can pill off.

i just got it thru amazon and the ingredients are as follows: water, ethanol, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, cross-polymer of (lauryl methacrylate / sodium methacrylate), alkyl benzoate (C12-15), bisethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, hexyl diethylaminohydroxybenzoylbenzoate, dimethicone, ethylhexyl tri Azone, dimethylsilyl silica, DPG, xylitol, dextrin palmitate, (acrylates / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, (dimethicone / vinyl dimethicone) crosspolymer, polysilicone-9, glyceryl stearate, AMP, (vinyl dimethicone / methicone silsesquioxane) crosspolymer, agar, isoceteth -20, alkyl (C30-45) methicone, polyvinyl alcohol, olefin (C30-45), water Of Na, BG, PG, hyaluronic acid Na, royal jelly, orange fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2Na, BHT, perfume

No. 112882

The royal jelly and the citrus extracts are really weird ingredients that I'm curious about. I've ordered it off Amazon.ca already so gonna try both sunscreens and report back here.

On the topic of spot testing, I've heard mixed opinions on where to do it. Some people are saying to test it in acne prone areas, some are saying that could mislead you and you should test on a part of your skin that doesn't usually break out.

My safe place to test would be my forehead I think. I do break out there if an ingredient super duper messed with me but it's more resilient than my cheeks which react really badly. Also can hide a breakout with my bangs if I need to lol. I'm thinking I'll test on my forehead and move on to a small part of my cheek if the forehead doesn't react.

Also really hoping micellar water followed by a foaming cleanser can get these two sunscreens off bc OCM really doesn't work for me.

No. 112883

File: 1554940207730.jpg (978.69 KB, 500x500, sylveco-chamomile-face-wash.jp…)

royal jelly should be fine for acne, not so sure about fruit extracts and ymmv but I haven't had any problems personally and also they are at the very end of the ingredient list. i too usually test new things out on my forehead as it usually don't break out there and i won't accidentally upset my existing pimples (mostly those pesky deep ones that never come to head in generalised jaw area). if it's calm for like 3 days i'll move onto my lower face.

as for removing it, i just use Sylveco chamomile gel as it is the cheapest thing (round 7£ for 150ml) i could find with no SLS as that had proven to be an issue for in the past. it's actually very good, gentle yet does the job, i don't wear face make-up though save for mattifying powder and undereye concealer.

from non-weeb sunscreens, Ultrasun family SPF30 is also decent if bit low in SPF, it does have the white cast and the typical sunscreen smell (which i loathe) so i mostly used it on my body. it does have cocoglycerides like midway thru ingredient list, not sure if low enough for you. i hope something works out for you sunscreen-wise, i was in a similar spot last year, it fucking sucks (i think i stressed out about it more than about my exams haha)

No. 112885

File: 1554945328048.jpg (5.84 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

i have acne prone face as well, never tried biore, but sarafit by rohto was in my budget and i never had any issues with it. this one comes with 200g sunscreen compared to 50g.

No. 112888

File: 1554952527714.jpg (198.52 KB, 1680x1135, 20181219-002-01.jpg)

Has anyone tried the new Athlizm line. I tried the Sara Sara perfect milk and it's fine, but greasy and thick.

No. 113001

>round 7£ for 150ml
Wtf it costs the equivalent of 3£ here in Poland

No. 113005

I knoooow, not a polanon though so gotta import. honestly polish skincare/hair stuff seems pretty up there quality-wise for the price, very jealous! those humongous kallos hair mask tubs are another fav of mine.

No. 113029

Polanon here, is this thing good for people for skin prone to acne? I want to give it a shot, never heard about the brand. Where you can buy it? Rossmann?

No. 113031

I would recommend the violet version because this one is VERY strong. People love it or hate it, my skin being the latter - when you think about it, you're rubbing your face with salicylic acid at least two times a day - not every skin can take it. But it's worth trying, I got it on Allegro, I don't think they sell it in Rossmann but definitely have seen it in Natura and Hebe.

If you like Polish skincare, I recommend trying new lines of Bielenda, like Vege Detox or Botanic Spa, and their serums, especially Mezo Serum which is a skincare hit here.
Nacomi is also a superb brand, you can't go wrong with it.
Vianek & Sylveco can be hit or miss, as they often use oils that are more comedogenic. Sylveco has a sub-brand Biolaven which is a bit higher quality, along with Aloesove, cosmetics based on aloe vera.

Hope that helps!

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