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Hopefully there isn't already a thread about this.
Does anyone have any tips on working out with scoliosis? I suffer from it as well as pretty severe lumbar lordosis. I have a kinda flat butt & try to squat to change it but the back pain is just excruciating. People assume I'm lazy and it sucks because I really do try it's just so hard. I'm currently going to a stretch therapist but I'd like to stay in the gym too and be able to work on my overall fitness, particularly in my glutes and legs.

No. 65732


Squats aren't going to meaningfully change your butt, most of the shape comes from fat. It shouldn't matter to you anyway, what your butt looks like really doesn't matter.

No. 65735

What is this shit advice? She wants to work out her butt. What do you mean it doesn't really matter?

No. 65748

I also have scoliosis, but mine isn't severe so im not sure if what I say will be super helpful. Does it hurt your back only if you're standing while working out? Cause if so I've found that cycling (not as cardio, but instead with tons of resistance) has helped my thighs and butt a lot so I'd suggest that as opposed to squats if sitting is easier on your back.

No. 65753

I had a …around 13 degree scoliosis. I exercised and did conscious posture improvement for around 2 years. Last check with a physician two months ago resulted into her saying there's no scoliosis. Sometimes my back hurted from sitting, but looking back it was me forcing the scoliosis to straighten with a better posture. Sorry, I'm not much of help. I ran and did a modified SS program. So it's definetly fixable with no brace!

No. 65758

This anon is a retard.

Your ass has muscle just like any other part of your body. Squats also work out your legs and back muscles which are exactly what OP needs.

OP use the guided squat rack (Idk the right name) for safety reasons with your back.

No. 65762

that sounds like a good idea!! didn't even think of that so thank you :)
sorry if this is a dumb question but what do you mean by modified SS program?
i'll try that ty!

No. 65767

i reallly recommend seeing a physical therapist. everyone's curves are different and will need different exercises to strengthen certain sides and muscles.

just blindly following a routine can make it worse.

i saw mine twice, did the exercises to build a routine for like 2 months then was able to progress to doing lifts like squats and deads.

glad i did that

No. 65771

Starting Strength, I did a less quad orientated version (kickbacks, hip thrusts and stiff-legged deadlifts) and for me it did well, I also did bent over rows, my physician advised those in good form to help with the correct supporting muscles.
This is a bad idea too, a set path for a rep, especially squat, with a deformed back such as a scoliosis is snapcity. A set path can cause the curvature to be misaligned more, due to forcing it to go down in a straight line. It's not even adviced for a healthy back, as thats not a natural dumbbell path. Id rather see a physician and see what they advice.
This too! Absolutely follow a physicians advice.

No. 65805

I also have scoliosis. Seek a medical professional first before trying any exercises because everyone's curves are different. What works for me is strength training and yoga. Doing both could strengthen your back and ease some of the back pain.

No. 65855

Before getting rods in my back, I had pretty bad kiphosis, to the point that most seats were unbearable to sit in.

Besides getting a PT, like others have said:

1. Swimming is a good way to exercise many muscles simultaneously without putting pressure on your back.

2. If you are not that off-kilter, jogging might be good cardio. If it's your legs and knees that hurt, that's just normal.

3. Avoid weights that distribute force across your body, as the spine is a conduit for balancing such forces.

No. 67704

My mum has scoliosis and is around 61 years old. (Also arthritic)
Please do your excersizes And be kind to yourself anons. It can get hard.

No. 67786

I don't (think I) have scoliosis but my back seems to curve that way like in op.

Do you usually have to be born with it or…?

No. 67805

No, it's commonly something that develops in preteen girls. My school screened for it. I have slight forward curvature of the spine from carrying too much when I was that age and a sister of a friend wore a brace for scoliosis.

No. 68227

File: 1506519228846.jpg (36.49 KB, 480x480, IMG_20170927_143233.jpg)

My scoliosis is supposed to be mild but the pain is now unbearable. Does anyone else have a protruding shoulder blade and how do you deal with the pain? I think my spine is either pushing on the shoulser muscle or the bone and none of the exercises are helping anymore.

I miss being pain free.

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