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File: 1500857002384.jpg (195.36 KB, 800x1068, Funny-Hairy-Minka-Kelly.jpg)

No. 65399

Can we talk about body hair?

Here are some questions to get the thread started

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

Post opinions, problems, horrors stories, anything

No. 65400

OP here, I'll start
>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

I trim everything once a week but wax or epilate once a month at least. Lately have been just trimming because I have no time to sit and wax my entire hairy ape body. I still wax my arms and face because they're the parts people see.
>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?

I HATE shaving and how hair grows back so quickly, especially after getting used to waxing and epilating. I used to love using hair removal creams but I noticed they were turning my skin darker (anyone else experienced this?)

>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

I epilate the shit out of it with a small electric epilator. It hurts like hell but it's worth it because the hair doesn't grow back quickly, the hair follicles get weak, and it gets all the hairs so it's a clean job.

The biggest issue I have right now is back hair. Do other girls eve grow back hair? I can't find anything on it online and it's so embarrassing. My boyfriend constantly complains about his back hair and how much he hates it. I have no idea how to deal with getting rid of my back hair when we start living together lmao

No. 65401

Armpit hair I shave every 3 days. Not because it only then grows back, but because I can't shave if the hairs are too short. So I have to walk around for 2 days with a 5 o'clock shade there.

I use depilatory cream (is that the right translating for it?) for my genital area/bikini line. I get no ingrown hairs and no cuts. I also use scrub salt after it to make my skin smooth and such. Downside is that it grows back in no time.

My dream is to get laser hair-removal one day. I have read stories about people who did that and the only regret they had was that they didn't start sooner.

No. 65402

I don't shave my legs or my vag. I shave my pits whenever I notice it's getting too long and itchy/ smelly. Maybe once a week?

No. 65404

Even after getting normal sized I'm covered in lanugo like some gross little bear. Wtf do I do about it?

No. 65405

I want to get laser hair-removal too, anon! I'm saving up for it. It's too damn expensive.

No. 65406

I used to get Brazilian wax for almost 2 years until I decided I can't stand the pain anymore. So now I get laser hair removal. Underarm and legs are with IPL and vag is SHR as I'm too sensitive with pain and legs with IPL already hurt like hell. Legs and underarm are doing pretty good after the first session. Vag takes more time it seems because the treatment is a bit different.

No. 65407

I have these weird little white hairs all over my body. I'm so glad I was born blonde because if I were brunette I just KNOW that shit would be black.

I have blonde hairs on my lip but whenever I shave it I get an ingrown hair that looks like a herpe.. no thanks

No. 65423

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?
Facial hair weekly, body hair when/if I remember, armpits twice a week, vag also twice a week
>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
Favourite: epistick, it's a little painful but faster, less messy than waxing and essentially free. The little yoke goes for about 50c on ebay.
Least favourite: Epilating, I used to get a lot of ingrowns so now I just epilate my armpits and it works well for that.
Honourable mention: Shaving with a safety razor, it's great once you get the hang of it and a LOT cheaper than buying disposables or wax cartridges.
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?
Safety razor. Works wonders.

No. 65424

File: 1500911798970.gif (2.36 MB, 320x267, 7945-1495649073-2.gif)

I shave my legs once a week, my armpits every 4 days, and my bikini line once a week with an occasional trim. I lucked out with not being really hairy but I still hate bikini line shaving. I should probably do it more often than once a week but it gets so fucking itchy I just can't stand it and I don't want razor burns. I'd like to get waxed but I'm too embarrassed to allow some Vietnamese lady see my vag.

Has anyone ever tried that hard wax? You can use it without strips and it supposed to be painless. I wonder how easy it would be to use at home.

No. 65426

I remember being in middle school and my friend telling me that I should shave my arms because she did.
I regret ever doing it as I was blonde and the hair was barely noticeable. The hair really hasn't looked the same since.

No. 65427

I shave my legs every 3 or 4 days and my armpits every single day because I have extremely dark hair and it immediately shows. I also shave my arms, I don't find it unattractive on anyone else but me.

I'm seriously thinking of getting laser hair removal on my armpits, it's like 100 dlls here in my city.

No. 65429

File: 1500913334846.jpg (46.54 KB, 591x779, fridak.jpg)

Don't shave my pits, legs or vag. I'm single and live in a cold country so it's not necessary. The occasions I do get rid of it, it takes a while so I use hair removal cream and after that, a razor.

I have to wax/pluck my eyebrows and moustache pretty much on the daily though - can't skip on them cause they're really black and obvious and make me look like a full blown man. Fuck my genetics.

No. 65430

thats an old wives tale, even if you shave the hair, each hair does eventually fall out, so the fresh hair has never been shaved. body hair does darken with age, so obviously your body hair would have been lighter in middle school. nothing you did made it grow in darker, its just a natural occurrence.

No. 65435

It mostly caused ingrown hairs which I still seem to get today from shaving my arms incorrectly in middle school.

No. 65442

I used to wax EVERYTHING and very often but I don't do anything now except wax my stache, shave my weird sideburn/beard, and trim my pubes.. My hair is a lot lighter and sparser from all the waxing but still pretty dark and visible, I just don't care anymore tbh.

No. 65443

I just saw this after I posted mine but I did hard wax myself at home a lot and it was fine. I wouldn't call it completely painless though, and I had it done at a salon first.

No. 65446

I shave my upper lip (I know you're supposed to pluck but I'm lazy lol) and my armpits every day, and my legs basically only when I "need" to, since I wear pants so often. I only trim my pubic hair, not shave, but I do keep it fairly short. I touch up my brows every couple days. I've never tried waxing or epilating and I sometimes use hair-removal creams but I generally prefer to just shave.

No. 65458

i shave my armpits every day, shave my vag once a week, wax my arms every 1-2 months, shave my legs, and i use this tool to get rid of my peach fuzz 'mustache' (idk what the name of it is exactly but you basically twist it back and forth and it rips the hair out) i don't have any other facial hair that is worth removing. I'm happy with everything except for shaving my legs - does anyone here have advice on epilating? i want to start epilating my legs. for reference, my legs are not super hairy, but there's a decent amount of hair below my knee and my hair grows really fast

No. 65465

where do you get back hair? lower back? i myself use a hair removal cream but try to find one that doesnt turn your skin darker? a new one? also if you live with your bf be upfront about it or dont mention it unless he does lol i told my bf i get lower back hair and he felt it and he just laughed it off and didnt care

No. 65472

On the topic, I have a problem I don't understand. I've been plucking my unibrow for over a decade, and yet if I stop for more than a few days it comes back. Meanwhile my mom hasn't plucked her eyebrows since I was a baby because she started when she was young and they no longer grow back. So why in the fucking shit does mine keep coming back then? Isn't plucking/waxing supposed to eventually damage the follicle to the point hair won't go back anymore?

No. 65477

okay but does anyone bother w/ removing ass hair?
inb4 "anon, thats what muffles your farts", I don't fart

i once passed a razor through my butt cheeks and i felt so unsettled that there was so much course hair to be removed
the grow back was pretty itchy, so I'm still wondering whats the best option for a hairless butt

No. 65481

What are your guys' thoughts on shaving arms? I know some people don't do it because it's not noticeable, but others do because it's really thick. All the women on my mom's side of the family do NOT LIKE body hair and therefore shave pretty much anything, especially arms. I shave everything EXCEPT my arms, and most of my friends do the same. Even though my arm hair is thicker and darker than theirs, I just feel no need to shave my arms. Do you guys pay attention to arm hair/notice it easily on people? Do you think it's as important to shave arm hair the way people shave their legs/arm pits?

No. 65486

I got such s good chuckle from >>I don't fart
Cheers anon

No. 65488

Thank you for this post anon I had a hearty kek

And to answer your question, I don't bother with it unless I know someone's gonna be all up in my ass (I usually epilate my ass even though it hurts, it's the best way to get all the hairs you can't see). I love the feeling of a hairless butt but I hate the itchy grow back and always worry about cutting myself with the razor.

On the same topic, does anyone else have hair on their butt cheeks? I feel so gross


I don't think it's important to shave arm hair nor do I usually notice it on people, but I do wax mine off. I have pale skin with dark hair, so when I get rid of the hair I'm left with smooth pale arms that just look and feel better to the touch.

No. 65496

I do and I feel gross. But it's good to know that I'm not the only one, no one ever seems to talk about it. I'm considering waxing it but I'm not sure if it's worth the money.

I usually bleach my arm hair in the summer time. It makes it hardly noticeable and will last for a few weeks. There's arm or body hair bleach available that's inexpensive and it takes less than 15 minutes total.

No. 65502

I get buttcheek hair too and honestly I use a hair remover because it doesn't grow back thick and it doesn't grow back for a while and feels nice and smooth! Usually you get butt hair if you have lower back hair too (like myself). Don't be so ashamed of yourself and sure it seems gross but it is pretty normal.

No. 65504


waxing is the way to go for sure. shaving will definitely lead to itchiness. i know you probably don't care about this but the less hair you have in your asscrack the more susceptible you are to getting sweaty in that area

No. 65532

but then what helps with the sweating?

No. 65561

yeah, I sometimes use nair or an eyebrow razor cuz when I try to shave my ass hair, it always gives me bumps

I'm pale as hell with dark hair + mediterranean roots, so I'm pretty hairy and it sucks

No. 65569

Same, anon. Fuck those Mediterranean genes. Aren't eyebrow razors tiny though? How long does it take you to shave your butt eith an eyebrow razor?

No. 65575

A long time, especially since I have a huge ass,i tend to just grow hair on the inner part though, near the crease to my thighs

No. 65582

can anyone recommend a good epilator? I've read a lot of reviews that state that using certain ones on body parts other than your legs can make them break or mess up. I have really coarse hair and mainly want to use it for my arm pits.

No. 65602

File: 1501119527124.jpeg (208.51 KB, 500x653, 788A9148-B130-49CF-86CC-0530D9…)

Shave my mustache probably once a month, shave my armpits and pluck my eyebrows every couple of days and get a Brazilian and my legs done every 3 weeks. Getting waxed was the best beauty decision I have ever made. I'm very pale with dark thick hair so I'd shave my legs constantly (frm the horrible 5 o'clock shadow) and end up getting razor burns, don't even get me started on the horror of trying to shave my vag. Now I'm dolphin smooth with the softest legs

No. 65669

My tits are hairy. Razors and suicide are no longer options.

No. 65675


Mine are too. PCOS. Get yourself a laser hair removal treatment, it works wonders. You can hunt it on groupon, as well.

No. 65684

I'm having a nightmare with my body hair.

I have a lot of hair in a lot of places (suspected PCOS) but it's all very light blonde so laser isn't an option. I'd be fine with shaving and waxing except that my skin is so fucking sensitive and messed up..
Whenever I shave or wax my legs or anywhere else I break out all over. It's almost like cystic acne (but isn't because i've been on accutane before) and it can be very painful.

Even when I take a break from hair removal, longest I tried was 3-4 months, this shit still appears and it's only where I have hair (legs, pubic area, nipples, even my scalp).

Has anyone dealt with something like this or does anyone have advice? It's complete hell, I just want normal smooth hair-free skin like every other girl ;_;

No. 65951

File: 1501592375084.jpg (42.17 KB, 568x531, 1501554240712.jpg)

>hand hair
>finger hair
>toe hair

No. 65952

Have you thought of using an epilator or hair removal cream? I know they make sensitive skin creams too, I think it would help prevent the razor burn too.

No. 65956

Yo I just did Brazilian waxed myself and I did not entirely rip my skin out. You've got no idea how proud I am

No. 65957

Congratulations anon! Smooth vag for DAYS

No. 65958

>forehead hair

No. 65962


Are you me

No. 65963

My "boyfriend" wants to shave my pubic area, and honestly I find it romantic as fuck??
I don't grow a lot of body hair, so there's that, but when I do, it's just my underarm and sometimes my leg…

My friend and I were thinking of doing waxing, but I'm so sensitive to pain, fuck.

No. 65964

You have options anon, but please see a doctor.

1. Hormonal antiandrogen therapy -consider combined contraceptive with cyproterone in it, or just spironolactone if you can't take oestrogens. Reduces rate of terminal hair growth, reduces risk of further conversion of vellus to terminal hair.
2. Eflornithine cream - inhibits enzyme in skin needed for hair growth. Works but isn't permanent, hair grows back if you stop using it.
3. Some laser clinics have had success removing red or blonde hair with newer diode lasers. You can usually get a small area as a test patch to see if it suits you.
4. Electrolysis still possible although time-consuming
5. Acne can relapse even after a full course of therapeutic-dose isotretinoin, & painful eruptions after waxing/shaving are not always "just" folliculitis, occasionally a sign of something else e.g. hidradenitis suppurutiva that needs more than salicylic acid lotion and a loofah.

Sorry for tl;dr but I feel your pain anon, laser worked for me since I had dark hair but I was miserable until laser fried off all my unwanted hair margaret palermo style.

Good luck!

No. 66006

File: 1501697184124.jpg (5.55 KB, 272x199, 457845.jpg)

Me with the additional of
>happy trail
>butt hair

I don't even have any hormonal issues. I've had various tests done since I was 11 and there's nothing wrong with me. I'm just a fucking hairy beast, I guess.

No. 66007

I don't shave my leg's due to where I live, and I usually wear pants. I have to shave my vag/armpits daily. It grows back so fast. But on the occasion I have the energy to even shave my legs, it takes a long time, and i usually have to go back over what i did. Even then, by the next day, i'll have to shave again. I have to watch out for my eyebrows a lot too, and I can get away with a couple of weeks of not doing anything

My favorite method is a FRESH razor, with some foam shaving gel. My routine is, shave my armpits, then I put on a lot of shaving cream on my vag, then shave.
I personally have never gotten a wax or had a epilator, so i can't say anything from those.

I deal with sensitive areas by going slow, and use creams for sensitive skin afterwords

No. 66008

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?
Rarely. I don't really have a system, but if i will be in a bathing suit i will trim the bush and i keep my eyebrows looking nice but otherwise i don't do anything. I have hairy underarms, legs, upper lip, you name it. My mom hates my hairy underarms lol, says it's not ladylike. I agree but my aesthetic is pretty masculine so it doesn't matter.
>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
I just prefer to use men's razors and shaving cream.
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?
cut it before shaving and go with the grain first, then against it. Apply body lotion or moisturizer for sensitive skin afterwards.

No. 66009

The itchiness stopped after the first couple of shaves for me. Waxing your butthole seems more uncomfortable than having an itchy butthole imo.

No. 66040

Ugh, same here. I'm Mediterranean (but with super pale skin) so I look like fucking Chewbacca if I don't shave and tweeze off everything.
It's my biggest insecurity, too… I don't wear crop tops because of my happy trail and I hate wearing anything remotely revealing like a tank top because you can see the hair on my back, shoulders, and even chest…

No. 66061

does anyone else just take a razor with water straight to all their hairy areas? i only use product when i shave my legs and even then its only regular old hair conditioner.

i can't stand the little blonde forehead hair i have so i shave them. i feel like people can see them in the sunlight or if theres a shadow casting over me when i look down that highlights them even more just like with peach fuzz. smoother makeup for me though so thats a plus.

No. 66062

Fuck, this is me.

Have you considered bleaching the hair?

No. 66063

W2c bf with hairygirl fetish so I never have to shave again

No. 66068

Hmm, not really, I might have to look into it. I'm a little scared that the bleach might damage my skin, though.

No. 66071

Same. I'm super pale too, and even when I shave, you can still see stubble because my hair is really dark. I can't even remember the last time I wore a tank top, because I'm too embarrassed.

The worst part is the facial hair though. There's too much to tweeze, too coarse and thick to bleach, and I can't let it grow out long enough to wax, so I shave it. I always have a bit of a five o'clock shadow though. Shit sucks. I hate when people stand too close or I'm outside, because I feel like it's 1000x more noticable.

No. 66073

Wow, I didn't expect to get such a helpful response, you're a wealth of knowledge anon. Thank you!

I'll look into these suggestions and see my doctor asap. It’s good to know that I’m not alone with this issue and there’s options out there, hopefully I’ll find a solution that works for me.

No. 66093

Get laser, it thins the hair out too. It's pretty good for girls with thick hair. My pubes are like thin body hairs now, feels weird man.

No. 66102

Holy fuck I feel you. I've even been asked if I'm trans 'because they can see the shadow

I'm so embarrassed, I came on make up but I know it only fixes things in very select lighting

Saving up for laser as I tried a couple sessions before but boy does it hurt on the face/with such coarse hair. Honestly considering picking up heroin as a pain killer to do it - something about face laser just wrecks my pain tolerance.

Best of luck to everyone~

No. 66104

Why is there no chemical that just destroys hair for good. Fuck.

No. 66132

It sounds corny but as someone who grew up being extremely self conscious of my body hair (I'm veryy pale and have it just about everywhere except my face), realizing that body hair isn't, like, a "mistake" on my body has helped me so much. I still do hair removal when I feel like it, but nowhere as often as I used to… I used to be obsessive and freak out even if any stubble was showing at all, now I don't care about going out with visible leg hair if I don't feel like shaving. None of my partners have ever complained either.

No. 66151

File: 1501990223670.jpg (120.64 KB, 1280x640, maxresdefault.jpg)

I feel you on the facial hair. I have to shave every night, if I don't I get stubble. I'm pale and the hair is jet black and coarse so its super noticeable and it honestly limits my life so much. I worry about times when I wouldn't be able to shave like if I spend the night with someone else or if I'm in the hospital or something (lol ik stupid) just sucks knowing that three days without a razor and I'd probably have a full beard.

Been thinking about investing in a tria, I watched a ton of reviews on youtube about using it to remove facial hair (mostly by mtf trans youtubers but some by just regular women with facial hair problems) but it's such a large amount of money and I'm scared it wouldn't work.

No. 66162

Your fears definitely aren't stupid. I was in psychiatric hold at a hospital last year for 2 days and obviously wasn't allowed to shave or anything. I actually left the hospital with a really noticeable, coarse mustache and stubbly chin. It was so embarrassing.

No. 66506

I have this fear too.

Also although I don't want to speak for everyone I bought the tria and it was absolute shit didn't do a single fucking thing - gave it more and more test time praying til my refund time was gone. Fuck that piece of crapola. It's noisy as fuck too so if you don't live alone there's nothing discreet about it.

For reference I have dark hair and pale skin also which is supposed to be the prime candidate for the tria.

If you do get one, unless you plan to return it in time, buy second hand cheaper, honestly.

No. 66512

haven't shaved anything but my face since 8th grade (22 now), feels pretty good

No. 66513


I have dark hair and tan skin and I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome so I have really thick and dark hair in places like my face / chest / belly…And my hair grows so quick it's very embarassing to me. Even though I'm taking medication for it, it doesn't really help with the hair thing.
I also tried laser and hair removal treatments but they're not as effective as I thought they'd be, so I just stopped because of the money and cons I received from them (i.e. hair getting thicker because of having to use razors almost everyday).
It's not because of what others may think, it's because I feel uncomfortable af and I start going paranoid just at the thought of someone seeing something (even if they don't point it out,I know it's just there and I hate it).

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

My face in parts like chin / sideburns almost everyday because as I said I'm just too paranoid/nervous about it. Same goes to my chest and belly. My mustache maybe like every 3/4 days. Legs every day in summer / every 2 days.

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?

I use wax and tweezers for my face. Razors for my legs and chest / belly. I think those two methods are what works best for me because it's fast and I can get to some difficult hairs like in my chin etc. I start plucking with tweezers my facial hair while the wax melts and then I use it.
I absolutely hate those wax strips that they sell at supermarkets or similars. For me they don't work out at all, it just gets all sticky and difficult for me to remove it.
I also tried IPL for hair removal at home (a birthday's present) but you have to be consistent and 3 or 4 weeks has to pass between each session and I ended up hating having to razor my face everyday. I noticed some hair grow lighter in places like my legs / chest (it grew slower too) but nothing about my face, which it's the part that makes me more insecure…So I guess it's a 7.5 out of 10.

>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

I razor genital area and legs, which are the parts that get worst for me. I know I should exfoliate and all because sometimes I get really bad rash but that's something that doesn't bother me at all hahaha. I just can't stand the pain of wax on those zones because I have too much hair imo.

No. 66515

I feel legitimately unclean when I have body hair, especially on my face and neck. It seems like I get more acne on my face when I haven't plucked it out or shaved. I don't like letting myself go in terms of body hair because it's so uncomfortable to have, and my skin picking/head scratching gets worse lol

People who are mostly hairless or have really thin light hairs are blessed

No. 68403

I've got an embarrassing one

I get hair on my big toes and sometimes a couple strays on my feet

They're black and I'm pale

Shaving them is useless and my bf is into feet so I hide this as much as possible

Any other farmers find success with another hair removal method? Not sure if wax would work and plucking can make them get spotty and red

No. 68405

Why is shaving them useless? That's what I do, It's a tiny area, so it's no big deal to maintain.

No. 68418

I stopped shaving seven years ago and I second this.

No. 68430

I only shave everything occasionally. Everything's blonde and not noticeable, especially as I don't go about with bare legs anyway. pubes are a bit thicker and darker of course but I'm not into the smooth look or stubblr, and my skins a massive baby about it so I just trim every month or so. one problem I do have is with chin haiirs.I'm absolutely addicted to plucking them out and get quite stressed if I cant find tweezers :( this makes my chin pretty prone to being spotty and scabby but I can't help it.

No. 68447

Anon this is super super common among women, I just shave it in the shower when I shave my legs.

No. 68464

any tips for a brazilian/bikini wax?

No. 68490

Sugar wax hurts a lot less.

No. 69070


Because I can never shave it close enough and I have dark stubble on pale skin

Is it really so common

No. 69095

Eh, I stopped shaving like a year ago. Started spraying Sun-In into the top of my bush so I have a cool ombre going on now. I'm a lesbian so I guess it's more acceptable for me to have body hair, but I didn't really have a lot of leg hair to begin with. I've only shaved/epilated when I was going to something where my appearance really mattered (like a job interview)

No. 69114

I have a compulsive need to touch up my bikini line every time I shower, even though I'm single. I only shave my legs when the hair starts to get caught on my pant legs. I Never touch the armpits

No. 69118

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?
Shave mustache, feet, armpits, stomach, near jawline, and legs daily. Pluck eyebrows daily. (That is honestly how often I need to, it grows fast on me.)
I used to shave under my chin, but the hairs were growing back so fast that it I always had stubble. Recently I started plucking them.
I would like to get rid of the mustache by plucking, but I think the pain would be unbearable. I leave other body hair as-is.

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?

I only pluck and shave. Plucking gets better results but it hurts. Even my eyebrows will still hurt, and I've been plucking them for years.
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?
Ignore it, no one will see it but me lol. But really, shaving almost anywhere on my body leaves painful red bumps. Even my legs in the summer get that way.

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