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No. 65257

Does anyone else have a thing for married men?

Probably laying myself open to a lot of hateful attacks here but I'm in a relationship with a married man at the moment, and I've crushed on bosses and people like that at my old work, as well as married teachers when I was at school for ever.

There's just something so perfect about them. The one I'm in a relationship with at the moment is a really decent man who works hard, it's just that his wife treats him like shit.

Anyone have similar experiences?

No. 65263

What's the appeal this? You could find an equivalent guy who isn't married. There's no shortage of decent men.

Do you like him because it's forbidden?

No. 65264

Gross. Going after someone you know is with someone is as nasty as the person in a relationship cheating.
Like little kids who throw a tantrum because another kid has the toy they want.
The worst is people who pursue a married person and then act innocent when they're called a home wrecker.

No. 65266

>it's a "is this a robot LARPing as a homewrecker or an actual homewrecker" episode
I love this website.

No. 65268

Why is it that girls feel this way? Is it because they want something they can't have? We obviously weren't married but my previous boyfriend wasn't wanted by any girls and was rejected by one but as soon as we got into a relationship suddenly things changed and he got a lot more attention from girls. Do girls change their mind when they see something they don't have and suddenly want it ?

No. 65269

You deserve a beat down

No. 65270

>Do girls change their mind when they see something they don't have and suddenly want it ?
Could be that. It could also be the guy. I've noticed that once some men are in a relationship they relax around women because they aren't preoccupied with impressing them in any capacity and they come off as more confident as a result, which women are drawn to.

No. 65271

>his wife treats him like shit
Ah yes. If she truly did, he'd divorce her and marry you instead. Instead he's cheating on her with a younger piece. What a perfect fella.

No. 65272

My boyfriend is technically married but separated and his wife lives very very far away and they hate each other.

We started dating when they were still together and he lied to me about it, so there's that.

I have slept with married men in the past and I regret it.

No. 65273

>he is a decent man, shes the evil one!!!!

C'mon now, do you really believe that? Making the spouse out to be crazy to get away with cheating is the oldest trick in the book. If he was a decent man he would have divorced her before dating someone else.

And naaah, I want my man to be just about me. To be the only one in his life. I don't want to be in second place or share with anyone else.

No. 65275

Why do I feel like this thread is by a married robot.

No. 65280


I mean, there's a few shitty women out there who would, but yeah, at second glance it looks like robot shitposting.

No. 65292

Wow it's almost as if he would never lie to get some dumb young ass.

No. 65295

It..Really depends. If he's separated with his wife or they're in an open relationship or in a financial situation where a divorce isn't possible but the relationship is dead, sure.

If you're hurting a healthy marriage by encouraging it, you're kind of terrible.

No. 65303

>"Moshi moshi, robot desu"

No. 65304

He's gonna cheat on you, and when he does, you can't even feel bad about it.

No. 65311

that is the appeal. cucking some random girl

No. 65324

Thanks for the advice.

No. 65327

I was involved with a married man for a while when I was 19-20 (though was under the impression he would be getting a divorce). Long story but overall 0/10 would not recommend. One of the most heartbreaking things I've been through (not to say I didn't deserve it, I guess I was naive).

No. 65353

idk if it's some subconscious evolutionary psychology bullshit or the way our society puts pressure on women, or both, but basically if a girl only wants a married man it's like saying "SEE? he's with you but he wants ME. i'm better/hotter/whatever." only a deeply, deeply insecure individual would have a primary attraction to someone taken. that or they know their relationships can't go anywhere, so when it ends it's because of their wife/kids rather than facing rejection for your person like in a normal relationship.

but the "his ex wife is shitty" part leads me to believe OP is just insecure af and competitive with women. oh his wife is shitty? and he's not because he's cheating. k

No. 65356

I think it's their way to rationalise their vile selves. The wife is oh so evil to him, I'm just helping him!

Totally agree about insecure women falling for that crap.

If there was a cheaters handbook that would be one of the top 3 tips: vilify your partner to garner sympathy.

No. 65359

In general I think OP is probably a fucked up human being and I hope if the wife finds out, she slaps the shit out of her.

Fucking disgusting.

No. 65360

So you enjoy being a side piece?
It doesn't matter if the husband has a shitty wife, it doesn't concern you and if he has enough time to cheat, then he has enough time to get out of the relationship.
I think you'd have to have a lack of self respect to do something like that.

No. 65364



It's actually does look like a "want what you can't have" thing most of the time, but the "wife treats like shit" part should be a turn off in theory, so idk.


It's just a pity that they're sooooo fuckin obvious. Post style and post topic (usually feminism or race) is a dead giveaway.

No. 66114

Yes, I have a thing for them. I develop crushes on married/taken men super often and fantasize about it. I think the taboo aspect is hot. I don't think I could actually go through with it irl though. I also don't understand the purpose of being in a "relationship" with one behind the wife's back or brushing it off like "oh his wife is this evil bitch but (dumb excuses for why they haven't divorced)"

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