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File: 1500319401531.png (681.92 KB, 449x750, RPi2njq.png)

No. 65010

Does anyone else go crazy over 'em?

For me there's just something so fucking hot about it, especially if it looks very round and perky.

I think the key is where the lower back meats the bottom; if it sticks outward there it just looks super cute to me.

No. 65011


I agree with you 110%
Unfortunately I'm flat but fortunately my boyfriend isn't and it's One of the huge reasons why I even get turned on.

But at the same time, with a round butt, for any anon out there, isn't it uncomfortable when you sit down for a long period of time or when you wear skirts/tight pants

No. 65016

File: 1500322600200.jpg (38.96 KB, 500x376, eb921152-19bf-4254-9de9-6cc4ff…)


I'm flat back there as well, kinda ironic.

The thing is I'm not into what most girls would call a "nice butt". I like butts that are actually very big, round, and quite protuberant. The OP pic is what I'd call a 10/10 ass, I just want to squeeze it and spank it and put my hands around his waist, unfff.

Functionally it's mostly only black boys who have this but there are some exceptions like the pic related. Although the dark skin does make it look better though, like it's "smoother" or "shinier", not sure how to put it.

No. 65017

My boyfriend has a really nice butt and honestly I didn't think about it before, but yeah, it's really nice. I didn't expect to like something like that, but whatever I guess.

It does make me resent my butt in contrast, it's not like it isn't there, but it's mostly firm and muscular rather than soft and squeezable. Can't win them all, I guess.

No. 65058

File: 1500348377280.jpg (18.75 KB, 225x300, IMG_5543.JPG)

Ah, the male buttocks, such a marvel when is firm and round.
I realized I was attracted to butts because of porn lol the view when the camera was pointing from behind the guy to picture his ass in movement, that really turned me on.

No. 65060

I never thought about it at all until I started dating a guy with a really strong lower body. Now I am obsessed with big strong calves, thighs, and glutes on men. The whole popular V shape with a giant upper body and tiny butt/legs is definitely not as good as a real brickhouse of a man IMO

No. 65062


This, except I don't really care about the calves and thighs. A bit smaller is actually better. Nice round bubbly butt is great.

Totally agree about upper body being overrated.

No. 65063

>tfw have a big ass
>husband is an assman
>can't go a single day without my ass being slapped

I like it but i also get annoyed by it when i'm trying to have a cute snuggly conversation and he grabs my ass.

No. 65064

Oh this is about guy asses I should've read more of the thread.

My husband literally has a hank hill ass and I think it's cute

No. 65138


That's a nice butt. I like that butt.

No. 65146

on guys or girls or both?

No. 65161

I have a big butt ;_; it's not uncomfortable to sit down for long periods of time but skirts are always shortened at the back and trousers never really fit me because shops don't really make trousers and skirts for those with big behinds. Also big butts make flowy skirt slook weird imo so I always wear pencil skirts/body in as they look more flattering but they also emphasise the butt and I don't like being oggled

No. 65178

I have a big butt and I prefer flowy skirts. I thought pencil skirts were made for flat-assed girls lmao

No. 65179

I've always thought pencil skirts looked terrible on flat butts. Anything that's too curve hugging isn't going to flatter something with no curves.

No. 65182

oh you poor thing, it must be so hard meeting standards and having things not fit like everyone else does, see the "girls who complain about having attractive features" thread in ot

No. 65189


OP here, I was talking about guy butts.

No. 65190

No way, pencil skirts draw too much attention when you have a big ass, I'd never feel comfortable wearing one to a job interview or office job.

No. 65236

I think the other poster is saying they look bad on legitimate flat butt. I have zero ass and I avoid pencil skirts unless they cover my butt or I'm wearing a cardigan. Pencil skirts look fine on small butts or normal butts.

No. 65237

boyfriend is pretty slim so i thought he was going to have a small/flat butt. imagine my surprise when i found out it's actually a perky little thing. i guess he just wore loose pants lol

male asses are great. i like the lines? on the side of them, how they're still taut yet round.

No. 65243

No. 65265

For me floeyskirts are very unflattering and make my lower half look boxy even though pencil skirts can draw attention I prefer them as I honestly look shit in any other skirt (I never wear a pencil skirt without a long cardi though) also I know how people can be like "boohoo you meet 2k17s beauty standards" but my response is that beauty standards mean nothing to me and I just want bottoms that fit properly! Some people may want big butts but doesn't mean life is fab with one especially if you are somewhat self-conscious of it (like me) it's not me humble bragging it's a legit annoyance at times because shops don't cater to my body type and not everyone likes showing off their body

No. 65274

I have a huge ass and hips, my waist is 24 and my ass is 42, my shirts are xs and my bottoms are a size 12 and you don't see me complaining out of nowhere for no reason on a place where talking about the "struggle!!!woe is me!!!" over a tiny problem, that I can guarantee everyone except for models have

your butt probably isn't even big, considering most of the girls I knew who complained about how big their ass is, had a tiny ass, like lexxynichelle who goes on about how big her ass is when in reality its non existent

No. 65296

I don't know my measurements but I'm a size 18 in jeans currently because my ass can't fit into the smaller size. So i have to wear semi-baggy pants (despite them being skinny jeans).

i hate the shelf I get wearing flowy skirts :( i have bad back problems (diagnosed scoliosis but i think it's closer to hyper lordosis since it's not a twisting it's an inward curve) so my ass ends up looking slightly bigger in certain clothes because of it.

It may be nice to have a certain feature but for those who don't humble brag it's not really always a great thing. I'd rather like at least an average sized ass instead.

No. 65297

You may not believe me but eh I'm not surprised. Just to clarify I'm black (if that helps?) And my family have big butts and I've always been a little insecure about it because my family is kinda "prude" so I've always had to cover my butt and wear the most unflattering clothes to do so. I don't want to show off my butt but I don't like feeling insecure about it and it is easier for people with smaller butts to wear certain bottoms like shorts because their ass won't hang out of them. Again to some people that don't understand this may sound like "boohoo look at my butt" but when you live/grew up in a pretty much all white area and got bullied to it you can't "enjoy" having a big butt especially if your the opposite of an exhibitionist.

No. 65298

I just don't know why you have to assume that everyone who has a problem with a feature that may be liked by some people is just an attention whore. Not everyone seeks validation from others and my self worth/confidence isny a variable dependent on me meeting beauty standards or not. I just wish people understood that not everyone is that superficial because it's toxic as hell to fish for compliments. If I wanted compliments I would post butt selfies on Ig or whatever. This is a thread about big butts and I'm talking about a big butt downside!
(Sorry for the mini rant but it's annoying when people are so dismissive and scathing )

No. 65309

then lose weight? lmao, unless you're the half elephant half human girl, the only reason your ass is that "big" is because you're overweight

No. 65310

yeah, in like 2005 when having a big butt was a bad thing, nowadays women get shamed for daring not to have a huge ass, your ass probably isn't even big

No. 65319

Why do I gotta defend myself here? If you don't think my butt is big fine but just know that my butt causes me problems where I live

No. 65328


this. I wear xs shirts and even tho I'm basically all thighs, hips and ass I wear a 1L in Hollister jeans.

No way someone who's an xs in tops wears plus sized pants unless they got an extreme case of lymphedema or whatever that disorder is called.

No. 65332

this thread is for boy butts…

No. 65334

same, except I'm a size 12 in normal jeans, and holy shit is finding pants a pain, but I barely wear pants, if they're a size 18, I can guarantee they're just fat

you don't have to, you really don't
unless you live in north europe or east asia, everyone everywhere else worships the big booty, and you'd have problems real enough and worse if you had a flat ass than if you had a big ass, not "oh one girl said my big butt was weird in 2006 and my family tells me to cover myself so I blame my ass" problems, like actual "nothing fits right, I don't feel feminine enough, I've been rejected, broken up with, cheated on because of my flat ass, I can't do anything without people making comments insulting my ass" type shit, don't believe me? just look up the amount of women who got rejected for having no ass, a woman can't even post a full body picture, that unless she has a big round ass, 99% of the comments will be about her butt not being big enough, thats a REAL problem, not your humblebragging over your butt thats probably not even big in the first place

hell, even most of europe wants a curvy figure nowadays, just stop

No. 65336

What are you even talking about? I'm not even that person, but I have a big ass, and a totally flat chest. It looks super unbalanced. A curvy figure is only good if you have big boobs AND a big butt.
If you're missing one of these, people will criticize your body to no end.

No. 65337

you probably don't have a big ass anyway
and your point? who cares about balance, no one cares about balance except for when it comes to humblebraggers who may have a bit bigger tits or a bigger ass and now magically they use the "but but muh balance" excuse, you're probably pulling a lexxynichelle, claiming you're unbalanced when in reality it's the opposite

as someone who has an xs top and size 12 jeans, I can guarantee no one criticizes jack shit unless you're in asia, like really, the most i've been called is bottom heavy, I think girls who have no ass are the ones with the real problems instead of humblebraggers who think they have a big ass and it's sooo unbalanced

No. 65338

as a girl with a big ass, big hips and no tits, the only people who say it's unbalanced are fatties with tits and no ass. bitches b jelly. guys legit don't care what you have where unless you don't have a vagina.

No. 65339

Ok, but I do have a big ass. I'm not about to post pictures of myself to prove it, but I'm not sure why you think so many people here don't have one. I never hear people say the same thing about boobs. I love how you think wearing an XS top and size 12 jeans makes you an expert on all things butt-related? lol
Not to shit up the thread, but there's a reason why the hourglass figure is seen as the most attractive one. The pear-shaped figure isn't.
And if you have no ass, you can at least help yourself by doing squats, going bike-riding, etc. regularly. Whereas if you're flat-chested you can't really do anything except get implants.

No. 65340

not that anon, but hourglass=/bombshell and you can't gain an ass from exercise, just shape it, you can do the same to shape your tits.

No. 65341

But exercise really makes a big difference when it comes to butts. Doing push-ups all day is not going to affect my boobs very much.

No. 65342

No one is telling you to post pics, in fact please keep your lexxynichelle tier body to yourself, as what
>>65338 said, everyone HATES big tits and no ass, you LITERALLY have to make shit up to make yourself seen a victim

pear shaped isn't ideal? is that why so many girls lie about being pear shape? is that why pear shaped is the best and only shape in plus sized fashion? is that why there's so many workouts for women to become pear shape?
get out of 2005, in fact many men had said themselves they would take a completely flat chest for a fat ass, who are you fooling?

No. 65343

People just love flat chests.
That's why breast implants are the most common type of plastic surgery, right? And you can look at models like Kate Upton, see how much money they're making with such a hated figure.

You're doing the exact same thing, acting like women with big boobs and a flat ass are victims. I don't even have anything against them, I literally agreed with you. I said that women who don't have both big boobs and a big butt (and a tiny waist!) get criticized.

No. 65345

dude, I can literally just google kate upton and find a bunch of pages talking about how they hate how she has no ass and hips

and what about butt implants? fat transfers to thighs, hips and ass? do you not know why the kardashians are famous? yanet garcia? just look at dr miami, I'm not saying people love flat chests, I'm saying you have to lie about society to seem like a victim, hell in the plastic surgery thread almost ALL of them have had something to make their bottom half bigger, I don't even wanna hear it


like really, what planet do you live on

No. 65346

no one is saying women with big butts and flat asses are victims, they're saying they have it harder than you, who allegedly has a big butt and flat chest, even frickin iggy azalea who has a million fan girls killing for her body

no one is criticizing your "big" butt and lack of tits, sit the fuck down

No. 65350

>they have it harder

Yeah being a lazy shit who doesn't want to go gym is sooooo hard.

No. 65351

going to the gym will make your butt rounder and your thighs bigger not give you crazy huge hips and a huge kim k level ass

are you a bot? if a girl with no ass and huge unproportionate tits does glute exercises, the most that will happen is she will gain some glute muscle, not hips, and a lot of thigh muscle, do you not know how working out works? and depending on some, their butt will still stay small no matter how many hip thrusts and squats they do, you're a living meme

No. 65354

Wow, I have no ass and my life isn't even that bad. Calm yourself.

No. 65376


Yeah I have to agree on that. I did heavy lower body exercises for about a year and a half hoping I'd get an ass. Instead all I got was super muscular thighs. Who would have thought that my small hips meant I would never get a huge butt?? (not my ignorant, gullible college freshman self)

small hips/small frame = small butt for life. Those of you acting like its a huge deal are over exaggerating.

Isn't this thread for guys' butts anyways?? I may not have one, but I love guys who do.

No. 65511

File: 1501006179719.jpg (204.76 KB, 1000x800, boobs butt map.jpg)

>unless you live in north europe or east asia

more than that actually


>Isn't this thread for guys' butts anyways?? I may not have one, but I love guys who do.

Guys have bigger glutes than women. Our asses just look bigger because of fat and estrogen, but guy butts stick out more

No. 65518

this is also old as hell, before the whole kim k butt thing came into trend

No. 65659

No. 65666

>december 2014
>july 2017

times have changed a lot though lmao

No. 65667

I like nice butts on both guys and girls tbh. >>65016 is fucking god tier, 10/10 would eat for hours.

my own butt could be smaller honestly, like another anon in the thread, I have no chest (sad, sad titties) and a big butt, and I look really weird in clothing. it's so unbalanced, and I hate everything I wear because of it. it is sometimes harder finding pants that fit as well, as my thighs are muscular too. I'd trade the butt in for a pair of nice boobs if I could

No. 65706

File: 1501270251081.png (363.14 KB, 499x356, boy booty.png)

mmm booty


Kim K was huge even back in 2014 though

No. 65870

that doesn't mean it was common to like big butts, it got popular around mid 2015 and only continues to grow to a point where a butt that would be considered big in 2014 would be considered flat/non existent today

No. 65901

"All About That Bass" is the debut single by American singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor. Released by Epic Records on June 30, 2014


So yeah, no, sorry

No. 65925

Shes just fat and has a flat ass tho

No. 66036


Okay, but the original point was that the map >>65511 was before the "big butt" trend, which was not true. Big butts have been a thing in the mainstream since like 2011 at the least.

No. 66046

No it hasnt

No. 66056

Ngl, I would peg that holy damn

No. 66571

File: 1502845073436.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.06 KB, 392x485, butt3.jpg)


No. 66574

please spoiler
god I hate looking at dicks

No. 66674

that's a nice booty. I'd lick it clean.

No. 66677

I'm >>65011 and I kind of feel bad cause I feel like I made the thread go ot from what I said, my apologies

But the reason why I asked is because I'm very much into making my boyfriend embarrassed and I really want him to wear things that that can at least make him see how big his ass really is and just to tease him. Now I know what to make him wear

On a side note, guys with huge butts doing squats in the gym is a huge blessing. Totally
Makes working out a lot better

No. 66702


Are you talking about strapon stuff, or crossdressing?

>Now I know what to make him wear


No. 66710

Cross dressing

And what I meant by

>now I know what to make him wear

Is regarding what sort of clothing article would look and as many anons pointed out, pencil skirts are good.
I'm not a fan of pants cause I can't just easily remove them but skirts are easier, especially short ones so I can take the opportunity to always make him bend down and admire his soft round butt. Not really a fan of making him wear anything that will look unflattering or uncomfortable

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I can't articulate things properly-

No. 66717


are you >>66674 ?

No. 66732


Lol no
But I totally agree with them haha

No. 67075


just wondering, you were the only one with a fetish I saw in this thread

btw are you black or hispanic by any chance (sorry that sounds so rude lol)

No. 67157

Ahh I see but I can see why you would think that haha

And nah, it ain't rude lol
I am a mix of Caucasian and Asian

No. 67171

Can I post here as a guy if I post butt?

No. 67172

you could've just posted them undetected if they fit the thread…the part that no one likes is the "as a guy" part. it's like GOTIS

No. 67174

I meant my own, sort of like "Tits or GTFO"

No. 67178

File: 1503951491865.jpg (29.69 KB, 400x300, image_129.jpg)

OH lol. No, probably not. Selposting and your butt might be nice but these threads are fun because its fun to see what other women are ACTUALLY turned on by and spill what you truly like. It's not for people to ask if they're hot/show off. We have lesbian/bi fantasy and crush threads and they're not full of girls selfposting tits.

No. 67181

File: 1503953607058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.63 KB, 335x386, dot 308.jpeg)


Ahh, I get that. I actually came here more out of curiosity than desire to camwhore. I'm super intrigued by what turns women on and always thought it was weird how few men seem to genuinely be, considering how horny we are.
Women can be pretty shy about talking about it, I found this even in LTRs. But I also had an ex who would grab my ass all the time, even in public, which could be embarrassing, even had a couple girls I was acquaintances with just grope me without warning.

No. 67182

you get it but you posted it anyway?

No. 67183


Sorry…I used spoilers at least

No. 67184

why did you even bother asking if you were just planning on posting it anyway even though the only answer you got was a no? go back to r/amisexy or whatever attention hoe.

shouldn't have wasted my time trying to explain

No. 67185


Because reddit is shit and I wanted to contribute to the thread

No. 67186

it's not contributing for the reason i explained. reddit is shit because of the all the posts similar to yours. just because you say 'actually didn't come here to camwhore :3' doesn't change the effect of the post, which is selfposting and attention whoring. i'm just annoyed that you asked as if you were actually going to consider the answers you got. could've at least pretended to be a girl all "h-hi fellow girls i don't know who this guy is b-but do you like his ummm butt?" so we could've had a laugh

No. 67187

File: 1503955334946.jpeg (42.33 KB, 273x473, dot 234.jpeg)

100% XX chromosome girl here, r8 this butt out of 10?

No. 67189

kek jsyk you're no different than any 4chan camgirl or guys that jerk off on omegle. Ohhhh but you have a different motive that makes you different? You're just cuuurious? So what? You think all camgirls and exhibitionists don't have their own personal reasons and rationalizations for their choices? They do. They're human and there's more to them than what they present. You're not better than them or special, you big snowflake.

Some cows are born, but many start out as ok people and turn into cows through the same everybody-but-me attitude you have.

No. 67190

Oh I'm not pretending to be anything I'm not. You seem just fine with providing the attention too :)

No. 67193

is that onion?

No. 67194

File: 1503958138233.gif (645.76 KB, 200x150, l4bN_f-maxage-0_s-200x150.gif)

No. 67209

File: 1503976892189.png (322.9 KB, 1241x2081, IMG_3974.PNG)


Oh no no
I mean it's a small okay-ish butt
Will give points for the slight roundness but like tbh I prefer really big butts that are nicely round followed by meaty big thighs

Sort of like dropped pic
Crossed out the insta name, just in case

So now that you've had your 5 minutes of glory by basking in our disgust so move along
Butts are sacred to me

Sort of threw up in my mouth
Really hope it's not

No. 67210


Lame butt I rate 3/10


This was my first thought

No. 67218

Hey Hank Hill lol

No. 67351


who's onion?

No. 67363

Onion is Onision
You may wanna check /pt/ for his threads

No. 67439


unfff would spank and cradle/10

No. 67485

File: 1505295677700.jpg (Spoiler Image,321.92 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170913_174028.jpg)

This board is slow moving af

No. 67489

Oink oink

No. 67494

No. 67497

what's with this robot plague and why aren't mods banning

No. 67518

I guess this thread wasn't titled nice, big butts so it contributes…but honestly no one wants to see your lumpy ass robo-kun.

No. 67541

is this vendetta? because that body legit looks like one of a 50 year old woman named agatha pls spoiler thank u

No. 67572

File: 1505451264571.png (218.03 KB, 1230x1420, IMG_4171.PNG)

I like you,Anon


Either your mirror is dirty or whatever but it looks like you have moon craters on your ass
Not my taste, I prefer ones like the picture attached
I rate yours a gtfo with your cottage cheese ass/10

No. 67573

File: 1505451690242.png (169.05 KB, 1227x1243, IMG_4172.PNG)

Crap I didn't sage

Ah well, here's another pic
Again a nice round ass that ends off with big thighs is always a bonus in my book

No. 67591

oh godness… what kind of juicy asses… let me guess.. both are gay? xD(xD)

No. 67605

put that thing away blease

No. 67606

File: 1505509852508.png (226.72 KB, 1233x1218, IMG_4174.PNG)

I haven't been stalking them for a long time now cause I've found a gold mine so I can see a wide variety of them so I'm not sure

Which is also my guilty pleasure when my boyfriend isn't around and Im craving his ass and thighs
However, I'm pretty sure the majority is gay

No. 67607

File: 1505510087736.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 1496919701983.png)

No. 67656


Why would having a big butt mean that you're gay? That makes no sense.

>I like you,Anon

likewise. Also kinda funny that of the three pics you posted the black guy has the smallest ass lol

>I'm pretty sure the majority is gay

I'm sure a lot are, but there's plenty of men who enjoy showing off their asses to women :^)

No. 67692

My bf has an amazing ass from cycling and I feel so fucking blessed. He likes me doing stuff to his ass and wears fitted clothes a lot, so I can see his figure through them. hnnng

I didn't even like guy asses before him either and it's not like my exes didn't have objectively nice butts. idk what did it.

On a slightly ot thing has anyone noticed that cyclists and other male athletes who use their legs a lot tend to have really good thighs/butts to match their work? I'm assuming it has to do with male muscle distribution that it makes them "perk" more.

No. 67717

File: 1505789728629.png (150.65 KB, 1233x1234, IMG_4238.PNG)

it may be but it's so cute, my hands ache to touch them. You'd be surprised though, a lot of black guys do have small asses but they are honestly so round, it makes me extremely jealous

But yes you are right and honestly that just rustles my jimmies like crazy ;^D

Yes, I have noticed

Hence why the only reason I even go cycling. Almost all the guys are friendly and Lady Luck must really love me because the majority have fine asses.

I'm probably a shit girlfriend for saying that but I can't help it. Now I know why most people are leaning towards people with big asses.

Also my apologies for posting so many pictures, this thread is my calling

No. 67719

Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm 100% a lesbian but this thread sure as shit confirmed it for me.

No. 67720

lmao anon, im straight but these giant asses on men are such a turn off for me too. im so glad my bf is my thin-muscular ideal instead of resembling bears. the hank hill ass pics are so much worse, however.

no offense to the thicc ass lovers here ofc

No. 67730

Love perk bubble butts, not into bears.

No. 67745

Booty is mandatory, same with thighs. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend with both. It's heaven.

No. 67757

Thicc thighs are where it's at. I love a man with muscular thighs, a good booty tends to come a long with that.

No. 67780

File: 1505880159206.png (Spoiler Image,210.43 KB, 1242x1226, IMG_4248.PNG)

Although I wish to say all booty is perfect to me
I am utterly disgusted with the hank hill ones all because of Moomoo. So even Guys with that kind of booty isn't my preference

Anyways I'm just filled with negative emotions lol so here's another pic
I spoilered it since some anons may not like looking at it ^^

No. 67823


lol, why would that "rustle your jimmies"? Do you get annoyed when stereotypes aren't met?

No. 67827

File: 1505947973246.png (246.84 KB, 1221x1183, IMG_4259.PNG)

More like I'm jealous of his

Despite his being the smallest
It still is bigger than mine.

Sorry if I came off as someone who got mad when stereotypes aren't met. Didn't mean to be like that,,,

No. 67849


hm, are you like me at all? Ever since I hit puberty I've had a very "feminine" taste in boys: round butts, large lips, preferably little to no body hair, and I'm not into super tall guys.

I guess the one feminine thing that turns me off is a total lack of muscle. Oh and manboobs, manboobs are horrible for some reason, manbutts are great.

No. 67908

File: 1506042323759.png (291.49 KB, 1227x1228, IMG_4271.PNG)


We have very similar tastes but one thing I'm not fond of is really big lips since mine are big two and it just doesn't feel right when kissing, not to be rude or anything

But my man needs to have a bit of muscle
But truth be told I'm more of a person who focuses mostly on big butts and big ass thighs because even if they don't have much muscle

It plays well with my love of having them cross dress in girly clothes????

I can't win at all with my desires-

No. 68265


Well, I have thin lips and an average ass, for the record. The appeal for me is mental and physical.

Physical wise it's like "wow this body part looks really big/prominent/grabbable".

Mental wise it's more like "aww, his x part is feminine, I'm sure he's so insecure about it let me make him feel good"

And I guess touch-tactile wise I just really like hairless skin and large lips. Especially when the skin is really shiny and smooth looking, like in


it just looks really touchable.

No. 68288

Christopher Meloni's juicy melon was the only reason I watched SVU as a teen.

No. 68305

File: 1506638991191.jpg (24.17 KB, 600x600, 556d90803ac65711a1e8b3098d3ef8…)

is this shooped? i was taught in anatomy art class that male butts are typically flat and not completely rounded like females. they have like a dimple on the sides and most of the fat is in the center

porn is illegal in iceland and several african and middle eastern countries, so idk where pornhub is getting these statistics.

No. 68308

File: 1506639784246.jpg (814.58 KB, 2664x3000, 3g9YHsv.jpg)

what? I've seen tons of female butts with dimples on the side, keep in mind it's an art class so the typical female form in drawings is going to look a little more curvy and smooth despite 99% of women not having a body as presented in drawings, naturally, most women have hip dips, a lot of women have flat butts, a lot of men have big plump full butts, someones butt doesn't signify their gender, I think the most is that women tend to have wider butts

No. 68309

File: 1506640394489.jpg (10.25 KB, 236x354, 60e6d6350067fe8df4eb6cf11ef909…)

yeah, I guess variety is going to happen. but the dimples I mean are much, much more prominent on males. so even when they're plump, it still squishes their glutes together so they don't look perfectly round from hip to buttcrack (lol sorry)

No. 68310

my fiance has a tiny plump ass and no dimples. it has to do with fat more than man vs woman.

No. 68311

That's just if they have less bodyfat and more musclemass than their female counterparts, which is indeed the norm, but it's not a rule. Women have the same butt shape when they get down to low enough bodyfat and high enough muscle mass.

Pet peeves me when art resources assume men always have muscle definiton and women always have none.

No. 68312

File: 1506642059797.jpg (36.75 KB, 306x556, article-2062981-0ED7EE18000005…)

does it? I always thought it had to do more with genetics/pelvis shape, I've seen chubby girls with big butts have the dips on the sides of their ass,

No. 68314

You posting a pic of a woman wearing a girdle isn't helping your point. Are you seriously claiming that men and women don't have different butts? The difference is vast. Didn't they teach you anatomy at school?

No. 68315

File: 1506645218560.jpg (42.64 KB, 600x575, 7b2b5ea41f7d9cfa4841f6a89f201c…)

the point wasn't about her girdle. I was talking about how she had the "dips" in the sides of her butt, I know men and women have different butts, I'm saying that someones butt isn't the determination of their gender, i even said that women tend to have wider butts than men, it's just not the biggest factor, I also took several anatomy courses and got 85% or above grades in each class, there's the feminine butt and there's masculine butts, however it mostly has to do with fat depositing in their ass, men and womens HIPS differ vastly, but the glutes are just muscle and fat, it is not a determination of gender however small muscley butts are seen as masculine and plump wide butts are seen as feminine

No. 68318

File: 1506646396075.jpg (76.56 KB, 382x600, 0c95071bdd2caf6181440384b15adb…)

fyi encircled in red here is the actual bum muscle. next to it (circled in purple) is a hard tendon, not a muscle. this tendon is what makes the dimple. women have smaller ones, therefore their butt muscles have more space, therefore they're wider/rounder and less likely to have noticeable dimple.

No. 68320


but if the guy has no muscle definition, he won't have that. point is, that big guy asses on husky men aren't shoop, no.

No. 68330

idk man, I've seen chubby girls with lots of fat and no muscle still have the dimple, I always thought it was more about genetics

No. 68331

I bet you have an ed. You're obsessed. Get some help.

No. 68345

No. 68365


could be shopped, but the picture is from 3/4 perspective, so you wouldn't see the narrowness of the hips anyway.

Not all guys have the dimple, it depends on fat % and individual tendencies of storing fat in certain places.

male butts are definitely NOT flat though, if anything they're rounder than female butts in the "backward" direction, meaning they stick out more

No. 68474

File: 1506917238317.gif (4.19 MB, 240x240, asdf.gif)

If you wanna see some big white boy butts check out hockey players

No. 68478

File: 1506933832716.png (797.33 KB, 812x806, 1463242881776.png)

Dem asses.

No. 68516

File: 1507051118215.jpg (18.41 KB, 233x216, image.jpg)

No. 68517

File: 1507052426785.gif (5.18 MB, 509x715, ln69htP.gif)

posting some reggie bush

No. 68518

File: 1507053047464.gif (2.86 MB, 482x502, lnbdvg.gif)


and another. I find it funny how the masseuse in the background is staring at him lol, not that I blame her

No. 68519

File: 1507053541706.jpg (331.7 KB, 1600x1207, reggie_bush_kim.jpg)

oh yeah and this one, from before kimk had those butt implants or whatever.

God, he has such a fucking muscle butt. Those grooves tho

No. 68810


>You'd be surprised though, a lot of black guys do have small asses but they are honestly so round, it makes me extremely jealous

Are "big" and "round" supposed to be different things?

Personally black guys definitely have big butts, at least that's what I've noticed. And white guys have big butts compared to Asians.

No. 68811

File: 1507595795592.jpg (178.19 KB, 1600x900, 1C8xGHF.jpg)

yeah, roundness pertains more to the shape rather than the size
a rounder butt can make a butt look bigger though
look at volleyball player butts (and I don't mean photoshopped images almost everywhere on the internet)
they're all pretty small but round and perky
where as women who just eat cheetos all day and flop on their ass tend to have big yet flat asses, unless they got good genes

on another not
cyclist ass = god tier asses for men and women

No. 68825


ok there's no way those asses are real lol

looks photoshopped

No. 68829

thats what makes cyclist butts the best butts

No. 68831

File: 1507626673286.gif (1.36 MB, 245x245, efdd089b4a4f6c41924daf3bdcdf2f…)

almost makes me wanna start cycling to have an ass like this

No. 68852

I'm more concerned about the men wearing dresses in the background

No. 68866

Anon, they're kilts. Traditional Scottish clothing.

Though being pleated at the back, they are a bit too much camouflage for this thread.

No. 68897

are you serious?

No. 68921


why wouldn't she be, it looks weird

No. 68922


ok nvm, just read this comment >>68866

No. 69008

Am I the only one who likes this on an SO, but wouldn't want it for herself?

It looks kind of cute and squeezable but for some reason I just hate the thought of having it myself, even though ass is all the rage

No. 69541


can anyone just get an ass like that simply by doing exercises?

I feel like all the big ones I see started out big to begin with.

No. 69564

Depends, I use to cycle and it helped a looott with my ass, like i went from anatomy book body to model ass, I didnt squat though I just cycled,I feel like it would get even more thick if I squated, but yeah, it depends on the person, some people can squat and bike for years and only have a little bit of muscle built, it all depends on who

Sage for blogging

No. 69621

File: 1509073438794.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.61 KB, 640x361, blogger-image-980631516.jpg)


No. 69851

File: 1509681412390.gif (1.93 MB, 200x369, hockeybutt.gif)

No. 70237

big booty boys need to be fucked.

No. 70453

Itd be kinda funny if black boys had bigger butts than white girls

No. 70457

File: 1511212933419.png (1.7 MB, 1272x755, Untitled.png)

what? an entire race doesn't have the same butt size, I've seen plenty of white girls with big round brap asses and I've seen plenty of blacks with no ass

No. 70464

What's with the cords?

No. 70486

How old are you lol

No. 70489

Yeah but I mean on average


No. 70494

Eh depends on where you live, for me its rare I'd see a white girl with no ass and its rare i see a black girl with a big ass, most of them have asses around the same size, also js don't italian women have the highest hip/waist ratio?

No. 70604

My boyfriend's ass looks exactly like this. Hes from Iceland and looks exactly like a viking complete with a big, round, muscular butt. It's so firm, I love smacking him but he's a little self conscious about it

No. 71297

the kinda cycling you need to do for that butt is a steroid cycle.

No. 71311

File: 1512859720351.jpg (Spoiler Image,320.31 KB, 1096x2207, IMG_20171208_215616536~01.jpg)

cyclists do their quad and ass work at the gym too

>tfw lift to get nice ass and still hank hill ass

No. 71312

File: 1512860725455.png (28.77 KB, 299x213, Blank _ad4f6977ce54dfb7527b161…)

>girl i have crush on lost weight and now is skinny and has boring body, she wears almost same clothing
>whereas before she was nice and thick in all right places with her good fat distribution

i get it she wanted to slim down but she doesnt have muscle and ass and now she went from round butt(at least in clothes i guess would be pretty flabby without) to flabby flat square

wish u could teach her how to do squats and deadlifts and make her gain some good weight

linking some brrrrap

No. 71319

File: 1512873242593.png (139.19 KB, 500x492, skinny-girls-in-jean-vs-skinny…)

maybe she had a hormone problem which is why she wanted to lose weight or she lost it from personal issues and is wearing loose clothing so she looks more flat? you'd be surprised at how a "Sad flat square" can turn into a nice voluptuous ass when the pants come off. Jfk and why are you talking shit about her body behind her back about a girl you supposedly like? The thick trend enablers are always dumb as fuck

No. 71333

Honestly sounds autistic as fuck. But more power to ya!

No. 71337

yeah i get it
but she looked hotter in clothes

and she wasnt even fat, or overweight per se, just little bit more curves

Still, she has great fat distribution, so im guessing if she hopped on some exercise routine with slight calorie surplus she would look amazing.

No. 71428

File: 1513092388644.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Is a male booty too big if it jiggles? Pic related

No. 71433

This is exactly the case. Jeans compress the ass so it makes a sad fat saggy ass look round and perky while it makes a perky round skinny one look flat. The difference is that one looks horrifying when the jeans come off and one looks great.

No. 71458

Boy has some killer thighs tho.

Would love to smack that lol.

No. 71563

File: 1513379189090.jpg (51.1 KB, 540x960, 17792635_1801611056824669_3265…)




No. 71567

I-is that a girl or a guy?

No. 71585

File: 1513418012478.jpg (418.62 KB, 1176x2364, IMG_20171123_20440574101.jpg)

squat and dl erry day
gallon of whole milk a day(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 81634

I'm a man and I have a big ass and I've been really surprised at the reactions it gets me from women. I guess put simply–this is going to sound weird but there's no other way to describe it–it causes gender role reversal. There's something about my ass that makes women sexually aggressive and causes them to hit on me in the typical forward and direct style that's more stereotypically masculine. I've had them grab my ass, tell me to sit in their lap, say things like "I wanna eat your bum" and the list goes on and on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 81635

post benis or gtfo

No. 81636

Cool thread.

I'm an ass-woman but like small, flat-or-perky (indifferent) butts on guys because I prefer scrawny fellas. I can respect girls who chase thicc bois though.

No. 81916

File: 1525652140522.gif (1.28 MB, 476x584, d9c615fa-9da3-4283-9179-aba52a…)

No. 81942

my boyfriend has Hank Hill butt which is a shame because his legs are muscular and delicious.

No. 95016

File: 1536776737977.jpg (36.79 KB, 640x480, KhJdf6j.jpg)

No. 95022

This looks like a disease…

No. 95027

yeah I'm really not into the super muscular bodybuilder look either

No. 179458

it's weird for me

sometimes I'm super attracted to it and sometimes I'm turned off by uit

No. 180075

File: 1618719023669.png (188.71 KB, 500x375, tumblr_2e88bd31cb5e5e96e0eb3d7…)

No. 180076

who is this

No. 188823

second this, google reverse image has no results

No. 188993

Welp, time to chimp out

No. 191088


No. 191240

please stop bumping this godawful thread

No. 192216

did you find him

No. 204115

File: 1630729540090.jpg (27 KB, 439x278, blob.jpg)

No. 204123

File: 1630733298178.jpeg (100.77 KB, 576x488, 8C13B41C-29C7-401C-86DF-296AA0…)

The bubble butts in this thread are too comedically large for me but every time I've seen this opening it's hard not to uh, fixate

No. 204134

File: 1630744872773.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1756x981, 3AEBC979-B540-4B76-B208-AFFD81…)

He was my ass awakening. The shape, the thickness, the straps. Don’t see many guys with this much booty irl but I do have great memories of going rock climbing with a man and seeing him from below with the harness wrapped around the sides of his butt triggered some deeply held unga bunga thoughts. Good times.

No. 204790

post peggable butts

No. 204795

File: 1631172158945.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.18 KB, 292x518, to9deeyuvlj31.jpg)

No. 204803

>deeply held unga bunga thoughts
Kek, I totally get what you mean anon.

No. 206439

File: 1632174780640.jpg (122.46 KB, 1242x1200, 4fpenbc75xe11.jpg)

Congrats on the Emmy btw

No. 206459

File: 1632191112134.jpg (350.03 KB, 698x750, snakebutt.jpg)


No. 206465

squeeze-squeak squeeze-squeak

No. 212420

File: 1636222654445.jpg (355.74 KB, 2584x1184, freakieass.jpg)

Most of the guys at my high school had huge shapely asses. The atmosphere almost like gender role reversal; the females are the pervs while guys are sex symbols mainly because of phat butts and thick thighs. Even during lunch time or period class change they sometimes get together and do a quick show by bent over/ flaunting our butts for the students at the hallways. One time some of our friends lost a bet (which local baseball team would win) with thier girlfriends; the loser had to send ass pics.(namefag)

No. 212421

File: 1636222826432.jpg (132.7 KB, 703x703, bb.jpg)

No. 212422

File: 1636222870785.jpg (181.87 KB, 1200x1600, 99d721_6703347.jpg)

No. 212424

File: 1636223182947.jpg (53.08 KB, 348x714, tumblr_p15emkSmQJ1vum5uzo2_500…)

My acquaintance had a large ass for a man, it's one of his most defining physical characteristics and one of his girlfriend's favorite features about me. It actually runs in his family on the dads side, and the woman who have married in always say their butts were of significant appeal. I've had friends with big asses and females tell me how much they like their plump butts.

No. 212428

In order for men to have attractive asses they HAVE to have a big butt, where as women's butts tend to be naturally round and soft regardless of the size, it's definitely way more important for men to care about their butt idk why it's always enforced on women

No. 212431

I love how blatantly this is a fake story made up about your weird fetish. and putting the subject as "big butts" kek

No. 212449


The reason why it's pressured on women more because females tend to have wider hips then men (generally). It’s scientifically proven that girls with big derrieres have wider hips. Therefore, it’s easier for them to give birth. It’s written in their genetic code, which means they’re compelled to look at their potential mates for procreation.

Meanwhile for guys it's also just as important for them to build a bigger ass when they're doing athletic activities. >>212424 That guy seems like he does a lot of cycling. Also having a big butt makes the sex better; the gluteus maximus muscle helps the thrusting and the girl would have something to grab on too.

No. 212450

men don't care about genetics or else they'd be chasing single moms and wide girls with child bearing hips and not teenagers and underweight girls.

I mean this in terms of aesthetics since aesthetical attractive matters more than what's considered evolutionary attractive, girls with narrow hips and small round butts aren't going to be off the front pages of porn sites, modeling pages, and lingerie ads anytime soon but in order for mens butts to look sexy and photogenic they need to workout and get a big butt, they simply aren't as genetically blessed as women

No. 212455

File: 1636239515857.jpg (31.98 KB, 404x760, EyjuY6UXIAcmTGL.jpg)

>>212450 "but in order for mens butts to look sexy and photogenic they need to workout and get a big butt, they simply aren't as genetically blessed as women"

THIS. More reasons why guy asses are underrated and deserves more love. Effort

>>212449 Yep. That's why women go to baseball and football games. They love an big booty athlete.

No. 212486

can somebody find him

No. 212493

File: 1636266225179.gif (19.86 MB, 728x408, gVR7l9H.gif)

i love baseball

No. 212505

Love my bf's ass that is all

No. 212506

No. 212533

my BF has kinda widish ass and round shape, but it's not as protruding as the guys on the photos. If he worked on his glutes I'm sure they would be glorious, but he neglects that part of his body.

No. 214119

Anyone else find the lil fuzzy hair on guy ass kind of hot?

No. 216414

File: 1638921097687.png (Spoiler Image,193.39 KB, 400x534, unknown.png)

i don't have a big butt but it is strong(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216417

No. 216420

dick/tits or get the fuck out

No. 216435

does anyone else get the random urge to touch your partner's butt while he's fucking you in the missionary position

No. 216438

sometimes i squeeze his butt or give it a little push so he knows i’m into it ya know?

No. 216464

nice, big, clean mirror.

No. 216510

I grab onto it all the time dude, perfect opportunity for it

No. 217064

>The reason why it's pressured on women more because females tend to have wider hips then men (generally). It’s scientifically proven that girls with big derrieres have wider hips.

wide hips =/= big butt. There are so many women out there with wide hips and a flat butt (and the opposite, narrow hips and a big butt)

the reason why it's pressured on women more is because scrotes just like it more than we do. You can even see a bunch of people in this thread saying that these butts are just way too big for them

No. 217066

he gets bigger if I do this, lol

No. 219471

File: 1640542143422.jpg (22.66 KB, 416x313, Sometimes your ass helps you t…)

I might call my cousin's Christmas party the Cheesecake Factory. Damn the nearly all guests (mainly guys) got big plump asses

No. 219472

File: 1640542299451.gif (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 245x200, decfd0_8923077.gif)

No. 229518

Whenever I see a guy with a fit hot butt, I immediately think of sex.
Namely, I immediately think "he must have great stamina in bed" and "he can keep thrusting until I can't orgasm anymore"

No. 229531

Dude. I saw all the shit behind him and couldn't tell for the first second and a half that this wasn't a spilled bag of yukon gold potatoes or something.

No. 229540

This had me in stitches lmao cannot unsee it now

No. 229579

>he can keep thrusting until I can't orgasm anymore
Begone scrote

No. 232782

what would you guys say the racial breakdown for asses is like

No. 232802

please, nonnie, don't summon the race baiters

No. 232920

Don’t worry, they’re all hanging out in the mtf thread rn

No. 259513

File: 1651109985204.jpg (12.7 KB, 274x275, 1651102633581.jpg)

seeing this pic in the kaitlyn thread made me want to revive this thread ♥

No. 259623

thank you for the blessing to my eyes, nonna

No. 262465

which thread?

No. 305294

File: 1672182552052.jpg (153.38 KB, 720x841, True it is _071f5f37702fc1a3ae…)

I knew some guys who dealt with pic related. Doesn't make it less sexy though

No. 308054

File: 1673776463864.jpg (65.01 KB, 828x862, FggMqNaXkAETToF.jpeg.jpg)

No. 308055

File: 1673776512236.jpg (100.81 KB, 828x913, FggMqNbWQAImII0.jpeg.jpg)

No. 308056

File: 1673776535172.jpg (80.93 KB, 828x950, FggMqNiWAAQJ_kZ.jpeg.jpg)

No. 308064

is this a selfpost

No. 308082

Kekkk what the fuck

No. 308090

Could you at least shave the pills on your disgustingly ratty pants? Repulsive.

No. 309753

File: 1674270568437.png (Spoiler Image,107.49 KB, 400x300, tumblr_d8b8300fcfeafef0f70ffab…)

thoughts nonnas

No. 309755

Gonna need a different view, another setting, where maybe he's showing off his cheeks and not staring wistfully past the blinders

No. 309757

File: 1674275369618.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.33 KB, 312x228, Screenshot 2023-01-21 152905.j…)

perhaps this? we need more female gaze stuff so post it

No. 310252


No. 312163

Some selfposting manwhore I guess

No. 313137

hes got a nice bum unlike the other one though

No. 313311

File: 1676751550804.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.37 KB, 1140x1200, tumblr_nfd4obJxyU1tcfbsjo1_128…)

Thicc men drive me mad. Hogs

No. 313312

File: 1676751593816.jpg (46.51 KB, 640x304, IMG_20230218_230716.jpg)

And now his boy milkers

No. 313314

Am I so wrong for liking hole too. Only if it's bubblegum pink though
Personally the width of his hips are more important than the actual fat present. It's the bone structure that makes a man a hoe!

No. 313316

Spoiler option exists for a reason…

No. 313335

Nipples too pink

No. 313411

Stop calling men's chests "milkers". No milk comes out of those, if anything they're pacifiers. Dummies even.

No. 313415

look at those fat tits, holy shit

No. 313456

"hurr durr stop calling them milkers no milk will come out of a male's chest. I'm very smart" DON'T (X) LISTEN TO THE DEMONES. KEEP SUCKING HIS FAT MILKERS

No. 313467

They're probably the same people calling grown men "babygirl"

No. 314341

No. 314344

This thread was created when male posters posted more on here, there wasn't the no male poster rule then

No. 314346

File: 1677379572096.jpg (36.95 KB, 828x636, FmokJ8wXwAAA4St.jpeg.jpg)


No. 315171

except half of those posts are from within the last year

case in point

No. 316995

File: 1678870138176.jpg (70.51 KB, 591x720, CsIRo5JVYAAMH1V.jpeg.jpg)

No. 317823


No. 317831

British Broadcasting Corporation or Big Beautiful Cunts?

No. 317836

Beautiful British Cunts

No. 317838

I think it's Based Bitches of Culture

No. 317839

This looks like a gay moids who got botched ass implants

No. 317840

this is that same banned self-poster from earlier isn't it

No. 317851

File: 1679358807609.png (12.9 KB, 768x719, 5847 - SoyBooru.png)

This could be you but you playin…

No. 317879

It looks like there's at least one white guy who's been posting in here for literal years

making fun of a tranny doesn't make you a tranny

No. 317883

No. 317892

Based BWC (Big Woman Cunt) enjoyer

No. 317899

>making fun of a tranny doesn't make you a tranny
My nigga I have absolutely no clue what you're trying to say here kek.

No. 317922

File: 1679430350873.jpeg (306.34 KB, 2363x1685, EUoO7ejXYAQqr7c.jpeg)

No. 317933

>not letting the woman touch it
I hate that males are just naturally inclined to be fags.

No. 317951

Damn that shit looks squishy as fuck. I want him to be my free use slave except i don't even do anything besides play with his ass from time to time. I honestly never understood men with fat asses, that's a girls thing, do you want another man to touch your ass or some shit? My math teacher had a fat fucking ass and i wanted to touch it so bad, he gave such major dilf energy even though he was single. Men who do sports often had good asses as well. I think all men with fat asses should just let women touch them by default.

No. 317966

I kind of like big butts on guys but the idea of a man letting another man touch his ass grosses me out, idk what's wrong with white men

>I think all men with fat asses should just let women touch them by default.
this, except they should also attempt to hide it in public and be embarrassed about it being visible, because that's gay (that shit is only for me to see)

>he really replied to everyone in the fucking thread

No. 318322

File: 1679695683829.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.07 KB, 864x1176, 0EFFB95E-37D4-4B9E-B8FE-B8C373…)

would anyone want a man tiddies thread? no fat gyno moobs just beautiful perky man chests(derailing and offtopic)

No. 318330

Honestly, yes. I can have some stuff to contribute too.

No. 318333

Yes. Also thicc thighs.

No. 318364

Wtf kind of ban is that kek

No. 318433

Please we need one nonnie.

No. 323886

File: 1682561145071.jpeg (60.22 KB, 720x1023, butt.jpeg)

My husband's bubble butt is part of why I married him lol. I had told him how much I liked seeing his butt in high cut spandex shorts, which he wore often at his home gym. Shortly before he proposed he said something like "you know, you said you like seeing me in those shorts, what about if you saw me in them every day?" I said yes to his proposal shortly afterward and, he made good on his side of the bargain: whenever we're home alone he's in a tight T shirt and his spandex short shorts. I'm squeezing his butt daily, I love it, and I genuinely think it's helping with the quality of our marriage.

No. 355945

male hands typed this post

No. 355946

newfag hands typed this post

No. 356004

Personally I don’t like big butts on moids at all. A muscular shapely butt can be nice as long as it’s not too big. Totally flat moid butts are kinda gross too.

No. 356317

File: 1698891170661.jpg (451.3 KB, 2000x3200, 1649828112845.jpg)

No. 356318

I'm sorry are these avatar the last airbender undies ma'am

No. 356319


No. 356320


No. 356321

i like that

No. 356322

Because its 2D?

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