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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 64851

there's a friend finder thread already (if you can dig it up) but this one focuses more on meetups/ finding friends. basically someone to get drinks with or go shopping, go to conventions, use ouija boards whatever you farmers are into, in your area

this is good for people who have trouble making irl friends

basically area code, disposable email,skype, kik or whatever you wanna use, and interests

No. 64852

OP here, forgot to add
504, ntkdaagp@guerrillamail.info

interests are art, weeb shit, and food

No. 65053

File: 1500345434716.jpg (220.58 KB, 2656x1430, 1500163894173.jpg)

I love the idea but I feel like most farmers wouldn't be up to meet other farmers.
But I'll give it a shot anyway

Film, fashion, or art in general, languages, history, cute shit, fitness, cooking, talking anout other niche autistic interests

hmu if you're in the UK (or if you just like a friendly conversation)

No. 65162

Hmu if you like art, film, fashion,nice music and other stuff like that.

vngogh1946@gmail.com :^)

No. 65172

no offense but why would i want to meet up w someone from this godawful site irl? drama alert

(630/815/etc hmu i know ur here)

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