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No. 62754

I'm going to be starting college soon and I can already see myself getting overwhelmed between schoolwork and a part time job. I'll be living with my parents so I won't have to worry about rent but they don't buy me anything expect for birthdays and holidays. Do any of you guys make money online? Please share, I'm pretty desperate. Also, how much do you make?

Inb4 Camwhoring, Not an option. I live with my parents.

No. 62758

>Please share, I'm pretty desperate
Why? What do you so desperately need to buy if you are taken care of your folks by living with them, being housed by them, fed and clothed by them, and having your future invested in by them paying your college?

…drugs? I can't imagine anything good.

No. 62759

If you are so desperate just get a real part time job? Why does it have to be online?
Starbucks is part time and they work with your schedule

No. 62760

Well, college is actually free for me. I have the excelsior scholarship to thank for that. Anyway, like I said, I only live here. My major is going to require a lot so I won't have energy or time to work parttime. If you want to know what I desperately need to buy, it's a computer and clothing.

No. 62761

Try donating plasma anon, you can make like 200+ a month by doing that

No. 62762

I have tried, but my anxiety and lack of an ability to interact with other humans gets the best of me.

No. 62763

Welcome to adulthood, anon, where excuses ain't worth shit, because EVERYBODY's got their own issues and problems, but we still work hard to make the world turn round.

No. 62764

God you are pathetic. Even a literal autist can manage a job at starbucks

No. 62766

Thanks for such valuable input. Don't know why my comment offended you but I'm glad I'm not a degenerate cunt who gets triggered by other people's comments online. If you don't make money online fuck off. Not every wants to or even can work a physical job while in college.

No. 62767

How about you take a deeper look at yourself, and what provoked those comments?

We are strangers who bear no ill will towards you. Our reaction is a consequence of you doing something wrong.

No. 62769

Honestly don't see any wrongdoing. Also don't need a therapy sesh from you. How about you take a deeper look at the OP and answer the question?

No. 62770

Online work is still work. You are still going to have to devote significant time to it. If you're writing articles or making videos you have to put in a lot of hours to produce a final product that is actually going to make money. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Hell, even camwhoring takes a certain amount of time and money being invested before it can be profitable. It's a competitive marketplace.

If you want to have significant spending money without having to spend serious time working to earn it, maybe you should look into getting a sugar daddy. Because if there was a way for shut-ins to earn dosh just by fooling around online for a few minutes here and there, the world would be full of NEET millionaires.

No. 62772

Sugar Daddies and Cam stuff is just a meme here right? Selling your bodies is gross and no self respecting women does that shit.

Back to ur initial response, I totally understand that online work is work too but you cannot compare it to physically getting up and doing shit. That's just common sense.

No. 62773

anon I'm around the same age as you and I'm super avoidant/anxious so I get where you're coming from but you've really just gotta get over it, as harsh as that sounds. I'd suggest solitary jobs (janitor, overnight stocking at a store, even farm work can be pretty solitary). You've got it pretty cushy right now, I'd suggest working toward whittling down that fear of other people before it's forced on you.

No. 62774

Thanks anon. I work very well on my own so that's why I looked into online work. I will consider your suggestions though.

No. 62776

It's not a "meme". Plenty of women use sugar daddies in order to pay for their college education. If you were that desperate, you would too. Beggars can't be choosers.

As for making money online, I have no idea how as most everything online is a scam. I babysat throughout secondary school and did my homework while the kids were asleep. I got another child-minding job for four years while in college. I have anxiety too but it's not an excuse. I hated having to deal with parents who were just dying for me to slip up and claim I'm abusing their ~precious child~. In fact, the people I worked with were even worse as some of them looked down on me because I wasn't fully qualified yet and they treated me like a perpetual child who couldn't do basic tasks like mop the floor. I was in constant fear of being left alone and a child choking, I hated making lunch-time conversation with my co-workers and I did everything 150% so that nobody could complain about me being a clueless, lazy, under-qualified teenager to the point where I was fucking exhausted. But I still did it. If you were that desperate, you would too.

You just have to suck it up and get into a routine. If you're that bad then it's worth paying for counselling and meds, not splashing out on computers and clothes because mental health is more important than anything else.

No. 62777

Listen, everyone's experiences are different. I'm sorry you had to go through that stress but you don't know my circumstances. Being looked down upon because I'm a teenager isn't something I'm worried about. Anxiety has levels.

Also, the computer is for school and I currently have holes in my all clothes (Nope, not the yeezy collection). I'm not desperate to the point of compromising myself or my reputation. I just want to be able to study hard and work from home for the sake of my mental health and my family.

No. 62778

I did take a deeper look. That's exactly why I responded by questioning you further instead of just replying.

If you reach out for advice, better be ready to be confronted with things that make you uncomfortable. And there's no point in reaching out at all if you're going to discard anything that doesn't fit your fancies.

I pretty much agree with what the rest of the posters say and advise.

No. 62779

I know they do and I'm sure I don't know your situation but what I'm saying is that working while studying was fucking hard. I ended up with weak and grey hairs, my nails stopped growing, I gained a lot of weight, my skin was in poor condition and I damaged my teeth from grinding them. But when you need money, you need money and it was a short-term solution.

I definitely don't think your situation is as dire as you make it out to be if you've shot down most of the suggestions people have given above and you've talked down girls who are in ACTUAL desperate situations by calling them "gross" and saying that they have "damaged reputations". So you're desperate but not that desperate? There's no need to be such a snob. What have you even thought of doing online, could I ask? Or did you hope we'd be able to point you to some survey website that pays minimum wage? Because if that existed, everyone would know about it and nobody would bother getting an actual job.

Tbh I don't feel sorry for you because you seem like an ass.

No. 62781

Didn't make this thread for pity. Also why do I have to be desperate to the point of selling myself? Isn't that just integrity and self respect? I just wanted to hear how others are making money online. Is that such a heinous crime that deserves insults?

No. 62783

There's no way to make quick money online that doesn't involve fetish shit.

If you have social anxiety/don't want to deal with people then look for irl jobs that are like that, though these are also pretty rare. You could see if your university has student jobs (typically secretarial work), or find a job at a small shop or something. You're going to have to interact with people though, esp at uni so I don't know what you're expecting to do in that situation.

No. 62785

Why are you doing this? The person tried to help you at your own prompting, and now you're twisting her words and painting yourself a victim.

That you are an ass is not an insult, but an observation. You definitely have been acting like an ass ITT and still are.

We are here to help. As always, it's not the kind of help you want, but the kind of help you need.

No. 62786

Wew this was a big mistake. Either you guys have a really skewed way of looking at things or I'm being samefagged. Anyway, Janny you can delete this thread. I triggered to many people.

No. 62787

lmao, it didn't take long for this thread to take a wrong turn.
Honestly who cares if OP doesn't want to work a real job right now while in school. Considering I'm sure a good portion of users here are NEET or have anxiety issues.

No. 62788

Don't be a baby and get a real part time job. I used to have really bad social anxiety and had no social skills whatsoever, but getting my first part time job helped me improve tremendously. There were some major break downs in the beginning, but it was worth it in the end. You can work in a library in campus if you have to. Nobody ever really bugs the workers, and it's quiet enough where you can study during downtime.

And you can make time. Your college is paid for and so is your rent. I was taking 20+ credits for awhile in a god awful major and still worked part time in order to pay for food and a roof over my head, half the time I still barely made enough.

It sounds like you're not willing to try and work hard and get outside your comfort zone.

I do recommend not getting a job right away though. Starting college is a big enough change as it is, so you might want to adjust first.

No. 62790

She did get some help in the thread but mainly ignored it in favour of turning it about being against camwhoring.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to do a job online, but she seems to want one that is easy since she will be busy with her program which doesn't really exist online. E-jobs are largely like doing your own business, so you'll have to spend a shitton of time on them. Gaining a following to the extent where you can get sponsors takes daily posting, months of waiting and luck. Task-monkey jobs are long and pay pennies, translation jobs are usually only to credited people. It's not easy finding a job online.

No. 62791

Sure, it's certainly not you that's at fault. Must be all the others, yup.

No. 62793

I never said that it'd be easy or that I was looking for an simple job that requires little effort. Physical jobs are a last resort for me. Does no one believe I can do difficult work. lol

No. 62794

tbh most online work just amounts to extra money on the side. For resources try looking at reddit.com/r/beermoney or if you live in a city or college town craigslist can be helpful for such things like focus groups and such for money.
Another thing I found that might bring you money online is tutoring or talking with Chinese students

No. 62802

>but she seems to want one that is easy since she will be busy with her program which doesn't really exist online.

This plus the fact that most of us do have some kind of work ethic and it's pretty insulting to have someone turn their nose up at both real jobs and the jobs women actually get when they are in desperate situations since we've all had to grit our teeth and bear them despite the challenges we've faced. It strikes me as really snobbish and bratty tbh. There are plenty of on-campus jobs I could reccomend to someone with anxiety as I've been there myself but I'm not going to reccomend them to people who just want an "easy" job because they're not bothered to get a real one.

>simple job that requires little effort. Physical jobs are a last resort for me.

And that's exactly why nobody is entertaining you, brat. You came here looking for advice and turned your nose up to people's suggestions. When you seek advice, you should thank whoever is giving it and you can choose to not take it on board. There's a life lesson they won't teach you in college.

No. 62816

>simple job that requires little effort

wew lad. you say you are able to work hard but then don't want to? i live with my parents and besides food they don't buy shit for me so just save up. i don't see why you're looking down at part time jobs. I know a few kids who work at gas stations and just sit on their ass and play video games or watch shows half the time. if you got a job there you could learn to socialize a bit while having a SHIT ton of time to study while no one is paying for gas.

the only job i did online that took no effort was being affiliates with weeby online taobao reseller stores. they give you a coupon code and you advertise their products on your tumblr blog or wherever else. if you're pretty enough with enough followers you get free shit to review too, so free clothes. but with comission i only made like 200$ in like 6 months, since you could only be getting 50 cents to a couple of dollars each time someone uses your code.

but yeah next time don't sound like such a bitch? you're obviously not desperate. wait til your birthday to get money for some clothes or go thrift shopping. or you know, get an actual job like a thousand other girls who are actually desperate? geez

(also last thing after this huge post, but i swear ive seen this thread before?? with the exact same op picture, or am i just crazy?)

No. 62832

is donating plasma really worth it? i work but obviously don't make enough to afford luxury things and side money would help especially something easy like that. if theres anything else i could do online that would help because i cant drive yet (was ill so i didnt get to take a drivers test and im still recovering atm) what are some things i can do at home that make some sort of cash too?

No. 62840

>Sugar Daddies and Cam stuff is just a meme here right? Selling your bodies is gross and no self respecting women does that shit.
Holy shit, is mystery.jpg back?

No. 62841

OP you don't have anxiety you just think you do because you grew up on chans and tumblr like a retard. Get a part time job. Some easy ones are tutoring school kids, proofreading and editing essays for foreign students, working at a library, working in a quiet retail store.

Also if you've NEVER worked before and don't plan to at all during college fucking lmao at your prospects of getting a job after graduating mate. Getting good grades doesn't make you special, there will be a million people with grades as good as yours PLUS a long history of work experience and extracurriculars :^)

No. 62847

To me I don't really think so because I don't like needles, but a ton of people do it and while it is only $20-40 a session that does equate to a lot for the 1-2 hrs it took.
I don't know about other places but in my area they don't give you cash, they give you a card that charges you to use, so people come in to my work to withdraw the cash off the card it sometimes it's less than the original amount.

No. 62849

Work experience in babysitting and waiting tables doesn't count when you're applying for a job in the medical field or law, Einstein. You get actual work experience through interning and traineeships, which usually require none to begin with.

No. 62851

how does one go about proofreading and editing foreign students essays? is it online?

No. 62854


Lmao if you think internships and traineeships want people with no working experience think again, especially in law dumbass. They want referees and to see you have work discipline, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Sage cause derailing but you sound neet as hell to think you can just walk into roles like that when most college students have lined up years of work over you

No. 62856


Put posters up around different unis and post ads on Craigslist, Gumtree or whatever Americans use for those kinda services. You can just do it online and charge per hour/paper by PayPal but giving feedback in person is better.

No. 62860

If you are really desperate you can consider being a camgirl or getting a sugar daddy. Not a real job but not a lot of effort but you need time. I think there is a thread in /ot/ about getting sugar daddies without involving anything sexually explicit.
Also, what kind of habilites do you have? some programing skills or maybe artistry? If you know how to illustrate you can do request for little money.

No. 62862

>I think there is a thread in /ot/ about getting sugar daddies without involving anything sexually explicit.

No guy is gonna pay you money unless you're at least sending nudes.

Very few exceptions, don't bet on you being one of them.

No. 62866

First of all, fuck you if you think you'll find an easy job that pays decently online lmao. You won't.

Now the only way to make money online is to have some entrepreneurial skills : Find something you can do (do resumes, build simple portfolio websites, take pictures, draw or make personalised postcards, anything) assuming you have the basic skills then advertise to the right people, usually on specific facebook groups.

Now if you have no skills whatsoever there's very few things you will be able to do online as there's a lot of foreigners accepting pennies for the same job. But if you manage to locate websites where you can advertise freely (Craiglist, facebook, whatever) you might make about $20 a commission which is nothing much but can help you at the end of the month.

No. 62871

I don't know where you live but I've gotten multiple internships and two scholarships just fine on account of my good grades and extracurriculars. I study finance and banking.

Sorry your babysitting job is the only good thing you've got going for you I guess.

No. 62908

>no need to watch whole video, just click link in descript box after getting the jist
>only for Americans

I just signed up today so I can't tell you if it works just yet, but hell surveys and writing websites are the only legit ways of getting cash online if ur not influential or selling product

No. 62909


this thread went sour real fast, but anon if you want a lot of money just for clothes and stuff you can find a really tiny like <20 hour a week job. i work online from home all day and its a lot more work than those kind of jobs,

online work =/= easier work
working from home =/= easier
having a company or team that manages you tells you what to do and you just need to show up and do it then clock out and your life isnt consumed by working with no off time = easier

if you have skills some suggestions like proofreading or teaching online for a cheap price is a good idea but if your anxiety is the thing thats getting to you its hard to make money without some kind of interaction that might make you anxious, phone calls or skype calls or anything. the best jobs for people with anxiety are night time/evening jobs, cleaning jobs, stocking jobs, and stuff that just kind of is obviously loner bait. good luck i hope you get clothes without holes one day

No. 62966

I've talked to a co-manager where I work about this recently, this new phenomenon of young adults thinking it's okay to use "Oh I have to go home, I have anxiety" or "I'm bipolar, I can't do this" as excuses at work.

So, do you think we're the first generation in existence to have anxiety? Mood disorders? Panic attacks?

No. We aren't special.

We are however, the first generation to actively make excuses for our laziness and instead of acting like adults we are regressing to childlike states and relying on the internet as a crutch instead of doing the right thing and pushing through. Fuck. It's embarrassing. Excuse after excuse after excuse. Every single person giving their life story as an excuse to their behavior. That isn't how life works, that isn't how the real world works.

You get a fucking job like the rest of us. Your issues are not special. You are not special.

I struggled with this when I was younger, and I spent ages 18 and 19 unemployed, broke, and completely depressed thinking I wouldn't ever be capable of working around people.

Now I'm in my early 20s and cringing at how I acted when I was younger, like a melodramatic brat. Work sucks, no shit. I deal with a lot of bullshit–but so does everybody else. I struggle, I feel anger over how it feels like I put forth so much effort and get little in return but for fucksake so does EVERYBODY ELSE.

You can spend your life crying in your bedroom and spending hours on the internet making excuse after excuse as to why you can't put in your dues like the rest of us but at the end of the day you're only hurting yourself and your ability to interact with other humans. You'll spend the rest of your life as a parasite relying on other people and bursting into tears every time a stranger looks at you funny. Have fun with that.

No. 62967

Are you studying Full time or part time. If it's full time and you'd get overwhelmed from full time study and part time work, maybe just studying and working part time might be worth the compromise of having to spend more years studying?

No. 62968

You sound like a cunt.

No. 62970

We have anxiety because nowadays it is so hard to get a job. We're told by everyone if we don't get a college degree we will be working useless minimum wage jobs the rest of our lives, and then when we graduate and enter the job force there are practically no jobs. Yeah sure if you're a stem major you may be fine

Its, for the most part, baby boomers and republican's fault for fucking millenials over.

>inb4 muhh bootstraps

Fuck you autistic cunt. You're brainwashed. Congrats on getting a decent job but so many people are fucked right now.

No. 62971

I think anon was addressing those NEET types with social anxiety that don't want to work shitty jobs because ~muh feefee's~. I'm one of those people. I haven't left my house in months because of mental illness, but I know that I'll have to get out and get a wagecuck job eventually to support my lifestyle. Yeah it was harsh, but anon spoke the truth and you took offensefor some reason

No. 62976

Yes. I was.

I knew that NEETs would come out of the woodwork taking full offense and flinging insults.

Get a job.

And? There are thousands and thousands in third world countries who would kill to have the opportunities we do. Sitting around on the internet crying about it for the rest of your life and recycling the same excuses as to why you can't get a job is hardly productive. Do you hear yourself?
And hilarity of calling me an autistic cunt. I don't think that you know what autistic means at this point, you insufferable baby.

Lel if you get a job you're brainwashed! You're a wagecuck! Sucking on your parents' teets and never leaving the house is how we fight the economy and make positive changes in the world! Yeah!!!1

No. 62979

Lol I have a job. But the odds are incredibly stacked for a lot of people. They enter a cycle of debt and unemployment because entry level jobs just aren't paying what they used to. Inflation is rising but not our wages. It really is fucked. And yes you are an autistic cunt.

No. 62981

Also lmao @ muhh excuses muhh bootstraps. I bet you're a republican or libertarian hahah

No. 62990

No one was talking about entry level meme jobs, or STEM. Op sure wasn't and neither was >>62976. In fact >>62976's entire argument was millenials shouldn't cry about having to wait tables while having mental illness or whatever.
You need to take a minute and think about why it is you went off on an off topic tangent about nothing

No. 62995

I think we all agree that you're the autistic cunt.
See >>62990

No. 62998

I have a job but you sound like a cunt, you cunt.


> Yeah it was harsh, but anon spoke the truth and you took offensefor some reason

Yeah, I'm sorry that I'm not in a fucking war zone in some nigger shithole in a fucked up part of the world. What do you want me to say? We all have our battles to fight but you have to be really ignorant or just plain stupid to sum everything in a, > you're such a pussy if you don't like it

Do you really think we should just accept the current circumstances in our world, with the real estate bubbles and lower wages that barely sustain a decent living? With the collapse of our ecosystem and fast growing world population that at the same time makes human life worth nothing?

Sure, go ahead and be a fucking sheep, gobble up all the shit that the society wants you to swallow. But I will never be content with the way things are going even though I do have a job. Social anxiety is common mostly because a lot of young adults get to realize that working hard doesn't net you much. And sometimes, not even working smart. What's the point in doing anything with high expectations of our modern day society that describes success and value in terms of money. The social media just make it worse.

Go tell people that studied a non meme degree and can't find work, tell them in their face how to get over themselves. Or go tell someone that is overqualified doing some shitty job with shitty hours after putting aprox 5 years into university, to get over with depression and muh feelings. Go fucking neck yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63006

This is hilarious, sperg harder. Whew lads

No. 69292

Anon I have anxiety and no car. I'm 23 and my bf is 24. We both live together and barely scrape by. We both don't have an actual degree or career field in mind. I don't work or go to school. I've babysat his little brother but the pay was terrible. Been trying to do things like surveys but it doesn't really contribute to the bills. Is there any online jobs? Something with no experience needed.

No. 69293

There's an app on goigle play that pays it's users to do surveys. From what I heard it's $1 an hour but the company seems to completely stop paying it's users and people are pissed that nothing is being done about it.

No. 69295

Yea Google Surveys, I ended up deleting it twice after two months of no surveys. It's a waste now, shame cuz it was a good way to make money.

No. 69313

Not anymore, but I used to work for kgb and mechanical turk and made pretty good money at it.

No. 69363

Most of this thread is a bunch of bullshit arguing, does anyone have actual advice on this?

I'm in school and my program gets really busy on and off, so I need flexible work. It's okay if the pay isn't great, I just want to supplement my pocket money.

I signed up for Amazon Mechanical Turk, but they seem to pay like shit for the work you do. I like taking surveys and would do things like that or being a research guinea pig for money. I'm also a pretty good writer, have good manners, done copywriting, and can do tech support, so I've thought about flexible or part-time work in any of those.

I know I said it seems like Mechanical Turk pays like shit, but maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. What were your tactics using it?

No. 69364

Try r/paidstudies. Some studies require a phone portion.

No. 69378

Surveyjunkie, earn points by doing surveys and you can cash out at $10 and you can put it into your PayPal when you cash out. My parents do this and they've already got $40 saved into PayPal for rainy days.

Things to know, you might not qualify for some surveys and you sometimes have to be careful with your answers or you're kicked out. So you can just lie your way through to qualify.

Good luck anons.

No. 69489


It's probably not the answer you'll want, but I basically did that shit all day. And I tried to do as many of the studies/survey type hits that I could, or transcribing videos. The studies/surveys pay best, and the transcribing hits pay less but if you do lots and lots of them, it adds up.

No. 69490

How much do you guys get paid per day doing this stuff?

No. 69582


There are scripts you can run that will help you find good/well paying hits, such as tampermonkey.

You won't start getting the really good stuff til you get over 100 approved hits. The more you do the better paying ones you'll get.

No. 69600


This is so ridiculous.

All of us have found it difficult to find and keep a decent job for at least the past forty years. Millennials are not special nor are they different from, say, gen x in this regard.

They just pretend it's harder for them and think if they bitch about it long enough, people will believe them.

Kind of like how millennials latched on to identity politics and ruined the Democratic Party with its BS 'progressive' concerns.

No one cares about who you sleep with, your self dx'ed mental illness, how you identify, or what color your skin is. None of these things make you special or interesting or anything. Welcome to the human race and the world of grown ups. God, I hate millennials. I can't wait for everyone to figure out that you're the y2k version of boomers, only more autistic.

No. 69637

I don't know why this turned into such a shit show. Fucking duh it's better to get a stable job, but this random ass person isn't asking out about that.

The stuff I've been doing to earn money online:

If you have some money to invest you can use robin hood app to start investing in stocks. I'd recommend SERIOUSLY doing your research first, though. It's not going to be as good as a real firm or other apps, but it's completely free so long as you don't fuck up or apply for their gold membership, which I wouldn't recommend at all. I've made a few thousand dollars but it's better for long term investments. Penny stocks can be profitable short term, but, like I said, you have to really do your homework. There's a couple good youtube channels if you look up robin hood and general advice. There's also a thread on /biz/ but it's generally a bad place for advice, good place to see people invest in stuff you shouldn't. You might find some good tips from time to time but tread extremely carefully. You can obviously also lose money if you're not careful.

Only other thing I can think of would probably be fiverr. If you have any marketable skill (I do image editing and voice over) you can usually charge a decent amount depending on the type of content they want. If you do something with sound editing or voice you can offer more incentives like adding in copyright free music or sound effects for extra charges. Take a look at the best people in the field you want to go into there and start doing something kind of alike, then market out to your facebook, twitter, etc and you'll eventually start showing up higher on searches. Make sure you use tags too. Don't fuck up and always go out of your way for good feed back, don't shill people out of stuff if you're tired or depressed. Always do your work.

I usually make a couple thousand a month, sometimes more depending on how much I put into it, but I have another job so I don't have as much time as I'd like to for it.

No. 69643

> I usually make a couple thousand a month, sometimes more depending on how much I put into it, but I have another job so I don't have as much time as I'd like to for it.

Nice. I also freelance on Fiverr, but in the web design/development area. I only make a few hundred bucks per month, so it's a nice pocket money but I wish I could get it to few thousands, what are your secrets? And when did you start? I started seriously a few months ago but now I have something you could call regulars. Feels good.

No. 69664


to add:

if you're going for stocks then AMD recently took a huge hit despite showing a 300% increase in revenue
it's very volatile but I've made money on it

shopify also tanked +20% because of a short seller and it's enjoying a nice rebound

No. 69665


What kind of news sources or other resources do you use to learn that specific stock were affected because of an increase in revenue or a short seller? I think it'd be awfully time consuming to go through the news of each company on the stock market one at a time.

No. 69668

I've tried Fiverr, it was nearly impossible to have clients. Only had one in months.
But I'm glad that someone is doing good! Making thousands for a freelancer is like a dream

No. 69679

I'm interested in this Robin Hood app and investing in stocks… How does it work?

No. 69681

File: 1509219774691.jpg (14.61 KB, 319x331, pepesnuf.jpg)

Any girls here in crypto? I wanted to get kind of into it but ended up not being dedicated enough to learn in the afternoons ;_; I did make a couple of hundreds out of eth and btc movements but that was mostly luck and it's a comically low amount of money considering what others are making

I secretly wish someone would spoonfeed me the info

No. 69685

Hello, I'm into crypto too but sadly I'm basically in the similar situation as you and just gamble with shitcoins..

No. 69692

You can totally make money online. These anons are crazy.

InboxDollars is legit. You get paid to take surveys and sign up for mailing lists (which you can then unsubscribe from). You can cash out once you've earned $30. You won't make a living from it but you can earn a little spending cash.

The best online jobs are Lionbridge or Appen. You have to apply with a resume and take an exam (it's fairly difficult - you'll have to study). But if you pass, it's awesome! You can work up to 20 hrs a week for $12/hr. It's all online and you make your own schedule. Plus you get paid training seminars and a 401k!

No. 69720

speechpad. its a transcription site. they also list jobs on mechanical turk but I was approved. which is weird cause I have an amazon account. maybe its because I bought weed stuff. anyway, I applied and passed everything. when it came time to qualify for jobs I struck out. you have to transcript a speech. mine was mark Zuckerberg. first they speed up the tape and second he talks a mile a minute. the interviewer was gay so that didn't help.
however if you can follow along they have 1 minute jibs. I just couldn't get pass mark.

No. 69770

Harsh but I very much agree with this. If you're so desperate for a job you'll apply for literally anything and suck it up. I was at kfc for my last job, my socially retarded ass couldn't fit in, fucking hated it and would go home and cry most nights but I needed that job, I needed that sense of purpose and reason to get out the house more than anything. You suck it up and get on with it. I've since been fired for "Not learning fast enough" which I think means being weird as fuck and not fitting in because the job was mind numbingly easy. Although still stressful because of the fast pace. targets and customer service aspect. sage for blog.

Yeah OP sounds like an over privileged little cunt tbh.

No. 69777

honestly i think online jobs are a waste of time unless you're persuading them as an extra side thing not as your main.
i too was terrified of getting a normie job (and was afraid if i would ever get one because of how useless i am) but now i have been working as a nightshift shelf stacker for over a year and honestly it has helped me with my anxiety quite a bit by forcing me to interact with a limited circle of people on a regular basis (good baby steps versus being thrown into waitressing or something like that) and the money's also nice because of bonus for working in strenous circumstances lol
and yeah it is lame but at least that's something you can put on your cv versus like google surveys you know
also the nightshifts work out great with my uni schedule! sage for blogpost

No. 69815

Look bitches, you having to suffer doesn't mean she has to suffer too. She asked how to make money online and if you don't know how just suck it the fuck up and quit your fucking blogposting.

No. 69827

Amen. If you don't have any advice to add then why bother posting? Just to shit on OP? Rude as well.

Plus, there are tons of legitimate online jobs: data entry, transcription, search evaluation, to name a few. There are real companies that will pay you without ever having to step foot in an office. Just search "work online" and they come right up. It's 2017, people. We're living in the internet age. These anons are behind the times.


No. 69872

Sorry totally forgot about this thread, but the tips I'd give would probably be:

I have cards made and hand them out to people if we get into talking what I do for a living and they seem interested. It has less to do with online income in that case, but if you're a social outgoing person and don't hand them out whilly nilly, only when the person seems like they need someone for that specific area, you'll get some clients. I get a lot of work through facebook when someone just sends me a message going "Oh right, you do blank, right? blank recommended me to you." Sometimes people I've worked with on fiverr will contact me later on for other products or projects, or refer friends to me. You have to be at a pretty high level for the trade you're offering, but offer a higher level "better" option on your page that makes the others seem less desirable. You'll still get people who pick the 5 buck option occasionally, but less and less often. Also it helps to send people a quick email or message a couple weeks after and ask them if the stuff you supplied them with worked for whatever project they were using it for, when I do that I get more outreach for work later on I've noticed. Just pretty much networking and building relationships with your clients. I've gotten some good stuff for my resume/portfolio specifically because I reached out and found out what the fuck I was working on, so I'd recommend it. Also, if you can, have a specialized website with samples of your work where you negotiate without fiverr. Once you start to do it more you'll get more work.

The only problem I've had is, like I said, I don't have enough time. I sometimes have to wait list people and they'll end up going with someone else. It's not a shit humblebrag but it helps that the things I do on there I also often utilize at work so I've gotten a shit ton of practice and time in, you have to really invest in the trade you're selling or they'll go with someone who's putting more into it. Also deliver the best quality of work you can, if something looks fucked up but you've already moved on and you just noticed it hours later go back, open it back up, and fix it. Start over if you have to. Don't undervalue yourself, if it's a big project that requires hours make sure you have an option on your page that reflects the price mark, don't get into the "ugh this is only 10 dollars fuck it!" mindset. Do it like thousands of people will see or hear it, because despite what you think, sometimes they really do use your stuff on things that end up getting seriously big and you don't want it to reflect poorly on you, you want people to hear it and try to seek you out for their shit.

Robinhood's kind of just baby's first stocktrading app. It doesn't have all the listings that a normal trader would but it's free and without the normal fees you pay per trade. I'd recommend watching some youtube videoes about it and generally trying to understand stocks a little before you jump in, but there's a lot of good information out there now. (also you can't pull your funds out for 60 days so don't put your entire savings in, just a warning)

No. 69913

Thank you so much for these tips! I noted all of the points you made. I'm kind of hoping I can develop my own online business eventually.

Thank you once again for your detailed reply!

> don't get into the "ugh this is only 10 dollars fuck it!" mindset.

Yeah, I almost did today but then I read your post and you're right. In fact, some of these projects will look nice as a showcase and most what's even better, having other people spread the word about your skills feels sooo good.

No. 69934

How does one even get in crypto? Any advice?

No. 69944

Any good transcription sites for working from home?

No. 69946

Speechpad and gotranscript

No. 69947

Just looked at these and Speechpad has no available openings , it doesn't even mention transcriptionist. Gotranscript has no page for it at all. ???

No. 69949


No. 69962

Just google "speechpad apply" and "gotranscript apply." The first results are the links to get started. You have to register (it's free) and take a quick test for each site; if you pass (which you probably will, the initial tests are pretty easy), they set you up with a more thorough assessment. Hope this helps!

No. 69963

Also it's not a bad idea to get into the habit of checking craigslist gigs and jobs>etc. Most of it's "females 18+ make easy cash now!!!" but every so often there'll be a posting for something legit - focus groups, studies, mock juries, surveys, product/app testing, hair models (free cut and/or color)… I've even seen an ad for lash extension models offering $25 to have lashes applied at a beauty school. Most of these are one-time-pay sort of deals but it's not a bad way to pad your pockets.

No. 70014

1. Go to coinbase or cex.io
2. Verify yourself
3. Buy bitcoin
4. Decide if you wanna trade for altcoins
5. If yes, research altcoins and see which kind of you wanna invest into
6. Never day-trade

No. 70080

anyone here on fiver? What kind of gigs do you offer? I see a lot of really weird gigs like "I'll draw a shit drawing on ms paint for you" gigs getting a lot of orders, which is making me wonder if I should start also offering that kind of thing

No. 70095

what's wrong with day trading?

No. 70367

what about dropshipping?

No. 70380

>Lionbridge and Appen
The first is a scam and I know it from personal experience, the other one has bad reviews all over so I assume it's equally as bad.

The only ways to actually make money from home are two, and both require dedication: it's either freelance work (copywriter, artist etc.) or camming. No other way round. All those ad rating sites, survey sites… make you only lose your time and barely get anything.

No. 70384

Lionbridge is most certainly not a scam. I work for them currently and always get paid on time, no problem. If you can pass the exam, it's 100% legit. I can see how you might think it's a scam if you don't pass the exam… but nope! It's a totally real job. The company is really nice to their workers, too. They're constantly sending me paid training courses and webinars. If you can do the work, they pay you generously. It's a really sweet gig.

No. 70386

To me it went very differently. I passed the exam actually, everything fine, I learned their guidelines pretty fast, always followed them to a t and they said it was all good. Then suddenly I got fired for doing the tasks exactly as I was doing the other days after always having passed their quality ratings. Lasted 2 weeks and I didn't get paid, no explanations either.
They were sketchy from the beginning to me, because at first they sent me a mail saying that they rejected my application, but some days after I receive a mail by them saying that my application was accepted. I was like… ok

No. 70394

Hmm that's weird… did you send in your notarized I-9s? I know they can't pay you until they receive them

No. 70395

I'm not from USA

No. 82054

Sorry to necro this old thread but I'm not sure where else I could ask.

I'm looking to sell my snapchat out for some extra cash and figuring starting on tumblr or reddit would be a good way to get people interested, but I'm also thinking of offering custom pics outside of Snap. What's a safe way for people to transfer money to me that won't have my real identity attached?

No. 82056

Google wallet, circle pay, and amazon giftcards or sell through a website (theyll take a %) and get direct deposits. When signing up only use your stage name and when people pay ask they leave any and all “notes” empty because if they mention sex work your accounts will be locked since it’s against their TOS. While advertising on other sites helps you should have a free public account you post teases on, I make most of my sales through there.
I currently make around $700-800 a month through my Snapchat, I sell monthly subscriptions through a website. I’m going to assume you already know all the risks and ins and outs of how this can effect your life. @ other anons please don’t fight me on whether I’m a degenerate or not, I don’t care to have that argument again lol.

No. 82057

Thanks so much anon!

No. 82058

Don’t mention it. Also to be more specific if you’re only doing a snapchat I advise against a site like manyvids. Use a website specifically for selling snapchats. Also add other girls public accounts for inspiration and to lurk to figure out how to run it, if you’re lost. Good luck, anon.

No. 82068


Serious question, do neither of you feel any shame for choosing to sell your bodies and perpetuate the sex industry that directly harms other women? Do neither of you feel shame for making easy money? I hope both of you get discovered and barred from making a legitimate honest living for the rest of your lives.

No. 82069

lol die mad about it

No. 82070

Any of you going the spoiled gf route?

Anon, you realize if they would struggle with making an honest living they would just keep doing sex work, which is bad for women as you say, so you'd just be perpetuating something you're against lol

No. 82071

if they struggle with making an honest living then they should seek out homeless shelters and work entry-level jobs, like they deserve.

No. 82072

You would rather a woman live in a homeless shelter and struggle to survive making minimum wage than be her own boss and make a livable wage from home because it goes against your morals? Wack

No. 82073

nta but i don't agree with sexwork and would want to provide education and job placement opportunities for these women. so please don't think that all of us who are against sexwork actually have this stupid baby-boomer tier logic. if you've ever been in the workforce and then had to do sex work out of necessity, it's hard trying to go back.

also white collar sex work stuff isn't really harming women, they aren't part of the porn industry because they're just self-employed. it's shitty, but only when they try to act like the girls who are at risk every day being pimped out.

No. 82074

>be her own boss and make a livable wage from home
Yes, it's disgusting to participate in normalizing sex work because, again, it's harmful to women. You're teaching men that they can purchase a woman's sexuality. But sure, be content in being "your own boss" and taking the easy way out. It's sad how little work ethic other women have nowadays.

No. 82075

that isn't what sexuality means, anon. just quit while you're not too far behind.

No. 82076

I’m not teaching men anything sis, I’m selling a service I provide. Shouldn’t you be hating men for not understanding the difference instead of hating women who are just trying to legally make a living?
Enlighten me, how is a man that pays for a date in hopes of getting nookie afterwards any different than what I’m doing? Isn’t the girl on the date proving her “sexuality” can be purchased with dinner and a movie? There’s girls sucking dick over some Popeyes biscuits and the ones you have a problem with are the ones actually putting a price tag on it?
Keep on thinking that self employment is easy, I’m not gonna try convincing you otherwise since you’ve made it clear the kind of person you are. You’re speaking so strongly about a topic you clearly don’t understand and it’s making you look stupid. Just remember it’s never too late to educate yourself lol.

No. 82077

I have a problem with gold diggers too, where did I say that I didn't? It's prostitution, just more subtle.

>I'm selling a service I provide

that service is access to your sexuality, to pictures or videos of you performing for men.

>Shouldn't you be hating men for not understanding the difference

I hate both genders for participating in this sort of exchange.

I hope you are able to make a decent living off of this disgusting act.

No. 82078


>Keep on thinking that self employment is easy

Self-employment encompasses much more than selling your body, anon. You seem young. I hope you learn in time.

No. 82079

Being told about my job from someone who doesn’t do my job has been great and I’d love to stick around to hear your gospel truth, but I only have 3 fingers left after these years of selling my body & I just got an offer for them so sorry I gtg.

No. 82087

No. 82089

Why do prostitutes think they are better than normal worker?

No. 82332

I know this is old af. But I work for Appen currently it's legit. Good money, boring jobs though but they definitely pay well. None of that '10$ cash out only!' bs. When you finish a job it goes directly to Paypal. 10/10 will recommend if you're wanting to work on one of your off days.

No. 82380

I've read through most of this thread and I'm disappointed with all the infighting but I'm in the same boat as a lot of you.

I'm working a full time job while taking part time classes. I've built a nice nest egg but I wanna invest in a few things. I am starting full time again in the fall and I want to have atleast a passive income.

Any investment/ideas for someone with creative skills?

No. 82550

Somebody who is working as freelance teacher online?

No. 82555

>It's sad how little work ethic other women have nowadays.
I know this is 5 days old, but can we just appreciate how much some "feminists" sound like your typical incel-tier man when it comes to certain issues? Imagine this statement coming from a fedora and tell me it doesn't churn your stomachache.

I'm pretty anti-sex work over all, but shitting on the women who participate in it is gross and the ultimate example of exclusionary feminism.

No. 82556

yeah seriously. i'm not necessarily pro-sex work for a variety of reasons but it's not because i think the actions of individual sex workers make women look bad. That mentality is almost the entire reason misogynists are misogynists. It shouldn't matter if some women are unambitious because we know plenty of women are honest hard workers. Women have a wide variety of motivations, philosophies, priorities, shortcomings, and skills because we're fucking humans. We shouldn't need to all be the perfect example of female excellence to be treated as such. To generalize women so much that you think the existence of sex workers reflects on us as a whole is way more misogynistic than anything the average sex worker is doing.

It shouldn't matter if there are women out there who are the embodiment of the worst most patriarchal female stereotype you can think of. We should be judged as individuals the way that men are, not lumped together as a hivemind constantly fearing that one of us will slip up and thereby confirm that we're all a bunch of bimbos.

No. 82569

I'm not shitting on women who are involuntarily involved in it. I think that if you have a choice to do honest work and you CHOOSE to go into the industry, then you're making the situation work. Of course I have sympathy for those who are forced into the sex industry. But "I have social anxiety" is not a valid reason IMO.

No. 82573

that's fine but why does that make you think that women in general have a shit work ethic? Even though sex work is more accepted now it's still a vast minority of women.
If your perception of women can be worsened by the behavior of a small class of women, how can you ever expect us to be treated as equals and respected in society? There's always going to be dumb, lazy, scheming, scamming, manipulative, and evil women, as well as combinations of all of those because that's true of any group. The whole problem is that we're objectified so much that people see the actions of a few women as a reflection of us all. Whereas with men, if you do the same thing you're seen as a misandrist. Men are often assumed to be competent and superior until they prove otherwise and women are often assumed to be incompetent and inferior until they prove otherwise.

No. 82585

File: 1526274411582.gif (484.52 KB, 200x115, 200w.gif)

do you guys want a separate sex work discussion thread in /ot/? because this thread had a cool premise but it's been utterly derailed

No. 82704

It already exists

No. 115534

Sorry to necro but didn't want to start a new thread. Any anons have recent recommendations?
I'm ok with going out and doing stuff like secret shopper, errands, dog walking, etc. I just need to be on a super flexible schedule because I'm a student. I've got IT/tech skills as well but on places like Fiverr it seems like you get way underpaid and there's competition racing to the bottom. Surveys seem to be sketch for privacy and also don't actually pay out? Anything related to camwhoring is also totally out of the question.

No. 115550

buy super cheap clothes at goodwill/thrift shops and flip them on poshmark/depop/etc

No. 115557

depends on ur area in that case plus poshmark is getting harder and harder to sell on b/c of the influx of new users and everyone lowballing 10 bucks for 50 dollar listings lol

No. 115568

I once ranked in $16 in a under a week on Amazon Mturk. I was able to do this during my break time at work, so no time wasted.
I've been kind of desperate to do the depop/poshmark thing for a few weeks. I'll have like $100 to my name once rent is due and I got some bills I want to help pay and groceries to buy.
If one day I'm super desperate for cash I hope someone has a psoriasis on feet fetish KEK
In the meantime, I might try doing a few art commissions.

No. 115712

Has anyone had luck selling clothes online? I have a shit ton of clothes, some kind of expensive, and need to get rid of them but also need to make money.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to sell?

No. 115871

I attend to online market research surveys. It takes some time but I kind of like it. You have to answer questions like ’have you heard about this spesific milk brand’.. Usually they give you gift cards.

You just have to find good marketing company and give them your contact info.

No. 116196

I lost about 40 pounds and went from frumpy to cute. Any ideas as to how to milk this? I’m 21 and “glowed up”. Thank u xx

No. 116202

I sell through FB Marketplace. It's good.

No. 116208

sex work? or sex work adjacent things like being a titty streamer on twitch.

No. 116231

I do this sex chat message thingy through a company that I found from Google and earn around 200-300€ per month working around 10 hours per week. Would obviously earn more, if I'd do more hours.

I know it's not much, but living in a europoor country, where the average wage is like 500, it's a nice substitute. Most of the chatting doesn't even involve any sex talk.

No. 116239

what website is this, anon?

No. 116403

Anyone got any more points other than youknow the usual survey sites? Legit thinking about doing the SW route I truly don't want to but honestly it's getting that bad

No. 116555

Work at Appen

No. 116582


Although I prefer lionbridge - consistent work, decent pay! I used to work as a rater and it was great…only quit bc I started doing sw online which pays a lot better.

But DO NOT go the sw route unless you really want to! Once you start, you can never go back.

No. 116583

What are the requirements? We don't have to post pics or actual credentials, right?

No. 116611

Whats sw?

No. 116613

ntayrt, i think it means "sex work"

No. 116617

I'd also like to know what website you work for, what exactly do you have to do during your sessions? Just talking or video and talking?

No. 116768

Sorry for the late reply.

The work is completely anonymous, all you do is send and answer to messages on your computer, never any videos or calls or anything related to you in person.

It pays per message sent, and how much one can earn in an hour depends on how fast you can type and whether there are enough messages to be answered.

I'd rather not advertise the company, since they're super strict about any online talk, but I found it when I googled "chat operator job Europe", it's mentioned on the first page results. There are several companies in the same field, the one I work for is European, but I know there are some American ones as well.

It's obviously pretty much slave labor, but as long as I'm residing in this banana republic of a EU country, it does pay some bills.

No. 116885

so Texkings? I don't know what you mean about strict about online talk when you can find threads about them on reddit.

No. 116889

Hey anon, thanks. I'm not expecting much but I'll look into it. I was working mostly for Gotranscript as an editor but honestly, the money's not worth it so I'll try this out. If there's no shitty audio and strong foreign accents involved, I'm in.

No. 116891

Nope, it's a different one, but the Texkings seems like a similar gig, though not available in my location. American one that I found is called Chatoperatorjobs.com

Sure you can find threads about all of these companies in reddit and elsewhere, no matter how strict their policies are.

I actually tried Gotranscript myself, but I was so ridiculously slow doing it that I gave up, it took me like more than 2 hours for a 10 minute file, pathetic.

No. 116899

It's really good that you gave up. The pay is insanely low for the work that you do and the editors are getting way more aggressive and unfair with ratings these days. I started way back when you could have easily climbed to the editor status in matter of days which meant better pay for presumably less work. There was a larger number of files with decent audio quality and the editors were okay most of the time. Now, it's pointless. It's difficult to maintain a good rating with editors being nitpicky and being an editor isn't that great either because it's more difficult to raise a bad rating (a lot of clients have high standards for the shit audio they give). Rev as terrible as it is at least pays a bit better and there are interesting files to choose from. I have completely stopped doing any transcription or captioning work. The crisp clear audio files are given to the AI, the potato recorded focus groups or foreign people speaking in English are now the staple of human transcribers. Sadly, there are people willing to work with such files and for such a low pay.

sorry for the vent.

No. 117132

Neevo is worth joining. There aren't always tasks available as they come pretty sporadically, but when it happens, one can make an extra buck. I got $244 last week and will be getting even more this week.

No. 117558

Do you think it would be possible to earn at least 200 euros per month like that? I'm kind of in a tight situation but online jobs for europeans (not from UK) are scarce.

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