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File: 1496856466445.jpg (17.25 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

No. 62447

Post a picture of or describe that kind of style you're going for & caring anons can respond with links to stuff or beauty/outfit advice.

Pic as I loved early KotaKoti style even though she's a trash human. I still do. It's not in trend anymore but I don't care. Any tips for building a wardrobe like this and hair/lenses/makeup? "Order shitty taobao stuff" doesn't really help.

No. 62448

File: 1496856702771.jpg (240 KB, 1280x960, 1384200971612.jpg)

outfit bump

No. 62450

I've also always really loved kota's style; i wouldn't even want to go over the top, just a little bit cutesy, but i'm really worried abou looking like a complete retard, since i'm really tall and kinda had this tough/boyish image all my life…

When i try wearing some cuter stuff, people are always (negativly) surprised or tell me it looks weird

No. 62451

File: 1496862025077.jpg (107.25 KB, 427x384, Mary-Tyler-Moore-as-Mary-Richa…)

I don't care about the style, I just want hair like that with those tiny curls at the end
I have thick, coarse hair and whenever I do it I end up looking like Mary Tyler Moore

No. 62465


you will look retarded, real life isn't animu and you should dress to flatter how you look.

No. 62466

File: 1496885757215.jpg (71.59 KB, 600x921, c.jpg)

Dakota's fashion style was all over the place, I don't think it ever followed a "trend". In order, it consisted of..
>regular American brands like hollister, old navy, and ralph lauren (more than the kawaii stuff if you didn't notice)
>2011 Liz Lisa
>replicas of Vivienne Westwood (she's liked that brand since before "kotakoti")
>school girl shit: neck ties, white shirts, thigh-length socks, skirts, and mary jane shoes.
>taobao shit. pic related for example was a random Chinese dress from taobao. i remember seeing it.

As for her makeup, Charms said that Dakota told her she was inspired by a mix of gyaru and uzzlang. There is nothing particular about her hair except the color and thinness, both of which are natural. Otherwise it's just long hair with blunt bangs.

No. 62471

It's a typical "eye-enlarging" makeup. You'll find tutorials all over youtube with similar stuff. The only thing different is that she made her bottom liner lower than her lash line, just like gyarus to make her eyes round.
Her color palette is the one for dark blondes/light brunettes, just some basic beige nudes you can buy anywhere, like Naked Basic 2.

Also natural looking soft blush, no bronzer and no contouring.

If you have long hair like Kota just ask hairstylist to thin them out down from your jaw/chin.

No. 62472

File: 1496901352789.gif (474.41 KB, 463x700, 1426296304975.gif)

She also had some nice black liner and probably fake lashes

No. 62484

The only reason Kota's style worked on her is because her shoops made her look incredibly attractive. On any normal human, the style would look retarded. Anon, you will look retarded. You don't look CGI.

No. 62485

File: 1496917159982.jpg (27.01 KB, 419x386, avril_lavigne_album_art-1189.j…)

to me early kota looked like avril lavigne, but with pastel frills, so if anon is similar looking, why not try it, might work

No. 62488

File: 1496933711780.jpg (185.39 KB, 1600x898, Beckii 2.jpg)

>On any normal human
lol stop. there are plenty of models and regular girls who would look better. remember Dakota's shoops were inspired by vlada roslyakova, who imo is much more naturally attractive than her shoops and would probably look straight out of a shouju with that style.

However, you're totally right. If you're not attractive to begin with, then you obviously won't get good results even if you copy the whole thing up and down. Just look at Beckii Cruel, she has practically the same hair and eye color as Dakota, and has styled herself in similar makeup yet she's not nearly as cute, even compared to unshooped Dakota.

No. 62489

But beckii doesn't look retarded in it? She looks good, her face is just unfortunate.

No. 62493

people being surprised when someone who dresses like a tomboy suddenly shows up in a skirt doesn't mean that she looked retarded, anon

No. 62494

File: 1496946827418.jpg (845.18 KB, 2560x1920, 1477253580571.jpg)

Make-up tutorial. >>62471

No. 62505

File: 1496959614583.png (2.49 MB, 1680x1050, Untitled-1.png)

sorry for the messy collage, but this is a style i've been wanting to try out but need advice so this thread is a godsent rn

>> wearing oversized and/or off-the-shoulder stuff

>> not looking like a slob

No. 62506

This is cute. What advice do you need though? Make sure your styling isn't messy, like makeup and hair are done nice, and you'll be cute.

No. 62510

As stated, I mostly just want to avoid looking lazy/messy, so advice regarding that would be neat.
The only time I've worn oversized stuff (t-shirts) has been to the gym and so far it just hasn't looked cute on me at all so I haven't worn it outside of that (though I recently got an oversized sweater, so hopefully I'll try a look soon!)

I think my biggest issue with this style is that compared to those girls I have quite bad posture, which I get away with with my regular style, but here I feel like it just highlights the slobiness.

Thanks for the advice!

No. 62511

i dress in this style and i love it. cute and comfortable. one thing i would say is that it looks really cute posed in pictures but sometimes when you're just wearing it it can make your shoulders look kind of broad/wide. i've found that wearing a backpack style bag with both straps on helps to cinch it and narrow the silhouette around your shoulders. to avoid looking sloppy always have your bottoms be tight fitting or not showing (like the thrasher tee example). loose pants completely ruin the look. oh, and the "off the shoulder" thing is really only for pics. its really impractical and awkward to try to actually wear a piece of clothing like that.

No. 62514

File: 1496962295712.gif (1.81 MB, 593x335, fuck me up tho.gif)


>tfw my face is really chubby so when i try this trend i just look fat

i'm ariana's height and i'm close to her weight, my face is just really unfortunate…

No. 62515

> wearing oversized and/or off-the-shoulder stuff
> not looking like a slob

The secret to this look is being skinny. Literally.

You fail that one condition and you fail at everything. There is no way you will not come off as a slob no matter how neat your clothes are or how great your make up is.

No. 62518

Uh, if I saw a skelly chick with no makeup and a shitty oversize top I'd think her more a slob than a dolled up fatty with the same.
You're deluded.

No. 62519

ok, Sharla.

No. 62520

File: 1496963104004.png (860.63 KB, 922x426, dresses.png)

what do anons think of dita's daytime looks and style? i really love vintage looks, but they've been associated with crazy 3rd wave feminism, and i think that it can age you sometimes. I try to dress very feminine, and I usually wear similar skirts and dresses. my problem is really with the makeup and hair… as much as i love them, i think this black would look horrible and harsh on me, and this bright lipstick would make me look like a clown. ugh.

No. 62521

i really like this style. i never think of feminism or anything when i see it to be honest. whenever i've seen someone wearing this out i think they look unique but in a classy and dignified way. i love that its so soft and feminine but also has a real power to it. as for your concerns about hair and makeup, i definitely don't think you have to have the jet black hair to do this look. for me its more about the vintage styles and less about the color. and im pretty sure everyone feels like a clown when they start wearing bright lipstick, but it just takes time to get used to. maybe get some muted/neutral reds (something like riot by limecrime) to ease yourself into it!

No. 62524

Why though? At least she hasn't let herself go in terms of weight.

No. 62526

I think you're confusing this look with rockabilly, which I definitely think is somewhat associated with SJW-tier feminism and HAES now.

I agree with >>62521, that it's classy and dignified. I actually saw a woman dressed like this at the grocery store not long ago and she was just gorgeous. The fact that most people don't dress like this just makes it even more special, in my opinion.

No. 62528

File: 1496973195370.png (2.88 MB, 960x720, 1492117512084.png)

i don't know about wearing high heels all the time, but i absolutely love it. those sorts of dresses and skirts ARE SO FLATTERING, i adore it. i think it looks much nicer than some of the other outfits i've seen posted, like those baggy shirts and skinny jeans and whatnot.
i was considering dyeing my hair black, and my mom asked me why, considering my hair is already dark brown. well! black hair just seems way more glamorous than brown hair, doesn't it?

No. 62539

File: 1496980447835.png (1.05 MB, 1173x767, sigh.png)

ignore how sloppy my collage is, it's been a rough day

i think titty&co has my dream style. it's light, cute, and feminine. im really tall and skinny so i look awkward in any cutesy clothing. artizia has similar clothing in store, but i looked out of place in outfits like this

No. 62550

I like the clothes I just don't like the hair and makeup she does. It ages her a lot and makes her seem artificial. Like always bright red lipstick , cat eye, dyed black hair and victory rolls, that ridiculous fake mole she draws on. To me it's the same as having bleach blonde hair, heavy smokey eye and insta thot levels of cakeyness

Basically I think if you're going to try super hard with proper clothing, don't go all tryhard with makeup and hair. If you're going to do baggy and relaxed >>62505 then you need to try hard with makeup and hair. Idk tho just my opinion not the law.

No. 62553

File: 1496996160787.jpg (31.58 KB, 400x263, Monica.jpg)

Dyed my hair black for that exact reason, it also give you a more exotic look IMO.

No. 62554

File: 1496997503761.png (362.65 KB, 512x512, Dz0DU5Z1.png)

what kind of style would you recommend for someone who just… doesn't look like much?

think axel ash with a pig nose, bulky rectangular frame (120s, but wide shoulders and 0 curves)

I used to dress really andro, but nowadays i like everything from genderless baggy stuff to sweet lolita.

sorry if this is technically OT. it's just, I've never had any idea how to flatter my plain face and body.

No. 62555

What do you mean by doesn't look very much? Do you mean not attractive or? Do you want to bring attention to your face or just want clothes to flatter your body?

No. 62560

File: 1497005351774.jpg (565.76 KB, 1680x2520, 3d2.jpg)

- get some waves to hide your shoulders - it really works wonders
- focus on your skinny legs (if you have them) - shorts, short skirts, skinny pants
- avoid any kind of frills/decorations/buff on top but use them on bottom (to give impression that you have curves)

this body type can actually suit many styles if you're skinny.
as for face, can't really help you without seeing. find something that makes you unique and embrace it. I think natural fresh makeup works for everyone as opposed to over contouring and overdrawing that changes you into another person.

No. 62562

Stop with the OK ___ posts. Just stop.

No. 62565

In one of her books, she said she enjoyed looking artificial and wouldn't want to look natural if you paid her to. I don't think she's under any delusions about it.

No. 62566

Some anon posted about her book in another thread; i downloaded it and i'm absolutely in love. I'd propably never wear my hair like this and i think i'm still a bit too young for a bright red lip, but other than that she gives really great tips. You don't have to adapt everything, dita also had various haircolours then she was younger

No. 62569

How can I dl it? I tried the torrent site but it was inactive

No. 62573

search it on libgen > click the title > click the book cover > click the blue word download on the right > it's downloading

No. 62576

File: 1497022024272.png (800.41 KB, 704x588, outfits.png)

I can't commit to a certain style and it's ruining my wardrobe. When I was a young teen I was very interested in a scholarly/vintage look and I bought a lot of gold jewellery, floral skirts, cardigans, white shirts, good wool coats, satchels and brogues (like in the first picture). Then I went through a phase of wanting to look more dark/grunge (like a more toned-down version of gothic clothing) and tried making my entire wardrobe black, buying big chunky boots, silver jewellery with gothic imagery, leather jackets, and dark makeup (like in the second picture). So my current wardrobe is a mismatch of both of those things and because I can't commit to either, I end up just wearing jeans and hoodies most of the time.

Lately I've noticed myself being really drawn towards bohemian fashion and I've bought a couple of pieces of jewellery that have chunky crystals like turquoise and amethyst in them. I'm going somewhere hot this year for summer and once I've lost a few pounds I've planned on getting long, patterned skirts and little camisoles to match the jewellery and sandals I already own.

Ugh what's wrong with me? Is there any way of saving my wardrobe or should I just throw everything out and continue wearing jeans and hoodies since it's obviously what I'm best at?

No. 62577

File: 1497022823238.jpg (68.27 KB, 392x610, xnpzk2-l-610x610-dress-black-w…)

mix it into boho goth

No. 62581

That's kind of what I was thinking because some people style it so well. It's just light clothing would only suit me when I'm abroad as it's freezing here lol.

No. 62583

File: 1497029612553.jpg (11.78 KB, 189x267, images13.jpg)

Lately my style is more cutesy and girly, since it kinda fits my baby face (and height) better. I wear a lot of coats like pic related with skirts, dresses, or maybe shorts and pair them with thigh socks and ankle boots or heels. It genuinely looks good as long as I don't go over the top so I can avoid looking like an obnoxious weeaboo schoolgirl.

No. 62584

I wear light clothing all year round, even when it's -15/-20 degrees. Just put some extra clothes underneath (like tight top and short leggings) and wear two pairs of black tights. And if that's not enough buy some x-bionic stuff to wear, some of my more sensitive friends wear it daily during winter under their normal clothes.

No. 62590

That's a great idea, thanks anon!

No. 62597

where do you buy your clothes?

No. 62598

Where do some of you live that you're wearing coats? Just curious. It never got properly cold this year where I am (deep south, US.) I wore a coat for maybe a week. It's been in the 70s and climbing since December.

No. 62601


No. 62614

I'm from Germany and this winter we had -20°C/-4°F for quite a long time; everybody would wear a coat

No. 62615

South east Australia. It gets freezing down here under the mountains, and the valleys freeze some winters.

It goes from sweating in cotton booty shorts and a singlet to shivering in wool, felt, and furs.

No. 62634

eastern europe, I wear coat from october till april. I have two different coats though - normal one for warmer days, and thicker one for winter (late november - february)
can't imagine how you live in such hot weather, I literally die when it's over 22C/71F plus I never know what wear then in order to look nice and not burn my skin

No. 62647

The rest of the world, my nigga

No. 62650

Fuck 'em anon. Just slowly start introducing cute girly things into your wardrobe. People + yourself will get used to it over time too so it won't be so uncomfy for you

No. 62652

lol why the assumption everyone is uggo.

No. 62653

File: 1497127192290.jpg (83.2 KB, 700x832, c.jpg)

Up to what age do you guys think it's ok to look like this?

No. 62654

I buy a lot of clothing on aliexpress, but I always check reviews and pictures first. If I see a cute outfit I like I reverse image search it and can usually find it on a foreign site or aliexpress.

No. 62655


in my opinion, for however long you like it. in average lolcow user's opinion, not a day past 21. realistically, after 30 you'd have to pair it with more age appropriate (but still romantic) hair and accessories but it's still wearable like once or twice a week.

No. 62662

File: 1497129600859.jpg (163.47 KB, 755x922, 1395896281789.jpg)

>in my opinion, for however long you like it.
yeah.. i thought about mentioning not to say this. cause tbh that's not true. imo there is a fine line where it goes from kawaii, to ermmm.., to plain asking for ridicule.

personally, Taylor R has made me think that as long as you still have a young face and haven't had kids yet, 27 is probably a good place. I guess maybe because 27 is officially late 20's.

No. 62669


but to be honest, there's quite a difference between the first dress posted and that one there. first dress, while too cutesy for some people, is something a girly girl or a very feminine woman would wear from time to time. you can style it with nice elegant boots and a leather jacket in the same color and no one would bat an eye.

the second one you posted, the blue one, is overly lolita. as such, it can be only successfully paired with lolita items and it will be so over the top. as such, it will look costumey and weird in every occasion except meetups and cons, whatever the wearer's age might be.

i think it's a matter of knowing what you like and how to incorporate it into more practical looks. it's true that everyone can carry different amounts of quirky, but if wearing a saccharine pink dress is what makes you happy, fuck it, just find a way of wearing it. we're all going to die anyways.

No. 62675

Different anon, but >>62662 isn't even lolita. It looks like a shitty replica. Plus, the styling is awful.

You should look at Emiiichan's blog, she is in her mid 20s and wears Liz Lisa.

No. 62679

went to her blog, and her about me says "i'm a 20-something". every time i see this i assume the person is 26-27 and ashamed of their age

No. 62680

is this a candid? this picture of her is actually style inspo for me

No. 62682

I believe so. It's amazing what bangs can do for ya huh?

No. 62683

ugh, take your shit to the Dakota thread.

No. 62684

If you want to look cute and shouju, it's better to wear tailored, high quality clothes that flatter your body.

Japanese women moved away from OTT hime-kei clothing years ago. Looking ladylike and elegant is more popular nowadays. Frilly dresses, bows and over the knee socks are trying too hard. I used to wear stuff like she's wearing in pic related, now I realise how cheap and stupid it looked.

Very few girls can pull this off, unless you're naturally cute, have delicate facial features and a fairy-like figure. Even on Dakota, I always think it looked tacky. Nobody looks good in $3 pink lacy Chinamart dresses. Ever.

No. 62686

File: 1497153131337.jpg (72.65 KB, 417x610, d5z7tp-l-610x610-tank-festival…)


seems like we are alone in thinking this, but i feel you anon.

latin american feels here. i have bought so many cute jackets, coats and sweaters throughout the years and i never get to use them. last year i didn't get to wear winter clothes not even once. it did rain at times, but either during the early morning or during the night time. i wish i got to wear shit like this too >>62505 . it fucking sucks cause its the trendy thing online and i just can't join. its never cold where i live, neeever.

stuck on the "festival clothes" style till death.

No. 62688


I would love to rock this style but I promise that I look like a fat slot wearing it because I have big tits. Shit just never falls right on me and makes me look like a hamplanet when I'm only kinda chubby

The secret really is being thin

No. 62690

Hmm, I agree, I definitely get tumblrina/batshit 'choke me daddy' 3rd wave feminist vibes. The entire Dita fanclub has been co-opted by fatties, unfortunately.

The thing with Dita is she wears very expensive clothes or genuine vintage pieces.
Most girls who imitate her are wearing polyester replicas from pinupclothing (which is ridiculously expensive for the garbage it is).

And I just realised Dita really isn't that pretty, despite being lauded as a beauty for years. She has a shapeless round face, hooded little eyes, no chin, long nose…also her hair colour is very harsh. Good titties tho. One of the best boob jobs I've seen.

No. 62691

do you have links to some?

No. 62693

The contrast between her face and her dress is quite disturbing, kinda makes her look like a mature German pornstar with a sissy fetish.

Also, where are her eyebrows?

No. 62712

Dude, then don't wear oversize bullshit. Oversize anything is naturally frumpy especially paired with no makeup and bad hair.

Thin girls who wear that shit don't pull it off the majority of the time, guaranteed. It just looks like they wore their night shirts out.

No. 62717

don't bring your bullshit here, stay on topic or gtfo dakota's style was the original topic.

No. 62718

"choke me daddy"? uh is it because dita does burlesque? i don't get that vibe at all.

because most of the vintage girls aren't on tumblr. they're all young housewives in california or they're 40+. they're all in facebook groups. and half of them are super christian.

pinupgirlclothing is polyester trash for their prices but they have very good fits i have to say.

also if somebody isn't going to wear a fashion style because some fatties wear it it sounds they have a unhappy life. fat people are unavoidable unless you only buy couture.

No. 62719

Not particularly concerned about what japanese women are wearing & what they find to be trying to hard. But high quality clothing >>> anything.

At the same time, most major department stores & even boutique style stores like topshop & asos source from chinese wholesellers. I like to try different brands & stick with them if they keep up their quality.

No. 62720

File: 1497200171794.jpg (17.47 KB, 236x354, bc6be67e77b26fd3962772d75cf5b4…)

How would you describe this kind of style? Hipster? Does it seem to frumpy (let's just assume now and forever people posting here are normal weight unless stated otherwise)

No. 62724

>How would you describe this kind of style?
upper middle class woman 25-35 yo with culture/humanities related job (publishing, art, academia, design etc) and a grown-up attitude towards life

a lot of women doing their ph.d at humanities departments at my uni look like this, they're far from being hipster, they give me rather serious but cool vibe

No. 62729


this is the spillover of european hipster/street fashion of yesteryear into mainstream. women who are not exactly alternative or mainstream, but are still conscious of looking interesting and stylish dress along these lines (big coats or blazers, blouses or button-downs over cropped 80s inspired pants, dress shoes, minimalist but expensive bags, neutral colors, sparse but statement accessories). where i live, people with creative jobs (advertising people, graphic designers, writers etc.) dress like this. if executed poorly, you look like a bag lady. i don't know if it has a name.

No. 62784

I think it's very mature and stylish. The rolled up jeans and shoes kind of remind me of what French women wear, if that helps.

No. 62799

30+ upper middle classer with arts degree and boring life.
>>I hate this style, but to each their own

No. 62814


bringing back the late 80's/ early 90's

No. 62825

I don't know, Dita's in her 40s and I think she looks really great for her age.

As to anons talking about black hair, I think it totally depends on your coloring. Black-brown can be a lot more flattering than stark black or blue black, and things like sumptuous red or a nice rich brunette can look really great with vintage style too. You don't have to rip off every detail of Dita's style to get a great look for yourself.

No. 62914

File: 1497416087612.jpg (527.76 KB, 1330x2048, Hayden-Panettiere-put-her-rock…)

Ive been binging a lot of minimalist closet videos, so Ive been slowly weeding away my old clothes and keeping an eye out for the perfect pieces to put back in

Ideally I would want my closet to be very plain jane 80's
almost like >>62720 (but more cute/bright colors), just b/c I rlly like looking retro

You farmers got any styling tips for a person w/ the exact same body as Hayden Panettiere? It sucks being short and stocky even when your weight is average

No. 62922

Hey anon. I'm like the same height as Hayden with broad shoulders.

You definitely want to down play the top of your body. so nothing busy on top. Halters, plunging v necks, scoops look better than off the shoulder or strapless.

diagonal cut sleeves or wide sleeves that arent puffy help too. and keep the bottom half more interesting (patterns, embellishments, colors). flares would look cool or wide leg pants. flared skirts. and long hair helps hide the shoulders.

wear whatever the fuck you want obviously too.

also if you're interested try corsetting (NOT WAIST TRAINING)! it doesn't take long to achieve, just diligence. and it's safe unless you suffer from something. the effects dont last forever but your body does get used to being squished into an hourglass shape.

No. 62937

File: 1497473774276.png (133.38 KB, 333x330, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 11.0…)

good to know someone else is in the same boat, the only difference Id say w/ me and hayden is that I've got bigger boobs w/out a baby

it kinda sucks I'm into weeb shit as well, so dainty weak shoulders have always been my beauty ideal, but everyone wants what they can't have i guess

hate to question advice, but wouldn't waist training just emphasize my broader shoulders?

No. 62956

I've seen a lot of girls who pull off the 1950's style beautifully, better than Dita to be honest.

But I do agree that it looks way better when you wear genuine vintage pieces. The quality and cut of vintage clothing is far superior to modern clothing and if you invest in a statement piece it can last a lifetime.

Also, try to avoid tacky 50's clothes like poodle skirts (with actual poodles on them), big pearl chokers, cherry earrings etc. You want to look classy, not costumey. A simple cotton lacey blouse with a full satin skirt and some peeptoe heels can look beautiful, even though it's so simple.

And when it comes to hair, don't think you have to go jet black or bleached blonde (which seems to be the go-to for most rockabilly types). Often the most 'authentically' 50's look is to retain your natural colour, or dye it a nice soft natural blonde, or reddish strawberry blonde, like Emma Stone. These colours are so much less harsh and are far more authentically 1950's.

Unless of course, you want to go full Bettie Page or Marilyn, in which case, black or bleach blonde are necessary.

No. 62957

File: 1497496547705.jpg (27.92 KB, 480x360, tp.jpg)

this is corny but I want to dress in (original) Twin Peaks fashion. They all look so soft and feminine.

No. 62988

File: 1497533007841.jpg (75.21 KB, 590x880, sweet-lolita-look.jpg)

I like subtle lolita looks, the ones that look innocent and classy, but wearable enough in public to not get stares

No. 62991

I love weeby kawaii shit too. And I also have a larger chest despite not have a huge BMI. It sucks that a lot of fashion styles only seem to suit one kind of body type.

It could maybe re: corsetting, but a lot of stocky types have trouble emphasizing their waistline too. but, good point. maybe avoid that lol

No. 63011

Not corny at all, anon. Audrey in particular is my style inspiration but they all looked so good. It's easy to find stuff that fits this look at thrift stores, too, so it's totally within your reach

No. 63015

Is your natural hair colour ALWAYS the most flattering, though? I'd look hideous with any shade of blonde.

No. 63019

File: 1497556790506.jpg (188.04 KB, 1080x1080, 14606941_577557919121102_82724…)

How can I style myself kind of like PeachMilky? She always looks so pretty even when her nose was "big" she just has this pretty and girly look. I don't know how she has such nice outfits and how she does her hair honestly I wish I could look as girly as she does.

No. 63020

I don't think so, my natural hair color is so close to my natural skin tone it make me look really washed out, when I dye it darker it make my features pop in the nicest way.

No. 63028

Of course not, I'm not saying you should keep your natural hair if you hate it, I just meant if you're going for a more subtle look, like a cute 50's girl or a more elegant Audrey Hepburn style, try natural shades of colours such as blonde, red and brown, rather than jumping straight into jet black or bleached hair. It's surprising what might suit you. Also it's hard to come back from those colours.

No. 63029

I think it looks good because there's not too much detail so it doesn't come across as trying too hard. She's not covered in hundreds of bows and pink frills and diamantes. She has picked subtly cute pieces in quite neutral colours.

No. 63036

File: 1497568097475.png (157.96 KB, 509x370, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 1.05…)

okay so I kind of like buying sort of ridiculous accessories just for the fun of it
i was looking for a cute yellow hairband to go w/ my black hair and side bangs and found >pic related

but is it too too much?

No. 63042

File: 1497571332551.jpg (57.79 KB, 400x534, IMG_0056.JPG)

Have any of you guys used henna and indigo to dye your hair? I was thinking about using one the henna blocks from Lush.

No. 63050

I think the styled bangs are important (subtle curl sweeping them to the side to give a gentler and more natural image while rounding out the face), plus the somewhat voluminous and softly wavy styled ends and even the peachy light color of her hair. Also the popteen gyaru inspired makeup and muted pastel/pale colored clothes, a lot of simple liz lisa items and feminine silhouettes. Her having a very youthful pretty face and thin body help a lot too though.

No. 63085

Why is it so puffy? It looks sort of like a crossiant or a banana slug.

No. 63089


I personally wouldn't recommend using the henna blocks from Lush, anon. I tried using their noir one to dye my hair black, followed the instructions and not only did my hair feel crunchy and disgusting afterwards, actually heating the product (in a Pyrex jug over boiling water) smelled like shit. Literal shit. It made an absolute mess of the bathroom, stained my skin and basin and iirc it had to be left in for hours. Just go buy a box colour or go to a salon, the trouble is not worth it.

No. 63097

I really want to do traditional henna and indigo. It requires a lot of steps and I asked about it ITT earlier but no dice. A lot goes into it but I think it would be worth it for the overall quality of my hair.

No. 63112

File: 1497627090723.jpg (82.54 KB, 1024x1024, Light Blonde Henna.jpg)


i don't know about indigo but i dyed my hair red using natural henna powder. only thing you do is water it down with warm water to the consistency of runny mud, add some olive oil into it, smear it on your hair like you would with hair dye and wait about 5 hours. it will give you nice, vibrant, natural-ish red hair. other things that claim to be henna AND turn your hair any other color than red-orange contain hair dye and can fry your hair.

also beware, as:

-you will have a hard time washing it out from your hair, it's basically mud.
-it will stain everything, especially your hands and it won't come out for like 3 weeks because it's a vegetable dye.
-you can't bleach out henna from your hair but you can dye a darker color over it.
-you can add brewed black tea in it to make it reddish rather than orange.
-it dries out some people's hair, so rinsing it thoroughly and using moisturising hair treatments is important.

No. 63122

File: 1497633556972.png (1.06 MB, 679x1024, 1493319730194.png)

i'm in love with this sort of look, as well as the "boho goth" look mentioned in >>62577 but my figure fucking sucks. i want to be very thin and flat, because i feel like this sort of style works better for that kind of figure.

i'm not a hamplanet, just a regular chubster but i walk everywhere, so my calves, ass, and thighs are stupid thick. once i lose more weight i'm going to start slowly incorporating this kind of clothing into my wardrobe. i'm in berlin right now, and i see so many alt girls with this style, it's really inspiring.

anyone here have ideas for good brands for this sort of thing? i don't really have a good sense of fashion, so i'm not exactly sure where to start.

No. 63133

its just a little padded, i like it b/c its cartoonish

i already bought it anyway since it was 3$ lol

No. 63135

That's what henna does not to mention,if you try to cover it up with a plastic container to save it would mildew. I like using it but the smell is the only con,I can still smell it for months in my hair.

No. 63136

I get a more s&m vibe from dita. It's unlikely she's into that weird ass daddy kink.

No. 63141

i like it anon i think it's hilarious & awesome

No. 63142

File: 1497646592474.jpg (72.78 KB, 405x551, SheIn-Kimono-2.jpg)

Sounds like a mix of dolls kill/deandri with some free people in darker hues. Or any knock boho brand (or forever21), that stuff is everywhere now.

Start with some staple black pieces. Flowy blouse, bag, shoes, pants, 2 dresses, hat, cardigan ,some jewlery (long necklaces & crystals?). think stevie nicks/american horro story coven vibes. it was big a few years back. The key is things that are easy to move in and are comfortable/breathable. Choose silvers too. And learn2makeup

No. 63143

thank you anon, i really appreciate the reply!

No. 63218


hello anon, i have a similar body type and i also enjoy flowy gothy garments. i usually stay away from bulky fabrics if i'm getting oversized clothing and always try to accentuate my waist somehow to keep myself from looking like a sack. long flowy skirts with high waists worn with crop tops usually help me. you can also try to make your shoulders look larger to balance out your butt.

No. 63400

thank you anon, i appreciate the advice! any brands you could maybe recommend?

No. 63401

File: 1497895384813.jpg (440.7 KB, 1280x1468, 3cafc41cd288c333068c00b763562d…)

dropped my pic, just trying to bump the thread

No. 63408

Have any of you done the Kibbe body type test? It seems like an interesting way of finding out what style would look best on you.

No. 63411

I took the test and was about even between Dramatic and Classic. I'm not so sure I agree with what I'm seeing on Google when I search this. I can't find much on how to dress with this type of body, either. This style seems to be sort of aging. I'm not sure I get it.

No. 63426

I came across this video b4 and tried to do it, but found I couldn't be objective enough about it to get a good answer

myb i can do it w/ a friend and rate each other

No. 63501


sorry anon, i don't live in the US and i don't have any preferred brands. i just go into every store that catches my eye and browse everything. i tend to buy a lot of stuff from export surplus stores because they're very cheap. but what with occulty/nu-gothy things becoming trendy, i'm sure you can find a lot if interesting stuff in places like h&m, zara, c&a, mango, topshop, asos, forever 21 etc. if your country has them. i also buy knockoffs of famous goth brands or from aliexpress, or just search "goth" and see if anything catches my eye. what i got so far from there is surprisingly decent. just make sure to read the reviews people leave for the item and maybe don't go for it if it doesn't have any reviews.

No. 63504

File: 1497986699416.png (437.54 KB, 488x488, TB127OOKXXXXXXWXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!…)

I am unsure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone here know where to get a coat like this, or advice on any other coats that would fit a more cute style?

No. 63508

Pretty sure that's just a slightly oversized wool jacket anon. You can probably find something similar rather easily!

No. 63524

I'm sorry but whyyyyy

No. 63536

meghan trainor???? that looks like an airplane neck pillow

No. 63537

File: 1498008994430.jpg (48.95 KB, 480x480, 13628400_1754935584781877_2258…)

same, kinda like how the dolly weeb cows, such as kota, b4by.jpg, venus, peachymilk and the jvloggers dress
the traditional lolita look is cute, but is only good for conventions and meetups, not for everyday

No. 63667

File: 1498086906622.jpeg (85.09 KB, 960x540, 60386594.jpeg)

b/c its funny
i got sailor moon vibes, its like her puffy arm roll sleeves
its just as eccentric as her hair meatballs

No. 63731

I love Ariana's style! Its the perfect mix of sexy and cute with a little bit of edge. I would like to wear that style I'm just not sure where to get those clothes that aren't crazy expensive, no doubt her's are designer

No. 64212

look into short pea coats or short double breasted coats

No. 64213

File: 1498969905097.png (882.98 KB, 656x853, mr86x.png)

Been trying to find a style that works best with my baby face and amazonian height. I've been looking at Namie Amuro's style for guidance.

No. 64572

File: 1499498316472.jpg (156.27 KB, 960x960, C_frxE6XkAEjecc.jpg)

I love this sort of style, like a cute, adorable type goth, but not pastel? asdf

No. 64579

sorry anon but that's not goth at all, not even "a type of goth". it's just generic edgy teen fashion. not saying that it's ugly, but don't call this goth.

No. 64584

Is there a particular name for the collar style in the middle picture? Like the white on black one? I just call it the Wednesday Adams collar but they're super cute

No. 64585

Its called a peter pan collar.

No. 64587

Well, a cute type of goth style is what I'm going for- the middle one mostly. I just don't know how to style it, because all the stuff i find seems really classic/intense goth.

No. 64591

That's because it's not goth, if you search for goth you're not going to find it. It's just trendy Tumblr/American Apparel type stuff but in black.

No. 64593

I mean, accessorizing it correctly could lend it to goth styling couldn't it? Black lipstick, crosses, bats, skulls, etc?

No. 64595

Seriously anon get off Tumblr

No. 64596

Are you underage? This is not "a cute type of goth", not even the one in the middle. If you like this style you can wear it, but even if you incorporate some gothic fashion elements, like the ones you listed, it will not make you "a type of goth".

No. 64597

don't listen to the bullies

No. 64599

this is called basic underage tumblr girl wearing almost all black for edge points. srsly tho tf is this, those knee highs and shoes are gaudy

nah anon. even that halloween hot topic shit aint goth.

No. 64600

What most people don't seem to understand is that goth is a music centric culture, not a fashion. Sure, you can dress gothic, but you won't actually be goth.

No. 64601

File: 1499560793093.jpg (88.78 KB, 589x905, grunge korea.jpg)

Hey anon, maybe what you are looking for is actually "grunge" style, with an asian flair?

No. 64602


I kinda love this, but why is her skirt so high? holy shit

No. 64604

it's an american apparel tennis skirt, they all sit like that
tbh i wear them almost daily and i just wear sports shorts underneath

No. 64605

Have you never seen a high-waisted skirt before?

No. 64606

It's an entire subculture for gothic things- not just music. Literature, fashion, music, etc…

No. 64607

I love dark and grungey fashion, so this looks perfect <3 <3 <3 I really like gothic elements- i listen to a lot of music that'd be considered 'goth' and generally am trying to immerse myself more in the culture of it, but i'm not a fan of the whole corset + leather and velvet I've seen suggested. :v

No. 64608

I'd just keep that kind of style under the "alternative" umbrella since black "edgy" clothes aren't close to gothic. If you Google alternative style you'll get more of what it seems like you're looking for.

No. 64610

File: 1499577632569.jpg (131.72 KB, 736x1102, 2a96394564122cf970a4d4fb37a6a3…)

Holy shit I just googled it and found exactly what I'm going for (pic related)

No. 64611

File: 1499578950321.png (3.79 MB, 2048x2048, phonto.png)

Can anyone recommend me a good edgy meets glam wardrobe? I'm slender and about 5'6, I love amber scholl style.

No. 64615


Not one that is so short, tbh. I feel like I can almost see her vag, the high waisted skirts I am used to are a little lower.

No. 64617

Hey anon! Most of this clothing looks like stuff you can get on Aliexpress or eBay from China. Basically, dress like an instahoe with black+white+fur/lace/glitter detailing and should be good to go.

I know you can find those shoes by searching "rockstuds" or "valentino rockstuds" (ones in photo are popular knockoffs).

A lot of the clothing in the photos look like they are meant to be lingerie originally so you can search for "satin camisole" or "satin croptop" Searching low-high on eBay (to get shit from China) I found this on the first page, and it matches the styles in your collage: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Women-Soft-Strap-Sports-Bra-Vests-Cami-Wrap-Chest-Crop-Top-Candy-Color-Underwear-/172743557941?var=&hash=item2838518335:m:mnZwg5vblymjhtwCNpXG0Pg

Also, I looked up Amber Scholl and found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw_474o-P-w

Apparently she mentions some places she gets her clothes (one place is https://www.missguidedus.com/)

I'm not personally into this style so can't recommend much else, but I've seen it quite a bit while browsing online, so hope this helps a little in your search!

No. 64618

I'm not sure how you couldn't have seen something like this before lol, but just know that unless this girl has a ridiculously long torso, her vag is far from view

No. 64625

Thanks anon,I was thinking about adding bedazzled leg garters too for a edgy feel.

No. 64690

Kota's giant forehead reminds me of mine. But I have a widows peak so I've been thinking of parting my hair in the middle to hide the high points and make my forehesd seem smaller. But every time I part my hair, I feel like I look stupid. I can't tell if it looks ugly on me or if I'm just not used to it. What do anons? Anyone else have 5head problems or can't decide on ehat hair part makes them look better?

No. 64719

I have a giant forehead too I usually do side swept bangs,voluminous hair to make my face seem smaller, or a full bang fringe.

No. 64776

I don't know where else to post this and this seems obvious but I'm retarded when it comes to style so…What colors are the best to wear with cool under-toned pale skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes? I know the obvious like no neon colors but I don't know what else.

No. 64787

I'm forever in love with her hair in this picture. Apparently it was a wig, and I would kill to know what wig is it and where to buy it. It just looks so good.

Kokopie shop has dozens of socks, skirts and shirts like these. You can shop there

No. 64806

That hair was a wig?! I had no idea….

No. 64807

lemme smash

No. 64821

File: 1499944287560.jpg (185.02 KB, 680x760, hippie-boho-mori-girl-lolita-c…)

Mori girl. I live in the rockies where the crunchy hippies live already, layers are my jam. But I love the earthy colours with lace instead of, general music festival/hiker gear? everyone around me chooses

No. 64822

Also, I'll never be a dainty Japanese lady. Big chest, wide shoulders and thighs, I rock climb and lift heavy, not thin but not chubby and there's no word I can use that fats haven't stolen I just don't wanna look like a linebacker and anything off aliexpress is asian sizing

No. 64823

I have a similar body type (tall with big chest shoulders etc and athletic) and I just get the really long and flowy stuff from Favorite One on Rakuten international and put a thick belt over it or wear a fairly tight top with their long skirts

No. 64832

Fit? Toned? Athletic? In shape?

No. 64861

are you into sewing anon? what are your measurments?

No. 65167

File: 1500511002449.jpg (269.13 KB, 1920x1080, dva-screenshot-001.jpg)

How do I translate this into the real world w/o it being cosplay lul

No. 65176


by committing suicide

No. 65181

What are you going for? Nerdy/geek asian girl or cutesy/cheeky?

No. 65184

Be a hot model and actress who is also an one of the best gamers in the country and join special forces

No. 65193

the only correct answer.

No. 65224

Get an excellent tailor.

No. 65249

with a palette of pink, purple, greys, blacks and whites? I guess, take the similar colors of her suits, and translate them into real, wearable outfits

purple long sleeved shirt, grey leggings, black and white ballet flats, bright pink jewelry

you'll look like a ridiculous teenage girl at the mall in 2009, but if you want it go all for it

No. 65287

File: 1500708185052.png (385.97 KB, 740x600, dva.png)

if you're looking for kinda a "what diva would wear in public" thing, here I guess

looks ridiculous but some people can pull it off, and depends on how comfortable you are with your body

No. 66077

File: 1501811520043.jpg (139.11 KB, 1200x800, dress.jpg)

I have fallen in love with this dress, but i have no idea where to find it.

I tried messaging the woman wearing it in this pic to no avail (twitter.com/fluffypawws)
tried reverse imaging it
tried googling keywords and general design: no luck

any help would be appreciated !

No. 66141

Seems like a generic killstar/deandri/disturbia dress, I'm pretty sure I've seen it on dollskill somewhere

No. 66198

look into himekaji, otome, and roma gyaru

No. 66202

I don't know if this is asking for spoonfeeding but I'm rather busty on a short frame and adore styles like liz lisa and the like, but I'm always very worried about ordering from them due to how it would most likely not look well on me due to bust size. Anyone here have any other places they shop from that are similar styles that look fine with girls with bigger chests?

No. 66220

I'm a 34D & wear liz lisa size M if that helps anon.
sadly your best bet would be looking at vintage-like stuff.

No. 66244

File: 1502225202579.jpg (179.68 KB, 580x580, m_589396ff981829fbf00049a0.jpg)

found the perfect top for anyone going for that chad look

No. 67142

File: 1503854054175.png (984.03 KB, 853x612, flying tiger.png)

So this is kind of an odd question but I really love Flying Tiger's vibe (like Sostrene Grene, both cute danish stores) and I want to have the same kind of vibe through my clothes, but I don't know how that translates.

I thought of hipster-y kind of patterns but I don't know any clothing brand with that vibe and thoses patterns, have you got any idea where I could find some ?

No. 67145

File: 1503856586944.png (402.24 KB, 1030x610, Screenshot_12.png)

I searched Asos for "print" and found many patterned clothes so lol

No. 67146

Thank you but I was asking for brands that do that kind ? I mean that helps but don't worry, I know how to type "print" in a search bar hahaha

No. 67149

File: 1503866207974.jpg (81.43 KB, 629x865, valfre-apparel-dresses-matilda…)

I hope you're still here, anon. That dress looks just like Valfre's Matlida dress.

No. 67162

Lots of cutesy indie stores in the US carry stuff like that

No. 67240

File: 1504053220218.jpg (44.86 KB, 640x427, Stine-Goya-PF16-small_1.jpg)

Are you from Denmark?

If you're willing to pay, Stine Goya makes lots of cute prints. Her S/S collections are always more fun than her A/W collections, so maybe you can find something that's cute on sale right now.

No. 67355

I used to use it a few years ago but I regret ever having used it personally. I like to be able to change my hair colour easily, and my natural hair is blonde so dying it dark with blonde regrowth is not great, so every 6-8 weeks I'd be re-hennaing which meant I had to set aside 6-8 hours to henna my hair.

Pros - The colour is beautiful and fades beautifully. It made my hair feel and look amazing, it felt like it improved the overall texture of my hair.

- After a few months I was getting tired of the 8 hour ordeal each time I needed to top up (you want to leave it in your hair for hours for the henna to take).

- It is irreversible. You have to wait for it to grow out if you want to change your colour again.

- It is very messy and will stain everything! You need to be careful applying.

- Don't use a box dye or bleach on it. I tried this as I had read the lush henna's had no metallic salts in it so was safe to dye over. However, my hair turned a lovely shade of green/mossy brown meaning there was some sort of horrible chemical reaction. It was a very slow process to go back to my natural blonde colour.

No. 67356

File: 1504177136786.jpg (135.42 KB, 490x601, 25_go_homepage_update1_03.jpg)

I can possibly list off a few for you to check out.
- Gorman
- Lazzari
- Nadinoo
- Leonard Street
- Hi There by Karen Walker
- Lazy oaf (sometimes)

I also like these Japanese brands if you don't mind using shopping services:
- Pou dou dou
- Peus pres
- Bulle de savon
- Chambre de charme
- Ruby and you
- L'atelier du savon
- Haupia
- Child woman
- Par ici

No. 67373

Such a long list, thank you so much anon ! It really helps

No. 68062

File: 1506176244153.jpg (69.49 KB, 600x646, 4pfsr6-l.jpg)

this is kelsey simone, i like her style but i would want to see more color
anyone like her?

No. 68076

File: 1506204721703.png (876.93 KB, 961x1382, 20170923_165118.png)

Is crushed velvet trashy/tacky? I have the body for this dress (not any height tho,) but could I wear it without looking terrible? Just contemplating getting it to wear to a friend's wedding.

No. 68087

i think it 100% depends on your styling. i personally think velvet looks better with a bit of an alt/goth/grunge slant to it - it seems hard to make it look classy or expensive with how it's being used in trends right now.

what's the vibe of the wedding? that dress is definitely sexy, which may or may not be appropriate or your goal. a cute shawl or cardigan or cropped jacket might be able to bring that down a notch though. if the wedding is a pristine white church thing, probably better to go with something more conservative. if it's more relaxed, this could be cute.

No. 68093

The wedding is a church thing, but I was definitely thinking of wearing a jean jacket or sheer scarf/shawl with it. But also, the website stated the model is 5'7" and I'm 5'2", so I think it'll be a lot longer on me, maybe even almost hitting my ankles.

No. 68094

hmmm i think if it was at least mid-calf length and you had something over it, it's a bit dramatic but totally workable. a jacket/shawl in a matte finish fabric and minimalistic accessories would tone it down too, i think.

No. 68101

i actually think that style is hard to pull off, and even on that model i hate it. it just never looks good. you can find way, way nicer things to wear to someone's wedding. and jean jacket and shawl with that?? mid calf length? what the hell? i don't know what kind of person/dresser you are, but by that description i'm imagining you're 17 or something. try ASOS petites, they even have a wedding section, wear something interesting and cool but classy if you have a great figure

No. 68114

agree, that dress is terrible and with a jean jacket to a church wedding lol i mean wtf

No. 68116


that's tacky as fuck for a wedding OP.

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