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File: 1495748133009.jpg (56.91 KB, 600x314, pubic.jpg)

No. 61644

When I shave my pubic area it get's all bumpy and irritated. The color down there seems to have gotten darker too? I've honestly given up on shaving and will be doing laser hair removal.

What method do you farmers like the most for shaving the vagina and butthole? Waxing, cream, shaving or laser?

No. 61645

File: 1495748652611.jpg (206.18 KB, 890x1324, IMG_5636.JPG)

I do a combination of shaving and trimming. I trim first to crop the hair for shaving. I first exfoliate the area then I shave with the grain until I get it as smooth as possible. Afterwards, I trim any more stray hairs and finish with coconut oil to moisturize the area and prevent in-growns.

As for the area darkening, I'm still finding a good remedy for that, but I might try PFB Vanish as I heard it's pretty good for that issue

No. 61648

Unfortunately for me, I'm very prone to ingrowns. My whole pubic mound has been so bad, it just looked like I had big blisters all over my pubic mound. For whatever reason it doesn't affect anything else.

For a while I just did the "french wax" with a razor, where you just remove everything that'd show through underwear or a swimsuit.

Another good option that works for alot of people is unscented solid deodorant. I guess it works by clogging up the pores so debris can't get in there and make it worse, but I have no clue.

I've just started using Stridex (2% salicylic acid) in the red box for my razored landing strip, once in the morning and once before bed and I hardly have any at the moment. I'll gladly take maybe 3 ingrown hairs over 1,000, and for six bucks it's worth a try.

No. 61653

I just buzz it short. One day I'll nick my labia but I like to live dangerously.

No. 61663

I just take a shit venus razor from the store and go ham on my vag and ass. I just use regular ol soap and shave it like I would my pits or legs. Takes like 2 minutes

No. 61666

you could just put hair removal creams dowm there. sit with legs open for 15 minutes and it does the job. i like to maintain it by passing a razor down there everytime i shower. takes like 1 minute 0 effort

No. 61680

Are those creams even safe to use on the vag?

No. 61681

OMG anon!! Yes, I like to live on the wild side too. I might not be a hippie, but I'm a wild child in the shower.

No. 61682

Laser is best. You'll still have to shave a bit tho.

No. 61683

Shaving fucks up my vagina cause I don't take care of it after. Can't even reach my asshole.

Waxing is my way to go. I would go laser if I had the money, though. I never liked having pubes cause of the feel.

No. 61686

I use an electric razor to exfoliate and trim. If it's been 2-4 days since I last shaved, I can also get almost all of the hair with the electric razor. If it's been more or less than that, it's not very effective. I use a fresh razor with the grain after exfoliating and going over with an electric razor. I then use the exfoliating attachment again, which helps with ingrown hairs. After I get out of the shower, I use Luxxx anti-chafe spray to avoid bumpiness and ingrown, and it does help. During my period, I don't shave. The day after it stops, I take the opportunity to wax, because waxing leaves the smoothest finish, but requires too long between waxing to be my only method for hair removal. I leave some hair in a rough inverted triangle shape and around my vulva, because trying to remove all that hair from mucous membranes is not worth it. I keep it trimmed for tidiness and because it's not comfortable if it gets too long.
Someday if I have the free time, I'd love to get laser hair removal, as the investment seems worth it.

No. 61688

I just shave my inner thighs and let the hair grow. My husband doesn't care so why should I?

Once in awhile i'll go full bald using an electric razor and then going to get harder to reach spots with a normal one.

I put on a scentless basic lotion on the area and it seems to reduce bumps.

I'd rather trim it than shave though.
Unless it specifies bikini area, no, no they are not. But technically shaving's bad for your vag too so whatever.

Just find you a guy that misses the 70s guys lmfao

No. 61689

samefagging to clarify on the electric razor: It's one specifically marketed for the bikini area and has one of those little safety combs on top so there's no risk of nicking myself (Which i have done with a normal razor before and it fucking SUUUUUUUCKS).

Be safe.

Waxing is probably better since the hair grows back a little slower.

No. 61690

What's a good electric razor for the pubic area? The one I have now kind of sucks, and I can only buy replacement cartridges through the company's website, as amazon does not carry them.

No. 61692

I just shave every once in a while and pretend I'm "trimmed" the rest of the time.
I can shave and not have too many ingrown hairs, but I have to wait for my hair to be semi-long to do it again. I guess my hair is too thick/stiff if I don't wait and I bleed a bit on my mons pubis, which scabs over and looks rather gross.
Hair removal creams are a disaster for me, no matter how "sensitive" and "bikini area safe" they are advertised. I still get burns way before the suggested time to leave it on is up.
Waxing sounds nice, but since you have it grow it out before you wax it again.. well I'd rather just shave then, same results for me.

No. 61694

for fucks sake dont put hair removal cream on your vagina or in your asscrack unless you want a chemical burn

i'd like some recommendations as well, i currently use gillette mens disposables and get razor burn every time. i only shave the bikini area because getting rid of pubes would result in many irritated pimples popping up, ugh. wiping with a stridex pad after shaving helps though

No. 61699

My problem are not even ingrowns but rather simply being totally red itchy down there, plus I also get dozens of small pimples even on my inner thighs.
I've really no idea what I should do, normal body lotion obviously doesn't work. I can't even shave often because I fear it'd cause bleeding…

No. 61720

I've been using Nair for years I'm good

No. 61738

I'm jealous. Do you ever get ingrowns from it? I tried it once and it was the smoothest I'd ever been, but I noticed I got the same amount so I just stuck to shaving.

No. 61744

I shave with a safety razor. It's cheap as fuck and works better than crappy disposables, have yet to cut myself (they're not called safety razors for nothing). The only difference is that you need to go sloooow otherwise it can irritate your skin.

I hate how dark my skin is down there but I doubt it's because I shave.

No. 61745

I don't really like the bald or really trimmed look on myself. If you've got labia that are a bit longer it looks kind of gross and mine are by no means abnormally long. Still doesn't look right to me

No. 61753

If you happen to go commando this can attribute a lot ot the color of your vag. The friction somehow darkens it. I don't know the whole science, all I know is wearing panties more often made mine lighter and everything i googled on it when i was self conscious about it pointed me to wearing soft panties.
I have a really puffy mons pubis (Might just be from being fat, i don't really know) so i've always felt weird about shaving it, and mostly did it because I thought that's what guys wanted.

Only one guy i've dated gave a shit though, the others just wanted it trim (since it sucks pulling hair out of your teeth when you go down on someone, if you got a hairy dick i ask it be trimmed down so it's fair lol)

No. 61775

File: 1495912674739.jpg (57.66 KB, 500x375, large (6).jpg)

I stopped shaving about a year ago and just started waxing at home ever since

cons of shaving: redness, bumps, ingrowns, last a day or two before hair is growing back & causes skin to go darker

pros of shaving: quick and easy to do, not painful

pros of waxing: lasts weeks, avoids ingrowns, no bumps,

cons: bit painful, takes time and preparing, doesnt get the thinner hair & have to wait until pubes are longer

No. 61776

oh, i forgot to add i also started trying to get clear skin down there since i did notice it is darker than it used to be. So far ive been exfoliating and ive tried xtreme brite and a fade cream and honestly i havent seen any change ive been doing this on and of for about a year as well. I'm going to try a serum soon and perhaps a soap to help

No. 61778

File: 1495913842680.jpg (123.39 KB, 900x1200, C0hPLSdUcAADCHz.jpg)

Does anyone here just not do anything to their pubes, besides slight shaving when it's swimsuit season?

It just seems like a lot of work compared to shaving your legs, with little reward. Pubes can't come back in style soon enough.

No. 61781

I shave off everything once per year, usually during summer when we go to the beach or something. The rest of the year I don't touch anything besides keeping it tidy.
My bf likes it natural so it's a win-win situation.

I have to admit that I do admire girls who put in so much effort/dedication to stay hairless tho.

No. 61793

I'm currently getting Brazilian wax once a month as I got tired of shaving, constantly cutting myself, red bumps etc.
Brazilian is painful and I'm doing this for over a year now and I don't really get used to the pain tho. I'm thinking of lasering now. But then I would still have to shave again. Anyone here having experience with laser and Brazilian at the same time? Or is that too much? I don't mind having the hair but I always notice that I feel more comfortable without the hair.

No. 61796

Solution: don't shave.

No. 61870

Do you mean alternating with Brazilian waxes and lasering?

If that's the case, you're just going to be needlessly prolonging the lasering. After a wax session you'd need to wait for ALL of your hair to grow back in and then shave just before the laser. When you wax you're (ideally) ripping the whole hair out including the root, and considering the laser specifically targets the root… it just doesn't make sense.

Just do one or the other, both will eventually inhibit growth. It's just the difference between ~five sessions vs. way way more.

As someone who has gotten everything down there lasered, trust me, the shaving is really nothing. Even after your first session the hair will grown back considerably finer, sparser, and slower. It makes shaving a breeze for the couple months you have to wait in between sessions the first few times. I rarely experienced bumps or ingrowns from shaving.

No. 61871

I just shave my inner thighs when i need to wear my swimsuit
and i tweez down there when I'm bored

I used to trim the bush w/ some scissors just to feel more put together down there but not anymore

No. 61872

No idea about laser, but for the pain, try to get waxed with sugar wax. It doesn't stick as much to the skin, and hurts way less. Also use numbing cream or a pain relief cream helps.

No. 61876

Damn you're lucky anon. I always trim and hate shaving it, but my bf likes it shaved.

I think natural pubic hair is pretty sexy, the bald look is like a Barbie doll to me, it makes the whole area look fake and unnatural. I wish he were more into a bush because I think it looks way sexier, in a primal way. I like his pubic hair, wish he would like mine.

No. 61884

You could put your foot down and just stop shaving it.

I used to shave long ago but stopped because my hair grows too fast and I'd have stubble before the day was done. And it was just too shitty and itchy and made the skin there worse.

My current bf has complained about it a little since my hairs are pretty coarse (is there any way I can fix this?) and asked if I wanted to try shaving but said hell no and take it or leave it. He wasn't gonna deny himself sex so he got used to it lol.

Maybe say to your bf that you think it looks sexy and hey maybe we can try it out for a while? See how it goes.

No. 61904


I had a friend that put conditioner on her pubic hair to make it softer. I honestly don't know how that worked out but I'm assuming itd work

No. 61908

It's probably painful because you're waiting for the hair to get long and full between sessions. One month is a long time.

You're supposed to stop brazilians for at least a month and a half before starting lasering. After that it's shaving only.

Do not wax again, you will mess up the lasering process. If you're going somewhere that's doing it right, you will have less and less hair after each session that waxing seems pointless.

No. 61940

Conditioner makes a good replacement for shaving cream too, and not just for pubes. It obviously makes pubic hair feel better too, just like the hair on your head.

No. 61996

so for those anons who like to just trim, what do you guys do w/ ur labias? is there a method like a tiny comb and scissors combo or do you just go in and hope you don't snip flesh?

No. 61998

I measure it, sort of, with my fingers and go reeealy slowly

If anyone has an better idea, feel free to tell us

No. 62001

File: 1496223969976.jpg (21.23 KB, 522x522, 61oT73qFBqL._SX522_.jpg)

My bf would shave me with his electric razor when I couldn't get a wax appointment. It's so damn easy I am never doing anything else

No. 62062

I bought a package of 8 laser hair removal sessions for my bhole (and legs and underarms). I only made it through five sessions because I couldn't handle the pain. It was so much worse than the pain on any other area. I was crying and felt like I was going to pass out lol.

Now I just shave the little bit that grows back in the shower. Taking a laser to your ass is no laughing matter, I learned.

No. 62064

morbid curiosity compels me to ask you how much it costed and if it damages your skin in any way

No. 62065

Different anon. They're normally expensive but I've been able to find a decent deal on Groupon. Had 6 sessions done on my armpits and pubic area. Hurt a lot when done on your labia but taking painkillers or numbing creme can help with that.

Going through six sessions will NOT get rid of your hair entirely and it will grow back, however I find its less dense and bothersome than it was before. I'd get more treatments done if they weren't so expensive.

No. 62093


NGL anon, that also sounds kind of hot.

No. 62099

Oh it definitely is. He enjoys it. 10/10 would recommend

No. 62121


Anon you're responding to. I bought a package of 3 areas, 8 sessions each, for around $1400 I believe. This was several years ago and the place went out of business before I could even finish all my sessions on a second package which included happy trail and sideburns (yes I'm hairy af). So I would not recommended buying a big package in case the place goes under (which is common for them to do).

There was no skin damage, but I'm the perfect candidate for laser hair removal (pale skin, black body hair -_-) so they put me on their strongest laser. It works by attacking whatever is dark. If you're tanner or your hair is lighter in color, you'd be assigned to a weaker laser.

If anything, my skin has improved because no hair = no more ingrowns, razor burn, damaged follicles from epilation, etc. Best decision I ever made but the places can be sketchy.

No. 62126

Kinda OT, but how do fellow farmers deal with excessive hair in general? I've always been cursed with a light peach fuzz over my chest and abdomen (I used to think it was my body's way of compensating for being scrawny af lol). I've been taking biotin for awhile now, and I've noticed it's made my body hair worse. It's thicker and darker now, and my armpit hair grows back to a stubble overnight. I'll get random hairs around my nipples/happy trail that are insanely dark so I pluck them lol. Clearly the obvious answer is to stop taking biotin, but the hair on my scalp is actually growing and my nails are stronger so I don't want to.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? Do you remove all the peach fuzz or leave it? I currently use nair/razor for everything (which ik is bad on the cooch but w/e) but I feel like it's such a slow and time consuming process because I gotta do it so often. Is there a more effective hair removal process? Or will everything just make the body hair grow back darker?

Sage for bloggin

No. 62129

Something similar happened to me when I started with biotin, only that the areas that got hairier were the tummy and butt crack. I fucking hate the latter. I pluck away the tummy hairs and used to pass a razor through my cheeks (a la Margo) but wasn't comfortable with it so I went for a Brazilian wax. At the beginning I was afraid the ladies would judge my hairy ass (possibly they do, but meh).

You know I've been thinking about getting laser removal in that area, I like having some hairs around my vag but I feel too much self conscious of my butt. I've heard it can affect fertility though, anyway isn't like having kids would be my top priority.

No. 62130

I pluck the really coarse hairs and bleach the rest. You only have to bleach two or three times a month and it beats having stubble all the time. If you let yourself get a tan it will hide the hair even more.

No. 62131

I just use a trimmer, not short enough to be stubble but enough to be hardly noticeable. No rash or ingrown hairs, and very easy to do. It's still there but, it looks like normal body hair at worst.

No. 62149

Sounds like a great way to chemically burn your labia.

No. 62151

kek I agree completely. I meant that they should bleach their darkening body hair, not their pubes. I should have made that more clear.

No. 62153

Ohhhh yeah that makes total sense. Fuck yeah bleach dark lip, belly, or pit hairs. Way better than dealing with stubble or awkward-length between-waxing hairs.

No. 62190

File: 1496437306054.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2578x1503, beach-sand.jpeg)

I wouldn't think bleaching body hair blond would word on ppl w/ olive skin or other darker skin tones, would it?

I'm the color of light sand so I'm curious

No. 62193

If you'renot mayo white like me it's probably not gonna work as well, yeah. I'd never even thought of that. tbh most of my body hair has no pigment at all so idk how it would go even for whites with a bit of a tan let alone black girls or any shade of skin in between.

No. 62247

I'll shave and trim, have had waxings done before, you name it. I personally like going and getting certain bits waxed, but when in a pinch, sure, I'll shave.

I read about a technique on reddit when the topic on how to keep your shaved vag smooth popped up. A stripper chimed in on what they do, and surprisingly, has worked well for me over the past 3 years. I didn't think it would as it seemed a bit sketchy, but eh. Your mileage may vary, though.

If you plan to do this, plan ahead and make time for it.

Be sure to trim any longer hairs before shaving, though, and always trim/shave WITH the hair, not against it.

The important bits I had saved:

>Exfoliate, then rub the area with baby oil before you shave to soften the hair and skin. (do not rinse or wipe the oil off)

>Shave using a men's razor (one with four blades) and men's moisturizing shaving cream (preferrably unscented or for sensitive skin)
>Dab some tea tree oil, witch hazel, or rubbing alcohol on the skin after you shave to kill bacteria and close your pores.
>Wait 24 hours, then apply deodorant (an unscented Dove stick works best) liberally. This will keep you dry down there so you won't chafe and prevents razor bumps.

I don't always do that last bit, but it has worked either way. Just keep your shit clean down there and let your vag air out. Wear cotton panties and loose shorts/pants every so often that aren't skin tight. Let it breathe – even just by doing that you can prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs a lot less.

No. 68208

I tried using a men's electric razor and accidentally cut myself. What is a men's razor that is good for trimming everything and shaving off the bikini line?

No. 68215

No matter what I do I always manage to get rashes or ingrown down there

On too of that I was unlucky with butthole hair
Please help

I'm very pale with dark hair :(

No. 68234

How bad is it that I just leave my butthole hair alone? Nothing I've tried is not super-uncomfortable. Even just trimming. I shave and trim my pubic hair. If I leave it alone, it is 1.5" long.

No. 68236

I recently saw the film "Raw" and it made me really apprehensive about trying waxing. Fuck

No. 68256

File: 1506553376466.jpg (7.42 KB, 275x275, 1496605053401.jpg)

I've given up on hair removal. I feel like I've given every bump prevention/remedy a try but I remain cursed to be hairy.
Whenever I shave I get acne-like stuff all over my bikini area. I tried waxing but it was a DISASTER. My skin looked like hellpizza needed literal months to recover. That's really my problem–I'd try these things again if my skin didn't take so long to heal.
It's not so bad for me since all my body hair is blonde. I just trim it or carefully buzz it with an electric razor.
So jealous of those of you who can effortlessly go netherbald.

No. 68453

god that movie, i found it pretty boring but that scene really stayed in my head

No. 69264

Waxing at home is pretty painful. I can never get the wax consistency correct so it ends up breaking off the wax in pieces and hurts like a mofo. it won't pull off in one go. I tried strips and the wax just gets all over the place. Shaving lasts like 2-3 days and its never a close shave unless I grow it out a bit. I always keep it shaved though or a very short stubble until I can shave / wax again. I would love to do laser treatments but it seems expensive and I'm unsure the results truly last

No. 69517

File: 1508837192427.jpg (390.85 KB, 3541x1641, _20171024_102501.JPG)

How on earth does one avoid this

Use conditioner and decent blades
This happens
I hate it

No. 69520

Mildly exfoliating every day works for me

No. 69522

My preferred method is
>leave a trimmed landing strip/patch because the very centre is where it's most irritated by shaving and I prefer how it looks
>use shaving cream for the mound but bar soap for the lips
>shave with the grain, on a slightly downward angle towards the centre
>refrain from shaving the mound more than once every 3 days, but shave the lips anytime I want because the skin is soft enough to take it

I sometimes get bumps in the crease in my leg where my underwear sits, but I exfoliate with an italy towel and it's not that bad.

No. 69523

I think shaving pubic hair is disgusting. I hate all the societal pressure and how you can't get a swimsuit that doesn't require you to have absolute everything waxed, I wear men's swim shorts. I think men who expect you to wax down there watch too much porn or are pedophiles.

I've shaved down there multiple times before and it always ends up bumpy and worse looking than had I just trimmed it short. Because all trousers made for women are ridiculously tight, having down there shaved is REALLY uncomfortable.

I just fucking gave up on that shit. No guy I've been with has ever commented on it, so wtf is the point??

No. 69524

Ok but does this thread include ass hair? Because i tried shaving it once and i wanted to kill myself. I did NOT realize ass hair is so important in order to not feel like you're drowning in your own ass sweat. I'm at a loss because who likes a hairy ass but also who likes drowning in butt juice???? This is messed up man

No. 69537


What to exfoliate with that's safe

No. 69538

I usually use a small hemp exfoliating pad, but a rough towel works too.

No. 69555

I've always shaved but I'm thinking about getting into waxing. However, I get so scared that I'll rip my shit up so badly that I'll die from the pain, so I just go back to shitty shaving.

The water from the shower hides my tears.

No. 69556

File: 1508945653596.jpg (19.08 KB, 522x522, 51-nuB378QL._SX522_.jpg)

Just wanted to share a tip, I have sensitive skin and coarse body hair so after shaving I always get razor burn and ingrowns, but I'be been using this recently and It's been working really well and it's not crazy expensive.

No. 69609

anyone know how to shave ur pubes into a heart shape?

No. 69628

Have you tried using an old-fashioned blade like some barbers use? It gives you a lot more control over the shape. Just make sure it's trimmed.

No. 70171

File: 1510560606562.jpg (91.7 KB, 1500x1000, santoku.jpg)

I recommend a Santoku blade folded over multiple times for a nice effect.

No. 70179

My sides.

Thankfully my boyfriend doesn't mind pubic hair (I don't mind his as well) so I don't remove it very often. I ocassionally trim it when becomes too much. If I want to remove all of it I go to get it waxed. I've tried shaving (the whole routine - exfoliating and all that jazz) but honestly it feels like having tiny pieces of glass in your panties for the next few days and the hair grows so fast it's just not worth it. I strongly recommend waxing - yea, it's a bit painful but it's managable. Someone else does it for you, it's over in 15 minutes and your coochie is so soft next 2 weeks. Also your hair grows back so much thinner.

No. 71181

>never done anything with my pubic hair in my life besides clumsily trimming it a few times
Should I change this?

No. 71185

I searched this thread and didn't see any mention of this particular method for shaving.

I saw this on a stripper's blog and started doing it and it really works. I've been doing this for years now and never get razor burn or ingrowns:

-shave with hair conditioner, in my experience it works a lot better than shaving cream. I just use the $.79 Vo8 shit and have never had a problem.

-after you've shaved, lightly soak a cottonballl in salicylic acid toner (I use clean & clear) and swipe it over your bikini area, focusing on the areas you tend to get razor burn &/or ingrowns (stay away from your labia though)

-coat your entire bikini area in a fairly generous layer of neosporin (antibiotic ointment) and wear a pair of loose cotton pants with no underwear for a few hours (again, stay away from labia)

You can do this every few days, though I've found once once a week is fine. Make sure your razor is sharp and clean, go slowly, and don't be afraid to get into weird positions to reach those tough spots.

Good luck girls - may you never suffer razor burn or ingrown hairs again!

No. 71195

thanks so much for this! i'm going to try it this weekend.
i stopped shaving for like a year because although it felt amazing to be smooth for about five minutes, my crotch would erupt in ingrown hairs and razor burn which is waaaay less appealing than just having hair.

No. 75006

How does one go about finding a place for good and safe laser hair removal?

No. 75362

seconding this, had severe ingrowns that left me with major scarring. Since ive been using this (I use the roller ball one) Ive had none and my skin feels softer, I do usually cover myself in baby powder after though so i dont get that sticky feeling

No. 76101

I've not found anyone in here saying it but I literally pluck my entire mons/ inner thigh towards ass with tweezers. It takes like 2 hours if you do it from ~2 weeks growth but it's very easy to maintain if you pluck new ones coming in every day (because that literally takes less than a minute, and the more I pluck, I've found, the less ingrowns I get because the hair grows back thinner (since, ya know, the root was removed).

I shave my labiae, for some reason I don't get ingrowns there.

Anyone else do this?

Also, anyone dye their pubic hair?
Sometimes, I let a little tuft grow and dye it ginger so the carpet does match the drapes.

No. 76113

I'm about to wax my own bits with one of those Veet spawax kits. I'm too shy to get a Brazilian and shaving doesn't last long enough.

No. 76117

I rarely ever shave, but in summer when i want to wear a bikini or so i have to and while at first i's really smooth and not even itchy at all, the next day i'll start getting these red little bumbs,plus terrible itchyness and starting from day 2 major ingrowns which also don't go away for weeks.

Is there something i can do? I use a gel for shaving but afterwards?
And is not shaving for months making it worse? (because my skin is't used to it?)

No. 76118

Ingrowns vary from person to person but what you should do is

a) exfoliate so theres no dead skin cells blocking up your pores

b) moisturise to calm and rehydrate, so something like coconut oil would be good.

(c) potentially disinfect)

No. 76125

File: 1520748393657.jpg (29.59 KB, 560x314, 1400117018061.jpg)

I used to shave by using that technique from reddit mentioned earlier. It worked fine, the key was to exfoliate after and keep it cool/moisturized for a bit.

Used to epilate, but my epilators always broke down or were too weak. Never waxed as I didn't see the point.

I eventually lasered. Cheap 500USD package from Groupon. Six sessions. My last will be in April. Pro-tip: be very, very hydrated before your session. Being dehydrated makes it hurt like a bitch. The results are awesome, the mpat fun part was after the first session when a ton of hair fell out. I barely have any hair to laser off now.

Totally gonna to do my underarms next.

No. 76131

Most of the ointments/lotions aren't available here…
European anons, what do you use?

No. 76148

I want to do this, too. How do you check to make sure a place is reputable?

No. 76155

I agree with anon, >>76118
I used to have such bad ingrowns and razor rash and used to use this weird ass cream my mom had when I was a kid that was specifically for ingrowns but it did shit all. The most import steps are exfoliation and hydration.
I exfoliate before, even using a homemade sugar scrub can be fine - and get those shower gloves meant for exfoliating as well. In the winter I exfoliate before and after the shave, as well as hydrate with baby oil right after since lotion can sting right away. Be sure to put on lotion on your later days though. Also try and keep it growing as long as you can, sometimes shaving when there is only stubble can cause irritation, and if you’re able to go a few extra days of not shaving I find I get a smoother shave even without exfoliating.
Sometimes I’ve even put on polysporin or vitamin e cream over any cuts I get right away to prevent them from turning into bumps and irritations. Hope it all helps anon!!

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I narrowed my Groupon choices down to like two or three and then consulted Yelp. I also researched which laser equipment they used– iirc there's two main types and one of them sucks.

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