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File: 1494891879249.jpg (37.79 KB, 464x343, Miley-vs-Taylor slut whore v s…)

No. 60625

What is /g/'s verdict on Miley and Taylor?

No. 60626

I don't really care.

No. 60628

Yeah idk why people say Miley is slutty. I mean only because you show your tits everywhere and you dress like a failed drag queen with a strapon at your concerts, no reason to see her as a sexual deviant.

No. 60631

I like old miley and am glad she is coming back to her country side

taylor, I've always loved her even though I prefer her old style of music like love story era, her new style is enjoyable to but something is just so fresh and purifying about her old music style

their sex/dating life, I really dont care

No. 60632

p sure this pic was made before she went ape shit

No. 60635

I lowkey believe the 'Taylor is a white nationalist' meme tbh. She's been so fucking quiet during the elections and she's never actually spoken against her natsoc fans, plus her only bout of outspokenness is 'feminism' but it's the typical rich white girl feminism where she wears girl power shirts and gives money to STEM girl camps and shit. It's not an actual stance.

I'm glad Miley is going back to her country roots but I hate how she went about it/threw her previous image under the bus for it. She should have owned her part-persona and just said "I enjoyed that part and now want to go back to country" instead of saying shit like "Rap is just ass and tits" when her own songs we just ass and tits and the whole "oh all of this genre is just ____" is so fucking middle school. It's like the "I listen to everything but country :^)" meme. Like she was still in her partygirl persona in Jan and when her album was a complete flop she did a complete personality + style change just in time for her country album release. It also annoys me that she's basically linking weed to party/rap/hip hop and urban culture. She was such an advocate for it and her stupid Happy Hippies campaign but now "Oh no it's in the past now I'm completely clean and sober and want to just sing folk"

No. 60638

Miley is going back to her roots aka source of money.

No. 60639

rich white girl feminism to me is "white guilt" and political correctness gone mad ala tumblr.

but im the most biased person you could ask. i love taylor swift. her "secret" bitchy persona is pretty tits and i loved her older style of music. 1989 was meh, speak now and red are easily her best albums. i find her refusal to voice a political/religious stance to be a breath of fresh air. i much preferred her posting a picture encouraging people to vote over other celebrities shoving their #imwithher hashtag down my throat. i found it disgusting that these women were relying on the vaginal connection i share with hillary clinton to guarantee that i vote… um no i'm going to vote with my working brain that i chose to pursue a STEM field with, not the uterus that makes others major in gender studies. XD (sorry blogpost)

miley, miley, miley. i think she's really talented but she chose to use her gifts to appeal to shock value. that doesn't really appeal to me but it made her famous so good for her. i had no idea her last album was a flop, but i dont follow her too closely. i've never really listened to her music too closely but her acoustics are really good such as video related and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93CZ6oFR8Q0

No. 60640

idk but miley looks so cute in her new video and sounds so much better.

tswift, idk. i don't care how many dudes she's slept with but she seems incredibly unstable and does cunty things because she's a jewlord.

No. 60643

> um no i'm going to vote with my working brain that i chose to pursue a STEM field with, not the uterus that makes others major in gender studies. XD
Wew lass, made me cringe

No. 60648

>rap is just ass and tits
lmao did she really say that? there's underground rap that talks about real shit. the rap scene isnt just made of wiz khalifa and chief keef, miley.

No. 60649

seconded, please use your speshul STEM field brain to sage your blogpost next time, anon.

No. 60651

Both are boring, uninteresting women who have equally boring, uninteresting women interested in them.

No. 60657

She said that there were good artists out there but the mainstream rap is too sexually degrading to women and stuff.

No. 60661

This post was embarrassing…

No. 60665

Sometimes I kinda like Miley, but then I remember how mean she was to Sinead O'Connor in that twitter drama and the bad vibes she sends me and I realize that no, they're both snakes.

No. 60672



No. 60682

fucking reported, my dude

No. 60762

I like Miley now that she's mellowed out and found who she was (A lot of people associate her with her VMA performance even though that was a a long time ago now)

I hate Taylor and i'm glad more people are realizing what a sneaky snakey cunt she is.

No. 60774

They're both celebrities who have every detail of their life controlled to fit their image. That's why I don't judge them (or any other celebrity) on their "personalities" - because their personalities are very carefully constructed and maintained. And virtually any controversy or drama that surrounds them was constructed too.

I realize how conspiracy theory-ish this sounds, but if you know about realities of media, labels, and celebrities through the years, it's obvious. That's why there's no point in worshipping or even paying attention to celebrities beyond just liking their music or whatever else they create - which also is probably entirely constructed by other people like ghostwriters, producers, etc.

No. 60864

They're both good at sucking wells (black men and multiple, romantic partners) for inspiration and then moving on when they're done. They're like weird, living versions of mythological nightsnatchers, that's pretty cool.

No. 60865

I didn't really mind Miley's shock tactics, since she's so young. She's a public figure that went through adolescence and young adulthood while famous. I don't really blame her.
I'm just disappointed. She could have been as shocking as she wants but still make some sort of point.
Imagine if for example she wore one of her sluttier outfits with a full bush peeking through. Now that would have been very shocking, unusual and have an actual message behind it.

No. 60874

oh well i agree with that 100% then. mainstream is utter trash

No. 60875

Didn't taylor used to browse 4chan? (or perhaps still does) Of course she's a total cunt then lol just like everyone else on imageboards.

>I lowkey believe the 'Taylor is a white nationalist' meme tbh
She probably bought into the alt-right pol meme.

No. 60894

File: 1495125159091.jpg (634.92 KB, 2029x2421, anon_t_swift_4chan.jpg)

The theory is she attention whored with her cat on /b/

No. 60917

This cannot be real.

No. 61094

File: 1495282117658.png (337.77 KB, 2695x630, hN2ragH.png)

No. 67744


Not because Taylor's a slut, but because she's a fakeass bitch.

No. 71521

I'm so glad her post got these replies. It makes me want to kill myself either way, but the "XD" made me wonder if it was bait.

No. 71523

No. 71682

>She's super cute with the shorter hair and can be sexy
>Has zero ass or tits though so I also feel like i'm watching an underaged boy dance in booty shorts when i see her videos
>Seems like she's genuinely just trying to figure herself out as a human being and grow as a person despite her connections bringing her to stardom in the first place
>There's a thing that circles around conspiracy discussions that during Hannah Montana the real Miley died and was replaced with a look-a-like and I secretly half-believe it but also hope it's not true cause this girl will literally never be able to be herself if that's true.
>I wish I had her current life

>Am i the only person who genuinely finds her to be kinda ugly?
>Her father's connections got her to stardom, she was rich but sings like she came from a brokeass family and her becoming famous was a pipedream
>Does she even play guitar anymore
>Liked her early songs, I think she's just 100% product of the pop industry now
>She's a sneaky snakey snek
>I legitimately hate her for everything I know about her
>I could care less how many guys she dates, some people have trouble finding the right person but I think Family Guy's take on her was pretty accurate lmfao
>The only thing I hate is how much money she keeps making
>Is she having a child-star-breakdown cause some top 10 list showed off some of her new shit where she's like "LOL THE OLD TAYLOR SWIFT ISN'T HERE SHE DEAD" and i just..what? Just BE different you have no reason to announce it like your Robin fucking Sparkles lmfao i legit died laughing at this
>She apparently browses /b/ which is 'nough said
>13 guys in 3 years is still a lot for actual relationships but maybe the only way she can casually fuck guys is by 'dating' them for the camera
>I hope bad things for her and her career
>I want her to be Bojack Horseman levels of miserable
>shake it off is a good song
>She doesn't understand Shakespeare

No. 71683

File: 1513554048267.png (527.02 KB, 732x832, 1477855647493.png)

Miley is chill

Taylor is a false prophet and should be burned at the stake

No. 71723

>all these posts ITT about how people hate taylor and she’s a slut and a liar
>no juicy deets

Why anons

No. 71727

i think this is what people mean by slut shaming.

looking and acting 'slutty' is way different than sleeping around. and i personally find more issue with those who sleep around trying to act pure (taylor) than those trying to explore their identities and dress/act like thet want (miley)

No. 71788

It's really unnerving to me that people like you expect people to retweet and post certain party lines on twitter or you take their silence as evidence of wrongthink.

I mean do you not see anything 1984-ish about that sort of attitude? Especially in the entertainment industry where, not to get too political, some of the biggest DNC donors were abusing women for years while virtue signalling?

Even fucking George Takei is involved in that shit (although his thing is obviously younger white men).

>gives money to STEM girl camps

T…That's a good thing though? The more girls realize that you need a real career, and that most real careers require something STEM or finance or business related, the better.

No. 71801

I don't think Miley is actually crazy like she appears to be, It's probably just some act to sell her shitty music.
Wreckinball was fucking awfull but got a lot of publicity because of her new "persona".

No. 71957

Anon wrecking ball came out in 2013. Please listen to some of her newer music to see she's not acting like an idiot anymore.

No. 71959


They're both pretty succesful businesswomen imho, with all that money. Or, the people running bthen are. Other I don't really care.

No. 71986

I wanna sit on taytay's face yall best not be talkin shit about my waifu

No. 72079

Sorry about your shit taste

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