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No. 59273

Hey fellow girls, what's your favourite penis size, and what's the general consensus on 5.5 inches?

No. 59276

>Hello fellow females, I am one of you
>Please validate my penis

No. 59277

Favorite penis size is gargantuan, just like everyone else. 5.5 inch only? Do the world a favor and don't even bother women with such an insufficient amount of dick. Your best solution is to save up for surgery so you can get more length added or maybe a 3rd ball. If you're too poor for that, then just cut it off and become a monk.

No. 59279

5.5 inches? Nippledick.

No. 59280

I only fuck 10+ inches. If you're under that, well, it's time to put a hole in your throat.

No. 59282

5.5? I hope you're a robot Virgin and no girl ever had to look at this laugh inducing shit. That's pathetic.

No. 59284

Moved to >>>/sty/3409.

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