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So I've received an upgrade on my life last year, lost a ton of weight, ditched my asshole of a an ex and started a new life in general. I feel much better, but the only issue is my old ugly wardrobe. I used to wear ugly gray hoodies, bland jeans, buy stuff on a whim to never wear it and tried styles that didn't suit me at all, so now I am left with a fucked up mismatched wardrobe. I also completely lacked any fashion awareness so I don't even have an idea of where to start. Most guides out there are all like meh get basic pieces, then get dressy pieces and bam you got a new wardrobe.
What should I do, lolcow? Should I just roll into Forever21 or Zara and buy whatever is on display right now? I need help with this one.

No. 58667

get rid of anything that doesn't fit you and anything you can't see yourself wearing again. hold onto all of your jewelry, accessories and shoes. then go out and buy cheap basics at the gap or whatever (jeans, tees, sweaters, skirts etc.).

after that, take a look at everything you have and build your wardrobe from there. your new basics combined with the random old stuff should be enough that you'll know where to fill in the gaps (need more summer clothes, need more work-appropriate stuff etc.

good luck! congrats on changing your life for the better

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also, you should check out thrift stores if it doesn't weird you out to much. in these early stages, it might suit your needs to buy ten sweaters for 90$ or whatever.

No. 58678

I get that the whole "get basic pieces" bit you mentioned for guides sounds boring - but it really is helpful. I find that having the basics makes it super easy to choose what to wear outfits and to look more put together. I also don't have that many "dressy" pieces, and instead just play up my casual pieces with accessories if I have to dress up. After you have basics covered, or while still getting them, you can always just google "(style you like/want here) outfit ideas" and take mental notes of what you like put together. If you know what style you like you're already the first step in, if you don't just try looking up different style ideas and finding one you like best. Also what I find helpful is looking on Amazon for clothes - and if I find a piece I like I check out the "people who bought this also got" section because then there's more stuff of the same style. Good luck!

No. 58680

Try and make a mood/fashion board.

Pin colours you like or tend to gravitate to, pin photos of outfits and styles you find online or on catwalks to see what you like and what appeals to you. You will probably start to see some kind of colour/cut pattern and start building from there.

If it's thing you are unsure of, go to a bigger department store and just try on the cuts and styles of items you're in to. Maybe you really like cutoff short shorts but you aren't sure if you'd actually like them on you? Try them on! You're under no obligation to buy anything, and in big department stores there is less likely a clerk going to come and ask you how you are doing/make you uncomfortable so you can go at your own pace.

I would also recommend (depending on how much money you have), try to buy things slowly. Impulse buying a bunch of new clothes is always fun, but you never know if you just bought it because it was cute or if you genuinely liked it. So go slow and just buy a couple of top and bottoms to start.

Also with the basics, they really do help tbh. A white, block and grey t-shirt in different cuts (baggy, fitted, 3/4 sleeve, etc) can be really easily used to bring an outfit together because they go with virtually everything and can be put up or down with some shoes or accessories. Same with a nice pair of jeans.

No. 59712

I suggest rue21 over forever21. They're dirt cheap so you'll be able to build a new wardrobe quick (especially for essential items like camis and panties). Some of their shit barely lasts a day but i think it's a good option if you're just figuring out your style. I will say this though: Don't buy the jewelry no matter how cute. It will break the same day. Literally every piece i buy breaks instantly. Unless it's just the charm you want and you have your own chain, don't do it.

No. 60011

forever21 and rue21 are cancer

No. 60028

I don't really agree with the 'buy basic pieces' thing. I'd recommend researching fashion (not like, high fashion but just sub cultures and fashion blogs etc) until you find styles/patterns/cuts/etc you really love, then buying things that feature what you really love. If it turns out you don't feel particularly strongly about clothes and all you want is basics, then that's fine too, but personally basics made me feel frumpy even before I knew what styles I liked, so they were a bit of a waste of money.

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