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File: 1489918148253.jpg (41.33 KB, 630x400, 630plasticsurgery3.jpg)

No. 56678

Favorite surgeons that provide results similar to Korean surgeons?I'm in love with that style and actually really love Taylor R's face shape. Based on her recovery I'm convinced she had fat transfer.

Promise I'm not Kiki.

Post any of your favorite surgeons and their work, talk about preferences, etc.

No. 56682

If you are willing to pay just go to Korea.

No. 56684

After watching a shitton of yters do Korean surgery I actually do think it's cheaper to go there, Anon. Yeah you'll have to pay for airfare and a couple of days hotel, but once you're in the practice you get full service meals, room and 24/7 care until you're healed included in the price. So just book a flight well in advance and find an affordable hotel and you're set. You'll get people who understand what you want, plus it's an excuse to actually go to Korea.

No. 57407

Just come to Korea. A lot of places have people who speak fluent English, offer places to stay (really nice ones too) and the cost of travel + surgery + recovery stay are ultimately significantly less expensive than the procedure alone in America AND they usually include retouch later. JK is really popular among my coworkers, here's their site. www.jkplastic.com/en I went in for a quick interview/pricing and got quoted for $3,000 for under eye filling (I guess a fat transfer, they talked about taking fat from my abdomen and filling under my eyes) that included 6 month retouch later. I can't really do it now because of how much of a headache it is with my job, but I plan to come back for it.

No. 57421

But what's the point, if the surgeons barely have any experience on patients that aren't Korean?
Why not just go to Lebanon or something?

No. 57433

Are there surgeons in Korea who have a lot of experience with non-Asian (ie. black, white, latin) tourists? I'd imagine someone looking for a softer, cuter appearance would be more inclined to Korea for surgery. I'm sure Lebanese can do this stuff too, but the surgeons idea of beauty surely affects the surgery (and I believe it's more "sexy" there than "pure and innocent").

No. 57453

There are surgeons in Korea who have experience with non asian faces but it's not as good as they tout. They will only show pictures of the non-fails that took a few retries.

Like other anons say, there are better countries for caucasian faces. Try to get an Lebanon or Iran doc or something, they do the most work with that face type. A lot of people underestimate the stress and time waste that comes from needing retouches.

No. 57458

What surgical procedures are you wanting?
I can give you a good response but I need specifics. These things are pretty important and you have to be careful. Never fuck with your face without understanding the gravity of it.

No. 57464

Isn't surgery there too over the top? In a rhino group I'm part of Iranian surgeons get trash talked every time someone mentions them because of how they usually fuck up noses with that "fantasy nose" obsession

No. 57467

What rhino group? I want to learn more about plastic surgery.

No. 57472

Tbh depending on what you want done I could recommend Serbia. Trannies go there all the time, it's in Europe, it's cheap and they mostly operate on white people with Italian-esque noses with results ranging from very natural to what you see on those Russian starlets. However, different doctors specialise in different parts of the body so it's helpful to have a local who can clue you in on who does what best.

No. 57479

Tell me more about this. I already know Serbian so if I do go there to get a nose job, I wouldn't be a clueless foreigner in a country where I can't talk to anybody.

No. 57491

Well, they don't have any websites like RealSelf since it's a relatively small country and you can get all the necessary information through word of mouth. Most people prefer old-school forums, ana.rs (as in Anna, not anorexia) is the biggest women's forum in the country and if you speak the language you'll have no trouble asking around for recs. People aren't allowed to post names of ps clinics there but they often give clues as to whom they're talking about and you can google it easily. You can pm the members there for pics.

Prices for rhinoplasty are in the €1500-3500 ballpark and there's a magazine with a website (Estetika, iirc) where they publish the most popular surgeons' profiles. I've been told that the two women surgeons and Ribnikar (the one that looks like an old Roman soldier) are good for nose jobs.

The country is safe as long as you don't go gallivanting out in the boonies, most people in the capital party until as late as 4AM and it's okay to walk around by yourself at night as long as you don't go crawling around random alleys and stuff. Bydlos/chavs there can be loud and annoying but are usually harmless. Lots of pickpocketing gypsies (it is the Balkans, after all), but they're easy to spot and avoid. Public transport is okay but packed full 24/7, especially on major routes.

Try the local food and visit a national park or stay in an ethno-village for a while, it's a really pretty country however fucked up politically. Local staff in the city won't be too friendly, but they're chronically overworked and underpaid so it's nothing personal. Still, most people are nicer than they look ime.

I'm going there for a nj in May, so I can let you know how it went.

No. 57495

Italian-esque noses? Do you mean roman noses?

No. 57496

The ones I'm talking about are usually pronounced with a bulbous tip and a slight hump (think Lady Gaga). Roman noses are slightly different, but I guess those too. Noses in Southern Europe come in all shapes and sizes.

No. 59705

Can anyone give me any advice on nose jobs?
My nose just feels a tiny bit too big for my face, it's hard to get the right angle in photos but i've heard some horror stories of noses collapsing..

No. 59846

How do people pay for this stuff? I have a very manly messed up face. Short pointy chin, Roman nose, weirdly high cheek bones and nasolabial folds. I need a lot of ways to fix it and I am just looking at prices and different options and I'm not sure where to begin.

No. 59854

>tfw sicilian nose
>rest of me is scandinavian white
kill me

No. 59868

I'm the Slavanon, they just offered me an option of paying in installments (default for most big purchases here since we're about the same as Hungary in terms of average monthly income). I've also had a few windfalls recently that I saved up and used to pay off some of the bill.

No. 59871

The nose collapses when you go to a shitty surgeon who takes out too much cartilage, so he leaves your nose empty on the inside and it collapses. Search for a good surgeon with good and real reviews, talk with the patients, especially the ones who had surgery one or two years ago. The golden rule in rhinoplasty is that you can only reduce a nose of 30% at max, you can't go further than that without the whole structure collapsing.

No. 59875

Thanks, that's a good jumping point for me to do more of my own research so I appreciate it.

No. 59966

do u think Korean surgery is good for half asians?
not even korean, half filipino, ppl insist i look japanese

I'm hoping by just losing weight will make me like my face better but I'm curious (I'm normal weight but I'm short and stocky so being slightly underweight looks better)

No. 59980

I think it would look good anon, but I am in the same boat. My advice is to lose weight and see how your face looks after. If you still need surgery then look into it, but lose weight first

No. 60023

File: 1494226884743.jpg (175.54 KB, 800x505, 10863_90.jpg)

to add on to this (same anon who posted)
i just looked up that noses wouldn't shrink w/ weight loss, and thats what i don't like

i dunno i just don't like how fleshy my nose is, and I'm constantly flaring it in front of cameras and mirrors to make the nasal tip smaller — kind of like someone who sucks in their gutt
you'd think a flat asian nose would cancel out the pointyness of a white nose but mine looks like the after in the pic from the side
myb I'm just delusional and my nose is perfect

No. 60421

Not sure what you mean by fleshy anon, do you have a better eample? Do you mean a bulbous tip?

And yeah it won't change with weight loss because it's cartillage.

No. 60431

yeah, bulbous tips suck
contouring just doesn't work in rl so i guess surgery one day when i can afford it…

No. 60434

File: 1494674875116.jpg (84.11 KB, 640x640, 0592d33ceec3215bf39b64ad1727d5…)

the middle of the top row looks a lot like mine
its just wider at the bottom and my nostrils are barely visible
when I'm flaring my nose the tip tightens up and my nostrils show more, which might sound like a weird thing to force but people will call me really pretty when holding this pose

its so vain but i just can't stand it

No. 60444

middle top looks like mine too except my nose bridge is thinner so it just makes the tip look wider. bc of this, i only contour the side and under the tip of my nose and it does make a bit of a difference and looks pointier from the sides when contoured. you just have to find what works best for you.

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