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Whats your opinion the asian cheap knockoff Sites? My sisters birthday is coming soon and I want to find a place to buy good quality (or good enough quality) stuff and what site has the fastest shipping?

Talk about personal experiences, what sites do best with certain things such as clothes, makeup, skincare, hair, etc, cheapest, fastest shipping,etc

No. 64285

Avoid it like the plague. You're better off using Aliexpress of Alibaba. Not even joking, the shipping with Wish is 6 months worse than with Aliexpress. I can guarantee you that.

No. 69259

I vouch for Aliexpress. They're pretty much the same as TaoBao except they actually ship to the US and have a good customer service. If a product doesn't show up or there's issues with an order, I've always had a refund or replacement. There are reviews on the products and customers sometimes post pictures which really helps. I am petite, so sizing is never an issue for me personally but, if you find asian sizes run small, its best to size up.
Shipping varies. The free shipping on ali takes like 1-2 months. If lucky, 3 weeks. I think Ali has express shipping but you'll have to pay like $10-$30 for it and it kind of defeats the purpose of saving money on cheap things.

I've only bought clothes or accessories. But so far I;ve liked what I got. just read the reviews and you'll be fine

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